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tv   Salero  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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to the interest of course you will expect the u.s. is to stay. involved mona sure thank you very much. u.k. prime minister's facing a brix at showdown in parliament after managing to clinch a last minute withdrawal agreement with the european union for his johnson has managed to change some terms of what's become bricks its biggest issue that of the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland is still unclear if enough m.p.'s will back his agreement when they meet on saturday or here are some of the deals terms northern ireland stays in the european union's single market for goods that means checks will take place at ports and airports and not on the land border with the irish republic all of the u.k. will leave the e.u. as customs union but northern ireland will still need to follow the use rules well that means that british authorities will apply a tariffs to some products entering the province crucially members of the regional
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northern irish parliament will be able to vote on whether the terms of the deal apply but that vote can only take place 4 years after the agreement takes effect in 2021. that's. so it seems that they've. managed to come away with the classic last minute deal what's so different about this one. it's a deal simply that takes the boxes of both sides opposed the european union it protects the integrity of the single market it in upholds peace on the island of ireland and it takes the boxes of boris johnson's new government much more right on the briggs it theme than to reserve may's was it allows the u.k. to exit hole and entire out of the customs union and set off on the high seas and reach all those from tass tick international trade deals the brics it has always promised here in brussels with the conclusion of this deal it's been indorsed draft
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form by the leaders the 27 leaders subject to being ratified by the e.u. and the british parliament of course there's a real sense of relief and of expectation that that will happen relief that perhaps the worst is over that they've got this new deal that just a week ago seemed impossible that they could now move on to phase 2 of this brings the drama of the trade talks could be every bit as long running as what has gone before every bit as difficult but perhaps now conducted in a more positive atmosphere less combative without the deeper uncertainty of briggs's hovering over proceedings and expectation as i say that ratification can now happen in the e.u. parliament and on boris johnson's words in the british parliament as well and i must tell you boris johnson when he spoke in his press conference was perhaps more important than any other leader here bouncing off the walls he was trotting out what will become no doubt election slogans getting breaks it down taking control as one whole united kingdom a great deal for the u.k. and the e.u.
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one issue that hangs over all of this now is what happens if the british parliament doesn't pass the deal mr johnson perhaps predictably didn't answer the question earlier in the do. the commission president said there'd be no further delays no further prolongation as he put it but donald tusk the council president seemed to contradict mr york where he said if a delay is requested it will be put to the leaders it is for the leaders to decide and we know that several of those leaders speaking during the course of the day have said that they would be open to a further delay if a delay is requested to know how thank you very much indeed musculature are a challenge in westminster so how the name numbers shaping up for that vote on saturday. well i think we're a little too far away from that crunch rights to be able to tell with any certainty but it is looking like it's going to be close basically we're going to have a very very feisty day of parliamentary activity when employees meet to debate and
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discuss this bill on on saturday this deal. boris johnson obviously cannot rely now on the support of the de you pay they've said that they will not support this deal labor have said that they cannot support this deal so if he is going to get this over the line in parliament boris johnson is going to have to scramble around to piece together every single votes that he can muster he's going to have to rely on all those hard line breaks it is the e r g grouping of conservative m.p.'s he's going to have to rely on the m.p.'s and he threw out of the party the 21 m.p.c. were kicked out for voting against his deal a few weeks ago he's also going to have to rely on a few labor rebel m.p.'s coming over to the deal as well so that's a big cost and it's certainly not certain that he's going to be able to do that the
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option is really for saturday all he can get this over the line the deal is passed and that means that britain would leave the european union on the 31st of october or there might be some kind of middle ground perhaps with m.p.'s saying mendis that will give you a deal bots it has to go to the people again it has to be confirmed in another referendum a confirmation referendum or the m.p.'s don't pass this deal in which case the benefits gets triggered which means the boris johnson although he said he'd rather be dead in addition to this has to rights to the european union and get an extension that it is likely that the european union no matter what. it says would give some sort of extension and that means that britain then goes into kind of an election mode and of course boris johnson would fight any upcoming election as the man is he would put it the only man that could get bricks that over the line or i
