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countries are demanding the return of their cultural assets the trophies of the renowned museums of the western world. pillaged countries have a legal tool to negotiate for the return of their stolen treasures the 1970 unesco convention signed in june the era of de colonization imposes on all nations to return objects obtained illegally. in recent years the pressure on renowned museums has intensified. the pergamon museum the most visited in berlin is obliged to know the origins of its collections. you start to understand that what you have here is not just archaeological object but it's part of the cultural heritage of the region or of these countries and at that point you realize you're talking about
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a political dimension or a cultural political dimension as a director i cannot say i don't know when somebody asked me how did your collection actually come into being so my responsibility as director of this museum is to know everything about the objects. well the key documents in this file are the ones that tell us basically that it was ok to take up the objects and this we have to do for everything and i'm considering that we have roughly 500000 objects you know that this is. a huge task ahead for us something that has to be done over decades really 500000 objects all and so that's an ongoing process it will take until i'm retiring but the important thing is somebody is doing it every day because you have to have honest i was this is said to have made a new going to close the critics on the present is an extent bush said you know i
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said that is ideologue vick spikes on in just music lamisil never in our field of loss exacta my dad will be a. professor. and. all the friends you see here have been pretty good. and we wouldn't be acquiring stuff anymore the pergamon stopped acquiring in the 1930 s. 40 years before the signing of the unesco convention which isn't retroactive this is. so the museum's collection is seemingly protected from demands for restitution but that's not the opinion in turkey specially in the city of tep young guys and why they should come. here mr. you know seeing. that we don't at all my. name is that down on that was. the man i should when there was
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a debate incident there was. a man and a leg and then say and then i said and as many people in this is from this is now you know that i've had. this black list includes objects on show in the british museum in london but also in the pentagon in berlin although they were all acquired before 970 turkey still wants them back. it's not a question of museums anymore because it's a request of the state of turkey. they also are in the process of overcoming. colonial attitudes towards cultural heritage and in this process they have started to realize that. countries in the west have not always been upfront about their practices of acquiring collections begin to do yeah savation. there is. a palooka. here's john dowd and they can i
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know. given busy i'm. busy you know gunson shante can play in kent and then. begin to d.l. cilicia new coach of the vitriol a set we've been engaged in in on money and then i made. an agenda to shoot it in this new they are abusing in. the pillagers happened over a century ago but turkey isn't ready to forget. like china and italy turkey has made the restitution of its treasures a political priority. within its culture ministry the turkish government has set up a special restitution unit. 40 or so lawsuits have already been won resulting in the return of over 4000 objects.
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one of the special units successes is the restitution of this music of orpheus stolen in the $950.00 s. then purchased by the dallas museum of art after several years of legal wrangling the museum was obliged to return it. while believes nations like turkey have a legal framework to demand reparations this isn't the case in the private sector where only the market rules. in this antique shop window how many artifacts have a perfectly established origin in many cases it's practically impossible to verify . does the private antiquities market have its own rules immune to international legislation you know asco had attempted to extend its 970 convention to better control private transactions
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a new convention adopted in 1905 the unit the convention on stolen or illegally exported cultural objects obliges sellers to prove the legal origin of an artifact it also obliges buyers to demand proof but although the original unesco convention is recognized by 113 nations only 37 party states have committed to the united wired convention. so the market is winning thriving with its own often shady rules chadian as embodied by the freeport system one of the main thoroughfares of art market trafficking. the best known are here in geneva but the exist
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throughout the world free ports were originally special economic zones which stocked in transit merchandise to reduce or avoid customs duties are dealers were soon renting space in these huge warehouses to discreetly store artifacts by allowing people to store all kinds of objects without the slightest control free ports have long been considered as a hub of antiquities trafficking it's estimated there are over a 1000000 works deposited here more than twice the number contained in the movie. this swiss establishment guarantees its clients 100 percent confidentiality its high security site is protected from theft but also from prying eyes artifacts can be stored safely here for years since before so has up a problem on the. left you. know i mean he can
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join would you like to find a not understood it should one image with one on sauce fish out when you're at the t.v. are would order to keep the tax. no taxation an appealing advantage for our dealers while the works remain inside a free port they can be sold and bought without being subjected to any kind of tax customs duties are only paid once when a work definitively leaves the freeport a perfectly legal tax haven right in the heart of europe. these facilities explain why the gallery phoenix keeps most of its merchandise in free ports and the showcases only
