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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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we recognize that. but we feel. that this can be resolved through dialogue. and i don't you know we discussed recent developments related to the middle east region particularly to the persian gulf and the sea of oman as we believe they are very critical regions for the gulf and the whole region we also emphasized on the strengthening of stability and more peace in the region. more with outside baghdad correspondents in teheran. well imran khan has been trying to mediate put together a meeting since the united nations general assembly in new york last month where he met on the sidelines president rouhani now this is the 2nd meeting that's taken place between the 2 leaders an iran contra spoke about the historic ties but also said that this is an initiative by pakistan that no one has told buckstone to carry this out and does not want to see a conflict in the region that a war between iran and saudi arabia would have global impacts you talked about the increase of oil prices the money spent on the one and the effect on civilian lives
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but you also thank to iran for their support over the years and also said that president donald trump had asked iran contra act as a go between or as a mediator between to her own and washington now we know that iran is open to negotiations iran is open to talks as president rouhani said but we're not entirely sure how they are going to move forward president rouhani said that there cannot is pakistan's gestures that dialogue is the way forward but any country that thought that it could cause instability in the region was terribly mistaken he also said that this should be an end to the war in yemen that civil war that's been going on for 4 years with saudi arabian emirates supporting one side and iran are supporting the rebels he said that this should be an immediate cease fire and humanitarian assistance but he also called on the united states to return to the j. c.p.o. it that important 2015 nuclear deal that the united states pulled out of last year
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and he called the sanctions economic terrorism and said that those sanctions should be lifted so iran khan is trying very hard to put together some talks between riyadh and iran but there is a lot of tension especially since the 14th of september when those saudi aramco oil facilities were attacked by the hutu rebels who claimed responsibility for it but saudi arabia blamed iran but so tensions are high it's a massive task ahead of them. the polls have closed across to me is here as the country chooses its new president in a runoff election both candidates political newcomers who beat more than 20 others in the 1st round last month they are these 2 men bill curry business tycoon and his opponent side who's a retired law professor now curry 1st of all he was actually jailed recently or released from jail i should say on charges of money laundering and tax evasion his party is called the heart of tunisia it's the 2nd largest it came 2nd in last
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week's parliamentary vote a separate mean what kind of state his run as an independent candidate backed by the end of the party which secured the majority of the vote in that parliamentary election if he wins side says he wants to change the system he wants to allow elected regional representatives to choose the national leader is let's get an update with her now who's in tunis for us any indication of the results yet hashan . we do have some new developments for you. exit polls suggest has become in his ears 2nd democratically elected president those exit polls suggest that he has won more than 70 percent of the electoral votes one of the highest percentages of electoral votes since the 1011 revolution his supporters are now taking to the streets to celebrate his victory and we're expecting him to make an announcement in about 45 minutes from now so this is
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a huge development here and it is you're an outsider a law professor who has served in the coming in the last few months one the 1st round of the election and today according to exit polls has become a 2nd democratically elected president defeating his wife will there be a cutaway of the media mogul and explain to his hashim i mean i briefly went through it a moment ago but how this will work with the parliamentary elections and the results which we saw there. so come on this is the situation as it stands now in tunisia the last sunday there were the parliamentary elections which didn't result in any or vs when and that came 1st but for the other to govern they have to stitch together a governing coalition but the all the political parties remain divided this is going to take some time for the mother to convince the key players so join them in
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a governing coalition this why people are optimistic or pinning high hopes on. when you went with something like 70 percent it's a clear message that you have the backing of the but you have a mandate from the majority of tunisia and to unite in his ear and i think he will use that message from the people to reach out to all the political parties well obviously according to the 2014 elections constitution amendment as a president does not really have huge leverage compared to the prime minister but he still has control over defense and foreign affairs but with when you win with something like 70 percent you can still go to the prime minister and upon him and you say listen i have a mandate i have a majority of the backing of the people i don't want to see any problems as far as forming a coalition government you have to get your act together do it so other think he would be using that leverage to try to solve some of the most pressing demands