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shall thank you very much indeed. so you had this half hour yemen's government edges closer to a deal that could end a power struggle in the southern city of aden. how the weather sloshy fought to try once again across southern and eastern parts of europe so well as he said a lot of warm pleasant sunshine around fuchsia i was there it's further north slightly clear skies lots of sunshine up towards the fall north we have got some disturbed weather just rolling in across the bow baltic states over towards the northwest the next weather systems waiting in the wings some very wet and windy weather will push in across the purcell's over the next couple days and this weather system here just making its way down across france into northern parts of spain and portugal will also bring some very very disturbed weather so there we go
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that's the picture for friday not a pleasant day only 14 celsius in london in the cloud in the right in those showers streaming in from the southwest right throughout the day and the continue to drive away further research as we go on through into saturday whether they're coming in across a good pasta of france northern areas a spy and portugal pushing over towards switzerland for the race to stay fine and dry athens gets up to 25 celsius anchor at around $24.00 degrees wanted to with the showers into central parts of the mediterranean may just bring a few spots of right into northern areas of algeria maybe also into libya dry weather pushes in behind. my father simmons was. taken by the chinese government all i want to stay with my son stay with my wife and so on this is a really human rights abuses of our time we decided to talk about it. just.
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tell the world. the truth about china's systematic repression of the week is. tell the world coming soon on al-jazeera. amano top stories here on jazeera u.s. vice president mike pence says turkey has agreed to pause its offensive in northern syria and says turkish president richard. has agreed to a ceasefire for 5 days to let syrian kurdish forces withdraw from a 32 kilometer zone in northeast syria. the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson has
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managed to clinch a new brakes deal with the european union but it's unclear if enough m.p.'s will back the agreement when they vote on it on saturday. its president donald trump has been accused of directing officials to consult his personal lawyer about washington's policy on ukraine you're some bastard to the e.u. gordon song vnd says trump outsourced american foreign policy to a private citizen rudy giuliani soundly and told a congressional committee investigating trump that giuliani's agenda included a push for kiev to investigate former vice president joe biden giuliani has so far refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry into donald trump. roger custer has more from capitol hill in washington d.c. the white house now says that foreign military aid that was promised to ukraine was hinge ing on ukraine complying with the president's demand to nischelle did an
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investigation but the white house says this investigation had nothing to do with joe biden president trauma's political opponent but rather into the beginnings of the russia investigation back in 2016 in that u.s. presidential election the white house acting chief of staff mick mulvaney telling reporters that there was nothing wrong with this request he said that it was standing policy for the u.s. justice department to reach out to a foreign nation to assist with an existing investigation and in fact he said to reporters that anyone who finds something wrong with that should just quote get over it but that's it that's why we held up the money now there was a reporter who says the demand for an investigation into the democrats was part of the reason that he was on the to withhold funding to break the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that is absolutely broke in the fog of. it which
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which ultimately then flowed. mulvaney also says that the witnesses who have been cooperating with democratic investigators in the impeachment inquiry of president trump simply are doing so because they dislike trump's policies and are now joining what mulvaney calls the witch hunt however that doesn't take into consideration witnesses like the person speaking the 4 panels today the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sumlin who is a wealthy hotel owner and trump joan or before being appointed to his ambassadorship he is telling investigators that he was troubled when trump directed him to work with a private attorney in conducting what critics have called the shadow campaign of u.s. foreign policy toward ukraine sumlin also said that he was not aware that joe biden was a factor in the investigations that trump was calling for but he said that had he been that if he was that it would be wrong. a key figure in u.s.
