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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2019 8:00am-8:33am +03

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it's this is of course and another humanitarian tragedy to add on to many and unfortunately we see repeatedly international community not stepping up and doing enough if the political solution in syria had been resolved and a half years ago these issues would not be continuing to this day and now you see turkey. you know going in and displacing civilians just to address something that it considers a serious security threat and you know turkey says that it has to do this one of the reasons for its operation is to create what it calls a safe zone in this area so that millions of syrian refugees in turkey can return but is it safe for them to do so. well of course no civilian should ever be refugees or otherwise should be forcibly resettled anywhere if people are voluntarily wanting to go back to syria and the air conditions are safe then that's
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a different situation but no one should be forcibly resettled into this own or any other place we see lebanon also forcibly resettling syrians from lebanon and thousands of those people who are being resettled and sent back to syria are being detained by the assad regime are being tortured and we have at least. 2000 people who we have documented who have been sent back by the lebanese authorities and the same thing is happening across the board and you know you spoke of the role of the international community and how much it's that the syrian people down will target has to stand with the e.u. with the u.n. with those organizations provide billions of dollars to turkey to help support syrian refugees so what are you asking the e.u. and the u.n. to do here. well without a doubt turkey has bared a significant burden with the syrian refugees and i think turkey turkey israel has
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been positive in allowing 3 and a half 4000000 refugees to stay and it's in turkey for all of this time however what we need right now is a ceasefire is very heartening to see president trump tweeted just a little bit ago calling for a cease fire calling for diplomatic initiative to resolve the situation in the north east we need the u.n. and the e.u. to get behind calls for a cease fire we need significant pressure to be loveridge upon the as the f. or the y p g to address turkey's legitimate security concerns but syrian civilians should not be paying the price for this and unfortunately to date every country operates in syria and doesn't take into consideration the plight of syrian civilians who have paid such a heavy price in the past and have yours mr amani we thank you very much for your time on this really appreciate it that is kanan rahmani live in california. well the u.n. security council has discussed the offensive took offense of into syrian territory
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a diplomatic editor james bays has moved from the u.n. headquarters in new york. that u.n. security council ambassadors had been talking about colombia in open session and then right there because their members to you for my quince notice in but when they headed to the deliberations on syria they were held in the closed consultation room next to the chamber perhaps they didn't want yet more division on the latest phase of syria's long war to be seen in public behind closed doors they couldn't agree on words for a joint statement instead the u.s. ambassador tried to sum up her country's position after days of controversy and confusion in washington on whether president trump had given the green light to the turkish operation we just finished our consultations on syria. and as the president has made abundantly clear the u.s.
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has not in any way endorsed the decision of the government of turkey to mount a military incursion into northeast syria. president trump has emphasized to the government of turkey that they bear full responsibility for protecting the kurdish population and religious minorities including christians and ensuring that no humanitarian crisis takes place the ambassadors of e.u. countries who sit on the security council we also came up with a joint statement we are deeply concerned by the turkish military operation in syria we call upon turkey to seize the unilateral military action as we do not believe it will address truckies underlying security concerns i'm told behind the scenes that bin laden discussions about those words with germany and france wanting to take a tougher line with turkey than the u.k. statements from the german government and from the french government has said that
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they condemn what is going on the turkish operation in the strongest possible terms the u.k. government has not used the word condemn why i wouldn't read too much into that we've made it very clear that we didn't support the turkish military incursion we don't support the operation and we want to see it ended it's clear there were some disagreements among the e.u. countries who called this meeting and a wider divide among the widest security council things are moving extremely fast but again there is little unity on the issue of syria. 0 at the united nations. and plenty more ahead on news ali including. the crime wave residents say is being neglected by police. and this has started today iranian football both on and off the pitch peter. we'll explain later in the program.
