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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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months and say want to deal maybe better the no deal they're entering uncharted territory and it will come as a cost any day will bring in customs clearance issues where people have to cut some serious goods that they've never custom cleared before realistically it's probably going out by 10 percent of the overall costs of moving goods from e.u. to u.k. or the u.k. to e.u. because you have to customs clear on both sides many parts of britain a feeling pretty good by brics it looking for a solution whatever that may be even if it leaves britain standing alone and he would al-jazeera in whole. still ahead on al-jazeera a fragile truce on the turkey syria border but president on warns the offensive will resume within minutes if all terms part met. and alone in the wilderness what's happened to critically endangered wildlife in africa's largest nature reserve.
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we have tropical storm warnings in force just around the florida panhandle courtesy of this last massive cloud of the balloting system which will make its way across the panhandle pushing up into georgia over the next day or say maine while we're looking at this deep air of low pressure just clearing away from the canadian maritimes things brightening up into that eastern side of canada wealth east of the u.s. but for the southeast very heavy rain which will push its way across northern florida in particular easing up into the carolinas as we go on through sunday for the west too bad last you drive into the central and great plains with some high temperatures with some snow there polly in off the rockies we've got some wet weather and some wintry weather around the pacific northwest into that western side of kind of the middle of the south l.a. 30 degrees celsius so some real high temperatures down towards that southwestern
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corner come a little further south into the camera band because some wet weather just a lonely pacific coast of central america but come to the caribbean the greater antilles not doing too badly we got some showers there into the dominican republic and these will be in place right through the weekend want to see showers too just around the lesser antilles there drive in the way further west was brought to skies coming through by the end of the weekend. chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother's judy to reunite with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. and for you.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now thousands of people are protested across lebanon into a 2nd night many calling for a political revolution gas and rubber bullets were fired to clear crowds in beirut and blocked main roads in protest over planned taxes and the failing economy a 5th day of protests in barcelona have turned violent demonstrators are angry at the jailing of 9 separatist leaders over cattle and his failed bid for independence 2 years ago and explosions inside a mosque in eastern afghanistan during friday prayers have killed at least 62
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people no one has claimed responsibility for the attack and. the taliban says it was not involved and is condemning the violence. turkey's president raja typer one has worn the offensive a northeast syria will resume within minutes as are his words if kurdish rebels do not abide by the terms of the 5 day cease fire the truce is largely holding despite both sides accusing each other of violations in kosovo has more from istanbul. reports of superadded fighting continuing in syria the day after turkey agreed with the u.s. to pao's its military operation for 5 days turkey says' the powells is to allow the kurdish peoples protection units or why p.g. time to withdraw from the border region both the why p.g. and they are oppositions national syrian army accuse each other of failing to abide by the deal the us stays it's a ceasefire turkey says it's a temporary suspension of its military operation which began 9 days ago turkey's
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president trajectory bragged on refused at the reports of violations he expects the why peaches with rubble from the designated safe zone area over the next 4 days and the u.s. to oversee the process are done is warning that defensible resume within minutes if kurdish rebels don't abide by the terms of the deal. so the issue of the safe zone will be solved with us can realize their promises when the cease fire is due to end but if the promises are not realized as soon as events are operational peace spring will continue more rapidly than before at least 15000000 of turkey's 80000000 citizens are kurdish turkey's leaders are repeated reiterating that their target is not the kurdish people but the y. p.g. because of its links to the p.k. k. which is designated as a terrorist group the european council president donald tusk is urging turkey to immediate the withdraw its forces from syria so called ceasefire this is the
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approach we expected. in fact it's not a she said the month of capitalization of the cuts. i think that we have to be very consistent here. and we have to do to raise the rate our call for turkey to put a permanent end to its. military action immediately sent to israelis forces and to respect international. dossiers turkey isn't using the safe's own to gain territory and he wants a thesis the 1000000 syrian war effort used in turkey to go home because. it is not a problem for us if syrian government forces control the areas cleared of p.k. k y p g at the end the aim is to clear the safe zone of these terror groups secure in the designated safe zone as a challenge for turkey presents are gone as expected discuss that with russia's
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leader vladimir putin during their planned meeting in such a next tuesday after the deal ends and they're due to meet again in geneva to end of this month where a political solution to the 8 year long conflict of syria is expected to be negotiated soon and al-jazeera the stump. one of the most senior members of trump's republican party is the latest to criticize his decision to withdraw troops from northern syria and an op ed in the washington post that never mentions trump by name senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wrote the decision is a grave strategic mistake that will leave american people less safe and bold in our enemies and weaken important alliances he also wrote even if the 5 day cease fire announced thursday wholes events of the past week have set back the united states campaign against the islamic state and other terrorists. the president of honduras has been linked to his brother's conviction for drug trafficking wanted tonio hernandez was found guilty by u.s.
