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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:35pm +03

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our backing trumps withdrawal of u.s. soldiers from northeast syria they say u.s. lives have been at risk for too long i think if we were left in there they could have been involved in between firefight between turkey and the kurds i think it's time that we got out of there in the spores over there and let them deal with their own war. we've taken out very few men that were there and brought them home but we still have a lot of our young men over there so i think the. government was going to do that anyway i don't think those few troops that came out to cause the problem president trump says the next 5 days of the ceasefire will be critical but he's optimistic he says president arab one is a gentleman who just needed some tough love to reach an agreement trump is promising to host your 21 at the white house next month kimberly health at al-jazeera dallas texas going to lebanon now where anti-government demonstrations
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are underway for the 2nd straight day protesters angry at new tax proposals which they say they cannot afford because they're already struggling to made by sick needs it's the 2nd wife of nationwide protests this month with some now calling for the fall of the regime the protests come amid a worsening economic crisis in lebanon which many blame on the small number of sectarian politicians who ruled the country since its a 15 year civil war came to an end in 9090 both kuwait and egypt have warned this citizens to stay away from the process brian has moved. anger and frustration boiling over and lebanon's capital beirut. security forces fired tear gas and water cannon on crowds demanding the government resign. such
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these protesters say they can't take anymore that years of economic failure have left them struggling to survive. i said it was i'm sad let me tell you at the end of the day if i stay hidden behind social media and i don't go out into the streets how can i dare ask for my rights where do i start 1st of all i want to fight corruption i want to ask those in charge why do you have this you are living at this level and i'm running out of bread. the crowd marched on palm and angry over proposed taxes on tobacco and petrol the backlash has already forced the government to scrap plans to charge uses of the messaging service whatsapp all part of next year's budget as politicians look for ways to reduce its massive debt the 3rd highest in the world and $611000000000.00 in foreign aid. there we are staying on the streets we will come out tomorrow and after that we are not here i will
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watch that we hear of a fuel food grid over everything was processed as blocked roads across the country including saddam tripoli and the bekaa valley. we don't have enough to eat anymore why are you making us pay more while you sit in your positions not caring the people are dying we want our rights we won't leave the streets before we take our rights that's it. years of political turmoil an influx of syrian refugees and it's crumbling infrastructure i catching up with lebanon's government last month banks rationed far. on currency and a state of economic emergency was declared. would be on race leaving schools and universities closed on friday the government could now be facing another kind of an agency altogether alexia brian al jazeera. and selim is professor of international affairs at notre dame university in lebanon he
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joins us on skype from by reverse a nice of you to join us there has been these economic stress and strain for years right now but clearly this is being treated and we're seeing the number of people out on the streets what can you put this down to specifically they're getting people out in these numbers with this much anger. well they love it and we have been in an economic crisis for many months now but this is not only cause for this outburst of violent and to spread to my station across the country in lebanon as i know it is the sauce is everywhere that is and i think is the deadlock which has been developing between coalition parties as a government and this is demonstration of a byproduct of the deadlock and i think the thing has missed and efficient division was sent up not so much fun i was up to date when i was
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a participant and 2nd i've been a misstep something that john johnson had of that of many of these. forces a party has cornered. on demonstration to come out and to i'm just so so out of this what what is like i've been in the same time calling for more sedation and against the government and i've been out so it's not a contradiction and this is a byproduct of that and professor let the me just come in there because yes i hear you saying this i guess it is going to harm him also there's also there's also a professor we're hearing from people a real loss of faith in government a loss of faith in politicians people talking about corruption they talking about inequality and why the poor in the country have to be the brunt of these austerity and taxation measures. well this is a major problem it's a country president on october 31st and you know if you would do is he would be he
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would have been in our courts a city for years and he has been he has been a promising reform is and to change. the mode of modus operandi of the government lessening the corruption but i'm fortunately this has not been implemented to a large extent to why because of the deadlocked it was all screwed it is a great deal of corruption as a country among the top officials among middle ranking go to get out of the way down to 0 i don't think it will get up but almost a scheme now into a city because of some. you know department so it isn't about gone as far over the past few weeks president obama has declared it at the united nation meeting last month that he would be visiting syria. this create that intensified so division not just as a bit between the members of the cabinets also out west and also out against so it
