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tv   Kayayo  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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on monday morning hours later they were overshadowed by the killing of 14 police officers in the western state of michoacan john heilemann sent us this update from mexico city so mexico's president and his head of public security came out on the morning of monday and gave a press conference in which they said it's nothing to boast about but we think we might just be getting on top of the murder rate in the country they called it a point of inflection in the homicide rates in the country and they said that what they're doing is continuing to send out the national guard that's a newly formed and quite militarized police force out into key hotspots in the country to draw and deal with things and also having social programs that would try and give employment to people to give some hope put it money in the pocket of people who otherwise might be tempted into organized crime so the message was quite positive coming from the top and then the news came out that image we can the state in southwest mexico police officers have been. killed by
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presumably organized crime in that region now michu a kind is a state in which there's different criminal organizations battling over it one of the strongest of those organizations if not the strongest is the cartel new generation and there were banners left with the burnt out the course of the police seem to was signed as if they were from that cartel now sometimes those banners can be used misleadingly but that is a strong organization in that part the country that has been involved in murdering policemen and law enforcement authorities before now the president obviously and the head of security would say things are getting better little by little in the country i think one of the worries that perhaps analysts that we've taught to have had is that the national guard may be that they're not being rolled out to all
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areas of the country in taking up the law enforcement activities as fast as they could do some or even worried about more of the same ahead on confrontation of organized crime using an up. quite blunt force to try and put a stop to the it didn't seem to work for pasta ministrations why would it work now but what happened on what's happened in the last 24 i was in mexico a sign that the government still is grappling with the problem and a sign that the problem remains in the mood dest tragically is still happening a cleanup is underway in ecuador after the president struck a deal with indigenous groups to scrap an austerity package which caused more than a week of violent protests in the capital quito workers clean the streets of daybreak left by the demonstrations during which at least 7 people died lending moreno has agreed to work on a new economic policy approved by the indigenous groups in exchange the protests
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have been called off. police in hong kong say officers were targeted by a homemade explosive device during protests on sunday they say the device was hidden in bush's and activated by a mobile phone as a police vehicle passed nearby willems injured but it's the 1st time that that kind of device has been lose the months of protests over a contested extradition bill that has since been shelved. the war in afghanistan has cost almost an entire generation their education hundreds of institutions have been closed because of years of conflict and half the country school children are not able to attend classes as shelob ellis reports from kabul that is hampering efforts to improve basic skills in a country with one of the worst literacy rates in the world. the cost of illiteracy in kabul is being sidelined by society these afghan men never learned to
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read or write the consequence of 4 decades of war more than half the population living below the poverty line every morning before 9 they gather here hoping to get work as laborers on a good day they'll earn $5.00. a life is miserable we're struggling always we don't have a life i mean physically we're alive but we just exist afghanistan is one of the lowest literacy rates and the world only about 31 percent of adults can read and write the un has found there is a big gender and geographical divide nearly half of all men can read and write but less than one in 5 women here in kabul literacy rates are quite good but they drop significantly in southern ca but says for example in kandahar and helmand rights for women feel as low as 1.6 percent. then there is a new generation y. much now martin not like i like all of my subjects i love all my teachers i really
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like drawing and i try hard in that i also work really hard in english and math 11 year old ababa care course i'm self an entrepreneur he sells boiled eggs to the laborers but says he has big plans last surfeited of i'm confident in myself that i will become someone special in the future well there won't be you know joe i want to be an engineer and when i do that i will give work to all of these labor as so what is her care doing right. he goes to a public school in a middle class suburb of kabul there are $32.00 students in his class he has everything he needs books stationery and support his father is illiterate the family is learning together to. the hard work not us on the i'm proud of a booker and i'm hopeful for him sometimes he tells me that he will study very hard and find a good job i didn't ask him to do this but he wants to provide for us. it's nice to
