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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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classes i think people have had enough but when they call for the resignation of the government is that a realistic demand can be a country with stand the resignation of a government that's less than a year old so 1st the demand about resignation of the government and here i think the media has an important role to play it's not that it is not this government when we say a started the list got an exam and i don't know we're talking about resignation or the downfall of there isn't people are talking about a new way of representation they are denouncing sectarianism the of the now seeing their leaders they're not that backing this government for say it is the mandate and the common vested interests of all the politicians who seemingly polarized lebanese population against each other who are in bed when it comes to the economy or in better terms when it comes to elections and partisan answers this is what the people are demanding they only go in for the resignation at a time when it's just a self not this specific government but they are calling for the resignation of the prime minister himself you know when you have hundreds of thousands of people go to the go down to the street it's very difficult to say ok let's sit down guys and
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organize a list of demands sure the outcry is that you know these politicians are failing we need a new government but if you talk to people and if you look at all the news coverage it's also been about representation it's also a been about we don't want to sectarian regime we don't want to regime that goes unnoticed we don't want lack of checks and balances enough corruption and this is the really the depth of the s.s. i think lebanon is much more complicated than countries perhaps with one dictator or one of the a terry invasion when we say we want to see the government down we're also talking about these bad bits of politics because this government is very similar to the one before and probably similar to the one that will come later so it means very different things 11 on a right commons or how we thank you very much for speaking to us from beirut well happy but as an investigative journalist and he's a blogger a beirut reporter and he says 72 hours isn't enough time to even begin to fix the problems people are upset about. there are so many problems in lebanon the telecom is you know is an outrage level and it's robbery it's one of the most expensive
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phone rates in the world so people have this last thing which is they could speak to each other you know what's up was the only thing working in lebanon so you know that's why people have kind of let this boil over i think with invasion of their personal space their most personal communication but beyond that we have the garbage crisis we have a health care crisis you have a lot of cancer cases from the polluted rivers in lebanon because of this trash crisis we have people without jobs unemployment is an all time high people are worried by their mind the bank so there's really a. shopping list full of demands and problems in lebanon and he really didn't address any specifically he just said we're going to work together and make this work and it's their fault it's not my fault so i imagine it's going to actually cause more anger because people don't want just his resignation they want to whole new system they want a new leaders they want to actually fix problems and loving on it giving out contracts to their associates and friends which is the way that the modus operandi of lebanon is it's just constant giving out contracts to cronies that never get
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completed infrastructure never gets completed so people are really in a desperate state and that the anger i've seen on the streets is not matched by the tone of the prime minister promised or wasn't reacting to that really guttural visceral anger people have and i think if he doesn't address that then there will be there will be more of this protest going on it seems to be indefinite this point while the rest of the day's news is coming to have on the al-jazeera news hour with a new breakfast deal in hand boris johnson's next challenge is to get it through the british parliament also. gun battles and chaos on the streets in mexico as security forces try to capture the son of a notorious drug lord and in sport the astros are one win away from another world series appearance peter as the action. but 1st explosions inside
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a mosque in eastern afghanistan during friday prayers have killed at least $62.00 people eisel has claimed responsibility for the attack after the taliban earlier announced it wasn't involved and condemned the violence well just a day ago the un revealed that the past 3 months have been the deadliest for a decade its report says more than 4000 civilians were killed or injured between july and september that's up more than 40 percent from the same time last year and it brings the total casualties for the 1st 9 months of $2900.00 some more than $8000.00 earlier we spoke to habeeb words he's a national security analyst in afghanistan he says the government is still blaming the taliban for friday's attack the spike them denying responsibility. so the message that has come from the government is that it's the taliban and its taliban sheena's partners who are responsible for the attack on the other side we have how this statement coming from the taliban condemning the attack and saying it's
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basically d. government or the guy who is responsible for the attack so the government has blamed the taliban the taliban has condemned the attack and rejected the responsibility we no doubt jalalabad and specifically areas near to house come in areas where we have dice presence and i want to sign over the past few years. has been silent about it could be done. and this is not the 1st time we have had such a such a phenomenon in jalalabad we have had attacks in the mosque the last 2 years as well where we had. the beginning of the dice surge we have rumors that we might start negotiating with the taliban again the united states of america now you have this attack on civilians i don't know how it's going to affect the peace. process again on the other side do you do you know my report which talked about the
