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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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anyway so we all also know that while this cannot solve any problem still as a legislative council i don't think that and the members use any kind of including . or physical wollensky in the chamber to express to. the french foreign minister has met his iraqi counterpart in baghdad to discuss the security of eisel camps in northern syria turkey's offensive against the kurds has led to concerns that many detained eisel fighters may escape european governments are concerned the operation will allow some of the $12000.00 suspected fight is to get out of detention. now mexico's president has called on people to lay down their arms and not solve their problems through violence after 2 mass shootings the attacks happened in 2 of the most violent states where drug gangs battle for control of smuggling routes there have been almost 30000 murders in the country since on their door took office on your palate reports from mexico.
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2 days of terror have left dozens dead in southwestern mexico. on monday 14 police officers were killed in the state of michoacan the officers were ambushed by gunmen associated with the. cartel. the families of the lawman blamed regional leaders for the deaths saying local police are under equipped to battle the region's well armed and highly organized criminal groups. yet you sent in the sense people today that why didn't you train them to defend themselves these boys were 18 and 19 years old now dead dead on tuesday a gunfight left another 15 dead this time in the state of get little the incident involved mexican soldiers exchanging gunfire with armed civilians. between 6 and 8
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people managed to escape into the bush we are conducting a sweep in cooperation with other security forces deadly incidents like these are becoming increasingly common in mexico i have no no no. and add to the $27478.00 homicides nationwide since president and that is manuel lopez obrador entered office despite the escalation in violence the president insists that advances are being made. the past there's a lack of peace in the country but we will achieve it however there is momentum behind this problem it was allowed to groove for far too long but we will find a way to resolve it while a majority of violent deaths or increasing in only a handful of mexican states there has also been an increase in crimes so along with an increase in the perception of insecurity nationwide in a national public security poll conducted by the government in the summer more than 70 percent of people say they consider the city they live in unsafe many here
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worried 2019 will shatter all previous records for homicides nationwide if the current trend of violence continues that may just be the case but ended up in mexico city the longest serving president and bolivia's history has wrapped up his campaign ahead of sunday's general election even moralez is being challenged by carlos messer who led the country before him from 2003 to 2005 john heilemann has more from the. this is several more or less last push his final campaign event for sunday's election in bolivia is already the longest running risen in the country skittering is running for a. jackie believe it is camille's today bolivia has to pass return to the past we'll continue with our change surely we must continue with our change next sunday don't abandon me you have never abandoned me we want to continue working together to show that bolivia is full of hope. people here who support him working him
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because he's consistently been able to grow the economy and significantly over the . muslims awful has lifted them and he's the source of your future we have he's also particularly used the country's wealth in natural gas for social programs . has built schools he's made things better it wasn't like up before i met. this guy but this time it is me who push harder than ever and that's because many people in bolivia believe he's a roading democracy change the constitution to be able to run again despite a referendum in which would make sure it's a limited narrow majority said that they can they don't want the people that don't want to see more of the devil rallies will be hoping that his nearest rival. a centrist candidate will triumph in sunday's election but ever worley's remains the
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clear frontrunner even if. predicted to go to a 2nd round protests escalating in guinea's capital over proposed changes to the constitution that would allow the president to run for a fat tan 81 year old alpha condé is also accused of fueling ethnic tension nicholas hack reports from conakry and a warning you may find some of these images disturbing. a city divided this is where ethnic susu and committing to live side by side in peace and this is where the full on the live. move shouts this paratrooper they're armed with live rounds of ammunition since the beginning of the protest against president alpha condé is attempt to extend his stay in power the capital's full on the district's look and feel like a war zone security forces are shooting down protesters this is mobile phone footage of mr and mrs bollinger unconscious one was shot in the leg the other had
