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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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8 trillion dollars fighting in policing in the middle east thousands of our great soldiers have died or been badly wounded millions of people have died on the other side going into the middle east is the worst decision ever made in the history of our country we went to war under a false and now disproven premise weapons of mass destruction there were none now we are slowly and carefully bringing our great soldiers and military home our focus is on the big picture the usa is greater than ever before let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly how is it so the suggestion kimberly from turkey if these is that trump had indeed given the turkish leader of the green light to go ahead with this military operation since it's happened a few hours ago have we heard from the president. we've not heard from the president since he sent out those tweets but certainly we are getting reporting from the pentagon with regard to that bombardment underway by turkey
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given the fact that the syrian kurds are reportedly asked the united states for air support and for a no fly zone to protect civilians what we're hearing from the pentagon is that the u.s. military ordered not to help and you have to remember in all of this that the united states has been fighting alongside syrian kurds in the effort to defeat eisel in recent years so many in washington a little disappointed to say the least with the u.s. president's sort of turning a blind eye to that relationship in fact there has been a number of criticism even from members of his own republican party including senator lindsey graham saying i urge president trying to change course well there is still time by going back to the save zone concept that was working and we should point out the pentagon as recently as tuesday sent out a statement saying that they were still urging their turkish counterparts to work on establishing
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a safe zone that that was the best path forward to maintaining stability but also acknowledging at that point in time that tricky has chosen to act unilaterally and can really just let you know we're just getting an urgent wire crossing now this is according to the associated press news agency saying in fact that trump says that the u.s. does not endorse turkey's he's calling us an assault on syria and he's calling the operation a bad idea one wonders where this will end up next because we also know that he's invited early on to visit next month. yeah i'm just reading that in real time here right now this statement from the white house came out moments ago this morning turkey a nato member invaded syria the united states does not endorse this attack and has made it clear to turkey that this operation is a bad idea there are no american soldiers in the area from the 1st day entered the political arena i made it clear that i did not want to fight these endless says list wars especially those that don't benefit the united states this is what the
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president is saying chirk he is committed to protecting civilians protecting religious minorities including christians and ensuring no humanitarian crisis takes place and we will hold them to this commitment in addition turkey is now responsible for assuring all eisel fighters being held captive remain in prison and eisel does not reconstitute in any way shape or form we expect turkey to abide by all of its commitments and will continue to monitor the situation closely so there is the official statement coming from the u.s. president in just the last few moments of course this does seem to have some contradiction to some of the reports coming from the s.d.f. statements that in fact there is huge panic among the people in the region that there isn't the protection that that presidential statement seems to indicate the u.s. has demanded turkey provide ok kimberly thank you very much. now iran's president hassan rouhani has called for restraint on dialogue between turkey and the kurds
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iran is a close ally of the syrian government and began unannounced military drills in the northwest of the country bordering turkey that the americans must leave the area accords whose country syria should support the syrian army and the syrian government the current trying to do deals behind closed doors not to the benefits of the region we urge our neighbor friend and brotherly nation turkey and the government of turkey to show due care and attention and patience in this issue well russia has also been calling for a dialogue between the syrian government and the kurds foreign minister sergei lavrov is on a 2 day visit to kazakhstan where he's been speaking to the media lavrov also blamed the u.s. for helping grow tensions in the region on tuesday moscow said it was not informed about the u.s. decision to pull out american troops from syria. the americans organized cause a state structures in northeastern syria ensured people's livelihoods and viability
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and actively promoted the kurdish issue in a way that arab tribes who traditionally lived on these territories used to object to it's now a very dangerous game such a reckless attitude to this highly sensitive subject can set fire to the entire region and we have to avoid it at any cost we are communicating this position to the u.s. i hope they hear us but practically we can't yet see any serious changes or very inconsistent and contradictory policy stuff asan has reaction from moscow. compared to other capitals it's very quiet here in moscow just after this military operation has started just a few hours before foreign minister sergei lavrov on his visit in kazakhstan urged the kurds and the syrian government to have a dialogue to bring these parties together russia actually offered also to play a role in this making sure that the kurds would have the backing of the syrian government but just a few hours after that the operation began and since then the only an ounce meant
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from the kremlin has been that the president from turkey has called the president put in just before the operation began and announced that it was going to happen and president putin has urged the one according to his spokesman that turkey has to be careful and had thought really investigate and look at the situation not to jeopardize any peace movement and damage a peace process that has been going on in syria at all so basically the russians are now sitting back and watching what's what's happening during this military operation of course turkey russia story is on the inside of syria has been fighting on the side of syria for years and syria of course is very concerned about what the turks are going to do and how if there's going to be an incursion of not so russia is in the middle of these 2 forces but also during