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deadliest era of civilian casualties are concerned this is harsh reality of want to stand every every time you have to talk. of the government in ruler of gonna stand it will have civilian casualties there have been scenes of violence on the streets essential barcelona after hundreds of thousands of people descended on the city to protest the jailing of 9 council and separatist leaders let's cross over to lawrence taylor in a european broadcast center for more on that story. that's right there in iraq police of fired rubber bullets at several 100 protesters who surrounded the national police headquarters and set fire to the streets there angry over the lengthy jail sentences handed down to 9 separatist leaders for their role in catalonia has failed independence bid 2 years ago the rest follows a day of largely peaceful demonstrations against the sentencing of than 500000 people descend on the catalan regional capital in a mass show of support for the politicians sort of behavior joins us live from
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barcelona so now how did the 30 protests progress during the day. i have been every night monday where it's. been a peaceful mada with a lot of people who have been attending and gradually building up to the week but. the point where there is a breakaway group of mainly young people that have the younger crowd chanting and they will make their way over to point. like an old flare up such as the national police. in the center of the city that has been a flashpoint it was a point of tension between between protest the police during the 20. succession of 12 but they have never been a scene like this before where you see actual
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a violent. breaking out in such an extent now the police did. the top of the street the protesters had also reacted in kind by throwing. random. sounds on the pavement as well as. other. things. whatever and there is the. point. then there was retaliation from the police for the use of the smartphones and then trying to clear the air and now they. case. the police. have a call with helicopters around monitoring the area which while some. but it really is capping off what is already been quite an extraordinary week a lot of people who talk taken me for 10. minutes airing to the coliform leaders by
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saying yes they consider disobedience but do it peacefully as some people take the ideas but some people. they get the idea of civil disobedience to it what not but level but that the condemnation of that leadership. a while that that is a promise to be at this with those who behave as if that is with impunity i don't read you there is an investigation underway with that group who have been. in the protests at setting up for another flare up of tension between pro independence supporters and the central government. so you're going to go live in barcelona thank you very much. the u.k. prime minister boris johnson will face an uphill battle to get his brakes it deal through parliament when it meets on saturday his coalition partner the northern irish d u p and all opposition parties are planning to vote against the agreement for a chance has more from westminster. this is the car before westminster is weekend
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storm on saturday m.p.'s will face off in parliament in a special session they have just one day of debate to accept or reject boris johnson's new brix a deal and decide the future of this country if they say no the prime minister must ask the e.u. for a break sit extension something he's desperate to avoid i hope that people will think well you know what's the bounce what constituents really want do they want us to keep going with they want division and delay or do they want us to focus on putting more money in here which is what we're doing expanding a provision for provision for education. and putting more police out on the streets tackling knife crime those against the deal hoping opposition parties can hold the line we all know it's going to be tight and the only way boris johnson can deliver his bricks labor m.p.'s break ranks it through the tory breaks with northern
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ireland's d p ruling themselves out there are 3 key groups johnson must win over. for the needed 320 votes there are a group of labor m.p. who is in the leave voting seats who want to see bricks' it done but not sure whether or not they're going to back this particular deal there's the former concerns that peace with throwing out the policy for opposing no deal most of those voted for to resume a steal but white's take issue with a slightly smaller bracks it's being proposed by boris johnson and then there's the $28.00 tory brigadiers he's $83.00 times against me still it's a big osc an across party group of brics it moderates still convinced that no deal is off the table led by the former conservative m.p. all of a let when they're trying to amend saturday's vote so that any approval for the prime minister's deal would be deferred until the legislation to enact it had been passed so bracks it would be delayed until the end of january so that m.p.'s could
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get all the complicated work done and not crash out on october 31st because they'd run out of time but there's no guarantee that e.u. leaders would say yes to an extension. through digital i think we should stick to deal tolbert such a 1st deadline i don't indulge in political fiction so i'm not going to imagine a scenario where did british parliamentary vote this way or that way but i don't think that any new extension should be agreed. despite what micron says it's hard to see e.u. leaders denying an extension and risk being blamed for a no deal crash out but yet again the u.k. is pushing bricks it's right down to the wire. london and that's it from london for the moment back now to daryn in doha lauren thank you very much for the turkish president says the offensive in northeast syria will resume within minutes that's
