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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the latter now what's puzzling is his follow on statement that he will blew it but liberate the turkish economy is just very strange but also not surprising to hear you know given that it's coming from him at the end he really made the only decision that he could have made i think obviously he's a he's gotten a lot of pushback at nancy pelosi a statement just coming in the past couple of minutes in the pentagon saying that the u.s. doesn't endorse the starkest operations the thing department's official at least one of them describing it as a very bad idea what do you make of those reactions look i agree in principle that i think the united states should have even a larger number of troops and civilians are you know professionals in that area to help the local communities kurds and arabs to rebuild their lives to welcome more you know displaced people and to defend themselves from from the regime of the matter of fact unless pelosi and those other people want to send 10000 u.s. troops in northern syria it's just not going to happen and neither congress nor
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a lot of senior officials including the pentagon have supported a larger deployment so you can't really hold on to that territory with 100 or 200 u.s. troops just stupid so you either need to make a bigger commitment or leave it and so you know that's that and for donald trump i mean should we really be surprised by this decision because at the end of the day one of his campaign promises was that he wanted to get the u.s. out of what he calls the endless warrens so is this. is he playing for us in a lot more for domestic audience here. this is in line with what he has always said he wants to pull u.s. troops from the region he does not want to be paying for these deployments i disagree with that i think we have enduring interests in the region and we have to be there. to protect us interest our allies but he doesn't believe in that he has been really itching to leave. and he's been tweeting about it i mean for months
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that he wants to get out of syria he wants the allies particularly europeans in the gulf fees to pay for this and so this is people should not be surprised that doll trump is doing this rising is that we have a broken government right now that the pentagon comes out after the president of united states makes a statement and contradicts that's a really worrying sign and it's indictment of the entire mess we've been in and really for the last few years here all right so we thank you very much for speaking to us from washington thank you u.s. democrats have issued subpoenas to both the pentagon and the white house for documents that could bolster their case for the impeachment of the president the documents related donald trump's the citizen to delay military aid to ukraine and whether that in danger and u.s. security the democrats has set an october 15th deadline this latest development follows the emergence of a 2nd whistleblower who is set to have firsthand knowledge of
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a phone call between trump and the ukrainian president. still ahead on al-jazeera more street fighting in hong kong as protracted struggle much of the city transit system. that has been ready in afghanistan specifically has been running in kabul underneath the cloud and then there's a big gap and the changing in season is obvious it's come for europe through turkey to the caucasus so to the science we should be thinking about a change of some sorts not obvious yet we're still hovering around the 30 mark in tehran rather 40 mark again in a good part of iraq and just below the city on the coast and as rainy and so nothing much has changed nor indeed will change much in the forecast the winds are strong there's no strong northerly fact if anything for the gulf states is
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a bit of a southeasterly developing which might just might bring shots or the u.a.e. having developed them in their mom but it does look fairly dry to be honest even the mountains of yemen but some get to wednesday that's a dry picture that has dropped sas to more actually with that there we see more rain run through the eastern cape now the front wants to graze the western cape and then you've got that linkage which he sees in oh there goes up through western botswana up towards i go to the sharia and is the angolan in the navan that's not reliable so the picture of the cheese day is pretty much a dry one not as warm as it was in durban by a long way cape town if anything is getting cooler disappointing 16. what are you protesting about how do in their online life. directly.
