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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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you said that they had. protests against sentences handed codependent on monday they were now very concerned about police brutality that they've seen on friday. the protests. and. 150 protesters 3 of now in critical condition. still ahead on al-jazeera. chile's government crackdown on protests we'll have the latest from santiago on what's called the demonstrators so worked. and will be when the protests the man who could end even more else this 14 year grip on power in bolivia. hello there we've had one or 2 showers across areas of the middle east in the last
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few days and you can see some bits and pieces of cloud working their way eastwards and this is where indeed we have seen one or 2 showers now through sunday we still have the chance that you cross into the northern sections of iran but also across into turkey and at times we could see some heavy thunderstorms certainly by monday and those shows like you do what the weather the east was tom which is not too bad 34 celsius across into baghdad and 23 across into kabul now further to the south again temperatures here they have been coming down slowly the humidity has been improving slightly as well we're going to temperature of 30 in muscat on sunday and temperatures in the mid thirty's really for doha 35 as you can see there on monday and 35 across into to riyadh further to the south down into southern africa again we've had some eastern areas of madagascar mostly dry sunday as you can see there but wanted to show is likely into cape town 22 so feeling a little bit cooler temperatures about the average for this time of year and then it's a fine warm day sunday into durban then by monday we could certainly see want to 2
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showers there again we've got this fairly strong flow but staying very warm again for the next couple of days in johannesburg on monday a high of 33. a march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing's boss descending aircraft be mobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it failed our passengers it failed the global fold lines investigates system failure crashes on al-jazeera.
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watching out jazeera let's recap the top stories right now that of the lebanese christian forces party has announced his ministers will resign from the coalition government and the news was celebrated by thousands protesting for a 3rd night calling for what it will change. the u.k. has asked the e.u. for a 3 month 3 month extension to approximate prime minister boris johnson to send a letter seeking a delay after he lost a crucial vote he did not sign that letter included another document instead saying an extension would be a mistake. spain's acting prime minister has dismissed cattle on leaders call for dialogue independent supporters are angry that 9 and their leaders have been imprisoned. huge crowds answer the call of argentinian president mark rey to gather in the capital saturday is open to defy opinion polls and when next week's election
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against presidential challenger alberto fernandez who beat him heavily in the primary vote in august chris about reports on. thank you it was called the 1000000 march hundreds of thousands of people gathering in the center of one of scientists to sing yes we can. and show their support for argentina's precedent. that. i have terror if parent is and comes back we are here to defend the republic because if the others come back they will destroy everything the others are opposition leader at the farm and this and former president cristina fernandez that kirshner from the peronist party. presidential elections are one week away and everything shows that what is called the fed and then this forum on this formula will wind up the show is going to be extremely difficult i mean when we are coming right back even though it means the country and. the can be devaluation of it.
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by. the in the way my post was. in august the primary election results show that there was at least a 15 point difference between fundamentalists and machree some say the difference could be bigger next time but markey believes they can turn the results around january with more jobs we have seen in previous governments of rests with arrogance with the way they have of conceiving power that so many of his reject enough of that. came from venezuela 2 years ago he says he's afraid that if cristina kirchner comes back argentina will follow the steps of venezuela with a populist government that he says could become increasingly authoritarian we're going to go from there and i'm here to support argentina because this is a wonderful country and i don't want it to end up like us argentina is in the
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middle of a new economic crisis and that's the main reason why. next week but on saturday there were millions who believed his still has a chance. truckies president has vowed to press on with his offensive in northern syria and crush as he says kurdish forces if they don't want draw from a proposed safe zone the truce is largely holding despite both kurdish forces and turkey accusing each other of violations under a deal brokered with the us kurdish fighters have to leave an area 32 kilometers deep into syria where turkey wants to establish its so-called safe so the rajah type heard one says he will resume the offensive if the fighters don't withdraw by tuesday evening trial stratfor has more from. turkey syria border volunteers and medics say that off to being repeatedly denied access by turkish backed forces to the town of russell i know they were eventually allowed in and able to evacuate
