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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 167  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2019 7:33am-8:01am +03

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do you. really love your mark life you got to live up to your you got. what i mean without with the normal call to talk it out with an animal wired to you one on one with a pen i. could. if you did want to know when i had to you know i said would i buy the of one how was he going to go down the deuce in the bed to go no of the things. he did i couldn't you got to. turn 'd the night that i. don't know how close i do receive go back to see your young man. behind it and i would say you cannot be. that for me on new day you might. hear those who has had to hear there's a dick to get through i see now. that
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all. 2 come now they've come to return. it's the name we have on the young and the gun he can have his dog and that. mrs lee and her daughters have been to go i should to a grand hotel be the north korean border after a 3 hour drive also nate the other families invited to reunite with lost relatives
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. it's a funny man i know what good can. come of that one option but i wanted to put a stop. to magical time click on. the building behind our. house. cook in at the pub and now come casing out. a man no wishful drinking. often bundled into a bus not so nice all the time and since we know they can match us on. a hand new level of. afghanistan. that's. the way that i never find out i did a country and i did them over to you or does the particular group to get notice if
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i feel stifled just because it is up to the lodge to killfile so you can tell the other details she would know those i'm going to spend time in the sun who needed to . build up the red cross of chosen as you know in korean families. it's a political event and a sign for the reunification of both countries. tomorrow they'll be in north. critic roger moore you always are just so dumb that the kids kids out there more so it's a good thing. i don't. feel. dizzy or i guess. i. beat your head
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in fear is what you're. talking about just what is there to say i do it just a van and i think that if. i throw the book in. order to move she says she named the suit but they're not listening then what i'm saying don't notice and. or sure i did your show i joined i reduced up along the. results as though that was up to the very laws as. i want to go to them if you don't run your business yeah. they did they did tend to save me though you know you do it. how does a on. for life if that. france is that fast guy has gained 50 ft. that's going to.
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be average you don't look at him and that conduct unbecoming an officer i will tell you a lot of those people. you know. i want everybody to have got more you guys so much for them girls better. you know as it happens you know you have you don't have to be. happy and this is a great beginning but let's get it. still .
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if. i go with. the. hotel son in north korea.
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i think at the end. yes. quite. 18 large families are really nice at the same time. i.
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am least allowed another private mission at the hotel the next morning i have had to. go to. this is lee's daughter is filming the macy the son is with a young lady who he introduces as his daughter in law. who did not have you know. can and out only her. dad i. am going to get out of. there now about how i know now. that it. alland i have. always been a good. little girl young. guy and i.
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am going to continue whatever had i been an add on or. my got a lot of i don't care i know you're going to marry it or you don't know. no i was going to put a lot on it. so much to the then the chemo. or. the near touch a lot more knuckle if you had to i was you know modern here for most of my days there's a lot of with because. they never get it. because . i'm giving and i get to one thing because people can. get what i'm owed and i said to.
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nasa no more going to need to care about us. who are to me because all of. them in a moment. of or not i know i'm going. to get a little sheep that i don't know that i will go as i'm going to go up. you know the this is you not a. not on the. get out and i could get out of the. most horrible. good can still meet you want to kill me. you don't move over time i'm going to go down editing it's always you probably have to i don't.