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a large rock thrown to her head they were mourning the loss of 2 of their nephews who were shot dead by armed soldiers when they came back after them. they survived the attack still in grief and seeding with anger. the soldiers told me they are paid to kill the colonies and that they will kill us one by one the one responsible for this is all fucked on day soldiers are being paid by the president to assess and aid us. of the ethnic majority in guinea never has a felony come to power hundreds of them are being rounded up and arrested because they're protesting against the 81 year old president's attempt to change the constitution and to run for a 3rd mandate. opposition leaders to choose the president of fueling ethnic divisions. that we have to fight tribalism in ethnic politics because it's
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dividing us and it could create so much hatred and violence that it could cause a civil war we asked the information minister why the government are targeting for money but he would not allow us to broadcast the interview this is a touchy subject he explained after several days of protests calm has returned in most neighborhoods but not in full on the areas. this is what remains of a military outpost that was burned to the ground by protesters because it's inside a full on the neighborhood now the military has replaced it with this big white tent and they're just behind me keeping a close watch on the situation because earlier on demonstrators threw stones at them they responded by firing shots it's still very much a tense situation here despite calls for dialogue by president. susu in full each ethnic group has its political leader with its own grievances
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something that president alpha condé will have to address if you want to extend his stay in power and unite a population divided by politics because hawke al jazeera cannot create now about $55.00 african elephants are killed for their ivory every day their tusks are then turned into carvings and trinkets now antique dealers in the u.k. are challenging a new law which criminalizes trade in almost all ivory artifacts even when the ivory is from elephants that were killed many years ago charlie rangel reports from london. the majestic african elephant wild and free but constantly under threat it's estimated $20000.00 killed every year to meet the global demand for ivory ivory that is often smuggled to asia where desire for carvings and jewelry is still high in an attempt to decimate elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade the u.k. passed a law last year banning almost all sales of antique ivory pieces. a lot of
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government and conservationists and fighting to defend ivory exports from the u.k. is the highest compared to any other country in the world and what is even more concerning is most of the ivory going out of the u.k. is going to problem ivory markets such as mainland china and hong kong to the u.k. ivory act tries to address these loopholes and tries to fix this problem and more broadly deal with the problem of watching and i reach out to you. but antique dealers argue that business does not fuel elephant poaching they want the law overturned with seeking a declaration that the u.k. ivory act is unlawful and to e.u. and the trade in $47.00 worked specimens which commonly known as antiques has long been harmonized and little and the u.k. didn't actually have the power to depart from that legislation because it's very
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important that it's harmonized across the e.u. so we're seeking a declaration today which and for she would render the entire ivory act in valid the u.k. ivory still hasn't been implemented and it won't be until this case is complete currently the european union rules and i betrayed them over lots and that's why this case is being rushed through the courts before the break the deadline of october 31st but similar battles on ivory a being introduced in other countries like new zealand australia and singapore following the u.k.'s example in the hope that by removing ivory status as a desirable commodity they can help protect elephants for future generations. al-jazeera and. hello this is al jazeera and these are the headlines from the united kingdom and european union say they have reached
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a deal on break said they described the agreement as fair and balanced but it still needs to be ratified by birthing and u.k. parliament. highlevel u.s. delegation has arrived in ankara hoping to convince the turkish president to call off his offensive in northeastern syria it's believed that vice president mike pence and secretary of state well tried to broker a cease fire meanwhile turkish forces and kurdish fighters continue to battle in the border town of. considered a strategic point for both syrian forces moving north of also become a major obstacle for turkey the french foreign minister has met his iraqi counterpart in baghdad to discuss the security of eisel camps in northern syria turkey's offensive against the kurds has led to many concerns that the detained fighters may escaped europe european governments are concerned the operation will allow some of the 12000 suspected fighters to get out of detention the u.s. ambassador to the european union is next in line to testify in the ongoing
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impeachment inquiry against donald trump it's expected that gordon solvent will be questioned about text messages from the u.s. ambassador to ukraine discussing trump's effort to pressure ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden on tuesday a former senior advisor to u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe was the latest person to testify michael mckinley was quizzed for 5 hours by house committees after abruptly resigning last week and a key figure in the impeachment inquiry us democratic congressman elijah cummings has died aged 68 as chairman of the house oversight and reform committee cummings led multiple investigations into president trump's governmental dealings cummings passionately advocated for the poor and his black majority district of maryland he died in hospital due to complications from longstanding health problems. and hong kong's leader carry lamb has been shouted down for a 2nd consecutive day in the territories legislature opposition members protested