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some of the injured from a hospital there and also deliver medical aid now there have been sporadic clashes in the town the wider cease fire across the border area though it does seem to be holding has been a statement made by the kurdish forces commander muslim abdi he's accusing turkey of scuppering this us brokered deal by not allowing kurdish fighters out of the city of russell and we've spoken to some of the syrian fighters in there and they say well they say kurdish forces are refusing to leave their positions meanwhile president over the word has has reiterated his threat that if those kurdish fighters do not leave the proposed safety zone by the end of choose date night then turkish military operations will resume at least 15 people are dead after
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a dam collapsed in a remote region of russia with 7 more still missing happened on saturday morning during heavy rainfall at a small coal mine in the present your isp region of siberia are involved to dormitories housing workers the search for survivors has been suspended overnight the dam is built. official permission and a criminal investigation is underway. police afraid around $150.00 students in northern nigeria where they're reportedly subject subjected that is to abuse the school and condone and claim to be teaching the koran it is the 4th rescue operation in the past month bringing the total number of students straight from religious schools to more than a 1000 the latest raids expected to increase pressure on the government to crack down on loosely regulated this law makes schools. betters in bolivia will choose their next president on sunday after 14 years in office has a fight on his hands to get reelected his predecessor president is attracting support for condemning what he calls or else as dictatorial leadership at home and
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has more from what. i passed years selections were walking the punk evill more rallies livia's 1st indigenous president. this time around he's full of things wrong comfortably close oh he's campaign slogan is a secure future and the socialist policies of always managed to keep the economy growing one of the highest rates in latin america. and poverty through social programs. he says are free elected plans to keep on doing the young people. he was we would like to give 5 more years of experience to bolivia so that it continues to grow economically to finish a great project plans like construction of roads and airports. but for the 1st time in a while there's a credible challenger. the film a journalist a prominent intellectual he's attacking his achilles heel his questionable commitment to democracy here i was 13 years almost 14 is too much
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it's too much injustice too much corruption and too much authoritarianism that's leading his towards a dictatorship. if you will start to put more on this is late history election bid of the. 3 terms in power he needed to change the constitution to run again. he called a referendum to let the people decide now really they said no then he did it anyway . and then outraged many and although there are 8 opposition candidates mrs become the figurehead for the discontent but analysts say the former interim president bolivia's loss leader before morale is this if you policies of his own. they will be for him even though he hasn't done enough it's a protest vote not a convinced vote he doesn't have a political party he hasn't done a campaign if he showed more kind of time he wouldn't be 8 points down he'd be neck and neck and maybe even beating it will morales
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a moralist does seem more vulnerable than ever before environmentalist say that recent violence which burnt down $5000000.00 hectares of forest helped along by his government's allowance of slash and burn. allegations of corruption have also tainted his movement to socialism party but so far there's only one favorite ever more rallies is still the from want to hear and that's because of his handling of the economy which has consistently grown and poverty which has been significantly cut and that's why a lot of people still support him but there are all question marks about his approach to democracy itself and that's where his rivals are gaining ground. and sunday's vote may not be enough to see more of his home if the latest polls are right this could be close enough to go to a 2nd round. john home and. let pass. at least 3 people have been killed in violent protests and shelling the mayor santiago said the
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victims died in a fire at a supermarket that have been ransacked the capital city is under curfew and demonstrations against planned price hikes for public support president sebastian pinera backed down on those and pleas fares but crowds are still out on the streets the violence prompted pinera to declare a state of emergency jorge a survey to which man is a chilean social researcher from the university of cambridge he blames the government for not listening to protester concerns this should be a political dialogue this should be certain some sort of. agreements table too to talk about of these to maybe step back within the city should of pricing the 1st of the of the metro that cost all of this but actually that is just tip of the iceberg many things will be defined in the events of this next 3 days or so because we have tanks in the streets we didn't see that in the last 30 years we have the military is in the streets so that might happen something
