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tv   Salma The Boxer  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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quire a text messages show gordon somnolent is a central figure in allegations that trump tried to pressure ukraine to investigate a political rival. the us senate intelligence committee has found russia was behind a social media disinform ation campaign designed to influence the 2016 presidential election the committee report outlines how social media platforms were used to sow division and spread fake news in an effort to get donald trump elected. protesters have clashed with security forces in ecuador's capital as the country grapples with a 6th day of anti austerity demonstrations thousands of indigenous people have converged on quito barricading roads and tires angry the government has scrapped 40 year old fuel subsidies and those are his headlines on al jazeera this is europe is next.
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al-jazeera stands with every suits. him up as a member of the slum she controls are. missing something and yes books give us any problem books.
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so when the media was just so thankful enough us from. atlanta says it hopes. to miss and. just to comment much to say how much of a story i sure don't think i'd say. they're keeping us in the country. and in the last night. and this is just. it's over i'm trying to help i know that a new long time been. washed up in this one place in asia.
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let me just. say i'm comical about a shelter not kirshner private companies have left the room at. 0. 0. 000-0000. 00. on good made with their games. that's it. but not enough. to move. the polls all our books. one week which i'm like which. imagine as one of us why the voting and zoom just me on was if.
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she didn't call that and stuff it up to me. moon. is old really man. she met. him at a molecule going to dodge it. was he did george michael. smith on the back of. the box. should ask you about a bunch of that you should with some months britain. an authentic one. and most of us is a fat and muscle spall aforesaid and disappears on law which doesn't mean they're going to do and there's a bias want. to read you just for the promise of the person to
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use it and you know much sort of inside i mean this from. a 1000000 very good. thank you thank you i'm so. going to. about. the book selling. off so this sort. of a catalyst for the books. diversion. when. i was on time long enough that i'm watching them set up some way to drive
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a white inventors. as much. of the news they're going to use and. when i still. see them over the. top of almost. i don't want to cause a dot com i want to know who comes. of that comes from it the knowledge of jewish up and questionable stock on that question all. the soup you've used. when moyer looks used. yeah you got. what. earth was. that cynical genesis was a glib almost it was on jensen to want to sleep may see some of this it
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may see a look i'm pretty sure a box eternity with it will be the go that's going to hook sentiment across at the mall because office and wandered out to the shore some on the problem need to do she says the dog is a discipline that if they call it a security call that money are literally caught in the flesh. this creature is all about squatting on a horse what would it do for said under for the mothers to be granted to be the other 4 legs or do we have more debate or. is it complete eternity that you so lou can is often intimate image to talk but only tell about opposite us i really tell you to be our best side or be our. the best because the level. 2nd it was as you soon appeared to see someone is sort of the season was your scope of ugly meets the society and if you do could you
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join to be there. let me talk about the 2 more porn up of to keep. it paul was a teenager and he saluted me wasn't me. shit to talk some more to get partners on the vent and to get us all in my case sign us your horse in a suit and then. elaine forced the main source on to deal. with
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. a plant that really set the count when i even took away up of the sucky 2 for this point of only love with him is a sort of the of the glue let's put it for some wages wage then who did was the good thing is the president he saw whisky will. potentially get this a w. i want a neutral tone.
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don't be shy learn me from the. right there way priyamvada leave. me. out that doesn't look down on me to mistake the. city. since she made me feel because the government would not look to. reduce the sickness of a security she wanted that should proceed. as an intense process and that until i was looking one trying to launch a contest and document a lot of 100 more this. one was a lot worse topic especially bob. she's really she was a. sick
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assad. will lose one of the gong. which was on. a voyage but as i talked so much about shores not sure what a tourist. and i brought up and that's what i read was on one charge will smith stare into when it was offered me. what gun is i had someone to put on his commercial alcohol of. firing a lot of us about boarding her nickel most of us the place was washed out in rats and they have never dressed up. months or saw us he said. that is or isn't doing it. to get you thought in big what was going to. see him go commit them or give you know. some good comments morgan said what.
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when he looks at that there at the dock with music. we commuted. on the moment she stopped as i was so that. he wanted to say i'm. missing. key and this is spit. citizens books of the signal. essentially not move on. and on the it's a take it can stand on the books of the fearsome enough for such a thing. it will go up it to skip i
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step out here take tamales on top of it eat on top of them all so who needs all the salt on this on the last illness and we're not in. north east supposed to close up but the south decision a certain song implemented all the all that yeah we keep up each week magazine. and the simple more just the more usual more more collusion is all of this bizarre on all the norm so i don't use up all the shit it does to tell you everything. i am. a member of the group also i like the ministry. and i'm to do and i found objects because he said there's a nude pictures of belfort. i just keep us to stop them here fuck up.
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up to me a fucking decision lies of the use of a walk. on the scene in a small some get it passed i was in a sensitive so far seem to deal with what the officer what you are today show me some of the good ones so i knew i could say. this is another one of those you know the. one when the company i mean there's a. really big. fish
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. i just have a return after just a quest. just. jump on my lair just that i wish i could put a limit. on the want to plan for more. when you have to. use the world. with the sheep. you suck on the floor for. the person.
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in the because still sleeping. the box which i wanted this picture more than the post below. me is only god saw it before bro. it also looks or she knew my work. sally of the. shelly v. i do mrs eveleth shall put him on the box it pulled out a baby out of you have in my mind you have it on his own como see it is very true every particle trying to pile up a bunch of little it up we should. concern some since some long developments us some. idea often it's just saw a. form of design of fitting
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a clip of seasons of us on my past foam associate past so that you know. to celebrate the at the given signal to get a little sleep it off or back to the seat this amp don't screw it up move with this it i will send it along slowly pull them so she noodle of what of homicide we see only a lot of the deal me showing him up a lot closer than that i want to live it to. resurface a problem i only saw the deal. over his young people once on the bottle because on the ball soviet rug pulled on science books of the. bible.
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oh. god. yes. a computer there a lot more flex. is really explosive. the. whole. the personal life.
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to look at. it your books of it cool so thought you got to set. your thumb safety of course to secure the phone goes off the cell phone if you have weapons are going to get a lot. yeah . there's a. possible 2nd for the call it's a 2nd self other thing i said daniel hope the left that said that and the confederacy. just. spit. ha.
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ha ha ha ha ha. ha. ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha or our hard hard hard.
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i. thought. that. was. thank you. thank. god.
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absa us. live. let. us i.
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cut. us. live. to go. nuts. q 136-1600.
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57 i. thank god. i. was on a bit on the. skin or is it lucky we wanted one. 0 mr pull she. but then i'm on to something. to 20.
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sometimes cause there's a. vast never. even sound fast off. of it is a utility of the movie to a thought of real. well for me. what this little deal. is the plus not the look. the going to be. the enemy making all but one day. at all solving the same issue. all that good of a god situation. politics going to be given. me just in the new middle sold.
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one simple mistake could be from cold. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take a chance but for a former north korean soldier the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . a witness documentary on al-jazeera the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash as a big bills most of them for one of the smelly bills has to be the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that offers solutions it's very easy for us
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to have a 100 percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. al jazeera. i don't welcome to the al-jazeera news out on life or my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth for autumn coming up in the next 60 minutes standoff an equitable capital with the president insists he won't balance of protesters demands to bring back fuel subsidies. the white house says it won't cooperate with what it's calling and legitimate impeachment inquiry by house democrats.


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