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particular for the political elite to fix the economy ok. with that update on the elections in tunis thank you and also joining us from tunis we've got to see it here is the country manager for the united states institute of peace so let's build on what hashem was talking about there the fact that. it has the backing of his party they won the parliamentary elections he now looks like he was when we win again does that give him real strength 3 a real mandate to move forward. thanks for the question. the guy sayed he will become the president of tunisia and his primary responsibilities as president are foreign policy and security so the government that is formed by the legislative branch will nominate
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a prime minister who will be responsible for seeing a lot of the primary concern overseeing a lot of the primary concerns of tunisia such as the rule of law such as economy unemployment etc but where security is concerned where the economy is not the kind of where security is concerned it certainly has the support of the people and will be challenged as as others have said too over to work with a parliament that is highly fractured right so that's a really important point you make that it is actually the government and the prime minister who will have to look after what have actually been the big election issues right the issues of of unemployment and economy those a big task for whoever that prime minister will be. that's exactly right and you know tunisians have appeared to have voted the religious results are still very kind of estimates and preliminary but syrians have appeared to have voted for criseyde for president in overwhelming numbers at least according
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to propel him a results which points to tunisians preference for a candidate that is seen as of high integrity of high ethics anti corruption and as someone who who wants the people to be more kind of represented in government he's spoken a lot about the importance of citizenship in the importance of these kinds of issues so moving through to the parliament yes the parliament will have to form a government that can represent these needs and these desires their ability to do so. will be challenged however if within 2 months they are not able to form a government that would result in mended tory new elections which could see these parties essential be having to recommit pete and really go through elections and potentially lose power so it is in the interest of the parties that have one to find a compromise and to form a government and i am optimistic that in tunisia's the kind of spirit and cooperate
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crisp era of cooperation and the pattern of consensus that a government will be formed so that would need will need to happen and you think all of this suggests that in his ear is still in that strong position which we always describe as the the the the strongest democracy to actually emerge from the arab spring. well absolutely i mean this is there have been 7 elections since the uprising in 2011 and so that's a testament to the election commission itself having organized 7 consecutive transparent and credible elections so tunisia is firmly has firmly established and proved to the world that it is capable of organizing free incredible elections and of organizing free elections and multi-party democracy multi-party politics is certainly here to stay with that comes the challenges of governing in a multi-party system especially especially in a fractured system and that will be tested over the next 5 years with this new
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government. it's been great to talk to you get that analysis on these elections thank you for joining us to japan now where the military is deploying tens of thousands of troops to help with rescue and cleanup efforts after a powerful typhoon swept through its eastern coast at least 23 people were killed and many are missing after the storm brought pretty much everything damaging winds heavy rainfall flooding and landslides this report from wednesday in tokyo. those living in the path of typhoon were told to expect a short sharp burst of violent weather it soon became clear that the main feature of this storm was a huge amount of rainfall some areas saw around a meter of rain in 24 hours and waterways simply couldn't cope one of the worst hit areas was not good no prefecture west of japan's capital tokyo where
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a 70 meters stretch of the levee gave way many homes and businesses were flooded and japan's famous bullet trains was surrounded by water and going nowhere fast or slow. the major typhoon has caused extensive damage far and wide in eastern japan one point the special warning for heavy rain was issued for as many as 13 prefixes there has also been emergency relief from various dams and flooding of various rivers it turned out to be a record heavy rain the coastal areas were battered by huge waves and winds exceeding 200 kilometers an hour before i took them up the building shook in the alec tricity went off for a moment that was really scary as the typhoon approached a tornado made landfall in chiba prefecture destroying houses many communities he was still recovering from a typhoon that struck last month. for most in the path of the storm it came at night. the streets of tokyo were eerily quiet as businesses closed and people were
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urged to stay home by day it became easier to assess the damage and carry out search and rescue operations millions were ordered or advised to evacuate but some chose not to leave their homes or couldn't get out in time. the storm was compared in size and strength to a typhoon that struck tokyo in 1958 leaving more than 1200 people dead modern japan has become well drilled in dealing with the threat of natural disasters and it seems this time it was as well prepared as it could be. was japan's 19th typhoon this year but those who experienced it say this was one of the most intense in decades many are relieved it was relatively brief allowing the recovery to begin quickly wane hey al jazeera tokyo. in hong kong police about dozens of arrests after pro-democracy protests turned violent this footage is emerged of a man being arrested after a police officer was stabbed in the neck near the quinton metro station