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make should 3700000 afghans nearly half of all school age children and not and rolled. poverty is rife pushing children into work to feed their families this cultural challenges for girls one in 5 a married before the 15th birthday schools are under-resourced and more than 700 a currently closed due to fighting with the taliban and i still unfortunately the latest program is difficult to implement and on 4th of the reason is after 2001 the education system expanded dramatically and loss of data were hired but building their capacity and providing them on one professional development support needs to . be care moves from exile or towards engineer afghanistan and its children still have a long journey to literacy hate shallop ballasts al-jazeera kabul. still ahead in. sports some good news for cricket. and.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. the real. world. the our. world.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. with the sport. thank you so much barbara well racism has forced an international football going to be halted twice a bulgarian fans saw that england players with abuse journey european championship qualifier. the game was stopped on su occasions in the 1st half it's a fait with loudspeakers used to warn fans about their behavior the stadium was already partially closed for this match as part of a punishment for racist chancing by bulgarian fans at other games this year in one
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sense when the match 6 nails in kiev portugal caps interest to an hour scored his 700th career goal his penalty though wasn't enough to stop the defending european champions losing c one suit you clipped that was only in ukraine qualify for next year's finals kosovo's to know whenever months in agra means the stilts confirm their qualification from group a front straight one moment turkey in paris that seems our level on 19 points the top of creepy. saudi arabia getting ready to play their 1st match in palestine the location for this world cup qualifier marks a change in policy for saudi which has previously played matches against palestine in neutral countries in line with a decades long boycott of israel who needs. the . route
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covered. we as players are happy to play on home soil in front of our fans it's great for a foreign to the see their national team play at home this is how it should be for us palestinians this is the saudi team that has played in the world cup previously and their presence here is testament to our right to play in our home ground south korea's plaza getting ready for their historic world cup qualifier with north korea it's the 1st time since $990.00 that the men's teams have met in north korea in south korean fans hoping to watch tuesday's game in pyongyang looks set to be disappointed the country's biggest t.v. channel saying north korea hadn't responded to their requests on a live broadcast the south korean team were forced to fly to the northern neighbor 5 beijing. been readmitted into international cricket by the game's governing body the i.c.c. the country was suspended back in july due to government interference in the running of zimbabwean cricket the men's and women's side were barred from international competition the country's cricket board also denied much needed
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funding now soccer history is being made at the world beach games in cuts off for the 1st time ever women's national teams are facing off in a global torments al-jazeera has been finding out how the sport can grow even further. than the stars of the women's beach soccer are taking their sport to new levels. the world's best national teams are competing in the 1st ever global championship it's happening as part of the inaugural world beach games in qatar it's an amazing feeling 3 point he's been there on the world stage for about 7 years now being grown in europe for a long time and i've played across the world in different competitions to competitions before if i need to be internationally recognized this is a great step for the women's game i think women's beach soccer is still in its early stages of development the aim is to emulate the men's game which attracts
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large crowds and has its own world. the important thing for the growth of women's soccer is support from the crown now this is a preliminary round and there's still many empty spaces. will be hoping that as we get closer to the big matches like this then we are the final one all these empty seats will be filled or it is a car on top of attracting more france to stadiums beach soccer worldwide which manages the sport alongside before is working hard to grow t.v. audiences. but getting the world to watch an emerging sport isn't easy nowadays i think the number one. challenge is always financial. resources to make things happen so be sure to steal a growing market if you go into poor it's a small one i would say almost by me too. the big stores are good big brands are still a challenge. women's beach socred did get
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a big boost in 29 teams it's now being backed by the powerhouse of women's football the united states. the u.s. fielded a women's beach side for the 1st time in august in order to qualify for the tournament here in qatar that's u.s. sports in general we hold ourselves to a huge standard and we want to play the bass we want to compete with the masters we want to eventually be the best. those that side beach soccer are hoping to stage a 1st women's beach soccer world cup in 2021. until then the winners of this tournament will have a legitimate claim to being the best in the world. so well malik al-jazeera. north federer says he's determined to have one last shot at winning an olympic gold medal in the singles events during a trip to tokyo the 20 time grand slam champion confirmed to be returning for next year's olympics if he can stay clear of injury the 38 year old did win doubles gold
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in 6008 his best singles effort was a silver medal and 2012. for stalking phenolics get back to barbara in london and we thank you very much for that and that is it for this hour do stay with us i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the day's news you so much like. at night in a stalking somali moms patrolled streets police. or lack of.