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in the chamber and called for had to step down at least 10 people were moved by security cameras trying to answer questions regarding her annual policy address well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story do stay with us. heckled and cheered hong kong's leader faces more calls to step down as politicians disrupt annual policy address can carry law and hold on to her job and what needs to be done to end 4 months of unrest this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm so hell robin hong kong's chief executive kerry lam is struggling to maintain public order there have been 4 months of antigovernment protests that have turned violent protesters have been calling on lam to resign she's refused they're hoping to move all with a new legislative agenda but it seems she's struggling to do that as well on dry ground now painting tell you that opposition politician has twice shouted down her annual policy speech in the legislative council lamb had to resort to giving a pre recorded address through a video link the protest movement has once again calling on her to meet their
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demands which include direct elections for the city's leader amnesty for arrested demonstrators and an inquiry into police actions all 5 months are very clear not one. and i really urge her if she can't govern hong kong and she has no determination to govern hong kong and she has no. and even capable. i mean it's treating hong kong please that down but lam sidestepped these demands and urged people to end the protests. are they the whole we're very worried that a small number of people have escalated the level of violence perhaps some people don't like the government's condemnation so we must ask what can balance achieve for hong kong and can it solve our crisis or pulis further away from michael's urge once again for everyone to cherish the city and that hong kong return to peace like some rights activists have condoned lums address as pointless. i think you've
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today's most pressing concern isn't addressed along with the fact that carrying arms government has not responded to the people's 5 demands and i think this policy address because no i mean i might be but for 4 months. playing. for the public. but they didn't. get it for 4 i thought about it because of. that's introduce the panel on today's inside story in hong kong joining us via skype is emily lau chairperson of the international affairs committee of the democratic party welcome in london roderick y. a fellow at the asia pacific program chatham house and also in hong kong ruben one to judge a professor for asian initiatives at the i.e.e.e. s. a business school welcome to all of my guests and to you here on inside story just
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to get a brief snapshot of what we feel about what's been going on in hong kong can i just ask you the generic question 1st the people there have varying opinions about what is going on and how they feel about carry land as we know it the political divide could not be wider at this moment in time what do you make a certainly the last few hours that we've seen in the legislature. well as you can see how it's split asunder people are very unhappy and i think many others like me want that situation to stay we're down a carrier that is just doing the opposite so we don't know where did this and read it's going to end we should see why and london perhaps an impartial view from thousands of miles away certainly what's your view of what's going on at the moment i think it is very difficult still to see a political end to this and surely they were the way forward is through politics
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because the hong kong government treating this tso only as a law and order issue has has not worked the there is still strong support in hong kong for the for the changes and reforms and the hong kong government does not appear to be listening ruben lundy a political a political view but with the economic background to your certainly portfolio what do you make of this. well we have to look at this in 2 ways one is the short term and one is the long term the short term there is an anger a seething anger and that has to be addressed quickly and then the long term i think is quite good it will be good for hong kong and china in general so you are looking at the one country 2 systems so there's a tug of war and what we are seeing is the tension between the one country and those systems but when this is over it will be a lesson for china will be
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a lesson for hong kong indeed and we'll try and pick all the bases and touch all the bases along this conversation to inside story today only let me just come back to you on wednesday we saw. failed in her attempt to address a legislature or a policy statement yet we have a video recording all of this obviously of what she had to say and she talked about financial help sort of low income families who need better housing and a promise to listening gauge with opposing politicians and the public she said this in a variety of forms i'm paraphrasing here is it enough. well you look at what happened in the legislative council complex if she is students dear in wishing to engage with the pro-democracy politicians i don't think they would have treated her like this they. know injects talking to them and that's why we're so angry just going back to the legislative laps of next tomorrow to answer questions i don't
