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tv   Gaza Sinai The Wall  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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35 percent due to the trade all we have to work that we try our best to keep most of them the u.s. has been threatening to increase targets to 30 percent on $250000000000.00 worth of goods imported from china like many other chinese business owners chan is now trying to find alternative markets at home and abroad but adapting his products for china and europe takes time and money in the 2nd quarter of 2019 time this economy started to slow down for the 1st time in 27 years president seeding thing knows the success of his leadership is going to be judged at least in part on how his government sustains the economy the presidency also knows that he has to be seen to come away with a good deal for china. u.s. president donald trump is also under pressure he's facing an impeachment inquiry in the u.s. and he too wants a win in trade talks with china ahead of the 2020 u.s.
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presidential election but relations have become more strained the u.s. has put some chinese companies on a trade restrictions list and banned visas for some chinese officials because the u.s. says they're linked to allegations of human rights abuses involving china's wego muslims meanwhile chinese broadcasters and other companies have pulled out of $1000000000.00 streaming and sponsorship deals with the u.s. national basketball association after the general manager of the houston rockets tweeted in support of hong kong protesters despite the strain in relations with the u.s. chen says he's confident china has the upper hand. or china can survive without exploiting to us china is duly without us by us carley with our china because most things american people use each day are all made in china. but unless a trade deal is reached more business owners like him in china and in the u.s.
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could become casualties of the trade war right matheson al-jazeera shanghai. boating is underway in mozambique general election that could see the governing for labor party extend its decades long rule the vote is taking place 2 months after the signing of a peace deal with longtime rival the opposition party president felipe and you see he's seeking a 2nd term that he faces a strong challenge from a suit from the body the 2 sides 4 to 16 years in a conflict the cube of need the immediate people still ahead on al-jazeera people. president scraps austerity measures following weeks of bloody protests.
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hello whilst we wait for the dry of winter in the stars to come into northern china we're still looking at a fair amount of moisture in the west rain is still likely possible and likely in the west and in sichuan maybe more obviously on thursday where higher ground that comes out is snow for shanghai and hong kong for all this eastern side was or in all the northeasterly draw humidity has dropped and we are seeing the official retreat of the southwest monsoon and it rains throughout india and you get an idea of where the cloud is moving you think well that's being driven by northeast wind and you would be right that's what we're looking to come in so the change emphasis and where the rain falls is likely to have just but started now so look at andhra pradesh and the right hand side the eastern side of an instance for lanka this so the west maharashtra for example looks dry most of india and all of pakistan dry for the next few weeks probably months of course but in that change of direction of the clouds we may well catch rain into the
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a monica and salala on this easterly drift suggests more coming off for example the gulf into the gulf states this cloud in saudi which last night produced thunderstorms up in lebanon. on march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing spazz descending aircraft immobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it failed our passengers it failed the global fault lines investigates system failure to boeing crashes on al-jazeera.
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but you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories a small unit of syrian government soldiers is now inside the northeastern city of man bitch turkey says 2 of its soldiers were killed in an attack near the city russia says it's working to prevent any direct confrontation the u.n. human rights office is calling on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible war crimes related to with the offensive in syria saying it's gathering information about summary executions shunning videos global economic growth this year is now predicted to be at 3 percent the lowest since the 2008 financial crisis the international monetary fund says trade disputes are largely to blame for its
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lightest downgrade. british giuliani donald trump's personal lawyer has been asked to hand over ukraine related documents to the impeachment inquiry choose to use deadline to produce the documents also extends to vice president mike pence on the monday the inquiry heard from the white house's former russia expert fiona hill who resigned days before trump asked ukraine's president to investigate joe biden and his son but by canada joins us live from washington d.c. and mike rudy giuliani has been central throughout this entire story and now of course the focus on these documents and what they might reveal. indeed yes well rudy giuliani and the vice president mike pence have not been individually subpoenaed however the subpoena has come for documents that they may have relating to the controversy over ukraine and the president's conversation with the ukrainian president back in july now certainly both arguing confidentiality in on
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rudy giuliani's case the vice president is going with president trump's argument that the impeachment process has no standing unless there is an impeachment vote in the house a point rejected by most legal scholars that the investigation is gaining traction in the course of today yet another administration official is expected to appear before the committee he's a former assistant secretary of state george kent who will address the issues raised yesterday in a 9 hour deposition by a former member of the national security council the owner hill who revealed according to several sources a timeline of events that indicated a form of shadow foreign policy being set up in the white house at the behest of rudy giuliani operating in terms of the instructions directing struction from president trump. and mike that the issue of the shadow foreign policy
