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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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cities were charged by state police officers and some from petty has moments in the capital. what started as a peaceful demonstration with almost $10000.00 students a vote public and private universities here in the capital of bogota ended up in more clashes with the police as the protesters arrived here in central plaza believe our school skirmishes broke out as some protesters with their face covered started throwing stones at the police and the police responded with the tear gas and stun grenades that and took over the last hour and all the protesters dispersed this is their 6th demonstration in the last 10 days in bogota as students are protesting a number of cases of corruption in the administration of public universities also demanding more resources for public universities from the government and finally protesting against the police violence the violent response of part of the police
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against the demonstrators and this is what also pushed to the students of the private universities to join in and under another number of demonstrations happened in 17 different cities across colombia this and they had this way with their empty placers and the students running away but they are promising that their movement there will continue until their demands are met lots more to come here on al-jazeera in israel's arab towns the crime wave palestinian israelis say is being the collected by the police. fighting intensifies in the mountains of being as ethnic groups step up their campaigns against the government or not stay with us. legal. well there are 2 seasons in the us at them are the best summer in the south but
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rather more winter this is montana is not the 1st die and fall of snow in montana is a 2nd but he's. toast a little bit early in the season but it's not to stay in montana which is maybe not surprising you know montana mountains it's going to come down to the plains that is a bit more surprising existing here it is a cold front it's on the move slowly through wyoming and it's these going to come down as far south as south dakota probably into nebraska in the next 2 or 3 days they get the system here that's the culprit and there's a calm front here behind it not quite not cold enough to snow in kansas this is going to be stormy there ahead of it it's quite warm except for new york bit of a nor'easter coming in here you'll notice but to take your day ahead things haven't changed very much the snow still falling attempts have dropped in places denver has recovered significantly significance though seems likely in the northern plains that the caribbean has been quiet for a while now a bit more in the way of clouds and showers in the south and smaller lesser
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antilles that are massive potentially and probably actually heavy rain through northern colombia panama costa rica and up to nicaragua. office a photo of the cine t. for many. and feed profits for a few but it's tourists flood europe's must see destination tensions are rising. with local communities paying a heavy price for popularity. power asks what are the true economic and environmental costs of europe's tourism isolated on she 0.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera turkey has hit kurdish positions in north eastern syria with airstrikes for a 2nd day sending tens of thousands of people fleeing at least 15 civilians have been killed on both sides including a 9 month old baby. a passionate crowd in ecuador was held a funeral for one of the protesters killed in days of violent demonstrations the same group also held police officers on stage for a time as they vented their anger at the new austerity measures imposed by the president and moreno. and u.s. congressional democrats are exploring a possible impeachment of donald trump issued subpoenas for 2 business men charged with campaign finance violations ukrainian left the russian eagle forum and were involved in trump's lawyers efforts to get new prey to investigate joe by.
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electricity has been cut to more than a 1000000 people in california as a state tries to prevent fires from breaking out pacific gas and electric announced a deliberate outage to avoid a repeat of last year. and that power cables would determine does the cause of the state's deadliest ever wildfires it left $85.00 people dead and destroyed thousands of properties authorities believe the company's responsible for dozens of other wildfires in recent years. its decisions that were not made that have led to this moment and piccies history and the state of california as relates to our major investor on utility it is not conditions this is not from my perspective a climate stain story is much as a story about greed and mismanagement over the course of decades over the course of years and years and years the kind of hardening of the great was not done those were decisions that were made by pacific gas and electric. bills has more now from
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los angeles. more than a 1000000 people in northern and southern california will be spending tonight in the dark after the power company shut off the electricity to vast swathes of the state as a preventative measure in hopes of preventing wildfires now there are heavy winds blowing it's called the santa ana winds and it's a seasonal phenomenon wind gusts of up to 112 kilometers per hour these gusts can cause faults and sparks on power lines in wooded areas and in fact the utility p.g. and e. . was found to have been at fault. because last year because its equipment shorted out cause various wildfires that burned vast areas and incinerated the entire town of paradise california killing $85.00 people so
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the outage may last for several days because once the wind dies down the utility will have to test the lines make sure there are no breaks or faults and so people are very unhappy with this they have been stockpiling food water ice batteries fuel all sorts of things there are concerns about people who are elderly or disabled or being without electricity and people are also asking why the utility has not taken steps to make the transmission lines more safe. in other countries like in europe for instance most of the transmission lines are buried underground but here in the united states they are normally strong on wooden poles basically in 1903 technology which has persisted because it's inexpensive so again this may this situation
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a blackout in vast areas of california may last for days there are already some fires burning in parts of los angeles county and nearby but the central cities of los angeles san francisco oakland sacramento those are not expected to be affected by any fires and the lights are still on at least in los angeles for now the german chancellor angela merkel is promising 0 tolerance for hate crimes after wednesday's shooting in the eastern city of hama while security is being stepped up across the country the local jewish community is accusing the police of being too slow to respond under summons reports now from. this is the only suspect in the house shooting flown in to face germany's federal supremes colt stefan dalliance is charged with 2 counts of murder a 9 of attempted murder had it not been for this locked door prosecutors say there could have been a mass killing in how a synagogue more than 60 jewish worshipers on their who list day of the year.