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tensions are rising in ecuador at least 5 people have been killed in a week of violent protests indigenous demonstrators took several police officers captured parading them on stage in the capital quito protest of the angry at new austerity measures introduced by president lenin moreno which led to higher fuel prices but moreno has moved government operations out of quito since the protests began has said he won't step down well let's go now to our latin america editor lucy and you and she is joining us live from the ecuadorian capital and emotional and also a confusing picture loose here with the deaths of protesters and police and protesters custody. yes absolutely elizabeth what we've just come from the cultural center which is now the headquarters for the indigenous confederation of ecuador that's where the leadership visit that's also where thousands and thousands of other indigenous ecuadorans have been coming from all
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over the country and they're gathered there for among other things the funeral or at least the religious ceremony for one of the protesters who died on thursday in clashes with police they are very very angry they are very emotional about it and in the morning they were even they were saying did they were given cross messages and 1st we were hearing the leaders saying that the government or that the president had to resign immediately that they were going to bring their warriors and i'm quoting of warriors from the amazon now they're sounding a little bit more conciliatory they're asking the president to end the repression i'm quoting the latest a communique that just came out and they say that they will not end their demonstrations until the i.m.f. is out of this country and that means of the president has been given an ultimatum that he must rescind the austerity measures that were implemented 8 days ago they are 8 policemen inside of that to that center that i just mentioned we spoke to the
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colonel in charge of them he said he had gone in there with the 6 other people to try to negotiate the freedom of aid of a trooper who had been taken into custody and they say they've been well treated they say they're not being forced to stay into they weren't arrested or detained but when i asked him whether he could leave whenever he wanted to he said no also there have been all position or not opposition they've been journalists from some of the television stations here in ecuador and that had been busy treated one of them was injured with a rock running by the sentiment as he was leaving there is a lot of anger here on the part of the indigenous communities who say that the local media is not covering their demands and so it is very very tense still and no sign of any solution at least in the short term it is a business here thank you very much for that for now that's new man with all the very latest live in quito thank you. now u.s.
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congressional democrats have issued subpoenas for 2 businessmen charged with campaign finance violations ukrainian left palm outs and better russian egos men who were arrested in florida are associates of president trump's personal noir rudy giuliani according to the indictment both men fund foreign money to u.s. political candidates they saw political influence not only to advance their own financial interests but to advance the political interests of at least $1.00 foreign official or ukrainian government official who sought the dismissal of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine when a short while ago donald trump accused the democrats of using criminal methods in the investigation i think it's very unfair to heads of countries when they think every time they make it conversation or i have a conversation with the president of the united states it's got to be on you know all over the world i think that's very unfair but in the case in the case of what
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we're talking about we released a perfect conversation the president of great just confirmed that ad that should be case over i will say this adam shift took that conversation before he saw it and fabricated a gun or say shit to me that's criminal what he did is criminal. but let's go now to our correspondent john hendren he is joining us live from minneapolis in state of minnesota where donald trump is holding his latest rally and supporters inside but plenty of protesters way you are outside john what's happening there. well we are told the donald trump is just landed here and this is what is about to greet him thousands and thousands of protesters here they are wearing because they are whistleblowers this is 3 generations of women we have a daughter a mother and a grandmother all together joining in these protests and there are thousands of
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other people like them this is one of the biggest protests seen here my producer chris sheridan is to always been to many of these he's never seen one like this big they're holding signs calling for impeachment and there is a gauntlet people going to the trump rally and they passed by thousands of demonstrators jeering at them and sometimes you got a bit of scuffling far. east will in any case this is what's going to break donald trump they arrived here in just a matter of minutes so that is one of the biggest protests that we've seen outside trump's rallies was minneapolis perhaps the wrong choice for donald trump his 1st campaign rally since being involved in this impeachment investigation john minneapolis is something of a liberal bastion is it not. it is indeed minneapolis is a very liberal city but this state of minnesota is another matter donald trump lost
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this state by just 1.5 percentage points by about 45000 votes any very much wants to win it this time last time he hardly invested in the state and one paid staffer who actually left the state before election day now he's done anything a japanese expects to have 100 of them any plans to spend millions of dollars here because he knows he might have to turn states like minnesota if you just didn't win all of the states that he won last time by that very narrow electoral college victory states like wisconsin and pennsylvania so he really does want to win here. that's why he's come here because this city of minneapolis itself this is where. the muslim representative he fights with this is her district so he's come deep into enemy territory came into the city to john thank you very much for that for now that is john hendren live in minneapolis minnesota thank you. now the german
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chancellor angela merkel is promising 0 tolerance for hate hardly yesterday's shooting in the eastern city of hama while security is being stepped up across the country the jewish community has criticized what it says was the slow reaction of police forces anderson has visited a town where the gunman lives has report starts though at the targeted synagogue in hala this is the only suspect in the house shooting flown into phase germany's federal supremes court stefan dalliances charged with 2 counts of murder and 9 of attempted murder had it not been for this law dall prosecutors say there could have been a mass killing in how a synagogue more than 60 jewish worshipers on their holiest day of the year. the leader of jewish community alerted the police on his phone and he says he and others watched on security cameras as the lone attacker shot at the outer door trying to get in all of us were very afraid. we take children.