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president donald trump's impeachment inquiry and larger cummings has died at the age of 68 a long standing health problems senior democrats committee is the main investigative body looking into trump's governmental dealings cummings was widely seen as a formidable orator advocated for the poor in his black majority district he was 1st elected to office in 1906 and had served as chair of his committee since january. the head of catalonia is regional government says another independence vote is needed within the next 2 years is in barcelona thousands of people have gathered for a 4th night of protests the rest is some the worst seen in spain for decades demonstrators angry over jail sentences given to 9 separatists for their role in the failed independence bid 2 years ago nearly 100 people have been arrested since protests began on monday. on kong's legislative council has descended into chaos
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for the 2nd day in a row as heckling normal because what dragged from the chamber by security they've been demanding an inquiry into an attack on a prominent human rights activists on call has been battered by months of pro-democracy protests scott hardware has our report. for the 2nd day running hong kong leader kerry lamb had difficulty getting your point across on the floor of the legislative council. was. drowned out by heckling from members of the opposition chanting slogans of the protest movement now in its 5th month. as on wednesday plans question and answer session about her policy address was twice halted before she could finish also know that probation council members condemned the protest in the chamber as a legislative council i don't think that any electrical members should use any kind
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of law and then including. all physical law and stay in the chamber to express their will i was before the legislative council session the leader of a human rights organization behind the largest peaceful marches over the last 4 months here was brutally attacked jimmy sham was assaulted on wednesday night by as many as 5 masked men who beat him with hammers he's in a stable condition in hospital also the attack on the monk cock area of hong kong was the 2nd in 2 months again sham the head of the civil human rights front he's also very curious if the convening of the of civil human rights which is a token in hong kong for peaceful protests and that this attack this very vicious attack took place practically on the eve of his for a call for the financial man for a protest parade in hong kong on from day. one of the messages shammai sent from
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the hospital he's appealing for sunday's march to be safe law abiding and peaceful scott tyler al jazeera hong kong. the u.n. says there's been progress in peace talks between yemen's government and southern separatists the 2 sides fell out in august with the separatists seizing control of the port city of aden saudi led negotiations in jeddah are aimed at rebuilding the coalition as it battles against to see rebels the u.n. special envoy for yemen says an agreement is within reach as i said at the outset many of us had hoped including myself here in riyadh had hoped a new agreement could have been announced today. i understand we're not quite there yet but it certainly does seem the progress has been made very significant progress during the jeddah talks under the leadership of the kingdom of saudi arabia of
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fights to their strenuous diplomatic efforts the saudis there are encouraging signs as i say that an agreement aimed at resolving the issues between the government of yemen under president heading and the southern transitional council maybe well within reach the u.n. says afghan civilians are dying in record numbers in the country's increasingly brutal conflict with the taliban july was afghanistan's worst month since the un started keeping records with more than $400.00 people killed and around $1100.00 injured a rule more than $2500.00 civilians were killed in the 1st 9 months of this year the leading cause of civilian casualties was suicide in on suicide improvised explosive devices the 2nd was ground engagements followed by area operations and when we come to area operations this was the leading incident type full civilian death. a judge in the netherlands has ordered the detention of an austrian who
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suspected of holding a family captive this week 5 siblings and a man they identified as their ailing father were found at a farm in the dutch village of rena world it's thought they were held in isolation for years the 58 year old suspect has been charged with unlawful detention and harming others health and 93 year old man who worked in a concentration camp during the 2nd world war has appeared in court in hamburg bruno whose surname cannot be given for legal reasons is accused of being an accessory to more than $5200.00 murders he tried to shield his face with a red folder whilst in court prosecutors say bruno was part of a force manning the watchtowers in start off camp in poland tens of thousands of people mostly jews died at the camp during the 6 years of its existence. extinction rebellion activists have disrupted rail services in london sparking
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a clash with angry commuters one climate change protest it was dragged down from the roof of a london train during rush hour underground officials tried to stop passengers from attacking the man extinction rebellion activists are in the middle of a 2 week civil disobedience campaign all and 1400 people have been arrested since the group began blocking roads bridges and airports in london demanding radical action on climate change a quick reminder you can catch up anytime on our website the dresser that is out of there dot com and you can watch us by clicking on the live icon. among the top stories on jazeera yes vice president mike pence says turkey has agreed to pause its offensive in northern syria and says president richard one is agreed to a cease fire for 5 days to let syrian kurdish forces withdraw from
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a 32 kilometer zone in northeast syria that's right or he wants to establish a safe zone where it can return syrian refugees and says turkey will agree to a full ceasefire once the kurdish fighters have left the area. today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation for peace bring you know order to allow for the withdrawal of why p.g. forces from the safe zone. for 120 hours all military operations under operation peace spring will be pause in operation the spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal of the u.k.'s prime minister has managed to clinch a new breaks that deal with the european union 3 years since the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. boris johnson says this is the final chance to achieve breakfast breaks it with
