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so the law said like. a little more than a year ago and that gave rise to the current prime minister as a compromise candidate their current prime minister was not a candidate for parliament he doesn't control the party in parliament but he was a compromise candidate so my fear is that a new set of elections while possible under the iraqi constitution under iraqi law . would result in a substantially different enough different parliament than the one that we have and it's extreme and and elections in iraq are a rather difficult to organize so it's difficult to see new elections on a short term basis to deal with what is in fact already a crisis of the country ok so what can be done or should be done issues and in the short term obviously it's a much more systemic issue clearly but what would you like to see done in the media sapient people people are dying people are well to be exact people are being killed
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by the security forces of their own government people are dying something that is in the passive voice. with 'd all respect it fails to to precisely put the ball where it's real or peaceable demonstrators are being killed by their own security forces what i would have liked the prime minister to have done when he 1st spoke to the country i think on thursday night is to have. called for an investigation into who ordered the use of live ammunition against protesters in baghdad and other cities. to order an investigation on who carried out those orders. and to promise. that those who gave such orders would immediately be placed. he should also have given orders that live ammunition should
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not be used against demonstrators. and that he should have. sought to speak to some representatives of the demonstrators whether it's too late for all that now are conseco but but that is the direction that the government should have gone to in the 1st instance we may be past that point now it's difficult to see how to resolve the impasse so it seems like these demonstrations are going to die down any time soon do you see the protesters at some point getting something that they want to make me think about so many protests that have happened recently be at hong kong or wherever and at some point the government does give in at least a little can you see that happening here. well i hope so i mean i hope that there's a there's 'd a there's a peaceable rational outcome from all of the fear is that
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the political class is so disconnected from the rest of the country that it may believe that we've had demonstrations before so the political class may be gambling that this is these will just peter out as they happened prior years. the on the other hand. the number of casualties is mounting such a rate that battered so may become an impetus for the demonstrators to continue to go to the streets so you've got to sort of competing forces one against the other and when you're going through it as we are now it's difficult to tell whether we are you know in the one scenario where they'll just peter out again and it will be back to business as usual for ready the political elite or whether in fact this is gaining a life of its own that will come to threaten the very political system as as you suggested you don't know that when you're going through the process and that's what
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makes time such as this very fraught and. and really demands a response from the prime minister that's very different to his credit let me say the president has reminded the security forces that their 1st mission is in fact to protect the rights of demonstrators peaceably to demonstrate obviously today the security forces have not taken that admonition from the president and vice i'll study thank you so much for your and cite your expertise on this a patient at my pleasure thank you. and there have been more protests in hong kong on saturday but smaller than any recent days hundreds of people are demonstrating against a ban on face masks despite their march being cancelled by its organizers it was called off after hong kong's rail network was closed because of what authorities call malicious vandalism on friday crowds set fire to metro stations during rallies
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against the ban on kong's leader kerry lamb has out to crack down on the violence old kollek it didn't why ling held the rights as extreme acts made hong kong enjoy a dark day last night it is made hong kong paralyzed everyone is worried even scanned the hong kong government has the greatest a temptation to suppress violence i appeal to everyone to support the government to stop violence in a legal way schuyler has the latest from hong kong a march and some sporadic protests here in hong kong on saturday much less than what we've seen over the last 48 hours and much less than we've seen in previous weekends and peaceful for the most part on saturday that's what we saw a very different picture on friday night and part of the violence that took place on friday night after this mass ban was announced for the m.t.r. train systems they were shut down and that really kind of crippled this city what this thing through the malls most major malls will close as you can see small shops also shuttered that because they anticipated there to be violence on saturday but