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a 2nd person was also taken into custody in protesters attacked a woman seen helping police clear the barricades from the roads activists vandalized a.t.m.'s and businesses which were deemed sympathetic to beijing. rallies also took place in several other areas the 5th month now of protests that began in response to that controversial extradition bill adrian brown has more from hong kong. well this is a snapshot of sunday in hong kong we are in among cock one of the most densely populated areas on earth here on this side of the street a group of local people who have been herding abuse at police just on the other side of nathan road one of the busiest federal fairs in hong kong this standoff has been going on the some time now the police have to be careful here because a lot of people live in this area and if they start firing tear gas and of course
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that's going to affect a lot of innocent people the protests on sunday have been following a familiar pattern with the protesters targeting businesses that they say have mainland connections once more a starbucks outlet was vandalized we also witnessed a confrontation between a mainland man on a group of local people also a light rail transit system has also now being shut for the day after several lines with vandalized and the other rail system the m.t.r. has had to close 3 of its stations it's a reminder that 4 months on feelings are still very high in this city in the news ahead 2000 kilometers of beaches in brazil is suddenly covered with oil even the government wondering where it all came from. well so we will look at what's become a major issue for voters in mozambique you had to choose days presidential election . and the world beach games are underway here in doha with the number of events
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new probably wouldn't associate with life on the show. hello the weather slushy set fire across the middle east at the moment still a fair amount of cloud having said that just spilling out of iraq pushing across the caspian sea northern parts of iran not too much rain on this if anything will thin and break further as we go through monday so to run it around $24.00 celsius into the thirty's once again there mid to high thirty's of baghdad for kuwait city also for karate by rates set of around 30 degrees celsius in pleasantly warm sunshine continue going to let eastern side of the medics right about a little more cloud just spilling in here as we go through tuesday that could be general a fair weather nature so it should stay $95.00 and dry and sunny lots of sunshine
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too across iran replenished just down towards the far south of amman you could catch one or 2 coastal shows the more so it will slow as we go on into tuesday both of them by spot is looking fine and dry highs here in doha of around $35.00 celsius out of our own dry weather to into southern africa but we have got some right in the forecast some think a cloud just pushing through the southern cape the eastern cape could pick up some showers this more so up towards angola we got some think it out some showers just spilling out of the tropics say they're sliding a little further south with over the next couple of days but for most it's fine and sunny. to strengthen the good you have to show do good all the more with your calm still fight against corruption. destroy news hero heroes like know who are bad who
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refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption nero now. talk to notice their oh. they don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers 0.
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on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are out top stories the u.s. is to withdraw up to a 1000 soldiers from northern syria as turkish forces and their allies continue their offensive says they have now entered the town i have taken a trial of a man some as well. voting now finished in tunis here in the presidential runoff election the exit polls show sayed has won more than 70 percent of the vote he ran as an independent candidate but was backed by the end of the party which says. you're in a majority in sunday's parliamentary elections. and the 24 hour curfew in ecuador's capital has been temporarily put on hold on to late as sunday evening talks between protest leaders and the government are set to start in less than 2 hours meanwhile troops are patrolling quito after demonstrators set fire to a government building. the french presidency manual mccrum on the german chancellor
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angela merkel meeting in paris right now with what else brags that high on the agenda of their discussions more on that and the rest of the news from europe here is lauren taylor in london. yes thank you michael was hosting marco for dinner at the emmys a palace in paris it comes just 4 days ahead of thursday's pivotal european union summit if you could promise to boris johnson does not have a deal by the time the summit ends on friday he's legally obliged to ask the e.u. for an extension to the october 31st deadline but both leaders also used the news conference to discuss the current situation on the turkish syrian border paul brennan has more from paris. an informal working dinner between europe's 2 preeminent leaders here in paris but no mistaking the seriousness of the task that they face in the coming week there is of course the external divisions and problems presented by turkey's offensive in northern syria not to forget as well it is the