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a peace agreement and peace talks before in the so-called a stand up process russia has been bringing all these groups together the turkish government is involved also the syrian government is involved is involved so they are close contacts between all these countries and that's why russia is now playing this kind of sit back role awaiting what the turkish troops are actually going to do. well the head of nato has urged turkey not to jeopardize the fight against eisel on twitter he wrote nato has been informed by turkish authorities about their ongoing operation in northern syria i count on turkey to act with restraint and ensure that the gains we have made in the fight against isis are not jeopardized i will discuss this issue with president. on friday. it's bring him i want about he's the director of policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies is joining us from doha we'll get to the issue of ice on just a moment but 1st let me ask you about trump has officially reacted and he's saying
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that he does not endorse or the u.s. rather does not endorse turkey's assault on syria a call is calling the operation a bad idea there just seem to be mixed messages coming out of that administration either not you know absolutely or it is very difficult sometimes to understand that your position of president drum. he has been changing his position according to the pressure he's feeling actually because right now you know that there is like. a usual criticism at the president because many in washington including people from his own party actually are criticizing him for abandoning u.s. allies in syria those actually go forth with the united states against arsenal over the past or the boss for 5 years i either could this be seen in the market forces so i think he's on one hand at trying to. appease turkey by are
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allowing or giving green light for the operation on the other hand he's trying actually to send also some messages to his on domestic audience back at home that he's not actually dorning any sort of military attack against u.s. allies in syria the syrian democratic forces so this is why we can we can see this . changing position of of the president ok then what do you make of the russian position because. a few days ago russia had called for a dialogue between the kurds as well as the syrian government but since the start of this operation by turkey oh we've not had official reaction from moscow where we think that the russians actually you know. i mean russia has allowed to the key to do and defeating twice militarily in syria. euphrates shield in 2016.
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and the olive branch operation in 2018 both operation material but asians have been actually conducted by turkey inside syrian territories and the target of these 2 abrasions where mandi the senior democrat the forces the white b g and which took actually managed to eliminate from both actually they are free to use shield area and also from everything and so now i believe is trying to on one hand keep the key close to it by not criticizing this operation all door normally we would see a feeling that the syrian regime. recovered that there it east of the euphrates think is that americans are withdrawing but right now we see that that that russia in fact is gone dorning this military operation or at least overlooking it because
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on the one hand they cannot but event it because is the americans who are controlling the area but on the other hand they are trying actually to put some pressure on the court this forces in order to embarrass the syrian regime so this is what the russians are trying to do what i know on one hand giving talking on their side on the other hand trying actually to use the 3rd push of pressure on the court this forces in order to push the cause of this for the forces for that there was a syrian regime that is the russians not that in my opinion at this at this moment ok our want to thank you very much for giving us your analysis thank you let's bring in charles stratford who's joining us from a college that's on turkey's border with syria and the operation trial started with the reported sounds of explosions in what's the situation now what are you hearing . certainly in the last couple of hours we've heard repeated bowers use of artillery fired from positions along the along the border
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quite close to here it will sound like large on tillery fire as well as what seemed to be certainly maybe even cuts to show rockets we understand the targets have been hit as yet targets have been hit these according to. these and still sees in the towns alltel abhi out which is very close to here i'm just hearing another biology of particular e. seemingly from my left the town of. as well a place called karma surely another place called russell i now we understand that these places all these towns are well within sort of 30 so kilometers from the border this certainly seems to have been quite a dramatic escalation as i say in the last couple of hours no no real reaction or no reaction as yet according to our understanding at least from the a.c.f. it's important to recognize that communications here the internet mobile phone
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coverage has been completely blacked out in the last i would assault a probably about 3 hours or so so getting information to the 2 journalists here is proving very difficult indeed to see the very keen to control the situation here as we go forward it's understood that they've also been had strikes. we understand because we have 16 and strikes again within 30 kilometer distance from this side of the border into syria but we cannot confirm that military analysts are saying that these kind of biology is the artillery and has strikes will continue no news as yet as to whether any kind of ground forces have gone across the border of course we still today a confirmation that the f.a. say these are. the free syrian army always described issues opposition national army fighters being used by the turks they were pulled in from syria and will be