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if kurdish rebels don't abide by the terms of the says fire a 5 day truce is largely holding so far but there have been some and. verified reports of sporadic fighting smoke has been seen in the border town of us in line throughout friday the ceasefire announced by the us is supposed to allow kurdish led s.t.'s fighters to leave areas controlled by turkish forces turkey says this is a victory in its campaign to control a strip of border territory hundreds of kilometers long and more than 30 kilometers deep it wants to establish what it calls a safe zone where 2000000 syrian refugees living in turkey can be resettled a kurdish commander says the s.d.f. will accept the ceasefire but only between the us ally and the town of tal where most of the fighting has been going on is it going to lose they've heard it domestic given a delegation proposed to us a 5 day deadline we evaluated it and reached an agreement according to you agreement the united states will make sure that the kurdish rebels will leave
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outside of the safe zone within 120 hours which is 5 days we have paused our operations for 120 hours the rebel groups will have to destroy arms leave defensive positions and go outside of the 30 kilometer zone within this timeframe after these terms are met the turkish operation will end that you though this questioning the very nature of the truce. so-called ceasefire this is not what we expected. when in fact it's not a few fires of the month of capitulation of the coats. and. i think that we have to be very consistent here. and we have to do to raise the rate our call for turkey to to put a permanent end to its military action immediately and to throw its forces and respect international may die on law and this is for sure not. the result of the
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vice president for the agreement a particle has joining us from washington d.c. and president trump has said that he has spoken to president or what more do we know about. he is definitely feeling defensive he's tweeting out certain statements he did say that he spoke with press president and he was speaking to astronauts aboard the space station journalist for their the cameras were rolling and he went on a very long rant about his decision in syria and keep in mind this is something that for the entire week we have seen this administration consistently say the president didn't give out on the green light he say he was in his words he was being strategically brilliant by keeping american getting american troops out of harm's way critics have said those troops were doing exactly what they'd been doing which was keeping this offensive from happening and now we've actually seen republican senator democratic senators come out and say what they think happened is
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on that phone call between president obama and president trump early on said we're going in and trump said ok well let me get the troops out basically not calling his bluff and guessing and actually believing the turkey would put at risk u.s. troops a member of. a fellow nato member but the president is really bristling at that all of the criticism and just to give you some perspective of how widely it's been criticized there's literally one republican senator who's spoken up in favor of this move and it's actually starting to show up in the polls that the american people don't approve of it either so with that with the white house for weeks saying this wasn't the president's doing listen to what the president said just a few hours ago. this is a deal that should have been made 15 years ago 10 years ago over the last number of years under the obama administration the real number is over a 1000000 people were killed and we have lost no not a drop of blood since we've started what i've started and it was so far it's
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working out of it's complicated region many many people have gone down i have to watch great interest as i see people talking about what we should be doing and these are the same people that have been failing for the last 20 years didn't know what they were doing especially when they when they went in and did what they did they should have been there probably heard it there he said since we started since i started so he seems to be changing course on that one thing that he'd been keeping an eye on with the cease fire is vice president mike pence went over to turkey and said if you do this pause or cease fire there will be no additional sanctions well the vice president doesn't actually get to make that decision that's up to congress and it took a little bit but now we've heard from members of the house members of the senate and their responses yet know we're still going to do sanctions and they're going to be tough talking about cutting off military aid to turkey stopping weapon sales possibly targeting members could people closer early on with financial sanctions so
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those are moving ahead we're hearing from the senate they plan to go forward next week and the senate majority leader sent a message to president trump that he probably has the votes make it veto proof so the vice president can promise no sanctions the congress has basically said in the message now there will be sanctions interesting ok patty thank you for that update from washington let's all speak to robert ford he's a former u.s. ambassador to syria he's joining us via skype from the u.s. state of maine good to have you with us again on the avs your news our ambassador so the ceasefire is being portrayed by the president of the united states as a victory but as you've been hearing there are many across the political spectrum over in the u.s. who say this is in fact just a safe saving measure for trump because of his decision to pull u.s. troops from the northeast syria where do you stand on this. well i think the turks got what they wanted in the short term they wanted to occupy a space between the syrian cities of tel aviv out in russell lane. 20 miles deep inside syrian territory and the reman between turkey and the united
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states allows for that so the turks essentially got in the short term what they wanted and when trump calls the deal when it was made at the time he said this is a great day for civilization but at the end of the it doesn't really address the root causes of the root cause of what was out this military operation and that is of the turks wanting to the kurds not to have any author already close to their border. correct so. let's leave aside the typical hyperbole from the american president the turks draw our driving to prevent the entrenchment of a syrian kurdish led autonomous region in northeastern syria and they're trying to do that by physically occupying territory and also by preventing territorial can.
