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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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tr kurds and turkey so the bottom line here the president obviously still feeling under fire after the cease fire was announced which pretty much all of the analysts said really gave turkey every single thing that i had wanted he came out and said it was a great day for civilization his critics even his usual supporters came out and said no it is a you made a mistake you got rolled and now we're have this mess so the president still trying to fight back against that criticism ok thank you for that update from washington. while explosions inside a mosque in eastern afghanistan have killed at least 60 worshippers an injured many more the roof collapsed during friday prayers and has come in the districts the governor governor of province is warning the number of dead will rise and it's still not known who was behind the attack the taliban has condemned it and says it had nothing to do with the attack. he's not sure if he has enough votes but britain's prime minister is still confident he'll get his breck's
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a deal through parliament on saturday or is johnson signed off with the e.u. on thursday describing it as a fair and balanced deal for both sides and saying it will allow the u.k. to do parts by october 31st promised but many other politicians even some allies say the agreements worse than the previous one they rejected 3 times as are simmons joining us from london so how close is this vote going to be on saturday. will remain quite simply it's too close to coal you have a situation whereby boris johnson has has to address 4 main areas to try and woo people in help him get this through one sector all the the die hard pro bricks it the conservatives question every single out of each possible deal they are supposed to be on board then you have the 21 conservatives
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who are thrown away from the party in disciplinary terms because they voted against the government earlier this year now most of those apparently have been wooed back into the party's got sure of the number yet but certainly out of the 21 there are only 7 or 8 left to wavering that could be a possibility then you go from there to the independent m.p.'s who that they're also being coaxed to come along boat and beyond that the party is completely reliant on the opposition and there you have labor m.p.'s who are full of bricks it to you possibly up to 10 of the bucks they are a power he according to most calculations a few votes short of a definite win that could shift but this is how tight the situation is and labor m.p.'s say they plan to back an amendment that could force an extension to bracks says so what's that about. well i'll try to
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make it as simple as possible evan all of the lead when a conservative m.p. as an alliance now he wants a galaxy because for the brics it will not go through without a deal now this is the situation the vote on saturday will be a meaningful thinks it will be a vote on the deal but it will not make it legal then has to be a procedure with both houses the house is the house of commons here and also the house of lords have to process the whole thing and then it has to be rubber stamped now can this all happen before the deadline of october 31st and likely won't let one wants to do is guarantee that there will be an accident and no deal brix it an accident because they haven't gone through the whole process so he wants to reverse the process he wants the whole the whole deal to go through the more process before it's voted all in approved by parliament flipping it round if you will but one
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thing sure if that happens it won't happen in time folks over the 31st when boris johnson wants it all buttoned up and even cis all of the let win and labor party supporting him and appears to be quite a popular move that they want to be sure there is no accident there was no no deal brecht's it because the whole legal procedure hasn't gone through so you think to really flip it the other way around complicated but nevertheless yes another brics it possibility yes another potential big twist. that we could actually let the whole thing down and make it a much longer term thing ok we'll see what happens thank you for the time being. independence marchers from all across catalonia have converged on barcelona tens of thousands filled the streets during the 5th day of demonstrations in the city show support for 9 separatist leaders jailed on monday they were sentence for their part in the independence referendum deemed illegal by spain's government 2 years ago so
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no gago is in barcelona with the latest even waves of tens of thousands of people have been making their way into the city all day course attending these events that have been all around the city and testing against sentencing of those 9 politicians and activists but also when you in calls for another referendum on catalonia status this forces capping off a week of protests that have been taking place ever since that sentencing on monday the spanish government had hoped that that sentencing would have drawn a line underneath that issue where the cats pro independence movement would have been proving them wrong now suffice to say that there have been reactions already from the spanish government given some of the violent nature of the protests that have been taking place explosions into writing that the national court of spain is
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best again saying certain issues there's already investigating some of the groups behind these protests as well but that force is setting up i get another point of tension between the central government in madrid and the procession of movement here in catalonia. still ahead on al-jazeera. gun battles and chaos on the streets in mexico as security forces try to capture the son of a drug lord. hello again it's a fairly quiet picture across much of central asia we have got some cloud is mean streaming east rose in the last few hours because the air is saying fine and dry a pole that is from coastal areas all the vietnam a fairly strong flow so. but the north as heavy as we have seen it this past week
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that's fine by sunday we do see more rain into central china particular cross into with sichuan and also doing a special push on into gives you province as well but 24 celsius in shanghai some good sunshine and also a dry weekend really in prospect for hong kong with a high of 29 degrees celsius now the showers a back in the forecast across the west of indus and. the last couple of days on the mall in the full cost of course the southwest monsoon it has been withdrawing a steadily if a month of course for the sauce but as we go through south day those rains once again a fairly extensive across much of maharashtra down through carola across into sri lanka little bit dry across the east as you can see but if you wash as back into west bengal and then on sunday those rains becoming a little bit more widespread in fact pushing across into odisha and we could see some heavy rains him oh by the time to go down to just 27 degrees.
