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continued in other prisons around the world egypt morocco guantanamo bay alaska and ukraine for 5 years in. the hospital when the highly highly highly actually laughed at the what deeds in the alarmist over been out there who are being us others. mostly subtle but. let's look at akira libby's information about so-called weapons of mass destruction is widely thought to have been used by the u.s. as evidence of saddam hussein's possession of w m d's in iraq while the last thing you pointed out that you were warned of believed by the egyptian president mubarak i believe what barak told tommy tommy franks that saddam had biological weapons they were ready yeah but everybody thought they had the international community has clearly demonstrated that it is fed up why is it that
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a process which has been going on for 12 years trying to disarm iraq from its weapons of mass destruction this report by libyan intelligence the external security organization or. shows details of a meeting with the cia. as it plans to invade saddam hussein's iraq in 2003 the u.s. needed to prepare public opinion for the attack getting libya on govt is key to that strategy. but the iraq war went badly for the western allies. no evidence of dangerous weapons was found and the lack of a post-war strategy plunged the country into calles. gadhafi then seized the moment in a dramatic bid to ingratiate himself with the west and have sanctions on libya
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lifted he claimed to have w m d's i've offered to surrender them. desperate to put a positive spin on their mission to destroy weapons in the middle east the u.s. and u.k. led the way in rehabilitating gadhafi almost overnight. libya was no longer. part of the axis of evil. in return a lucrative oil and gas deal was signed and it was then that the cia and m i 6 began increasing their rendition of libyan dissidents to the gadhafi regime jubilation a vehicle that out of. 104 available. but it's now thought the relationship between the head of the e.s.o. . and western intelligence went back much earlier than the aftermath of the 2003 invasion of iraq the problem between the 2 states gathered pace after 911.
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british intelligence held a meeting with mr koussa in the week after 911 and the following november november 2000 a well british and libyan intelligence officers held a summit over several days at a hotel as an airport in europe and the german an austrian intelligence officer also present and there was a growing agreement at that point that the libyans could be quite useful to the west being useful to the west was what gadhafi was aiming for and the west fell for it but at a price rendition. this 2012 human rights watch report delivers into enemy hands details the process and several cases including that in our sake and libya. that there is no agreement reached that the
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british and the libyans will start recruiting agents jointly. and from the libyan agents who would would open spy on al-qaeda. the rehabilitation of gadhafi took place under british prime minister tony blair. gordon brown to go over from blair in june 2007 the friendly momentum continues. the london based human rights organization reprieve has closely monitored rendition for many years. lawyer corey krieger specialized in cases involving libya. you remember and the deal in the desert in 2004 is that davi says oh wow i'm joining the community of nations everybody was right you know the war on i've looked at iraq and you know i don't want to go that way and all the rest of it so this president has given to him but the reality is of course what happened after
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that the sanctions were lifted british petroleum and other companies were able to come in and start doing business to the tune of millions in fact billions of dollars i'll just 0 made request to interview tony blair in $24.00 team but his office said he was not available. the producers also asked to interview former british foreign minister jack straw who was responsible for british intelligence 6 at the time of the rendition but his office said he didn't have time. neither was therefore able to shed light on when dishan cases like that of. shaikh libby was returned in 2 to maybe in custody and. you know we met him 2 weeks before he supposedly kit committed suicide in his cell. and when that happened we raised concerns about the circumstances surrounding his death. we were concerned
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that it was not actually a suicide libby was allowed a single visit from his family in april 2009 while in libyan detention this video shows him opponent lee comfortable and his family had. no reason to suspect he might soon take his own life. if you should injured injured in the desert and me 9 . 100. will. work until our liquor will enter them but our country's army had better and the one i'm sure i'd like to hear. now mr darrow this we go in america another home i let him leave our one bill and we can move the land of the hubble in up. need tatel it up with what the what that the i'm an american or have to who are some well i'm
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somewhat of a shift in the how would an american i'm only more the war when we had a more highly was a lot. of of the bat. was over such and coupled with either that or can you some mrs novella if you hold what are their beliefs and some a signal that. the u.s. is said to have 100 over abe no sheikh on libya to the libyan external security organization in afghanistan. but i think the smell of somebody in the libyan government the person with the machine and the most about them to keep them in may 2009 libby was found dead in his prison cell only 2 days after that gadhafi is 4th son want to seem acting as libyan national security adviser the next u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in washington d.c. we deeply value the relationship between the united states and libya
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we have many opportunities to deepen and broaden our cooperation and i'm very much looking forward to. building on this relationship so mr minister welcome so much here thank you we don't like it but that's certainly not to be our when he comes to know what was it's and what can be can you look at the fascinating sharp contrast of a year. it's difficult and we can. stated that. human rights watch asked for an investigation into a suicide but he was birthed and no libyan inquiry was held into his death. so the photographs are very disturbing when reportedly committed suicide in may be in prison and we question whether that was really a suicide and the photographs reveal things that make it seem as though you know