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court of smuggling almost 200000 kilograms of cocaine into north america prosecutors say he relied on his brother for protection the court documents label president juan orlando hernandez as a coconspirator he denies the accusations but protesters call a call for him to step down. going to the polls on sunday with their longest serving president looking to extend his hold on power but after 14 years where else his popularity is failing because of fears he may try to govern and definitely want home john home and heather has more from. in rural mountain communities in bolivia there remains only one man for the top job going into sunday's elections ever more oil is already the country's longest standing president and still its most popular politician thanks to a consistently growing economy and programs like this one giving low income families the chance to build their own homes with a nice. i'm very happy i've worked so long in other people's houses working for the
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wealthy people and this time it'll be for me. banking on the support that comes from almost having poverty began his bid for a full term in office 3 years ago. but that in itself became a turning point the moment when his formally overwhelming popularity began to form serious rallies had to change the constitution to be able to run again so he put that to the people in a referendum that was close but they said no then he went ahead and did it anyway now he's dealing with the backlash. millions have turned out for huge civil society meetings called build those formal. dinner was one of the organizers. under the government of a very morale is there's been an excessive concentration of power of all the organs of state and the judiciary under him this means that democracy is completely restricted the electoral body for example respond directly to the regime so the
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democratic system suffered permanent damage. is not just what critics say is a slide away from democracy recently bolivia had forest fires that wiped out 5000000 hectares environmentalists say the government's commitment to pacha mama mother earth is all talk. the laws are fine the problem is that i see they're not applied the fires in chicken tanya were due to policies where they wanted to de forest to plant soya beans and produce meat to export to china at the expense. of wildlife and the indigenous people there are also been accusations of government to corruption and conflicts of interest and when the administration of president moralist built this $29.00 storey $34000000.00 skyscraper you can see which tower was above the former presidential palace this pink building in front of it many people sure that is a sign of the government's increasing opiates in what is one of the poorest
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countries in south america. despite the missteps many believe ians like you know since you still see morale is the safe way food. is then i think if the president stays in power than these programs will continue before we didn't have them and we don't know the proposals on the other candidates we've lived with this president and we know that he gives help 6. that may be enough to see him over the finish line john homan how does it look as. senior u.s. officials have warned that france is making a historic mistake that risks destabilizing the balkans and full of countries led by french president mondale macron again blocked membership talks for north macedonia and albania leaders were deadlocked after about 7 hours of heated backroom wrangling at a brussels summit france alone rejected north macedonia but was joined by denmark in the netherlands in refusing albania entry to the european union. my cheek with the. yes this is die or head that those who say there is almost unanimity for
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allowing the entry of faith albania north message down the not to be in the chair there was with that death a large majority for a few so a crushing majority of the north macedonia but there was a good half of the member states who said he is not the same i don't want him to enter i think in discussions with north mustonen while leaving open the behind would have been a great political mistake in the region. true but what we saw last night was wrong because it did not act to say either yes or no prove macedonia and albania will brady to join the european union it acted to say either yes or no they could be candidates candidates we have whom we could have started negotiations the majority of the european council wanted to say so but there were a few member states who were not yet ready it's a historic a historic era. results and mess and make selection indicate the ruling party is
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headed for a major victory the flame party has been ruling the country for 44 years now that international observers are raising concerns about the vote after reports of ballot stuffing at some polling stations during that vote by ellingham paints are one observer murdered and others attacked malcolm webb has worked in the capital. rights groups and opposition of complained about serious problems from an early stage in the election during the campaigns they said that hundreds of thousands of ghost voters have been added to the electoral register in some provinces the electoral commission denied it one observer was shot dead by 5 policemen police say they're still investigating during polling opposition complained of pre-taped ballots and observers said $3000.00 of them weren't allowed to access polling stations there's also been violence during the counting process and now the opposition party that was widely expected to come in 3rd place the movement for
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democracy in mozambique. has now spoken out joining a new voting process. introduced in the. being introduced by revolts in the boardwalks just into me is that from 2 plates so we as a political party we shall never accept any for all the results that's why we do reject these results were namo is the largest opposition party that used to be a rebel group for the ruling party in a 15 year civil war more than a 1000000 people died it ended with a truce in 19022 months ago the 2 sides signed a peace agreement that was meant to end the conflict once and for all this election will test the peace deal and the reaction of the normal leaders is critical people are still waiting for their comment on how the election has gone. the world's 1st of all a vaccine has been approved by european drug regulators and it's
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a move that's been hailed by they were health organization as the triumph for public health that will save many lives the back scene is already being used under emergency guidelines to try to protect people against the spread of the deadly ebola outbreak in the product republic of congo it's the 2nd largest outbreak in history and has killed more than 2100 people. there's government is forging ahead with plans to reach and shrink the boundaries of a protected national park the reserve is home to many endangered species and the sahara which conservation groups say will be threatened by plans to open up access to oil exploration called baker reports. the drive from the nearest city in asia to africa's largest nature reserve takes 2 days in 40 degree heat. is the term that massive and tin touma reserve covers 100000 square kilometers the size of south korea and was once home to unique wildlife much of which has disappeared the
