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political partners he didn't name them but his political partners as hezbollah hezbollah led alliance he told them you have been obstructing my efforts to carry out reforms now you have 72 hours to do just that what we understand is that there are behind the scenes negotiations to iron out some sort of a deal may be reforms in the electricity sector that's way the government doesn't have to post taxes and on the poor or remove benefits that public sector employees gain in order to raise revenues but if you talk to people here they say that's just not enough we have lost faith and trust in the politicians so we have to wait to see the reaction from the streets but clearly the government crackdown yesterday was a message that they're going to keep doing this and we've seen this happen in the past they do crackdown on protests when they tend to gain momentum. then in terms of the bigger picture here i mean how much change can these protests really achieve if anything. it will be very very difficult in a country like lebanon the political system is sectarian based the sectarian quotas
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in government even in the public sector the politicians they've been in power for decades they have exploited the state's resources in order to provide services to their constituencies meant taining support and that's why yes this is an unprecedented protest the past 2 days tens of thousands of people in the streets but there are hundreds of thousands of people who did not take to the streets these people are loyal supporters to the political parties who benefit from the political parties they get you know they get jobs from these political parties and these people will be ready to take to the streets to confront peaceful demonstrations and the 2018 elections there was an attempt by civil society to win seats they only won one seat out of it in the 128 member parliament but things are different some will tell you yes things are different now there's a lot of defiance they say change will take time but what is different also is that political parties are being criticised in their traditional strongholds which is
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something new they're chanting names of politicians so this is just the beginning but change is difficult in a country like this when all the different politicians yes they criticize each other in public but they work together to serve their own interests so not. well robert robert hill is a professor of political science at florida atlantic university he says the many indicators that lebanon was heading into this very flash point. it has been building up for quite some time and the grievances against the government against corruption against i don't ploy meant it gained so many things just to blow up yesterday you know and i saw it coming myself i was in lebanon an organist and i could see it you know people are not happy you have many people are hungry many people you know they need the job you have high unemployment and also how you look at the political leadership and they and they say it and they say openly now it's like a mafia like political leadership said look at the economy that look at the political
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system as the spoils you know and every leader or every leader of his sect you know always they want to say i want to have his share or her share so deeply what we see is a popular social movement across 6 tarion movements you know is a significant and radical reform. riot police in the city of boston fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters who surrounded the police headquarters and set fires in the streets with an often 1000000 people march through the capital on the 5th day of purchase of protests they're angry at the jailing of 9 separatist leaders for their role in catalonia as failed independence but 2 years ago a general strike in barcelona saw shops and many tourist attractions closed and the border crossing into france was also some of the ago right in the middle of the protests. both began as a day of the protesting us now descended into riots. between
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the police. these protests it started off with tens of thousands of people coming out from inside the city from the city into the city center then they began to take on the police outside the national police headquarters here in the city. being thrown. riot says and throwing pavement so the police very very quick escalation in violence well the streets of boston known to have now largely been cleared of protesters police and fire services have been working to put out fires which when it during the demonstrations all right. what do we come back. a failed mission mexican politicians admit mistakes in a police operation and the son of a tourist. there has to put the new brakes a deal to parliament we meet people who are frustrated with the slow pace of brakes in the state.