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a. long. time if you're. a put your. name is
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such. a decent. thing to histamine you and knowing that you little ocean off. the map doesn't. have to. be moved to. tell about the light at the time so got. it it will did it was a soda at the start of surprise. at the goods at runtime. it's
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to. roll. on the legacy of south africa's a n c s the boy made the quality or these what is the point how how does old take us how i believe and how perceptions have changed over this former liberation movement turned government you think is appropriate for a man who went to prison for devoting all them and corruption to run your policies would rip on corruption at the hosam goes head to head with garlic and betty we know it seems not to exactly do we add that can i get a grip on al-jazeera. do
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. and $982.00 egypt and israel built on that drivel wedged between the neighboring communities of sinai and cause. i'll just share a world of his own stories from those who were in the mine oh the division. gaza sinai and the war. on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh
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and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the range of among the most persecuted minorities in the world. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with the parana coming up in the next 60 minutes to allies again on the fight over
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syria's border territory the u.s. and turkey and also pulls in the offensive against kurdish fighters. a break some agreement reached with the european union boss barse johnson still faces a battle to get it through the u.k. parliament. a u.s. ambassador accuses president trump of outsourcing foreign policy to his personal noir bertie giuliani and in a critical state why medics are still only doing emergency operations in a province in pakistan. turkey in the u.s. have reached a deal to end the offensive in northeast and syria at least for the next 5 days after a week of appearing to be on. opposite sides and threats of sanctions by the u.s. it took why is president mike pence and turkey's president at the $15.00 to agree to the poles and fighting and that will allow couldst forces to withdraw from the
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way 32 kilometers long in the north east the commander of kurdish led forces in syria told local television that they will abide by the agreement today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation spring in order to allow for the withdrawal of y. p.g. forces from the safe zone. for $120.00 all military operations under operation peace remove the pause in operation peace spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal. we will not stop the operation yet but we will put it on hold because a ceasefire i can only be agreed between to soften states terrorists who are the
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target of our operations so we'll put it on hold to allow these terrorist organizations to withdraw from the area once they leave the area and completely withdraw then we will still. be very happy to report tremendous success with respect to turkey and i want to thank president and i want to thank our vice president my parents our secretary of state by capell great job all of the people that we sent over the last 3 days we said did early group this is an amazing outcome this is an outcome regardless of how the press would like to damp it down this was something that they've been trying to get for 10 years you would've lost millions in millions of lives they couldn't get it without a little rough love as i call that. now white house correspondent kelly how good is at a trump rally in dallas texas we will hear from her shortly but 1st let's go to zain ahau the she is live for us there in sharm the or for that's near turkey's border
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with syria a lot of questions remain zain of the u.s. and turkey saying that they've negotiated a cease fire that would allow fighters to withdraw from the region but one of the syrian democratic forces saying about the deal. well 5 days to implement this deal the guns are supposed to fall silent and the syrian kurdish fighters are supposed to withdraw from a border area and the north east of syria the kurdish led syrian democratic forces saying they have accepted this agreement they will implement it and they will do their best to in order for it to succeed if it does succeed then turkey's military operation which began approximately 9 days ago will will come to an end so the fighting will stop the violence will stop but in the long term is this a solution to the crisis in this corner of syria now the deal was not really specific on on the perimeters of the safe zone but the s.d.f.
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the syrian democratic forces making it clear that it's going to withdraw from 120 kilometer stretch of territory along the border from wrestling to tell and 30 kilometers deep this is a much smaller safe zone than what turkey was planning to create in syria the president the turkish president repeating time and time again he wants to clear the area from members that's west of the a euphrates all the way to the iraqi border and it's not just that now we're hearing from the damascus government they will consider any safe zone as occupied territory so who is going to guarantee the perimeters of this safe zone who is to say that this you know the safe zone is just going to become another frontline in this conflict and the turkish foreign minister is also talking about the s.d.f. of course the syrian armed kurdish group the white peachy which turkey considers to be a syrian branch of the outlawed p.k. kate they're the backbone of the s.d.f. so the turks are saying yes the f. is going to be you know disbanded disarmed but no mention of that in the statement