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turkish offensive which has been the main preoccupation i have to say going into this evening's dinner president macron saying it was both an important and difficult moment for europe and he said he can that it was a shared belief that the offensive should end mathematical mrs merkel then chimed in saying there must be another way to handle this situation now is foreign affairs council will meet on monday in luxembourg that's a meeting of the e.u. foreign ministers and both france and germany have suspended weapons sales to turkey because of the concern that those weapons might be used in the offensive make no mistake the seriousness of the situation and in particular mr macron said that the situation was constructing an unsustainable humanitarian situation in northern syria as well as presenting circumstances whereby operatives and fighters could gain their liberty could escape from those camps those who were looking for some kind of indication as to how the bricks and negotiations are going would be if
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left disappointed there was a scant mention of the situation in regards to the e.u. and u.k. negotiators are still having meetings on sunday in brussels but you could say with the situation the way it is the 2 leaders in their working dinner tonight have quite enough on their plate. polls will close show in poland where millions of people have been voting in parliament elections socially conservative norn justice party seeking a long time in office it's governed with a majority since 2015 to understands who's in the capital so for us as i've been going. well it depends on the results which we give you any trends right now are under reporting restrictions but what i can tell you is this that turnout is set to become the highest since $989.00 when the soviet union fell and communism came to an end in poland
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now that is will be a remarkable situation if the ruling justice party actually wins and gets a 2nd because it will be seen to have the utmost mandate to push ahead with its reform programs that would be good news for many people in the european union which poland joined in 2004 poland is a very different animal if you could put it like that in the e.u. these days than it was back then it's more aligned to hungary and other right wing parts is in europe than any other has this is a populist a government a government that has been giving a number of benefits to the population and has certainly by all accounts seemed to have gained on that we'll find out in just less than half an hour when the polls close and the 1st exit polls come out then warren we can give you the
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numbers and how things are looking in this what is now being seen by many analysts and politicians and indeed many members of the public as the most important election since 1989 anderson thank you very much. a group of election officials in kosovo have been taken to hospital after falling ill when opening ballot boxes from expected searches in serbia account has been temporarily suspended kosovo held snap elections last week but more than 300 ballot boxes from abroad a still to be counted 26 officials in actual office in the capital cristina started having allergic reactions after opening 5 boxes kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008 but that's never been recognized by belgrade and that was more later back to come on now and thanks for that lauren now there is a mysterious oil spill which is contaminated at least $150.00 beaches along brazil's northeastern coastline there are now dozens of teams trying to clean it
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all up but they say the thick crude is washing ashore just too fast for them to keep up gabriel elizondo went to investigate at the coastal community of quarter of a pier in northeastern brazil. one of brazil's most beautiful beaches now covered with oil it washed up on the sand here on what was otherwise a pristine beach. and it has the locals like jos a mighty is extremely worried when to fish i feel very sad this is an environmental disaster even if people are cleaning it up the damage is done i've been working here for over 30 years and i've never seen anything like it but it's not just here or oil has washed up on beaches all up and down the coastline of the northeast of brazil recent days it's been seen in 9 coastal states in more than 150 locations. it's unclear where the oil is coming from but it's already killing sea
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life but it's so widespread showing up on a coastline more than 2000 kilometers long there aren't enough crews to reach it all. but they're trying the best they can they're finding so much oil that they're sending teams of men out to collect it all and they're loading it on the back of these flatbed trucks such as this and then putting it in these huge white containers to be taken away just today on this beach they say they've collected at least 2 tons of oil. local residents are witnessing an environmental disaster up close as. i went swimming today and when i got out of the water i had oil all over my hands and i'm worried because i don't know how my body will react to this when the short of all i've seen the 5 big dead feasts it's to say because it has also reached the eaves and you hear the oil stains really you ought people here now looking out over an oil polluted ocean left
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wondering how much worse it can get. gabriels rondo could repay along the northeast coast of brazil in a look at kurdistan now which wants to change the way religious schools operate it plans to introduce laws to regulate studies in an effort to increase state control over the faith schools. as a report now from bishkek. evening class a degree in cheek at the school one of the nearly 130 religious schools and institutions in kyrgyzstan some of the students like annette come from remote areas he joined the school 6 years ago i finished my normal school and they have. their day. and now i study in when you're sitting in here together we hear. we hear you didn't we hear.
