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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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that they're watching the skies in jakarta if you look at the satellite picture using who showers coming towards java well i've had a look and nothing's been reported yet the i agree that's where the rain should be going now in the forecast is nothing significant there on tuesday still most of the showers going to be further north sumatra through singapore and still a good weapon to thailand and around the corner in cambodia that's in the forecast but you can't rule out a shower to somewhere in java they are just that close and of course the rain is on its way in australia the temperature difference is becoming obvious again anything that comes in from the west of the south means it's not very warm in the bottom right hand corner so the forecast is still in the teens from hobart out to adelaide that warmer in sydney it's considerably warmer in perth up to 34 little drop off a little bit i suspect and the cold is still making its way that's all relative i
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know but the team does call really for this time of the year and still with on wednesday pers drop back to $27.00 but of infiltration of air from the water admittedly the sun's out for the most part even is no longer particularly warm but in hobart it could be bright rotten sunny there is rain in new zealand it's concentrating those still in the south island. experience like never before. going places together.
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and again i'm just. a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. has evacuated 2 observation posts in northeast syria and says american troops won't protect kaddish forces there a statement from washington seemed to acknowledge a turkish plan to launch a major offensive in the oven syria. iraq's government has denied any of its security forces a 5 directly on protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations this as another 5 people have been confirmed dead in baghdad. and 2 protesters in hong kong have become the 1st people to appear in court to face charges under
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a controversial and team all school the government used colonial era imagines he regulations to impose that ban by decree. now a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry against us president donald trump a lawyer who's now representing both whistle blows says his new client has spoken to the head of the intelligence communities internal watchdog alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . an unusually low profile we can for president trump despite a new development in the high profile treatment to quality lawyers for the whistleblower who expressed concern over the controversial phone call with the ukrainian president have now confirmed on twitter there is another witness it said this government official has 1st hand knowledge and supports the claims of the force was so blown the new witness is cooperating with the intelligence community's inspector general and the real we can tweet president trump dismiss the news
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writing they are going to the bench and another whistle blower is coming in from the deep state keep them coming but this weakens one leg of donald trump's defense that the original complaint was based on here see he asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate one of his political rivals to abide in during a call in july he insists he has every right to ask another country to examine wrongdoing involving americans but american law prohibits foreign interference in presidential elections the whistleblower claimed this was part of a pattern of behavior where the president used his political power to push his personal agenda the white house didn't provide anyone for the sunday political talk shows to defend the president in fact republicans were thin on the ground one who did make an appearance insisted the president did nothing wrong i'm not here defending the president i'm not here to denounce him either what i'm here is telling you my my piece of this puzzle here given you my honest assessment of what i heard how the president told me repeatedly in the may 23rd oval office visit on
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the phone of the 31st the reason here very legitimate concerns and reservations are ukraine is 1st corruption generalizes in damage we all know that. democrats are pushing ahead with gathering more evidence this coming week insisting it's important to get to the bottom of the allegations i'm deeply scared by the positioning that republicans have chosen to take that interview was just a giant green light to the president of the united states to continue to solicit foreign interference in u.s. elections he telegraphed that he's going to ask china to do the same thing that he asked the ukrainians to do this week because republicans are allowing to are allowing him to do it and this entire country should be scared that in a moment when we need patriots what we are getting is blind partisan loyalty public support for the impeachment of president trump is still under 50 percent here's the thing for him though as more information comes out that number is going up alan
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fischer al-jazeera washington now north korea has accused the united states of falsely suggesting that both nations are open to meeting again a day after it broke off denuclearization talks in stockholm now pyongyang says it won't meet washington for more quote sickening negotiations unless it abandons its hostile policy against the north chief negotiator came among both said that saturday's talks broke down because the united states came to the negotiating table empty handed while washington says the sides had good discussions. exit polls suggest that unity is conservative and not a party has won sunday's election by narrow margin but as has the mob are reports the result may lead to more political tension. a moment of celebration for another supporter the conservative party has secured 46 seats in preliminary results but it's a bitter victory for
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a party that won 69 seats 5 years ago. then a memory. we are at the beginning of a new period that people have given us their trust and who will live up to it. we will use all of tunisia's political capital in order to achieve their main objectives of the revolution such as the protection of personal and public freedom . their 2nd objective is dignity which requires jobs education and health services. the secular heart of has come in 2nd with $35.00 seats the party was founded 3 months ago by media tycoon a bill carter we who is in jail on corruption charges the coalition of dignity and alliance of independent candidate came in 3rd with 20 seats and the surprising performance by the newcomer the constitutional liberal party securing 16 seats the