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is a combination or factor they cannot make a crisis of what an option and what if you go division on local issues and region and that national and clearly you have this is a coalition government which you know he's been very much affected by all of our system taking place in the neighborhood and we live in a bad neighborhood in lebanon and we are very much influenced by saudis or not politics or an object then and present clearly there's a determination for these protests to continue as well i thank you again for giving us your time professor thank you so much. well hundreds of thousands of people pushing for catalonia is independence from spain a poor ignorant of the streets of boss alona separate marches of inland towns have already begun and are expected to converge in barcelona center later on friday afternoon it follows 4 days of violent protests in the city fighting of course erupting on thursday night when a group of far right protesters against independence confronted separatist demonstrators the unrest was triggered by the sentencing of 9 catalogs separatist
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leaders on monday they were joe does have a role in the region's push for independence in 2017 they tried to hold a referendum on whether to secede from spain that was declared illegal by spanish courts so on it yeah go has the latest now from bustling. this is just one of the 5 marches that's because he insists it's a fossil no no on friday afternoon thousands of people had a little testing against sentencing 900 activists solution over the role of the up to 2017 and legal referendum on independence however that is iowa to hold a referendum on independence has not died down in fact that sentences talk in plain that they're also calling for their release as well now while dot has been taking place as well they will be joining other marches in the city of boston and i have also been other protests throughout the region as well anything's to go by that
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sentencing has not calmed down the mass of a spanish government would have it if anything that's because of motions to become even more empowered over this issue. was putting more heat on the news hour including. come back for it in mexico i security forces tried to capture the son of a tory a struggle. and in sports the astros so one win away from another world series appearance leader yes. a mortar attack in a mosque in eastern afghanistan has killed at least 30 worshippers and injured 50 others the roof collapsed during friday prayers in a house in a district governor province is warning to expect a rise in the number of dead. britain's prime minister is facing
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a break that showdown in parliament on saturday after clinching your last minute agreement with the european union but bars johnson doesn't know if he has enough votes to get the deal passed by parliament many m.p.'s say his deal is worse than the one they've already rejected 3 times the latest agreement avoids the need for a border in ireland it allows all of the way to the customs union britain's foreign secretary says he's confident of winning the bug with a message that the u.p.a. is grandstanding concerns but we argue that dealt with the u.k. no one stays within the u.k. customs territory they also seem less frictionless access to the single market in the u. it's a great deal for northern irish business there's no any interest no infrastructure at the border and there is a command consent mechanism which allows by majority in the northern ireland assembly for the people right across one of the communities to consent to staying in a limited number of rules and regulations on agra foods industrialized products that are required for seamless access to the market let's go live now to rory
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châlons in london rory that optimism aside this is numbers in the end and how those numbers looking right now for bars. well assuming we have a full house in parliament tomorrow boris johnson needs 320 m.p.'s at least survive for his deal to get in through and as it stands at the moment looking at how this stacks up he might well be between 5 and 16 or so m.p.'s short of that number he basically now that the d.p. of ruled themselves out saying they can vote for it needs to rely on the m.p.'s who call themselves the sponsons now these are the conservative and p's hard line breaks it is to vote it down to reason may's deal several times he needs them on
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board he also needs the m.p.'s who were thrown out of the parliamentary party conservative party for voting against a no deal he needs them on board as well and he needs and not labor m.p.'s rebelling against their party to come over to his side to get this thing through so that is a big big aust for him and it's certainly not clear at the moment that the numbers are stacking up to get that it is worth pointing out though that what we might see tomorrow is the passing of something called the letwin amendments now all of that when. an m.p. who wants to defer parliament's approval of this bill this deal until off the legislation so an act it has actually been achieved now that means. that the prime minister would have to apply for an extension to the european union . it would not happen on the 31st of october he would perhaps happen say on the
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31st of january instead and this is another way of trying to prevent that no deal because what oliver letwin and various m.p.'s gathered around him off afraid of is that there just isn't enough time between now and the 31st of october to get the actual hard legislation of breck's it in place and therefore we might just run out of time and crash out without a deal anyway on the 31st of october whether or not that the prime minister think that's that thinks that is a good idea rory had 24 hours now to assess the quality of this deal and while boris johnson presents this is a take it all leave it mum and if you want to break simple here's an opportunity to do it then the situation for tourism a got a deal what's the consensus if you like now about the quality of this deal compared to what tourism i was able to get which of course was rejected. well there's no consensus this is as contentious
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a deal as to reason may's deal was i think it's winning over more conservative m.p.'s than that deal did but this isn't necessarily because it's a better deal it's because there is a growing sense of brecht's if it see that this message that boris johnson has been hammering over and over again just get breaks it done is starting to have some sort of effect it's having an effect in the the population at large as well the people who just whether they like it or not a fed up with the whole thing just want some sort of resolution to it but on the other side of the of the benches on the other side of the are you have the labor party and the labor party think this is a terrible deal. for various different reasons but what they are particularly worried about is that it essentially moves parts of to reason may's deal that puts the safeguarding of various workers' rights and that sort of thing
