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a battle without end that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war on al jazeera. and i wonder in tight in on the top stories on our jazeera syrian government troops have entered the town of kabbani where the u.s. and kurdish fighters defeated us all 4 years ago the government forces have been allowed in after cutting a deal with syrian kurds who are battling a turkish military offensive the u.s. vice president is scheduled to travel to ankara to push for a truce back in washington u.s. president donald trump has been playing down the crisis and syria doesn't want turkey to take its land i can understand that but what does that have to do with the united states of america if they're fighting over syria's land are we supposed to fight a nato member in order that syria who is not our friend keeps their land i don't
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think so but syria does have a relationship with the kurds the thing that's common is that everybody hates isis now the p.k. k. which is a part of the kurds as you know is probably worse a terrorist more of a terrorist threat in many ways than isis so it's a very semi complicated not too complicated if you're smart but it's a semi complicated problem and i think it's a problem that we have very nicely under control and i'm cause hearing has more from istanbul. it's been more than a week since turkey has launched its military operation in north assyria. a campaign against the syrian kurdish group and the y. p.g. . turkey stays the y.p. g. is the syrian branch of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k that turkey the e.u. and the u.s. have listed as a terrorist organization and the soap ration is to stop what turkey calls
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a terror corridor or near its border the u.s. and the arab league have called on turkey to halt their operation of request rejected present treasurer taper don has laid out his own conditions on how to end the separation wouldn't give you news. our proposal is that right now tonight all the terrorists lay down their arms their equipment and everything destroy all the traps and get out of a safe zone that we have designated the i.p.g. is an important element to the syrian democratic forces the s.d.f. which help the us push out of large parts of syria but unclear as offensive against them has prompted the syrian government to move back into some parts of the northeast under an agreement with the s.d.f. the syrian army has not been here in years and the american delegation including the vice president mike pence and the secretary of state my pump aoe are expected
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in turkey by thursday president trump has decided to send the highest level delegation he could possibly send for diplomatic purposes other than himself right i mean the vice president and the secretary of state and i'm sure they're convinced of their own persuasiveness with full force of the u.s. government behind them but i i think the president are to one there's no chance he's going to implement a cease fire or allow any mediation until he feels turkey has achieved the goals that he defined what washington has put sanctions on track and is threatening to impose more if the syrian operation doesn't end when it comes to syria alliances shift quickly on the ground and on the negotiating table the many kurdish s.t.'s feels abandoned by the u.s. and has now turned to the searing government that once called it a traitor but one thing is clear for turkey kurdish fighter group in northern syria poses a serious threat to its existence so now because solo al-jazeera stumble officials
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in london and brussels have signaled a new press the green mint is in its final stages but sticking points remain over the irish border it has been holding talks in brussels over any agreement still needs to be approved by e.u. leaders and the u.k.'s parliament both sides are hoping that agreement can be approved says days e.u. data summit. in spain that thousands of people have taken to the streets of barcelona for a 3rd night to protest against lengthy jail sentences handed down to cattle and politicians. protesters angry after 9 separatist leaders were imprisoned for their role in catalonia failed independence bid 2 years ago i mean as you can see the question is can fires set on the road to the standoff between police and protesters . those that lines do stay with us on al-jazeera witness is up next right now.
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out of no certainties international competition is intense companies from france south korea japan they all want to get into all the stuff myself want to elaborate easier to get as upset about the need to win in our daily syllabic we don't eat so important part of the year that it does this right libya could be the saudi arabia of the 21st century. you know you to say well you let me go play this little these days yet they give us a great atmosphere not. i. mean that is you know i don't think we'll get a lot. going to louisville
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place but i don't have a bit of. them for these getting knots and whether you can let it be the most kids like you or didn't use money you know. you're going to the doctor. to see you through the. good in the long run the meeting on the whole time must go in the muslim can. run texas if we can i'll be able to hold on bombs they don't know we had. a. mole it was the state all that it did take us. on the muslim course cause he was the who the who the i mean the most as it. was of course to data. and in full. of the. people who have been and.
