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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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if you don't say it we're not going to speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to. the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from the headquarters and down with me and of the parana coming up in the next 60 minutes. to ignore was u.s. sanctions pushing ahead with its offensive and fixed in syria russia moves into the void left by trucks retreat. the violent clashes in barcelona on the 2nd day of protests over the jailing of 9 separatist leaders. the
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white house stands accused of stone warning an impeachment of best occasion against donald trump. and the international monetary fund cuts global growth outlooks the level since the 2008 financial crisis. turkey's president of the one has dismissed a proposal for a cease fire and refused syria and system that the operation will continue until his country's objectives have been achieved it comes as the u.s. prepares to send a high level delegation to ankara aimed at ending turkey's operation but as the offensive continues russia says its troops are now on patrol in northern syria as an a hole the reports. the russians moved in after the americans moved out in a deliberate withdrawal the city of members is moscow's latest victory in syria its
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military police now patrols a front line that separates the turkish and syrian army's their presence stops a turkish led military advance towards the city which sits on the m 4 highway a main logistics and commercial route that runs to the iraqi border the city also connects the east of the euphrates with the rest of northern syria the russian move disrupts ankara's plan to create what it calls a safe zone to allow refugees who are afraid to live under president bashar assad's rule to return home. usually look. we will liberate a field forman beach through rocky and guaranteed a 1000000 in the 1st phase and 2000000 in the 2nd phase will return to syria. but it is the russian backed syrian army which returned to the north east restoring control for the 1st time since 2013 the abrupt pullout by the us military forced its longtime partners the kurdish led syrian and democratic forces to cede control
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of territory to damascus for protection the s t f is the target of the turkish military operation in northeast syria the armed group is largely made up of fighters from the syrian kurdish y p g organization that turkey calls terrorists because of its links with the p k k turkey wants to push the group away from the border but it is fighting back so far the turkey led forces have not been able to complete the 1st phase of the operation that involves securing the 120 kilometer long and 30 kilometer deep pocket along the border. turkey is also coming under diplomatic pressure the united states and the european union have imposed sanctions washington is calling on turkey to stop what it calls an invasion and agree to a cease fire so far the reaction from turkish officials has been one of defiance they say the presence of the wife along turkey's border is a national security threat sanctions may hurt but they feel the danger coming from
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syria is worse. the s.d.f. once controlled 30 percent of syria where millions live an area rich in oil agriculture and water the u.n. says 160000 of them are on the move in what was once a relatively peaceful and stable corner of syria russia and turkey's local allies are battling on several fronts russia says it doesn't approve turkey's military moves in syria and won't accept its permanent presence there seems to be serious differences between the 2 countries who are supposed to be working together in syria but diplomatic channels remain open and members could be leverage zeneca there was a 0 on the turkish syrian border so as turkish troops advance and syria president putin has invited president ever the one to talks and the next few days step boston has more from moscow. well russia is trying to reassure everyone that there will not be a clash between the turkish forces on one side and the syrian forces on the other
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and that russia is now open for patrolling in the middle to make sure that these 2 forces stay on their separate sites but it is a very complicated balancing act that russia is performing here of course it doesn't want to have this confrontation with turkey a very important ally to russia but it also doesn't want troops to stay inside syria russia wants the kurdish settlement the region also to be controlled by syrian forces which is already starting to emerge right now but the question of course remains how russia will convince the turkish troops of leaving syria after this whole operation is finished and for the 1st time russia has actually strongly from the damned the rush of the turkish operation a tad it's unacceptable and any any allegations or any suggestions that were made by president one that russia had some kind of given some kind of clearance for this
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operation are completely untrue giving a strong message definitely to turkey that there are limits to this operation meanwhile the envoy the russian envoy for syria has said that there is a dialogue which russia is facilitating between the kurds and the syrian forces and he hopes that if this dialogue will fight be finalized in some kind of agreement that the situation in syria will normalize as he described it not making clear what normalization would mean but it is suggesting that that would mean that maybe that the turkish operation would finish after the deal would have been sealed but it is a very complicated balancing act which is happening right now now u.s. democratic politicians along with some republicans have introduced a resolution opposing president trying to decision to pull troops out of syria house speaker nancy pelosi says the bill will also call for stronger sanctions against turkey. we would have
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a bipartisan bill to oppose the president's decision which is terribly dangerous decision and that we would have legislation with strong sanctions in it against turkey of the president gave a very unlike to turkey to go in and commit this humanitarian disaster or to the kurds making us an untrustworthy ally and then had a wet noodle for. his sanctions which just were not up to the task. so as we mentioned all the trumpet sending his vice president his secretary of state to turkey on wednesday to seek a cease fire even though the president ed of the on says he isn't willing to negotiate with kurdish forces who want to bring our soldiers back home and. would be very tough on turkey a lot of others they have to maintain their own properties now they have to maintain peace and safety and we'll see what happens the delegation were asking for