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released by the us. so what the syrian government is saying they have the takings presence and that all things will be viewed as an occupation the u.s. for treating from the region russia still very much there will it be russia then who will mediate between turkey and syria. well russia is the main power broker in the conflict and it filled in the vacuum when the us decided to withdraw its troops deployed military police along a number of front lines in the north east of syria specific frontlines where the turkish led forces were advancing in a clear message to turkey stop we don't want you to continue and really rare criticism of turkey coming from russian officials unprecedented telling turkey your operation is unacceptable we did not discuss it what they want is for turkey to engage with the syrian government to reach security guarantees along the border they want the syrian government to resume restore their sovereignty along the
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border and it's not just that they want the turks to end their military presence all together in northern syria and turkey was in some way in a corner but not any longer after this deal with the united states restoring a relationship with the united states gives turkey a bargaining power when is it when erdogan is going to sit with his russian counterpart vladimir putin in sochi next week but no doubt hard bargaining ahead but we have to bear in mind russia and turkey are countries that need each other not only in syria their their interests extend beyond syria so they would likely try to hammer out some sort of a deal saying i thank you very much for that finale that zaha there with the latest live and or fine let's go to company how could now she's joining us live from dallas texas and president trump really patting himself on the back about this cease fire can play but what is the u.s. cost out of this deal. well out
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right now the white house would characterize this enormous success we expect that in about an hour's time when u.s. president donald trump takes to the stage in the arena behind me then that is what he will tell his supporters and i can tell you that many of his supporters here applaud the decision as i've spoken to them they agree with the u.s. president that it's. time in their view should get out of what they call the endless wars a generation of the u.s. having a military presence in some form or fashion in the broader middle east and there is a tremendous amount of support for what the president has done but there are others that are nearby protesting the news of this ceasefire agreement namely a small group of kurdish diaz proud that he's located here in texas they say that they are feeling that once again that the united states has abandoned the kurdish fighters and as well there is concern about whether or not turkey should even be a part of nato see their protesting saying stop the kurdish genocide and turkey out
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of nato so in terms of what the united states gets out of this agreement many back in the u.s. congress are not 100 percent clear of what that will look like and whether or not this will actually stick and so they're watching very carefully to see whether or not that is the case and one doesn't name company for the action that congress was looking into taking against turkey for this incursion into north east and syria doesn't mean that they want to go ahead with stronger section sanctions which would of course be good news for president to have the one and turkey. i think all along the congress and the white house have seen this issue very differently and this is no exception what we've not surprisingly seen from the president's congressional democratic opponents in congress is condemnation of this very strong statements coming from the top democrat in the house of representatives as well as the senate saying things like they believe that they will have
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a bipartisan sanctions package next week on turkey because they're very unhappy that the white house has dropped these sanctions as part of the agreement but it's also members of the president's own republican party in the u.s. senate as well that are making very long and strong statements about the relationship between the kurdish fighters who supported the u.s. troops in the effort to defeat eisel so there is very much a concern there saying that they feel that this will be a stain on american history that will be looked back on as a battle of the kurdish fighters committee that he very much for that for now that is committing help with the nato is live and dallas texas now u.s. citizen mitt romney has criticized the trumpet ministration cease fire deal saying it doesn't change the fact that the u.s. abandoned they coulda shall eyes this is a matter of american honor and promise so too is the principle that we stand by our allies that we do not abandon our friends the decision to abandon the kurds
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violates one of our most sacred duties it strikes an american honor what we have done to the kurds will stand as a blood stain in the annals of american history. well let's get more on all of this knowledge on bahraini 3 nonresident senior fellow at the harvard kennedy school and he's joining us live from boston who is always a pleasure to have you with us on al and as there are several starts with this deal that now en place a deal that it's many people were saying until it was president pence and secretary of state arrived in encore that was mission impossible will we have a deal but what does it mean you know given the history of these so-called cease fire as in the syrian war well the vice president and the secretary of state of the of the united states are probably 2 of the least credible diplomatic and boys in the in the world today and they came up with
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a deal that is symptomatic of the general situation both north syria in the last 34 years but also of u.s. policy and syria and the region iraq and other places in other words they've come up with a very short term. but nice looking agreement that sounds like it's positive it certainly it's always positive when you stop people stop killing each other so a cease fire any way or any time is probably a good thing but this isn't fact hiding the deeper reality which is that the united states never had a clear policy it's showed this lack of clarity and consistency with trump's changes in his policy and then the sudden pull up recently made it very very problematic for trump and this basically is a damage control mechanism for president trump in the very short term only in the matter of a couple of days in this lock on a.


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