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a small part of the collection is displayed the gallery belongs to tom one of the biggest antiquities dealers in the world. in 2010 customs discovered in alley tons warehouse in the freeport of geneva this is 2nd century roman sarcophagus since then it has been the center of a complex legal battle. the stock of. tools will awful you know all are loaded up events thank are up on love on do i love on this on the on and off and off on dr to for that's not hope you bleak put on their own music. so decidedly i'm don't. know jane alcopop level. fesses said proposition to deny assume she was you don't you have a clue jake do you see that i just don't know dip or perform
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a shop or add me read of get this used extraordinaire in p.s. the met can't get don't get those the large i met county i do. in their next year on cities used to get exam play and good news all morning don't say i'm a modest shock silliman they more. likely steal from them what their lawyer the killed colleagues. near 0 lead to cannot as your phony powder mashonas it in 6 issue and of course that the president don't know haven't. really hit me on the pond on the year the. mariana kids who are out there here yet is the most ridiculous who belong on get heated this is sack of elapsed hasta documentation please on c.n.n. live it equivalence in more in lake claire early in this. heavy faced with doubts over the objects origin the sale was finally cancelled as the so
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called because it was probably looted in turkey swiss authorities decided to allow it to ankara let your idea for me do cool let your key sit there. but of course if you impose it you i didn't go see aunt jackie man who thought they did agree. to set this exposed as short as it called the simplicity as your report did you for it so it doesn't keep as to the tumble use doc. all of a on a lot that follow the story of it with a document live only the longer to the clearly allowed one or both own them. except that after being restored in london this or coffee because didn't return to geneva until 2009 so the turkish lawyer heading the case believes it comes under the new
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swiss law which demands every approachable origins for all works of art imported after 2005 in september 2015 swiss justice finally ordered the repatriation of the 2nd office to turkey but tom continues to claim ownership based on a certificate delivered by the company art loss register for years that if you get positive early. because of us buys it at sue the glare is that if it outlaws netizens these or cope what is a really really classic may see. down of. getting. a sucky sucky sucky do to a for me. what is an art loss register certificate the precious open sesame of the art market a document which states that an object wasn't stolen. founded in
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london 25 years ago as a private information service with over 400000 listed objects art loss register who owns the largest database of stolen artifacts in the world for a fee any buyer or seller can ask art loss register to verify that a piece is not listed on its database. these registrations these. could also be registrations from an easy just in case items ever started on the register them on the database just in case they show off for sale somewhere else the most obvious examples of the surface from the national museum of iraq in 20032000 full. and what was amazing is they were very careful and you can tell it was well planned because they went into the basement once they'd stolen everything and they destroyed all the documentation for the
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objects so that people would know what had been stolen unfortunately the major objects have been recorded elsewhere. there you can say actually the different words that we've entered just to help bring that up so here they were for all they were put. braided have something like that and. in the case of the baghdad museum an inventor really existed so stolen objects could be captured on to the database but in war zones very few museums keep precise inventer his and there's no way that objects discovered during illegal digs will ever be listed obviously that's incredibly difficult when you're looking at looted archaeological material that has been looted out of the ground it was taken out of the ground and potentially the only people that even know of its existence of the people dug it out. and yet this certificate is
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widely used on the antiquities market as is the case tom's suck office. i wish i had a clue powers. i would say. it's we've always been very clear about what our certificates are for and they state very clearly that an item is not database and it's not been registered with us but that not every theft or loss or looting event is registered with us so it's not complete. the art loss register certificate nonetheless remains the main document supplied by a seller to prove his or her good faith a precious certificate which can multiply the price of an object by 10 but why is this service provided by a private company and not by a public body at least on
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a european level changes in national laws you go across an interesting nation state in the make it very difficult to resolve issues relating to stolen art in particular because suddenly limitation periods change principles of acquiring good title change is something that people take advantage of to get around the system. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more we become still fight against corruption. this fire needs heroes heroes like no who are about to refuse