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a cease fire we put the strongest sanctions that you could imagine but they get a lot we have a lot in store if they don't if they don't have an impact including massive tariffs on steel they ship a lot of steel to the united states they make a lot of money shipping steel they will be making so much money it's going to talk last want to add to culhane who's joining us for more live from washington d.c. it's a very big words from president trump there patty about how higher expectations around mike pence might be on pale traveling to turkey given the circumstances now. well let's think about donald trump's face if you ask the average voter who voted for donald trump they say they like that he's a tough businessman they can make deals that he can basically bend people to his will so this is really high stakes this is very unusual to have the vice the vice president of america go into another country and ask for something blatantly that
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this leader has already said i'm not going to give you which is basically a cease fire so how this plays out for the president if the vice president comes back empty handed it could be politically damaging but really from the beginning of this crisis the president has seemed taken aback as if he didn't understand the backlash would be this widespread it's democrats it's republicans it's all the political spectrum saying this was a orrible idea that this sets a precedent that will damage u.s. national security for decades to come so this is the president's and in the message that he didn't do this although he did because the u.s. troops had kept turkey from invading from that operation for years it was when he removed those troops that in fact turkey moved in and these are the president's trying to say he didn't do this you're just against it but it needs to stop and now he's putting his vice president in the position of trying to make that happen and
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in uniting the democrats and the republicans somewhat at least with that backlash against this move. congress has its own plans now to sanction ticky. well it does 1st they're going to do a resolution we expect the house will take that up as early as wednesday so just a few hours from now and it will basically say this is a mistake the u.s. troops should go back in so what's the actual implication of that quote frankly nothing in this system of government the president is the commander in chief he decides what happens to u.s. troops the bigger factor is going to be these sanctions and there's a bunch of different bills moving around but they have some overlapping themes the question is how far is the congress going to go right now you can guess that they're basically counting the votes and see if they have another support behind certain measures to make it veto proof because obviously the president would likely veto this and some of the same things they're talking about are pretty tough think it's important to point out the president said that these are the strongest sanctions you could imagine those are the ones the white house put forward most
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elza said no these are not strong at all. tariffs on steel for by 25 percent not going to got the turkish economy now what congress is considering would be much stronger some of the measures they're talking about is cutting off military aid which is a huge supplier to the turkish military the u.s. manufacturing possibly some members are saying it's time to move to get turkey out of nato that would be one of the more extreme responses cutting off military aid sanctioning people close to earth on personally going after their finances these are all things that they're talking about in the congress and if there is enough bipartisan support that is something they can do that is probably the only way they could try to influence this situation at a thank you very much for that for now that's patty conahan with the nation live in washington d.c. thank you patty now much enough amman is the director of foreign policy studies at the think tank entity and he says that the new alliance between couldst forces and
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me wanted to keep from targeting the why peachey. it's quite ironic. to see how y.p. g. forces are reliable for the united states you know it took only one week to defect from the american side and to to find some other allies as a matter of fact white p.g. has been working with all sides not only with the united states so they are heavily dependent so far. on the united states but they have you working they kept working with the russians for instance intel refired and they have been working very closely with the assad regime for decades you know there is a significant existence of the set regime forces in. you know one of the largest cities under the control of white e.g. so we looking from turkey we are sure that the assad regime and their intervention in the membership in will not bring security and we know that they
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have been working together so it would not destroy the white p.g. threat against turkey so looking from turkey turkey has to continue. the clearance its border with white p.g. militants so one way or another turkey will continue its military operation to clear the border even on to other news now on protesters and police have clashed on the 2nd day of rallies in the spanish city of basra lorena the demonstrations against our against the jailing of 9. is signing a guy who has more. if for the 2nd night in a row clashes commotion and angry protests. turned into an outburst a few reem barcelona city center forward police say some 40000 protesters have made
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their way here some even prepared for violence as if from bottles and set fire to rubbish containers or began as a peaceful vigil soon after turned into a riot so with the 2 main storify as in the city center quickly turned into a no go area. regional leaders so often at odds with the central government in madrid have been calling for a campaign of civil disobedience i protest at the 9 politicians and activists convicted of sedition on monday the goal they say safeguarding catalonia is a right to self-determination. this is what no one is this is the key thing and be the friend to be the government of catalonia in the front of the defense of the rights that now after these sentences have been eliminated or repeated. this