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a deal on the 31st of october that he's managed to change some terms of what's become exist biggest issue at the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland but it's still unclear if enough m.p.'s will back his agreement is president all trump has been accused of directing officials to consult his personal lawyer about washington's policy on ukraine yes ambassador to the e.u. gordon sunderland says trump outsourced american foreign policy to a private citizen rudy giuliani so when told a congressional committee investigating trump that giuliani's agenda included a push for kids to investigate former vice president joe biden. the u.n. says there's been progress in peace talks between yemen's government and southern separatists the 2 sides found out in august where the separatists seizing control of the port city of aden saudi led negotiations in jeddah aimed at rebuilding the coalition as it battles against who she rebels there's the headlines do stay with
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us here not just here the stream is up next i'll have more news for you after that i finished. welcome to the strain that she is famous for capturing the sound and the spirit of a $27.00 to museum revolution now singer songwriter. looking to the future with a brand new album i femi ok i'm really going to live i mean joins us live in the studio to talk about her music and poetry and perform 2 of her latest songs and we want to hear from you as you're watching semester questions and your comments for
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america through twitter or you tube. and all my free feeds musical journey has seen has saying to fans around the world one of her biggest cakes was at the nobel peace prize concert in 2015 a performance that was watched by millions now living in new york the experimental singer songwriter is on the road touring her 1st album recorded largely in english but songs on everywhere we looked was burning combine the sound of north african instruments with electronica but it's her voice and lyrics that are the focal point of her art have a listen. and. he
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told. and it was so good to have you in the stream while i am going to take you back to when you were young and you were growing up in tunisia the idea of being a singer songwriter writing your music writing your lyrics how much support did you get for that much. expert little bit. well of course i wouldn't be here if i wasn't supported i was really supported by my friends and my classmates throughout my. years at school. but it's true i mean i didn't i wasn't really encouraged by my parents to like just become
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a singer so that wasn't like what they say what they suggest of the profession it's just forget it ok you got me direct there is no way you're going to become a singer why. well just like because i mean like many other parents it's the probably the financial part of it and the uncertainty part of it when they might be they might actually. be right back. to them but i think what you said financial they said. but also like for a woman you know my mom was really concerned for a woman it's not the right place to be. in shows and you know it's a mask masculine you know universe yeah so so yeah i was. encouraged to follow that path but there was nothing to do because it
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was in me i think since i was born or something so i think your fans many of them are very happy that you stuck with it didn't listen to that advice this is why this is hard on twitter who writes i'm a music really gets me high and her musical development is fascinating starting from arabic acoustic and simple covers to electronic music and then mixing all. although john rose in the last step which is clear in her latest album her lyrics are liberal anti dictatorship and social suffering i'm guessing he means that they reference all of those topics talk to us about your early music especially this part about being anti dictatorship liberal. against social suffering. i like entire dictatorship because the size the political side of it i really wanted to fight against any kind of dictatorship the social dictatorship the traditions the the way that i'm supposed to behave as
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a young arab woman. so i really tried to fight against all of this you know not have rules push all the boundaries and just don't have any limit but the sky. so i think i also was lucky because my father likes music and he plays a lot of vinyls at home since i was a child and he wakes up every sunday morning with 4 seasons from vivaldi's so my ear is where i am so my my ears have had a very good education and also encourages a lot to read so i came out to be like somebody was. a good mind you know i want you to your honest reaction here if i say 2 words to you can t. . what do you think i'll be honest. well your word is free. so that's the literal translation yes. that's so it's
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a magical song i was just talking about it in another interview this morning the way just came to the world the way i compose the music for the lyrics of my friend i mean. and honestly every time i sing that song i just feel the same emotions in the seam you know even when i watch to that to this day when i watch the video at the novella. but at the same time i feel like what if that song didn't come and what if that moment didn't happen what if i wasn't i haven't been known for that wouldn't my path maybe my artistic path to be easier maybe i would've you know be the person i am today but easier because i feel now there's a lot of rejection for what i'm trying to bring in the music industry side because
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of the things because the public silliness a fairly specific way let me take them back to that moment which they have reminisced about often and so this was back in 2011 this was during the jasmine revolution in tunisia and m.l. found herself in the crowd she was there as the revolution was happening and her contribution well she went and sang and then that song took to the nobel peace prize concert from the streets to the concert and it's huge have a look. was . 7 7 was. was was. was.
