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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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leaders going much further than the sanctions put in place on monday by the white house the feeling is that there is grave concern here in washington that a number of things are happening on the ground as a result of this u.s. pullback of troops and the military operation by turkey number one that eiseley is rebuilding but even more of a concern to many of these lawmakers is the fact that the influence of iran but specifically russia now seems to be heightened in the region and that is of grave concern to many lawmakers and that is the reason they are taking this legislative action and of course kimberly one wonders what happens to the supposed that scheduled meeting between president trump and president next month yet the white house is being really tight lipped about a number of details number one we know that he has dispatched a high level team to ancora to try and resolve it and sort of bring about what the white house is calling a negotiated solution to the situation on the ground
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a senior team that we know consists of vice president mike pence is going but guess what we don't know when the white house will say and it goes for a meeting that set to take place next month between the u.s. president and the turkish leader and we were told this would be taking place on november 30th and the white house right now says that that remains on the schedule ok it can really help it thank you for that update from washington let's bring in moti not to mind he's the director of foreign policy studies at the set a think tank that's in turkey is joining us from ankara thanks very much for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour so kimberly was saying that the congress in the u.s. is looking at possibly more sanctions on turkey we know of course that the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey some e.u. foreign ministers saying that they will suspend weapons exports exports. do you think that earlier on finds himself very much alone now in the midst of the international community. looking from turkey. we have 2 different scenes in one sense yes it seems that turkey
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is alone especially its western allies left their network a nato ally alone but on the other hand there are some other countries from the non-western part of the world which understand turkey's approach and its struggle against terrorism but let me tell you one significant think that turkey for now regardless of their party affiliation they are ready to pay any price for the struggle against international terrorism so they are ready for the sanctions may come from the united states may come from the western european countries so. it will not stop the operation but long do you think. apologies but because as of now the numbers we're getting is that you have 7
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turkish soldiers who've been killed since that operation began as well as a number of turkistan variance so can he continue to keep the domestic public opinion on his side if things continue to go the way that they do. exactly you know when you look at the western media you will see the otherwise unfortunately disobedient because of these from the turkish side it is much more than the causality is in in this on the syrian side yes there are some. military officers that were killed by. forces etc so far that is no sign of any defection from the political parties i mean all political parties with the exception of h.t.t.p. which is closely associated with p.k. k. and y. p g with that exception all other political parties they are supporting the
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government and the turkish military in its. incursion in the northeastern part of syria so we for now it seems that the turkish economy. was not harmed by dissensions so we don't know how it will influence and in further sanctions how they would it would influence the turkish economy right for now it seems it's intact and it's further and not armed well you do have this deal now as you know between the kurds and the syrian government and now it seems like turkey is finding itself in a potential flashpoint or a conflict with syrian government forces particularly in men bez to what extent will these developments that we've seen take place in mendez forced turkey to alter its plans. yeah you know it's quite ironic. to see how y.p. g.
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forces are reliable for the united states you know it took on the one week to defect from the american side and to to find some other allies as a matter of fact white p.j. has been working with all sites not only with the united states so they are heavily dependent so far. on the united states but they have been watching they kept working with russians for instance intel rifat and they have been working very closely with the assad regime for decades you know there is a significant existence of the set regime forces in common. you know one of the largest cities under the control of p.g. so we are looking from turkey we are sure that the assad regime and their intervention in the membership in will not bring security and we know that they have been working together so it will not stop the p.g.
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threat against turkey so looking from turkey turkey has to continue. the clearance its border with why p.g. militants are say one way or another turkey will continue its military operation to clear the border marty in our time and thank you for speaking to us from ankara. the rest of the day's news is coming out ahead right here on the al-jazeera news hour and unrest in guinea is the president's bid for a 3rd term sparks widespread anger. after weeks of accusations from donald trump joe biden's son speaks out to tell his side of the story and sport history is made as palestine hosts saudi arabia in a world cup qualifier but not everybody is happy we'll explain a little later in the program.