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party was established in 2013 by i b m o c a lawyer and loyalists of the former president ben ali but the biggest loser. or the call of tunisia the party of former president. which was the largest party in 2014 with $86.00 seats in parliament it was an election marred by a growing discontent with the political establishment a few voters showed up at this polling station in the capital tunis most of them early but determined to be part of tunisia 2nd democratic election since the revolution 80 years ago menat uneasy and angry with their leader. i very much wanted to see young candidates and fortunately it's the same old elite security and economy should be the top priority for the government during the campaign another and the heart of tunisia brushed aside a coalition government if i'm not afraid to form an alliance within 60 days the
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president can call for new elections there is a feeling of anxiety about what may happen next if another heart of to set aside their differences that big guarantees to billet in a country beset by economic problems but the 2 have been trading accusations over the past few weeks raising fears of a prolonged political impasse but i'll just 0 to this well william lawrence is a professor at george washington university is and it's going of international affairs and he says despite an actor's victory they've lost significant support in recent years. i was surprised that neither did so badly they've gone from 37 to 27 to 17 percent of the vote in the 3 successive parliamentary or concessions elections and that's a significant drop off tunis was founded 3 months ago but it was founded by mr
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karzai the one in jail who was a founding member of needed to know us so that in some sense since needed to nascar nearly 40 percent the last elections and the party derived from them got only 15 percent i don't see that as a huge success i see that as a bit of a failure to and the next parties are unknown so what we have is a fractured and potentially fractious parliament coming together to try to solve huge problems that the government's facing and i'm not so sure it's going to be that easy with such a variety of opinions that will be in the coalition. now the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is planning to hold new parliamentary elections he made to the pledge off to meeting senior palestinian leaders in ramallah the vote would notably include all palestinian factions including longtime rivals hamas it would be the 1st time polls have been held since 2006 no date has yet been announced now in kosovo supporters of the opposition self-determination party are celebrating after
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they emerged with the most votes in sunday's general election that with more than 90 percent of votes counted results are the center left party in the lead with 26 percent just ahead of the center right democratic leader of costs over the snap election was called after the resignation of former prime minister. he's been summoned to appear before a war crimes course in the hague over his previous role as one of the commanders of the former cost of our liberation army the joys of such as move from pristina. these 2 parties will win the election but self that the malaysian party will be in need at least by hard fall of the percent. or the 2nd party on the elections they have a deal before the election that the winner will give prime minister in a future coalition it means a lot of people here because these 2 parties their main program was based on
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economic situation which is not good unemployment rate is almost 30 percent unemployment with the youth with the young people is almost 50 percent and the cost of all has the youngest population in europe. with. usual a prospect of 29 years currently this year so they will focus on economy but the key question is their relations with the serbia. not supporting. the taxes on imported goods from serbia of 100 percent that was. implemented by the prime minister but they say they want to do. with relations with the serbia on the basis of reciprocity so whatever city are due to citizens of kosovo day will do same to the citizens of serbia and they are ready they said they are ready for a. good dialogue with the serbia there are at least 4000000 stateless people spend
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across 78 countries wild wind now one man from congress john is being recognized for his efforts to tackle the problem from southern ca guest on how to reports. up until last year there was no proof she ever existed with no birth certificate or any other legal document to prove her identity didn't those or should we say grew up in the shadows one possible without documents you want nothing it's very difficult i couldn't take my children to hospital because we didn't have i.d.'s now i have a birth certificate i feel equal. well know there is a roma community living in central asia she inherited her stateless status from her parents and wants to make sure her children grow up as fully recognize citizens this piece of paper is the only proof of birth they hold for now people like then those are stateless without any basic rights i described as national ghost not
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recognized by any nation a problem do you any agency for refugees says affects millions around the world kyrgyzstan is the 1st country to have eradicated this this starting point is the good talent. so i applaud them for taking the courage to do it. might bring exercise all over the country not be some bits and pieces not partially but the whole country so that's that's quite amazing there was a political will to do it and the person decided to press down at least 13500 people have now become kyrgyz citizens statelessness became a real problem after the fall of the soviet union in 1991 new borders were drawn in many found themselves on the wrong side of the border or without the proper documents it took people i can read the book anymore from to fill ghana valley
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lawyers without borders to sky wood a country sometimes remote areas reachable only on horseback to find if that wasn't of stateless people in need the founder of the organization as it is because true of is now being awarded by the un. complex their problem with their 0 defect of state was people who had invalid soviet passports or no way to prove where they were born there are also those big wives who automatically lost their citizenship after 991 it's complicated. set up that cooking over is one of them chicken to keep you stand as a young bride there were no borders that. put on a t.v. i only had a piece of paper from the collective farm where i worked which allowed me to go back and forth i was very happy when i got my passport now i get a pension and i have a chance to visit my brothers and she get past all her care is the nationality tour