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and what we've seen playing out inside the camp not just from what we heard from fiona hill but others as well john bolton what does this reveal about the you know workings. well it does appear to indicate the tick lee if fiona hill's testimony is accurate as reported by several sources that there was indeed a separate process foreign policy process set up in the white house completely separate from state department official channels that was headed up by a trump donor turned investor to donald sutherland who will be appearing before the committee later on in this week now fiona hill testified that he had nothing to do with the ukrainian matter he was the ambassador to the e.u. but she's testified it is reported that he inserted himself into the process at the
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request of president trump but one must remember to wear this all began it would appear from evidence that has been heard that president trump was intent on leverage pressure against ukraine president to get information on a political rival joe biden now his son hunter was sent to the to that particular process president trump alleging without any evidence whatsoever that he'd been involved in corruption in the ukraine and indeed in china were hunted biden has broken his silence on the matter he's given an interview where without mentioning president trump's children and son in law by name he says that by stepping down from all international companies he setting an example that others with a multitude of international business links should follow this is what he said i don't know what to tell you i made a mistake. in retrospect as it related to. creating any perception that there was wrong and so therefore i'm taking it off the table and you know i'm
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a connection with alyse of anybody else makes a commitment but that's the commitment that i'm making. well once again the committee waiting to hear further evidence in the course of the day and indeed in the course of the week where as i mentioned a number of administration officials are breaking the white house boycott and are ready to give evidence and center to all of this rudy giuliani who's at the complete center of this ongoing probe into what happened in the ukraine on the gods of the trumpet ministration mike hanna live from washington d.c. in the u.s. a white police officer who shot an unarmed black woman in her own home and has been charged with murder police have named aaron deen and say he acted without justification. but here the. 28 year old attorney and jefferson was killed in fort worth texas on saturday while
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looking after her nephew a neighbor had called the police because her front door was open. the corruption trial of former south african president jacob zuma has been postponed until next year zuma is facing 16 charges related to a government deal for military equipment with french arms company zuma says he hasn't done anything wrong in a miller has more from pietermaritzburg on a scandal that goes back more than a decade. jacob zuma made a short appearance in what was expected to be the 1st day of questions into allegations of corruption within minutes the trial was again perspire own to february next year mr zuma elects to exercise is. the full extent. of his guns just not rights. which includes what i taught people. an interminable decision. of feel when a civil court zuma will appeal friday's court ruling that said he should stand
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trial the charges relate to $180000000.00 contract with french arms company time is to provide naval equipment to the south african government thomas is accused of paying a bribe to zuma who was then the leader of the causal natal province for his influence zuma was 1st charged in 2007 the charges were dropped 2 years later when he became president of the african national congress but last year charges of corruption racketeering and money laundering were reinstated it's been almost 15 years since zuma 1st face these charges and the latest appeal will keep zuma out of court at least for now many see this as yet another delay tactic by the former president who has repeatedly claimed he wants his day in court whatever the outcome the trial is likely to be drawn out for months to come. outside the court
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a couple of 100 supporters gathered to his zuma speak. but we are we asked the court to drop the charges completely because it's apparent that this case was never going to be dealt with fairly because we believe there was a conspiracy to find ways to arrest me while vocal this crowd is one of the smallest seen supporting the former president a no show by prominent provincial leaders of zuma as party the a.n.c. perhaps a sign of declining support for me al-jazeera pietermaritzburg south africa 2 contractors have died in 2 more injured in what's being described as an incident at a saudi oil refinery saudi aramco says it happened during maintenance work at a facility in your bio just north of demand on saudi's east coast the company says the maintenance work will carry on as planned brazil's northeastern bar here state has become the 1st to declare an emergency after a mysterious oil spill contaminated dozens of beaches gabriella's on the has more
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from us sir. the situation is still very critical in the beaches here in the northeastern brazil there is still crude oil that is washing up on the beaches here in more than $150.00 different locations in an area that's nearly 2000 kilometers long no matter where this oil is coming from it's already having a devastating effect on some marine life now this is video that's very hard to look at it is a video of a marine sea turtle that was rescued near the state of by. this turtle had swallowed some of the crude oil and was about to die but it was rescued and these veterinarians there are trying to save the turtle by cleaning out the oil from its mouth this just gives you an idea of the kind of work that's being done to try to save as many animals as possible and the question is where is this oil coming
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from the brazilian government continues to say that this or oil they believe is coming from venezuela however in recent days there's been images like this barrels of what appears to be oil that have washed up on some of the beaches in the northeast of brazil and on the barrels of oil it says shell in reference to the american oil company however in response to this show has said these particular barrels are actually lubricants that probably fell off of some ship show claims that these barrels do not have anything to do with the current oil spill however on sunday brazil's minister of environment demanded that show provide more answers to this it's probably going to take weeks perhaps even months to clean all of this up as one person told us this is absolutely an environmental disaster the