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it didn't materialize because protest leaders canceled all the events also on saturday kerry lamb the chief executive of hong kong issued a video statement where she looked at the violence on friday night as justification for this mass spend she also said it was a very dark day here in hong kong protest leaders when they said things were going to be canceled on saturday pointed to sunday it's going to be a big day they hope they're planning a rally and a march that they say hopefully will peaceful but will be have very large numbers compared to what we've seen over the last couple of days but obviously the police with this new law emergency law in place they will be looking to crack down on any illegal activity. the news hour including why donald trump's warning if you want to move to the u.s. you'd better have money for health care more on the new rules for immigrants. conservative and religious groups will take to the streets in france they're bracing for more protests on sunday as conservative and religious groups protest
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we'll tell you why. and history on the track and joe hockey are as action from the world athletics team which. a 2nd intelligence official is considering filing a whistleblower complaint against u.s. president donald trump that is according to the new york times this person reportedly has more direct knowledge regarding trump's dealings with ukraine the president has been accused of using his position to get the country to investigate his political rivals and impeachment investigation is underway and u.s. extra state has defended the state department for missing a deadline to turn over documents related to that inquiry he says his office in a letter to congress as an initial response speaking in greece he also says he didn't believe people were or should be interested in the investigation while on that trip. i think they want to know about the relationship with america greece i'm
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convinced of that right this is this is this is the this is this is what's this is what's wrong when the world doesn't focus on the things that are right the things that matter the things that impact real people's lives and instead you get caught up in some silly gotcha game you see that's not that's not healthy that doesn't help democracies fleurs it doesn't help grow economies what it does is it destroys people's belief that the people who have this charge right as a reporter as a journalist the people who have this charge aren't really focused on the things that matter to people like i was like i was on the phone call i was i'm on almost every phone call with the president with every world leader the president has every right to have these set of conversations so pompei i was in greece decided defense agreement that will see an american base established near the turkish border and the secretary of state warned turkey against any illegal drilling in the east mediterranean sea reports from athens. the revised defense
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cooperation agreement between the u.s. and greece opens the way for u.s. military spending here greece's defense budget has been cut almost in half during its recent financial crisis not only will joint defense exercises increase u.s. forces are expected to build a new navy and air force base in oleksandr in northeast greece which will supply nato allies bulgaria and romania that route bypasses the bosphorus controlled by turkey suggesting that the us is looking for alternative routes the us turkey relationship is also under pressure in the eastern mediterranean that's where turkey has sent drill ships to explore for oil and gas in waters claimed by european union members cyprus the e.u. and us say the turkish explorations are illegal the united states is eager to partnership with greece on a range of energy issues for the sake of your prosperity and a stable eastern mediterranean region. last march i met with the leaders of cyprus
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greece and israel jerusalem we free countries with free markets want to achieve energy security together we want to make sure that rules govern international exploration of the mediterranean sea its energy resources and that no country can hold europe hostage greece stands to gain strategically from closer energy cooperation with the u.s. as well it is building gas facilities that will allow to transport u.s. liquefied natural gas to the balkans upsetting a russian monopoly and the bigger u.s. military footprint helps greece feel more secure and its tense relationship with turkey in the aegean greece is the beneficiary of the deteriorating u.s. relationship with turkey whose dependability as an ally the u.s. has begun to question not only do the 2 disagree on how to fight the war in syria the u.s. sees turkey's purchase of russian s 400 surface to air missiles as a breach of alliance in spirit and then there's the increasingly difficult
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relationship between the european union and turkey when it comes to refugees reese has to worry not about perhaps an imminent war with turkey but that turkey is. using all its strengths and all its. abilities to conduct what one might say is a hybrid war against country. the migrant issue being part of this of course. there are those who believe that the migratory flows are regulated by turkey could be to act as a weapon. against greek society the deepening relationship with the us marks greece increasingly as an eastern border of the western security arrangement in many ways it's a renewal of cold war ties in which lines of allegiance are now being drawn through the aegean with the benefits and risks that come with it jumps on.