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upstairs and we hear for. chairs tables to put it near by the door before the police arrived the attacker was filmed shooting apparently randomly having given up trying to enter the synagogue a woman passer by was shot dead and a man in a turkish restaurant also died. the german president arrived at the scene to bring flowers and a message it's a dark this is a day of shame and disgrace that there should be an attack on a fully occupied jewish synagogue on the highest jewish holiday in a country with our history the german president's arrival here is an indicator of the alarm but in the aftermath of such an attack the questions still linger how
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can the people be protected by the police and intelligence services and perhaps more relevantly what drives someone to kill like this that he at 27 years old is a loner this is his home police inside and all over the neighborhood it's in the small town of bend off 3 quarters of an hour's drive from hala he lives with his mother and is reported to play video games persistently neighbors are in shock one says you never think these things can come so close you see it on t.v. all across germany now it's here it's scary. another was holding back tears i'm really scared said this woman i can't do this. hell a member of the german parliament believes politicians need to be more careful and they haven't had to go and we have a local parliament and the federal one speeches that are on the borderline of being illegal i think we need to examine what are these hate speech is lead to people who
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have access to guns taking them out to kill them one of the messages posted in heller reads i won't let an ideology of hate destroy the city we love hell or maybe the latest attack of this sort but many people in germany fear it's not the last. and drew simmons al-jazeera in germany. still ahead on the hour more troubles at the center of a 30 year old border dispute in central asia we'll take a look at how it could be resolved soon. after a year of scandal the 2018 now about prize for literature is on your wanted and sports we'll let you know of chinese fans carried out their threat to boycott an n.b.a. game in shanghai that's coming up with peter. well
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there are 2 seasons in the u.s. at the moment the best summer in the south but it's rather more winter this is montana's not the 1st darren fall of snow in montana it's a 2nd but he's. talked a little bit early in the season this not to stay in montana which is maybe not surprising you know montana mountains it's going to come dives the plains that is a bit more surprising existing here tis a cold front it's on the move started to wyoming and it's at least going to come down as fast as south dakota probably into nebraska in the next 2 or 3 days they get the system here that's the culprit and there's a cold front yet behind it not quite cold enough to snow in kansas this is going to be stormy there ahead of the it's quite warm except for new york bit of a nor'easter coming in here you'll notice but i tell you a day ahead things haven't changed very much the snow still falling attempts have dropped in places denver has recovered significantly significance to it seems
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likely in the plains that the caribbean has been quiet for a while now a bit more in the way of cloud and showers in the south and smaller lesser antilles than a massive potentially and probably actually heavy rain through northern colombia panama costa rica and up to nicaragua. one simple mistake could be frankel. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for former north korean and so jack the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . a witness documentary on al-jazeera the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste
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management trash or the big bills most of them for one of the smelly bills next to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that offer a solution is very easy for us to have 100 percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. is going to have to with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories turkey has had kurdish prisoners positions in northeast and syria with strikes for a 2nd day sending tens of thousands of people fleeing at least 15 civilians have
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been killed on both sides including a 9 month old baby. the u.n. security council has held a meeting behind closed doors to discuss the turkish offensive but the u.n. has failed to agree that european. urging a halt to military action. well let's take a closer look now at the syrian democratic forces also known as the s.d.f. it's an alliance of kurdish and arab militias operating in northeast and syria it was instrumental in driving out over the past 4 years with the help of an strikes by u.s. led coalition but turkey considers the kurdish led alliance a terrorist group it says its main fighting force is the people's protection unit so why p.g. and turkey views the y. p.g. as an extension of the bad and kurdistan workers party which has fought for kurdish autonomy and to for 3 decades. meanwhile the s.d.f.
