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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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food to about 50 students initially it was considered if you like a band aid problem of bringing donations give handouts to students and that will solve the problem. we basically advanced an approach through a signature 1000 signatures petitions march for hunger and so on and demanded a space of dignity for students at this university while greater access to education is meant to alleviate poverty and create jobs there are concerns that hundreds of students could drop out of university every year simply because they are too hungry to study for media miller al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. the families of the more than $110.00 people killed in unrest in iraq will be eligible for compensation that comes after the country's parliament officially recognized the victims as martyrs the government also unveiled more social reforms as it tries to quell the demonstrations that are entering their 2nd week.
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oh my god what distinguished casualties of the protesters will be recognized as martyrs and therefore their families will be compensated we will follow the investigation procedures to uncover the events that have affected the protesters. and activist who is jailed for rising in hong kong 3 years ago is back in court for an appeal hearing a large crowd gathered outside the high court in support of edward he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for his part in a violent clash with police the hearing comes at a time when hong kong has been gripped by months of demonstrations. of farmers and indeed administered kashmir say restrictions on communication and movement are having a devastating impact on their businesses the indian government revoked the region's autonomy and sentence soldiers 9 weeks ago it also shut down internet and telephone lines the tory occasionally reports it's harvest time in indian administered kashmir where apple production contributes 10 percent to the state's
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$20000000000.00 incomes this year apples are being left to rot because farmers confines people to pick them up to prime minister nuri and remove the abolish the state futon of the status and impose the security lockdowns. of the situation is bad we can harvest the apples on time and most of them fell down from the trees now we're collecting the rotten apples and throwing them away. internet a mobile phone services remain cutoff for this moment that means his business is in jeopardy then the basic communication is dollars we have no neighbors dogs don't build up people. who are sitting in delhi westin in bangalore we're staying in genoa and other big markets and we're not able to communicate with them it's very difficult this wholesale fruit market in srinagar would normally be packed with traders business is down by 95 percent this year compared to last or just as big as
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the left on each year export about $200000.00 boxes of apples in the domestic markets across india this year because of the situation farmers aren't able to send their projects to market they don't know where to send it because communication lines aren't working. in response to the crisis the indian government to set up a national co-operative through which farmers can sell their produce bought it imposes strict quality control measures which many farmers find hard to meet. we can only select the produce if the color of the apple is good so far we have projected 80 percent of the farmers have come here to sell their produce the apple industry in kashmir involves 3500000 people around half the population of the state the look down has devastated the economy and farm is a calling on the indian government to immediately lift the security restriction must secure a gate and be out there. to yemen where fuel shortages deepening the 5 year long
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humanitarian crisis there in the capital sana'a services like refuse collection and water filtration are unable to run which could lead to a spike in cholera and other waterborne diseases there they say there haven't been any shipments of fuel or basic necessities despite the withdrawal of their fighters from the key port of data. reports from the capital. her son ali collects plastic bottles from this pile of garbage and son are here's a lot to choose from because a shortage of fuel means the city's garbage is not being moved out to landfills this has become the only way for others to survive. and be inventive. we are happy that this place become the main garbage collection center we sell plastics for 3 years dollars but it hardly covers the needs of our family. many of the city's garbage trucks are parked this deposit in the capital the man charge of
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operations here says at least 2 tons of garbage are piling up every day is appealing to the international community. to merely 300000 liters of diesel a month even in the current crisis we won't be able to deliver our services to the community if the crisis persists trucks on low the garbage here at this makeshift collection center this is our 1st initiative to cut down consumption of fuel. health experts are warning our president mental crisis that could drag another cholera outbreak the recent one you know that at least 3000 people. who call an international health officials warn this fuel and garbage crisis could hamper their 1st to eradicate cholera so far at least 100 yemenis have died from the water borne disease this year