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president all trump has signed an order preventing immigrants who cannot afford healthcare from entering the united states those relocating to the u.s. will now have to prove they can afford medical costs were get health insurance within 30 days of their arrival the white house says the new rule will not apply to those claiming asylum or to children adding that it only affects immigrants seeking bases in order to meet that democrats cannot prove they will be able to get health insurance they can be denied of a set trump says the move will prevent financial burden on the health care system comes into effect on november 3rd manifesto served at the office of immigration litigation at the u.s. justice department under president obama he says the new regulations could discourage older people from coming to the u.s. the problem is and probably got a gauri. jury rallying market for like a 70 year old kyron over us and they are going to be quite costly market for him have to be created number one and number 2 i can imagine them being our dream of
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divide over durant where. it's going to be quite a cost prohibitive but what you're trying to achieve drive quickly limit the number of people coming in and i agree. that there have to be a little market level jury and again for people who are much more. that's going to be very very expensive and australian couple who spent more than 3 months in a tehran prison charge of spying have been freed australia's foreign minister says all charges against chile king and mark for can have been dropped after quote very sensitive negotiations they were detained iraqis haitians of flying in from without a permanent bronze state television says an iranian student attain for 13 months in australia has also returned home. and ecuador protesters took to the streets for a 3rd day demonstrating against cuts to fuel subsidies or testers block roads and put up barricades in the city in the capital rather kitto despite the unrest
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president when a merino says he has no plans to reverse his decision to scrap those subsidies he said he won't bow to the demand of his and his words criminals france's anti-terrorism prosecutor says there are signs the man who killed 4 police workers was radicalized the suspect worked at the police headquarters for several years then on thursday he turned on his colleagues with a knife officials say he exchanged 33 text messages with his wife ahead of the attacks all of which were of a religious nature conservative and catholic groups are expected to protest in paris on sunday against the french government's plan to open up access to ivy to i.d.f. to single and gay women under french law only women and a heterosexual couple can access medically assisted reproductive treatment or has more. when she reached her mid thirty's benedict wanted to become a mother she was single and wanted to try i've yet fixed set that in france i v.f. is illegal for single or gay women so benedict travel to denmark and portugal with
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the treatment is legally available to all women i fell out low in my own country because i just wanted a baby. that's right it was ok all the european countries but not in france benedick son is now 14 months old he doesn't have father say although that mother in law and though the fact that he was wanted cases like benedix where she had to travel abroad for treatment may soon be a thing of the past in france the french government's proposed a new bioethics law that would give all women the right to i.d.f. treatment not just those in a heterosexual couple the new law would fulfill one of a man or might cross presidential campaign promises but it's very divisive its supporters say it would be a victory for equality but its opponents say it would do raise the role of the father and destroy the moral fabric of french society in september french m.p.'s
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approved the new bill but only after a fiery debate over the ripon this is you don't get. how dare you decide to inscribe into law that a child be deprived of a father the shocks me yes i'm emotional you're playing with fire the new law also covers other controversial issues such as stem cell research and some conservative groups worry it could be expanded in the future and that if it's a slippery slope 1st you give old women the right to a child then it will be for all men and then we'll have legalized surrogacy senators are now examining the bill if it becomes law it will be a huge blow for those who say it erodes traditional family values but it will create hope and possibility to see. a women who dream of becoming a parent is al-jazeera paris so ahead on al-jazeera tragedy in thailand as a rescue attempt by 5 elephants goes horribly wrong. deadlock over
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a dam africa's largest hydroelectric project is causing problems and it's sport having gone they came the 1st side through to the world cup quarter finals. have are the story in the u.s. was the amount of heat this is in this bottom right hand corner where it is just confined to the bottom right hand corner has gone from the eastern seaboard where temperatures were in the thirty's and we've got storms developing in yet another system really out of the midwest which will keep the temperatures back where they should be twenty's at best densities behind that it doesn't a particular wintry now in montana nor indeed in western canada where it was recently invent the whole of the west and there are the states and counter is back
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in the sunshine in quiet weather for now still a bit of snow to come in d.c. but that's not that unusual that the act was going to be along this line here i think this darker green suggests some pretty big thunderstorms so anywhere from texas up to the northeast corner and eastern canada with humid weather confined to georgia florida and maybe the carolinas but as hot as it was there and is actually not far away from florida you can run yourself down from your eyes down towards cuba the bahamas and see if you can spot the yucatan this is a very wet area at the moment it's pretty steady 30 and humid but the thunderstorms can be pretty vicious and that was the case in jamaica they drifting steadily away but cuba is still almost covered in potential thunderstorms. as governments fail to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to
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save the planet. people in power ways technological endeavors to counter humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment to ever feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. klein attackers on al-jazeera. some lead to today's headlines there are protests like this one that are trying to preserve and we forced the areas that have been already devastated setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the streets where we've been telling you international filmmakers who will cost journalists bring progress. and spy. on al-jazeera.