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latest wave of protest organized by a leaderless movement known as a democratic tsunami is prepared to take a more hardline approach but not everyone agrees with the strategy some cattle are nationalist have condemned the violent tactics from the central government to madrid promised to fully investigate who was behind the latest wave of disruption i but this is a week where activists have promised to keep on protesting says the session attempts to years ago both pro and anti independent stances have hardened neither side is prepared to give way to dialogue just yet so now you have all al-jazeera barcelona. the country more had included a united stats on impeaching the us president we have the latest from the debates between donald trump democratic rivals. trying to stitch together breaks a deal this time is running out the negotiations and history is made as palestine
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hunts saudi arabia and a world cup qualifier but not everyone's happy explaining for. us democrats are accusing the top administration of a stonewalling the investigation into whether the president should be impeached vice president mike pence trying to annoy everybody giuliani and the white house abra fuse and to submit documents to the inquiry a senior state department official in charge of ukraine policy has become the nation's to testify before the house committees george kent was questioned about his knowledge of trump's efforts to have ukraine investigate his political rival joe biden well the head of the house intelligence committee adam schiff says evidence of struction of congress continues to mount we are running into what we expected in one aspect and that is
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a complete effort by the administration to stonewall. today is long past due the date when the state department was subpoenaed to provide documents but the state department has thus far refused and were it not for the fact that at least some witnesses have given us documents we would not know that there is a paper record of efforts to condition this meeting and perhaps condition military support itself on these political investigations donald trump wanted. now the 12 democrats who want to replace donald trump in the white house have presented a united front calling for him to be in pain they are currently holding their 4th debate in ohio that is a battleground state has backed the winner of the presidential vote for decades let's have a wound that falls on trump from office can't be the democrats on the message of
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also being fiery exchanges about health care foreign policy and gun violence but let's go now to our correspondent john hendren who's joining us live from west event where the debates being held and have they been any standout moments for anyone managed to stand out in the so crowded field john. it has been a feisty debate so far we're about 2 hours into a 3 hour debate and elizabeth warren walked in with a target on her back that's because she has recently taken up the front runner spot and everybody seems to be swinging for on health care on a woman's tax on gun control and other candidates are hitting each other is well so it is being very lively there will be ron to highlight moments after this debate the 4th and perhaps the most feisty of them all those are the views of reporter let me give you the views of a political scientist i've got the trees washington here she is
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a political scientist here at the audubon university which is hosting this debate and let me just ask you 1st off what struck you about tonight so far. the gloves are off and the punch isn't lying obviously everyone showed up to my with the intention of trying to bolster their numbers also to increase their confidence rating in terms of their ability to perform and so they're they're they're fighting for it to the nail also there's been a little bit of incivility some couched in issues others just straight personal attacks on one another let's let's do a sort of a lightning round on the candidates if you can just give your job impression bernie sanders is here 2 weeks after a heart attack how is he doing looking very strong. and you've got elizabeth warren attacked from all sides she's looking at a tad bit like a deer caught in the headlights maybe a tad bit her roughish debate so far it looks like joe biden is trying to show
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a little aggressiveness that he's he's trying to get past the hurdle of everything that's gone on with his son all the questions of potential impropriety or at least some things not a period where it and whether or not as as a presidential candidate or the president can he really be trusted in the sense that there won't be a potential conflict of interest and among those candidates who are polling lower down there are some really aggressive back and forth on gun control people to change mayor in indiana and better o'rourke former congressman from texas they really went out each other what's going on so badly is going to gun control a huge issue obviously of the nation but especially here at ohio we just dealt with date. we've seen a lot of youth especially the younger millennial zz really pushing for gun control . america in general is tired of trying to like seeing their children running out of schools horrified and people really want to do something even in the mall you
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can't go to the mall you can't go to basic places anymore and expect that you can just enjoy it without being mindful of where the exits and what do you do if something actually happens so that's a that's a huge issue and obviously. but specifically as well for the nation and so they couldn't come to ohio and not talk i think every candidate up there has gone hard at donald trump the president of the united states is there anything surprising to you they all seem to support impeachment. out of the getting was surprised about that. i think everyone's on on task tonight about being unified around that there been other issues where like i we're not quite sure that's the time it seems like the time is now and. many americans are raising questions well i think they have to be very careful with not hitting that it's hard to long so that people get off of the issue of the broader issues as well impeachment will take care of itself well
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that's the view from here at audubon university we were still in our 3 of this debate in ohio which after all is a bellwether state usually picks the president and the united states and once again the democrats are going here to win a state that they lost to donald trump in 26 to john thank you very much for that john hendren with the latest live and west of in ohio thank you. now that you and the u.k. have been honed in last it's talks to work out a bricks a dinner that can be discussed at the latest summit and boss a long day that a u.s. negotiator michele banias has the data still possible despite the obstacles. reaching an agreement. is still possible obviously any agreement must work for anyone to all. of the united kingdom and the whole of the european union let me add also that it is high time.