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did or did he was simply. looking live a movie that. part . of the day the same so yeah like that but. you must be going to believe i'm going to. be the 1st minister that's why you. see sleaze and it is somebody and see i am the best except that there is no see muscle man is going to name names as that is
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news to most of the witness of the season the sequence that the exodus is so you. see. again we didn't get to. see. them. all. on march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing spots to selling aircraft be mobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control. the system failed it failed our passengers it failed the global fault lines investigates system failure
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the boeing crashes on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks into this market started peacefully. is taken. for those with details coverage. will be having dealt with 110 meters which is so deep that only have 15 minutes on the seabed from around the world the remains of may never be found here for they still exist yes his legacy lives on. at night in a stalking somali moms patrolled streets police kitty and. the like of my children the pain of gang violence the use the maternal approach to prevent crimes . devoted to the. little bit.
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the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera. i don't know entire non-durable top stories on al-jazeera syrian government troops have entered the town of cook on a whether u.s. and kurdish fighters defeated 4 years ago the government forces have been allowed in after cutting a deal with syrian kurds who are battling a turkish military offensive turkey's president. says he won't bow to international pressure to stop attacking the kurdish forces. as battles rage inside syria the u.s. vice president is preparing to meet the turkish president to ask for a truce syrian government's ally russia has also offered to mediate saying hunter has more well the turkish led offensive continues they have been trying to
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capture the border town of russell line for over a week now the battles are fierce the kurdish led syrian democratic forces there putting up resistance mounting a defense using tunnels trenches so really making it difficult for the turkish army and their local allies to capture this town and capturing rusling is important because they want to include this town in a safe zone that turkey wants to create in northeast syria officials in london and brussels have signaled a new direction agreement is in its final stages but sticking points remain over the irish border negotiators have been holding talks in brussels for them were there any agreement still needs to be approved by e.u. need is and the u.k. parliament both sides are hoping an agreement can be approved at thursday's e.u. need is summit. in spain thousands of people have taken to the streets of barcelona for a 3rd night to protest against lengthy jail sentences handed down to catalan politicians
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and are pictures now of a situational street where right police have clashed to the demonstrators firing foam bullets at the crowds while protest has been setting fire to bins and cars several streets have been blocked by the fires. hong kong's chief executive caroline has been forced to abandon her annual address and leave the legislature after being shouted down by pro-democracy lawmakers furious legislators held up signs and called lam the mother of the matter of police over her response to anti-government protests that have swept the city for months later delivered the speech via video link didn't appear to make a new peace offering to protesters. there's that on stu's stay with us witness continues next i'll be back with a news hour for sure if you can't buy for. any
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well i think we'll be able to come wasn't because we want to seem you know that these are people might be annoying with them but when i mean. it's you know i when i come in plant there's a lot of eyes ears i love bush but it's no secret. he does guess. what. it is i'm like an enemy that is doing what. everyone. it couldn't even take that could. get ink in it you know i'm $40.00 i want to go king muslim in a skiing course ino us in the us a that i guess i'm deemed. as he listens. to that flick he's going to get close i'm going to. ask him the level is that. oh look there's
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a lot of this unlucky. seem to be a crucial unease in the world that he had in it. seems to be the nod given away to that maybe at machete employed. people do with him tacky is a that the beanie was a full day not as he did ok even as i see it. and he's always been the guy was good as i'm really almost as dumb as whether that be the.
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yes times but on the little ones. at. the moment i mean they'd. rather than that of us and he goes through and then and will give in and. it. is as if we threw that aside. you know there's like a bundle like this and he had this one so that's called. meat on the idea
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about not by the lucky. victim she's actually. you know this is one of the. but he's going to do with us. what you eat those. documents but it's also a lot if you would as the. cause that i thought that that all in that it. was going to the bit of thought. or the heart. because i don't think i would you know. dreams like this in the mass which are much like the other the mask in this i mean dancy you know there.
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has been dealers murkiness. this in a. bit of another city of new. york look there was a heavy. i mean. you must claim.