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this is an attack on academic freedom and our ability to do research. is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice. and. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera. endorse a turkish military operation in syria and will not help it in any way u.s. president donald trump and. u.s. forces from northeast syria on sunday turkey has said it's preparing to launch
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a major offensive in the region and president donald trump is facing more pressure over his dealings with ukraine the house democrats are issued subpoenas to the white house and the pentagon for documents that could both store their impeachment inquiry. a migrant boat trying to reach italy has capsized killing at least 13 women and overturned in bad weather near the island of lampedusa the patrol vessel arrived to rescue those on board it was carrying around 50 people from to 22 have been saved it's the latest in a long line of sea disasters to hit migrants trying to cross the mediterranean and reach europe. n.g.o.s here say that there were many aboard the boat the cup size of the coast of the island of lampedusa the boat sailed frontin is carrying also migrants from sub-saharan africa and tunisia has been widely seen as
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a transit point for like grants for from africa desperate to reach europe in july for example 82 migrants fleeing fighting in libya lost their lives of the coast of the disease which is in the southern part of. spoken with senior members of different political parties here in this seem to be pretty much concerned about the situation as. being the scene of an attempt to put together a coalition government it comes against the backdrop of a growing disillusionment with the political establishment in the country mallets in his ears have lost hope the government's. willing to sort out their problems particularly unemployment poverty and budget deficit and they say that this puts more pressure on the next parliament of the next coalition government to try to tackle economy which has become a bigger problem in the country hundreds of climate change protesters have been
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arrested in a global demonstration that took place in at least 60 cities so far 276 people were arrested in london where protesters say they will continue their action for weeks to come down the hall reports what began in the u.k. a year ago has gone global with similar protests taking place in the name of extinction rebellion as far afield as australia new zealand and in the capitals of western europe but the climate and environmental movement spiritual home is central london where its campaigns of civil disobedience of caused major disruption before this time activists plan to spend the next 2 weeks defining the police blockading roads and bridges leading to the heart of government power. we're very sorry for these men. who were in the middle of an emergency. their hands glued together and also stuck to the tarmac this group were all under
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arrest but i'm able to be dislodged from outside the prime minister's residence at number 10 downing street by angry with me. and. the government. also. says. that they stole. the whole planet if. others were cut free from chains binding them to cars to railings and to each other when extinction rebellion carried out similar protests in april the police were criticised for being too tolerant this time the force has promised to be more proactive but controlling thousands of often autonomous individual protests is an enormous task there are through about 50 people manning this protest barricade blocking open wide hole that's the road leading to 10 downing street it's
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a sign of just how easy it is to force major disruption and with thousands more said to be ready to do this very thing it's a sign of how difficult it is to police. this was the scene during the day in cape town south africa it doesn't matter what party you come from almost to me or threatened by this stage and i stand together that's any way going to get through and this was amsterdam where police made dozens of arrests i in london it was a quiet day for anti breaks it protestors the focus for once elsewhere but extinction rebellion activists intend to be here till the end of next week including the queen's speech in parliament next monday the police are unlikely to tolerate that jonah al-jazeera london. a scottish court has rejected a legal bid to force the u.k. prime minister boris johnson to ask for breakfast at de lay judges considered
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whether johnson could be jailed if he takes the u.k. out of the e.u. without a deal johnson has previously said he'll comply with a new law which forces him to prevent a no deal breck's it on october 31st at least 10 people have been killed and 27 injured in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan the bomber targeted a minibus that was carrying recruits of the afghan security forces in the eastern city of jalalabad. and iraq has been rocked by violent confrontations in the streets in the past week 104 people have died and 6000 injured during nationwide protests against the government iran call and met with one of the victim's family in the capital baghdad. look at that look how beautiful he is says in the haitham it is one of the protesters shot dead by iraqi security forces he was 27 years old on thursday he joined protesters in central baghdad frustrated with the lack of
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jobs and opportunities he saw a child's to get his voice heard he left home in the afternoon he never returned clearly in shock only haitham just keeps repeating how beautiful her son is a family friend speaks on heavy health. i did he didn't hurt anyone he didn't harm anyone what is the crime of these young men these beautiful young men the government is to blame i q's the government of murdering he wasn't just my neighbor he was like a son. the government and the army say they haven't targeted protest as but it's brother must of thought says ahmed was shot in the head by a sniper as he tried to help another protester who had been shot in the leg while. some people say the shooters are rainy and they're lying there from our country it's the iraqi army killing iraqis. it is the head of the popular mobilization people says a mainly shia paramilitary group he says his forces didn't take part in the operation against the protesters to stop them i am reaffirming that the interior
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ministry with the support from the military are the ones who stop these protests however the popular mobilization forces in the persian are reserve forces for the commander of the armed forces who only interfere to fight any conspiracy whenever an order is given and the order was given this time across south and central iraq people are putting up pictures of those who have been killed and placing the blame on the go. and the army and the government say that they will investigate the deaths of the protesters but that hasn't slowed the protest movement down in fact if anything judging by the jones the deaths have actually fueled the movement. 0. there's been more fighting between a group of protesters and police in hong kong. police fired tear gas on a crowd that formed outside a metro station it follows another round of unrest at the weekend protesters have