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to turn good intentions in a legal text john holl has moved from london. well the only thing we know for certain at the moment is that a lot of hard work has been going on in the still going on to try and nail down the details of the technical details of a new deal between the u.k. and the european union to try and come up with a legally operable text that both sides can be held accountable for and accountable to that can be put to e.u. leaders at that council summit on thursday optimistic sounds coming out of the european union. but we cannot be certain of anything what we know is that michel barnier the e.u. use chief breaks in negotiator is going to address the u.n. ambassadors on wednesday afternoon in brussels and tell them whether enough progress has been made to get a deal boris johnson is then planning sort of after that to meet his cabinet here
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in london and shortly after that to meet his own backbench m.p.'s it is it is as if a big announcement is going to be made the key part of the deal we believe that he's taking shape has to do with northern ireland leaving the european union's customs union along with the rest of the united kingdom in law but not necessarily in practice still having to enforce the use customs code with an economic border down the irish sea that may be a deal acceptable to the european union but we believe tonight that it is not a deal acceptable to the democratic unionist party boris johnson's allies and nor to some of the heartbreaks it is on the right of his own party so a deal potentially with the e.u. but one that a british prime minister will struggle to get through this house of commons behind me haven't we all seen this story before. now the global economy is only expected to grow by 3 percent this year the slowest since the 2008 financial crisis the
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international monetary fund says trade disputes largely to blame for its latest downgrade it's also warning of trouble next year saying there is no room for policy mistakes key concerns or escalating tensions in the middle east and the potential for the us china trade war to worsen heighten trade and geopolitical tensions including brics and related risks could further disrupt economic activity and derail an already fragile recovery in emerging markets and the euro area this could lead to an abrupt shift in risk sentiment financial disruptions and a reversal in capital flows to emerging markets in advance economies low inflation could become entrenched and constrain monetary policy space further into the future limiting its effectiveness now saudi arabia and iran are one of the countries with
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particularly grim outlooks the i.m.f. has slashed sell these growth forecasts to near 0 it follows an attack on one of its major oil processing plants and iran is straining under the weight of u.s. sanctions its economy is expected to shrink by 9.5 percent this year and an attack on an iranian oil tanker on friday has added to fears of escalating tensions in the region the i.m.f. says that's weighing on investment and growth prospects now patricia sabga is the managing business editor at al-jazeera dot com and she explains why the u.s. china trade war is affecting so many around the world. really what the i.m.f. does is it comes in and it really puts up the red flag and gives the big warning this data is in the global economy is slowing down and they're primarily blaming the u.s. china trade war but the really important thing to remember about these forecasts is there are not just german for investors and economists we are all part of the
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global economy so when it slows down every person on planet earth is impacted in some way so everyone has a stake in what's going on with the u.s. china trade war because it is impacting all of us but we haven't seen very many concrete details of that the only concrete thing that we've seen is that the u.s. held off on implementing new tariffs new terrify which was supposed to go into effect today however there is still tariffs on the table a big terror tariff increase on 160 $1000000000.00 worth of chinese goods that are slated for december if those go into effect that will basically covered nearly everything that china exports to the united states this has this ripple through the global economy because what we're seeing right now is that is a reorganizing of supply chains and we're seeing a lot of uncertainty as well we're seeing a slowdown in global manufacturing in europe for example they're already in the manufacturing recession and a big wake up call came earlier this month when we learned that manufacturing
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activity in september in the united states hit its lowest level in a decade now keep this in my trunk started this trade war in order to help u.s. manufacturers and their suffering. still ahead on the news hour beaten and stalled police in nigeria rescued hundreds of young men from an islamic boarding school. in which a family that's part of the fierce accusations against the elderly and australia and. turn to france organizers revealed the new routes for next year's race peter tell us more. hello they will clear skies through eastern areas of china but to the south in the west you can see that is where the activity has been we're going to see war in the
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way of rain showers beginning see some snow as well so in the overnight house those higher elevations but the other area was seeing some very persistent rains across into these northern sections of vietnam and in fact right the way down into the coast this is been around half the last few days it will stay in the full call so we could well see some localized flooding fine into hong kong as a little humid to 29 celsius and then this rain doing its best to make more in the way of progress tools but sunday some heavy spells or rain at times and then fairly widespread rains farther to the south across much of into the asia suborning is the weapon. back across into sulawesi not about they wednesday across much of sumatra the rain back in the forecast as we head through thursday time which is typically in the low thirty's celsius and the monsoon rains they'll still to the south the india met office is now drawing a line pretty much from mumbai right across to kolkata saying that this is where the region is dry but to the south of there we've got more rain in the full cost that is this time of year october through december that tomei to really nice to see