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at night in a stalking. patrolled streets police. want to cover the moment. of gang violence the youth the maternal approach to prevent crime. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera here is a reminder of the top stories of unknowns prime minister saddam heidi has given rival groups and his government 72 hours to uniting get behind his economic before . he addressed the nation in the mass protests that have left at least 2 people dead tensions boiled over when new tax plans were announced. explosions during friday prayers at a mosque in eastern afghanistan have killed at least 60 people and injured many more it's still not known who was behind the attack the taliban says it wasn't them . the turkish president says the offensive in northern syria will resume within minutes if kurdish rebels don't abide by the terms of the cease fire 5 day truce is large people doing but there have been some unverified reports of sporadic fighting and also line. in mexico the son of a notorious cocaine trafficker is on the run after a shootout with police on security forces guzman escaped arrest after
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a drug. gunman brought city streets to a standstill. reports. fierce gun battles in the city of clear calm in northwest mexico. the security forces and drug cartel gunmen fight it out after the short lived arrest was money. he's the son of the notorious drug cartel boss joaquin guzman also known as el chapo who is serving a life sentence after extradition to the united states. the gun battles went on for hours as army and police forces came under increasing attack vehicles were set ablaze for terrified residents panic set in bodies could be seen in the streets the capital of siena low a state brought to a standstill later in the day mexico's security minister laid out the sequence of events. today at 1530 hours a patrol composed of 30 elements of the national guard and sedan or were conducting
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a routine patrol in the tress rios neighborhood of the city of coolly accounts in a low and they were attacked from a home patrol personnel repelled the assault and took control of the house locating 4 occupants inside during this action one of them was identified as oviedo guzman lopez this led to several organized criminal groups surrounding the house with a force greater than that of the patrols likewise other related groups carried out violent actions against citizens in different parts of the city generating a situation honest. to you is what was. said a decision was ultimately made to release in order to protect lives the state government said it's working to restore calm and called on everyone to stay off the streets while guzman is on the run the latest fugitive in mexico's seemingly never ending war on cocaine traffickers. and. mexican president. dorman wallows defending the security forces decision to release the suspects.
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right by the way i backed the decision because considering protection of people is the most important thing the most important thing is to protect against loss of life the most important thing is pace let's bring in money his joining us from mexico city have we heard anything more from the governments or any new developments money while on the story. the latest development is that the city of in the state of c.l.o. is in a state of shock after the violence that took place on the streets of yesterday schools across the state remain closed residents of the capital city or to stay indoors to continue to exercise caution caution everything is quiet now today but people still reeling from the violence that took place on the streets on thursday as you mentioned during the mexican president has defended this decision by the his security staff to order the police in c.l.o.