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but 1st the e.u. has given britain until the end of tuesday to work out a breakfast deal for the block to consider a summit in brussels in 2 there is time for more on that let's cross over to barbara starr and our european new center there in thank you and yes they go see agents from the u.k. and the european union are trying to reach an agreement by the end of this week ahead of britain's official departure from the block on the 31st the negotiator says obstacles remain between the 2 sides but insists there is still potential for a deal a spokesman for u.k. prime minister boris johnson says talks have been constructive so far adding that if a deal was going to be reached britain wanted to do it as soon as possible. for a 2 day leaders' summit on thursday. reaching an agreement. please do push the board obviously any agreement must work for you and
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your all. of the united kingdom and the whole of the european union let me add you do i time. to turn good intentions you know legal text let's go live now to john hall who is at westminster for a service or jenna they've got until the end of tuesday the end of this evening what's the latest negotiations. but we're not getting very much in the way of detail certainly not briefed to the press barbara. we know that those talks are ongoing this very much a sense that no one wants to say anything that might. disrupt the delicate balance of negotiations as they stand take a basic course in brussels not here though until boris johnson is sitting in 10 downing street getting constant updates often as you mentioned there michel barnier use chief breaks it to go she said that if there isn't a fully approachable legal text agreed by the end of play tonight well he will
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declare on wednesday dead the chances of a deal being passed by e.u. leaders at that summit on thursday of course there would be contingency plans to that already discussed the possibility of continuing to talk into next week the possibly the possibility even of an emergency eve leaders' summit at some point before october the 31st an additional summit all of that said reports coming out of brussels quoting unnamed sources suggest they are extremely close to a deal suggesting that boris johnson has made major concessions specifically on the very difficult question of the irish border here that has been one of the main stumbling blocks hasn't turned to the u.k. securing its exit from the e.u. but what do we know about. the shape of a possible deal. well in terms of these major concessions and they would be last minute concessions made by boris johnson what is emerging is the shape of
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a deal is being built around the idea of an economic border in the irish sea separating the u.k. mainland from the island of ireland to be inforced of fortune airports it would be a customs border in terms of which northern ireland would leave the customs union with the rest of the you k. whole and entire. law but not necessarily in practice because it would still have to abide by and in force the e.u. customs code and forced at as i said those borders and airport those ports and airports rather it has the advantage of the boy's johnson of potentially being open able to win over the democratic unionists of northern ireland to support his government and also the heartbreaks it is on the right of his party to have held up the withdrawal agreement up to now the problem though could come with germany and france paris and berlin said to be uneasy about the face of all this war and about the detail that hasn't been properly scrutinized this is a hugely important issue it's
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a back door for the un to the single market they worry about corrupting the customs union they may push for a more considered face perhaps a deal in principle this week or next fall the next before october 31st with a technical extension to follow of a couple of months to iron out that detail. to hold with the latest on this from westminster for the moment jonah thank you. protests are taking place in barcelona for a 2nd day of the lengthy jail sentences given to 9 catalan separatist leaders on monday the politicians were found guilty of sedition for their role in catalonia failed bid for independence 2 years ago while i disagree you're going to how she joins us from barcelona we saw a lot of protests are on monday over those jail sentences. some of them went into the late into the night what's happening in barcelona right now. and it's a continuation maybe it was never about protests exactly what should you think of
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a soft sentence and this is a good. course is just reigniting tensions and i think dissipated so everything that money. for intense something surprising was espoused by cataloging nationalists is opposed to this so at the moment with this particular word test facility credibility michel because that will be. kind of fishing is that the civil side you know this was said to see was monday that it's a given location is just outside the delegation of the spanish government there is that possibly in the city you said also was a very has been they. have been stopped by was useful subsidies played spices live by. it we've got to it's got to be said that the president has next week couple in your reach talked about how 6 in each call you
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speak the civil disobedience makes knowledge that mike was a bit of a contradiction in time seeing as he did have to send out the regional police forces out to induce. yet protest is the city that is correct yes thank you thank you. thank you. thank you thank you day it was this was. not just. go with the latest from barcelona or people who are very much so in the screwed so sort of thing. french police have used tear gas and water cannons against fire fighters have been protesting over there working. conditions thousands of firefighters from accost across the country have gathered in paris. paid better pension benefits and more respect for their jobs many say they feel like they're not being listened to the
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government to declare its support and that is it for me and the rest of the team here in london let's go back to the. barber thank you well at least 5 people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations in guinea there is widespread anger at a proposed change to the constitution which would allow president's office to run for a 3rd term. more from the capital. this is downtown and here people were protesting clashing with security forces yesterday where many people have died in school or were injured don't people have come out and life is slowly returning back to normal some of them come out to see what will happen today because the opposition leaders called for another day of nationwide movement earlier we saw down this road security forces clashing with protesters arresting them beating them many of them are full on these they make up the majority of the
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population here but never has a pull on the lead this country and many of the opposition people that you see here accuse the president of the current day of deepening ethnic divisions in this multiethnic country the president has called for a national dialogue he wants to sit down with the opposition and try to find a solution to this political deadlock the presidential election or a year away but there are scenes that for now there is no room for dialogue still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour peru tries to move on from corruption scandals but will an election and the political crisis. palestinians take to the streets accusing is really police of ignoring the violent crime in sport with peter the champions get set for the rugby world cup quarterfinals.
