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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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want to see an option was not a very good solution but the entire purpose is built to reward ringback sectarian groups on that premise and so it's very partly. that's my money good to talk to you thank you for joining us thanks not. well as a of protest an extraordinary debate in parliament has ended without any clarity over when britain may actually leave the e.u. prime minister barak's johnson was forced by m.p.'s to send a letter to the e.u. asking for a 3 month delay but he didn't sign the document sending another saying that an extension would be damaging for everybody paul brennan begins our coverage. the 1st saturday sitting in 37 years and with just 13 days until the bronx it deadline there was the expectation of a day of high drama in britain's parliament it certainly proved that prime minister bonus johnson knew he needed the support of 320 m.p.'s to win parliamentary
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approval for the brics a deal agreed on thursday with the e.u. and he knew it would be tight there was a feverish atmosphere in the chamber. this agreement provides for a real breakthrough taking back control of our borders laws money farming fisheries and trade this government cannot be trusted and these benches will not be due. when the government lost a preliminary vote on the left when amendment 53222306 prime minister immediately withdrew big government motion called a halt to proceedings there was uproar i will not negotiate a dilemma with the e.u. . i'm neither does the law compel me to do so i will tell our friends and colleagues in the e.u. exactly what i've told everyone in the last 88 days that i've served as prime
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minister but further they would be bad for this country. and for democracy i invite him to think very carefully about the remarks he just made about refusing apparently to apply for the extension which the e.u. number 2 act requires him to do. this was billed as a day of reckoning but as has happened so often in this torturous an extraordinary process there is drama and there is brinkmanship to the last chorus is not far off guessing what he wants on a number of labor members of parliament are under huge pressure nick constituencies to listen to people who vote. and that's the challenge for the labor party as well as the country johnson says he intends to bring the bracks deal back to parliament for a vote on monday if the speaker allows it day of reckoning mark to paul brennan al-jazeera westminster and as the debate went on hundreds of thousands of people
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marched through london to demand a 2nd referendum it was the 4th round of its kind since britain voted to leave the e.u. back in 2016 and really challenge was there for us. i think. it's fair to say demonstrates is that the people's vote march don't like breaks it much that's an easy thing. to stand out speak to get. what. 7 they turned out in their hundreds of thousands in london hoping m.p.'s voting on boris johnson's breaks it deal in parliament would hear them. because we don't want the people's vote is appalling so no deal is bad yes yes the only thing you like is i'm
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a right i want to go back to the people and if the people in now say it's we still want to leave you'd be happy with that would you much happier but of course most hope a 2nd referendum would overturn this particularly if they leave a vote could be split between boris johnson's deal and no deal why you hear well i'm french so we asked with you know to 50 yes i'm with raise my children have paid my taxes and you don't trade with me and i'm treated like a 2nd class citizen for a deal that's been a wreck the economy and the future of my children we have screwed up big. butts m.p.'s didn't reject boris johnson's deal and they haven't given the country a sunken referendum. all they have done is passed an amendment which requires boris johnson to request to bret's it deadline extension of 3 month to the right school $322.00 the new still left $306.00 so the allies have it
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the eyes have it on the lot. and he breaks it demonstrates his it's taking this as a battle victory even if they fear losing the war. well many thousands of people who have marched in london on saturday know that what paul newman has just done does not stop rex's well what it does crucially is get them more time and more time means a better chance. that they can achieve their aim a 2nd referendum. al-jazeera london. but it contrasts now though in the hayward has been speaking to people in the port city of hull where a majority of voters actually backed in the referendum well here in home more than 2 thirds of people voted to leave the e.u. back in 26 even speaking to people over the last couple of days people still believe that they made the right decision i'm really want to get bricks that over the line they are simply fed up with the process and believe that any delays are
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unnecessary they want politicians to concentrate on other matters and bricks it to be done come on this is democracy say. let's lay for everybody now. especially. given we're always given a small child which sort of. i want to. compromise . except if something does not mean. i think it's just going on my. way. i would like to think that we would have a people's vote again now that we have more information. just to be able to be given that chance but i would still remain. if we leave. when of course some businesses are concerned about what breaks that might bring in the challenges that it could pose because they have strong economic links between hold on the rest of the e.u. there is a real strong feeling months of people here that it is time to get out of the e.u.