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so. it's extraordinary and now you try to get away from that move on new album part that back over the years yes and now bring us out to the present. so in a moment it will perform better which is one of the songs in the present from her new album but 1st i want you to have a listen to a video comment from fake he is a super fan. my name is carlos from cushman i believe that there's always been a melancholy dawn to the males music singing continues to give it as a stance on your diction a new domain knowledge easy for me personally i have become a huge fan of ever since i heard her for the 1st time in the last little before and
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for the doctors and 15 will be spaced so many the songs that she sang that have a meaning extra memory. because the because there was an exact impression of her collective political and social aspirations back home in kashmir.
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little. love love. subsides. love. love.
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ily .
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0 . do not adjust your screens this is out is there this is the stream that was. on keyboards we have justin and we have the m.l. come and join us back hey on the sex. people love that in our youtube chat a lot of symbols of fire there and this is a tweet we got from salvador who says what i love about this new album is how it beautifully merges lyrically sonically and vocally it's a trifecta that feels like it travels to the core and invokes the spirit it's personal yet outwardly great and a way that music was that you there from salvador but i want to pivot just a little bit to this and talking about your latest album this is tasso twitter who
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says i'm still curious about the red gallon she designed for her tour and the overall a static shift to the color red that i've noticed from her recently does it is there a symbol behind it and of course while you're performing the studio we're surrounded by flames here playing off of your album color talk to us about the inspiration for that all thank you for that. well the red is definitely a color that was. very symbolic for me throughout my career and it's a color that has always been present in my. repertoire or in my wardrobe. i just feel like my if i would give a color to my music in general i would give the red color you know for its you know in depth for. the crew sheltie we can say that it's for the ringback. the the warmth. the feelings. i feel like
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all of that is connected in this specially this album because of course there's a hint to revolution you know there has been a revolution but this isn't like a feelings revolution where i'm trying to revive the. our humanity our empathy and revive our attention in our sensitivity to our values and our senses i'm going to carry on with the theme of read i'm looking at your instagram account which is very striking and there's a picture of you in a red dress and the commentary from you says that quote i used to play guitar and sing better with a red rose in my head for your musical journey from then until now how would you describe it well you might now. i think i am where i'm trying to catch up with myself with my true self i think we're not a when we're born we're not exactly ourselves and we try to reach to the most
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honest expression of ourselves and i've been trying to find that throughout my musical experimentations and i feel with this album i'm really i'm really there i mean i'm probably still going to search deeper and deeper but. i of course like that was back when i used to live in tunisia there was a different environment political and social except and after that i lived a few years and friends i travelled i toured and i composed made different albums so i feel a little bit less of a. rebel but now i feel like i matured into a warrior and. i think part of coming into the person you're supposed to be for you based on what people are telling us online is the languages that you use
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for your songs of course you know at least trilingual right arabic english friends they wore the 5 so if i were going to so our audience picked up on that i want to play a video comment from someone who talks about that this is a lecturer in the air but program at stanford university here in the u.s. and here's what he asked i would like to congratulate mr. chasse tracks both. arabic my question is does it feel safer to wear your record your own talk arabic that it does what you recorded or fred which if so. so when i started to sing in my 1st. passion started by covering other artists and it was mostly in english so english actually is my musical mother to mother mother language and then i found like my persona with writing about tunisia