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new media does and it was always the labs even 2 years ago there were thousands of animals in the bush but now there are very few that we've been here now for 24 hours we haven't seen anything and everything is destroyed in 2012 after years of pressure by scientists these years government granted the reserve protection development and hunting. but environmental groups say that hasn't stopped poachers . the only tracks al-jazeera saw during a recent visit were from 2 protected species a single newbie in blue started birds and a camera shy damages. as well as the motorcycles of suspected poachers. there was no sign of the reserves most critically endangered animal the addicks antelope 200 roamed this area a decade ago but 6 years later only 3 were found scientists believe 90 percent or more have been killed by poachers. another treasure lies below the sand oil
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exploration threatens the reserve itself in june the government said it would redraw the park's borders to allow more oil development after striking a deal with one of the world's largest energy companies china's national petroleum corporation 3 months later president mohamed inaugurated the construction of an oil pipeline running through it is the function the objectives of the reserve hasn't changed the geographic position hasn't changed this is just a redefinition of the limits to optimize the usage of our natural resources because we want to use them to the benefit of the population. animal conservation groups have called on the government to reverse its decision to remap the reserve in a bid to save the addicks technology is improving all the time and we have ways and means of breeding species well it's too late when they're all gone but so long as there's one or 2 still alive it's not too late the new map of the reserve has yet to be released but in the nearest city the trucks lined up for with oil connecting
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the distant animal reserve to a world thirsty for its energy riches colin baker al jazeera a new exhibit opens at the paris ensue on saturday it is not an animal it's not a plant it's technically a slime mold so they're calling it a blob it can move without legs or wing cut in half the mold can heal itself in 2 minutes that's kind of scary as it out the stomach or brain but it can find and digest its food that's the 1st time this kind of biological oddity has ever been displayed and captivity of sorts. recap the headlines for you on al-jazeera thousands of people are protested across lebanon into a 2nd night many calling for a political revolution tear gas and rubber bullets were fired to clear crowds in
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beirut who blocked the main roads the prime minister saad hariri has given political rivals 3 days to find a solution. i'm giving our partners in the government a very short deadline 72 hours to give us a solution that can convince us and the people in the streets and our international partners if it's a or protests in barcelona have turned violent the demonstrators are angry at the jailing of 9 separatist leaders who are catalonia failed bid for independence 2 years ago explosions inside a mosque in eastern afghanistan during friday prayers have killed at least 62 people now and is claimed responsibility for the attack and har but the taliban is saying that they are not involved and they are condemning the attack part us in algeria showed no sign of stopping as thousands took to the streets and what is now the 35th week of demonstrations the demonstrators have call for the government to
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rid itself of any remnants of the regime of the former president of jealousies beautifully guy who resigned after mass protests in april who are also voicing their support for the more than 100 journalists and activists who have been detained by security forces for their suspected involvement in the protest movement . u.k. prime minister horst johnson will attempt to get approval for his new brix a deal in a few hours when it's put to the m.p.'s for a vote is they're facing an uphill battle except party leader nigel farage is calling on him piece to reject the deal saying it's a sellout for raj says the deal does not deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum thousands of people are also expected to march through london on saturday to demand a new referendum. the truce in northern syria is largely holding despite accusations from both kurdish forces and turkey of violations turkey's president. has warned the offensive will resume within minutes if kurdish rebels don't abide
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by the terms of this 5 day cease fire so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera more news to come one when east it's up next. there are. believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti-war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories the soldiers era. when the korean war split the country into damocles which one of the past separated by a border they were forbidden to cross. now some a finely being reunited with monk relatives. one on one east follows a mother's emotional reunion with the some she lost more than 60 years ago.
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when war broke out between the 2 koreas in 1950 mrs lee fled south with her husband before year old son and her baby daughter. in the storm of refugees the young mother stopped to nurse her baby. she was separated for a few minutes from her husband and son a separation that would last forever. 68 years later mrs lee who had built a new life in salt received a lesson with news of her lost family. 2
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down on. the big cross in this letter to mrs lee. delicious states that the son she lost 68 years ago is still alive and leaves in north korea. in 2 weeks she can see him again. little johnny you don't read every day you just have one minute in mind how fast could have good people divided up all the love. humble make the author did to go to defended the book i don't know how children does or did we do you who does have other know or do you get to come with some sort of tabacco so
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to go and i'm cured don't me. because our job our goal now that a good kid is holding my leg out and then all my languidly. here good night ahead you would agree and wouldn't i am going to kmart. today mrs levy is 91 years old. together with a north korean who lost his wife during the flies mrs lee built a new life in south korea. they swore to stay together into a career was reunified and they could find their families. mrs lee is now a widow her 2 daughters and now helping her prepare for being reunited with her son
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