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in the next days and what the authorities will do to filter this population coming in certainly there's going to be checks done to make sure there are generally people are taking care of. everyone we spoke to share their shock at the overnight switch from living peacefully to being. let's have a look at our stuff america has let us down i didn't imagine that they will destroy the people in our future i used to like america but now i hate it i'm here you plump. the syrians will join the already more than $1000000.00 internally displaced persons and refugees being hosted in the kurdistan region of iraq and depending on how long turkey is military campaign goes on for the kurdistan regional government the k r g estimates that anything between 30000 up to as many as a quarter of a 1000000 syrians will flee the fighting here into the k r g. the syrian refugee camp has been here more than 7 years the tents
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a long gone children are growing up here people are putting down roots and now this small town is about to get bigger. burnet smith al-jazeera dorm is refugee camp in northern iraq. alleyways as director and senior associate of the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies and he says it's unlikely that there will be an immediate cease fire in north korea. it's difficult to conceive over a more complicated situation than the one we have where the syrian government. you know which the this administration as as well as the previous one has really fight they've called for an ounce there of president assad and because of his actions trump has cleared the way for the syrian government and the russian auspices to work out a deal with the syrian kurds and through to all the syria and now he's very late in
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the day he's. announcing some sanctions which are going to have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the turkish government and to compound the error he's sending rice president pence to encourage where he's sure to come in for a very difficult a series of negotiations it's mission impossible the turks will react with scorn and it's a total misunderstanding of the turkish psyche when you listen to the president out on statements you've carried a portion of it as well as the kind of coverage you know very jingoistic picture out of coverage wall to wall 24 hours a day on the turkish t.v. and there's very little room for i don't want to. accept any media ceasefire which let's remember is that is the call by the trumpet ministration or to actually negotiate with with the syrian kurds which is absolutely nothing you know if there was a functioning interagency process in in washington trump would never have done what
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he did in that 1st one call with our no one and he would never of sent vice president pence on what appears to be mission impossible and now that he has way to from here vice president pence contant she what is needed and ne and sylvia all who can do you think i mean what's going to happen with the ticket forces to push back forces advancing on men binge the syrian government back then and how much power do you think all of this how much power do you think this gives russia which might once again you know be kingmaker here. well if we go back. a couple of years there was a de confliction agreement between russia and the us whereby it was east of the euphrates that was the area of operations for the american air force and for american soldiers and west of your phrases was basically left to the russians by abdicating his responsibilities trump is essentially ceded that area to to the
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russians and the russians have now become the power brokers i doubt whether there will be a clash in because the forms must be buzzing or will continue to do so the next 24 hours between moscow and ankara and russia will use influence on ankara to use its influence with the opposition forces not to get into a clash with the or with the syrian government forces but beyond that i think russia will work out a deal whereby the turks will have a buffer zone not by agreement with the united states but by agreement with the with the russians are somehow exceeded to by the government of damascus and what's missing in this equation is the u.s. which is frankly you know just taken itself out of the equation the pending more head of the news al including. mass protests in spanish courts sentences separatist leaders and long jailed. concerns about the fairness of
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the political process and less and beat this paper about to vote in general election. and racism for some and also is an international football game an area to be halted twice. at least 4 people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations and gagne is widespread anger at a proposed change in the constitution that would allow veteran president alpha condé giovan for a 3rd term nicolas hawke reports from the capital conakry. gunfire in downtown conakry. frightened residents have locked himself indoors taking cover from guinea's paramilitary forces who are shooting live rounds in the streets what was supposed to be in the nation wide protest against president alpha condé has turned into street battles between security forces and demonstrators armed with
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sticks and knives they say they're here to defend their democracy real. or not but of course we're scared but we managed to paralyze the city and turn it into a ghost town to show our frustration with our leadership the 81 year old president wants a referendum to change the constitution so that he can run a 3rd term in office but his political opponents are against a referendum they don't trust the president to organize an impartial vote like now versus. need unharnessed leader. treats all of its citizens equally irrespective of their ethnic origin fluffing asked if any with. the with. the ethnic forlornly make of the majority in guinea and yet never has a full only been in power many of them are out protesting accusing the government of arresting them and discriminating against them. this is one protester that has just been arrested in this is what's happening throughout the capital and the
