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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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with the political establishment in the country many have lost hope that the government is. willing to sort out their problems particularly unemployment poverty and budget deficit and they say that the pressure of the next parliament of the next coalition government to try to tackle the economy which has become a big problem in the country at least 10 people have been killed and 27 injured in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan the bomber targeted a minibus that was curing recruits of the afghan security forces in the eastern city of jalalabad a local official says they were traveling to the capital kabul at the time of the attack iraq's government is denying accusations its security forces have sought protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations at least $104.00 people have been killed since tuesday with most of the violence concentrated in the capital baghdad where as hers is reporting 15 people were killed overnight more than 6000
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people have been injured iran has more from baghdad's. once again the scene seems to be sent from all clashes between protesters and iraqi security forces we are expecting to see more protests not just in the south of iraq in the center but here in baghdad as well but it's also been a day of politics the iraqi army has said it didn't use live fire against the protesters it didn't used indiscriminate live fire against the protesters i should say however it did say that it would investigate incidents of live fire being used that was a view echoed by the head of the popular mobilization forces who went on to say that actually what was going on was the protesters were being used he didn't say by who to try and topple the iraqi government now we've also heard from mike pompei oh he was on a fun call the u.s. secretary of state he was on
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a phone call with the prime minister of iraq. he said. the mahdi told him that the security situation in iraq was back to normal and he. offered iraq support however there's been very little international reaction the u.n. have spoken they've condemned the deaths of the protesters a lover of the russian foreign minister was here but he didn't mention the protest movement until instead he talked about an arms deal for iraq so there's been very little international reaction we are expecting more protests to come in the coming hours and the scene does seem to be set there is a normal enormous amount of security out in the streets of baghdad. full ahead on al-jazeera 35 candidates looking to lead story langkow so we'll look at 3 of the main ones in the upcoming elections in just a moment. hello
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significant rain was felt in hong kong and recoded 50 millimeters and that's what it came from it's quite a big massive cloud and it's under storms which is drifting slowly through southern china will run up into the hills in northern vietnam on the western side southwestern china and it was keep forgot about the same rate other rate in china is that extension from india as the southwest monsoon last gasps all of which stretched up towards sichuan otherwise it's a dry picture and we're now watching the northeast monsoon develop so here is the end of the southwest one so it's got a few more weeks to go but it will be going slowly southwards doesn't do much on the satellite picture but that was taken really before the real showers got going in the afternoon heat the rest of monday will soon develop and redemption bangladesh the northeast corner down towards kara still some in maharashtra so some
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in mumbai where there's been so much flooding this season but to the north in the west it remains dry and that's also true of pakistan not entirely drawing the still the remnants of thunderstorms develop daily in for example the mountains in there in today's forecast they tend to disappear before we get tomorrow otherwise of course is a mostly dry picture. i'm counting the cost germany's heading for recession well i'm going to put aside their concerns about that to stimulate the economy. brazil's amazon fear their livelihoods are on the right and the billions of dollars in black gold locked away you have to go. counting the cost. i'm. sure you know. some of it i like.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. has evacuated to observation post and work in syria and says american troops won't protect kurdish forces turkey has said it's preparing to launch a major offensive in the region kurdish forces say they will defend themselves and the u.s. appeals court has granted donald trump a temporary stay on a decision that could have forced the u.s. president to release his tax returns the appeal came after a district judge rejected trump's challenge to the release of the tax documents
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a migrant boat capsized killing at least 13 women near the island of lampedusa it overturned in bad weather as a patrol vessel arrived to rescue those on board it was carrying around 50 people from tennessee a 22. let's return to our leading story that is the u.s. making way for turkey to launch a major military operation in northern syria and will speak to him callin he's a spokesman and chief advisor for president joining us from belgrade thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera so if we start with the latest developments out of the u.s. callinan the pentagon is saying that the u.s. does not endorse that circus offer ration a state department official describing it as a very bad idea so clearly there's a lot of pushback what is the actual aim of this military campaign that turkey is planning in northeast syria. the actual goal is to establish
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a safe zone which will serve 2 purposes one is to secure turkey's border with syria by eliminating the terrorist elements whether dice isis or p k k p y d y p g and other elements and 2nd one is to create a space for the refugees to return to while internally and safely the safe zone idea our president has raised this issue for the last 34 years he discussed it with president obama a number of european leaders in the past and in fact president trump has also endorsed this idea and if you remember about 8 months ago he said he was pulling out of syria but his military and security establishment has refused to follow his orders now after a phone call with our president last night he has again taken this decision and made it public a very believe it's in the interest of syria's territorial integrity and the syrian people as well as turkey's national interest to establish the safe zone because that area has become over the last 23 years a safe haven for p.k.