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that it might not have the get him in the bin a suicide. gadhafi never allowed any form of opposition within libya. a prominent dissident group was the libyan islamic fighting group the l i f g who gadhafi accused of having links to al qaida. can little rock. give you. the. yeah gladly will help. that gadhafi is jails had an appalling reputation for mistreatment and torture particularly of political prisoners this mobile phone video purports to have been shot in abu salim prison in tripoli. human rights watch and amnesty international have both reported hundreds of deaths in abu salim although the figures have never
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been independently verified or human remains found if western intelligence services knowingly colluded in the torture of libyan dissidents in this way they certainly have a case towards. the western agenda was to establish a connection between saddam hussein and al qaeda whereas gadhafi wanted to link libyan dissident groups to market. illiteracy in. the new relationship with gadhafi spread and there are allegations that he illegally funded a nicolas sarkozy's 2007 french presidential campaign sarkozy has been charged with illegal campaign financing he denies the charges and the case is yet to reach the french courts gadaffi was welcomed across europe a far cry from his eighty's image as quote the mad dog of the middle east.
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but there were there was out there was this was i call my living yeah i said mother thought that but at the same time opponents of gadhafi like our door hakim behind and sami our side of the libya islamic fighting group l i f g were arrested and rendered by british intelligence m i 6 to gadhafi external security organization we are going to just turn up our. supply and. get most a medal. by then. they are a must for the total loss so yeah by then what are. they or feel they want to say you know balad. i mean if you have see if you have hair to. well it myself and
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a morsel of the man whom you know. there are limits over to there was you know but if i knew. that when i was at 209 many county about. fema part about cook or. soon to be your broker and if you see. about rendition have the lid blown off it when in the wake of the libyan revolution in 2011 correspondence was phoned the pointed to western collusion. in 2011 after tripoli was liberated some human rights activists and some revolutionaries found an incredible cache of documents in what appeared to be the abandoned office of then the head of libya's security services and in those documents for the 1st time ever we saw evidence showing that there was a joint plot in 2004 to kidnap. him and his
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pregnant wife as well as the libyan man semi or saudi his wife and his 4 children from exile in southeast asia and render them in other words kidnap them and send them back to that. and we could see diminished. bob ross who only. zosia to you. see and walk out of the morgue for the true little time. zones have to confront are going to turn inward and then you manage to kill him the cia took them separated them and held them for several days at a black site that's a secret prison near the bangkok airport both of them were chained to the wall separately mistreated was beaten hooded all the rest of it and then they were put on a infamous cia rendition plane one of these planes that the cia flew people around the world to be tortured on to have to be. made in her country
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a body. if you're. going to knock it out i'm not. out of. the women if you. well it's no. great arrive in any. case of other hakeem bahaji his wife goes back to 2004 the couple were planning to seek asylum in the u.k. but they were persuaded by the british to travel to london via by co. there they were arrested and tortured before being rendered to libyan intelligence headed by mousavi who sat back. and. can. finally get out of the nuclear to know. course.
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and illicitly said libya you can imagine how i when i met that have you know either kind of the command of my. his fellow dissidents sami most of saadi also says he was rendered to the libyans by the british on the grounds that he was somehow connected to the group responsible for $911.00 al qaida. to offer to my or my. dad. can and was there. and i layered in and then i was on it and what i hear and lament i mean i'm. well i'm not by anything you know either can i come in and. work at the i'm in the libyan accounting for. a few bucks. and yellow moon in. the morning or we had enough and i went to.
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abdel hakim bell harsh and sami al saadi were released from prison in libya in 20102011 respectively. convinced of u.k. . involvement in their rendition in 2012. the british government in the civil court for handing them over to the libyans to be imprisoned tortured. the british government is worried about apologizing because they feel that if they do that there's a risk that for security service people who are involved in this to me prosecuted and might go to jail. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when the entire service is control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they report on the stories
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that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening post on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks into the market started peacefully but the major confrontation is taking what is harder on the phone is hard for those with details coverage there they get not be heading down with that 110 meters which is so deep that only have 15 minutes on the seabed from around the world the remains of tomorrow may never be found that is your they still exist you have his legacy lives on. philippines president roderigo deterred he says he's cracking down on a communist insurgency but some fear it's a deadly campaign to silence his critics as the death toll rises one o one east investigates deter to his new war on al-jazeera the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world.