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really really damaging for the future of this conversations but the must be some compensation and there must be a process of learning from the political class to understand that people cannot take it anymore because they're not i mean they can't live with this suit with these conditions mexico and the us have agreed to act to prevent illegal weapons from entering mexico through the u.s. the leaders of the 2 nations spoke on the phone after a shootout between a drug cartel and security forces in the mexican city of coca khan that killed 8 people on friday x. because president says technology can be is to halt the trafficking of weapons it's estimated that 80 percent of the weapons in mexico came through its northern neighbor. the us is looking for a new location to host next year she 7 summit president donald trump it plans to hold a day of his call for his works in florida but democrats and others accused him of misusing his office for personal gain is now scrapped that idea. back crazed and irrational hostility and he says his officials will begin looking for
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a new side and suggested the presidential retreat at camp david as a possibility. a direct flight from new york to australia has touched down in sydney as part of the quantas airlines attempts to push the limits of commercial flight the joining to 19 hours and 15 minutes those onboard were brain monitoring equipment to see how their bodies cope with that extended time in the air war now fermenter thomas. had 878-7716 right place alive q.f. 7879 landed after more than 19 hours and yeah if as the airline plans new york city becomes a regular route it will be the world's longest should do. this test flight to taken off with more than 100 tons of fuel on board was 6 pilots but just 50 passengers thing for just to get up an exercise in the back of the plane so we all did like little spots together and little nothing new and then they just had the
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lights on really really bright and then they shut the lights and we had about 10 hours to spare every child's qantas airlines described this as a research flight one where passages and crew were monitored for almost a full day and a full noisy yeah so there was your i collection on boards which was completed all throughout the flight where wearing a number of senses with passengers to were tested for them it was hardly a typical experience everyone on this flight had a seat in basements with a flight so although they were encouraged to the ground and spent parts of the flight sitting in the economy section no one had to endure being squeezed into the middle of an economy road for almost 20 hours was this really primarily a scientific experiment or about publicity of a marketing exercise. it was a. research flight i mean the whole idea and the concept came from these guys who
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said we need to do this we want to see that this does work and then we thought we could do some. passengers at the same time as looking at the pilots and the cabin crew and there we thought was since we are doing it we know there's a lot going to be a lot of worldwide interest but it would be overwhelmed with the worldwide interest the aircraft that ran this flight a boeing 787 wouldn't if bush had been able to make the 16000 kilometer journey regular service is a white a new plane either the triple 7 x. promised by boeing or a modified a 350 made by a us commercial services also need regulate tree approval and a new deal over working conditions between qantas and its pilots union but if ultra long haul flights start new york to sydney won't be the longest along london sydney it's also plans will be a test flight of that fruit next month i'm just honest al jazeera sydney geoffrey thomas is the editor and chief of airline ratings dot com he says people would
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happily pay a premium for a direct flight. to the point of how popular the series they put the london service which is nonstop of course as we know the large sector of the court this is achieving on that slide is 92 percent and in premium class is 94 percent so it's extremely popular and people are up there's enough people buying more of a premium and people in a company premium economy also it's the best way to go they really like it because there are people who just want to go nonstop and there are people who want to stop so you know this is enough market if the buzz cuts of services the certainly more and more nonstop so writing up the boeing 787 which is just the put the sauce which kataria wise has about 60 yards it's a perfect size airplane these norms these new nonstop routes and since it was introduced into service they 787 has opened up almost 'd 200 new routes that
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were never before so the economics of the airplane. and the fact that it can do these nonstop flights is really ticking boxes egypt has unveiled a trove of well preserved wooden coffins believed to be around 3000 years old despite their age they remain pretty colorful with their attack of painting still clearly visible coffins are believed to be the final resting place locals of sparrows they were found no luck so far. and we shall carry these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera for ministers in lebanon's coalition government are set to resign adding to the turmoil on the streets ahead of the lebanese christian forces party samaritan's has said junta not only of the current government could push through economic reforms the news
