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of objection to essentially very legislation that it didn't like coming out of westminster and the feeling is from the d.p. is that control here in northern ireland will be essential a little bit further out if they grasp if they allow this these plans to go forward they're deeply worried about implications politically for them and also for the integrity of northern on as a member of the united kingdom going forward and they thank you for that new backing joining us live there from belfast turning now to syria a high level u.s. delegation has arrived in turkey in ankara hoping to convince the turkish president to hold his campaign in northeastern syria u.s. vice president mike pence and u.s. secretary of state might bump out are expected to meet president richard tire burdwan shortly the talks are already underway in ankara where the u.s. national security adviser robert o'brian has met the turkish foreign minister have a solid blue the high ranking diplomatic push is happening as critics back in the united states accuse donald trump of clearing the way for the offensive by pulling
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american troops out of the region meanwhile turkish forces and couldn't fighters continue to battle in the border town of russell and considered a strategic point for both saying the hardware has more now on the fighting from the turkey syria border. the kurdish syrian democratic forces are holding out. using tunnels and trenches to mount their defense it's been just over a week since the turkey led military operation began. the battle here is key if that operation is to succeed fighting has been fierce. the fighters are mainly from the syria have kurdish y p g group that make up the bulk of the s. the f. forces turkey considers it a terrorist organization. this border town is where turkey wants to create what it calls a safe zone that will stretch 30 kilometers into syrian territory the united states
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which not only about the s d f and pulled its troops out of northeast syria is demanding a cease fire it has already imposed sanctions on turkey as a form of pressure but president treasurer tayyip erdogan who will receive a u.s. delegation led by vice president mike pence on thursday is not budging. all over which takes effect immediately all the terrorists used to lay down their arms destroy their fortifications the beeld and withdraw from the safe zone from which to you regular order that we will establish then our reforms you will be finished. so far 100 kilometers of border has been secured turkey launched the operation with 2 objectives to push the y.p. g. from the border at least 30 kilometers south and to create this zone that will allow syrian refugees to return. the u.s. is now out of the way but russia stepped in deploying its troops on the front lines in a clear message to turkey moscow has called turkey's operation in syria acceptable
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and it seems that now wants its military presence in syria to end. and credit does have strong cards particularly the role it could play in helping to reach a political settlement to syria's war. make sure. when the political trolls usually forces in the government is being we will handle all reals in syria including and northern mali will be our only recourse directing and rebuilding these areas. russia has not shied away from publicly criticizing turkey for its incursion into syria describing it as an acceptable and demanding it to be limited in time and scale russia insists turkey has the right under an agreement reached with damascus in 1998 to push up to a maximum of 10 kilometers into syria to conduct anti-terrorism operations but officials insists the addon a pact does not allow turkey to remain in syria permanently and moscow won't accept
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that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov explained what would be acceptable security cooperation between turkish and syrian army's along the border cooperation with the syrian regime would be a radical shift for turkey but there is a new reality government troops are back in the north for the 1st time in years unprecedented as well has been russia's position and criticism of turkey there will be hard bargaining ahead 700 on the turkish syrian border. still ahead on al-jazeera the aftermath of more violence in mexico police are about dozen states as fears grow through the insecurity and tension of mines high in guinea after days about breast targeting the president. if not on short. sale all.
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from the prying eyes ok of. this happening by means of high seas or things like that help me understand this then then the sanctions are concerned iran is still able to trade with any anyone it wants in terms of oil it's just that the payment can't be in dollars is that how the sanctions work so it's ok for them to come offshore and offload from one tanker to another as long as the payment isn't in dollars ok now if you look at the sanctions. the kind of strange and aspect of the sanctions that gave in our early last year was section 1245 of the n d 8 the national defense authorization act which actually imposes penalties on financial institutions which are in any way connected with it in united include that includes banks financial institutions lenders and government treasuries as
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well so. iran has the coup and once that is a huge appetite at least amongst ition consumers to take that very few people are reluctant to get. a deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you just said oh i disagree with that thought this sounds like you blaming the public the country for the are in denial of the looming everybody these people well trained as much a part of the islamic state machine as we have been very urgent of. joining me mad the sun as i put it up for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate. al-jazeera.