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the brics it is so divisive up and down the country that you go 101530 kilometers away and you get a completely different viewpoint. voters in bolivia will choose their next presidents on sunday after 14 years in power even moralities has a fight on his hands to get reelected his predecessor as interim president is attracting support for condemning what he calls paralysis dictatorial leadership john heilemann with us from the pads now hi john what are the the big issues that will define this election well those 2 big issues you touched on one of them there that's going to cause a real dilemma really for voters going to the polls on sunday you've got on the one hand president ever more rallies the longest standing president in the country's
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history saying i represent stability i represent an economy that during my time 13 years in power has grown far better than most other economies in latin america and of poverty but on the other hand you've got a lot of people the very worried about democracy in the country this is a government in which the judicial and legislative bodies seem very much under its control and a president who changed the constitution to be able to run for president as many times he wanted ignoring a referendum in which people said they didn't want that so the 2 issues here are really the economy instability on one hand and with the democracy might be affected by voting in president morales was the front runner for another term and that's what his opponent carlos message is really zoning in or as you'll see in a report. in past years elections were a walk in the park for ever more rallies libya's 1st indigenous president but this
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time around he's pulled things wrong comfortably close. his campaign slogan is a secure future and his socialist policies have always managed to keep the economy growing one of the highest rates in latin america while still so cutting poverty through social programs and on me. he says are free elected plans to keep on doing the young people. he was we would like to give 5 more years of experience to bolivia so that it continues to grow economically to finish a great project plans like construction of roads and airports. but for the 1st time in a while there's a credible challenger. journalist and prominent intellectual and he's attacking his achilles' heel he's questionable commitment to democracy. in the last 13 years almost 14 there's too much it's too much injustice too much corruption and too much
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authoritarianism that's leading his towards a dictatorship. it all started with moralist his latest reelection bid after 3 terms in power he needed to change the constitution to run again. he called a referendum to let the people decide now really they said no then he did it anyway . and then outraged many and although there are 8 opposition candidates mrs become the figurehead for the discontent but analysts say the former interim president bolivia's loss leader before moralists this if you policies of his own. for him even though he hasn't done enough it's a protest vote. he doesn't have a political party he hasn't done a campaign if you show more character he wouldn't be 8 points down he'd be neck and neck and maybe even beating. a moralist does seem more vulnerable than ever before environmentalist say the recent fires which burned down 5000000 hectares of forest
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were helped along by his government's allowance of slash and burn. allegations of corruption who also tainted his movement to socialism party but so far there's only one flavor ever more alice is still the front runner here and that's because of his handling of the economy which has consistently grown and poverty which has been significantly cuts were a lot of people still support him but there are question marks about his approach to democracy itself and that's where his rivals are gaining ground. sunday's vote may not be enough to see moralists home the latest polls are right this could be close enough to go to a 2nd round. of course the presidential race on sunday isn't actually the only one that's happening that's also elections for congress and perhaps the more pragmatic members of the opposition are hoping that that's where they can make inroads and perhaps take the 2 thirds majority off president ever
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moralists his party and they say that if they can manage to do that then at least even if still president if a marvellous morale is put on is in power they can then put some more checks and balances on his power going into the next term thank you john heilemann and the pods. there's a curfew in place in parts of chile as capital after more protests over planned public transport hikes president sebastian pinera has now backed down on the hikes but the crowds was still out on the streets decision to increase public transport provoked nearly 2 weeks of demonstrations subway and bus stations attacked on friday the military was deployed after a state of emergency was declared jorge. tamin is a chilean social research or from the university of cambridge and he blames the government for not listening to the protesters concerns this should be a political dialogue this should be
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a certain some sort of. agreements table to talk about these 2 maybe step back with a decision of pricing the 1st of the of the metro that cost all of this but actually that is just tip of the iceberg many things will be defined in the events of this next 3 days he said because we have tanks in the streets we didn't see that in the last 30 years we have the militaries in the streets so there might happen something really really damaging for the future of this conversations but the must be some composition and there must be a process of learning from the political class to understand that people cannot take it anymore because they're not mean they can't live with this city with these conditions. spain's acting prime minister has dismissed a call for dialogue by the separatist head of the region of catalonia progun dependents supporters protested for a 6th consecutive day on saturday the demonstrations in the counted on city of