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this is. this. as it goes on you know see i'm pissed about it was i was kind of busy. looking is just like you know what i'm to have like you. but i'm using the coming up a misnomer because that peter's looking again i said you know to me for me the moment.
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a window thought only since he will. just along. oh this is so in chicago didn't. see. those cities guys that thought of them waiting on. the boat out in the know about this movie.
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the stars are made of the current. let me do it. but he didn't surrender of the back yet he did it was in the us. and they sound like this other guy looks the movie guy in united is going to you know it's. gone with a book at the base of the party begins it and that's i think that's management appropriate the movie i. see but it was a kind of coming up to the. concept of good films you know because it.
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cannot be a compassionate god i miss. it i pushed. moment that him and. that of the push to silicon would be that made. for 5. ft 3. ft 3 made it telling how the national. david onstott i see your he doesn't think. so highly of the. leanest. but all simplicity got the mutallab sympathy.
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know. i got wendy's hambly on it in that you know all too well that is because i. haven't the what's i. was here's your i am is this either you doubles god or to support any of us. that. didn't know my. i was. looking down.
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on the woman and i did not get this going with me and that is a lot of i didn't know at all i'm not a. long journey 6 in the us i mean what on the in full. i mean i still i was. big on it because he left a little bit of thing that makes you not. most of these there's both the illegal and also you only see the countries that used to like make the most money he was young to be opportunities. he's always having to help you as a cuban yet you go so i mean that was full of thoughts all those needles are nice but on i thought all of the essene going to court sitting room which you must.
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not hear is that in the new the name of in the belly by now that india has been on mars in the same mental. emotionally or. in the course of the young as i but it's only when you know about at least 30. ft that i.e. managed is i mean that's going up with it but i figure i must have what i have to let he caused uncovered a study for example in a season of because the book and the almost never got. this article from
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them entirely. and store is in the middle making this could be the owner. and this kid this school alone on a disk be a total mess and that is. the neo chic is indeed a community bundle deal most of the beating. this was looking down upon its. you know if you missed. any that look of being. said hello is but didn't appear to see. but to
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simply use them was a. listen come up again. hello
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there it is once again the southeast australia where we're seeing the rain showers fairly persistent to southern cross into victoria and across into tasmania but it's been clearing the east coast in the last few hours it might just produce a lingering shower as far as sydney but really the rain again is reserved for melbourne on hope but not cold 17 degrees few in 24 degrees in perth in fact warming up as we head off into friday it's 28 under some clear sunny skies and also a warm day in brisbane 28 celsius but we could on friday see want to get a thunderstorms and the rain really stays in the full calls across much of tasmania and then across into new zealand again it's a case of scottish assistant rain plenty of cloud has been streaming in again at
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the last few hours and is staying pretty much in the picture as we go through thursday 18 celsius about tries to. both cases. and some longer spells rains that you know friday in christchurch and feel a little bit colder than 15 degrees at best and then op into japan we've had some showers about some bright dispels but as we go through thursday into friday there's a lot of moisture on the east coast of honshu that could send the rain showers across certain tools tokyo and then really by friday it can become quite heavy at times so not helping the recovery efforts and cool just 70. 2 strange and. you have to go all the more with it comes to fight against corruption. for new zealand's heroes like newsgroup who refused
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a 50000000. brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to find a dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror now. on the legacy of south africa's a n c s the boy made me quality for these what is the plough how does old take us. and how perceptions have changed of this former liberation movement turned government you think is appropriate for a man who went to prison for defrauding paul i'm an eruption to run your policies working group on corruption the hosam goes head to head with my leg embedded to lead it seems not exactly been we had that getting a grip on al jazeera 3 years 3 prime ministers and still closed ranks with the oct 31st departure deadline looming and to see you and you pay for back to square
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off in brussels walk we'll boris johnson to text follows the e.u. summit on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. i know 19 of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up as turkey's offensive in syria enters a 2nd week syrian troops push into the town of could bani by the kurds and the u.s. 1st defeated us all together 4 years ago. signals from london and brussels that have bret's a deal is within reach but sticking points at the irish border remained. thousands returned to the streets of boston and for a 2nd day.


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