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a good enough heroes or so how we get our current fuel crisis is likely to undermine our efforts to lower the case of cholera and other epidemics the spread of garbage and sewage water main reasons behind the spread of such diseases. the crisis has not only affected garbage collection it's also making it difficult for people to move around the city public transport is difficult to find. used to work as a driver for a private company i don't want to leave it there i've lost my job because the company owner couldn't allocate diesel juicer the severe shortage of it now i cannot even afford to refill my gas cylinder as gas prices are high as well life has become very difficult in our country. the whole say despite giving up control of course including in the south and the last years sweden agreement shipments of fuel and other goods coming through. in accordance with the sweden
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agreement and the port of her died has come under the supervision of the un especially after the hutus retreated 5 kilometers in compliance with the signed agreement. for millions of yemenis like as an alley and his friends what was already a difficult life has become even more challenging those who were once able to feed themselves are now picking through rubbish and the hopes of earnings and living on the ballpark. now couples the largest historic park has reopened after lying in return for almost 3 decades the gardens that tells the tune where the front line in afghanistan civil war and now they're part of a larger restoration project reports from kabul. are unlucky below got engaged in june teaches they come to chill sitting garden for dates 3 times a week. that i think it is nice for a picnic and
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a pleasant place for men and women to enjoy time together without any harassment just attorneys cobbles largess to store public garden it just reopened to the public this summer it had laid in ruins for 26 years after was heavily damaged in the war and you can still see signs of their conflicts on the walls of the buildings. before the civil war it was peacefully but during the civil war they destroyed it it wasn't pieces still during the war i came your i would walk and jog around the garden for exercise i never stopped. in the ninety's this was the frontline. has lived opposite the garden all his life now he brings his grandchildren entrance used to be free because over the walls which destroys now it's 40 scenes which keeps the park running. the whole miriam at the end of the day when i go home and i think about the people i remember the smiles on their faces and it really makes me proud. and it's not just smiles green urban spaces bring
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economic and community benefits too in kabul it's really find a safe space which children can run and adults can commit. scientists are also finding increasing evidence that big green spaces boost mental health. juice or tuna is not the 1st to store a garden to get a new life in kabul is following the success of bubble gardens tree opened in 2008 after it was heavily damaged in the civil war it now gets more than $1000000.00 visitors a year the park was built by the 1st emperor of the mugu dynasty after he conquered the city nearly 15 hundreds bubble bubble was a personality a poet a scholar a pioneer as well as a leader he was always thinking about the people of kabul and that this city is part of that he's always say these gardens are a gift from heaven because buried here he demanded
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a term with no roof so he could see the sky and hear people enjoy his garden. this is what i can hear not explosions or sirens but afghans embrace in a real open oasis and a little joy charlotte dallas couple. with the headlines turkey says final preparations for a military push into northern syria are being made at the kurdish that authorization in northern syria as residents to come out in large numbers and resist them an aide to president says the military will join forces with the free syrian army when it crosses into syria. now work on the military operation continues deployments are underway preparations are underway together with our commanders and overnight curfew has ended in the capital of ecuador now the
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government is bracing for more unrest of austerity measures with a national strike planned for wednesday thousands of protesters have forthwith security forces during a 6 day of violent demonstrations. the families of the more than $110.00 people killed in unrest in iraq will be eligible for compensation that comes after the country's parliament officially recognized the victims as martyrs the government also unveiled more social reforms as a tries to quell the demonstrations that are now entering its 2nd week. knocked us to his jail for arriving in hong kong 3 years ago is back in court an appeal hearing a large crowd gathered outside the high court in support of edward law and he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for his part in a violent clash with police up to 30 homes have been destroyed in eastern australia and a bushfire more than 100000 hectares have been bound with the town of rep for the west affected the other news really early start to the fire season is because of an
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extended drought a rival travel company has acquired or thomas cook stores in the united kingdom the move by hays travel could save up 220-2000 i'm sorry 2500 jobs thomas cook shut down suddenly in september hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded across the globe and an american scientist who identified one of the key materials in rechargeable batteries has become the oldest nobel laureate in history 97 year old john be good enough will share this year's nobel prize for chemistry with britain's m stanley wished him and japan's a cure you're seeing are the 3 scientists were each responsible for critical developments in a theme ion batteries well those are the headlines and next up its inside story stay with us.