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top stories leaders from the united kingdom the european union have reached a deal. the agreement is fair and balanced but it still needs to be ratified by both the e.u. and. european commission president. and british prime minister. shortly in brussels. challenges selling the deal that holland. has already spoken out of the accord doesn't lead. is expected on saturday. trying to convince the turkish president to
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call off his offensive in northeast syria it's believed vice president and secretary of state. the u.s. ambassador to the european union is next in line to testify in the ongoing impeachment inquiry against donald trump it's expected gordon song will be questioned about text messages from the u.s. ambassador to ukraine discussing trump's effort to pressure ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden on tuesday a former senior advisor to u.s. secretary of state mark pump out was the latest person to testify marco mckinley was quizzed for 5 hours by house committees after abruptly resigning last week. a key figure in the impeachment inquiry us democratic congressman elijah cummings has died aged 68 as chairman of the house oversight and reform committee cummings led multiple investigations into president trump's governmental dealings cummings passionately advocated for the poor in his black majority district of maryland he
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died in hospital due to complications from longstanding health problems hong kong's leader terry lamb has been shouted down for a 2nd consecutive day in the territories legislature opposition members protested in the chamber and called for her to step down at least 10 people were removed by security line was trying to answer questions regarding her annual policy address she was forced to deliver that speech through video link on wednesday after the legislative session was canceled some pro beijing politicians have condemned the out got slammed in the legislature have always think that the hong kong citizens were not a step anyone to use while it was. anyway so we all also know that while this cannot solve any problem so as a legislative council i don't think that any electrical members should use any kind
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of violence including. physical violence in the chandra how to express their will. the french foreign minister has made his iraqi counterpart in baghdad to discuss the security of ice or camps in northern syria turkey's offensive against kurds has led to concerns that many detained us or fighters may escape european governments are concerned the operation will allow some of the $12000.00 suspected fighters to get out. mexico's president has called on people to lie down their arms and not solve problems through violence after mass shootings the attacks happened in 2 of the most violent states where drug gangs battle for control of smuggling routes there have been almost 30000 murders in the country since on man well lopez obrador took office from took office and reports now from mexico city. 2 days of terror have left dozens dead in southwestern mexico.
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on monday 14 police officers were killed in the state of michoacan the officers were ambushed by gunmen associated with the. cartel. the families of the lawman blamed regional leaders for the deaths saying local police are under equipped to battle the region's well armed and highly organized criminal groups. yet you sent in the sense people today that why didn't she train them to defend themselves these boys were 18 and 19 years old now dead dead on tuesday a gunfight left another 15 dead this time in the state of get little the incident involved mexican soldiers exchanging gunfire with armed civilians. between 6 and 8 people managed to escape into the bush we are conducting a sweep in cooperation with other security forces deadly incidents like these are
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becoming increasingly common in mexico. and add to the $27478.00 homicides nationwide since president and that is monday lopez obrador entered office despite the escalation in violence the president insists that advances are being made. the past but there's a lack of peace in the country but we will achieve it however there is momentum behind this problem it was allowed to grow for far too long but we will find a way to resolve it while the majority of violent deaths are increasing in only a handful of mexican states there has also been an increase in crimes so along with an increase in the perception of insecurity nationwide in a national public security poll conducted by the government in the summer more than 70 percent of people say they consider the city they live in unsafe many here are worried 2900 will shatter all previous records for homicides nationwide if the current trend of violence continues that may just be the case but ended up in
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mexico city approaches to dealing louder in guinea's capital over a proposed change to the constitution that would allow the president to run for a 3rd turned 81 year old is accused of fueling ethnic tension nicholas i reports from kentucky a warning you might find some of these images disturbing. a city divided this is where ethnic susu and committing to live side by side in peace and this is where the full on the live. move shouts this paratrooper they're armed with live rounds of ammunition and since the beginning of the protest against president alpha companies attempt to extend his stay in power the capital's full on the district's look and feel like a war zone security forces are shooting down protesters this is mobile phone footage of mr and mrs bollinger unconscious when it was shot in the leg the other