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on the grounds that it's a very modern way to. believe me voices the measure of progress. the domestic population most organized enough an active enough to believe that your. music will kill. circle of poison on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera syrian government forces have struck a deal with the kurdish syrian democratic forces which will see the syrian army deploy along the border with turkey the s.d.f. says this will help them in liberating areas under the control of turkish forces as
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they advance into northern syria has more from cali near turkey's border with syria fast moving developments the united states is the solution to leave north eastern syria effectively created a vacuum there are many players in the syrian conflict and all of them would like a stake in this corner of syria it is a strategic corner it is where oil fields are located it is the ag it's the bread basket of syria for the damascus government this castro up to 3 would it would definitely want to regain control of this area earlier in the u.s. announced it's pulling out all remaining american troops from northern syria the defense secretary said he was acting on orders from donald trump the us president has been accused of abandoning the kurds the americans say they want their troops out of harm's way. celebrations in tunisia as the exit polls show a conservative law professor and political outsider is poised to become the
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country's next president it is projected to when more than 70 percent of the vote beating media mogul an appeal. i'm grace prime minister viktor orban has suffered a big political setback a candidate backed by his party has lost the may oral election and the capital budapest galle car a child was backed by several opposition parties but also a project projected to make gains in local elections in the rest of the country he said to the sounds of this victories but budapest becoming green and free to speak about taking the city from the 20th to the 21st century and this victory is about keeping the city with all our powers where history has always placed it we get back to europe. the next door talks between indigenous leaders and the government are taking place on the streets hundreds of protesters have defied a government imposed curfew in the capital quito a 24 hour nationwide curfew was put in place on saturday in response to demonstrations in the city demonstrators angry at
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a rise in fuel prices attacked government buildings and burned off the media offices for the headlines to return you now to al-jazeera world. in may 28th a libyan politician and his wife received a full apology from the british government for having been rendered handed over by m i 6 to the gadhafi regime where they were present and tortured. they were just 2 of hundreds of gadhafi as opponents who were picked up abroad and handed over in a collusion between western intelligence and the libyan beginning at a time when gadhafi was supposed to be an enemy of the west. bell hodge and fellow dissidents sami also sued the british government in 2012 they were represented by human rights lawyers in london interviewed here in 2050 where
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the case was still going on well the key documents that we saw where what appeared to be faxes and correspondence between firstly what appeared to be from m i 6 to the libyan authorities notifying them of the presence of abdul who came by how to his wife fatima at that time in malaysia well the government has sent very blank defenses so far basically saying ignited tonight the events even those events that is supported by the documentation and what they have instead done is try to get the case struck out of course by saying that because the allegations involve the u.s. and other states in libya and malaysia. that it would be the cause here don't have jurisdiction to deal with it that it would be wrong because he possibly
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criticized the actions of other states at 1st the u.k. government basically said you can't hear these cases at all here in britain because it will harm our relationship with the united states the americans will be terribly upset about it and so forth about it in fear of the hoist or. why then not going. to hear if you have a magna x. amount i said i want. to freeze and then a break i'm going to wear and. in control for. a few most years old. man i washed clean with. the help of a barber and family mother to have usually normally 7 cars over to my. mother when i only have. one of the thousands of papers found after the revolution in 2011 was this one marked top secret it refers to libya u.s.
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cooperation and to a list of names of so-called traitors which was given to the americans. at all food many. american but i think this is an. unseen well it's only willingly and it's the money. and. political effort on. someone about then. the number to be in your brain and your family of up to an intimate and was about something really really sickly. based on the card will be eaten the hardest libya obviously. is in a military really kind of a. one of a. where they had a year a minute but. lisa early. in the
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scheme. she has a mini holy they were parted with. and asked for her to see the 30. i want to lift the little leave iraq and when i. was. one of the most significant finds in tripoli was a letter written by so mark allen then head of counterintelligence at m i 6 march 2004 to the head of the libyan p.s.o. . it says quote i congratulate you on the safe arrival of saudi meaning. this was the least we could do for you and for libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built over the years i am so glad that the british security services the cia and the libyans kidnapped
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children between the ages of 6 and 12 and sent them to. you know what i say it's you know what and. there was no more and no one. what they needed was. this ill cases of abdulhakim bahai's and. run side by side but also accepted an offer of compensation by the british government bell hollows however wanted a full apology from the government the former foreign secretary and former head of counterintelligence at them i 6 the british government settled that case in december 2012 for 2200000 pounds in the short of the. then. out of the.