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of the patent continues much of the east of europe is under the sunshine and reasonable warm. well that traynor clear that conveyor belt of cloud is a consistent story the last 3 or 4 days doesn't matter if you draw from state or not the colder as the north towards the south the fact that they stay in the same place suggests a vast amount of cloud going from portugal running through france towards scandinavia sometimes the rain is in and is pretty slow moving so you could rain the same place a quarter long time and the place i'd point out probably france and spain paris at 12 degrees suggest about rights the time the a little bit $24.00 in bucharest that's the nice warm autumnal through which extends through greece and italy and to and to be honest extends up to the baltic states doesn't quite make it but warsaw is at 21 degrees now given what's happening
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in northern spain you wouldn't be surprised to find if you share a sort of america or argyria altruist there's not much there is no worse there in the forecastle to be honest temperatures in the low to mid twenty's here is still warm east to nice areas at $31.00 this quiet here might generate a shower or 2 in the middle of libya is still pretty hot though in egypt 35 still in cairo and further sas we're still approaching 40. the weather sponsored by qatar and. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories during the early spring kind city as we turn the cameras on the media when we introduce services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they would put on the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening
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pounced on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour protesters up again gathering on the streets of lebanon's capital beirut as the call for political change grows at least 2 people were killed during friday's rallies the prime minister saad hariri has given the rival groups and his government 72 hours to find a solution. an extraordinary session of the british parliament's due to begin shortly to decide the fate of mr barak's johnson's new brags that deal thousands of people are also expected to march in london to the bond and the referendum. and half a 1000000 people have marched through council on capital boss alone on the 5th day
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of protests around with the jailing of 9 separatist leaders for their role in catalonia has failed independence but 2 years ago. now the truce in northern syria is largely holding despite accusations from both kurdish forces and turkey of violations to his president russia has warned the offensive in northeast syria will resume within minutes if kurdish rebels don't abide by the terms of the 5 day cease fire u.s. sector of state might pay 0 says he's optimistic it will hold despite signs of shelling on friday. we're hopeful in the hours ahead that both both the turks who were part of the agreement alongside of us as well as the white b.g. fighters in the region will take seriously the commitments that they made and that we will actually achieve within the next now 96 hours the commitments that were laid out in paragraphs one through 13 of the agreement one of the most senior members of donald trump's republican party is the latest to criticize his decision to withdraw troops from northern syria senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
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called it a grave strategic mistake rob reynolds has more now from washington d.c. . president trump is now facing a unprecedented degree of pushback from members of his own party people who normally have been staunchly supporting him members of congress like senator mitt romney who was the republican presidential nominee in 2012 and who spoke on the floor of the senate saying that trump's decision to abandon the kurdish forces that had fought alongside the u.s. forces in northern syria amounted to a blood stain on the annals of american history senator mitch mcconnell the leader of the senate and an extremely important political figure in the united states and a scathing article for the washington post saying that trump's decision in syria had emboldened the assad regime and its allies iran had allowed russia to expand
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its influence in the greater middle east and risk reconstituting and reviving i sold the so-called islamic state mcconnell saying that in some trump's decisions create a strategic nightmare for the united states and other republicans are very alarmed over the recent disclosures by the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney that there was in fact a quid pro quo proposed by the president with the ukrainian president in that famous phone call that has now become the focus of an impeachment inquiry in the house of representatives well veiny tried to walk it back but a lot of people are really very impressed by those efforts now whether the erosion of support among leading republicans in washington will continue depends largely on trump's behavior there are some cracks that appear to be showing in the facade at least here in the among the ranks of fishel republicans in washington. well if his
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fire in syria hasn't stopped people from paying smugglers to get them to safety more than 700 have crossed the border into iraq overnight and the united nations says more than 3000 arrived dead this week alone the trash going to reports from the kurdish region of northern iraq. after more than 8 years of on and off cease fires and being forced from their homes many times these refugees seemed unfazed by turkey's announcement of a 5 day pause in fighting the war in syria has shown them time after time peace is never assured and. peace live is not called life and it's called destruction if anyone says i my life what he should really say is i am that in the last 5 days the un's international organization of migration has screened more than 2300 syrian refugees smuggled into iraq refugees say they have no other option because kurdish