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used in some sort of ground offensive with the city with with the turks course the turks have supported the f.s.a. the free syrian army since factually the beginning of the revolution in syria right we expect this as i say to go on for the next couple of hours. and we'll bring more to you as we get it yeah ok we'll cross over to you as and when you have more news for us for the time being thank you for that update. let's bring you news out of tunis because the embattled tennesseean presidential candidate now being of trying to we set to be released from jail just 4 days before the 2nd round runoff presidential election it cut away has been behind bars since august accused of money laundering and tax evasion the media mogul came 2nd in the 1st round of to his yes presidential elections last month his party harts often
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asea also came 2nd in monday's parliamentary election has survived about joining us from tunis to tell us what we're learning about the circumstances surrounding his release. well basically except from that statement from the appeals court saying that basically accept the release request made by the lawyers. and he's expected to be released from. jail in about 2 to 3 hours from now that i'm standing outside of the headquarters where his party heart of. his supporters were converging here and went on convoys to the jail to greet their leader and they're expecting him to make a statement. later but this comes as a he you surprised i mean just the request for his release was denied many times with a court saying that basically he's facing charges of corruption and also on tax evasion
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and now it seems that this is going to make a huge political changes here in tunisia what does this mean then for we had his chance to win the election. where basically i mean until today for example to give you an idea about what's happening in tunisia there was a prevailing sentiment that the bill carter was opponent of the retired law professor. was widely seen as the man to be elected as to his ears next president now we have to wait and see whether the release of the bill is going to build up more momentum for him he has 4 days to catch up he has 4 days to rally support for him and to start a. camping along with his own allies but his party which was established only 3 months ago made a huge surprise in the parliamentary election and came in 2nd so we're seeing some momentum which is building up when you talk to his supporters and they would
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definitely tell you that this is the only person who has a clear sense about how to move forward in tunisia and that he's most likely going to be elected as president of the other hand you have another campaign team is that we says that if the man has been facing corruption charges and therefore it may not be the right choice for the tunisia's i think this is going to further shift the focus in the coming days on not be a little color we the media take on who has upset the political order here in tunisia and i think it will bring back some sense of suspense and excitement about the presidential election what is most certain is that you will definitely see more people coming to the votes in there because it suddenly became an issue between 2 camps in one represented by the law professor who thinks that it's about time to reform the country and one represented by in the bill supporters who say that he is the only person to fix the many economic and political problems that face ok has
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some had better thank you. now a manhunt underway in eastern germany after at least one gunman killed 2 people and injured others near a synagogue new video shows the moment the gunman fires on the synagogue you can see right there in the city of holly it's the holiest day of the jewish calendar young too poor german media say a grenade was also thrown into a jewish cemetery and a 2nd shooter could be seen walking down the streets gunfire was also heard in the nearby town of landsberg. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera turkey has begun a military operation in northern syria launching airstrikes supported by artillery fire surface president reza play a burger one says it aims to eliminate a terror corridor the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say the airstrikes have cause huge panic among people in the region the s.d.f.
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has fired 6 rockets into southern turkey 5 e.u. members of the un security council have called for an urgent meeting over the operation france britain germany belgium and poland asked for the session which will take place on thursday the u.n. secretary general antonio a terrorist says he's very concerned over the incursion. meanwhile russia has put the blame on the u.s. saying it's playing a dangerous game with the kurds russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov earlier called for a dialogue going to bid to ease tensions in northern syria. when it comes to the matter with you so the americans organized cause a state structures in northeastern syria ensured people's livelihoods and viability and actively promoted the kurdish issue in a way that arab tribes who traditionally lived on these territories used to object to it's now a very dangerous game such a reckless attitude to this highly sensitive subject can set fire to the entire region and we have to avoid if at any cost we are communicating this position to
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the u.s. i hope they hear us but practically we can't yet see any serious changes a very inconsistent and contradictory policy. the embattled son is in presidential candidate and to be able to do is set to be released from jail just 4 days before the 2nd round runoff presidential election we has been behind bars since august accused of money laundering and tax evasion the media mogul came 2nd in the 1st round of to his yes presidential elections last month his party carts of sin as you know also came 2nd in monday's parliamentary election. a manhunt is underway in eastern germany after at least one gunman killed 2 people and injured others near a synagogue new video shows the moment the gunman fires on the synagogue in the city of holly it's the holiest day of the jewish calendar yom kippur were german media say grenade was also thrown into a jewish cemetery on the 2nd shooter could be seen walking down the streets gunfire was also heard in the nearby town of landsberg those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera inside story is coming up next then it's the news hour i'll see you then bye bye. petrol price rises spot chaos in ecuador indigenous groups lead and nationwide strike demanding the reign statement to fuel subsidies and to austerity why is president men in moreno refusing their demands and could the on going to force him out this is inside story.