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been defying new anti facemask rules the hong kong government's use colonial era emergency regulations to impose the bound by decree so record because more from hong kong. around 500 people gathered here at the prince edward in china station. on monday evening to show their support for the protests and resupply respects to those who've been injured during these 4 months of demonstrations now they started to one particular area one right on the side behind me and that's when the police moved in a number of rounds of tear gas to try and clear the crowd but of course the crowd dispersed but that time back and that's when the place once again the grounds of tear gas on the streets now this comes on a day where we had the 1st people charged on the floors that were enacted by the rules that were enacted were implemented on friday and of those 2 people in the 18 in the 38 year old here in court that were released if they are found guilty they could face jail time as well as $3000.00. japan says it's rescued dozens of north
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korean fishermen after a collision at sea a japanese patrol vessel collided with a north korean boat in the waters in the sea of japan it was me area looking for ships illegally fishing in its japanese waters. there are at least 4000000 stateless people in 78 countries across the world and one man from kurdistan is being recognized by the united nations for his efforts to tackle the problem but i travel to posts to find out what his organisation has achieved. up until last year there was no proof she ever existed with no person difficult or any other legal documents to prove her identity didn't those or should we say grew up in the shadows. without documents you want nothing it's very difficult i couldn't take my children to hospital because we didn't have i.d.'s now i have a birth certificate i feel equal. well know there is
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a rumor community living in central asia she inherited her state list a disk from her parents and was to make sure her children grow up as fully recognize citizens this piece of paper is the only proof of birth they hold for now people like then those are stateless without any basic rights i describe as national ghost not recognized by any nation a problem do you any agency for refugees says affects millions around the world killed to stand is the 1st country to have eradicated the listeners this starting point is the talent. i applaud the biggest downfall taking the courage to do it. marketing exercise all over the country not be some bits and pieces not partially but the whole country so that's that's quite amazing there was a political will to do it and the person decided to stop at least 13500 people have
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now become kyrgyz citizens statelessness became a real problem after the fall of the soviet union in 1901 new borders were drawn in many found themselves on the wrong side of the border or without the proper documents it took people like an edible carry more from to fill ghana valley lawyers without borders to sky would a country sometimes remote areas reachable only and of course back to find the thousands of stateless people in need the founder of the organization as these big assure of is now being awarded by the un. problem whether they're a defector status people who had invalid soviet passports or no way to prove where they were born there are also those big wives who automatically lost their citizenship after 991 it's complicated. set up but it's one of them she can't stand as
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a young bright there were no borders that put on that i only had a piece of paper from the collective farm where i worked which allowed me to go back and forth i was very happy when i got my passport now i get a pension and i have a chance to visit my private. and she get past all of the care is nationality too are grown up son it's difficult to know how many exactly millions of people around the world still remain in their lives many going from birth to death without any official trace of their existence they did meet in sudden to. come again the headlines on al-jazeera the pentagon says the u.s. does not endorse a turkish military operation northeastern syria and will not help it in any way us president donald trump announced the pullback of u.s.
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forces from northeast syria on sunday been widely criticized for the decision with house speaker nancy pelosi calling for its reversal turkey has said it's preparing to launch a major offensive in the region iran callan is the spokesman and chief advisor for the turkish president roger tell you berta one he says turkey will do everything it can to ensure i saw does not return. let's remember this is not only one country's responsibility it is the international community's responsibility and in fact it's the failure of the international community that they have not been able to help the syrian refugees bring a political solution to the conflict and destroy isis once and for all. we will do. what we can do in fact without a full capacity to make sure that isis doesn't come back in and a former. president donald trump is facing more pressure over his dealings with ukraine the house democrats have issued subpoenas to the white house and the
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pentagon for documents that could bolster their impeachment inquiry a u.s. appeals court has granted president trump a temporary stay on a decision that could have forced him to release his tax returns the appeal came here after a district judge rejected trump's challenge to the release of the tax documents a migrant boat trying to reach italy has capsized killing at least 13 women near the island of lampedusa it overturned in bad weather as a patrol vessel arrived to rescue those on board at least 10 people have been killed and 27 injured in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan bomber targeted a minibus that was carrying recruits of the afghan security forces in the eastern city of jalalabad in the u.k. a climate protest has seen the arrest of 276 people it's part of a wider global demonstration by the group extinction rebellion they say the protest
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spent 60 cities a number of other arrests were made in cities around the world including sydney and amsterdam those are the headlines on al-jazeera one a one east is coming up next stay with us. tom tom knows there are winners of a don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the job does their own. it's a crucial violent and wildly popular across thailand. is one of the toughest martial law. i will. look a problem to so children are risking it all the finer and fortune.