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boston and continued into the night fighting the 1000 protesters and police over the past week so hundreds injured there has been this anger ever since spain's supreme court sentenced 9 separatist leaders to prison for their role in an illegal independence referendum in 2817 now with the latest from buffalo. with the mood here is very on stage for the protesters here establishing freedom political forces have been counting the police some who are only $0.05 and take afghanistan to the sky thanks to me because they get to retaliate sun setting even come up trying to antagonize the police but if you go back into the crowd one of their other chunks of the we are peaceful people who are now sitting down because the police have announced that they will start advancing on this but now behind me are thousands. i see more of the axis to the square i think you know so when they move forward
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that is going to be a bit of a scrum the hotels in the businesses have not led to a tough shot at the sauces and that a lot of the windows have nots and bear in mind i think. there is an area that idea of these protests is we're joined by thousands who know these demonstrators who said that while they had started their protest against those sentences handed down to the codefendant has landed us on the monday they were now very concerned about the police brutality that they had seen on friday and penney's responded to a protest with rubber bullets and tear gas engine $150.00 protesters 3 of me and now in critical condition. in the news ahead on al-jazeera the latest from northern syria turkey's president delivers an ultimatum to kodesh force that's also argentina's election is heating up as the leading candidates make their final picture and score christiane that ronaldo marks yet another gold story milestone
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details but someone would like to. head over some heavy rain across the southeast of the united states all tied to tropical storm ernesto this is it but it's moving quite swiftly across the southeast where the main weather is over the next couple of days but if you can see by sunday it really does pick up a pace and actually eventually it'll push out into the west of the atlantic so just sitting off the coast of the eastern seaboard so it'll produce more rain some heavy at times across this particular portion macare not quite nasty in the southeast in the meantime the threat of heavy rain and tornadoes and very strong winds at about 60 kilometers an hour out towards the west that's where we've got the the snow piling into the rockies and then by monday as it works its way east and actually
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feeds into this much warm as the thomas is a cool still a little bit cooler but even so the clash of that cold air and the woman to east doesn't mean because he's in severe thunderstorm right the way along this line of rain right there down there into southern areas of texas and sunny plenty of scattered thunderstorms across areas of the caribbean and central america some fairly heavy. up towards nicaragua not a bad day sunday across much of guatemala of the yucatan peninsula but plenty of rain into southern and western abs of mexico and that really stays pretty much the same as we head through monday. all i want to stay with most outstanding my wife the rest internment and mass indoctrination all we got children are now in a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high
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tech surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in an australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told by the fall out from the pop artists with exclusive interviews you think that was a mistake and in-depth reports take you on the environment with its battle of many fronts not least bad of the ocean al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news.
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on the news here at al-jazeera these are all top stories pressure is piling up on lebanon's prime minister after a christian party quit the coalition government to plunge the country into further political turmoil like this move comes as thousands of people protested for a 3rd day in beirut demanding a revolution the u.k. government asked the e.u. for a 3 month extension to bragg's its parliament forced bars johnson to send a letter seeking a delay but it was unsigned and accompanied by another documents i mean tension would be a mistake. and spain's acting prime minister has dismissed a call for dialogue by leaders prone dependents supporters protested for a 6th consecutive day there on saturday. turkey's president vowed to press on with his offensive in northern syria and to quote crush kurdish forces if they don't
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withdraw from a post safe zone a truce is largely holding despite both kurdish forces and turkey accusing each other of violations a good deal brokered with the u.s. kurdish fighters have to leave an area 32 kilometers deep into syria where turkey wants to establish its so-called safe sun but to egypt time for one says he will resume the offensive if the fighters don't withdraw by tuesday evening here is child stratford with more from children punish on the turkish syrian border. volunteers and medics say that off to being repeatedly denied access by turkish backed forces to the town of russell iranian they were eventually allowed in and able to evacuate some of the injured from the hospital there and also deliver medical aid now there have been sporadic clashes in the town the wider ceasefire across the border area though it does seem to be holding has been a statement made by the kurdish forces commander muslim abdi he's accusing turkey
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of scuppering this us brokered deal by not allowing kurdish fighters out of the city of russell and we've spoken to some of the syrian fighters in there and they date say well they say kurdish fighters are refusing to leave their positions meanwhile president ordered a warrant has has reiterated his threats that if those kurdish fighters do not leave the proposed safety zone by the end of choose date nights then turkish military operations will resume. meanwhile russia has carried out 15 as strikes in syria's last rebel held province place 2 people killed in the strikes the rebel held tufton as airports and a nearby refugee camp. in argentina opposition presidential candidate alberto finance is expected to beat the business friendly incumbent your mockery in