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now and welcome to the program fully back to full ecuador's president lenin moreno is facing one of the biggest ever challenges to his power indigenous groups are leading a national strike against austerity measures a violent protest began last week when moreno removed 40 year olds fuel subsidies causing petrol prices to double protesters stormed a congress building in the capital quito on tuesday but ministers weren't inside at the time president of the government to another city 400 kilometers away has declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in quito hundreds have been arrested in america at its end to see an human has more. was indigenous ecuadorians continue converging on the capitol to give their president in ultimatum either repeal highly unpopular austerity
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measures or get out they say it's up to them as we're dealing with come from the middle of ecuador to reject this unpopular government that's taken measures dictated by the i.m.f. . president lenin what in a says he's open to dialogue but insists he can't back out of his commitment to reduce the fiscal deficit by eliminating fuel subsidies something he vowed never to do when he took office was. the demonstrators were further angered when they found out the president would it all had moved the executive branch overnight to the coastal city of by a key. for hours and well into the night protesters tried without success to overcome riot police. in an attempt to surround the presidential palace and national assembly was some of the indigenous leaders are asking them to the way things are that they don't put their lives at risk and to march toward other part of the city but they're angry they say they are not going to budge that they haven't so far to turn back now. the leader of the national confederation of
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indigenous people told al-jazeera there would be no dialogue until president what in a return to keep door and repeals the to creek. if modern a doesn't want to administer this country with this social chaos where there's no social justice no freedom of the country for ever to join that of the fugitive from justice ex-president coram they can live together. i mean what in all says the worst unrest in more than a decade in this country is being orchestrated by his former boss and now his we're standing me former president gloria who lives in self-imposed exile in brussels. riyadh denies he's pulling the strings but he doesn't hide his political ambitions including the possibility of a. tuning hold to run for vice president 2 or 3 moons either more in a resign or he asks for early elections which will be the constitutional and democratic way to overcome disagree of situations. that scenario may be premature
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despite the mounting social unrest and political intrigue here. the daily getting a little or has a very long history of presidents being forced out before their trip is up to see in human i'll just keep it. in addition to ending fuel subsidies the ecuadorian president announced a 20 percent wage cut for new contracts in public sector jobs new government workers will have to give one day's worth of wages each month to the government and holidays have been habits from $30.00 to $15.00 days a year. are let's introduce our panel now in quito ecuador via skype is as a bell a professor of journalism at the university of us away and paris we have long a former foreign minister of ecuador currently
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a researcher at the french institute for international and strategic a phase and in manchester in the u.k. is collin harding director of latin form a consultancy which provides political and economic analysis on latin america welcome to you all gentlemen thank you so much for being on inside story much us in quito let me start with you indigenous that protests have toppled 3 presidents in ecuador in the past few decades just how serious is this current crisis. hello yesterday was from the national assembly watching indigenous people are trying to take or if. they are earliest they're on course as you say the story they are they . are really strong course but for what i saw yesterday i was going to need more i live in peace 5 guys lenny and maria you know if they really want. to measure we saw some
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quite extraordinary scenes in quito with protesters trying to storm the national assembly building who was behind the violence that we've seen in these past few days the indigenous leaders say they're not the ones behind the violence so who is to blame for the chaos that is a really big question in the bands on who you are if you are. the president. the former president. because he says. or among the people who. pay some parts of the justice department of the prison so you have to say these are not indigenous people these are people who know. that. this guy you know i will say shows so you better who you are you will come in for a month or less ask long in paris ski on long you were foreign minister under
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rafael correia let in more right now is accusing corral of all castrating that the chaos just crisis alongside the venezuelan president with the help of the venezuelan president nicolas maduro he says what do you respond to that is rafael correa in deep behind the current crisis in ecuador. i thank you for having me on the show no i think it's absolutely preposterous i think it's a classical case of scapegoating for the government's own failures and the incapacity to deal with the current situation i mean it's not a 1st you know to sort of blame international act for your own failures it's actually quite demeaning i would say sort of belittling of ecuadorian normal sort of ignore and people's capacity to analysis is to analyze the situation they find themselves in to have dinner to take it upon themselves to decide to go out in
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demonstrations and to oppose the government going to show you if you speak to ecuadorans they're sort of very you know they're very unhappy with the economic package that's been presented to them last week and i would go further i think they're more more longer term causes to the unrest of the current unrest that go back to when president moreno was sworn into power in may 2017 over the last 2 and a half years we've seen a sort of growth of discontent in ecuador that's led to this current situation i mean even before the protests president modern know was on 14 percent 1414 percent approval ratings in the latest polls that's surely not an international conspiracy it's actually ecuador and people being unhappy with the nearly broad structural adjustment the persecution of of opponents and the general mismanagement of the economy today the media's focus is on whether this is an international conspiracy