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a celebrated by thousands of protesters who want the entire government to quit. the u.k. is asked the e.u. for a 3 month extension to bracks it argument force prime minister boris johnson to send a letter seeking a delay after he lost a crucial vote he did not sign that letter and instead included another talk to the man saying an extension would be a mistake spain's acting prime minister has dismissed catalan leaders call for dialogue independent supporters are angry that 9 of their leaders have been imprisoned. turkey's president has vowed to press on with his offensive in northern syria and crush kurdish forces if they don't withdraw from a proposed safe zone the truce is largely holding both kurdish forces and turkey accusing each other of violations under a deal brokered with the us kurdish fighters have to leave an area 32 kilometers deep into syria. police are freed around $150.00 students in northern nigeria where they were reportedly subjected to abuse the school and can do not claim to be teaching the koran it is the 4th rescue operation in the past month bringing the
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total number of students freed from religious schools to more than a 1000. a curfews come into effect the capital following protest about planned price rises for public transport presents a bastion panetta has backed down on the increase fares but crowds are still out on the streets the decision from nearly 2 weeks of violent demonstrations to lead to a state of emergency being called on friday a direct flight from new york to australia has touched down in sydney as part of quantas airlines attempts to push the limits of commercial flight the boeing dreamliner aircraft to 19 hours and 15 minutes to reach sydney kerry 50 people who wore brain monitoring equipment on just hopes to began flying the new york to sydney route commercially by 2022 it would be the world's longest commercial passenger air service and other headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come faultlines it's up next. the environment doesn't know any boundaries
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what goes up into the environment goes around the world. on the grounds that it's a very modern way to do a proper believe me the measure of progress. the domestic population has organized enough an active enough to believe that you're assuming there is or will kill people or more vulnerable circle of poison on al-jazeera. that's like the time it gets notice that it is 10 days and it. is and in the goodness of the currently look at interest in the. food death of look at granny it's.
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never gave up with the good in a better book would you like me to get it that i should be here without being ugly years that i've been delegated is that i you might do what it was that i have in. a march 10th 2019 a plane carrying a 157 people crash in this field in ethiopia about declaw motors from the capital of addis ababa and send a crew it up for you i passed just as crushed shelled out to take debris and lost still linger to this comes to the families of those that lost loved ones it is the same type of the plane was a boeing $737.00 max $81.00 of the american manufacturers newest model says it was the 2nd 737 max to crash in less than 5 months. after months ago. we've never seen 2 reporters catastrophic were destroyed with passengers on board
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sort of a week in the service life of a quark. and in the aftermath families and investigators are still searching for answers. fault lines traces what led to the 2 crashes when asked if american aviation regulators have allowed industry too much control over safety. the last time by you spoke to his wife elsa but it was a sunday morning. it was a flight attendant for ethiopian airlines. she was going to work on a flight to nairobi and then returned to addis ababa that day. look so happy. with him for. in the morning she didn't even wake me up because my son and i were like oh i almost had my child and
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she don't want to wake us you know she just. she told me later when she called me she took our picture she once told me when she come back you know. and. it's a critical. and before she on board. she called me. and she told me that she wants to have lunch with me so i should pick her up and i said ok we'll do that you know it's sunday i got nothing to do so i'll do that. but she never came up to.
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sharon conduct. a few hours after he last spoke to his wife oh you got a call from a friend asking if you'd heard about a plane crash not far from the capitol. he would straight to the airport. i don't even know how to drive you know like i'm shaking. so this friend of mine he took me to the airport and we started asking people whether they know something about it or not like and nobody knows anything but everybody's crying like. then we waited for several hours and i dand of the day they told us that there is no survive. the chaos and pain from that day have not had. and there have been few answers for family members like by you since the crash. first the life.