4:39 am
in tunisian lyrics eccentric and i have always been a little bit nostalgic to the period where i was in the middle bin i feel like rock music and metal has always been a little bit present and i've been looking forward to make an album in english but i didn't want to do it until i really feel like it's me in that i'm not copying anybody else and that i'm creating a new sound just not not just sing in english like sing in english but with the same passion and the same depth that i do know arabic exactly so when you compose the lyrics composing is it when you write the lyrics are you writing them in our bit. what language comes out when you put a poem put a lyric down so it used to be i used to write in arabic for the last many years and
4:40 am
for this album i really felt like i was ready to write in english so i actually started by writing 2 songs in arabic and then i switched to writing in english so this time around i really surrounded myself with my favorite. poets i had 3 different poets i got inspiration from. and at the same time i started writing my own but i started writing in english not not like translate yet because i really didn't want to sound like somebody who doesn't speak english or somebody who i just use english easiness you know yes some very easy vocabulary i wanted to be also different intellectual. so i met you tweet at this not too long ago and i'll share it with our audience of course you know what you tweeted it's hard to be. a singer and a musician from an arab country who transcends john runs in the west because most of the times we're forced to choose between stereotypes it's representation or utter invisibility that is why your support is crucial for me to be keep being who
4:41 am
i am so keeping that in mind we've got a lot of responses underneath that tweet or someone on you to cross the question that's slightly related this is a lizabeth raney who's watching live right now elizabeth says what advice do you have for other people who want to push their passion despite others warning them not to and i'll add to that despite others wanting to put them in a box and categorize them. i think the most important thing is to truly believe in yourself because that's the 1st step to impose your your aren't and your passion and yourself to the world because especially for us arabs or even arabs but anybody who was not born in europe or north america the path is necessarily harder because we're always expected to be carrying the flag of our country of our ethnicity or of our politics in. were always offering this very exotic you know politic very boiling so as sight from that we're
4:42 am
not expected to be carrying. guard to be pioneers to be innovating and i find it like super frustrating in super unfair so the. to fight that you just have to be yourself and keep pushing and keep breaking in the definitions that are there for you i try to not be discouraged even though like every time especially since i moved to the u.s. and i'm getting bookings and i go and perform and i'm very happy to go perform anywhere any time except that most of the time is like the theme of this year is muslim women voices theme of this year islamic arts which is i'm very proud of and it's part of my cultural identity but sometimes i just want to be invited because i have
4:43 am
a beautiful voice for example. you are. probably one of the most famous musical artists in tunisia how comfortable are you knowing that. so comfortable and not comfortable because well comfortable of course because tunisia is where i was born and raised in it's the country that i love that made me who i am but. uncomfortable is because also i am somebody who is because i am an artist and i'm a humanist i feel like i don't want to belong to one place and one place only i will at all want to be defined by one single identity and i mean i love communities but at the same time i want to break away you know i want to be friends from people who have nothing to do with tunisia or with you know sometimes it's just like humans to humans you know and especially that's why i do music because i want to
4:44 am
speak to anybody. i think you're doing just that here thank you so much that's all the time we have for this part of the interview it really washington d.c. you can see i mean live in concert tonight she then played several dates in europe over the next 3 weeks now as she gets ready to play footsteps from her new album here's a video comment from. a fan from yemen in new york. and it was about the band and i'm a political consultant to new york city. i organize the evan yemeni valar do not watch a season and the 1st time that i was introduced to a man. was doing her performance in 2015 at the nobel peace prize ceremony and i was just blown away she performed committee her up and for someone that has been organizing and try to you know
4:45 am
advocate for the every muslim community in the united states ever since i could remember that song really hit home she's brilliant she's amazing. was.