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the rains of about 70 percent of the rains come this time of year on the sunny will in the full cost. whether sponsored by cats aren't. going to deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you decide or why just agree with that toy this sounds like blaming the public the country for the are not literally me anybody these people are well trained much of the islamic state machinery. of a very inspirational populace that alters future join me as i put it up for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate al-jazeera every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when the intelligence services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they were caught on the
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stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening post on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories donald trump is sending a high level delegation to turkey on wednesday to seek a ceasefire and ne in syria even though the president at the un says he isn't willing to negotiate with kurdish forces meanwhile russian forces along with northern syria in an effort to fill the security void left by american troops. thousands of caution on separatists have protested for
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a 2nd day of the jailing of separatist leaders the acting government in question on your condemn the demonstrations. saying it's a must to guarantee security in the region and the 12 democrats who want to replace donald trump in the white house have presented a united front calling for him to be impeached but they've also been firing exchanges about health care foreign policy and gun violence and the 4th democratic debate. now the just justice department has announced criminal charges against a major turkish bank federal prosecutors accuse turkey's whole bank of taking part in a multi-billion dollar scheming to circumvent u.s. sanctions against iran court documents say iran access to international markets using proceeds from its oil and gas sales well let's get more on this now we're joined by and huygens professor of law at the cardozo school of no one he's joining us live from new york very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so this case 1st
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became public in 2016 i can't help but question the timing of this indictment. yes it's a little bit too perfect isn't it the individuals who are involved in this case were prosecuted in 2071 was convicted one turned. informant another one was convicted in january 28th team there's no reason a case against the bank should have taken this long to file said why do you think more wasn't done say 2 years ago. well it's it's difficult to say but. there is some evidence that donald trump had an influence on this. president heard it juan claimed in 2018 november of 2018 that he'd had a talk with president trump and president trump and promised to give the order to
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stop the prosecution trump asked secretary of state rex tillerson to speak to the justice department and get the prosecution stopped which secretary tillerson refused to do and yet somehow the prosecution was stopped for about a year and a half now it's back on but it's a mystery what happened in the interim what happened in the interim it's not good news is it for this for the relationship between us and to cave right now which is already so strained because of the ticket shop or a sion in ne in syria. no it's not and this case against the bank if they're convicted as one would expect if you read the indictment the impact is going to be pretty severe on turkey the fines under u.s. law are typically tied into the amounts of money involved in the crime here that $20000000000.00 so we really are looking at fines against the bank in the
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billions. the ownership of the bank is the turkish government by and large they own the majority of the shares so the government itself is going to be affected the currency of turkey was affected when the individuals were prosecuted and and one of them was convicted and certainly the currency is going to take a hit again and then all of these things ripple through the wider economy and so if you look at other countries that have been and are this type of sanction it does have an extreme effect whether it will have any effect on the situation in northern syria is debatable for one thing the case is going to take a long time to bring to completion the 2nd thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this we do appreciate it that is that current huygens live in new york thank you. to nigeria now the president has ordered a crackdown on abuse that islamic schools police haven't caught seen
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a state so they've freed more than 300 men and boys from a school where they were subjected to inhumane treatment including being shackled with chains and just under a month ago around $400.00 met involved is a rescued from the some in a school in neighboring can do in a state he put at that school told police they were tortured in fiction and abused but it was deemed they brought me here was. me is that there's such in my body i have 1000 that i use that in my book i had on some coins they had all my money and it's in my lake. that you just believe as you can see all the most evil don't watch it. i do at v.t. . now votes are being counted in mozambique's general election which is testing a fragile peace deal that helped and decades of conflict president felipe a new c from the ruling party is expected to win a 2nd term despite a corruption scandal that has dented his popularity his main challenger is also
5:37 am