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are watching al-jazeera let's make out the top stories right now north korea's chief nuclear negotiator kim yong hill says he's called off the new players ation talks with united states in sweden saying washington brought nothing to the table allegations from both countries were in stockholm to discuss pyongyang ending its nuclear program and exchange for sanctions being lifted. and iraq there's been more anti-government unrest and live fire in the capital baghdad say at least 5 protesters have been killed after a 2 day curfew ended almost 100 people have been killed in the last 5 days of unrest there's also been a number of t.v. stations that have been attacked. there are more protests in hong kong on saturday
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and traders defy the government wearing face masks despite leader kerry land banning them from public rallies. freeway talks in sudan over a controversial new dam projects in ethiopia have ended and deadlock the credit european renaissance dam will be the largest hydroelectric dam in africa egypt is concerned over its impact that the dam will have on those downstream downstream flow of the nile river morgan reports from khartoum talks between sudan if you eat it on the ground if you can renaissance dam which is being built on the blue nile if you appear concluded in the sudanese capital khartoum on saturday with very little progress in fact tensions could be felt between the if european delegation and a different delegation around the meeting halls if you had described his previous proposal by their egyptian counterparts as unilateral and unacceptable egypt wanted to decide how long it should take for the dam to be filled as well as how much cubic metres that the dam should release upon its completion these are things that
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if you had previously rejected this time around each and every country presented a proposal which they will be starting in the coming days and if you please think that one thing that they cannot agree upon with egypt is how much cubic meters should be released from the dam because egypt's demand goes beyond what the capacity of the dam will be i said say there's a beginning from the very beginnings they came not to proceed with this process they are not open mind to look at issues. this we said said to him believe me. whatever. historical minimum flow which is even above the $29.00 incident one if it is that well you or lord we release used. and so don't say it 75 pages. 40 but also guarantee. there is a necessity. so we bring exist that into more than c.
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if there is anything to improve one's the scenario. you can see that is where basing our logic or their logo on science based. on some decision of somebody who didn't look at the content and super imposed decision. not technical teams from the 3 sides will continue meeting to try to iron out some of the points that the 3 sides could not agree upon in this round of talks but they will also be deciding when the minute ministerial delegation from the 3 sides will meet and although the 3 sides have described this round of talks as progressive it seems that they can still not figure out how to resolve their differences on the main points of contention before the dam is complete and start operating next year. if the community is celebrating its annual spring season festival of riches but for the 1st time in 150 years a celebration is being held in the capital
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a city many iran leaders argue is part of their territory the move has raised concerns of reigniting ethnic tensions carol has more from. some traveled for days through dozens of security checkpoints for this. a festival of thanksgiving mocked by if the o.p.'s or roma community signaling the end of the rainy season coming from australia and it is a long journey 20 hours on the trip and they're on the plane so this is really a very special moment but amid the celebrations there are concerns tensions and ethnic rivalries have heightened across the country since prime minister of the ahmed came to power in 2018 some hardliners in the orrible community believe the region that includes the capital at a sabbath should full under their jurisdiction while allowing the celebration to be held back here in attics ababa for the 1st time in more than
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a century could be seen as an olive branch from the of the of governments and international observers worry that it could serve to incite more nationalist sentiments and further divide at the o.p.'s some regional flags flew high despite calls to avoid politics during the celebrations in china that a reacher is about celebrating our country's peace and prosperity it's not about ethnicity or gender it's about tolerance recent to reach a celebrations held outside the capital have been mobbed by protests after a stampede in 2016 with the government says 50 people were killed but opposition leaders and human rights watch had put that figure in the hundreds the main part of this year's event however ended according to the. name peacefully it continues into sunday at a popular lake resort near by robyn kriel al jazeera at islamabad and became a faso at least 20 people were killed in an attack on
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a gold mining site that happened in the northern part of the country and some province that's the latest in a series of attacks over the past 4 and a half years with many armed groups operating in the region some affiliated to al qaeda and i still jordan's government says it's reached to pay deal with the teacher's union to end a one month strike the protest by thousands of teachers was the longest public sector strike in the country's history that affected more than one and a half 1000000 students and public schools the deal will raise teachers' allowances from 35 percent to 60 percent starting next year the government says the move will strain the country's heavily indebted finances. elating tunisian presidential candidate says he will stop campaigning ahead of that runoff vote on october 13th. that would give him an unfair advantage against his opponent who's been in prison since august will return to the ballot box on sunday to elect a new parliament and reports from soon as the winner faces the difficult task of
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tackling the country's economic problems. going on it's likely to be a tight race and candidates are taking no chances nasa doesn't achieve the leader of another party is a running for the 1st time in a bid to rally support for his party the conservative in the other has been a driving force in politics since the 2011 revolution but now its rival the secular heart of tunisia is gaining ground citizens should vote for another to consolidate democracy because we need strong parliament and a strong party to lead the country it's been wyvil the heart of the party was established by media magnate. just 3 months ago how do we is currently in jail accused of money laundering and tax evasion accusations his lawyers deny his party is promising radical economic reforms if it comes to power.