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continue to roll on that there's a risk i still thought as could escape the tension if the fighting intensifies but it's smith has more now from ebay and and iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region syrian democratic forces officials have again warned that isel finds as risk breaking out of the detention centers in northeastern syria if the fighting with turkey intensifies this is because syrian democratic forces as fighters mainly kurdish would feel pressured and tempted to go towards the front lines in the fight against do to defend that territory for leaving these detention centers exposed to the risk of break out and this is one of the major warnings that the s.d.f. has been giving to the international community we do know that is the turkish invasion started in parts of north east in syria but to i still find this to american custody they are british citizens high up on the wanted list for the
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murder of western hostages it's believed they're in american custody but in iraq and these 2 characters are actually with isis in mosul so they are akio authorities may have more interest in them before they even get a chance to see any justice in america. now add atrocity has been cut to hundreds of thousands of people in california as the state tries to prevent fires from breaking out as if a gas and electric announced the deliberate to avoid a repeat of last year when their power cables were determined as the cause of the state's a deadliest ever wildfire it left 85 people dead and destroyed thousands of properties it's going out haha spondon to rob reynolds he's joining us live from los angeles and a massive number of people affected by the blackout rob yes it certainly is elizabeth the latest count is more than a 1000000 people mostly in northern california but also several tens of thousands of people here in southern california are without electricity and this is as you
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mentioned a not a natural disaster per se but a preventative step taken by this utility p.g. and e. its own power transmission lines were found to be at fault for that blaze that you mentioned nearly a year ago that incinerated the town of paradise and killed $85.00 people so p.g. and e. has decided to cut off power to very large swathes of california i would note however that that does not include the central city of los angeles or the built up area of oakland or of san francisco but many towns are going to be in the dark tonight and rob we were reporting yesterday that people were getting ready for this outage stocking up on supplies mean how long could it last. well the problem is that the the winds are so high there are they're gusting at
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112 kilometers per hour and this causes of course trees to fall against the wires or the wires themselves to swing back and forth so this is the core reason for the outage the deliberate outage so after the power is turned back on there will have to after the when that is after the winds have died down elizabeth the utility will have to test the lines make sure that there are no faults that there is no breakage is so it could take several days and people believe me are very very unhappy about all of this i can imagine rob thank you for that update rob reynolds live in los angeles thank you. now a convoy of hundreds of vehicles has made its way through israel the latest protest by palestinian israeli citizens against violent crime protesters accuse israeli police of neglecting arab towns and villages are false it reports.
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in just a few weeks a growing social concern has turned into a major political issue on thursday hundreds of vehicles made their way along major roads from northern israel to deliver a message to leaders in jerusalem palestinian israelis fed up of the violence plaguing their communities a calling for change israel's most senior arab politician using regular facebook updates from the root to make clear the demands. the organized crime gangs the extortion gangs the black market gangs the weapons these 4 things if the police want they can eliminate them entirely within one or 2 months. back i think once in west jerusalem or day in other members of the parliament or knesset went to meet israel's public security minister other protesters gathered nearby to highlight a surge in crime that has seen more than 70 people killed so far this year every few days palestinian israelis wake up to another story of another fatal crime they say the police a failing to intervene failing to investigate essentially they say their
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communities have been abandoned to a sense of insecurity of violence and of fear fear that came horrifically true for ayesha monarch earlier this month 3 of her sons were involved in a confrontation over money with another man $2.00 of them. were shot and killed the suspected gunman remains at large the mad men look at there is no security anymore my sons were shot at noon the killer didn't consider the children who were going home from school such or das as he to open fire like this what kind of world are we living in we are sitting in our hiram's and we are afraid no security where is the law the government. the killings in the northern town of my crew. sparked mass protests and a pledge from the public security minister down to deploy specialist units and hundreds more officers recognizing he said the responsibility of law enforcement to tackle the crime wave but many palestinian israelis say that responsibility has