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contiguity between the different kurdish cities and so there are different places along the syrian turkish border where the turks are in control and they sort of break up wind of furze control it's a way to stop that autonomous region from entrenching itself the turks are not fully successful but the introduction of syrian government forces into some of these syrian kurdish town such as commish lay farther to the east closer to iraq probably is in line with what turkey can also live with so the turks are making gradual advances towards their objective their long term objective and what about russia and vladimir putin because obviously putin has major influence in syria and we know that urge to on is meant to be meeting putin in about 4 days time we understand so is russia's role and what russia does next crucial in the
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success or failure of this u.s. turkish deal and what is russia's role. well russia is the key foreign state operating in the syrian civil war broadly because they have open lines of communication was all of the different protagonists the united states by contrast does not have to medications with iran or with the syrian government in damascus or russia does so russia gets to play the bibble role and it also has military forces powerful military forces in syria that gives its word extra weight extra leverage so the long term russian objective is not really north east syria per se that's kind of a sideshow for them the bigger issue is little by little pulling turkey away from nato and very gradually not overnight. building a better relationship between on korea and moscow and weakening the nato alliance
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and of by by making turkey's position in nato ever more problematic and the russians are having some success in this the american decision to work with this syrian kurdish militia the one called y p g which is an anathema to turkey absolutely made putin's task is objective much easier all right robert ford we'll leave it there we thank you very much for joining us on the news hour. coming up in just a moment as the u.s. imposes new terrorists on european goods we ask is the white house opening a new front line in the trade war and the countdown is on to the biggest day in the history of japanese rugby we'll look ahead to vail world cup quarter final against south africa.
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had though that how much is have been steadily. coming down across areas of the middle east is quite a bit of travelers been streaming up from west to east in the last few hours and we will actually have the potential as we head through the weekend mostly dry on saturday but about 37 celsius in baghdad 27 in beirut and we could see a few showers with this sort of mass here across into will central and southern areas of turkey but it's really sunday that we see this a bank of tab becoming a lot more extensive in pushing for the east with some very widely scattered showers across much of turkey pushing cross into areas of iraq iran as well right there down towards the south look at the temperature and back that $33.00 on sunday so really feeling much better than it has been of late and those temperatures again continuing to sort of come down and steady across the mid thirty's throughout much of the arabian peninsula even a few showers reported thursday into doha sunday is
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a similar sort of story again we've got temperatures in the mid thirty's and the humidity levels beginning to come down and sort of stayed the same time and then we have got the chance of you scott the thunderstorms in johannesburg over the next couple of days is a stream of cloud just to work its way to east of cape town it be warm no chance of any rain showers there and very woman johannesburg at 35. my fast symons were all. taken by the chinese government all i want to stay with my son stay with my wife and so i want this is really where human rights abuses of our time we decided to talk about it. just. tell the world. the truth about china's systematic repression of the week is. tell the world coming soon on al-jazeera rewind returns with
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a new series. and brand new updates on the best of out to series documentaries if i would compare it to an onion we have in the onion the fleetest party so hard to see the company this is the old city rewind continues with motown to greytown b. and al here in the soil learning about health by eating good it's train my wife i can't imagine doing something else on al-jazeera. there than is our knowledge of 0 hello again the top stories explosions during friday prayers at a mosque in eastern afghanistan have killed at least 62 people and injured many
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more i saw has claimed responsibility the taliban has condemned the attack. lebanon's prime minister saad heidi has given rivals of his government 72 hours to uniting get behind his economic reform plans he addressed the nation amid mass protests that have left at least 2 people dead tensions boiled over when new tax plans were announced. and right police in barcelona have fired tear gas during clashes with council on pro independence protesters they're angry over the jail sentences handed down to 9 separate us leaders for their role in the failed independence but 2 years ago the unrest follows a day of largely peaceful demonstrations. well in mexico the son of a notorious cocaine trafficker is on the run after a shootout with police and security forces of each a good man escaped arrest after drug cartel gunmen brought city streets to a standstill. reports.