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country paramilitary police deployed to try to arrest and stop any form of violence. security forces shot dead several protesters and scores are injured human rights watch accused the government of banning street protests for over a year now and cracking down on dissent presidential elections are a full year away but the political deadlock has already set in there is a sense of fear and apprehension of what is to come nicholas hawke al-jazeera cannot create. well to spain now where protests have erupted in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 catalan separatist leaders they were sent to prison for their role in the region's failed bid for independence thousands of cattle and separatists clashed with police protesters blocked access to barcelona's airport and more than 100 flights were canceled on monday spain supreme court delivered sentences of between 9 and 13 years in prison sana guy
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a report from barcelona. they turned up in their thousands at barcelona's airport determined to cause as much disruption as possible and fronted by riot police to protest his intentions to signal the start of a campaign of civil disobedience and cause an amnesty for the 9 catalan politicians and activists convicted on monday for their roles in a failed attempt to secede from spain 2 years ago they were found guilty of sedition but were acquitted on the more serious charge of rebellion the defendants were sentenced to between 9 and 13 years in prison the reaction from the catalan regional government was unequivocal they got a long government and i personally reject these very big it's because we consider them unjust and antidemocratic and because they are part of a political trial and were dragged being of legal action against got along as right to self-determination and against the independence movement with
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a general election in his sights next month the spanish prime minister peres urged dialogue took a firm line on the supreme court's verdict or you. can blow today exemplary judicial process has concluded but at the same time confirms that the sinking of a political project has failed in its attempt to obtain internal support and international recognition leaving behind pain and confrontation on the front clearing of coexistence in catalonia but the within hours of the sentencing protesters came out onto the streets and gathered here at the main square in barcelona city center they say they are part of what is being called the democratic tsunami but even but if there were one against the bus i think what is happening is shameful but i think the conviction is really unfair and i don't understand how this can happen in the 21st century and you were here once again ok. i'm here
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because i think the trial has been a complete fraud has been a trial that human rights international organizations of the net was having a lot of regularities i think we have to denounce it and do some a comparative thank you. but not everyone sees it like this the castle a nationalist movement has itself become more divided between groups that support more direct forms of action and those who oppose it politics here is more fractured and there is no majority backing for secession solving the cattle and crisis is as allusive as ever and in spite of the sentencing a long way from being resolved on it i have all al-jazeera barcelona. to mexico now or at least 14 police officers have been killed in a single attack that occurred just hours before president on dress manuel lopez obrador delved that he was getting to grips with the country's high murder rate his
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speech was overshadowed by monday's killings which happened in in mitchell can state where violent turf wars between vava drug cartels a common john heilemann sent us this update from mexico city. so mexico's president and his head of public security came out on the morning of monday and gave a press conference in which they said it's nothing to boast about but we think we might just be getting on top of the murder rate in the country they called it a point of inflection in the homicide rates in the country and they said that what they're doing is continuing to send out the national guard that a newly formed and quite militarized police force out into key hotspots in the country to draw and deal with things and also having social programs that would try and give employment to people to give some hope put it money in the pocket of people who otherwise might be tempted into organized crime so the message was quite positive coming from the top and then the news came out that image 2
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a can the state in southwest mexico police officers have been. killed by presumably organized crime in that region now michu a kind is a state in which there's different criminal organizations battling over it one of the strongest of those organizations if not the strongest is the cartel new generation and there were banners left with the burnt out vehicles of the police seem to was signed as if they were from that cartel now sometimes those banners can be used misleadingly but that is a strong organization in that part the country that has been involved in murdering policemen and law enforcement authorities before now the president obviously and the head of security would say things are getting better little by little in the country i think one of the worries that perhaps analysts that we've talked to have had is that the national guard may be that they're not being rolled out to all