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tired of gang violence they use a maternal approach to prevent crime i mean really devoted to the had. a do a little bit in. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years the students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect the school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. rewind returns
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with a new series. and brand new updates on the best of out to serious documentaries if i would compare it to it onion we haven't done in the sweet spot is so hard to see them from all this is the old city rewind continues with motown to greytown being all here in the soil learning about health by eating good it's train my wife i can't imagine doing something else on al-jazeera. as long standing alliances in syria start to shift or crumble following the u.s. retreat president trump says he's about to hit turkey with sanctions and syrian kurds fleeing the fighting start to arrive in northern iraq but there were fears i
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saw members could be hiding among them. i ought to know i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from that also coming up on the program at least 5 people are killed in the latest demonstrations against guinea's president. and scuffles in protests in catalonia after spain supreme court gives 9 separatist leaders jailed. i am. the u.s. president says he will soon issue an executive order authorizing sanctions against current and former turkish officials in response to turkey's military offensive into northern syria in a statement donald trump said he will also stop negotiations with ankara on a $100000000000.00 trade deal and boost the tariffs on turkish steel to 50 percent
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and he said the 1000 american troops leaving syria will stay in the region to help prevent i saw making a comeback get more now from heidi show castro on all of this heidi i guess the president had already mentioned that he was going to try and hurt the turkish economy if they did proceed with military action what's new in this executive order . well what's interesting is trump did say he would hurt the economy before of turkey if it crossed some sort of unstated red line where he would never mention what that was and it's an open question exactly what schrager a trump to make this announcement that he will be very shortly signing this executive order imposing the sanctions on turkey however he has said that he doesn't mention compassion and mentioned the kurdish in this statement by name however it does say that the turkish targeting of ethnic or religious minorities is unacceptable and the president went on to write in this statement which was
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released in his name on twitter that turkey is now responsible for the ongoing detention of eisel prisoners and that a small u.s. footprint of military presence will remain in southern syria and that those 1000 or so troops that have been ordered to withdraw from northern syria will remain in the region to monitor eisel barbara. just remind this so much pressure is the president been under over this decision to pull troops out of northern syria because even people that are normally some of his staunchest allies have turned against him will this issue. that's right and there's there's some evidence that it's really this domestic pressure that may have may be pushing trump in to this direction a source has confirmed to al-jazeera that trump actually met with one of the most vocal critics of his withdrawal from syria and that senator mitch mcconnell who is a republican that's usually right in trump's corner the 2 said to have met today
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prior to trump making this announcement about these upcoming sanctions and mcconnell earlier in the day released a statement that said he was gravely concerned about the situation in syria and that the u.s. withdrawal was creating a broader power vacuum that will be exploited by iran and russia a catastrophic outcome in his words he let me just say i think it is a great deal go live now to washington d.c. and listen to mike pence the vice president. we want to media to cease fire. and we want to begin negotiations between the turkey and syrian defense forces president trump again. offered to have the united states of america. mediate in those discussions but from from very early on the president's been very clear we have great concerns about civilian populations we have great concerns about religious minorities christians and other religious minorities within the area
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where the where the turkish invasion is currently underway and of course we have concern about isis fighters who are being held by kurdish forces today now a general muslim did give the president an assurance that the kurdish forces would continue to to support. the the prisons that detain isis fighters but the president's also made it clear to turkey that we expect them to take deford's to continue to restrain. and ensure the the ongoing detention of any any isis fighters captured over the last 2 years of fighting but the president's objective here is very clear that the sanctions that were announced today will continue. and will worsen unless and until turkey. embraces an immediate cease fire stops the violence