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president has signed a decree scrapping austerity measures the most 2 weeks of violent protests monrovia while over has more from tito. in a neighborhood near the outskirts of the ecuadorian capital freddy and carmen are walking back from their home their house is modest and they share the space with other members of their family. the couple make a combined income of about $500.00 per month which is just enough to get by. for the past few days however the 2 haven't been working. instead they were participating in an indigenous movement that was calling on the ecuadorian government to abandon austerity measures that threatened to increase their cost of living a movement that was ultimately successful. saying. finally the voice of indigenous people is being valued finally the government has listened if they hadn't we would have continued to go after the corrupt government that only puts money in their pocket. there are thousands of people from indigenous communities
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from across ecuador who like freddie and carmen flooded the streets of people for more than a week the protests were against a proposed cut to a fuel subsidies program that's been in place for decades weak analysts like other to. say this policy would have had a devastating impact on the poor. then i would be sentencing people to poverty or sending entire swaths of the ecuadorian population into poverty there are many people who live off a subsistence economy where $1.00 means the difference between a decent meal or not eating. this is for low income families like freddie and carmen's avoiding the increase in fuel prices is being viewed as a win the carman says the fight is far from over. we say that this is all the tip beginning until all of the corrupt leaders leave this doesn't end here to fight continues until all the corruption is gone. on monday indigenous leaders cheered the big 3 over the government but reiterated their demand that fuel prices be
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reduced to earlier levels this is the scene in downtown with high. hundreds of demonstrators no longer protesting in the streets arriving at this auditorium for one last address from indigenous leaders one last celebration before they go oh now that a call has returned to the streets of the ecuadorian capital. the agreement between the ecuadorian government and indigenous demonstrators means the unrest in the country has ended the government is now faced with a new pressure to establish economic reforms that are more inclusive or otherwise face a backlash from a sector of society that has lost confidence in the country's leadership and lit up a little key to it with. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories a small unit of syrian government soldiers is now inside the northeastern city of
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mann bridge turkey says 2 of its soldiers were killed in an attack near the city russia says it's working to prevent any direct confrontation the un human rights office is calling on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible war crimes related to its offensive in syria saying it's gathering information about summary executions shown in video the european union says reaching a brakes a deal this week remains possible but the chances of becoming increasingly slim lead negotiator michel barnier made the assessment during a meeting of e.u. ministers in luxembourg on tuesday politicians in the u.k. and in brussels are trying to reach a deal by the end of the week is the october 31st deadline approaches e.u. leaders believe for today's summit from thursday. global economic growth this year is now predicted to be at 3 percent that's the lowest since the 2008 financial crisis the international monetary fund says trade disputes are largely to blame for
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its latest downgrade south africa's former president jacob zuma has appeared in court facing 16 charges of corruption but the case has now been adjourned until next year zuma is accused of taking $267000.00 in bribes he denies any wrongdoing rudy giuliani donald trump's personal lawyer has been asked to hand over ukraine related documents to the impeachment inquiry tuesday's deadline to produce the documents also extends to vice president mike pence on monday the inquiry heard from the white house's former russian expert fiona hill who resigned days before trump asked ukraine's president to investigate joe biden and his son in the u.s. a white police officer who shot an unarmed black woman in her own home is being charged with murder. but her. 2 road to tatiana jefferson was killed in fort worth texas on saturday while looking after her nephew a neighborhood called the police because her front door was open those are the
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headlines and used continues here on al-jazeera after the strike. a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins about this today to reunite with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. tens of thousands of iraqis took to the streets this month to demand job space except to say as an end to corruption security forces shot and killed at least $100.00 of them i said ok i'm really good and you're in the stream join us with your thoughts on twitter or in our live you tube shop. iraqis government has launched an investigation into why peaceful protests turned
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deadly week officials have also begun offering compensation to victims' families some of them are refusing the money the streets are quiet for now but anger at the government continues to simmer. al-jazeera who has been covering this story it's with us from baghdad welcome him ron you have been in iraq for the duration of these deadly protests and now an investigation is being called for into the daffs i want to reference this article on al jazeera dot com iraq's of the orders in curry into protester deaths the prime minister online though people are still skeptical this is how does how do you create an investigative committee headed by a party who is the 1st accused in prosecution of the demonstrators and still monitoring their digital activity till this moment many activists outside provinces of demonstration are threatened with arrest and disappearance so enron what do