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yesterday the media's focus was actually on the huge human rights abuses that were being committed in ecuador including the u.n. pronouncing itself so on and so forth so i think that's the government's response to yesterday's agenda our again i come back to you for more on the long there are no long like 10 causes that you talked about this crisis let me bring in qana. harding in manchester and for your thoughts on what's happening in ecuador right now do other countries i event is way to have a hand in what's happening in ecuador right now as lenin moreno claims is this a political crisis or an economic one well there's a certain about research they betrayed because come on time technical aspect or is government investment a learning equitable jory corus time redline a quiz was as a left wing governments to latin america or whether a major has the capacity to interfere mustang out in ecuador the maritime industry rather doubtful after as has been said thank you no longer that. is sufficient
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reasons there about what's going on in ecuador to provoke protests to get their name right radical changes in economic policy in the last couple of years after 11 years of the extraction of the states or to increase the public spending and some are. the present government has now made to tailor the i.m.f. which involves. cuts in public spending and the austerity which they hasn't made the case that in the last few years you know rhetorical objecting let me ask in quito why indigenous groups operate to caylee angry with the reynolds plans and this i.m.f. agreement that he reached. in the uk that the answer to it is the. increase in prices really affect their horses or a city with more people who are. this more
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of the people who are least in who are out. there who are every day to say in their market in the city if you see this guy over the east orange so is the thing. more underemployment is that people who are. and so what do the protesters want right now they're obviously demanding that more rain no resign but if he does that which is he seems not to be interested in doing right now then what i mean how does that solve the economic crisis ok if you go to the. top of the nation not. just here in the neighborhood i go to them a couple of days ago they were. in moreno in down there were. these were legally they were asking the brits to do with their. measures
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but they were specifically to change their will. always be out there yesterday i walked. out of the not really. being up there was more info out but we don't know exactly at the moment everyone one of the book the more you know who is by or the dumb that's interesting long in paris early you talked about the longer term causes of this crisis when moreno was elected in 2017 he inherited a debt crisis i mean former president correa took out loans we know for a major dam for highways schools and clinics and other projects and so i know supporters will say that something had to be done about this debt so if not austerity measures what are the other alternatives. well i would disagree with the fact that he inherited a debt crisis that was below 40 percent of g.d.p.
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which is like half of what of the european union is that just to give you an idea is pretty low actually in international compared you know comparative perspective and in fact not a $1000002.00 and a half years indebted himself more than korea did in 10 years so there's a whole narrative there which being it's been pushed by the ecuadoran govern which is strictly and empirically false in terms of the longer term consequence a longer term causes of this crisis i think there are a number of elements that have to do with economic social but also institutional political and democratic erosion have been you know there's a constitutional crisis every month in ecuador so you have to look at this sort of there but you didn't have protests there was a simmering discontent and then suddenly last week these packages which as you rightly said have to do with fuel they also have to do with labor rights and also have to do with macroeconomic policies suddenly everything came to the fore and i
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think it's true that originally people came out on the street not to topple manone but essentially to try and repeal this this economic package is very unpopular so it's to try and convince the modern ministration to go back on the economic measures but with that tremendous repression that we've seen over the last few days you know with the state of emergency with curfew curfew last night for the 1st time in decades with all the images that you that are being shown an ad on people being you know sort of repressed very harshly by by the military by the police force the message is changing and you're starting to see people wanting a democratic outcome to the systemic crisis including new elections and current harding why does ecuador find itself in this current economic crisis who is to blame for the debts the country has and you know if not austerity measures what then well it is very good. you're going to have a similar situation to argentina where you have
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a left wing government which greatly increase public spending which was a large wish popular movements and so on and there's been a sudden change trying to schools this creates a great deal of pushback and that's what time to nicola the brain or government. claims that it had no alternative but to see. a trade to deal with the i.m.f. in order to rescue the country if you are a crisis this is just pieces of course but the government can say. no as a way out well in the suit so this is what's the i.m.f. . expects in the local paper and they would be the government i think that the government has an excess it was not just asked about task they're going to have possibly have they reacted now and then this seemed conclusive there is is not too much going on at the moment. i think it's very very hard not fall into to see genuine way are. they they are committed to a rather heavy handed repression of protests and of course this is liable to spiral
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right now well let's morden this out a bit to and look at what else is happening in the region ecuador's president as we mentioned scrap fuel subsidies as part of austerity measures imposed after the international monetary fund agreed a $4000000000.00 known in february and ecuador as a call and pointed out isn't the only country under i.m.f. pressure to reform its economy and return in return for help haiti's president cut fuel subsidies last july but relented following widespread protests there have been on leases still resisting demands to resign because of corruption allegations argentina cut public spending in return for the i.m.f. his biggest ever bailout of 57000000000 dollars last year austerity measures have led to widespread unemployment and the value of the peso falling to record levels government statistics show poverty level school from 25 percent 2 years ago to 32 percent now in paris is the i.m.f.