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had a large rock thrown to her head they were mourning the loss of 2 of their nephews who were shot dead by armed soldiers when they came back after them. they survived the attack still in grief and seeding with anger. the soldiers told me they are paid to kill the colonies and that they will kill us one by one the one responsible for this is all fucked on day soldiers are being paid by the president to assess and aid us. while felonies make of the ethnic majority in guinea never has a felony come to power hundreds of them are being rounded up and arrested because they're protesting against the 81 year old president's attempt to change the constitution and to run for a 3rd mandate. opposition leaders and huge other q.'s is the president of fuelling ethnic divisions. that we have to fight tribalism in ethnic politics because it's dividing us and it could create so much hatred and violence that it could cause
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a civil war. the information minister why the government are targeting for money but he would not allow us to broadcast the interview this is a touchy subject he explained after several days of protests calm has returned in most neighborhoods but not in full on the area. this is what remains of a military outpost that was burned to the ground by protesters because it's inside a full on the neighborhood and the military has replaced it with this big white tent and they're just keeping a close watch on the situation because earlier on demonstrators threw stones at them they responded by firing shots it's still very much a tense situation here despite calls for dialogue by present day. susu in full each ethnic group has its political leader with its own grievances something that president alpha condé will have to address if he wants to extend his
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stay in power and unite a population divided by politics nicolas hawke al jazeera conakry about $55.00 african elephants are killed for their ivory every day the task so then turned into carvings and trinkets now antique dealers in the u.k. a challenging a new law which criminalizes trade in almost all ivory artifacts even where the artery is from elephants killed many years ago child the angela reports from london . the majestic african elephant wild and free but constantly under threat it's estimated $20000.00 killed every year to meet the global demand for ivory ivory that is often smuggled to asia where desire for carvings and jewelry is still high in an attempt to decimate elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade the u.k. passed a law last year banning almost all sales of antique ivory pieces. a lot of
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government and conservationists and fighting to defend ivory exports from the u.k. is the highest compared to any other country in the world and what is even more concerning is most of the ivory going out of the u.k. is going to problem i remark in such as mainland china and hong kong to the u.k. ivory act tries to address these loopholes and tries to fix this problem and more broadly to deal with the problem of torching and i reach out to you. but antique dealers argue that business does not fuel elephant poaching they want that law overturned with seeking a declaration that the u.k. ivery act and is unlawful under a you know and the trade in $47.00 worked specimens which commonly known as antiques has long been harmonized and illegal and the u.k. didn't actually have the power to depart from that legislation and because it's very important that it's harmonized across the e.u.
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so we're seeking a declaration today which and for she would render the entire ivory act in valid the u.k. ivory still hasn't been implemented and it won't be until this case is complete currently the european union rules and i betrayed him over the last not why this case is being rushed through the courts before the break the deadline of october 31st but similar bans on ivory a being introduced in other countries like new zealand australia and singapore following the u.k.'s example in the hope that by removing ivory status is a desirable commodity they can help protect elephants the future generations. al-jazeera now and. this is al-jazeera and the other top stories leaders from the united kingdom and european union say they have reached a deal on brics that. described the agreement as fair and balanced but it still
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needs to be ratified by both the e.u. and u.k. parliaments e.u. breaks it negotiating a sobhani i described the difficulty of coming to an agreement on northern ireland that would prevent regional friction obviously when discussing the notion i mean we talk about the economy. about the technical matters but goods but let me say very frankly that for me since day one since 3 years what the really matters how do people. the people of nelson and head out what really matters the speech. boris johnson is now facing the challenge of selling the deal to politicians at home a parliamentary vote is expected on saturday britain's opposition leader germany corben has already spoken out against the accord saying he won't back it. moderated
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to. create support it down the r.t.c. between britain. and the games a wasted opportunity to actions for british citizens and the danger of doing so is the danger of this sort of. regional racial. a high level u.s. delegation has arrived in ankara hoping to convince the turkish president to call off his offensive in northeastern syria it's believed vice president mike pence and secretary of state by pump will try to broker a cease fire. hong kong's leader kerry lamb has been shouted down for a 2nd consecutive day in the territories legislature opposition members protested in the chamber and called for her to step down at least 10 people were removed by security lam was trying to answer questions for god in her annual policy address she was forced to deliver that speech through video link on wednesday after the