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people believe will come of this investigation. well there's not a huge amount of hope that the investigation will actually tell get any of the people responsible what we're hearing is that the iraqi army was responsible for most of the life on to the crowds they were actually taken away from for example so the city here in baghdad and replaced with federal police forces but charging the army is going to be very politically difficult for the prime minister. and so bringing these people to justice may well be a very difficult thing because under a tremendous amount of pressure by this the most senior religious cleric a shia muslim religious cleric in the country grand ayatollah ali sistani actually gave him a 2 week deadline and said this investigation must take place within 2 weeks and so the protesters been speaking to say well that's a great deadline for us will give him the 2 weeks but if he doesn't come up with a credible investigation where the results are plain and clear for everybody to see
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will be back out in the streets again so there's a lot of pressure here and the government and it's building very very slowly you know i need to we have the senior muslim cleric ayatollah ali sistani but we also have 3 major political blocs in iraq calling for new elections we have the speaker of the parliament. also talking about elections but certainly putting pressure on the government before we start i just caution is something that i want to check in with you about that as we have covered we have seen protests in iraq before what surprises. well for the 1st time. many of the journalists i speak to many of the political analysts of soon to say that these protests a different because they were leaderless they seemingly came out of nowhere and they were spontaneous reaction from a lot of young people people who don't remember saddam hussein don't remember who
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barely remember the invasion and occupation by the u.s. of iraq who actually were armed when you speak to the military bluntly what they do remember is you know government corruption not having any opportunities lack of jobs education i mean those people are lucky enough to go through and get their education they say well what's the point we have all these degrees but there's no jobs for us to get so this is a generation who is who are seeing iraq not develop since the u.s. led invasion occupation now it is a very difficult toss to rebuild a country of the something like that happens to it but some 450000000000 dollars according to transparency international has been stolen from the country and these young people are asking questions like well with that money gone these are probably questions to ask i think you have young a young person on the show who we are asking exactly that question but for now it. now does in baghdad bureau we really appreciate you joining us now to discuss the
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protests we have here osman he's a journalist an analyst speaking to us from iraq we also have russia and i went to the protests she joins us from baghdad by phone russia has asked that we not disclose her last name out of concern for her safety and finally in the studio today we have got team aoi he is our political analyst expert on iraqi politics co-chair welcome it is good to have you here so this idea about the protests could have the. one you saw them happening this latest report in protest many many many times. behind these protests is what well thanks for having me here. it's a very unique this protest did that unless it doesn't have a leader and when they went on the street to a week ago they won there with very simple demand for basic services for a job and some other issues but right now it's escalated to to changing their
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governmental system and even the laws which covers the election laws and it's getting bigger is getting ready denge us actually to to the government to environment and baghdad right now i mean all the heads of the state which is the 3 of them mr i'll go see the speaker of the house and the prime minister mr the dr barham saad they're sitting there and they're just like redux i mean they're all in their eyes when they see these people like what do we do exactly want from me those kids i call them kids because they're too young you know god bless them they're on the street they want to change everything right now this is not just about a job because we know the iraqi government cannot employ everyone on the street but the iraqi government can bring big companies for investment when you have a big company in iraq when you have a hotel or a huge company and you can bring these this young man a woman to
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a decent job you don't have to rely on the government under 2 percent for the job but there are many issues right now those those young man and woman on the street bringing to the government we don't want you there we don't want the system in general not not that you know the democratic system but we're talking about the election as a. if i if i just add one more to this i think being on the street and talking to the various protesters again i agree to a very young but i think the operative word here is good governance the people who were on the street all the previous demands that they were having can all be summarized in 2 words good governance the lack of good governance since 2000 is very is really what created this protest today the demands that we've been hearing they have the we have been hearing them since 2003. and they
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were in various stages of protest in iraq over the past 2 years over the past 16 years. they were sidelines they were dealt with with various political groups but at the same time they were they were really not map the various protest so that the demands of the various protest in the past so this time around i think it is its own all the demands exploded on one day october 1st this is this is a key thing unfortunate see what i see that the government is completely oblivious to this day all these events and there are scientists from many of opulence this is what. this is i think with will keep these protests going the various young. people who are on the streets seriously on the streets to call for sort of they are
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for these. serious changes to this to the political system but at the same time they were met with violence they were met with cutting these nets they were met with scare fuel and that contributed to increasing and spreading the protests at least all around the capital for the 1st couple of days and then a force to the rest of the country. i'm glad you give us that context because i want to bring up to each week that i'll give to you. on twitter says demonstrations are not new to iraq's streets nor politicians are new to publishing promises since 2011 where iraq's former prime minister nouri al maliki promised land and houses for some rockies and some monthly grants for unemployed people iraq still lacks jobs houses and security but like you were saying the people are demonstrating not just for money they've had enough of corruption not only for having good electricity they want to see their homeland in a good state of development so. i know that you were out there on the streets it