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the leader of how as jewish community alerted the police on his phone he says he and others watched on security cameras as the lone attackers shot at the outer door trying to get in all of us were very afraid. we take children and women upstairs and clear we have. ever seen chairs. tables to food to nearby the door. before the police arrived the attacker was filmed shooting apparently randomly having given up trying to enter the synagogue a woman passer by was shot dead and a man in a turkish restaurant also died. the german president arrived at the scene to bring flowers and a message it's a dark this is a day of shame and disgrace that there should be an attack on
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a fully occupied jewish synagogue on the highest jewish holiday in a country with our history the german president's arrival here is an indicator of the alarm but in the aftermath of such an attack the questions still linger how can the people be protected by the police and intelligence services and perhaps more relevantly what drives someone to kill like this that he at 27 years old is a loner this is his home police inside and all over the neighborhood it's in the small town of bend of 3 quarters of an hour's drive from hala he lives with his mother and is reported to play video games persistently neighbors are in shock one says you never think these things can come so close you see it on t.v. all across germany now it's here it's scary. another was holding back tears i'm
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really scared said this woman i can't do this. hell a member of the german parliament believes politicians need to be more careful and they haven't had to go and we have a local parliament and the federal one speeches that are on the borderline of being illegal i think we need to examine what are these hate speech is lead to people who have access to guns taking them out to kill them one of the messages posted in heller reads i won't let an ideology of hate destroy the city we love. hello maybe the latest attack of this sort but many people in germany fear it's not the last. and drew simmons al-jazeera in germany the polish author who received the nobel prize for literature says the country's upcoming election is a chance to improve democracy all got to carjack was recognized for her narrative imagination when she won the prestigious award she's a sharp critic of poland's conservative government to kashyap describes sunday's election as a very important vote that could change
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a country's future. you know what i think that too. to pose because we are just a few days before election a very important election and this election can change the future of this country so if i have somebody in my mind to push such indications so i would like to tell my friends people in poland. let's vote in the right way. creation well the other recipient of the nobel prize for literature this year has caused some controversy peter one coat was awarded for his influential work exploring human experience but a 76 year old austrian author has long faced criticism for his defense of the serbs during the 1990 s. balkans war the mothers of srebrenica group that represents relatives of the victims is asking the nobel committee to revoke his prize and goals or spoke at the 2006 funeral of the former serbian leader slobodan milosevic who at the time was
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facing war crimes charges how do you think that this thing this is a literary prize it is not a political prize and just for his literary merits that we have given him the sonor peter hunkers an incredibly renowned author with a large authorship behind him so it is entirely for this reason why he was awarded the prize. convoy of hundreds of vehicles as made its way through israel is the latest protest by palestinian israeli citizens against violent crime protest as accuse israeli police of neglecting arab towns and villages are a force that reports. in just a few weeks a growing social concern has turned into a major political issue on thursday hundreds of vehicles made their way along major roads from northern israel to deliver a message to leaders in jerusalem palestinian israelis fed up of the violence plaguing their communities a calling for change israel's most senior arab politician using regular facebook
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updates from the root to make clear that demands to know what the organized crime gangs the extortion gangs the black market gangs the weapons these 4 things if the police want they can eliminate them entirely within one or 2 months. back i think once in west jerusalem or day and other members of the parliament or knesset went to meet israel's public security minister other protesters gathered nearby to highlight a surge in crime that has seen more than 70 people killed so far this year every few days palestinian israelis wake up to another story of another fatal crime they say the police a failing to intervene failing to investigate essentially they say their communities have been abandoned to a sense of insecurity of violence and of fear fear that came horrifically true for ice. earlier this month 3 of her sons were involved in a confrontation over money with another man $2.00 of them. were shot and killed the suspected gunman remains at large the mad men look at there is no security anymore
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my sons were shot at noon the killer didn't consider the children who were going home from school such or das as he to open fire like this what kind of world are we living in we are sitting in our high ems and we are afraid no security where is the law the government. the killings in the northern town of sparked mass protests. and a pledge from the public security minister down to deploy specialist units and hundreds more officers recognizing he said the responsibility of law enforcement to tackle the crime wave but many palestinian israelis say that responsibility has been deliberately shirked over many years and i don't think we have no trust in the police we call on the police to do their job to collect weapons to the police even have the intention to fight crime these are questions that are raised. 10 newly elected parliament erin's from the joint list the arab majority political parties in the knesset took the rare step of endorsing benjamin netanyahu the main opponent