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hello last night was a sundry one in the levant the cloud just about shows it this moisture coming in from the mediterranean and out from the red sea and it's toward us to do some pretty good flushes and buying the whole lot died down but the potential still there i think the next day or so every best realized in the world then so too possibly bitsa syria tempers haven't changed very much is not really a change of season but it's a hint that it certainly wants to change and that cloud has drifted science woods into saudi arabia but to the east it remains draw even around the caspian nothing's coming out of this the sky anymore terence $27.00 but guns gone diabolo the $35.00 mark 40 mark $37.00 so we're still hovering around 40 in kuwait dropped below around the gulf states there's not much of a breeze here there is more of one in oman and that cloud there and rain may well
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go through circumference of the whole of africa the next day or so which is really the back end of the monsoon rains sells down to 32 now but it will be dry by city the cloud up inside it might still produce a thunderstorm or 2 now southern africa of course is going through a nice change of season a moment that cloud might produce a shower too but i think not. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your game still fight against corruption. abuse for news heroes heroes like no who are a barber who refused a $15000000.00 bribe the achievement of euros like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine
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a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption miro now. a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother's journey to reunite with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. hello again you're with the al jazeera news hour the top stories
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a small unit of syrian government soldiers is now inside the northeastern city of members turkey says 2 of its soldiers were killed in an attack near the city russia says it's working to prevent any direct confrontation. un human rights office is calling on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible work rhymes related to its offensive in syria saying it's gathering information about summary executions shown in videos. and the news lead negotiator michel barnier says reaching abraxane deal this week remains possible but the chances are becoming increasingly slim politicians in the u.k. and in brussels are trying to reach an agreement by the end of the week as the october 31st deadline approaches. now the global economy is only expected to grow by 3 percent this year at the slowest since the 2008 financial crisis the international monetary fund says trade disputes are largely to blame for its latest downgrade so also warning of trouble next year saying there is no room for policy
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mistakes heighten trade and geopolitical tensions including brics related risks could further disrupt economic activity and derail an already fragile recovery in emerging markets and the euro area this could lead to an abrupt shift in risk sentiment financial disruptions and a reversal in capital flows to emerging markets in advance economies low inflation could become entrenched and constrain monetary policy space further into the future limiting its effectiveness well saudi arabia and iran are among the countries with a particularly grim outlooks the i.m.f. has slashed saudi's growth forecast to near 0 it follows an attack on one of its major oil processing plants and iran is straining under the weight of u.s. sanctions its economy is expected to shrink by 9 and a half percent this year let's bring in
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a patricia sabga she's the managing business editor at al-jazeera dot com she's joining us from new york city thanks for being with us on the news hour we'll talk about saudi arabia and iran in a moment but 1st just give me your reaction to this downbeat assessment really from the i.m.f. on global growth. so we've been seeing these trends for a long time in the data over the weeks and months and really what the i.m.f. does is it comes in and it really puts up the red flag and gives the big warning this data is in the global economy is slowing down and they're primarily blaming the u.s. china trade war but the really important thing to remember about these forecasts is there are not just german for investors and economists we are all part of the global economy so when it slows down every person on planet earth is impacted in some way so everyone has a stake in what's going on with the u.s. china trade war because it is impacting all of us and the i.m.f. warning that really doesn't end this year because it's warning of trouble next year
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saying there is no room for policy mistakes how do you interpret that statement. so we can take a look at different policy mistakes but really one of the things that they're emphasizing is that the u.s. and china must resolve their trade tensions but we really aren't that close to it of course last week they announced a phase one trade deal if you will that's the stamp that they put on it that's what they're calling it a phase one but we haven't seen very many concrete details of that the only concrete thing that we've seen is that the u.s. held off on implementing new tariffs new terrify which was supposed to go into effect today however there is still tariffs on the table a big terror tariff increase on one $160000000000.00 worth of chinese goods that are slated for december if those go into effect that will basically covered nearly everything that china exports to the united states this has this ripple through the global economy because what we're seeing right now is that is a reorganizing of supply chains and we're seeing