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by it. but the death of a 13 year old boy and growing warnings that young foxes risk. of lead to cool the children to be banned from the league this. country how can we let the sky thing happen one o one investigates the true cause of thailand's nationals. not to take live. on one side. while the conlang.
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he's been fighting to bring since. he trained 7 hours a day to be the best he's a feel opponent. with a slew of knockouts under his belt. line will. follow the line up. making his country. the. same.
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and even that. it's almost. if you need. the nokia dial well literally. i need to. charge them why bother to talk to more pilots on high his dad was once a fighter himself and knows the toll it can take. up with. obviously fire i don't know. but i heard one of them and. bag without.
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it's a dangerous spot and many are asking who the children like poor pat should be subjected to the bruises kicks and punches the come with an. i'm heading to a small village east of bangkok to meet a boy whose life was changed forever after a movie tie fight when terribly wrong. 15 year old need to corn is already a veteran fighter of more than $100.00 matches. in november last year before 13 year old champion boxer and. fired up.
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ok well feet up. by how. tight fight is there's no more decisive win than a knock out. a new chair is on the right with the great gloves of the list with the blue clubs. at this point the fight was like any other. but a few moments later nicole and delivers the fatal blow to a new cheese head. 2 days later a new chip was pronounced did from a brain haemorrhage. know
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them. both unable on home and got a hit on the arm when. according to the rules of morning time the knockout punch was legal he did nothing wrong but the impact of this tragedy will be long lasting. and that's how my doc and my whole world wide up on how. up what i end up. following his death a new just family called for tougher regulations for children's fights including making protective gear compulsory. how could you allow this shy from it years soul box almost every 2 weeks he died in
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a cradle him brace it means the bleeding inside the brain. brain specialist professor just a board wants to see children banned from the ring she spent 5 years scanning the brains of hundreds of child fighters. and found shocking evidence that would tie causes irreversible brain damage. to what it really. you know be a doctor ok we look at the brain of the moxa kits. she found old bleats from repeated head injuries that cause damage to the brain's nerve cells. it has a lot of all black. accumulated in there when it accumulated in there it means that they had been injury and in the old that is cell it will act as a new or old system the damage to the brain for the. study also found the child
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boxes have to creased memory and low i.q. if you are a boxer kickboxer you have to i.q. that low and then that shy of the same socio economy and same. i was surprised by the i.q. i didn't thing that is going to drop this low it's almost pinpoints compared to the normal the none box a keep 10 points it means a lot so what would you like to see happen in the law when it comes to kids boxing in thailand. be as the sport authority a pilot or demo maker in thailand. just sing the kids younger than 15 years old as a professional boxer. this is what we won it just wanted to follow that in the nationalist band that like relation for made to boxes but this kid's
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future adelphi job of a country how can we let the sky of thing happen is there any way in the books this can be saved from the wreck as long as you put 2 people on the ring and one is bet the dandiya. now. despite the risks more time remains a national obsession. there are around 200000 children who regularly compete and kick boxing matches across thailand. and to some of these kids the sport is a ticket out of poverty. but no more. than a. tent was able to go to a good school we had changed mine thanks to her books and scholarship. and every time she steps into the ring she's bending money to help support her
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family. might be for the question women and men oh my god i met with a quality food that is very old and one of the required of me coming. by pointed out i'm a i feel member you. if i fall if i ate high to the lot and. someone thought money. to be something i mean don't get caught there's no. doubt. that without thinking truth rather than pride although i've acquired a. fair bit of i know a man. who not being ready to end up.
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broke up. with a she wins or loses 10 cause nixed fright in her around $85.00. thailand's minimum daily wage is just $10.00 so it's tempting for the kids of poor families to risk injury for a big bang fight. which is exactly what ted was about to. call their home. thank you for their fight as it was and there's a lot of there. tomorrow she'll be fighting for a junior championship title. her mom is her biggest fan but she's nervous about the match. even if the coach isn't sure she's ready. i think home. wrecker only on the up and why.


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