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fierce gun battles in the city of clear khan northwest mexico. the security forces and drug cartel gunmen fight it out after the short lived arrest of this month. he's the son of the notorious drug cartel boss joaquin guzman also known as el chapo who is serving a life sentence after extradition to the united states. the gun battles went on for hours as army and police forces came under increasing attack. vehicles were set ablaze for terrified residents panic set in bodies could be seen in the streets the capital of siena low a state brought to a standstill later in the day mexico security minister laid out the sequence of events. today at 1530 hours we break out of that reports it take you live to brussels that is the nato chief the head of nato yun still in burke alongside the u.s.
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secretary of state mike on pale there speaking at a press conference let's listen in for more human suffering. also for increased migrant on that if it flows. we will. we all understand out that we have a common enemy. we have made enormous progress in the global coalition all nato allies on their part of the global coalition to defeat to dawlish i must not jeopardize the gains we had made in the fight against all common enemy. we will. address this issue in the nato defense ministers meet later on the next week. and this just shows how timely and important to the briefing we had that this discussion had this evening and therefore once again thank you mike for coming and meeting the north atlantic council welcome. thank you. and thanks for joining me on a friday night i know this is exactly what everyone expected to do on a friday night in brussels. it was important however that i come by our nato allies
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and partners are important part of america's national security and i want to come talk to them about that conversation that taken place in the statement that was jointly. agreed to by united states and our nato ally turkey yesterday i want to talk about what we accomplished the things that still remain you talked about the continued challenge to counter isis in the region all the things that still need to be done we still have a political resolution in syria and a u.n. security council resolution $2254.00 that we jointly need to work towards a resolution that was also important to be here your great leader of this organization and it was important for me to stop as i headed out of the region to make sure that our nato friends and they'd all leadership understood what the united states said accomplish the things that we have achieved and the path forward to limit the risk associated with the incursion into syria and to make sure that we can still deliver on all the missions we also had nato partners that were on the
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ground with us there in syria who are or came alongside us their support for me to get a chance to talk to them to thank them for what they had accomplished along the way as well so that was that was the mission the reason i'm here and i thank you for posting here with me. we have time for just 2 questions john from hans live from c.n.n. i thank you secretary pump aoe president trump earlier today in remarks about syria said that the u.s. has taken control of all the oil quote that everybody was worried about can you explain where this oil is how the u.s. is controlling it especially if troops withdraw and then is this does this raise concerns about syria's territorial integrity and then to both of you what is the understanding of when the ceasefire actually went into effect and do you believe that it has been violated so let me take them and take those 2 questions and then section solberg can can answer to the extent he wants to. look the ceasefire time period the pos commenced when we issued the statement yesterday evening so we're now it's time i don't know 24 hours into this we're very hopeful that we will
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continue to be able implement and execute that we there was some activity today but we also saw some very positive given the beginnings of the coordination that we will be required the reason this couldn't happen instantaneously there was a great deal of cordon ation that had to take place so that there can in fact be a safe withdrawal of the white p.g. fighters that are inside of the turkish controlled area that is covered by the agreement and we're hopeful in that hours ahead that both both the turks who were part of the agreement alongside of us as well as the white p.g. fighters in the region will take seriously the commitments that they made and that we will actually achieve within the next now 96 hours the commitments that were laid out in paragraphs one through 13 of the agreement i didn't see those president's statements today that you suggested i know this we are driven by u.n. security council resolution 2254 to make sure that we get the outcomes that the
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united states and frankly most of the member nations at the u.n. have a great if the right outcome to get the proper political resolution in broader syria not just in the northeast but. more broadly i have to remember prior to this administration taking office over half a 1000000 people were killed in syria millions and millions of people displaced all of this before president trumpet took office we see the burden that that's placed on our nato ally turkey with now some. 2 or 3 or 4000000 displaced persons inside of turkey that's an enormous burden and europe needs to provide. us to seriously consider how to respond to this this threat this challenge that's presented by migration we are hopeful that what vice president pence and cheve. yesterday will be the beginning of leading to the resolution of all these greater challenges that are present throughout syria and more broadly the instability this
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creates throughout the middle east just state that the situation in the north is syria remains fragile but it is important to nato allies do not did say some turkey . being on the ground for a long time have agreed a statement made an agreement on the way forward not. it's important because it found provide. a basis for progress on for deescalating of the situation and that's exactly why i also welcome the fact out those dollars have agreed and also the fact that. they were in peril spend some time here with all the nato allies discussing the way forward in north east syria and nato plays an important role both os part of the global coalition to defeat but also being a forum also the discuss difficult issues also when there are different views within the alliance and that's exactly what.


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