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been deliberately shirked over many years. we have no trust in the police we call on the police to do their job to collect weapons to the police even have the intention to fight crime these are questions that are raised. 10000000 lead to parliamentarians from the joint list the arab majority political parties in the knesset took the rare step of endorsing benjamin netanyahu the main opponent after last month's general election aiming to get action on crime and other priorities. but with the stalemate over attempts to form any new government protesters say they'll continue to campaign instead on the streets until the demands are met harry force it out is era west jerusalem. the world health organization says the a bowler epidemic in northeastern democratic republic of congo has been confined to a small area bought one that's remote and rife with rebel groups the number of new cases has dropped from nearly 130 back in april to 51 in that september they were
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14 new infections last week they are at the executive director of the world health organization emergency programs says there's still a long way to go to completely eradicate the disease we have significantly contained the virus you know much smaller geographic area now we have to kill the virus the problem is it's back in areas that are deeply insecure and we've got money operations in these areas. lots of people who live in villages and work in mines most of the time. french president emanuel macron has announced that almost $14000000000.00 has been raised for the next 3 years to fight aids tuberculosis and malaria was $3000000.00 people died of those infectious diseases last year mostly in sub-saharan africa nicholas hart has more from senegal the capital dhaka. living with hiv aids contracted the virus from her parents who both died from it
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she was on the brink of death with her help to travel thousands of kilometers across west africa from togo to set a goal here each hiv infected people have more chances of survival than anywhere else in the region. explains while she may be sick she feels healthy thanks to the care given to her senegal's government and the global fund pay for brenda's treatment retroviral drugs that used to cost thousands of dollars a month are handed out for free the global fund was created by microsoft billionaire bill gates more than 20 years ago with the ambitious plan to advocate the world's 3 leading infectious diseases malaria tuberculosis city the global fund says it saved 27000000 lives by introducing simple measures such as the scheme to catch a caring mosquitoes or early screening against tuberculosis. at their meeting in the french city of the president and other world leaders secured pledges of almost
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$14000000000.00 for the global flood so. what we want to do here today from this moment is to make eat tuberculosis and malaria disappear from the face of the earth. will not stop the spread of these viruses which are growing increasingly resistant to the drugs developed to tackle them the medical organization doctors without borders warns funding to combat aids in africa is declining despite the spread in some parts it set up an emergency clinic in neighboring getting where a patient dies of aids every other hour there's not a lot of people coming here to get screened doctors say because there's such a shame and stigma associated to hiv and aids and estimated $1700000.00 people worldwide word infected with each i.v. last year. people are scared to get treated or even to get tested there is such a negative thing. from society around. it seemingly endless fight it gives lectures
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diseases which need more body it creates a good balance of willpower to combat it and stick is giving years of body victims as possible the cherubs to have the healthiest life they can because hawke al-jazeera deckard. the us treasury department has imposed sanctions on the wealthy good the family for their involvement in corruption in south africa the group that is have been accused of using their friendship with former president jacob zuma to allegedly engage in widespread corruption and bribery the u.s. treasury says the move shows its commitment to supporting anti-corruption efforts in south africa the group has and deny any wrongdoing. now and voters have taken to the streets as anger grows over claims that a drug lord tried to bribe president juan orlando hernandez on wednesday a march in the capital the gusa gulper turned violent as protesters and police clashed the president's brother a form on the road and congressman is on trial in new york accused of conspiring to
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import cocaine into the u.s. a witness told the trial on tuesday that mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman tried to give a $1000000.00 to president amanda's to protect cocaine shipments the president has denied the claim now the chief executive of tech giant apple has defended the company's decision to remove an i phone app that tracked police movements in hong kong the move comes after a strong condemnation of the app from the chinese government apple c.e.o. tim cook says the app violated hong kong law and that it was being used maliciously against individual police officers earlier this week apple remove the taiwan flag for use in hong kong and macau at the request of the chinese government. now polish or old jochen austria's pay to hanka have been awarded the nobel prize for literature. to one as well named because the prize wasn't award last year chocolate
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chip was recognized for her narrative imagination while peter hanka was awarded for his influential work exploring human experience and not the real. you know no i do my work but i'm not my nature is not the nature of. but all or as they say he won the nobel prize i did i don't like this this this expression. of it and you know it's a kind of strange kind of freedom i don't know. the freedom adds. as if iraq which is not the truth as if i were you know said well played a hand has about one has.


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