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looks like we just lost a precious connection so i'll give this back to you here because i know you were there on the 2nd day of the protests when live fire broke out tell us about that and did that surprise you. it was actually very surprising i was i went from there but i was in the area of baghdad to see the end of the protests because they were pushed back from tahrir square to to another area called the player on the parents where close to where the people the young guys were that were hit with the past with the loss of. life around them and i started to ask him people in the middle of the interview. i posted that video on my facebook page and i think and him being in the middle of the interview already so the people who are standing there would not even shouting slogans or anything they were getting ready
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actually to disperse and we so huge gas being thrown at us and then at the same time there were we saw live rounds coming from the from the forces and i'm not sure what it's about it's more like if i show some of it because a fight for you on facebook a free fall is you on twitter and you have been documenting this and you've been documenting this for a reason so let me just show people what you think this is all to help with the 6 and you can talk from what we're actually seeing. this is. the this is exactly what we were just. to see they're not there we got to think if you look at these but you also see. them in this 2nd video on face on i was on my facebook page shall we. so let me just say that so you're saying that that's not really doing i think they're just there in the street so let me go to this video which is so
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disturbing i am just going to show you here the separatists video army shooting. i'm just going to press play down hand then play it back up and you'll see you hear this let's put the we are right up guys the this is. the shooting horizontal. and you notice that the shots are all his own program not buying this gun. this was really amazing we don't know why they were doing been doing this and the reason you mention the reason you mention history to horizontal is because there were people who were industry yeah and there were suggestions and if the shooters were snipers which would be coming from higher up not from down on the streets there were there were 2 types of bullets i mean certainly from the result that i will to the hospitals and i met some of the. some of the injured. too
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and they were they were injured from both sides those are the some of them were are real and others were from the protesters some of the people in the are being accused. some of the people in the army accused the riot police and they were this was really amazing the riot police are supposed to be the most patient the most the most cool headed but they were the most trigger happy and one of them said. i had to look published this with us because of the identity of the what they wanted they were going to put most of them. gun shots coming in from one side and coming out of the other side in a horizontal way in their body part in their body so it shows that it explains where the gun would be bullets or that military personnel that soldier ended up he was firing. in
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a horizontal thank you thank you for that and i'm going to bring you back in the conversation i want to play a video comment with are from a political activist in istanbul on this is made and here's what he told a stream protest spontaneous on t.v. it without a political leadership and that was an advantage for the protesters at this point i'm not sure that i think government administration can stop this because it's created became in a different province to say out all for 18 total all the iraqi people are asking the international community and every human iseman ization to condemned what are going on but bad because that's not what we're willing to be and that's the future we asked him for personally i am not sure about the ability of the iraqi government to solve the problem and. making a better choice for the protesters rush i want to bring you back into the conversation that is video comment says he's not sure of the government's ability to solve this problem you went to the protests as
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a witness you talk to protesters what were they telling you. well there's a there's a number of things that have said they're not exactly the same but the most common one was the fact that they believe the government just seeing these protests coming they happen in 20072013201520162772 and now in 2019 they have not seen the face was sure that the government can do anything whatsoever and this can be seen from the fact that when the post was actually 1st began there was the monitoring a lot of corruption increased employment opportunities. going on there lots of the basic services for once the i guess the hostility and live ammunition in the system i think again most of them on what was just those that have died had been wounded have been taken some people have no idea what is happening some of the friends all that family members and then in the end complete lack of faith in the government also of so i guess the demands of the post it's
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a transition based on what the escalation of between by both sides not just from the government schools or by protesters themselves for example you would have this is attacking fire trucks or ambulances because try to put an actually used against protesters became a lack of faith between even among themselves because you're trying to get people dressed in civilian clothing when you're talking them and take them away so i guess what one started off as just normal demonstrations for against what i've always been demonstrating for over the last few years transition to a complete lack of faith in the current government policies and also the system itself because i want to play you a sound bite from the spokesperson of grand ayatollah al sistani his reaction t.s. a very powerful cleric in iraq and let's listen to his reaction thank you i want to come also back up and go ahead and play. and not a supplement what i mean is that i have an amnesia that rock