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next week's election that is according to the opinion polls at least populous leading fernandez's courting voters by promising to resolve the country's deep economic troubles but his vice presidential candidate cristina fernandez de kirchner she is facing corruption charges stemming from her time as president from 2007 to 2015 all of which she denies small but to raise a boat in buenos aires so a candidate who's promising to fix argentina's economic problems that is a huge promise given the depth of the problems there. well that's correct there is an enormous economic country in argentina a double digit inflation recession companies shutting down poverty rates on the rise among other things and that's what a lot of the for a man this the opposition leader from the peronist party is promising to fight back it's not clear yet how he will do that because argentina is cash strapped at this
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point and there has we haven't seen at this point a real plan of how this country's economic troubles could be solved and what we saw today here in argentina is something that it's not happening elsewhere in latin america this was a government demonstration we saw right behind me hundreds of thousands of people that showed here in the center of one of the side as to what hoping to show their support to president. and the other reason why they were demonstrating it because many of them were afraid that the peronist party that i was out of the front man they sent cristina fernandez the kershner belong to come back they say that they were present here in the sense of what a site is to defend argentina's democracy their republic because they consider that the peronist party is authoritarian and they're afraid of what could come about when elections happen in about a week so the opinion polls putting for members ahead does it feel like it's all over for mr mccurry already or is there a last possible chance in this week. well it's clear that
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it's not only polls there was an election here in august a primary election where we saw that a lot of the from on this had at least a 15 point lead over. the main reason is the economic situation in the country when modi so much going to cough is he promised for example to reduce poverty well that did not happen in fact poverty increase what might be said at some point was that he didn't want to take any drastic austerity measures in order to reduce the fiscal deficit but to when there was a lack of investor comfort of investor confidence in emerging markets and i defected argentina the government was forced to devaluate that affected inflation rate that increased poverty and that's the main reason why marketing is running behind so it's going to be extremely difficult for michael to turn this around he's been touring the country from the north to the south promising people that it can be turned around he's asking them and saying or we're seeing people here singing yes we can that they can turn those results around well that's going to be
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extremely difficult because of the economic situation here. thank you for that sound sedans opposition leader rick machar has returned to the country to meet president salva kiir both sides are expected to be discussing outstanding issues just less than a month before their own deadline to form a transitional government here morgan with the latest now from juba. opposition leader rex much power is in south sudan for his 3rd visit since these deal was signed between him and south sudan's leader salva kiir mayardit last year in sudan's capital sort of doom now the 2 sides are expected to meet to discuss a number of outstanding issues ahead of the formation of a transitional unity government on november 12th and those issues include the number of states as well as security arrangements which the opposition leader says is vital to be completed ahead of his return to make him feel safe to come and found that transitional unity government in november.
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dr rick bashar is here based on an invitation from the president to meet the un security council in members of the african union peace and security council in prison kiran rick michelle will also said i the today or tomorrow discuss issues related to the peace agreement and we confirm that the 2 sides are ready to talk and resolve all outstanding issues for the sake of stability in south sudan now this comes at a time when south sudan itself is mediating talks between sudan's transitional government and various groups the 2 sides have signed a roadmap to start negotiating after the official peace talks were launched here in the south sudanese capital juba on monday but they are yet to get to the core issues of the negotiations which include humanitarian access political arrangements and security arrangements and this comes as the 2 sides say that they want to reach a peace deal before the end of the year for the prime minister who was appointed recently and who has pledged to make sure that peace is achieved within the 1st 6
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months of the 39 month transitional period. mozambique's main opposition party renamo is rejecting the preliminary results of tuesday's general election the results show the ruling party headed for a big victory european union observers are raising concerns about reports of ballot stuffing out some polling stations and an election observer was shot and killed while others were attacked. there was a lot of wreaking fraud in this equation and therefore they now cannot lift these kind of elections with malcolm webb now reporting from. anonymous said that there was widespread ballot stuffing that they found ballots we take for the ruling party that in some polling stations voters were given 4 ballot papers when they came in they described the election as barbaric and they say that they have rejected it they've called for a rerun this is going to test