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from the legal parts of the deal into the political parts of the deal and therefore makes it more of an aspirational thing and not something that people that the government could actually be held to account and so they think that this was as down workers' rights in various safeguards and that sort of thing they have rights we think it's a right wing deal that will reduce the ability of british workers to get or i think wage unfair conditions for the work they do roy thank you for that growing challenge to his life there from london where the white house has acknowledged the president trump held up military id ukraine partly to push kiev to hold investigations in connection with the 26 day in presidential campaign acting chief of stuff mick mulvaney soon backtracked on his statement and donald trump's lawyer has distanced the president from those remarks democrats say this is further evidence of wrongdoing bolstering the case for impeachment castro has more from
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washington d.c. . the white house has a message for anyone who criticizes using american aid as leverage over a foreign nation get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy by the white house chief of staff offered no apologies for the july phone call between president trump and the leader of ukraine in which trump pressed for ukrainian investigation into claims that a hacked computer server that played a role in russia's 2016 election meddling campaign had been moved to ukraine trump was withholding u.s. military assistance to ukraine when he made the request that he also mentioned to me in past that the corruption related to the d.n.c. server absolutely. no question about that but that's it that's why we held up the money now there was a reported demand for an investigation into the democrats which is part of the reason that he was on the to withhold funding to upgrade the look back to what
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happened in 2016 certainly was was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that is absolutely appropriate for the justice department has been examining the origins of the russian vest a geisha in which the president calls a hoax but in the july phone call with ukraine trump also asks for an investigation into his political rival joe biden the white house claims that part of the call had nothing to do with withholding aid he while gordon sunlit the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gate closed door testimony before congress on thursday sunland was central in trump's efforts to pressure ukraine to open the investigations but said he was unaware the president was after dirt on biden in his prepared remarks sunland testifies inviting a foreign government to undertake investigations for the purpose of influencing an upcoming u.s. election would be wrong with holding foreign aid in order to pressure a foreign government to take such steps would be wrong i did not and would not ever
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participate in such undertakings still more witnesses are scheduled to speak with congressional investigators in the coming days as democrats charge forward with their quest to kill back this onion of the trump administration's dealings with ukraine the house will likely vote on an impeachment before the end of november with the senate preparing to put the president on trial i do joe castro al-jazeera washington well later on thursday more viney did try to backtrack on his comments in this written statement to journalists saying there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukrainian military i'd and any investigation in the 2816 election with a democratic chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff has responded to his comments. things have just gone from very very bad to much much worse. the idea that vital military assistance would be withheld for such
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a patently political reason for the reason of serving the president's reelection campaign. is. a phenomenal breach of the president's duty to defend our national security and i hope that every democrat and republican will speak out and condemn this elicit action by the president and his chief of staff. let's talk now for the weather jenny there's been some storm damage in the northeast us yeah you're absolutely right stan the house and details talk about the stickiest on this time yesterday and this is it now has been carrying very quickly well into eastern canada but not before the damage was actually done this is danvers in massachusetts you can see it's a very big trees down here there are some winds recorded 89 kilometers an hour and at the same time about 200000 people actually without power for a while as well that still is
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a is carrying out of the way says pretty good weather through friday and saturday for the care up across this particular portion but look at the south this is where we watch next is this large a of rain that is moving in some very heavy amounts of rain and some very strong winds with this and that is because this is a little potential to become the next tropical storm now the moments the national hurricane center haven't given it a name haven't actually given that those credentials shall we say but it's got some very strong winds embedded within this storm with a sustained at about 65 kilometers an hour which is minimum strength the tropical storm so this entire region along the gulf coast is actually under a tropical storm warning and also one of the main concerns of this is going to be the rain some very high storm surge maybe it's one and a half meter has some very low lying areas to take. and as you can see this storm is moving fairly quickly but it will really bring some pretty big accumulations in the next couple of days we could see as much as 100 millimeters in some areas and that of course could lead to some flooding so we'll keep it jenny thank you still
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ahead on al-jazeera as the u.s. imposes new tariffs on european goods we ask is the white house opening a new front line in the trade and in sport with lee it can all and upset the all blacks' of the world cup he is from this town. sometimes. they can buy chinese come from all over to stay with my son stay with my wife and so. this is one of the worst human rights abuses of our time we decided to talk about it. just. told the world. the truth about china's systematic repression of the week is. tell the world coming soon on al-jazeera.