4:46 am
a. week. see. to strengthen the good you have to show it to good all the more with
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a calm still fight against corruption. this fight needs heroes heroes like no who are about to refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight it down. you used to shine a light let's make the road to bed to please nominate your anti corruption mirror now. in 1982 egypt and israel built on that drivel waged between the neighboring communities of sinai and gaza. al-jazeera world his passing stories from those who remember life oh the division. gaza sinai and the war. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. he will pause it's offensive in northern syria kurdish forces to withdraw as part of a deal agreed with the us. on our intake this is al jazeera live from london also coming up
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a new breakfast agreement is reached between the u.k. and the european union but won't british prime minister be able to get it through parliament. his washington's top envoy to the e.u. accuse president donald trump of outsourcing foreign policy to his personal lawyer rudy giuliani. and hong kong's embattled chief executive is once again heckled by pro-democracy because in the territories legislative council. president mike pence says turkey has agreed to pause its offensive in northern syria and says the turkish president. has agreed to a cease fire for 5 days to that syrian kurdish forces withdrawal from a 32 kilometer zone in the north east of the country that's what he wants to establish a safe soon where it can return syrian refugees but it says turkey will agree to a full ceasefire once the kurdish fighters have left the area today the united
4:50 am
states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation for peace spring you know order to allow for the withdrawal of why p.g. forces from the safe zone. for 120 hours on military operations under operation peace for a movie pause in operation the spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal. it's just our injured we will not stop the operation yet but we will put it on hold because a cease fire can only be agreed between 2 soften states terrorists who are the target of our operations so we are putting it on hold to allow these terrorist organizations to withdraw from the area once they leave the area and completely withdraw then we will start our operation. as
4:51 am
a whole is in. texas border with syria oh says if we had any reaction from the kurdish led forces in northeast syria about this whole ceasefire enjoyment. yes just a short while ago the kurdish led syrian democratic forces issuing a statement saying that we accept this agreement and we will do what is necessary to make it succeed there were a lot of questions when the united states announced this deal on what the position of the s.d.f. would be because simply the united states abandoned this group a few days ago and this group had to ally and reach out to damascus and to its damascus is ally russia and struck a deal with russia and the syrian regime for protection in fact in some front lines in syria the s.d.f. is fighting alongside the syrian government or at least have taken up positions alongside the syrian government so now the s.d.f.
4:52 am
confirming that they will it was a draw in line with this deal this deal is what turkey wanted in the words of the turkish foreign minister we got what we wanted what turkey has been saying is that no there will be a cease fire unless the wipe e.g. the syrian kurdish armed group which is the backbone really of the s.d.f. which turkey considers a terrorist organization with draws from the border 30 kilometers from the border so that is happening now and more than that what the turkish president got was a power really in the face of russia his position has now been strengthened because turkey has been coming under pressure from the russians since the u.s. announced that it was withdrawing its troops from northeast syria what russia wants is that turkey will sit down with the syrian government and reach security arrangements along the border they want the syrian government to take control of the whole border area we have to understand that turkey and its local allies
4:53 am
control areas west of the euphrates so that would definitely weaken turkey's hand in syria so now president of the gun goes to sochi on october the 22nd next week to meet with putin stronger because. russia takes advantage of the fact when turkey and the united states have a deteriorating relationship now the u.s. is saying we have a strong relationship calling turkey an ally so this strengthens turkey at the time being so you know how to thank you very much indeed i watch house correspondent can be how could joins us live from dallas texas so what's the reaction been there to the agreement announced in turkey. well president donald trump is expected to speak here on your way to behind me in the coming hours but already as you touched down on the ground just outside of dallas texas for him standing he had a lot to say about the ad nauseam that was made on this ceasefire brave enough to think his team the vice president and he was secretary of state but he also thinks
4:54 am
the turkish president. and also took a few shots of gaping at some of the critics that just 24 hours ago mocked the president for his letter that he sent to turkey's leader trying to preserve all those details when they said that this couldn't be done that it was that it was a joke and the president simply didn't know how to negotiate with foreign leaders so the president taking a bit of a victory lap as he landed here in texas. i'm very happy to report tremendous success with respect to turkey and i want to thank president. want to thank. our vice president my parents are secretary of state by capell great job all of the people that we sent over the last 3 days we said early group this is an amazing outcome this is an outcome regardless of how the press would like to damp it down this was something that they've been trying to get for 10 years you
4:55 am
would've lost millions and millions of lives they couldn't get it without a little rough love as i call that. he was president also thinking the kurdish fighters who stood alongside us voters to help tried to beat myself many people feeling the president's original decision to pulling back u.s. forces is a serious blow to. the battle they're turning their back on the fighters that help the united states the president also thinking the courage of the question was whether or not as a result of this agreement the meeting between president aired a lot of growth for the donald trump is still set to take place november 13th at the white house there had been some questions if that would still take place if there was not and a go she of the settlement is the white house that hopes the latest indication from u.s. president trump is that meeting is still on committee how to thank you very much indeed. the u.k.