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grown up son it's difficult to know how many exactly but millions of people around the world still remain in legal limbo many going from birth to death without any official trace of their existence where did the family insert in. japan says it's rescued dozens of north korean fisherman after a collision at sea and patrol vessel operated by the japanese fisheries agency collided with a north korean boat in the seas of in the waters of the sea of japan the japanese vessel was in the area looking for ships illegally fishing in japanese waters incidents involving north korean boats are a regular occurrence in the area now at least 80 climate change protesters have been arrested in an organized global demonstration the rallies were organized by the extinction rebellion group and these 20 people arrested in london and at least 16 were also arrested in a strange new zealand the group which caused chaos in london this year by occupying
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key roads and bridges once into government action to curb carbon emissions the athletics well championships in doha have come to a close but not without new national and wilder records far is why was there and has updates from the final day of competition. 10 days of competition here in doha came to a close at the stadium with 7 titles decided on sunday the incredible performances on the trot continued on the final day including timothy chariots in the 1900 metres final the kenyan race clear the field to take gold in a time of 3 minutes 29.26 seconds to secure his 1st world title. in history was made in the 10000 meters final. became the country's 1st ever track world champion. and in the women's 100 meter hurdles gold went to the united states taking her 1st world title in a new personal best time of 12.34 seconds. a final events in the stadium saw
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more domination by the u.s. in the 4 by 400 meters relay ride benjamin bringing home the courts ahead of fred curley michael cherry and wilbert london to gold in a time of 2 minutes 56.69 seconds to make it 6 over with belgium getting bronze. and more american success came in the women's raise the home of the winning her 2nd gold of the championships alongside phyllis francis sidney mclaughlin and white line. in the field. continues to dominate the long jump seen the german adding the world title to her european crown winning gold with that leap of 7 meters 30 centimeters. and in the javelin 21 year old anderson peters from grenada won gold winning with a throw of $86.00. the athletes now turn their
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focus to the countdown for next year's tokyo olympics the next world championships takes place in 2021 in eugene oregon. hello i missed in doha with the headlines the u.s. has evacuated 2 observation posts in northeast syria and says american troops who want to protect kurdish forces a statement from washington seemed to acknowledge a turkish plan to launch a major offensive in northern syria takis president says i'm no longer ignore the threat posed by the armed fighters across the border in the world in syria. the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the area has begun following my full conversation last night with president trump as you know we had made a decision and i'd always said that we may arrive one night unannounced and this
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decisiveness continues because we can no longer accept the threats caused to our country by these terrorist groups iraq's government has denied that any of its security forces a fide directly on protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations this as another 5 people have been confirmed dead in baghdad. japan says it's rescued dozens of north korean fishermen after a collision at sea a patrol vessel operated by the japanese fisheries agency collided with a north korean boat in the sea of japan the japanese vessel was in the area looking for ships illegally fishing there incidents involving north korean boats are a regular occurrence in the area to protest as in hong kong have become the 1st people to appear in court to face charges under a controversial and t. law school the government used to colonial era imagine 3 regulations to impose that ban by decree candidates are filing their nominations at the electoral commission
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in colombo sri lanka is upcoming presidential election one who won't be on the list as incumbent my propeller serious and who's decided not to run after 4 years in office next up it's what this. counting the cost germany's heading for recession put aside their concerns about that to stimulate the economy farmers in brazil's amazon fear their livelihoods are under threat and the billions of dollars in blank gold locked away in back to go here. counting the cost on al-jazeera. see it there. in the gold and peter thought
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a flag look at you without a tie but all the other stuff you will try to get out of the. one simple mistake could come from kofi. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for former north korean and so jack the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . a witness documentary on al jazeera
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together incarcerated
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in russia's toughest prisons going stripped off their liberties. behind unexpected creative opportunities. last tuesday august missing being called just like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the toilet if you download leave prison lives inside and out a tale of fingers and blood airs on al-jazeera. al jazeera. this is a news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the
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u.s. makes way for turkey to launch a big military operation in northern syria america's kurdish say they have been stabbed in the back. while protesters are killed in iraq but the government denies its forces were behind any shootings tension in hong kong protesters face court action under new legislation banning face coverings also this hour a lifelong dream the benefits for this woman and her family in the 1st country to eradicate state it's nice i applaud the biggest downfall taking the courage to do it. i'm joining us you're through with the day's sport as the usa pull off of golden finish on the track on the final day of the well back and 6 championships that.