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a government and its security authorities are fully responsible for the blood which has been shed and the demonstrations of the past few days the bloodshed was either from then us interested and or from security elements which were entrusted with dealing with them. the government is no longer able to shy away from betting such a big responsibility lawsuit on. erik making at that question about the politics of what's going on in iraq quite how significant is that well the shiite clerics they always get involved into and into politics i mean some of them and and the parliament some of them actually they're they're active and the and the government so the mix between religion and politics these days it became a fashion but it's good that the marjayoun presented by agreeing that the loss is obvious is tiny and show you care. but i you know was that led the discernment of karbala that they had their condemning those attacks against the civilians which is
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really good that's given legitimacy to the protest and to the protest but it was still he's real and the problem we need the solution the solution comes from the government but not end term solutions not just throwing money not just apologizing or oh thing now you have to really have have a habit and major surgery to change the iraqi political system and that's what this with with the protests are right now they're looking for some good solution not just every time this is since 20112010 every time they have they have a protest and the iraqi government promised them to have a job for them but this time there is a chaos also what then have the iraqi security forces who's who and who's doing what who's shooting this innocent protest that is that the army is that the police is the militias is that p.m.s. so you know the key problem with this. is that we have
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a very we government we have a political process a process that is led by the. very much respect the wise in some of the fish is the news of their own to make them for the government was very good but on the other hand they thickly little buttons. seems to be in charge in iraq the most powerful man today there are going to miss the custom sulaimani di r.c.t. that you read the n.r.c. if you come out there who comes through there are all those people around and it seems from what we've been hearing from some government sources that the iranians have taken charge of the over the process of the process of crushing the approach that what's happening now. same way as the green revolution it had all around you iran it was crushed there and your tactics are being used today against the iraqi purpose that you and i thank you and i we know iraqi government it's a consensual government and the middle east when you have a consensual government that means it's going to be weak which means going to be
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run you know you are going to be run by various political parties and he's the head of the state is not very rigid the head of the state the prime minister he's actually compromised part of it he's not he's not even elected this i mean dr mr dinwiddie he was a compromise figure out of a pick tom pick him up from what i would has and then go ahead and make created the big power vacuum created the big political vacuum created this being built by iran and its agents said well it's an essential government never worked and the middle east even in the muslim or arab world we have won enough and pakistan consensual government in iraq consensual government back in the days in yemen consensual government. consensual government that is what i think he russian rational trying to get in. you know i just want to say that 8 i do you agree with i think he was that i just threw up his view that the iranians are seeking complete control
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of the government actually when i was on the ground focus is actually complaining that they feel like oh american intervention and the increase of the reigning intervention in the country was actually a big travel purchases but the fact that they young go no it doesn't match that action saying this on grounds they actually believe it's the right. we are seeing is iraq you really going to be more. hoping really looks that they were not really going to talk to. people every single day even people who are not people for example who want to be in or if they were hired by. one of the people of the speaker a lot of people who are. there are people who are not going to actually be american intervention. exactly that's what i'm thinking i think they're think. because what's being done to bystander all of this happening when it's you know it's one of the i don't know if you don't interfere get death to america they are not going to
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come to collect it so it's them if you do them if you don't time that's the good that's i'm going to stay away from this is this chaotic issue thank you for that how tired from i am i just want to get back to the community if i am able to pushing forward on what is going to happen next there is conjecture from faddist here on twitter he says we're calling for the resignation of the government mr i that i've delivered the transfer to a caretaker government change the electoral law in such a way in order to end the continuous domination of grand parties or the results i deem calling for the resignation of the prime minister do you think that that is something that's bigger than just this one person here or and do you think it's feasible it's not feasible it's a big thing i mean there's one person you get rid of him it's a name and one person to get rid of him you remove him those grand political parties and islamic parties and while they are just as long as lamas and they go to bring their own
11:44 pm
a studio again they will bring their own mini meat so you have dr evil right they are watching the minute he was doing the dirty business and so it's the position of the is not the solution the solution it's these political parties us who are the heads of the political parties who run iraq since 2003. this those of us or. persecution that reform and they're asking for or changing the formula is being repeated we have been trying to see things over and over again says to those are the 3 unexpecting of the group is over this is made in a court let me just go back to russia russia i'm going to show on my computer some of the key reasons why people were out on the streets this last time in october so we have a population of 14000000 in iraq 60 percent to 20 percent unemployment and in the transparency international league of corruption iraq comes in and what number 168