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fighters in syria are preventing them from crossing the border in the city and get at them with a sunni we are syrian but we hate our country we don't want to go back and nedra and her sister each paid a smuggler $600.00 she says she and her 2 young children walked for 5 days. to visit a bit out of them i was alone in the desert. a little how do i look to love i hope everybody left it was just me and my children i was suffering. this latest wave joins the more than 1000000 refugees and internally displaced people already here in the kurdish region of northern iraq the government says the international funding it relies on has been cut in half its affecting its ability to provide basic services such as food water education and health care the influx is only
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adding to the financial pressure. the french foreign minister met the president of the kurdistan regional government on thursday and pledged about $11000000.00 to alleviate the humanitarian emergency it's very soft i said if this is too much we hope the warring parties will get together and talk about peace again and accept size so maximum restraint again. none of the refugees we spoke to are thinking about returning they've lost all hope that syria will ever be the home they remembered before the war. al jazeera the whole province in the kurdish region of northern iraq. against algeria is running a lead to showing no signs of abating thousands took to the streets on friday and what is now the 35th week of demonstrations in the capital algiers and in other cities across the country protesters called for the government to rid itself of any
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remnants of the regime of former president but a few are resigned after mass protests and i pull people are also voicing their support for more than a 100 journalists and activists who've been detained for their suspect in the volatile and in the protest movement. funerals are being held for the victims of an attack on a mosque in eastern afghanistan explosions killed at least $62.00 people during friday prayers no one's family sponsibility for the attack in one god but the taliban says it wasn't involved that is condemning the violence and reports. they went to the mosque the peaceful contemplation but minutes later dozens were injured the house of prayer destroyed. it was time for friday prayers and everyone had gathered in the mosque when suddenly a bomb exploded and many people got hurt. one of the 1st one victim says about 300 people were packed into the building in rural hoskin maina and manga had province
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when the blast happened and the roof collapsed on to those praying below. it is. under the enemies of religion and the homeland blew up a mosque during friday prayers the afghan security forces arrived in the affected area immediately and helped to transport the wounded and remove the dead from the rubble. there aren't enough ambulances in afghanistan so the wounded were lifted into any counter available and rushed to hospital. outside chaos as a steady stream of vehicles brooks and the injured. both the taliban and i still linked groups are active in the east so the message that has come from the government is that it's the taliban and its taliban seen as partners who are responsible for the attack on the other side we have heard a statement coming from the taliban condemning the attack. a taliban spokesman describing it as a crime against humanity. the armed groups being engaged in peace talks with the
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u.s. in an effort to end the increasingly brutal 18 year war but last month president donald trump declared the talks did blaming a surge of violence by the taliban. the attack comes just a day after a u.n. report said afghan civilians were dying in record numbers amnesty international says the blast demands the world's attention. but when many now have life changing injuries and mass graves are being dug many feel the international community still gouging them brian al jazeera. now the president of chile has declared a state of emergency a day after protests of a rising cost of living turned violent riots on friday night left a boston apartment building burned in the capital city subway system closed president sebastian pinera said he would invoke a special security nor to prosecute individuals responsible demonstrations began on
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monday over a hike in metro fares the president of honduras is facing growing calls for his resignation after his brother was convicted of trafficking 200 tons of cocaine into the united states prosecutors say one tony amanda's relied on his coconspirator brother president one orlando a nando's for protection he says the allegations are fabricated by criminals bent on revenge for his efforts against organized crime. now the president of mexico is defending security forces for releasing the sun the band of tourists drug cartel leader soon after his arrest a video was freed during a ferocious gun battle in. the capital of similar state thursday shoot out kill at least 7 people reports now from mexico city on the political fallout. in the capital city of siena is in a state of shock. violence on thursday sent city residents into
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a panic as alleged members of the scene a look at them launched a coordinated assault against police. on friday mexico's security cabinet took responsibility for what they called the failed operation aimed at detaining. son of notorious cartel leader. better known as el chapo mexico's national defense secretary added that authorities were caught off guard. we underestimated the criminal organizations response capabilities in preventing the capture of a video guzman lopez the security cabinet ordered our forces to withdraw in order to prevent a higher incidence of violence and what occurred during his daily morning press conference the mexican president defended the decision made by his cabinet members . i backed the decision because i consider protection of the people the most important thing the most important thing is to protect against loss of life the most important thing is peace. while gun fights in fires from burning vehicles
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raged on the streets a prison break was taking place in coordination with the attack by the cartel. over a dozen fugitives can be seen on this cell phone video carjacking passing motorists the violence in seen a lower marks the 3rd large scale violent incident to take place in mexico in less than a week. on monday 14 police officers were killed in an ambush by cartel members in the state of michoacan days later another gunfight left at least 15 dead in the state of ghetto ongoing violence nationwide is putting pressure on mexican president. who on monday said advances are being made to address mexico's problem with worsening insecurity madrid up in mexico city now the un human rights office has called for the release of a prominent blogger his lawyer and a journalist well being held in an egyptian jail the blogger. was released in march