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and agrees to negotiate a long term settlement of the issues along the border between turkey and syria not a private meeting place for a long conversation initially with president her the one who we could go on sunday that he authorized any military action by the turks short of what we've seen so far and then secondly i'm sorry you say that the president asked for a cease fire wanted her to want to say in response to that to commit to anything. well the united states of america did not give a green light to turkey to invade syria. president has been very clear on that point and reiterated that the president are to want to that that. president air to want i think. knows the president trumps mind on this matter very clearly today but president trump pressed him very strongly in a telephone call today to immediately embrace
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a cease fire as i said he's directed me to lead a delegation will be leaving as quickly as possible to travel into the region to pursue a cease fire and a negotiated settlement. but the president. the president looked at it. he said from the time he was a candidate and forward. that he wanted to bring an end to endless wars and opportunities for us to bring troops home and to have american forces come out of harm's way as always been a priority for this president but that didn't mean that this. didn't in any way. in any way it encourages violence anywhere in the world let alone along the border between turkey and syria and the president reiterated that point the president aired one today and we're going to continue to stand very strongly the sanctions that have been imposed today are a beginning president trump made it very clear that we will continue to use the
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strength of this economy. and it will continue to engage our allies president trying to document this focus president mccrone of france today we're going to be engaging allies around the world and as president trump did today we're going to continue to call on president err to want to end the violence come to the table and embrace a negotiated settlement by the president is still here at least it's a visit with everyone being canceled and can you tell us specifically what is the united states going to do about all of the isis fighters that have escaped from the jail that's our reporters on the ground have indicated. well there's been no decision made about the scheduled meeting next month. but. well. let me say the president could not have been more firm with president he would want to that. the united states of america simply not going to tolerate.
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turkey's invasion of syria any further and we're calling on syria to stand down to end the violence and come to the negotiating table and that's the reason the president sending me to the region to make his intentions very clear and we're going to be looking we're going to be looking for turkey to take strong action in that regard the president also made it clear when he talked to general muslim of the kurdish forces when he talked president erda one that we anticipate and expect that kurdish forces. and turkish forces will safeguard and ensure the ongoing detention of of isis forces those that have been captured. general muslim told me told the president today. that in his words we keep isis under control he made that commitment to the president. and and president want also
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knows where president trump stands but make no mistake about it. the president is very concerned about instability the region is very concerned about the loss of innocent civilian lives is very concerned about religious minorities and that's why today at the president's direction the united states has imposed punishing sanctions on turkey and made it very clear that that will only be the beginning unless turkey is willing to embrace a cease fire come to the negotiating table and end the violence i do not think that you are literally trapped but we're listening there to mike pence the u.s. vice president speaking about the sanctions that the president trumps that he will soon authorize through an executive order and also mike pence mentioning that he will lead
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a delegation to the region to leave as soon as possible we can speak to heidi jocasta our correspondent in washington d.c. who was listening to that as well heidi i thought it was interesting that mike pence really seemed to hesitate when he was asked specifically about isis prisoners and reports that many of them have been escaping jails in northern syria in the middle of you know various attacks in the instability there is that something in particular that the u.s. is worried about and how is it playing to a u.s. audience that the taliban fighters. absolutely and in all of this this is obviously a very complicated situation in syria but what really resonates with the american greater public is this threat of i saw everyone has heard about ice all obviously and that may be the one name here that everyone is from the only or with but what i thought was interesting too is that in fact it was the vice president mike pence who has been talking to speakers he was at the white house giving that those
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unannounced comments that just happened in recent memory i can't think of a time when he as the vice president was really the face of a foreign affairs mission and not trump himself or the secretary of state and really it's it appears to be showing it just how much the white house is attempting to back pedal all of the damage that that has a have been accused of inflicting that's accusations coming from the political spectrum since trump announced a little over a week ago about the u.s. troop troop withdrawal from syria and if you listen to the words of mike pence saying that president trump was very concerned about the welfare of religious minorities of civilians in syria that's what the vice president says trump is concerned about but if you look at trump's own words he's only been on twitter today he's had.


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