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areas of the country and taking up the law enforcement activities as fast as they could do some or even worried about more of the same ahead on confrontation of organized crime using another. quite blunt force to try and put a stop to the it didn't seem to work for past administrations why would it work now but what happened on what's happened in the last 24 hours in mexico a sign that the government still is grappling with the problem and a sign that the problem remains and that more death tragically is still happening. brazil's northeastern by the state has become the 1st to declare an emergency after a mysterious oil spill contaminated dozens of beaches the army as well as city and state officials are involved in the cleanup all washed up along more than 2000 kilometers of brazil's caused gabriel is under has more now from a say on brazil's northeastern coast. the situation is still very critical in the
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beaches here in the northeastern brazil there is still crude oil that is washing up on the beaches here in more than $150.00 different locations in an area that's nearly 2000 kilometers long no matter where this oil is coming from it's already having a devastating effect on some marine life now this is video that's very hard to look at it is a video of a marine sea turtle that was rescued near the state of by. this turtle had swallowed some of the crude oil and was about to die but it was rescued and these veterinarians there are trying to save the turtle by cleaning out the oil from its mouth this just gives you an idea of the kind of work that's being done to try to save as many animals as possible and the question is where is this oil coming from the brazilian government continues to say that this oil they believe is coming
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from venezuela however in recent days there's been images like this barrels of what appears to be oil that have washed up on some of the beaches in the northeast of brazil and on the barrels of oil it says shell in reference to the american oil company however in response to this show has said these particular barrels are actually lubricants that probably fell off of some ship show claims that these barrels do not have anything to do with the current oil spill however on sunday brazil's minister of environment demanded that show provide more answers to this it's probably going to take weeks perhaps even months to clean all of this up as one person told us this is absolutely an environmental disaster. ecuador's president has signed a decree scrapping austerity measures that saw nearly 2 weeks of violent protests
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indigenous leaders who led the demonstrations called for the fuel prices to return to previous levels by tuesday now in the capital quito workers clean the streets of debris caused by the protests which left at least 7 people dead president lennon what an artist says he'll work on a new economic policy approved by indigenous groups. still ahead on the news hour what about people's changing attitudes towards refugees on an italian island known as the gay 20 here at. and old corruption case and what south africa's former president jacob zuma as an accused. and sports watch a fed of about to take a now the shot at winning the one major title that's eluded him so far.
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how low we still got some showers longer spells of rain drifting into vietnam at the moment just rolling across the fos out west of china just around hi there to the east of that lot of sunshine around some want to in hong kong around 28 celsius was the past we'll still see some rather heavy rain possibility of some snow over the high ground that's sinking a little further south with as we go on into whedon's time for when the stamp hopeful for more than possible should be generate dry but you can see that on shore wind fading that moisture across the south china seas a good part of eastern vietnam will see some heavy downpours over the next day or 2 the showers extend their way down into where cambodia into some parts of india china some lobby downpours certainly a possibility into thailand over the next day or 2 slipping further southwards across the peninsula northern parts of somalia where there was a borneo also seeing some lively showers i think the show's going to be little more extensive pushing
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a little further south as we go on into where to stay south of that it is looking lassie dry and fine with a good deal of sunshine dried from a good deal of sunshine to across northern parts of india we are going on to the cloud of growing those monsoon rains lingering across southern areas of india with plenty of rain for the east guys. the weather sponsored by catherine was. when say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the wall. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen path. witnessed documentaries on al-jazeera. a march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded b. us 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of
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lives lost and boeing's busted selling aircraft immobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it failed our passengers it failed the globe fault lines investigates system failure to go in crashes on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has approved a series of sanctions on turkey he's also calling for an immediate cease fire in northern syria where turkish forces are carrying out
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a military campaign in kurdish held areas meanwhile in syria a group of government soldiers has entered the strategic city of man bush a day after being invited by kurdish forces and this sets up a potential clash with turkish forces stationed on the outskirts. at least 4 people have been killed in antigovernment demonstrations and guinea there is widespread anger at a proposed change in the constitution that would allow president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term. now the former president of south africa jacob zuma is appearing in court to face corruption charges related to an arms deal with a french company in the middle has more from peter martz for a scandal that goes back more than a decade. it's been almost 15 years since former president jacob zuma 1st faced corruption charges relate to $180000000.00 contract with french arms company time is to provide a naval equipment to the south african government tully's allegedly agreed to pay