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thank you for joining us the u.s. has evacuated to observation posts in northeast syria and says american troops won't protect kurdish forces in the area should turkey attack them turkey has been widely expected to launch a major military offensive in the area the u.s. has also criticize european countries for being unwilling to repatch reate former eisel fighters now held there as prisoners kurdish forces control much of syria's north they say they will not hesitate to defend themselves and that the u.s. has quote stab them in the back the united nations says it has drawn up a contingency plan to offer humanitarian aid in the area. president. says turkey could no longer ignore the threat posed by fighters across the border in northern syria. should the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the area has begun following my phone conversation last night with president trump as you know we had made a decision and had always said that we may arrive one night unannounced and this
6:51 pm
decisiveness continues because we can no longer accept the threats caused to our country by these terrorist groups so that they speak to see him now our correspondent in istanbul seen him tell us more for us about the so-called terrorists president obama wants to clear from the border and how deep are we expecting turkish forces to push into northern syria. fully present are gone out to the point south to the y. p.g. syrian kurdish fighter group which is known to be linked with the outlawed kurdistan workers' party turkey deems the p.k. k. as a terrorist organization not only turkey but also the e.u. and the us as well so turkey believes that this area if if if the y. p.g. has an autonomous area in northeastern syria this will have a negative impact on turkey that can end up with an independent kurdish state which means it taking land from turkey iran and iraq those countries have cordage
6:52 pm
population as well regarding to that the turkish military can go inside so far turkey have discussed that turkey should be 30 kilometers deep for a safe zone but the us it was saying that it was 5 to 10 kilometers for now there is no clear statement about about how turkey will go but just a last minute development a sit in a turkish official spoke to reuters and anonymously saying that turkey would probably wait for the whole us pull out from that area and turkey would wait for an oppression aren't of that pullout is complete because so far we know that the us forces only put pulled out from the other and wrestle and observation. posts in him what about the eyesore fighters the kurds have been holding in prisons and camps across northern syria the american seem to be saying that turkey will not be responsible for them. well yes this is actually how potato 1st
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let me electrified that whole camp where the most around 80000 i saw all the families and fighters are residing is deeper than 30 kilometers currently under a desk there controlled area so for far we have no idea what the deal is between the u.s. and turkey president gone had a press conference like an hour ago and his that germany and france are also doing some studies as they have some foreign fighters among them and he ordered his team to do some studies but according to the military military circles that they're against from the station for a pullout they say turkey doesn't have the capacity to deal with those 80000 eisel members and families and they say at least 10000 are the fighters but s.t.'s has been threatening turkey and the west saying that if turkey interferes those eisel fighters will be out of control and they they will not be kept in prisons or camps
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so this is actually the vague area the gray area where we have no information but of course this can also go beyond turkey's capacity and capability to keep under control for now we know that they're there they are doing some studies but this can be a big issue for turkey and for turkish border security folly thank you for that simcoe so blue with that update from istanbul let's not speak some more about this to deal our dean who's president of the middle east research institute and a former minister of higher education in the kurdistan regional government he's live from erbil in northern iraq thank you very much for being with us the prevailing narrative has always been that the americans won't abandon the kurds who fought and defeated deisel and now it's looking like that's not the case are you surprised. well i personally not and many kurdish leaders both in iraq and syria. have been worried about this and dissipating this because
6:55 pm