monti who is around our party hopes to win big in the northern and central countryside malcolm webb has more from the capital in the proto. president philippe new sees seeking a 2nd term he voted when the polls opened mozambique's council. this party primo has been in power ever since independence from portugal more than 40 years ago by age this is going to look at. the country since the time it decided to resolve its destiny through electoral cycles has never failed and also this year didn't fail that meant. millions voted thousands of polling stations across the country with the exception of cabo tel gado province where the government fighting an armed group some polling stations that didn't open in many queued for hours this polling station hundreds of people lined up waiting to vote for
5:38 am
a limo was announced the winner in this in local elections held a year ago but it took more than 2 weeks for the results to be announced opposition say that's because it was rigged rights groups and opposition and already complained about serious irregularities in this election. will sue for maddy leads the largest opposition party cauldron amo voted in the northern city of number. one to rebel group and fought for a limo in the 15 year civil war he signed a peace deal for the 3rd time in august. his supporters say they found people carrying ballot papers predict for lemo. all this is a political military hostility in the past we would like to australia to stop these activities because we never have been. but it's a demand. opposition and rights groups have also raised concerns about $300000.00
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so-called ghost voters in gaza province and violence during the campaigns including the killing of an observer last week by policeman. the leader of the smaller growing m.d.m. opposition party the vsa mango voted in the port city of beirut which was devastated by a psych loan 6 months ago he also complained of violence in the campaigns. i asked the defense forces to protect citizens who are not intimidated or ashamed to get on with. the servicing counting the votes is expected to take days any delays will breed mistrust mozambique's stability ultimately depends on people here seeing the election as credible. malcolm webb al-jazeera maputo mozambique. protests have continued in guinea's capital conakry
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a day after several people were killed in violent demonstrations as widespread anger other proposed change to the country's constitution which would allow president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term nicolas hart has more from conakry. earlier we saw down this road security forces clashing with protesters arresting them beating them many of them or i think full on easy because the majority of the population here but never has a pull on the lead this country and many of the opposition people that you see here accuse the president of the current day of deepening ethnic divisions in this multi-ethnic country now the president has called for a national dialogue he wants to sit down with the opposition and try to find a solution to this political deadlock the presidential election or a year away but there are scenes that for now there is no room for dialogue. now
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hundreds of palestinian israelis in the city of ramadan are protesting against police failed yet attack on their communities the demonstration is one of many across as rather recent days and more protests are planned for next week are a force that was at the rally and drama. well every few days in israel there is a protest by palestinian israelis on this day it's here in the town of run largest outside of tel aviv in these protests are about what has become the number one political issue for this community some 20 percent of israeli population in recent weeks that's the issue of violent crime do we can do is the 74th killing so far this year what was described as a family dispute one man killed in that dispute and the the message is that as well as having to address this on a community level what is really crucial is that israeli police have to change their attitude there is a feeling there is a lack of will to intervene and investigate. this phenomenon called violence and
5:42 am
crime and then to do everything possible to correct all wrong things within our community they address our tool the 1st one we community leaders and community and the other girl at the other the other goal is the government itself we know that they can do a lot of collecting the illegal weapons and to make it to their use and soul that crimes against arab women and men we know that 80 percent of the crimes against the arab population are not sold so nobody paying for this crime is a recent survey published by the israeli newspaper are its studied police investigations of killings and found that among jewish israelis indictments were nearly twice the rate of investigations into killings of palestinian israeli citizens the leaders of these of this movement among them the head the most senior arab israeli politician they've had meetings with israeli government figures they
5:43 am
say they have secured pledges and indeed israeli government is saying that it will deploy extra police officers to areas of northern israel where it's required talking about other measures as well that leader of the most senior politician i'm in order he says that what is really required is. a comprehensive set of policies and measures and that's something that can't really happen until israel finally gets its way out of its political crisis it still has a caretaker going astray after a 2nd election and these people say they need a proper government in place to try and change the policies and change what is happening to their communities. men have confronted soldiers in the mexican state of guerrero with at least 14 civilians killed of the gun battle and one soldier also died the state is known for violence linked to organized crime mexico a sore back or number of murders last year with more than 33000 people killed now the committee to protect journalists has added its wars to calls for the release of
5:44 am