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to 15000000 dollars brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to better place nominate your anti corruption here and now. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage part of this can you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist. israel is a ship the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not going to speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind and i'll just 0. $33.00 prime ministers and still close ranks with the october 31st departure
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deadline looming and the e.u. and u.k. professors square off in brussels was will boris johnson to do next followed the brics it summit on al-jazeera. i am. i'm stan grant in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the un human rights office is calling on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible war crimes related to what's offensive in syria saying it's gathering information about summary executions shown in videos the us has imposed sanctions on ankara and plans to send vice president mike pince to turkey tell strike that has this update from mexico city near turkey's border with syria. it's been quite heavy turkish
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artillery fire in the last couple of hours close to here but the big potential flashpoint is a town called man base which is to the west of here we understand the turkish military has now entered that town and we're getting reports from turkish forces that they are moving closer to it from the north big concerns there that there could well be a confrontation where right the 2 respective armies we understand that moscow is doing all it can to try and avoid some sort of confrontation there meanwhile we're getting reports of ongoing clashes to the east of here in the town of. a town that both sides have declared victory in in the last couple of days and we're also hearing from turkish authorities that at least 2 people have been killed in what they describe as mortar far fired a brierly s.d.f. forces they're also saying that there could be as many as 14 other people injured south africa's former president jacob zuma has appeared in court facing 16 charges
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of corruption but the case has now been adjourned until next year zoom is accused of taking $267000.00 in bribes from a french arms manufacturer he denies any wrongdoing boating is underway in mozambique's general election that could see the governing for labor party extend its decades long rule the vote is taking place 2 months after the signing of a peace deal with longtime rival the opposition bernama party president felipe own you see he is seeking a 2nd term but he faces a strong challenge from ramos assume. the number of people killed in japan from typhoon has written risen to 68 as rescuers search for those who are still missing thousands of people are in evacuation centers with many homes left without water and electricity those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after hour traffic.
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with the absence of common legislation and with skyrocketing prices trafficking has taken on industrial proportions. that it will be in the majority they have been initially very good but there isn't a link there this blows even i didn't meet them look it up but. i'm a journalist and repeat this story to others a lot don't be surprised at the sec it just that out of the sec at the argument and in the race at the bus that if you know if your general telling you don't know is that the teacher there that us these players are callous to complain that. today looters have direct access to the market all they need to do is post their object online where it can be sold anonymously in recent years the number of websites selling archaeological artifacts has increased or 100 fold on one of them
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we found this clay nail probably from a rock officially this type of object has been banned from sale since 2004 but on these platforms no one cares about origin export licenses or legal documents it's the final stage of what has become global trafficking. believed to be the 3rd highest illegal trade in the world antiquities trafficking was rarely in the public eye and. yes it has gone unnoticed for years but footage of destruction by the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis has caused a major international commotion. on any i being here oh me me me me me me let me. ask you who.
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music did tweet music. the music. the discussion on your high i.q. . about i gather. by me and. the talk of. the age of the tweet. produced song battle of the. i don't going to come i said petition that c'mon there demented he said you have. the state's destruction by eisel hides another reality much harder to measure mass looting. since its founding has been suspected of part financing its activities through
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antiquities trafficking. see poor credit a least now and again my goodness which i should not stay said that they did and that to secure it that through said maddon at took until it is like you think that . this was a key subject at a press conference to present the new red list published by i called the international council of museums for 15 years i come has been publishing lists of rare objects from various countries which threaten to turn up on the international art market this time it concerned antiquities from iraq and syria suspected of financing eisel operations as proof that the subject is being taken seriously several international figures attend the meeting including richard stengel representing the us government who would launch the offensive or you might we just
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don't go and essentially has to. be department. also why. are you going to. good evening i'm delighted to be here. what we've seen over the last year is i saw as weaponization of information and the cultural destruction that they're practicing is the weaponization culture so this is a destruction of history and destruction of culture and the destruction of human beings thousands of human beings at the risk of being too graphic i would say that burying or selling an artifact is where finances the beheadings of muslims in the middle east. don't sal that's one quick solution.