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being reckless by lending to depths troubled countries like argentina and ecuador. yeah i think if we have if we're to have a much more universal conversation about development and about the role of international institutions and multilateral financial institutions and yes i mean there's a big problem with the i.m.f. it's a problem we had in latin america in the eighty's and ninety's when we were the laboratory for a very aggressive i would say fundamentalist near liberal a strong structural adjustment programs they failed they created even greater inequality in what was already the most unequal continent in the world it's very important to understand that if you look at averages than that america is pretty much the middle class of the world but but that's you know per capita g.d.p. but if you look at what that hides it's the most unequal continent in the world the most unequal region in world than a lot of latin america's problem problems have to do directly with this inequality whether you know whether it's urban crime whether it's lack of social cohesion
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political instability a number of things are the consequence of inequality and the i.m.f. arrives and adds an extra layer of impoverishment of inequality of precariousness you know says the state is the problem in a context with an already absence of state and state regulation so for 1015 years in the early 2000 you had sort of progressive some would say left wing left of center governments that kind of put those multilateral lending institutions you know on hold or sort of decided to govern without their help it created you know the result of these governments throughout the region was gross reduction of inequality between 200201290 1000000 people were lifted out of poverty in latin america and now the i.m.f. is back you've just said it ecuador in argentina good examples and you've got in ecuador people going back in poverty in argentina people going back into poverty so yes there's an it there's a new unit there's
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a big discussion to be had on the role and if areas well i would say of the i.m.f. wherever it goes in the world. in the developing world before we bring back into the conversation to find out where this crisis in ecuador could have a head let me ask kannan about his thoughts on the role of the i.m.f. these programs whether it's in ecuador argentina or even haiti are they helping these countries at all is there a benefit anywhere. they are it is across that they they they the measures necessary really popular in the short term that they will stabilize the economy and since the day jennifer gross they can best of course this is expecting people to be a new patient so you. see of standard of living is going to be very difficult they don't have is not that it's you it's it to kill a unpopular and cheat in argentina for instance but also you have. to sign up for a job program which the amnesty saves there is asking for trouble and of course we
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know that they can be indigenous movement can i that has a track record of. big government stand when they they they follow xterra see policies unpopular policies so they be you know the government is as it is theirs is committed to trying to carry out the atmos program but they may well have to stop trucking nonsense stating it is a matter yes you're on the ground how do you see the situation unfolding in the next few days the next few weeks the government has said it's open to dialogue it's open to mediation through the united nations or the catholic church but the indigenous movement doesn't seem to be interested in dialogue for now so what's called what's likely to happen. i think today is the day because. you have a whole group of indigenous people who are writing tickets to the. motion. i was talking to the people yesterday and they. will say we
2:42 am
did action an assembly maybe more of that there we go to this nation. so we will see what the next hours we brought this. to the scene in next week's i would say they. are right in paris your thoughts on how all this could unfold in the coming days and coming weeks we've had the organization of american states the oas coming out in support of lenin moreno saying that while they support peaceful protest and reject any form of interruption of merino scaf meant what's likely to happen will moreno you know eventually have to leave power thing. just a quick return on the i.m.f. i don't actually think it's short term pain for long term gains i actually believe the i.m.f. is offside on all the issues on development it's not really discussing how to
2:43 am
change the role as raw materials exporters to big the boom and bust cycles and so on so i think there's a much more complex discussion to be have to be had on a m.f. worldwide on ecuador i mean the more i know government is already fled the capital right it's the gov the seat of government right now is not the capital quito but well actually it's had to resort to a huge amount of repression in order to be able to maintain itself in power we'll have to see today the coming days are going to be decisive a number of indigenous people arriving tito will have to see whether what's been going on for now 8 days is still keeping with the same momentum if it does anything's possible we've had it in the past in 97 in 200-2005 the big question is whether the military will carry on supporting more than 0 or will the or whether they'll come you know military come a lot of people military come from humble origins and they have family in those kind of popular sectors of society will they say at some point mr moreno your