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a bribe to zuma who was then the leader of the cause soon a top province for his influence the deal was reportedly brokered by his former financial adviser should be a shaikh only shaikh who was jailed for corruption although zuma later faced charges they were dropped in 2009 but last year charges of corruption racketeering and money laundering were reinstated zuma has always said he wants his day in court but he's also done everything he can to avoid it he says there is a political conspiracy against him last week he lost a court heard to have the charges thrown out here now appear at this court for the start of a trial that could last months. seumas legal fees have cost sub african taxpayers more than a $1000000.00 because the charges stem from his time in office he's now fighting a core group inc that demanded he pay back that money saying he can't afford to cover his costs while many south africans of calling for corrupt leaders to be held
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to account you must enjoy support among others if found guilty he could face at least 25 years in prison zuma says he's done nothing wrong when i'm interested in a case i'm not as a muslim broad as a router opposite i just want to know what's going to happen at the right. to my lord hasn't done all the things that 7 years everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves. ever since. the trial started it's all now beginning to see that it's not only him that faults but the majority of the people that are in power zuma is also expected to return to a commission of inquiry investigating state corruption during his presidency this case is you have to understand that it's just a smokescreen is to pacify us to say something is happening around corruption but
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the fact of the matter is nothing is happening because as i've said jacob zuma is the people to consumer is the godfather and no one can shake that pillar within the a.n.c. well zuma has been out of office for 20 months at the time of his departure there were several allegations of corruption and many south africans hope this trial may be a chance to finally get some answers from al-jazeera pietermaritzburg south africa . to bangladesh now where the government has recently put severe restrictions on a 100 refugees from myanmar or many have had their mobile phones taken away and recently many of a 100 children forced to drop out of their schools from their child from cox. 2 years after the exodus running those trapped in the world's largest refugee camps are finding it hard to cope with the recent restrictions fatima lives with her 6 children in
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a shanty hot she feels isolated and lonely she's unable to communicate with friends and families due to recent restriction on the usage of mobile phones. we came from myanmar after suffering a lot of atrocities if we are not subject to restrictions where we go the mobile phone and internet ban is evidence of governments increased frustration a young man told us about his recent experience we have not identified him at his request i've listed the idea a few days ago police stopped me and asked me where and when i got my sim card mobile phone after a brief interrogation and a lot of abusive language towards me they snatch my mobile phone and kept it rights groups say that communication restrictions put nearly 1000000 refugees at serious risk unable to communicate with emergency services and points that the international covenant on civil and political rights is explicit on the right of freedom of expression for every person including for displaced populations we don't
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really want that we are living in the cage because you know we have been living in myanmar in the cage for more than 27 years because of some a few bad people more than m.b. and should not be so far for those people activity. there is also an increase in security presence in the camp and it's making many refugees nervous vinick. we have no problem in decides to erect barbed wire fence in the cams by this is not an assurance for peace or rather it might have a negative effect in the community. the recent killings and push back of running or trying to scrape from myanmar plus expulsions of refugee children from local education institutions and the threat of relocating thousands of refugees to an isolated island reflects a tougher stand taken by the bangladesh government communication blackout restrictions on movement and i plan for
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a bar where friends around the camps has led to an increased sense of frustration and anxiety among growing our refugees and the prospect of returning home to me on my looks even more distant thunder jugglery al jazeera. iran has released pictures of its oil tanker that it says was struck off the coast of saudi arabia the picture show to large holes in the hull of the tanker somebody had arms as the ship was hit by 2 missiles on friday saudi arabia has said it wasn't behind any attack on the tanker the incident comes amid heightened tensions between tehran and riyadh last month an attack on sell the oil facilities was blamed on iran but iran denies it was responsible a former aide to the u.s. secretary of state will testify on wednesday to a closed door session of a congressional committee holding impeachment hearings into president trump on monday former white house russia adviser fiona who gave her testimony she resigned