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the confusion over u.s. plans for syria donald trump is facing criticism for his decision to withdraw from the northeast paving the way for a take issue pensive what are the risks of a military operation and what to do with eisel fight is in kurdish prisons this is inside story. the and welcome to the program fully back to pull the white house is sending mixed messages about the future of america's role in syria president donald trump announced on monday that u.s. soldiers would pull out of northeastern syria allowing turkey to launch
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a military operation against kurdish fighters turkey's defense minister says its forces are ready to enter and clear what he calls terrorists syrian kurds america's close on eye in the fight against i still call trumps decision a stab in the back and after widespread criticism at home the president is not threatening to destroy turkey's economy if it does anything he considers to be off limits but a white house official says u.s. soldiers are only being moved within syria rather than fully withdrawn contradicting the president's earlier tweet that the u.s. would quote get out of the war we have a lot to get to with our guests but 1st this report from kimberly hockett in washington d.c. . as u.s. troops begin pulling out of positions in northern syria their commander in chief donald trump defended his decision to withdraw now we've captured isis we've done what we've done we had 50 soldiers in the area talking about and i said we want to
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bring our soldiers back home it's been a long time it's a major shift in u.s. foreign policy one being criticized by members of the president's own republican party senator lindsey graham one of trump's biggest supporters on twitter pledged to reverse the withdrawal of the u.s. senate calling it a disaster in the making a move also backed by the top democrat in the senate and i can tell you this it is getting roland condemnation from democrats and republicans and i expect congress will take some form of action either a resolution or something even more. u.s. officials credit kurdish forces with helping take back territory from isolating northern syria but there are tensions between turkey and the kurds the turkish government considers one of its most effective fighting forces the p.k. k. to be a terrorist organization some u.s. lawmakers are threatening to sanction turkey potentially calling for its suspension
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from nato if it attacks kurdish forces in northern syria but trump went even further threatening to economically obliterate turkey if the kurds are attacked i have told turkey that if they do anything outside of what we would think is you main they could suffer the wrath of a an extremely decimated economy still trump has long been vocal about his desire to get the u.s. out of what he calls america's endless wars trumps impulsive syria strategy has led to key members of his administration resigning last year his defense secretary james mattis and brett mcgurk eisel special envoy what this shows president. all of his predecessors were whether republican or democratic is only concerned about himself we have a moral responsibility to the kurds because without them we would not have
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destroyed the caliphate in a statement on monday the pentagon made clear to turkey the united states does not back turkish operations in northern syria believing it will have a destabilizing effect on the region president trump campaigned in 2016 promising to withdraw the united states from foreign wars now with the 2020 u.s. election just a little more than a year away it appears potential voters not his senior advisers are the ones trying cares about pleasing most can really help at al-jazeera the white house so let's take a look at how others have responded to trump's decision nikki haley who served as strom's 1st u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said we must always have the back so if we expect them to have our back the kurds were instrumental in our successful fight against isis in syria leaving them to die is a big mistake turkey is not a friend us senate majority leader mitch mcconnell warned the move would damage
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relations with turkey and only benefit russia iran and syria as president bashar al assad fronts another in the u.s. fight against size so is worried the on group could remarriage while iran foreign minister job and zarif call the u.s. and eve relevant occupy in syria he warned turkey against any military operation. to a well let's bring in our guests for today's show in washington d.c. we have also chosen he's the people's democratic party representative to the united states a kurdish opposition group in turkey also known as the h d p in istanbul we have osman sirte director of the institute and former advisor to turkish prime minister. and in washington d.c. on skype while. he served as a senior syria advisor to samantha power a former u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations welcome to you all thank you for being on inside story on china in washington if i can start with you what is your understanding of the administration's announcement of the future u.s. stall in syria's war is the u.s. administration endorsing a turkish offensive in northern syria and are they abandoning your people the kurds . thank you for having me on the show firstly i think. very short and simple answer to that is we just simply do not know yet because in the last year and a half president trump has tried to leave syria on to 2 previous occasions on both being severely pushed backed by the american establishment on the 2nd time in december in 2019 when president front said he had ordered the military to actually leave syria. the crisis grew so much the defense secretary of the