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you know by now selling is a very good slogan it's obviously impossible to completely police it and to be certain about it. one of the things that we've seen is that isolates using existing criminal markets that have existed over 102030 years in the region or using those people as middlemen to finance their operations. but how do we know what exactly is going on in the field absa the association for the protection of syrian archaeology has been recording cases of plundering in syria the association based in strasbourg and founded in 2011 at the outbreak of the country's civil war is headed by syrian archaeologist. according to information gathered by absa eisel isn't the only armed group plundering sites in syria all the actors in the conflict
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are to blame too lee. will act here in moscow military talks here young strong. man year or you dno. more active. an example. that. this is the most complex here like you see on the dodge. city many of the many people. especially. young around asiri. what's the extent of this trafficking and how do the local networks that supply it operate to find the answers you need to go into the field most makes regular visits to turkey. to meet other members of his association.
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early in the war his correspondence could easily cross the turkish syrian border but turkey recently closed entry into its territory. to simulate stock on. the c.e.o. but they are. not the sessions on the piece they did that you. push it up to the other. we see you. got to get it kitty don't use it on the whole case for to increase never be you know his lawsuit was the best able to come up it will lead to fuck you not nearly 0 but look what a mitt romney job to sit in a semi auto citigroup to face let me ask you. and
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i limited my sight need to one moment most new vanishing point book at home here is repeated on your people being only. did not know me. see it can't have it in this world i don't why did you speak. nobody. should have been meant for levy in based on on those you prove also why he personally am if not to respond it's there you are going to continue to contact . b.s. chi it will go to others or more young. people.
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not so long ago it was still possible to cross the border and large quantities of merchandise alive here in gaza and tep 60 kilometers from the syrian border. according to several sources this turkish city is a hub for the trafficking of objects plundered by isis. push. and. push. doesn't have is full of antiquity stores in one window check most spots what he thinks ossified smuggled in from syria. before. the start.
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that you can then stop the pollution i'm ashley initials. as your table is here so . you know a little bit. but since i didn't. know it was below sound with music on the unit i'm actually happy. there is doing so if you want to sit through the normal most if you still miss if i be seated in. syria then the. new. than. the yellow new york. there was another the one on the muslim american ramadan i mean there are not and they are. not going to be all of them gone that is ron. they get that someone almost.
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made it about it but it gives them with a paltry. amount a small group. called one of these objective as you sample if not who you know is all if what. can rationally. because we want to go people peace for sure because it would not be speaking police action maybe only peña nieto live . in or a. city react to. the. last minute they have always. found kitty i think in norman i said the need some part of me a very dizzy. or blanket child they tell me a good deal i make. the. community.
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obs to secure him keep on a lot then buy it if you can actually him but not us if you cannot be. the critics any male input their ak is no sooner was nice send their thought that the sun don't all agree and pleased of course. on the lead the german just sang a bad. day. yeah the cossack of their heritage i cannot sit at the back it was do says she passe. it's no longer possible to publicly sell all purchase an archaeological object without legal documented proof of origin. the pressure on private collectors has increased. any of their acquisitions can be examined at any time.
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in the service that one. reporters who. were going on when you said is that one also don't know what having your walk on water is perceivably much more these are pretty careful you. know using the gallup poll's is so important given a bug which is it is legal or. illegal question the clues each year and of my 2 kids like you are now me a place group is cool going to see if i move knowing me into the piazza. situated in what i think. although he thinking. some don't say on excepting of course i loved. to ski or.
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awful as who they were for ages you could get you fired of course if they call on somebody to get on is such a policy matter. because of the economy weighing on them. the funding the talk all but it was our. laws to do employ. for them since civil code orange has offered. the rules that he was indeed a deisel is a question when ya think. of divorcing it in a news or a repressed moment when the alladin the shura. or the full fuel or me a gal or the vehicle or office to which. after an 8 hour search the customs officers seized $123.00 pieces archaeologists have estimated the value of the collection at $95000.00 euros the collector will be questioned further the customs
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offices is facing 3 years in jail. she got it took it as. if you were there if you. don't like. it would be calling the order if and most if it. is a hippo few. and. they get in the shop. as european dealers and collectors are subjected to a growing number of controls they now represent only a small part of the international antiquities market far behind the chinese a new category of collector has appeared every year in europe they flock to special . actions led you to spend fortunes to buy back their national heritage.