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kit terrorist let's remember what americans call or what some of these forces call themselves as p y d y p g in syria in fact is p.k. k. in syria and p.k. k. is a terrorist organization list of the sites in europe in the united states and elsewhere it's really an irony of history for the united states to pick up a marxist leninist terrorist organization as an hour ok i hear some you're going to come out with or you know in some state officials from the pentagon or other places saying that mr cowan you're a someone saying go in there and i still as well as western allies i always thought that went when they say they refer to turkey. yeah ok well let me let me ask you this we'll talk about iceland refugees some points that you raised but 1st speaking of donald trump so he's just tweeted in the past hour or so that he's ready to litter right the turkish economy if you're a country does anything off limits in quotes in syria what's your reaction to that
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and what do you understand off limits to be. just so the treaty act wisely our president has a lot of wisdom and is the requires constructive rather than destructive approach we've been very responsible turkey has done more than any other country for the syrian people over the last 7 years and for the syrian refugees we have about 3500000 syrian refugees living in turkey for the last 4 or 5 years and our efforts in geneva in astana through the political process have always been to help the syrian people and we've done more than any other country when it comes to fighting isis or die in turkey has also done more than any other country when we eliminated more than 3000 dollars terrorists in the jobless area but we have not occupied any part of syria when we did that we have no interest in occupying any part of syria in the east of euphrates or the west when we enter jobless to fight against guys we
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have not stayed there we have returned those places to local residents and he entered office in a great deferred payments making obviously heard and regularly where we return to places back to the local residents so the same thing will happen in the east if you're free how are you going to ensure that this military campaign doesn't cause a humanitarian disaster and and what will happen to those people that you say you're going to return because the united nations from its part is saying that it's preparing for the worst. well to the contrary when these people go back to their homes it will be for their safety it will take off the migration pressure off of us as well as europe look we have no interest in changing the demographics in syria it was p y d y p g that actually changed the demographics in the east of euphrates by entering and invading these arab towns and villages turkoman towns are christian towns and
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villages forcing people to leave or settling down force forcefully in other places in fact amnesty international and human rights watch published 2 separate reports about this and one of the reports claimed that actually some of the things that you are do you r.p.g. did in some of these out of towns amount to war crimes no one has reported about this because it goes against the narrative that you are the why p.g. fighters are fighting against these dyes barbarians but in fact it is a marxist leninist organization that has oppressed and killed and forced kurdish people to go to other places as well to the contrary being the another source saying anybody how they were back in syria to places where they don't want to go ok here's the thing when it comes to either of those for france for example is saying that the u.s. pullout and the turkish offensive could in fact strengthen the islamic states same warning we heard from mcgurk who is a former u.s. special envoy for the fight against isis so are you not worried about
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a resurgence of eyeful are you saying that these statements are simply incorrect. we are determined to fight against dying unabated we have fought against them along the turkish syrian border on the turkish soil on the iraqi side when we help them in fact in mosul and other places we will never tolerate values to come back in any form of shape or shape they're in syria or in iraq or somewhere else but let's remember this is not only one country's responsibility it is the international community's responsibility and in fact it's the failure of the international community that they have not been able to help the syrian refugees bring a political solution to the conflict and destroy isis once and for all and just for the sake of the i'm allowing to jump in there what what we can do in fact without a full capacity to make sure that isis doesn't come back in any form or shape but