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well you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour turkish president to once says the offensive in northeast syria will resume within minutes kurdish rebels dug abide by
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the terms of the cease fire the 5 day truce is largely holding the had been some unverified force though sporadic fighting in russell. and he government demonstrations are underway in lebanon for the 2nd straight day protesters are angry at new tax proposals which they say they can't afford because they're already struggling to meet basic needs. hundreds of thousands of protesters are marching towards boss a lot of from all over the catalonia region as part of their campaign for independence unions have called for a general strike over the jailing of 9 cattle and separatist leaders. in mexico the son of a tourist cocaine trafficking is on the run after a shootout with police and security forces overdose guzman escaped the rest after drug cartel gunmen brought city streets to a standstill june reports. fierce gun battles in the city of clear khan in northwest mexico. the security forces and
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drug cartel gunmen fight it out after the short lived arrest of will be told was money. he's the son of the notorious drug cartel boss joaquin guzman also known as el chapo who is serving a life sentence after extradition to the united states. the gun battles went on for hours as army and police forces came under increasing attack vehicles were set ablaze for terrified residents panic set in bodies could be seen in the streets the capital of siena low a state brought to a standstill later in the day mexico security minister laid out the sequence of events. today at 1530 hours a patrol composed of 30 elements of the national guard and sedan or were conducting a routine patrol in the tress rios neighborhood of the city of cooley accounts when they were attacked from a home patrol personnel repelled the assault and took control of the house locating 4 occupants inside during this action one of them was identified as oviedo guzman
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lopez this led to several organized criminal groups surrounding the house with a force greater than that of the patrols likewise other related groups carried out violent actions against citizens in different parts of the city generating a situation. worse. durazo said a decision was ultimately made to release in order to protect lives the state government said it's working to restore calm and called on everyone to stay off the streets while guzman is on the run the latest fugitive in mexico seemingly never ending war on cocaine traffickers. and. that as well has taken a seat on the u.n. human rights council despite widespread criticism of the country's oil and rights record advocacy groups and nations opposed to president nicolas maduro his government had lobbied against the move human rights watch said a vote for venezuela is quote a vote for torture and murder the un human rights council agreed last month to look
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into abuses in venezuela the united states has imposed 7 and a half 1000000000 dollars in tariffs on european goods french wine and scottish whiskeys are among the high profile targets the announcement comes after the world trade organization ruled on making a bus was receiving illegal subsidies that hit its american rival boeing al-jazeera as rosalynn jordan reports. at the state dinner for president emanuel mccraw last year the white house served american wine made from french grapes a year later the white house has imposed a 25 percent tariff on french wine made from french great i've always liked american wines better than french wines even though i don't drink wine. the tariff has nothing to do with any agricultural tensions between france and the u.s. the dispute was over the e.u. subsidies for airbus which the world trade organization recently said had harmed u.s. based boeing's bottom line to make things right the w t o says the u.s.