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legislative session was cancelled and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off to this is europe. on . some of that it was so yeah i miss that yapping about i said i got an sob i won. a loon i'm not alone in that little look at
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a nazi kind of forgotten. i'm not go how can i show you do all of the bullies can show me. how bennett i echo how lucky i was to listen to what. i'm saying graduate in doha as you can see the images of the u.k. prime minister bars johnson and european commission president jiang quote approaching the podium there to discuss this new brics that deal going to listen to what i have to say it is testament to our commitment to finding solutions it provides certainty we have works it creates uncertainty it put taxes the rights of our citizens and to put text peace and stability on the island. the rubino to border on the island of violence and to secure markets will be protected the deal is not about us the deal is about people and peace and i look forward
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to continuing my conversations with bridges because reed starts the negotiations on the future relations immediately after the deal we have been approved we did stop our debates on the 1st of november we vote interruption. 2 nights together we've finished how about yeah i really screwed the deed. of state and government. and of course it's for both our parliaments to have the final say it's not only us instance having to approve the deed the deed being infected to me it's also up to luke in parliament to do the same so thank you for his foot i have to say x. and felicity have for the last few thank you very much thank you joel groden kind
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of paper this particular tribute to you john quote and also of course to michel barnier and all your team michel and the negotiating team in the commission and i do think that this deal represents a very good deal both for the e.u. and for the u.k. and it's a reasonable fair outcome and reflects the large amount of work that's being undertaken by by both sides and i agree very much drawn close with what you said about protecting the peace process in the island of ireland and in northern ireland and of course for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real bricks it that achieves our objectives and it means that the u.k. leaves whole and entire on october the 31st when it 1st and it means that northern ireland and every other part of the u.k.
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can take part not just in free trade deals off tariffs exporting all goods around the world but it also means that we can take together as a single united kingdom decisions about our future about our laws our borders our money and how we want to run the u.k. and those decisions will be taken in the u.k. by elected representatives the people of you. and i hope very much not speaking of elected representatives that my fellow m.p.'s in westminster do not come together to get it done to get this excellent deal over the line and to deliver for exit without any more delay so that we can focus on the priorities of the british people improving our health service investing in 20000 more police lifting up
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a living wage and many many other things and i just want to conclude by agreeing wholeheartedly with your final for. now is the moment for us to get bricks done and then together to work on building our future partnership which i think can be incredibly positive both for the u.k. and for the e.u. and i just remind you what i weigh said that we are a quintessential european country solid european friends neighbors and supporters and we look forward to working with you in building that partnership in the weeks and months to go thank you all very much. i have to talk loads the basia. i have i have to say that i'm happy about it but i'm sad. the book works have
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a good time. and we heard just there for murder of the european commission president and british prime minister and young saying about this new deal that where there was uncertainty there is now certainty and boris johnson saying it is a good deal for all reasonable and fair let's go to lawrence lindsey now he joins us live from brussels just listening to that lars obviously a lot of optimism but we've seen this type of deal before and it has faltered way to thing sit right now in your assessment. well i mean clearly it does work for both sides and that's the difference between this one and the back stop because the. backstop was perfectly fine series amazed deal for the european union but it was completely unacceptable to large parts the
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conservative party because they felt it was a betrayal of because it kept the u.k. in an open ended relationship trade relationship with the european union so it's it is good for the european union because it protects the integrity of our islands in the in the sphere of the beast because it because it maintains the good friday agreements and in the sphere of protecting the single markets because there is no customs checks on the island of ireland equally as you had boris johnson say that in his assessments it's good for the u.k. because in one sense it does allow the whole of the u.k. including northern ireland to know draw from the european union's trading arrangements because the because they put the trade borders as if it's goods in the middle of the irish sea so both sides in that sense can take it off. big points are saying it's not just westminster that has to agree to this is the european parliament i don't suppose the european parliament is going to have a particular.


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