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after last month's general election aiming to get action on crime and other priorities. but with the stalemate over attempts to form any new government protesters say they'll continue to campaign instead on the streets until the demands are met harry force it out 0 west jerusalem fighting between the army and ethnic groups in the mountains of northern me and ma has flared up again despite government efforts to negotiate a peace deal it means civilians in shan state are caught in the middle of a battle between government forces and the national liberation army for its many reports that the national liberation army on patrol the armed wing of the parent state liberation front is thought to be at least $1500.00 strong. it was founded in 1992 to fight for more autonomy for the palau minority in shan state they're one of several prominent ethnic armed groups that didn't sign
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a cease fire agreement with the myanmar government 4 years ago various ethnic groups here are being targeted after they attacked a myanmar army academy and other buildings last month that's despite unilateral ceasefire announcements by both sides in the past few months. that would end when a sub in the jungle. making that cease fire there must be a monitoring and who is going to mediate that reset just be a member of the political negotiation team all from china. the myanmar military told local media in september that the attacks by the ethnic armed groups suggest they're not interested in peace civilians are bearing the brunt of the violence here in the township more than 2000 people have been forced to seek shelter in neighboring villages and monasteries kamya has high blood pressure and diabetes the
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fighting is taking a toll on her health came did not live more again a little prayer i was frightened i was at time praying praying to the spirits for safety but it has no family and no relatives a bullet goes straight and doesn't waver i'm afraid of both sides of both armies. and your. door. but for some the conflict has made them take up arms yet says she became a soldier after her brother was killed by myanmar security forces. and to new day we suffer more oppression than men with abuse like rape that doesn't happen to the males who are able to defend themselves to prevent these cases of abuse we become soldiers to defend ourselves. villagers can expect to be caught in the crossfire until peace is achieved between ethnic groups and. florence levy algy are.
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part of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera turkey as it kurdish positions in northeastern syria with airstrikes for a 2nd day sending tens of thousands of people fleeing at least 15 civilians have been killed on both sides including a 9 month old baby a passionate crowd in ecuador's held a funeral for one of the protesters killed in days of recent violence the same group also held police officers on stage for a time as they vented their anger of a new austerity measures imposed by the president and in marino the u.s. congress now democrats exploring a possible impeachment of donald trump of issued subpoenas for 2 businessmen charged with campaign finance violations ukranian live parness and belorussian ego freeman were involved in trump's lawyers efforts to get ukraine to investigate joe biden they sought political influence not only to advance their own financial interests but to advance the political interests of at least one foreign official
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or ukrainian government official who sought the dismissal of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine at least 5 people have been killed in ecuador following a week of violent protests indigenous demonstrators took several police officers captive parading them on stage in the capital quito the protesters are angry at new austerity measures introduced by president marino which led to higher fuel prices really no says he won't step down. electricity has been cut more than a 1000000 people in california as a state tries to prevent fires from breaking out pacific gas and electric announced a deliberate outage to avoid a repeat of last year when their power cables were determined as the cause of the state's deadliest ever wildfire it left 85 people dead and destroyed thousands of properties. the polish author who receive the nobel prize for literature says the country's upcoming election is a chance to improve democracy over to carjack was recognized for her narrative
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imagination when she won the prestigious award she is a sharp critic of poland's conservative government to carve up describe sunday's election in poland as a very important vote that could change the country's future all right so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after people in past a chance to watch it i think. philippines president rhodri go to turkey says he's cracking down on the communist insurgency but some fear it's a deadly campaign to silence his critics as the death toll rises one a one east investigates detaches new war on al jazeera. the multi-trillion dollar global tourism industry undoubtedly brings many benefits from wealth under point to greater international atomic to 50 but it also carries
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environment and other costs as well as being a major contributor to global warming it can cause pollution loss of natural habitats and social stress this is particularly so for europe's most popular locations which are buckling under the weight of ever growing numbers now with mass tourism projected to keep growing in coming years some of their inhabitants 100 off the selfie taking crap. i don't tell you to call who try and even severe weather which will be predicted by this crew snow ok it's. see you in star wars feeling very interfered to seeing
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a robin hood like winston up the east. became of thrones dubrovnik in croatia has long been one of the mediterraneans most popular tourist destinations. but after scenes from the t.v. series game of thrones were filmed here more tourists have been coming. we've rented an apartment in the oldest part of the city but one of the most iconic sequences was shocked many times a lot of shame have. the same image each. king's landing. comes before you. just called house lannister. so this should be the same show so it's a bit on the way down to places like this that have something extra special to offer have seen an explosion in the number of visitors. in the 1950 s.