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i have made sure there were things he was very humble. very humble. loving caring. and my my best for it. she was like this but. after the crash it was too painful to stay in the home he and else about lived in. so we moved in with her parents who were good friends that i couldn't go to. i just didn't. she lol over the place you know. we paint the house together with a leg of the couch together myth really everything in that house i remind me how
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far enough leg. was the light of god and. when you lost that. all your focus will be on the things that give you a little bit closer about you you know what you lost so that's what i'm trying to find to get called. a closure is far away. less than 5 months before the ethiopian flight went down a boeing 737 max crashed off the coast of indonesia killing all 189 people on board . but it was only in the aftermath of the ethiopian flight that aviation authorities around the globe grounded the $737.00 max. these are just a few of the $737.00 maxes that are grounded around the world while investigations into the crashes and the design of the aircraft continue. some details have emerged
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bit by bit about what could have caused the planes in indonesia india the opiate to go down. software to control the tail of the plane has been implicated in both crashes. but to understand the full story it means tracing the history of the boeing $737.00 max. in many ways the 737 max was born out of competition. we come to the paris air show. this is the largest air show in the world. and a chance for the aerospace industry in plane makers to celebrate their latest creations and commercial cells. it was here in 2011 that boeing's rival european manufacturer airbus broke records with orders for their new plane a 320 neo really isn't a story announcement bizarre just ever order for our
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a free to any family so we talk about the allen space where we basically fly every day on the domestic flights and smaller shorter in the continental flights and boeing and airbus dominates that 100 percent airbus is a 320 neo was an upgrade of an older model but with a new fuel efficient engine promising savings to airlines and catching boeing off guard the fact that they cited to reengineer which is of course much quicker than doing a new aircraft put boeing into a decision do we stay with the plan to make a new way or do we actually go and also re. and in r. and d. platform 737 and 2 platforms. facing a loss of borders to airbus to large clients like american airlines boeing decided not to make a new airplane to compete with air bus and instead decided to upgrade the work course of their fleet to the 7 $37.00 so this is the n.t. model yes this is the model that the macs were built this is the death previous
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model what will be different about this than this model it would be sensibly larger and you're getting a little bit further forward. one of the key selling points of the max to airlines was that it was just like 730 seven's their pilots were already certified for so they wouldn't need expensive training in a flight simulator. the max was certified by american aviation authorities in 2017 they became boeing spasso selling plane if you own an airline and i said i have a new airplane for you it's very similar to the other airplane and here's the price tag your response maybe you have a scene where a plane i've got to train my pilots simulators it's a bit more expensive venture well here's the goodness you don't have to train them in this game this little i pad course they can do it at starbucks same jet to worry about can you get the f.a.a.
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to certify it that way. absolutely and they're off to the races well except $37.00 x. 2 for straight the training was straightforward on an i pad like this meters the new variants include an extended. david c. and family they seem to be confiding in you with a lot of ancillary information they don't seem to be fearful of inundating but it didn't mention software in the macs that authorities now believe played a role in the 2 crashes and you see were says flight controls right there is where you would likely have them cast if you were going to discuss nothing totally. absolutely. on october 29th 2018 the 1st 737 max crashed it was a lion air flight in the wind down off the coast of indonesia what happened was that the aca behaved very strange for the pilot and he was trying to master this in my view he was the more than average pilot and he's mastering all of the
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attack which we later learned was him comes. in cas is a system that boeing put on the max to counter extreme situations that could occur due to the new larger engines. in both the indonesian and ethiopian flights the system kicked in when it shouldn't have. he didn't know about the fact that there was a system which was actually meant to never be activated it's a system which is basically there to help you it is a very grave emergency at this was triggering and he mastered that unfortunately and he handed over to his 1st officer to try to understand what's was happening and he told him what to do the 1st officer wasn't prepared to have the aggressiveness of the system they were fighting. the pilots on the indonesian flight thought him cast more than 20 times before the plane went down 12 minutes after takeoff. in cas kicked in forcing the nose down thinking it was higher than it really was due to
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faulty data from just one sensor called an angle of attack sensor. a few weeks after the crash in indonesia boeing executives met with the union for american airlines pilots to discuss the software. in this very building boeing came in on november 27th and we question. the one asking the question how could you have designed a single point of failure and they quickly came back with us not the back of his you. and how responsive but we don't even know the system existed how can we be the backup for something that we don't even know exists. after the crash in indonesia but when the f.a.a. issued a directive to $737.00 pilots around the world to use a known.


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