2:44 am
time's up we can't guarantee your security anymore we need new elections i mean unfortunately because it's a very unfortunate conclusion to come to the military are becoming once again the arbiters of the political game an interim deal like that another very well that i love being called in hiding the military seems to be supporting right now we saw him frank by the defense minister when he was at making his address just a day or so ago how much longer do you think he can maintain himself in power and do you agree with that gellman pariset the military will be the deciding factor here well yes i think i do. very. well in the recent crisis grew. president reagan ph on telly. mission tracked by militia is to show that he still has the support of the armed forces supporting the armed forces be crucial to keeping its not your own arms and where you are so i doubt if
2:45 am
they clearly have a very crucial role to play with whether they will. start waiver it would have to say that if the government's not i'm willing to situation particularly well they have i nicked i just gave them says that there are some sleds to go actually along the coast which is doesn't make it look as if they're in control i think they're going to have to. calm down and see if they can establish some confidence. now should dialogue that sort of course to a lab is going to head in the next terrorists know me let's see how they react to at least they do you believe the growing protests and indeed we'll keep a close eye on the situation in ecuador here on al-jazeera gentlemen thank you very much for a very interesting discussion. long and con in hiding thank you for joining us on inside story and thank you for watching you can always watch his program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for sash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter of course our handle is
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at inside story from me for the back tivo and a whole team thank you for watching my friend. one simple mistake could franco. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for for my north korean and so jack the opportunity for
2:47 am
a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . a witness documentary on out his iraqi leader's place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds in the book his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is a least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. a clan the style and world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking
2:48 am
about a political dimension where the spoils of war smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors dying for selling an artifact is worth finances to be headaches and muscle use in the middle east don't sal don't like that's one quick solution ochs trafficking on al-jazeera. well you. know. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes turkish work lanes launch airstrikes in northern syria and fire artillery u.s.
2:49 am
president declares the start of operation spring. russia calls for dialogue and slams the u.s. for playing a dangerous game with the kurds. hello i'm maryanne demasi and london with the top stories from europe including. a manhunt is underway after 2 people i shot dead near synagogue in the german city of halle. atan is in court orders the release of presidential candidate or we're just days ahead of sunday's runoff vote. and i'm assuming with all the baseball thousands of women to attend a men's football match in iran for the 1st time in decades we'll have that story and more later in the program.
2:50 am
hello turkey has begun its military operation into northeastern syria with airstrikes supported by artillery fire president. made the announcement on twitter saying turkey and its syrian rebel allies have launched the offensive. that aims to eliminate a quote terror corridor along turkey's southern border the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say. circus warplanes have struck its region in the north east the s.d.f. says it's spark huge panic among people world leaders have been urging turkey for restraints and dialogue for the turkey's vice president says the offensive will be a source of peace for the syrian people. we need peace and stability to be in syria we need to sort out the syrian crisis and we will hand these territories to their real owners and we came to take part in all meetings and summits that aim at sorting out the syrian crisis this operation will be a source of peace and will bring peace and we'll sort out the syrian crisis in
2:51 am
a radical way of this operation led by president receptive early on as one of the steps and one of the procedures among other steps taken by president to one for the sake of syria and for keeping the unity of syria it's a let's look at exactly where this is all happening turkish forces are launching attacks against the town of it also line troops have also gathered near the turkish border town of cali it's thought they'll cross into the town of which u.s. troops recently evacuated that town those in territory held by the s.d.f. kurdish led forces turkey already has a presence in syria holding a number of observation points those however are in northwestern syria that's an area mainly controlled by turkish and rebel forces we have reporters monitoring developments from the white house istanbul and the united nations 1st let's hear from troll stratford who is at turkey's border with syria. turkish artillery barrage started in the early hours of this c.