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think it will be any different from today this ringback is this is this is crazy she really has to go out and engage and listen to people who have very different view. roger why in london has has the tipping point been reached to a certain extent for curry lonmin that so much has happened since what april earlier this year when all of this began with the anger over an extradition legislation that would have maybe taken suspects from hong kong but the chinese mainland has so much happened in the time span that it's sort of too late to turn back and some new way of thing gauging the public has to be thought up beyond carry lamis is it a case that beijing has to get involved in some shape or form or get her guidance at least i think. i'm sure beijing is telling her quite a lot of what to do and say. i think beijing is still very reluctant to be seen to
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be acting directly on our in this in this matter and prefers to leave it to the hong kong government but behind out a very strong statements that people should not expect that they can get away with . beijing's point of view that the violence and these kind of things for ever but i think for the moment beijing is not still not interested in involving itself directly refers to use carry land and she has. completely failed as emily said to both to engage in anything other than a formal kind of a way and and to listen and more than to listen to respond to the. reasonable requests that have been coming in the past and this failure to listen or respond is exacerbating the violence in hong kong at the moment to moment you're nodding in agreement but just one quick quote to you
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roderick i mean is is kerry land between a rock and a hard place because basically if she then goes into the legislature legislature on thursday as we expect she will and she receives the same sort of reception where does that leave her because she can't keep getting giving video messages to the whole cold people and certainly to fellow politicians who expect to be able to engage even if they disagree with the leader of the administration of the island i think this is the real real problem that hong kong faces at the moment that there is really very little trust in the hong kong government and in and in the police forces but there's also sort of no real avenues for sensible political discussion because as we have seen the sort of legislative council which should be real. debating point. has not been able to do so and part of the reason for that is the intransigence of the hong kong government but part of
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the reason is also that it's very difficult for the protesters to find a political voice and somehow that needs to happen. to bring it here you're not in agreement with what roger was saying. yeah you know 3 months ago i thought harry lime should stay on to sort of manage what's what's happening but now after 4 months i think she should go and i think now the protesters and they're also the opposition the democrats in the alleged course should ask beijing to just let her go and replace her with that not the number 2 matthew trying because now she has become a hate figure so the anger has to be solved a psychological e so people are very angry just seeing her face so there are actually several people that are simply people that are hate figures that inspire anger in the protestors that's mrs lamb research chain which is the secretary of for justice the
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secretary for security john lee and the head of the police they should all disappear and be replaced by their number twos just psychologically just to have kind of to quell the current emotional anger of the people and then carry lunch and say ok i go and then what happens next is for beijing to agree that new faces should appear because some people of the take responsibility for the the past 4 months did this is that this is the this short term you need those real importance of these hate figures indeed in those the talking points that we've said we touched upon in many inside stories because i believe you're smiling away through the response from reuben i do understand because even if curry lyman her top tier of a government officials step or saeed and you don't have the number twos as is stated taking the position the issue is still is it not about voting one person one
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vote in voting for the people that you want in charge rather than being imposed upon. by by the leaders in beijing the fundamental issue is still about being able to vote is it not. the people that will administer the island and they should be the choice of people for the whole cold absolutely right but i agree that these people who have made such a result and of course the biggest crisis in hong kong in whole oms history everybody agree this is the biggest crisis and we don't even know when it's going to end so i think those people have to gulp and i fully agree so we should have of course this chief secretary will be acting for 6 months and never have a by election and you're right this committee of 1200 people may need to go on from the business and political elites they will choose another one maybe in
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another kerry land but still whatever make the mistake has to go and then of course we will also have to address the problem of how to give all can be.


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