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a lot of uncertainty as well we're seeing a slowdown in global manufacturing in europe for example they're already in the manufacturing recession and a big wake up call came earlier this month when we learned that manufacturing activity in september in the united states hit its lowest level in a decade now keep this in my trunk started this trade war in order to help u.s. manufacturers and they're suffering right let's look at iran patricia because the warning is that the iranian economy is going to shrink by 9 and a half percent or the u.s. sanctions here are to blame. ok 1st of all i want people to really wrap their head around 9 and a half percent may not sound like a lot to many people that is unbelievable a high that is that is such a blow to an economy so when an economy strings that much i mean it's dramatic it is very very dramatic and yes a lot of that can be pinned on us sanctions don't forget iran derives the majority of its foreign income from exporting oil that's its main game its main export what
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it can do that its economy suffers and also iran also needs to see more investment its economy none of this can happen when sanctions are on there and roughly around 80 percent of iran's economy right now is under sanctions and saudi arabia though not under u.s. sanctions yet the i.m.f. has lost saudi's growth forecasts to near 0 what's behind that outlook. ok so saudi arabia you're also looking is what's known as a run economy it derives the majority of its friends from a single thing and that of course being oil when the price of oil goes down it is it affects saudi arabia's economy but there's a lot there are many other things its stake right now in saudi arabia's economy for one thing with the iran coa tax that happened last month it really laid bare the vulnerabilities of the oil infrastructure in saudi arabia and it's made investors extremely cautious and frankly they were already very wary about what was going on
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in saudi arabia anyway but really those are red coa tax really solidify that there are stark geopolitical risks associated with saudi arabia and just to give you an idea of this saudi arabia stock exchange was added to a major emerging markets index this year that's kind of like winning the jackpot because index funds that follow that that that index that follow that exchange will snap up shares in it however actively managed funds have not been jumping in and so that's another signal about the wariness partly because they felt that the shares were overpriced but also because of the stark geopolitical risks associated with saudi arabia right now and rights ok got it patricia sabga good to have you with us thanks very much thank you the corruption trial of former south african president jacob zuma has been postponed until next year zuma is facing 16 charges relating to a government deal for a military equipment with a french company zuma says he hasn't done anything wrong i mean that miller has
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more from pietermaritzburg on a scandal that goes back several years. jacob zuma made a short appearance in what was expected to be the 1st day of questions into allegations of corruption within minutes the trial was again for supposed to february next year mr zuma electric sizes. the full extent. of his guns just not rights. which includes what i taught people. an unfavorable decision. all feel when it's in civil court zuma will appeal friday's court ruling that said he should stand trial the charges relate to $180000000.00 contract with french arms company time is to provide naval equipment to the south african government thomas is accused of paying a bribe to zuma who was then the leader of the natal province for his influence zuma was 1st charged in 2007 the charges were dropped 2 years later when he became
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president of the african national congress but last year charges of corruption racketeering and money laundering were reinstated it's been almost 15 years since zuma 1st face these charges and the latest appeal will keep zuma out of court at least for now many see this as yet another delay tactic by the former president who has repeatedly claimed he wants his day in court whatever the outcome the trial is likely to be drawn out for months to come. outside the court a couple of 100 supporters gathered to his zuma speak. but. we asked the court to drop the charges completely because it's apparent that this case was never going to be dealt with fairly because we believe there was a conspiracy to find ways to arrest me. while vocal this crowd is one of the smallest seen supporting the former president a no show by prominent provincial leaders of seumas party the a.n.c. perhaps a sign of declining support. to maritzburg south africa. rudy