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a peace deal that was signed by re nama who was formerly a rebel groups and the ruling salema party just 2 months ago that was meant to finally bring to an end the conflict it was for here in mozambique in the 19 eighties and the early 1990 s. more than a 1000000 people were killed in that war when ahmed has said it's really my has already violated this peace agreement by using intimidation and violence in the elections waiting to find out how the electoral commission and the ruling freely my party will respond. direct flight from new york to australia has touched down in sydney as part of quanta says attempts to expand long haul commercial flight 7879 which is also the type of boeing aircraft used for the test flight took 19 hours and 15 minutes to reach sydney this is it on flight right out 70 minutes of fuel left in the tank carried 50 people most of them pilots and cabin crew who wore brain monitoring equipment to see how their bodies coped with the extra time in the air quanta says it could begin this flights commercially in 2022 it would be the
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current routes of singapore to new york and the heart of all current as the longest flights in the world has andrew thomas now consistent airport in sydney and i used to live in australia i remember how far is from pretty much everywhere else in the world down there the idea that you could connect directly to the east coast of the united states that's that's a big deal for travelers down there. it could revolutionize travel if that's what the airline qantas in question is saying and they're saying that they want to get these flights into commercial service 520202023 not on the aircraft that was you this was a $77.00 dreamliner that ran this route today but it didn't have anything like a full content with the passengers just about 50 passengers in total and that includes the cabin crew then 6 different pilots on board as well and they were all being tested in the flight to see how they cope but it was hardly a full quote in the name of the cargo either if this service goes into commercial
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service and that would make it the world's longest commercial passenger flight then there would be use either a triple 7 x. that boeing is a valid thing or an advanced version of the a $350.00 which is the air bus equivalent plane and both those planes are being designed for these for the long haul this is not just to reach new york city but ultimately in london as well that's the aim to get a flight from one side of the world so the other but as i say in order to get a full passenger contingent on those planes they need new planes the boeing or airbus. the common strain with the planes like say they can deliver but haven't yet they also need to get regulatory approval for a flight of that they haven't got that yet to run it commercially and they also need to get eyelets on board because there's been a hoo ha in australia recently the quantas pilots union does not like the idea of these ultra long haul flights and they say that they go against their working conditions and so it will be a long negotiation there between the ad line and the pilots union so there's a lot of steps to go through before this becomes commercially viable practical
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routes from the east coast the states ultimately in london as well and here in sydney nevertheless this was an important step along that journey as the airline sold it as a science experiment they were testing passengers and crew the whole way through to see how they would see how tired they were various points in the flight it was of course a bit of a marketing exercise as well lots of people will be talking about the flights and that helps generate some balls around it so you but overall qantas the on side a very happy with how it went and i say that this is another important step on developing these ultra ultra long haul flights the working conditions issue i'm glad you raise that because when you think about it flight crew pilots and flight attendants who have to spend that long working that's point that out and also passengers as well the idea of spending 1920 hours in a flying tin can may not actually be that attractive. well all the passengers on that flight had business phosphates with flat mates so they were able to sleep and let's be honest that's hardly the experience that most
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passengers get on regular flights and most passengers will get on this flight if and when it comes into commercial service no one on this flight was squeezed into the middle of an economy road section they were all able to walk around the flight they were encouraged to walk around the flight charge through exercises and ultimately whenever they want to they could sleep for a while but yeah we'll see whether this becomes a practical thing for your everyday traveler rather than just basis people who need to get from one side of the world to the other fast and with a bit thank you andrew thomas at sydney airport. now a one man river rescue service is credited with saving lives this is in northern pakistan and government leaders are being pressured to start a full time emergency service after hundreds of pakistanis drowned a summer binge of aid has the full story. it's one of the most popular tourist spots in pakistan thousands visit the swat river every year but visitors often misjudge the depth of the rapidly moving water and children in the current
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oblivious of the dangers. hundreds of people have drowned over the years because there are no lifeguards and only one river rescue service. is the man to call when someone falls in or gets swept away but 1st he has to weave through traffic. the glacial melt during summer months is so strong it even sweeps away big calls illegal sand mining has left deep ditches in the riverbed and acts like quicksand if someone gets stuck. uses bamboo sticks and rubber tubes as a d.i.y. rescue raft. in the rapids for about 100 kilometers this is the only refused service most of the time hill are only 5 wadi. he took over from his father and has been a volunteer for the last 30 years. a far more than 300 people who drowned in this river my numbers on social media and with the police in cases of drowning i take my raft and start searching.


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