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so-called the so i think that we know really what the truth is here and that the british government knows that it has a case to answer. won't accept such a settlement because he wants an apology he's made it clear that he wants he wants a bit of good will to apologise what was going to have and also what was done to his wife mr bahamas for his part he's offered to drive his case and walk away from his civil court case for just 3 pounds one from some our calendar one from jack straw and one from the government and an apology and that's the real problem the british government is worried about apologising because they feel that if they do that there's a risk that former security service people who were involved in this kidnapping might be prosecuted and might go to jail and one of the even who won and yet to be finance we have reacted one. and if you believe this we are going to america all of the. kabul. if this were mainly. we
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learned. what followed when. the many where we are to that i'm here or in the here if it is proved that british officials did torture anyone whether in the u.k. or broad or involved complicit in their torch head they need to account to criminal law in the case i'm actually pretty confident that the supreme court of britain is going to say that of course torture victims have to have their day in court but the reality is the government will always seek to delay it's an incredibly embarrassing case what case could be more embarrassing than british security services kidnapping pregnant ladies and sending them back to dictators like a daffy it doesn't get any worse for them while the british government settled with something else saudi the us government appears so far to have ignored the whole rendition issue even though papers discovered in 2011 point clearly to their
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involvement according to human rights watch documents show that the cia kidnapped khaled are sorry for a most of our marketing and rendered them to the libyans the men say they were detained and interrogated in afghanistan for over a year. the documents that were free found in the libyan intelligence ministry were very troubling they showed a level of cooperation between the united states the united kingdom and the cia in their rendition of a number unlawful rendition of a number of individuals who were enemies of gadhafi back to libya it shows a deep level of collusion between the u.s. and the u.k. and libya it rendering individuals into gadhafi as hands at a time when we knew that gadhafi was mistreating abusing detainees in custody you saw our team. miche were just the man in an alarm
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a few. live europe about him about if you will. not work as human to sharpen i would you know i would and we walk arm. and there john was so how much you until i did mean in the minute nash i was and he mark and masood are there are pockets my god then the men include gave them a kind of monopoly of us over that they can the men were only about that that i'm in a muslim. or that will be the. be the commander of the united states believes and promotes itself as a country that believes in the rule of law and abides by its international legal obligations but we know for a fact that the u.s. has not done so in many cases especially with regards to its detention practices. is that in. the year or say they have them.
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obviously move. through. with their behavior with the comes ashore can you made it more difficult for the bush administration to carry out its program of torture they continued to do so but in a different kind of way. and since. the president obama took office he did ban the use of enhanced interrogation techniques and actually has called the practices that occurred during the cia torture program torture the u.s. unlawfully rendered numerous individuals into libyan custody where they knew that they were going to be. they were going to be likely tortured and abused but in addition before they even did that they held several of them in cia detention and tortured them brutally themselves so yes it's a double standard and a double standard that the u.s. absolutely has to account for if it ever wants to put this dark chapter in its
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history behind it and the muslim and american. the sox. and the meticulous and. move them of the who are. human rights warts or among of them to the with the what was al-jazeera to the cia to comment on all of these allegations but they did not reply. there's evidence that it wasn't just british and american intelligence who colluded with the libyans canada may have also been involved most of a korea a canadian citizen of libyan descent says he was tracked kidnapped and rendered to libyan intelligence he says he was accused of having links with so-called international terrorism but that this has never been proved. it is melissa to move. then who would cause. yanni it i don't marry more i'm an
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embodiment of couldn't have the last cause that i'm not a colony and read then and then i am and why you know if you can at. least i'm going to deny most of the good list i mean he made it a rule of law with it in this in order to them to do it on the island in the middle name silly today let's list that has at the names theory can it if you know it in court or you can you read any else with mini aca that ain't a little you know about the maverick with the other. candidate in correspondence between libyan intelligence and the canadians is a letter from the libyans saying thank you for the information about the arrest of the canadian citizen most of our mohammad korea otherwise known as fond of the ally f.g. and the summer of 2002 we greatly value the information we have received on it and what it has about a bit in the future if it was.


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