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after serving a 5 year sentence for protesting but was rearrested last month as noah was also arrested meanwhile journalist. was detained by security officers in cairo last weekend allegedly beaten after refusing to unlock a mobile phone. the world's 1st about a vaccine has been approved by european drug regulators the vaccine is already being used under emergency guidelines to try to protect people against the spread of a deadly ebola outbreak in democratic republic of congo is the 2nd largest outbreak in history and has killed more than 2100 people. as you have heard the emergency committee has recommended that the current ebola outbreak continues to pose a publican's emergency of international concern i have accepted that advise saw the republicans emergence of of international concern the starters will be maintained
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for additional stream and this emergency committee will be reconvened within 3 months is to reassess again. this remains. this outbreak remains a complex and dangerous outbreak. let's go back to our top story now brags that i want to britain's poorest cities dozens of carter ferries had for europe every day and more in the mood in britain from one of the poorest cities with a high percentage of leave it is the people of whole want to brag that they were done hoping it would be the onset of their problems and they would reports. a gateway to europe the humber is the u.k.'s busiest trading estuary and home to one of its poorest cities nearly 68 percent of people voted to leave the e.u. in the 2016 referendum. many here want breaks it down and a deal to be passed in parliament the village in delhi for an eye on 3 years they were asked did we want to send deals with the ballot paper was yes or no you want
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to leave with no i just i just wish to kalm with that. and come out i mean how we're going to tell you what we expect cause we're all pretty safe coming to the end now this time we hope is 3 years ago everybody voted to come out and it's in my opinion that that's the wishes of the people that voted that we should come out and spend some time doing the things is to do all the necessary raise any chance of things that needed there were high levels of poverty in parts of home taking back control from europe is talked about by some here very little has changed since 2016 and many people are hoping that by leaving year some of the cities problems will be solved and finally get the brick said they were promised. big companies have invested in hull and many have close ties with europe every day ferries leave the poor laden with cargo and lorries bound for the new.
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at middle europe who oversee more than 50 crossings a day they've been preparing for bricks for months and say want to deal maybe better the no deal they're entering uncharted territory and it will come as a cost any day will bring in customs clearance issues where people have to cut some serious codes that they've never custom cleared before realistically it's probably going out of like 10 percent of the overall costs of moving goods from 8 to u.k. or the u.k. to e.u. because you have to customs clear on both sides many poles of britain a feeling. teague by bricks it looking for a solution whatever that may be even if it leaves britain standing alone and he would al-jazeera in whole. let's go back to london now where the british parliament is meeting in the next few minutes they've started meeting to discuss boris johnson's begs the day let's just quickly go live now to paul brennan who's at westminster for the latest pool as we're talking to you we're looking at other
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pictures of the feeds coming in speaker john bercow has just started talking in parliament just talk us through this i mean they're calling it super saturday it looks like it's going to be an incredibly tight vote at westminster later you were telling us earlier this is all about the mathematics but the numbers might not go boris johnson's way today you know the numbers are extremely tight he needs 320 votes from m.p.'s in order to make this legislation pass he may have them but it can't be guaranteed there arithmetic is it's looking at the moment it's somewhere in the region of 3 $102.00 votes that he has pretty much nailed down guaranteed in favor of his deal he has around $300.00 warned against it's very tight indeed there are somewhere in the region of $3536.00 they're undecided at this point and it's high time and the way they vote will obviously be very crucial and don't forget there are 11 who don't vote 7 shin fein from northern
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ireland they don't take their seats in the commons speaker in the 3 deputies they don't vote tie that so it's those $3036.00 that that are really that really matter . paul just as we watch john bercow the speaker in the session just talk us through what we can expect to happen the timetable today in terms of the procedures the motions tables and of course the big moment the final vote later on . well echoing what you are just. like the house now what i meant and why i started i started to house the president his opening statements and it makes a deal for the 1013 what it is and indeed 2 members of the house common staff who've worked to make this possible and i know it's bent people giving up their saturdays breaking into their weekends at a time when families want to be together and of course it means missing at least the end of england's world cup quarter final i apologize to the house for for that
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and i wish i could watch it myself i know the owner member for cardiff west has postponed his 60th birthday party if not his 60th birthday to be here so mr speaker the house has gone to a great deal of trouble to assemble here on a saturday for the 1st time in a generation and i do hope that in assembling for the purposes of a meaningful vote that we will indeed be allowed to have a meeting great shape. and with permission mr speaker i should make a statement on the new agreement with our european friends in the house who need no reminding that this is the 2nd deal and the 4th vote 3 and a half years after the nation voted for breaks and during those years friendships have been strained families divided and the attention of this house consumed by a single issue that has at times felt incapable of resolution but i hope