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days before the july phone conversation when trump asked ukraine's president investigate joe biden and his son shihab rattansi his move from washington d.c. . unlike the former ambassador to ukraine is testimony on friday there was no opening statement for fear in the hills and i think it could be leaked almost immediately to the press number unless we have been receiving briefings from those around or about what she is saying and the key the key point is yes there was a shadow foreign policy operation underway at the at the control of rudy giuliani on behalf of donald trump but the next question is always right that's fine but the president is allowed to conduct foreign policy in any way that he sees fit but was this on behalf of the united states' national interests or was it on behalf of donald trump's personal political interests and that the suggestions we've been getting is yes funeral will say it was the latter this wasn't about u.s. national security this was about donald trump's personal position about may be key
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in the articles of impeachment now a wise u.s. police officer who shot an unarmed black woman in her own home has been charged with murder police say are indian acted without justification. but here they are. 28 to roll out of town a jefferson was killed in her home and fort worth in texas on saturday and looking after her nephew. to mozambique now opposition say they have doubts that tuesday's general election will be free and fair and that puts their fragile peace agreement under threat when your own fears that the country could be plunged back into conflict malcolm webb has more from a boozy district. for a number became mozambique's largest opposition party it was a rebel group it fought the governing for lemo party in a 15 year civil war until
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a truce in 1992. been declared the winner of every election since. when are my politicians accused president philippe newsies government of corruption and vote rigging. can you see here don't vote for the 1st one that's to think that we talked about most people in this area supported renamo throughout the civil war they say that means they were deprived of all public services and targeted with their aid. really most signed a peace deal in august is the 3rd or meant to be the final agreement ending the conflict but not everybody is happy with it metaphysical renamo left tenant general named mariano nyong'o rejected the deal he's hiding in the bush with no no number of fighters. we spoke to him one day a general i think that when you. go to vote the voting for war we will fight the
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government that's not a problem for us to avoid war the government has to negotiate and integrate all the run armored forces into the police and the army therefore f.t.'s voting we are at war. doesn't accept an army as presidential candidate for my monday as it's true leader. it was my mahdi who signed the deal with president you see 2 months ago. the future of mozambique is promising from now on the hostility between members of the same family will remain in history. as mozambicans prepared to vote the electoral commission says it's running a free and fair poll but the opposition and rights groups say there are serious problems the success of the peace deal it depends on how this election is going to be done but until now we have seen enough problems to say that this election will have problems of credibility particularly when the electoral institutions they
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deny a condition to independent observers the elections credibility something that general nyong'o and his fighters have already rejected mozambicans awaiting to see if the fragile peace will hold malcolm webb al-jazeera boozy district mozambique. now results from of ghana stance presidential election in september should be ready later this month as election commission says biometric data machines that was supposed to prevent fraud have instead complicated and delayed the process and that's raising concerns about they were negative the results were heard and malley has more. for nora and job stability was important. for you voted for incumbent president ashraf ghani in september selection. i cast my vote to elect our president because security afghanistan is not good we want to have a bright future so that is why i voted. and his main challenger abdullah abdullah
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claimed victory after the 1st round ballot in september. in 2014 the to win election stalemate with each accusing the other. that led to the u.s. intervening to negotiate a power sharing agreement the government then brought in machines to collect 30 years biometric data. candidates are divided with some they bring system saying it helps stamp out fruit but others argue that those whose biometric data wasn't recorded won't have their votes counted. you know what i supply thanks for these videos were shared on social media during the election and sparked fears the ballot boxes were being stuffed with fake votes. the independent electoral commission has now announced only biometric votes will be counted. and election
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officials have also complained some machines didn't work properly and staff lacked training we had witnesses on technical steps we had problems with the voter lists and also electronic and by maty devices turned out i. didn't announce the final figure of turnout the government blames taliban attacks and threats over to turn out an estimated 26 percent of just more than $9000000.00 registered voters but analysts say there were other problems one factor could be because of the insecurity that you have in afghanistan and the other primary factor i believe is because of the 2014 elections and subsequently to 2018 and actions where people lost trust as well as this whole electoral process and democratic process is concerned. back to the workshop raavan says trade.


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