11:45 pm
which is not a good showing if you could ask of course i knew really tapped into what those protests that wanted what would it be out of these most recent protests what would it be what would they want what would they settle for. what. we did we've just lost which will certainly lead to the report of going to google to connect and he will arrive at the end of the show so i was just going to get a quick wrap up thought there from russia russia so we that we lost you there but it's also very difficult connectivity in iraq right now because the protests and it's spotty which is why we were having difficulty that we've russia and of course the government crackdown on the internet which is what we got a lot of tweets about but some people managed to tweet us so i want to end with this from most of our who says the protests that shook iraq are winding down but younger iraqis remain determined and the generation gap that's developing will have an impact for years to come thank you to iran here our russia and get them for
11:46 pm
joining us on ash and today and you can i will see next time i'm online at 8 a street export. 3 years 3 prime ministers and still no correction with the october 31st departure deadline looming industry and u.k. prepared to square off with crossing war will boris johnson do next followed the wretched summit on al-jazeera. planet's history to the point of the climate of ecological emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of it reversible changes to the climate all be with
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you throughout as well law enforcement correspondent nick carr we'll have reports from the frontlines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help through al-jazeera brings you a new weekly show climate s.o.s. was set up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. on the legacy of south
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africa's a n c most of the oil needs reporting form these what is the power how does gold take us coal i believe and how perceptions have changed over this former liberation movement turned government you think is appropriate for a man who went to prison for defrauding paul i'm an eruption to run your policies working group on corruption not the ha some goes head to head with my leg to regroup and it means not exactly do we. get an agreement on a jersey. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour life from the headquarters in doha i'm coming up in the next 60 minutes the city of members becomes
11:49 pm
a post tensional flashpoint between turkey and syria's army but russia says it's working to keep them apart it's. used that negotiator says it's possible to reach a deal with the u.k. this week but the chances are slim and time is tight. and court in south africa postpones the corruption trial of jacob zuma until next year the former president appeals to have the case thrown out it's. also 11 on calls in international help to put out its worst wildfires in decades. about people simply the sport is the head of bulgarian football resigns after england's players were targeted with nazi salutes and racist abuse during a paean qualifying match we have reaction coming up this.
11:50 pm
hello it's the latest sign that a potential new flashpoint is emerging in the turkish offensive in northern syria turkey says 2 of its soldiers were killed in attacks near the city of men because the us has just completed its withdrawal from the city now a small units of syrian government soldiers is now inside men because their presence sets up a proton szell clash with trick us forces and their rebel allies who are on the. outskirts of. russia's envoy to syria says his country is patrolling the dividing line between turkish and syrian government forces to prevent a confrontation meanwhile the un's human rights office once turkey to launch an independent investigation into possible war crimes it's gathering information about videos that appear to show summary execution fighters allied to ankara we have our correspondents covering the developments as well as reaction from washington and
11:51 pm
moscow 1st so we'll bring in santa joining us from suits that's near the turkish syrian border to give us the latest updates on what exactly is happening inside man business is in a. well the russians have been handed a victory in syria they moved in when the americans moved out of members city so really russia laying claim to this city in northern syria a very strategic city because of its location it's at a strategic crossroads all along the main international highway that connects the east to the west the east and west of syria in the northern part of the country so this is not just the supply line for turkey and its local allies they will need to control members if the safe zone that they want to create in the east of the euphrates will not remain an isolated pocket of territory to be able to have a bridge from the east of the euphrates to other areas under the control of turkey and its local allies west of the river so the russians now saying the military
11:52 pm
military police are on the front line separating the turkish and syrian army's basically their presence there means that the turkish led military advance has to stop because if they continue then you will be interactive confrontation with the russians now these latest developments call into question the future of turkey's relationship with russia 2 countries which have been working together in syria and yesterday the turkish president or the gun was talking about coordination and cooperation with russia he even hinted that there was a green light from the russians in a for the turkish led troops to enter members as well as called bonnie and today we hear from the russian defense ministry saying no there is no agreement between ankara and moscow on turkey's military operation in syria so turkey coming under a lot of pressure finding itself increasingly isolated as a result of this military operation which turkey insists is an anti-terrorism operation aimed at eliminating what turkey considers
11:53 pm
a terrorist threat but the the message from here is one of defiance earlier today president or the gun saying that this operation will continue from the iraqi border all the way to miss. and his spokesperson saying that the turkey will no longer come under pressure get used to it and those were his words so the spite the sanctions from the united states the europeans so far the message from turkey is one of defiance because most turkish officials will tell you for us the cost of not engaging against what they consider a terrorist organization in syria the syrian armed kurdish group the white b.g. is more than not doing anything ok is in a hood with an update from salutes and i thank you let's bring in sebastian is joining us from moscow to tell us what the message is for moscow step it's being sense. well it's definitely a balancing act that russia is trying to perform here of course it doesn't want to have a confrontation with turkey which is an important ally off russia and also