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we will coordinated with the u.s. with europeans with arab countries with iran with russia just for that any other time allow me. to be an enemy and threat right and just let me ask you this the the yes i'm sure you are aware is vowing to respond what is your reaction to that. well turkey is determined to clear those areas from any terrorist elements. we will return those places back to the local people the syrian refugees have refused to go back to places under p y d y p to control because they never felt secure in those places but in jobless and other places where we have returned the cities back to the local residents more than 350000 syrian refugees have gone back to their homes secondly p.g. has harassed killed or kidnapped not only arabs kurds and others who do not subscribe
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to their ideology but also christian children. syria and syria community has made a number of statements about this the idea of i.p.g. kidnapping their christian children to list them in their ranks so what they have done there in fact is is a threat to syria's territorial integrity political unity and the safety and prosperity of the syrian people our goal is to secure our borders just as any country cares about their border security we have to take care of our own border security and make sure that the syrian refugees go back to their homes where they've come from israeli alan tearaway thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera thank you a record 35 candidates will contest presidential election which will take place on november the 16th they include a former defense secretary the son of and assassinated president and an
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environmentalist and friend has more from colombia. election officials in sri lanka's capital had a busy morning sorting out paperwork from 35 says it ensured candidates former defense secretary go to the rajapaksa is hopeful to lead the rajapaksa comeback 5 years after his brother my hand was voted out of office. given the problems being faced today in economy security and sovereignty we have a city of policies that can solve these issues and we hope to implement them this rajapaksa successfully led the government's campaign to defeat the tamil tigers in 2009 ending a 26 year conflict but some accuse him of disregarding human rights allowing extrajudicial killings and cracking down on dissent during that campaign questions of also being raised about rajapakse is eligibility with controversy about his dual nationality 'd. his main rival subject trade with us is the deputy
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leader of the united national party he has been nominated after years of being sidelined by prime minister brown overcommitting her premadasa has worked with rural communities for many years but will have to find out if he can appeal to voters across the country i mean harry. from auto parts breaking revolutionary development program in our country where the benefits of crude. and not exclusive club incumbent president mighty palace seriously and is not running for a 2nd now priorities appear to have shifted for many should lankans the last election was fought on bringing change restoring democracy and human rights analysts say it's different this time around they're not talking about rights they are talking about development. they're not really talking about democracy per se in
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the sense they're for you know it's almost as if the talk about rights is irrelevant to best and subversive but worse around $16000000.00 tree lanterns are eligible to vote in the presidential election next month people have to be smarter politicians are servants not masters they come to serve. as voters weeks pick someone who can bring economic development to the country and individual development someone who can govern well someone who's a do or not just pays lip service more candidates are contesting the november 16th election than ever before but for now rajapakse and premadasa have the highest profile that said this public discontent with broken promises and a chance that establishment figures may pay the price at the ballot box finance jazeera colomba a scottish court has rejected a legal bid to force the u.k. prime minister boris johnson to ask for breck's de lay charges considered whether
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johnson could be jailed if he takes the u.k. out of the european union without a deal johnson has previously said he'll comply with a new law which forces him to prevent a no deal breck said on october the 31st he submitted new proposals on wednesday which he hopes will lead to a deal for britain to leave the e.u. by that deadline more than 250 climate change protesters have been arrested in a global demonstration that the organizers extinction rebellion say will span 60 cities the most the rest by far were in britain's capital at least 135 people were taken into custody in london the group wants to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2025. headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.s.