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mr speaker that this is the moment when we can finally. that resolution and reconciled the instincts that compete with us. many times in the last 30 years i've heard our european friends remark that this country is half hearted in its e.u. membership and it is true that we in the u.k. have often been a backmarker opting out of the single currency not taking part in schenkkan very often trying to block some collective ambition and in the last 3 and a half years it has been striking that members on all sides of this house have debated brix it in almost entirely practical terms in an argument that is focused on the balance of economic risk and advantage and i don't think i can
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recall a time when i've heard a single member stand up and call for britain to play her food part in the political construction of a federal europe and i don't think i've heard a single member call for ever closer union or ever deeper integration or a federal destiny mopey you will probably pass that side i've missed it but i don't think i've heard much of a mr speaker. and there is a whole side. all sides of that debate that you hear regularly in other european capitals that is simply absent from our national conversation and i don't think that has changed much in the last 30 years but if we have been skeptical and if we have been anxious about the remoteness of the bureaucracy if we have been dubious about the rhetoric of union and
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integration if we have been half hearted europeans then it follows logically that with part of our hearts with hoff our hearts we feel something else a sense of love and respect for european culture and civilization of which we are a ha ha ha a desire to cooperate with our friends and partners in everything creatively artistically intellectually a sense of our shared destiny and a deep understanding of the eternal need it specially after the horrors of the last century for britain to stand as one of the grand tools of peace and democracy in our continent and it is our continent and it's precisely because we are capable of feeling both things at once skeptical about the modes of e.u. integration as we are but passionate and infuse the asked dick about europe that
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the whole experience of the last 3 and a half years has been so difficult for this country and so divisive and that is why it is now so urgent for us to move wrong and to build a new relationship with our friends in the e.u. on the basis of a new deal a deal that can heal the rift in british politics and night ok. night. and night the warring states in us all and now is the time for this great house of commons to come together and bring the country together today ok i think as i believe the people at home are hoping and expecting with a new way forward and a new and better deal for britain and for our friends in the e.u.
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and that is the advantage of the agreement that we have struck with our friends in the last 2 days because this deal allows the u.k. whole and entire to leave the e.u. on october 31st in accordance with the referendum while simultaneously looking forward to a new partnership based on the closest ties of friendship and cooperation and i pay tribute to our european friends for escaping the prison of existing positions and sharing the vision to be flexible by reopening it was droll yes and that by addressing the deeply felt concerns of many in this house one of my most important jobs is to express those concerns to our european friends and i shall continue to listen to all honorable members throughout the
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debate today to meet with anyone. on any side and to welcome the scrutiny the house will bring to bear if as i hope we proceed to consider the withdrawal bill next week. today this house has a historic opportunity to share the same breadth of vision as our european neighbors the same ability resolve to reach beyond past disagreements by getting brakes it done and moving and moving this country forwards as we all yearn to do this agreement provides for a real brecht taking back control of our holders few laws money farming fisheries and trade amounting to the greatest single restoration of national sovereignty in parliamentary history it removes the backstop which would have held us against our will in the customs union and much of the single market
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for the 1st time in almost 5 decades the u.k. will be able to strike free trade deals with our friends across the world to benefit the whole country including northern ireland article 4 of the protocol states northern ireland is part of the customs territory of the united kingdom he adds nothing in this protocol should prevent northern ireland from realizing the preferential market access in any free trade deals on the same terms as goods produced in other parts of the united kingdom on the go and so focused on the uniquely sensitive nature of the border between northern ireland and the republic and we have respected those sensitivities above all we and our european friends have preserved the letter and the spirit of the belfast good friday agreement and held the longstanding areas of cooperation between the u.k.
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and ireland including the common travel area. and as i told the house on the 3rd of october in order to prevent a regulatory board on the island of ireland we propose a regular trees are covering all goods including agra food eliminating any need for associate he checks at the border but mr speaker. in this agreement we have gone further by also finding a solution to the vexed question of customs which many in this house have raised our agreement ensures and i quote unfettered access market access for goods moving from northern ireland to the rest of the united kingdom's internal market 18 shoes that there should be no tariff on goods circulating within the u.k. customs territory that is between great britain and northern ireland in less they are at risk of entering the e.u. it ensures an open border.


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