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there were only 25000000 tourists worldwide today there are more than 1400000000 a year the boom has been a blessing for some bringing jobs and revenue and new opportunities but for others it has been a courteous political i think the home of thomas accuse the dog. and now a new so-called scent jess's phenomenon is boosting global tourism people choosing a holiday destination as a direct result of seeing it in a movie or on t.v. do a song for us all from gary and jenny up to such set jess's from leeds england it's amazing to. they start this walk of shame. just to see that. you know the view is the same in real life saying she.
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is involved in. really fair game of thrones and kings london and all of it was computer generated but there's a lot. and we will stop here again but i will just kindly ask you to occupy only one side though the brains i will tell you what is landmarks are only 1500 people actually live in 2 broken legs old town for a unesco world heritage site but last year 1300000 tourists came to visit. exactly but. you have done your homework everybody likes moments one of probably one of the all time greatest shows ever met. not just if it. is going on it's clear what being here means for the diehard fans of the cult
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series but overall the city is now bursting. through. an explosion of visitor numbers is by no means unique to drop. the problems that brings mass tourism may have some obvious benefits but in recent years many of those on the receiving end of the influx of had enough to make one in venice be noisy demonstrations against overcrowding and its toll on the city's fragile ecosystem in thailand beaches have been closed because of environmental damage in the fall just like. in the barcelona tourist buses have had their tires slashed and. the number one. in austria the annual tourist season is gathering pace and afternoon by this is how stop
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a village in the alps which in a short time has become one of europe's most popular destinations stands for. just under 800 people live in a house that but every year more than a 1000000 tourists flock here for the remarkable scenery and the numbers especially from asia keep rising. and living our sisters from singapore they're on a month long vacation around europe but i am here. they share photos from their journey on social media. visiting house was on top of that list. i just went to. my site. and i just one. night. to.
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see. the only. man alexander shorts is desperately trying to handle the crime scene so. so. what. it. is but the man is complaining a few years ago his village was done. it on. the original. tourism really took off in west europe in the 1960 s. when the middle classes 1st gained the spare time and money to go on package holiday. dance for because. it.
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seems that what was once a luxurious experience only to be enjoyed by the rich is now relatively common place these days taking a plane is like catching a bus or a train i'm not much more expensive cheap flights have given 2 or ism a huge boost in the last decade global airline passenger numbers have doubled as a consequence to more than 4300000000 a year. and it's no longer only those from the richest nations who are traveling people from all. over the world are now on the move. for way and ling and for most of the tourists here the journey has one purpose to shoot as many selfies as possible you know will it be and you'll. be mean. instagram tourism as it's sometimes known is
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a fast growing trend almost 40 percent of young tourists admit in surveys that their choice of destination is influenced by what the location will look like in that picture. just a few photos to put in the instagram photo more of it for guys to put it in a private account so that only my close friend can see on the photos that i post but i think it is ok sharing is not the show this sharing like that is to such a place and my family. just tell them and they can experience themselves ok though you know the point where you each china this so fond of house stands that they've built the state a copy of the austrian village in south korea that forms the setting of a television show i did many places in asia pictures of how stuff pop up on posters
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calendars and google. from my friend they say you must with austria because it's really beautiful so when i saw this picture come into the internet in i just. do. know one thing tell. claims to have the best view of stavanger in norway. all rather she has until 8 am every morning before the 1st crowds of tourists here. harvey your hell of being. a mere system learn if you learn how. to set up with going to silica here so i have a fantastic sick. this here
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been a cruise ships can now dog right in the center of stavanger the extra revenue this generates fills the coffers of the city's poor but it's becoming a real nuisance for the residents. at park thieves. took it out and i thought a listener yes. the other to let me be clear this enough. there are many out there know can or. go for the 2 of us nascar for no we're. not out yes only of what occurs to you and there are the york. is a retired hairdresser she spends most of the time in her garden. well 1st she and her husband bought their dream house almost 2 decades ago in those
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days the number of tourists wasn't an issue. this is just sit. around 350000 passengers who visits to bangor during the season this year. local businesses welcome the money they bring although generally seaborne tourists spend less than others because they have everything they need on the ship. at the time he swore smaller still hung or some other kind of a key piece from him and. i have never seen or. more port than.


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