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has evacuated 2 observation posts in northeast syria and says american troops won't protect kurdish forces turkey has said it's preparing to launch a major offensive in the region kurdish forces say they will defend themselves president. could no longer ignore the threat posed by fighters across the border in northern syria. the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the area has begun following my phone conversation last night with president trump as you know we had made a decision and had always said that we may arrive one night unannounced and this decisiveness continues because we can no longer accept the threats caused to our country by these terrorist groups and u.s. appeals court has granted donald trump a temporary stay on a decision that could have forced the u.s. president to release his tax returns the appeal came after a district judge rejected trump's challenge to the release of the tax documents the returns are being sought and a criminal probe by the manhattan district attorney's office
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a migrant boat trying to reach italy has capsized killing at least 13 women near the island of lampedusa it overturned in bad weather as a patrol vessel arrived to rescue those on board iraq's government is denying accusations its security forces have shot protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations at least 104 people have been killed since tuesday with most of the violence concentrated in the capital baghdad workers is reporting 15 people were killed overnight more than 6000 people have been injured. at least 10 people have been killed and 27 injured in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan the bomber targeted a minibus that was carrying recruits of the afghan security forces in the eastern city of jalalabad a series of global protests on climate change has seen 250 people arrested the organizers extinction rebellion say the protests will span 60 cities and britain's
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capital police arrested 135 people the group cause chaos in london this year. the roads and bridges those are the headlines counting the cost is coming up next. hello i'm sammy's a than this is counting the cost of al-jazeera the weekly look at the world of business and economics this week germany heading for recession with anger merkel put aside their concerns about that and splash the cash this stimulate the economy
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. the worst wildfires in decades and the rising threat of desertification farmers in the amazon fear their livelihoods are under threat. of dollars in black gold along the way patagonia could help end argentina's economic problems because the country have a plan to satisfy oil explorers and environmentalist. germany is europe's engine of growth right now its splattering though and could slip into recession finds itself caught in the middle of the u.s. president's trade war with china that's hurting global growth and as one of the world's leading exporters it's one track that can't escape or vats tips german industry which accounts for a 5th of its economy into recession and unemployment is holding up at almost record levels that's just one positive for the economy but then has also been running
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budget surpluses over the last 5 years and has enough headroom to stimulate the economy but chancellor angela merkel isn't willing to travel down that road though it came close to the heart of the country's problems. the production line is a busy place these cars will be on the road very soon helping drive the german economy as they themselves are driven and yet for some time the overall direction of travel has been worrying the constructor's because of this as a comic and country with high export numbers germany is facing considerable challenges the politicians need to take urgent steps to strengthen the country as an industrial location. again particularly on the international stage we need rapid consistent implementation not long discussions one complicating factor for manufacturers is their commitment to low and eventually no emission vehicles part of a revolution in thinking whose cost implications are considerable feeling the
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world. as if. yes some. just in this. journey. feel. my. job. because assembling an electric car takes 30 percent less work than does a conventionally powered one some models on the market today have more than $100.00 fewer working parts than petrol powered alternatives all of which worries trades unions a glance at the figures shows the scale of the problem last year vehicles represented almost 17 percent of all german export revenue amounting to more than $263000000000.00 in the 1st half of this year overall germany exported more than $750000000000.00 worth of goods down to 6 point one percent compared to the same
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period one year earlier but in one key canonic indicator the situation is more rosy unemployment is at its lowest since 1980 such figures give confidence to germany's political leaders who recognize potential recession is close at hand and are willing to consider some kind of stimulus package one as mine as it is there's a constant tide that's been made with solid financial foundation as we are in a position to counter an economic crisis with many many billions of euros if one actually breaks in germany and europe will really do it there is it's come there see an economics an active policy against the crisis the zip. other dogs mostly that yes my dark side by the dark which are what makes the carmakers predicament standout is that other areas of the transport industry are still growing as in berlin with the increasing number of east scooters and electric mopeds one firm
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says its experience has been very positive and you can the apply the service to every big city where the needs of an easy and more flexible transportation is there and. yes since the beginning was started in 2016 with berlin and since then we expanded every year and one new city except this year 2019 we expanded in our active cities with 500 you scritches pers it. other industries are also expanding such as in construction where turnover in building completion work was up almost 5 percent in the 2nd quarter of this year on the same period last year and the number of people employed in construction was up 1.4 percent on last year which explains perhaps why at least in public ministers are upbeat. exams what's most important of course is that the state's total debt is on the decline so the clout of this yes will follow below 60 percent of g.d.p.