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a spending spree that has seen prices skyrocket and guarantee. that you don't get. very good although. i see steve as i suppose. there's a month assume the peak of all event don't and the taliban for the. meat puppet who will sell tons of shit so you may appreciate one of these example. he's home again but then the knee leaky belong to my decades mino hole they can only bust like usual police hold on the media all meals and so me to demean you and all. guess is still in your better bunch you know that's right very out there better are you coming up afternoon on a jet sheen that's it i know is it you don't got boy serious though about a young she. says so much you had rape in 80 don't pee on me to southwest softer
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august 2nd felt it it did. such a good to do or not but i could put that question right on about him. as a present doc don't say that this only present worked on i don't. want to push to be there it did but that seemed silly appropriate there except they didn't measure it defective in your so so happy again. the reason bernard gomez is sure he'll find a nato's prepared to buy this chinese seal is because wealthy chinese buyers are willing to invest fortunes in highly symbolic assets. these assets include a good number of plundered national treasures objects with a high financial and ideological value purchases are driven by
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a strong patrie arctic feeling and encouraged by the state. you know hundreds. of feet down toward the. lot and shut down obama revealed when the hot. hot to go. home being shared city utah. harleigh. this is believes that those who wish to become cultured should invest in safeguarding national heritage she has even founded an association which aims to repatriate historical masterpieces through any means. if. records see the. so much. pressure you tenderfeet how shitty means yet that this is your father said that all he lead could see him truly that japhet how you shout that evil. gomez regularly
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visits mrs barnes home and headquarters to collect the funds necessary for buying back plundered chinese works that are sold in europe i am a foreigner working in china since long time i understood that when there isn't a question of really when. there is no beyond of china's but only one voice it's a national really it belongs to our national and everybody sings the same things you know is very different than our country's. taken to german soldiers. but what year that they had to hit the bush. bears are coming out there tony the only just a total washout and up at. the sound and about our torso.
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so small credo jail though jennifer are sure she should go. to their fate haha. and then a washing. machine that soldier she is abot europe or. the message got across in the west to plundered artifacts must be returned to china otherwise sooner or later you will be held accountable former president of the french union of antique dealers christiane did he personally paid the price in the late 1990 s. he bought a collection of chinese gold plates the for selling part of it to french businessman is wrong swapping no for 1000000 euros later the 2 men donated the plates to the queen may lose him in paris when. one of the most welcome again yearly players can learn a few years after their donation to the chinese announced that the plates had been
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looted and beijing demanded the repatriation in 2007 the 1st lawsuit was filed but not pursued 80 years on did he receive a phone call from the french culture ministry is old you. see news or you'll shoot please of g.t.p. new no. don't sit if they don't also send you prove i knew little or don't as you need for this and that you'll be doing it. but only real name law accomplices. ok. so christian did cancelled his donation to the green a museum and flew to china to return the plates to the authorities the other generous patron of the arts francoise pino would return his plates in person to the chinese ambassador in paris a month before the official visit to beijing by french foreign minister. a model
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for cultural diplomacy. can't. dawn. dani babb. were. a. the date is very near film it is years which is if we reset a little less all fed will do need a buzz the i pray you had to deal guess your loss. bargaining that has taken on a new dimension. and. parity is now being
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used for political leverage as a bargaining chip between states. the status of antiquities has changed once thought of as part of the heritage of all mankind cultural assets are now being held hostage by armed groups and used by states for narrow nationalist political and economic agenda as. action is needed by imposing tougher rules recognized by all through international organizations cultural heritage may regain its true place in our societies.
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had other been thunderstorms banging on the river plate montevideo and buenos aires for seems like weeks on end but they come in ways that latest let's just concert as the weather should be improving here to some degree the persistent rain and it was true brazil and is also easing off for this is seasonal stuff and this is a welcome sight the green the shower was over amazonia and particularly on the west coast gets crossed across peru and ecuador nothing much in chile there north of the
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continent to mr waiting for the race to get really heavy as the sun goes south but mexico is the place to focus you see a bit of a hint to the circulation that there is indeed a circulation forming a tropical depression quite possibly which will run up the coast of mexico in the next 24 hours madi become a proper tropical cycle with its brother forming on the other side that is definitely one to watch because it's still warm potentially very wet in the southern states of the u.s. but the story here has been the winter which is now drifting off into the east side of qantas although it's still cold in the northern plains the u.s. north dakota for example the temperatures are much higher and snow is not falling in anything like the rate it was. the weather sponsored by catherine was. at night in a stockholm suburb somali moms patrolled streets police i'm not going to hide our lack of children in yemen tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to
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prevent crime. if they don't get in. a do out but a bit by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera my father's symons were all. taken by the chinese government all i want to stay with my son stay with my wife and so on this is a really human rights abuses of our time we decided to talk about it. just. tell the world. the truth about china systematic repression of the week is. tell the world coming soon on al-jazeera. the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes out into the environment goes around the world. except
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on the grounds that it's a very modern way to. make voices the measure of progress. the domestic population has organised enough and active enough to believe that your assuming there is it will kill people or build circle of poison on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm stan grant this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the city of man becomes a potential flashpoint between turkish and syrian forces but russia says it's working to prevent any direct confrontation the e.u. used lead breaks at the go see it and says it is possible to reach a deal with the u.k.