president trumper had it been all up to him he would have pulled the troops out about a year ago or 10 months ago but the presence of people like john bolton in his administration people in pentagon congress they lobbied hard for the troops to remain because they thought this is the only foothold and leverage they have in the middle east to counter not only isis but also iran and and the future directions and of course the defeat came at a very high cost so eventually we thought that president trump may. reluctantly or otherwise succumb to the relentless turkish lobbying pressure and pressure on the ground so essentially the split in the american administration was not very very healthy or promising and finally people knew mr trump's thinking is all about what it cost to stay there and he was not interested in neither the
6:56 pm
middle east nor syria nor the kurds so for him it was a different matter than the then the administration that was thinking more strategically right so eventually turkey had its way so as you say the turks it would appear now have carte blanche to do whatever they want in northeast syria how concerned are you about the protection of kurdish people in northern syria when the turkish tanks roll in both in terms of sovereignty and in terms of maintaining safety in the area. well the overall kurdish concern as a whole is many fold one is that people saw what happened 5 years of isis qualify and at what cost they managed to defeat it and what a complicated international coalition was required and direct u.s. ally in an engagement required to defeat them they do see that scenario repeating itself because many people don't believe that turkey gives priority to actually
6:57 pm
controlling isis as well as the syria and then they are free in previous invasion of a friend by turkey and turkish proxies again is not a new experience or an example that can be well remembered because of what happened then and importantly the kurds in syria wanted to have a seat at the table of future negotiations writing the constitution but with turkey having a greater say in turkey and aligning itself better with russia on iran and effectively evicting or getting rid of this major barrier for iran and russia american presence taking may end up with greater say and perhaps the kurds believe that they would be denied their voice to be or their concerns to be a voice of the of these conferences and during the right of the constitution they may not have their say or of what is of the table so the kurds are worried about immediate consequences of this and long term consequences briefly please if we can
6:58 pm
now where i do what about i saw the i saw fight this will be held by the kurds right now in northern syria the americans seem to be saying that turkey if it goes ahead with this operation will not be responsible for then what's going to happen to the site. well it's unlikely that the s.d.f. can actually do 2 things at the same time on one hand resisting the turkish invasion but at the same time looking after this colossal. camp and contain the isis which is now increasingly organized it's maintain its structure as well as its influence and while these the area surrounded by dysfunctional governments and. military groups it's very difficult for the kurds to maintain anything now if the americans believe that turkey will take care of our whole and all these tens of thousands of arsons fighters it will be really kind of difficult to
6:59 pm
imagine because turkey has not yet committed itself to anything and it is not never given it a priority so what happens to that we don't know we're going to back in history and are facing the same problems like we did 5 years ago only time can tell indeed thank you very much for speaking to us. dean president of the middle east research institute live there from erbil thank you for your time let's turn now to other world news and japan says it's rescued dozens of north korean fishermen after a collision at sea a japanese patrol vessel collided with a north korean boat in the waters off the sea of japan it was in an area looking for ships illegally fishing in its waters japan's coast guard says it pushed more than 300 north korean boats back from the same waters in june and the tie in coast guard says a migrant boat has capsized killing at least 9 people it overturned near the island of lampedusa as
7:00 pm
a patrol vessel arrived to rescue those onboard the coast guard says 22 people were saved it's believed up to 50 people could have been on the vessel and as such operation is now under way. to iraq now where the government is denying accusations its security forces have shot protesters during 6 days old violence demonstrations at least $104.00 people have been killed since the protests began there which is news agencies reporting 15 people were killed overnight will go to mankind in baghdad in just a moment but 1st his report. after days of demonstrations across iraq the number of dead continues to rise in the off the market the killings in iraq's interior ministry pushed back on eyewitness accounts that security forces by law i mean nation are protestors really out of no limb connecticut everyone knows there were no armed battles clashes or confrontations between the security forces and the protesters but.


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