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time james mattis had resigned over it and then subsequently brett mcgurk also resigned over president trump decision to withdraw now we know that after that this isn't pressure from congress especially had president trump backtracking a little bit and actually slowing down the withdrawal although a very limited withdrawal took place the u.s. and president trump himself also said that the american soldiers would stay longer while what are your thoughts the prevailing narrative has always been that the americans won't abandon the kurds who fought and defeated eisel what do you make of the confusing statements coming from the u.s. administration does the u.s. support a turkish operation in northern syria. you know i wouldn't say that the prevailing sentiment was that the united states would never abandon the kurds in fact history proves otherwise those of us who are in the previous administration like myself
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always pointed out that while partnering with the p.k. affiliate in northern syria was expedient and useful against isis in the short term it was always going to be problematic in the long term because they are the number one any of the nato allies to their north and that's reflective right now in the concert a tree statements confusion and near hysteria you're seeing in washington over the situation where you have on the one hand. those who have invested in this relationship seeing their hard work you know. being being being let go and a president who's erratic and you know. is a you know issues foreign policy from twitter if i am but but is forced into a corner by by by president or want even the white house seemed to walk back the
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president's withdrawal comment do you think present trump was just perhaps trying to divert attention from the domestic issues while. that's very possible with this president but at the end of the day he was steamrolled as they say by a president or a turkey on this issue and he really has a very recurrent to play even if you were a the most perfect president we've ever had which he is not he is a very curt we're a few hundreds of soldiers in the north. and the turkish army is help and on and on coming across so his choices were either to watch them do it against his objection or to see that he grew to it. let's bring in our sponsor it in istanbul last month a some reports have suggested that even the turks were caught by surprise by the president's announcement of u.s. troops withdrawal from northern syria i wonder what's going on in their minds right now where this threat by the u.s.
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president to obliterate turkey's economy if in his words they do anything he considers off limits what are the turks making of all this pain if you're looking at the looking at the issue from the from ankara and istanbul you can see that there is a mass standing over there ok and this mess is of washington must know the mass of turkish american relations on the one inside there's a president just between of ours he is telling that he is indorsing a turkish possible operation order in syria and secondly he is just threatening turkey true to its devastated turkish economy on the other side the pentagon which should be ruled by the president it is dragging its feet to to apply the orders of the president and this when you look at the issue from took his perspective it is a mass and this mass is an american mass the trance administration's mr trump's 1st priority is to be reelected in the coming elections and to deal with this impeachment process and for the congress and the others they need to know fight
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over trump and unfortunately the discussion about turkey is just becoming a tool for this fight indeed we say the. this is an american mess but turkey has a big role to play in this as well i mean will there be a turkish military operation every everything seems to indicate that this will be the case but the question is what will be the scope of any operation what will be the initial focus and how far well techie push enter not northern syria of course it's a fact that there's a turkish role what's happening in this problem but it when you look at the issue from you know what kind of an ally you have it standing at the other side of the table with whom you will be negotiating with whom you will be having a deal regarding an operation ok you may be disagree with the operation you maybe disagree with the turkish politics and in syria but what kind of a politics what kind of a counterpart you have regarding the operation tookie is ready to make an operation now he did twice in the region in of rain and. chilled
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region and then the turkish army is ready just as as far as i touched to the officers over there they're ready to make it is there are some of them regarding a field or something like that but without the protection such kind of an operation can be tackled turkey did it and it has an experience from the problems that you've got in we are discussing about the american policy on syria in the main problem is that a better america has a policy on syria not about trump starting from the obama period is if there is a cause.


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