as rob the father who's been detained in egypt she's among many journalists arrested following anti-government protests which began last month there are also calls to investigate accusations that the father has been abused in custody now peruvians are hoping elections in january will restore faith in their political system last week president martin vickery dissolved congress accusing the opposition controlled legislature of blocking corruption investigations mariana sanchez has moved from lima. other than if scandal has rocked beaten politicians businessmen and lawmakers were bribed with hundreds of millions of dollars the brazilian construction giant received infrastructure contracts throughout latin america in return for were proven precedents are under investigation one committed suicide and top politicians are in jail because he did nothing discover this old congress last week i mean it's investigations by
5:45 am
prosecutors and reporters that exposed corruption journalists can still he says lawmakers try to stop the although ditching vista geishas and other corruption probes within the judiciary a us in the c.n.n. move they tried harassing us and failed they also attempted sabotaging the prosecutor's graft probes by doing that they discredited themselves as a result the disapproval by most peruvians intensified it was a very bad mistake in calculation. only 90 percent of hooven's supported proceeded at these kind of decision to disclose congress 6 and say it was the most corrupt in the history of video and take a 40 morning the daughter of a recent former dictator and the full monty controlled it to her popular forced party analysts say legislators aimed to control the judiciary to stop prosecutors from investigating corruption probes although it is see it i mean certainly though to bridge scandal contaminated prue's political system with bribes and networks
5:46 am
built by businessmen to win contracts by corrupting not only high profile public servants but authorities all over the country but former congressman carlos to be none too nice his party protected corrupt individuals it was a good move of course not never we weren't looking to resolve the bottom line of the issues that was a matter of the judiciary but we had to protect the legislators immunity the press try to destroy us. i mean year ago criminal investigations fruitcake preventive detention top struction of justice and love to win money for the rich allegedly paid for her political campaign in 2000 sting along with many other politicians involved in similar probes she can run again for legislative and presidential elections the law allows candidates who haven't been sentenced in pending corruption investigations to campaign for election if they win a seat but also going immunity from prosecution all 24 political parties including
5:47 am
popular force are now preparing to campaign for january's congressional elections are hoping the next congress will be a less corrupt one again essential all to see that will not be due. to us trading in our way aged care centers under scrutiny for abuse and neglect of their residence and investigation found the 2nd vulnerable of being sedated often without their consent and are thomas'. after emigrating from spain to australia in her twenty's moloch approach worked as a carer now with advanced dementia she's the one who needs looking after after her husband silvio had a stroke both needed full time care in a nursing home but in one staff responded to produce behavior by sedating her with drugs lots of them physically she was losing
5:48 am
a balance she was blank faced she was pretty much screaming a lot of the time i couldn't help her you know because of the drugs in her system she couldn't help herself or nobody could help her every day i was a struggle only after 2 years of slowly weaning her off the drugs and paying the extra private nursing staff does a son feel his mother is calm. so the mother that i see today when i hug her. even though she has dementia i feel like she's my mother you know and i feel the strength and if you feel her pace monica pro his experience is far from unique human rights watch has investigated centers across australia and found what they call chemical restraint is often the norm. caring for people with dementia is labor intensive and that is expensive drugs are a cheaper alternative but often given without informed consent from the patient or their relatives human rights watch says it's a violation of their rights i do think that most people would be shocked to find
5:49 am
that it's a common practice to drug older people mostly people with dementia really makes no sense to say that there should be a lower standard for drugging someone you know order to control their behavior as compared to perhaps using some sort of physical restraint the issue is not unique to australia human rights watch also investigated in the united states and found chemical restraint there was just as common but it all straight at the moment a national inquiry a royal commission is looking into issues right across the country a huge care system cases of abuse neglect and a routine lack of respect for the elderly a rule being uncovered and exposed there is national contemplation of the way people are treated towards the end of their lives. still ahead on the news the fallout from a race the. football federation. the
5:50 am
5:51 am
stuff of sports. thank you very much european football governing body u.a.e. for has opened disciplinary proceedings against the bo garion football federation but charges include racist behavior following england's black players being subjected to monkey chants and nazi salutes during a euro 2020 qualify in saffir on monday on tuesday the head of bulgarian football
5:52 am
boris love me high loaf was forced to resign by the country's prime minister some fans held up shirts mocking you a for its respect campaign to end racism in football the game was stopped twice and loudspeaker announcements warned the game would be abandoned if it didn't stop parts of the stadium were already closed with bogun reasserting a punishment for racist abuse in previous games also monitoring the situation they say they could impose additional sanctions on bogey area outside of what you wait for might impose. meanwhile bulgarians captain even has been praised by england striker marcus rash but did not go to the dressing room at half time as he pleaded with fans to stop the racist abuse rush for describing the actions of the bulgarian skipper as courageous. on tuesday they were another 9 euro 2020 qualifiers 2012 champions spain booked their place in next year's finals for the last minute equaliser against sweden italy who have already qualified thrashed