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it's our 2nd 2nd pulse students have to be at least 16 years old before they can apply to come here. the constitution guarantees freedom of education and religion under the system whoever wants to learn about religion has the right after finishing secondary school. religious education is supervised by institutions that are mostly funded by charities both local and international kyrgyzstan being a secular state system doesn't include any religious studies whatsoever for that district in must go to the privately run religious schools but now the government says it will introduce reform to bring them more in line with the national education system. religious education was banned during the soviet rule the government says it recognizes that interest in religion has increases the fall of the soviet union. but after
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a few 100 cure citizens joined the ranks of iraq and syria the government has national security concerns southern them because they don't know where this charity or this financial come from and toward them in a year's of these financial support of religious of the occasion should be this teaching program. should be the teaching plan what kind of subjects will be in the occasional prolonged use of the teacher. doesn't. have the sufficient indication of religious fear critics say students who only go to religious schools are ill prepared to enter the workforce and the law says it's what he learned in the religious school combined with his general studies in pe natural accounting that will make him successful in life the government is promising students like him didn't you bill will merely provide
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a framework for religious education one that will be in tune with this secular identity of the country but at that had me. in kyrgyzstan. a lot of news about elections today and we've got more this is mozambique now where people are voting in a general election just 6 months after a devastating cyclons killed at least 1300 people so the task won't be easy because thousands of those people are still homeless and living in camps and where reports from tika are now one of the hardest hit areas in safaga province. floodwaters started gushing into 2 reason make it tires home it was when cycling to die struck central mozambique in march. one wall collapsed then another. she ran and climbed this tree to escape the rising torrent her sister and her 2 small children climbed this one she saw them washed away when it collapsed single
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figure because it was a new year. i was very sad because my sister was gone that night i stayed in the tree crying the next day people came into kenya to ask us eventually we found their bodies. this tends now to resist home hundreds of people were killed by 2 cyclamens that struck mozambique earlier this year. thousands are still in camps where they're meant to vote in choose days presidential election. the people here have gathered to register for food handouts the cyclons affected areas where many people have historically voted for the political opposition rights groups say many won't be able to vote because voting cards when washed away i haven't been replaced the political opposition say the ruling for leave my party used humanitarian assistance to campaign for votes it was the port city of beirut where the 1st cyclon made landfall the city's mayor. is now running for president
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leads a growing opposition party called m d m we met him campaigning in a remote village 7 months ago was on the water he's not happy with the government's response even saying that if we don't vote if you don't spend your vote you want to get before so that's what we're doing and that's a very bad but the national can do is watching it and not doing anything the cyclamens ripped through rose and washed away bridges. many of which have now been repaired the ruling for leave my party says its recovery program has been a success so. it promises to continue if it stays in power and it denies foul play was one of what about that's not true take the humanitarian aid and give it to the population is that the case that's not true humanitarian aid
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was distributed in front of the international community election season might bring handouts and promises from politicians but most cycling victims like to reserve lived in grinding poverty before the storms and since an election won't change that . malcolm where al jazeera. mozambique. major protests scheduled in guinea on monday against president alpha condé is planned to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term for opposition politicians have been arrested ahead of fair planned protest from nicholas hawke. this is downtown connector in the area called tell you a market area where over the weekend people have come to do their shopping to get basic necessities like rice water or oil because they fear that the shelves really close down because of these and those demonstration already people have been
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arrested leaders of these protests have been arrested by men wearing ski mask and arms and this has created a sense of anxiety and then to suppression of what may lay ahead was so we're just outside. the main opposition figure you don't lives in a popular neighborhood but he sought refuge in the diplomatic foreigners who is truly happy italian embassy and i'm sad to see. the only security. no thank you very good. to say about it all this needs to stop some say there are risks we get murdered when we defend values as important as democracy freedom people's right to live in a country with the rule of law prevails we must make sacrifices president of like when they want to change the constitution and run for a 3rd mandate and it is here that his opponents will gather on this is the band of protests human rights organizations.


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