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can impose $7500000000.00 in tariffs on e.u. goods including wine that's an expensive surprise for small u.s. business owners such as new york wine merchant how their johnston i'm going to have a 25 percent increase on a significant amount of my wines. so all i can hope now is to just remain steady growth in this. scenario is unlikely at best. it's not just french spanish and german wines facing a 25 percent tariff lovers of spanish olive oil will be paying more so too will those buying cheeses and meats butter and yogurt even some housewares and small tools and aircraft parts the u.s. is taxing them at just 10 percent and frankly i'm concerned that there's. not
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a lot of preparation because there simply wasn't time and so i've affected the italians which are across the street who sells parmesan cheese is a fact that the restaurants the whole food and wine cabinet european producers had been fearing the worst even lobbying secretary of state mike pompei o to intervene during his recent trip to rome but while some e.u. countries say they should retaliate by imposing tariffs of their own others say they have to respect the w t o's decision. so w t o skin that he she said which is well quite tough with the euro but i just say that the w t o s said its opinion and that's that how they're johnston says she's now reworking her business plan i enjoy sharing food and wine it's like something that makes people happy but she's very much aware there is
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a limit to how much people will pay for their happiness rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington or patricia sabga is managing business editor at al-jazeera dot com and she joins us on skype from new york professor good of you to join us it's one thing to say respect the w 2 out to you know decision which is lead to these tires that's another. people indeed just industries like cheese or wine or all of us to be caught in the middle of all of this is not. well this is what always happens and traits that people get caught in the middle of this is the collateral damage and this particular set of tyrants that have been imposed today under the w t o rule and these tariffs are really designed to primarily place political pressure on european leaders and one way to do that unfortunately is by making the pain felt by small producers and of course roslyn story just beautifully illustrated how that ripples through the value chain not only from the producers but to the retailers in
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the united states who rely on those products and are now going to face that choice of whether to raise prices for their customers or to absorb those costs themselves and impact their profits and patricia that's the w.t.r. ruling on the american side will soon rule on the european world we think in a situation where e.u. countries will then put their own tariffs on the united states and we're into this top of a trifle right exactly this is this is how to for tat trade wars play out now this is just one element though with the w t o of course one of the big big concerns for europe as whether the united states is going to make good on threats next year to impose threats on auto on the auto industry auto parts and cars the auto industry is is enormously important to the global economy and to major economies and especially to europe's biggest economy germany the pressure all of this happens of course is china of the united states
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number one and number 2 economies in the world are locked in their own trade war we've seen a in china. economic growth this will $6.00 to now 6 percent how much of that is attributed to the impact of this try dispute with the u.s. . you can absolutely attribute a lot of that to the u.s. china trade war this is rippling throughout the global economy it's impacting supply chains it's impacting business investment because businesses are now very uncertain about what the future holds they don't know how to position themselves and when business leaders are sitting there looking at their capital allocations looking at what to invest in for example in a production line we want to produce more into we want to produce less if they don't know what the future holds they're just going to sit on that path and that of course makes the whole sort of fabric if you will of the global economy slowdown but we should really underscore that when china is talking 6 percent g.d.p. that is a very tough situation for china's government there are huge implications with that
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by the way is the lowest level in nearly 30 years it is politically important and it is most certainly a psychological level and i should also underscore that many analysts do cast doubt on the veracity of that number and believe it could possibly be even lower and the reason why that holds such a political challenge for china's leaders is when you work economy slows down it ripples throughout the economy perhaps by costing jobs fewer jobs are created so you're not creating as many jobs to absorb all the new interim entrants into the labor force there's all sorts of ways that this impacts people on the ground which is to thank you so much for the managing business editor at al-jazeera dot com thank you well as you mentioned earlier the effects of the u.s. sanctions being felt and wide including in spying where thousands of families depend on all of oil exports for the love of the whose child the underlies more on that. harvest time in spain should be
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a time to set up ration on of this it's a time of anxiety as they shake down the trees the u.s. is imposing a new 25 percent import tax on that tax to decimate this 5th generation family business unable to compete with cheap imports. given enough. the vessels that are carrying spanish olive oil to the states haven't even reached their destination so what's going to happen they were sold before these tariffs were a threat so pushing a 25 percent margin on top of this will kill our competitiveness. spain is the world's largest producer of all of oil exports to the us a worth $440000000.00 but those working in the fields have not had it easy lately last year's record harvest all of oils purchase price to plummet by 34 percent and more and more countries are planting their own articles joining them are. piling the tariffs on top of this could lead to collapse i know last week
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thousands of out of workers took to the streets of madrid demanding the e.u. push back on the new terrace and prop up the industry and say they don't understand why an agreement the politicians had with us should penalize their products. we think it's very unfair because the agricultural sector acts like a monetary exchange for other industries that have nothing to do with the sector in this case it's the aeronautical industry which has nothing to do with us well other producers are already feeling the squeeze around $845000000.00 worth of spain's agricultural exports will face us tariffs the e.u. warned it will retaliate with its own import taxes if they win that parallel case against the us next year it will have the makings of a texas trade war. how does it. or 2 women have just by history
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christina gulshan jessica have gone on a space walk together at the international space station it's the 1st time an all. have done this the 2 had to make the walk in march but nasa didn't have enough functioning medium sized space suits on board the space station well to rise in on .


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