5:53 am
liechtenstein 5 no wins also for switzerland and greece tuesday so football history being made in the west bank as palestine played host to saudi arabia in a world cup qualifier it was the 1st time the saudis had travelled to the occupied territories to play the palestinians and not everyone was pleased reports. came in their thousands to see history being my. tuesday the world cup qualifier was the 1st time saudi arabia had played palestine at the national stadium. of occupied east jerusalem previously games between the 2 were held in new 2 countries in line with a decades long boycott of israel and while the match was a 12500 sellout many were concerned that saudi arabia's decision to travel to the occupied territories was the 1st step in the normalizing of relations between the saudis and israel. their business isn't helpful they visited all access through
5:54 am
israel not palestine. destroy the saudi visit is not about normalization not visiting the prison it doesn't normalize relations with the prison what are. we happy that the saudi team is visiting and playing in palestine we are not happy they came through the occupation. as for the game itself well on paper it should have been a mismatch israel's blockade of gaza since 2007 has meant there are no girls and players in this current squad saudi arabia on the other hand have played in 5 well cup final total events including russia 2018 well saudi's hopes of playing in qatar 2022 will be nonexistent if they produce many more performances like this the palestinians more than held their own and could have won the game later on they'll nail the final score. of course i'm not happy with the result of the game we want to win and to get the 3 points not only one point but in the end that's good
5:55 am
each team has its own strengths and we can't deny that the saudi team is a strong team all the arguments behind the staging of this match will no doubt continue the performances of the palestinian team should point to a brighter future on the pitch at least. meanwhile for president gianni and frontino has criticized the decision to play the qualifier between north and south korea in an empty stadium in pyongyang it was the 1st meeting between the sides in the north korean capital in 29 years the match ended goalless the return qualifier between the sides takes place in. the countdown to the rugby world cup quarter finals continues in japan new zealand's quest for a 3rd title in a row matches them up against ireland on saturday but in the build up to this match the all blacks players were also expressing their admiration for hosts japan reaching the knockout stages for the 1st time. it was more than a game for him it was about obviously what happened in the week in. years also to
5:56 am
see the you see the whole country to be born to accomplish treats them it's good to see. it's not property to have an impact. the root for next year's tour de france has been revealed the mint was made at a ceremony in paris on tuesday the 2020 route will take in 21 stages and beginning nice on june 27th before its traditional finish along the seans and the say on july 19th the new route also includes several new mountain stages which is good news the climbers like defending champion egg and bed now of team in the us le bron james said the general manager of the used and rockets acted selfishly when he tweeted in support of the hong kong protests darrell maurice tweet caused a backlash from n.b.a. fans and broadcasters in china you're misinformed. about something and just talk about you know the tweet itself you know you never know the ramifications that can happen. you know we all see what they did you know you did probably.
5:57 am
most of america for people. in china as well and sometimes you have to think through the things that you say that may cause or not only for yourself or for the georgian people le bron's criticism of mori didn't go down well with these basketball fans and protesters in hong kong they made their feelings clear about hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb and china's president xi and they stomped on pictures of the brand to. that's the difference between great player and good player and the difference between a hero and. here's a good basketball star here's one of the greatest of all time but his not here and that's where we'll leave it for now we'll see you again later for more sports news thank you very much peter and. i do stay with us. just a couple of minutes but for me. thank you very much for watching. at
5:58 am
night in a stalking somali moms patrolled streets police get enough money to hire a warlock of children a man paid tired of gang violence the use the maternal approach to prevent crime use. a. little bit in. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera on the legacy of south africa's a n c s the boy made the recording or these it is the poor how how does old take us how or why billeted and how perceptions have changed of this former liberation movement turned government you think is appropriate for a man who went to prison for devoting all of an eruption to run your party's
5:59 am
working group on corruption not the hosam goes head to head with garlic and betty we know it being slaughtered exactly who we are that are getting a grip on al jazeera. in an ordinary week talk to even a tar a diehard assad to not the only functioning hospital in bunch town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around 60 patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestige just nansen the award she won in recognition of his work and incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since 2013 the war has divided the country along ethnic lines 200000 people most of them refugees from sudan spilling out states even this remote town and looked it up and hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost always
6:00 am
including mother beetles of stewart living in the presence of who you know visions of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed to. taki ignores u.s. sanctions pushing on with its offensive in northeastern syria while russia moves into the void left by retreats. hello i'm mr and this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. violent clashes in boston on the 2nd day of protests over the jailing of 9 separatist regions.


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