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to release the son of hakim and chapo guzman who was in custody at the time and actually sparked the deadly response by by cartel members we know that a video is wanted on drug charges in the state in the united states he's now one of the leaders of the city low a cartel now these men were very well armed that attack police are believed to be associated with the city low drug cartel another update that was given today by security personnel from the government was that as many as 39 inmates from a nearby prison managed to escape amidst this chaos that this was very much part of the of this attack were dated by the cartel this is however believe it actually shows that the level of organization that this that this criminal group has and and how well armed they are if they were ultimately successful in forcing the police to retreat during the standoff during the rights and this is the in fact the 3rd large
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scale violent incident this week in mexico so a kind of pressure as it's putting on security forces in the country. this puts a tremendous tremendous amount of pressure on security forces as well as a tremendous amount of pressure on president lopez over those as well who on monday said that advances were being made in the area of security here in the country we later saw that same day 14 people killed in the state of new truck and later this week there was a there was 15 people that were killed in the state of ghetto now this violence here in sin alone if that is the statistics of violent homicide keep up here in mexico the way they are there is a good chance that 2019 will be yet another record setting year for violent homicides here in mexico during. thank you the united states has imposed 7 and a half $1000000000.00 in tariffs on european goods so french wine and scottish whiskies are among the high profile targets the announcement comes after the world trade
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organization ruled the airline maker air bus was receiving illegal subsidies that hurt its american rival boeing zeros rosalyn jordan reports. at the state dinner for president emanuel mccrone last year the white house served american line made from french grapes a year later the white house has imposed a 25 percent tariff on french wine made from crunch great i've always liked american wines better than french wines. even though i don't drink wine. the tariff has nothing to do with any agricultural tensions between france and the u.s. the dispute was over the e.u. subsidies for airbus which the world trade organization recently said had harmed u.s. based boeing's bottom line to make things right the w t o says the u.s. can impose $7500000000.00 in tariffs on e.u. goods including wine that's an expensive surprise for small u.s.
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business owners such as new york wine merchant had their johnston i'm going to have a 25 percent increase on a significant amount of my wines. so all i can hope now is to just remain steady growth in this scenario is unlikely at best. it's not just french spanish and german wines facing a 25 percent tariff lovers of spanish olive oil will be paying more so too will those buying cheeses and meats butter and yogurt even some housewares and small tools and aircraft parts the u.s. is taxing them at just 10 percent and frankly i'm concerned that there's. not a lot of preparation because there simply wasn't time and so i've affected the italians which are across the street who sells parmesan cheese is a fact that the restaurants the whole food and wine cabinet european producers had
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been fearing the worst even lobbying secretary of state mike pompei o to intervene during his recent trip to rome but while some e.u. countries say they should retaliate by imposing tariffs of their own others say they have to respect the w t o's decision so w t o skin and he she's in which she's well quite tough with europe bot. i just say that the w t s sit it's opinion that's that heather johnston says she's now reworking her business plan i enjoy sharing food and wine it's like something that makes people happy but she's very much aware there is a limit to how much people will pay for their happiness rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington the world's 1st ebola vaccine has been approved by european drugs
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regulators it's a move that's been hailed by the world health organization as a triumph for public health that will save many lives the vaccines are already being used under emergency guidelines to try to protect people against the spread of a deadly ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo it's the 2nd largest outbreak in history it's killed more than $2100.00 people well 2 women have just made history in space christina coach and jessica meyer have gone on a space walk together at the international space station it's the 1st time an all female pair have done this the 2 had been set to make the walk in march but not didn't have enough functioning medium sized space suits on board the space station . hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour lebanon's prime minister sahadi has called on rival groups and his governments uniting get behind his economic
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reform plans he addressed the nation amid mass protests that have left at least 2 people dead tensions boiled over when new tax plans for announced. good job. i'm giving our partners in the government a very short deadline 72 hours to give us a solution that can convince us and the people in the streets and our international partners the turkish president president says the offensive in northeast syria will resume within minutes if kurdish rebels don't abide by the terms of the cease fire under the deal announced by the u.s. on thursday kurdish fighters were given 5 days to withdraw from the region where turkey says it wants to enforce what it calls a safe zone the 5 day truce is largely holding so far but there have been some unverified reports of sporadic fighting explosions inside a mosque in eastern afghanistan have killed at least 60 worshippers and injured many more the roof collapsed during friday prayers and has come in
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a district the governor of provinces warning the number of dead will rise it's still not known who was behind the attack the taliban has condemned it and says it had nothing to do with the attack her independence marchers from all across catalonia have converged on barcelona tens of thousands fill the streets during the 5th day of demonstrations in the city the mass so support for 9 catalan separatist leaders jailed on monday they were senses for their part in the independence referendum deemed illegal by spain's government 2 years ago 8 people have been killed in gun battles in a failed operation to detain the son of convicted suno a cartel boss el chapo guzman soldiers did manage to arrest a video guzman but were then outgunned by members of his cartel he's one of several sons of felch apo who have taken over the running of the cartel since his extradition to the united states those are the latest headlines on
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al-jazeera more news after this is europe mother is afraid to be that's coming up next stay with us. every week a news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when you type in services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already had the information they're listening post on al-jazeera.
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