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this means that for the 1st time since 2002 germany will stick to the upper limit of the masters treaty what's noticeable is that public perception of the threat of recession has not grown yet analysts say the absence of negative indicators is the reason. when see when you look at the economic expectations it's clear that consumers see a rising risk for recession at the same time they don't see any direct effect on themselves yet they believe their consumption can remain unchanged as a 2nd which allows the major mostly manufacturers to continue to hawk their way as as here in the frankfurt motor show at b.m.w. they say the risk of recession is not something they worry too much about while we are actually doing quite well in the german market so with our new products we are gaining market share in the german market so in that sense we are actually quite
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optimistic we see a positive impact of our new vehicles and yet the underlying reality is that overall the car industry here is proving less popular abroad for 2 years the trend of export sales has been downward and explains why this is the one part of the german economy where alarm bells on now ringing dominant cane al-jazeera speak. well joining me now via skype from brussels is of us he's a senior fellow at bruegel good to have you with us so should the german government be considering a stimulus package right now. the german economy shows very serious signs of weakening and in particular eurozone economy and orders from the eurozone and also he car so i seemed it would be indeed a time to consider some piece because the most in germany this would also be motivated by defect that in the past 7 or 8 years germany or this had
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a much better budget position than planned so the order is somehow other than the budget that is but it turned out to be better it means that germany has a lot of fiscal space and i see it should use this fiscal space now to be a stimulus to germany and that would also benefit that arrest of the euro area for a talk about how to use that fiscal space then business is often complain about the poor infrastructure do you think that's an obstacle the growth of the government should be addressing with that fiscal space yes the number of reports which look at public infrastructure and many of these reports indicate that there are major investment needs there so clearly public infrastructure is one avenue and the other avenue would be to providing tax breaks for investment because investment is very low in germany so anything that can stimulate affleck investment and also private
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investment but very much come there's always a question of how far you go in using any fiscal space do you think the government should give up on the balanced budget rule that it's been following that a more fundamental question. with the current balance budget rule. that of germany will be used to very very low levels now the most recent forecast of the i.m.f. such as debt grows public debt and g.d.p. in germany will decline to just about 40 percent intensity 24 hour which is barely below the masti 60 percent where you and i think a country like germany could afford having a larger public debt and also there are major investment needs at least for the transition to a carbon neutral economy so i saying that the budget rule should be considerate and
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much more forceful investment program need to be implemented in germany that's interesting and when you when you listen to not only what you're saying there about what the outgoing head of the european central bank mario druggies been talk about when he said you know central governments need to do more is it indicative that really the european central bank is at the limits of its sort of policy abilities are more needs to fall on national governments in europe going forward i think so on the e.c.b. has slightly kind of that was its rate from minus 0.4 minus 0.5 percent. 10 hours that it feel resume government won't purchases but only $20000000000.00 euro spend months which is just one force of the amount of the mass the amount the e.c.v. purchased in 2016 so clearly the e.c.v. is reaching the limits of its monetary actions and now i think even before i
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mean many many years ago in my view fiscal policy should have taken a much more stronger or in supporting the euro eurozone economy but especially now when the e.c.b. reaching its limits pisco policy should be even more important why when you look at the unemployment picture for example in germany it's holding up pretty well how might that change if the country heads into recession the unemployment is very low germany almost just see percent. at the same time it's also important to emphasize that labor force participation is going up which means that more and more people would like to work even those who in the past the kids didn't want to go which is a good news but either recession a number of jobs will be at risk we are hearing very bad figures from german manufacturing and sooner or later it might lead to decreasing employment i think it
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is still take time even during the global crisis of 200789 german employment held up quite well partly because employers moved their employees to 2 part i was issuance you sort of laying them off the offer than it was issuance and thereby they were able to reduce. rooted out actually more people and they expect that something similar would happen in an next recession but if so then if the recession the last long there sooner or later that you know you're in unemployment figures or i thank so much for your thoughts on that. well as we move toward 5 g. mobile technology there are growing concerns that with more devices connected to the internet cyber attacks could also increase and nothing exists in isolation you see the world leader in 5 g. technology is china's while away which is at the center of that.


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