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has a real vision for the country. you know they want to see down the road a real modern country they want to build a nation of talent they want to do with poverty they want to abolish poverty but no party is expected to secure an absolute majority in the parliament and with both another and heart of. voting out forming a coalition there are rising concerns of a political impasse and as the political divide widens voters are growing frustrated with the political elite for failing to rein in inflation. and unemployment. we hoped politicians would tackle unemployment but they failed us the candidates won't change anything and we shouldn't expect anything from fallin i feel bad for the current situation in my country there is no security the process of commodities is on the rise and politicians repeat the same promises again and
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again as the 2014 constitution gives the prime minister a biggest say in domestic issues while the president controls defense and foreign affairs whoever wins in sunday's vote was shaped in his us political and economic agenda for the next 5 years to dizzy and high hopes the 2011 revolution would bring democracy equality and better living conditions 80 years later economic problems and political instability half sattar of those hopes for a better future and fueled a growing disillusionment with the political elite al-jazeera turnus cameron's opposition leader has been frayed by a military court on the orders of the president or his camp who was jailed in january for organizing protests he was released along with 136 other prisoners now
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this follows an amnesty that was granted to 333 prisoners accused of crimes against the state supports in the capital. the opposition leader come to breathe the air freedom as he's driven out of your own demain prison why he spent the last 9 months hundreds of supporters had gathered to see him walk a free man chanting party songs. on the other side of the city his supporters had earlier gathered at the military tribunals why he's been standing trial. they wanted to catch a glimpse of the hero. has to come to him and other detainees arrive in a convoy of prison vehicles to sign their release documents. opposition leaders say the choice of court to try them in the 1st place was wrong. it's not a good for the justice to admit in division of the executive. don't assume and i defend. i am not. proud of what happened
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in the island. we pay our arguments against the time i am. in front of the leadership of. the amnesty granted to opposition leaders and supporters came just hours after the end of a national dialogue called by the president from the tribunal they want to turn to the central prison to be joined by family members before heading hold the opposition leader had been in prison since his arrest for leading protest against an election result he denounced as ford let his party insists the healing process can only begin when such an reforms are carried out. with still have the problem of the electoral system that means that we have to discuss that if the concerns are reform of the other system because we have to measure that if there is not both
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addition on run for the next elections if that is not normal reforms of the enterprise system now then we can be spread out what has been happened in the progression will happen again long term president paul bia has promised to implement the recommendations of the national dialogue that include some form of decentralization of powers to the regions it so far ordered the release of nearly $500.00 prisoners including those who fought against the state. many cameroonians welcomed the recent release off hundreds of political prisoners and rebels this is an important 1st step towards healing divisions in the country the pressure will now be on the rebels to do the same but have so far dismissed the recent government concessions as just magic's. many leaders of the separatist movement calling for the creation of an independent state of a bazillion remain behind bars it's not clear if they to meet again their freedom some already some cameroonian say the government had conceded too much of
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a decrease. you know in the rule. at least 10 people have been injured in a grenade attack an indian administered kashmir and happen here a government office in the city and on tongue a police officer in a journalist were among those hurt separatist fighters are being blamed the spanish civil guard has released footage of a dramatic high speed boat chase in the mediterranean with ended with the arrest of 4 suspected drug smugglers the police boat on the left tried several maneuvers to stop the simian plate of a boat on the right and ended up colliding with it 3 agents were thrown in the water pumping the pilot. chasing a police helicopter to order.


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