11:54 pm
a nato member and russia doesn't want to have a confrontation with nato inside syria but it also doesn't want to have turkey inside syria and that lee doesn't want to have to keep staying inside kurdish areas russia simply wants the syrian forces to take control over the whole country it has always been talking about the territorial and taggerty of syria which is now step by step becoming a reality because i've said and i said russia is now claiming basically victory in mumbai and that's an important area as well but the question of course remains how is russia going to make sure that the turk the turkish troops are going to leave syria and they have been talking about this hotline between the 2 armies to turkish army and the russian army and there's also this dialogue going on between the could and the syrian forces and as the syrian and for russia said he has quite good hopes
11:55 pm
that if this dialogue between the courts and the syrians is successful then the situation in syria will normalize as he has called it basically suggesting that if that deal works out that maybe the turkish troops would leave by themselves but of course this is a very big question mark at the moment so it's a very cautious and very unpredictable bad balancing act that the russians are performing right now ok thank you for that update from moscow let's now find out what's being said over in the united states our white house correspondent kelly halkett is joining us from there and you know kimberly in the 1st few message of the 1st few days excuse me of this operation it was a mixed message coming out of the u.s. what we're hearing now. yeah well what we're hearing very different now the message that is mixed is there is a difference from the message from the white house versus the u.s. congress now the white house is adamant that it is the one that can help appease
11:56 pm
the tensions between all sides that's why the u.s. president late on monday dispatched a high level senior delegation the date officially when they would be headed over to the region still unclear but we know that delegation would include the vice president mike pence to try and calm the temperature if you will also in place some sanctions that the white house says will be effective in sort of combating the actions taken by turkey namely halt to discussions on the trade deal as well as the raising of tariffs of up to 50 percent on aluminum or rather on steel but the u.s. congress saying look that is not nearly enough and as a result are taking matters into their own hands we have unlikely bedfellows nancy pelosi the top democrat in the house of representatives mitch mcconnell the top republican a member of the president's own party in the senate they are actively talking right now putting in place legislation that they hoped would overturn president trump's
11:57 pm
withdrawal of u.s. troops so what we're seeing is that discussion underway it would bar weapons sales to turkey it would say in the assets of turkish leaders again rolling up their sleeves after a holiday weekend on tuesday putting in place this legislation they say because of its bipartisan nature would force the u.s. president to sign it into law and now the other big question mark in all of this very quickly where do things stand on the u.s. president meeting with the turkish leader next month according to the white house that visit still scheduled for november 13th all right sara lee thank you for that update from washington. so let's take a closer look at the syrian democratic forces or the s.t.'s it's an alliance of kurdish an arab groups operating in northeastern syria it was instrumental in driving out eisel over the past 4 years with the help of airstrikes by the u.s. led coalition but turkey considers the kurdish led alliance a terrorist group that's because its main fighting force is the people's protection units or the y p g and turkey says the y.p. g.
11:58 pm
is an extension of the band's p k k which has fought for kurdish autonomy in turkey for decades let's bring in bobby goes she's a bloomberg opinion editor he's joining us right here from doha thanks very much for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour so you know turkey has long demanded that the united states expel the s.d.f. from members and it complained that a previous deal that was struck with the u.s. let's remove fighters was just not being implemented so should we be surprised that turkey has gone in and. taken part in this operation or leading this operation. well that. the president of turkey gave quite a lot of warning he said over and over he was going to do this and he disregarded the vice the requests from the united states and indeed from other european partners to sort of hold the turkeys to sit back and allow for a settled settlement to take place between the 2 sides but he clearly had run out
11:59 pm
of patience he decided that he was going to go in militarily and drive out the kurdish militias from that part of the syrian border with turkey it's a decision he's taken he's made his bed he now has to lie on it that are consequences we've begun to see some of those consequences play out in in the decision by several european countries to stop supplying military equipment to turkey some of the equipment that will be required for a if peace military operation continues we're seeing the united states all. really announcing some sanctions on members of congress planning stiffer sanctions we'll see how long. you can sustain this we're also seeing an economic consequence of folks logon today announced that they were going to suspend a plan to invest a 1000000000 and a half dollars in an automobile plant in turkey so there are consequences there is going to be a blowback to this decision the question is just how much stamina does the turkish
12:00 am
economy has to bear. these consequences and how much political stamina president over one has to keep fighting this fight against international criticism yeah i mean on that issue of consequences you are correct in saying that the u.s. has now imposed sanctions on turkey and we also saw that the e.u. is imposing a weapons expert on turkey but and now we're actually hearing that the u.n. security council will meet on wednesday to discuss this issue off turkey and what's happening in the north east to syria you know some would say this is simply double standards because the international community has moved so quickly when it comes to turkey yet when you have the issue of yemen for example it wasn't the same response certainly not as fast on saudi arabia that some would say the.


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