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giuliani donald trump's personal lawyer has been asked to hand over ukraine related documents to the impeachment inquiry tuesday's deadline to produce the documents also extends to vice president mike pence on monday the inquiry heard from the white house's former russia expert fiona hill who resigned days before trump asked ukraine's president to investigate joe biden his son meanwhile the son of the u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden has responded to the president's criticism of his ties to ukraine hunter biden has denied any wrongdoing but says he regrets becoming a board member of ukrainian company he was paid $50000.00 a month for that position in july donald trump asked the ukrainian president to investigate the bidens sparking the impeachment investigation i don't know what to tell you i made a mistake. in retrospect as it related to. creating any perception
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that there was wrong and so therefore i'm taking it off the table and you know i'm a connection maybe i will see if anybody else makes that commitment but that's the commitment that i'm making. a firefighter has died as wildfires spread southeast of the lebanese capital beirut and in the north neighboring cyprus has stepped in to help italy. sarah reports. that. these men have been battling wildfires for more than 24 hours in the mountain region. they made harder by the high temperatures and strong winds the fine is salted in mischief and spread to several other villages we're seeing people to leave their homes this is. mission f. is on fire every house in it caught fire look around very few people with all the seasons but. it's the worst wildfire in decades and the environment is to ruins the
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risk is. what i keep to the situation is very dangerous it's a disaster the damages are huge we have not yet received any statistics we will not spare any effort to improve the capabilities of the civil defense manpower and its equipment they do not have the necessary equipment the situation is not acceptable anymore. lebanon's military planes are being used to but it's still not enough neighboring cyprus has stepped in and more support is on its way. before we come back that several european countries and we will be receiving their health and equipment within hours unlike collards planes and helicopters are able to operate at night to. a lack of water in the region is making it difficult to put out the fire trucks all having to travel to the capital beirut to restock and volunteers living in other parts of the country also helping out where they can. but i saw that that started as you can see this is
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a catastrophe that fell upon us and our fellow druze in the area we came from the but to help our fellow people here. with more than $100.00. fires burning across mounds lebanon it's still not clear how long it will take to put them out. peruvians are hoping when they go to the polls next year a new government will bring stability and the end of the political crisis president martin vickery dissolved congress last month after a year long battle to push through anti corruption reforms and a number of peru's politicians on government officials have been linked to one of the world's biggest bribery scandals involving brazilian construction giants autographed ariana sanchez explains from lima. all that if scandal has rocked beating politicians businessmen and lawmakers were bribed with hundreds of millions of dollars the brazilian construction giant received infrastructure contract
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throughout latin america in return for were proven precedents are under investigation one committed suicide and top politicians are in jail because he did nothing discover this old congress last week meets investigations by prosecutors and reporters that exposed corruption journalists can still he says lawmakers try to stop the although ditching this the geisha and and other corruption probes within the judiciary a us in the c.n.n. move they tried harassing us and failed they also attempted sabotaging the prosecutor's graft probes by doing that they discredited themselves as a result of the disapproval by most peruvians intensified it was a very bad mistake in calculation. nearly 90 percent of the movie and supported proceeded that these kind of decision to disclose congress 6 say it was the most corrupt in the history of beating and keiko for humanity the daughter of a recent former dictator and that the victim already controlled it to her popular
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forced party analysts say legislators aimed to control the judiciary to stop prosecutors from investigating corruption probes although it is c. of them. certainly though to bridge scandal contaminated prue's political system with bribes and networks built by businessmen to win contracts by corrupting not only high profile public servants but authorities all over the country but former congressman got to be none too nice his party protected corrupt individuals it was a good move of course not never we weren't looking to resolve the bottom line of the issues that was a matter of the judiciary but we had to protect the legislators immunity the press try to destroy us i knew i'd go criminal investigations fruitcake a filthy muddy preventive detention struction of justice and love doing money on the beach and legibly paid for her political campaign in 2000 sting along with many other politicians involved in similar protests.


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