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this week chances a very slim. another trial delay in south africa former president jacob zuma appeals for a permanent study from prosecution in a corruption case voting is underway in mozambique in general elections since the test of whether the peace deal signed in august will hold. and i'm we're hard in with. prime minister demand the resignation of his country's president after england's players were targeted with nazi salutes and racist abuse during a european qualifying match we have reaction coming up this hour. it's the latest sign that a potential new flashpoint is emerging in the turkish offensive in northern syria turkey says one of its soldiers was killed in an attack near the city of man that happened just as the u.s. completed its withdrawal from the city a small units of syrian government soldiers is now inside man beach the president
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sets up a potential clash with turkish forces and this syrian rebel allies who are on the outskirts of the city russia says it's patrolling the dividing line between turkish and syrian government forces to prevent a confrontation the kremlin's on boy to syria alexander. confirmed that kurdish forces ceded territory to the syrian government as part of a deal brokered by moscow and the un's human rights office has expressed concern it's called on turkey to launch an independent investigation into possible war crimes it's gathering information about videos that appear to show summary executions and we have our correspondents covering the latest developments we're going to go to washington d.c. and moscow 1st though we go to charles stratford who's insearch near the turkish syrian border and some us concern here charles about a potential class between syrian government forces and turkish government forces give us a sense of how that's playing out. yeah there
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is increasing fear of a confrontation just like that we understand now as you say that the syrian army are in side monday according to our sources the turkish forces are moving down from the north towards those that town we understand there are ongoing clashes in villages close by as you say the turkish authorities to be saying one soldier was killed in this operation. u.s. forces complete that pullouts interesting the some videos appeared in the last few hours that it is described as showing a russian soldier walking around one of the abandoned us camps. a serious concern for confrontation the russians saying that they are trying to patrol the area to keep the 2 sides apart. very much part of the wants plan
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to set up what he describes as the safety zone for these refugees 3600000 refugees in this country for a lot of those 2 rich. meanwhile in the east. that the town of oso i mean we understand that there are heavy clashes going on still there that town is being contested for the last few days and there has been a number of occasions where both sides have declared victory there we're also hearing from the turkish authorities that at least 2 people were killed on this side of the border on the turkish sort of the border by what authority is described as mortar fire farid by the s.d.f. we understand from aid agencies that civilian casualties are still as you can imagine on the rise a lot of very terrified people thousands we understand hiding in schools aid agencies some of them having to withdraw their staff very concerned about the destruction of civilian infrastructure as well certainly there are reports of
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important water infrastructure having been destroyed. around the town of which we understand has a population of around $400000.00 the situation here as you can imagine is incredibly tense all eyes are on the russians as to whether indeed they can try as they are doing so so seemingly well at the moment of keeping the 2 sides apart charles thank you as charles is all eyes on the russians biggest of us and now who is live in moscow and give us a sense the about how russia sees its ability to be able to negotiate this and keep these 2 sides syria and the turkish side apart. well. russia really feels it's in control of the situation they are in syria now patrolling between the lines of the turkish troops and the syrian troops on the other side and also we have indeed seen this video emerging it wasn't a soldier russian russian soldier but
9:54 pm
a 'd russian war correspondent who is embedded with the russian troops actually filming himself inside one of the you as a basis for left behind by the united states showing that the russian troops are actually on the ground in mumbai at the moment also the government here says that the u.s. hasn't fully pulled out of syria they are still in the north east and they are hoping that the united states states will fully leave the country and they still have doubts that that will actually happen so there is this hotline that the ministry of defense has been describing between turkey and syria and also turkey and russia i have to say so the military commanders are talking like nonstop he said it's a real time dialogue he has described it so meaning that their own communicating scuse me all the time and making sure that the thing that they nobody wants to happen turkey and syria kalash in syria that that will be prevented by the presence
9:55 pm