2:52 am
ning we've seen both rocket fire and heard heavy guns being used when they stand targeting or aiming at targets s.d.f. targets across the border in towns that include tel aviv which is just behind me. a place called khaled mashal e and another town called russell i also getting reports that there have been and strikes used as well sunny turkish media saying that those airstrikes were within a 30 kilometers from the border that has been a complete internet and telephone of blackout all across this area it's been very difficult to journalists to work and of course civilians living in this area as well very well controlled by the turkish military earlier this evening we saw a very large convoy of turkish a.p.c.'s hitting along the border towards the town of kabbani we understand that that is going to be a major flash point as this military campaign it goes forward no word yet with
2:53 am
respect to ground forces or ground troops being used we know that the turkish military is going to be enlisting the help of f.s.a. fighters free syrian army fighters of course the turkish government supported the f.s.a. in syria since the revolution started there and those f.s.a. fighters came across the border in the last 24 hours or so we understand they will be using a ground incursion but no confirmation as to whether that has started yet the situation is very tense here as you can well imagine even amongst the civilians that live on that this border area no word yet from the s.d.f. with respect to civilians have casualties no word yet about any kind of military response from them but certainly it seems as if the warnings from the turkish government about this campaign they're very very keen to. 2 to stick today would. this military operation very much on the way let's bring in some kosovo glue she's
2:54 am
joining us from istanbul and we have been hearing from turkish officials throughout the past couple of hours what more are we learning about the aims of this operation and the parameters of the operations and. the reason according to turkish officials this operation has 2 primary primary essentials the 1st one is to clear the area from the wipe e.g. syrian kurdish fighter group and turkish authorities claim that the wife. syria branch of the outboard kurdistan workers' party which is deemed as a terrorist organization by turkey or n. the us and said complete took after clearing this area giving backless area to the real overnighters this is what the overtures have been saying which means sending back at least 1000000 syrians who currently live in turkey is sending them is safely to the to these areas by establishments at this tricks and villages where
2:55 am
the turkish territory care is that when their staff to control of this area they say based on international human rights supports they forced people to leave at least 30 is 300000 syrian kurds have fled this area because of the why p.g. and steer friend. in turkey that's why the those people should go back to their lands this is what the turkish authorities claim only other hand there's the f. and the wife of course claims just the opposite this is this is not only a battle on the ground but this is also a battle of propaganda between 2 sides there in turkey has fought against the p.k. k. for more than 3 decades and lost at least $40000.00 lives saw they believe this is a legitimate war against a terrorist organization what they call that's why the same area should be cleared of them and having an entity that is wrong by the s.c.f. or let's say p y d or y p.g.
2:56 am
would end up as a terror korea door as the national security council sais and turkey will never let it happen this is their rhetorical of course and this operation is much more complicated compared to the previous one. likely fate is sealed operation or the role of branch that were conducted with the assistance of the free syrian army forces because this area is almost 8 times bigger than those areas and that those operations were held in the rural rural areas around. those and other places but this time on the list of the euphrates river this area is more flat graphically and military experts warn that this will be more complicated for the military as they wipe e.g. is more experience in urban a war where right while the turkish military is more expertize in rural warfare ok it said of course all this thank you for that update from istanbul let's bring in
2:57 am
james bays he's our diplomatic editor joining us from the united nations so what's the word coming out of the u.n. diplomats there james well out of the security council a lot of discussion behind closed doors about what to do about the situation great concern but i think they know that there won't be any agreement on the way forward european nations on the security council the 5 nations from the e.u. the sit on the security council have called for a meeting south africa's the current president of the security council and south africa has said it's trying to arrange that meeting to take place on thursday that's the situation with regard to the security council was regard to the secretary general and the u.n. as a body we have this statement from the secretary general spokesman the secretary general is very concerned by the recent developments in northeast syria any military operation must fully respect the u.n.
2:58 am
charter and international humanitarian law civilians and civilian infrastructure should be protected in accordance with international law the secretary general believes that there is no military solution to the syrian conflict. he reiterated that only an inclusive and credible political process pursuant to security council resolution $2254.00 can bring a long term solution to the conflict in syria no military solution you've heard that so many times that mantra from the un but of course there are a number of different armies pursuing a military solution turkey's army now engaged in operation but you've seen what's been going on with regard to the iranians to the syrian government to the russians and a lot of attention is focused i think now on russia yes everyone has been looking at washington and the confusion coming from washington after it looked like president trump had given turkey a green light the question is whether russia might too have given turkey
2:59 am
a green light for this operation because remember russia and its syrian government allies are still bombarding it live maybe there has been a deal done here is the speculation of some maybe they're going to let turkey have this corridor or along the border with syria push the kurds deeper into syria and i can tell you there's a tension on comments from the deputy ambassador at the security council who said on twitter we believe that dialogue between the syrian government and the kurds is the way to achieve peaceful resolution of the conflict so perhaps the russians are trying to agree to this military operation now and then push the syrian kurds to the side of the assad government james maes then q. . now the u.s. has responded to turkey's operation labeling the offensive an invasion of syria saying this morning turkey a nato member invaded syria the united states does not endorse this attack and has
3:00 am
made it clear to turkey that this operation is a bad idea there are no american soldiers in the area the statement went on to say that turkey has committed to protecting civilians and ensuring no humanitarian crisis takes place and we will hold them to this commitments in addition turkey is now responsible for ensuring all isis fighters being held captive remain in prison and that isis does not reconstitutes in any way shape or form let's bring in our white house correspondent kelly halakhah to just break down month statement for us because if reports are to believe to be believed the suggestion is that trumpeted greenlighted this operation yet you're picking up on the headline that seems to be trending here in the united states that contradictory statement coming from the white house in the last couple of hours where essentially the president is saying that he does not endorse this attack by turkey and has made it clear this operation
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