4:56 am
prime minister boris johnson has agreed a break sit deal with the european union but faces an uphill battle to get the agreement through parliament when it sits on saturday crucially user agreement avoids the need for a hard border on the island of ireland and allows for the whole of the u.k. to levy use customs union however johnson's allies in the northern irish d u p so they would back the agreement as they say it threatens the union not even by a small from brussels. you did. so in the end he came to brussels with a new breaks it deal to sell the british prime minister's claiming the breakthrough is in everyone's interest now is the moment for us to get bricks done and then together to work on building up future partnership which i think can be incredibly positive both for the u.k. and for the e.u. . and speaking alongside johnson the president of the european commission sounded really fit this is a fair and balanced. it is testament to our commitment to finding solutions
4:57 am
it provides certainty we have works it creates uncertainty you put the rights of our citizens and to put text peace and stability on the island. it's not about g.d.p. and trade deals it's about people but these anti brics a campaign is a far from a should they say they're being forgotten nicholas james is a british citizen based in the netherlands and married to a dutchman i mean the change is i wouldn't be able to go back to the u.k. with my husband is that in case my parents needed more help because it would be me income threshold. of course no one here in brussels or in fact anywhere can say with certainty that this new bracks it deal can become a reality on saturday it's set to come before the u.k. parliament and that's where the previous deal came on stuck. on thursday the leader
4:58 am
of the opposition signaled his party would vote against the agreement as it stands we can't support this. part of on saturday also is unclear if he has the support of his allies in the d.p. or indeed many of his allies in his own backbenchers from northern ireland's democratic unionist party or do you peter says it's still not happy with the text it matters because it stands could determine how hard line breaks it has in johnson's own conservative party vote. so britain heads towards the deadline of the end of this month without a deal in place the prime minister is legally obliged to seek an extension from brussels he's office says that's not going to happen brics it would seem is far from over the de bar but al-jazeera brussels let's go live to jenna how he's in brussels jenny been taking the temperature there what do you politicians there make of this do they think there's any more likelihood of this deal going through parliament and there was with the previous one. they'll certainly hope there's
4:59 am
a better chance of it going through parliament this is been a grueling and in some senses quite gruesome 3 years full relations between the united kingdom and the european union there's a real palpable sense of optimism now and of relief particularly among e.u. leaders that perhaps the worst of this is now over they've got a deal that even a week ago seemed impossible it's a deal that on the one hand provides for a harder bragg's it in bragg's it speak a more distance future relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. a free trade great deal rather than a common customs union but on the other hand takes boxes on both sides it allows the british government to go off and make trade deals internationally it allows the e.u. to be secure about the external borders of its single market and for peace to be upheld on the island of ireland or this relief as well that they can move on now to the next phase the trade talks the future relationship just as hard just as long running baps but conducted in perhaps a more positive atmosphere less combative without the uncertainty of breaks it
5:00 am
hanging over it all and there's expectation that it will go on now this deal to be ratified in the european parliament and on boris johnson's word he's very confident about it in the british parliament on saturday not everyone of course is confident about those numbers in the big question hanging over this summit in brussels tonight is what happens if it isn't passed in london will there be a delay boris johnson refused to ask that question perhaps predict on. perhaps predictably john called you earlier in the day said no more delays no prolongation well the president of the council donald seemed to. took a different view he said if there is a request for a delay it will be up to the leaders only to decide and we know that a number of those leaders during the course of the day have said they would be open to a further delay of breaks it if one is required injectors briefly on that is there a kind of a particular block that says that you know this should be the last bit.


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