of these russian troops so thank you our white house correspondent kimberly hell could joins us now from washington d.c. what's the view from washington of course we've seen these sanctions imposed mike pence preparing to come to the region but also concerns about just the situation in such a tense place right now could actually get out of control what is what's washington's line. well if you look at the u.s. congress there's nearby bar bipartisan opposition for what u.s. president donald trump has done many concerned that what's happening is increased instability there is concern that the white house despite his denials has green lighted this pathway for turkey and as a result the concern in the eyes of one of the president's own party members mitch mcconnell the senior republican in the u.s. senate is what he believes is near catastrophic outcome as
9:56 pm
a result of the president's actions so what is happening right now on capitol hill we've got an effort underway multiple efforts in fact for bipartisan legislation we know there was a discussion between the top democrat in the house of representatives nancy pelosi along with the top republican in the u.s. senate working on bipartisan legislation that they hope will overturn president trump's withdrawal of u.s. troops now this measure is stronger than the sanctions that you mentioned that the white house announced on monday namely a halt to discussions for a $100000000000.00 trade deal between the united states and turkey also that there are in place sanctions on former officials as well as current turkish officials this would be much stronger than that it would essentially bar weapons sales to turkey and would put sanctions on the assets of turkish leaders so in terms of the response and washington not very happy with the developments on the ground working very hard to try and turn around the actions put in place by the u.s.
9:57 pm
president thank you can't believe no will power as of loans to local allies in the syrian conflict the groups fighting in the northeast right now and no exception the main target of the turkish offensive is the is for syrian democratic forces now they were the obama administration's mind in the fight against arsenal is different in the food with kurdish fighters of the white p.g. ankara's says this group is an offshoot of its banned kurdistan workers party will . which is for the turkish government for decades meanwhile turkey has enlisted the help of the syrian national army which was previously known as the free syrian army their rebel force of syrian military defectors and citizens some of them were armed and trained by the u.s. and to trump time into office they now enjoy the backing of turkey which has boosted the numbers. marwan is the director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies and he joins us here on the set now and give me
9:58 pm
your take on what we're seeing playing out right now there are so many moving parts russia trying to keep turkey and syria apart the united states of course putting sanctions on and and at the same time one saying that he wants to complete the mission that he started. there with all of the u.s. forces from syria has and needs to completely different dynamic in this in this conflict now we can see that the situation in the east of defeat is very much becoming like the one in which the united states is not a party anymore to this conflict it's merely between the 3. and iran and to that extent russia risk critical absolutely russia today is the main bar broker in syria it's pulling most of the strings right now it has good relations with all the parties of this conflict that iranians that the syrians and the days are eighty's it's russia it's mainly russia now after the after the united states pull out from
9:59 pm
from syria so everything is being really really actually managed by russia at this hour on there are so many balls in the air that russia is trying to to be able to control it one of the critical questions is can it keep syrian government forces in bandage right now the kurds and ceded control of managed to the syrian forces and the turkish government forces apart well i think the absolutely can because they are actually calling the shot for on the part of the syrian regime the syrian regime actually is mainly that the issue on the ground actually is mainly run by russia so there is no there is no question about that but on the other hand we have to keep which has its own security concerns that russia is trying on one hand to to meet but on the other hand is saying actually to have the syrian regime they cover most of the territories that have lost over. the past few years so this is the this is the part that russia is trying to do right now and that's critical because we
10:00 pm
have heard from the ones who said before that he wants to finish the mission that he started with what would be the judgment that the job is done is it that that space that he wants is it being able to return the refugees is it being able to secure that area or what point does he say this job is finished we are absolutely right it's not going to be an easy mission anyway because the 1st stage for him is actually to push the syria democratic forces like 50 kilometers deep into syrian territories and his 2nd stage actually is to have this saves on established and fees actually is to have more than $2000000.00 syrian refugees that resulted in this and this so it's not going to be something easy because as you said i mean there are so many players that americans are changing their position from from today i mean from one day to another out the russians are there they are there the syrian regime and all these parties are actually having having a say in this whole.


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