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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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giles thank you. in bolivia more than 7000000 people heading to the polls today to decide who run the country for the next 5 years now the incumbent able medallists has been in power since 2006 but is facing a stiff challenge from a former president his car last message was to moralities facing accusations of ignoring term limits in order to stand again if he wins he'll be in power until 2025 john home and has the latest from the city of. well i'm here actually let me show you a little bit of this while we talk about that these are people that are going to vote now it's still the morning now says quite a few hours of voting still to come in the polls before this election ever moralists was still the front runner but there was sort of predictions that this could go to a 2nd round now when you think about this this is someone that his last 2 elections he won by 60 and 60 percent of the vote he got more than 60 percent of the votes of the very fact that this is possibly in danger of going through
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a 2nd round says something about what how people regarding president ever more rallies this time around he has definitely lost some popularity now this is a president who's done well with the economy economic growth in bolivia has been one of the highest in latin america he's done well with poverty he's cut that almost by half but there are of the doubt you touched on especially one of the democracy in the country basically president morales change the constitution to be able to run in this election and the elections he wants to afterwards and he called a referendum plus the people whether he could change that constitution now really they said no and then he went and did it anyway and that's made a lot of people worried about if this country is sliding away from democracy particularly because president marley's government really the judiciary the legislative bodies even the electoral authority are really seen as sort of beholden to him so on the one hand of this you've got the economy poverty stability all of
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those that president morales has done well on and on the other hand you've got really what you want to see for the democratic future of the country says a big decision here for voters. hong kong police have been firing tear gas and water cannon the protesters they say were throwing petrol bombs as thousands continue to rally against a ban against facemasks the demonstrations been ongoing for 5 months now and sunday's turnout was a test of the movement's strength has a dream brought. a stampede from police water cannons. as tear gas once more filled the streets of hong kong the main battleground was nathan road hong kong's busiest sorry affair in the heart of countless popular with tourists who would have struggled to recognize the place now as petrol bombs were hurled by protesters the vandalism was targeted chinese owned businesses were singled out a mobile phone provider a branch was already boarded
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a. metal fences were unscrewed to make barricades rocks torn up from sidewalks were scattered across roads. but once more police are firing tear gas slowly they be reclaiming this busy thoroughfare but the firing of tear gas is up setting local people as a result another tense confrontation is underway. sunday followed a now familiar ritual an unauthorized march that began peacefully many of the protesters will face masks in defiance of the recently introduced ban ammash show of disobedience so. don't think that they didn't move menace slowing down yeah in fact it is growing stronger and stronger than is outlined there 5 demands including more political reform and warnings that hong kong was becoming a police state. among the sea of familiar flags a new catalyst. to police this was an illegal assembly and the operation to
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end it blasted into the night adrian brown al-jazeera own cause. still to come here on al-jazeera while there is a record number of ethnically diverse candidates running in canada's general election also ahead he didn't sign that letter but that doesn't mean the e.u. will ignore the u.k.'s request for another breaks it delayed. it is not yet dry in most of china in fact if anything rain is regenerating in this arc of cloud that's coming up to depend platter is still running through sichuan but it's running further east as well it's not going to reach to assassinate rich hong kong or shanghai i don't think but it might will produce some significant rain
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where you do see it and it's quite a big patch as you can see but the northeast monsoon is trying to get a nice caring back up into this far southwestern corner or north vietnam suggesting some sort will develop here as well and at the same time the monsoon rains through india which have been going away are showing signs of briefly high spec briefly returning heaviest downpours in the last 24 hours go or or more usually it's on the east coast as well these are probably nearly a 100 millimeters in the forecast as a mass of grain covering the bottom half of india and sri lanka but his progress is probably a little bit further north again ever won by the flooded area for this season and the cars that push back up as a hint of circulation somewhere in the arabian sea it's still warm and dry and slower at $33.00 degrees and nothing much else has changed elsewhere nor will it immediately.
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chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to join some others to reunite with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha these are your top stories
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this hour mass protests are spreading in lebanon people demanding deeper political change big crowds are out in the streets again for a 4th day raising their voices against rising taxation and alleged government corruption. the u.s. defense secretary is on a surprise trip to afghanistan mark told the reporters on the plane there that the u.s. is trying to kick start stalled peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban. and in bolivia more than 7000000 people are heading to the polls to decide to run the country for the next 5 years now the incumbent. has been in power since 2006 but is facing stiff challenge from the former president carlos messer mr morality says facing accusations of ignoring term limits in order to stand again if he wins to be president until 2025 let's get more on our top story the ongoing unrest in lebanon we're going to talk again to my colleague my want to shout out he is a senior political analyst marwan clearly the politics of lebanon utterly unique with an utterly unique backstory does that make any potential solution more or less
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difficult. you know it's utterly unique but it's also more of the same i mean we need to distinguish 2 things one the causes for the up people in lebanon that are very similar to other causes of upheavals in different countries but also not to project one country solutions on another country so each and every one of the arab spring nations that have spring one point or 2 point or are different but they're also the same so i think lebannon and the lebanese in the streets of lebanon probably need to learn the lessons of upheavals of fiascos in other countries and one of the most fundamental conclusion we our of the last decade is one you need peaceful protests that violent protests and civil wars on the lights that we've seen in different countries just next door in syria are not only counterproductive they are destructive and 2 you can't just be
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against something you have to be for something and you have to be very detailed about what are you for because you can be against the regime you you can you want to undo the regime but then what's so the lebanese today they don't have really a common a leadership with a common vision for lebanon what they do or are insisting on is a change of leadership but that will have to given for something more detailed and more clear on their part does that mean that if perhaps the existing leadership let's call it what it is mr hariri doesn't or can't listen to the protesters might they listen to those other countries who seem to be signaling very definitely look we are completely fed up with these allegations of corruption you have got to get your own house in order then we can talk then we can help. well absolutely
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but the actually the problem peter is that a lot of this thing started in lebanon because it is claimed in lebanon by the street that how do you the accepted heliot that conditions on lebanon by outsiders and by the same token the man now standing behind the government behind the existing regime meaning including the president is of course the head of his border law has who's insisting until today that the government must stay but the president must say and that easy much state if you don't mind us a lot of how bashar assad reacted to the syrian our peoples some 8000 years ago and that is unfortunate so if anything and again the conclusions from or the lessons from the arab spring nations is what the out of what the lebanese protestant to do now is split the regime 11 on meaning there has to be now voices
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out of the regime and lebannon out of the government out of this stablish meant and it needs calling for serious reform calling for true elections leading to true results within the country so it's important that there that we see these kind of cracks within this consensus among the sectarian leaders and never non or what dividing the pie amongst them for many years now that division amongst the elites is important a lot of things that happened over the last 4 days have been important the fact there is more than a 1000000 people in the streets the fact that they are mostly peaceful the fact that they want some serious change and the fact that they are courting against their own in sectarian leaders are very important developments within lebanon mowen to talk to you thanks so much. in the chilean capital santiago soldiers are patrolling the streets to enforce a curfew and a state of emergency following more violent protests at least 3 people were killed
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in the city when a supermarket. was set on fire metro train stations have also been ransacked because of plans to increase ticket prices the president sebastian pinera backed down on the fare rises but demonstrations continue over the high cost of living. there is a record number of ethnically diverse candidates running in monday's canadian general election one of the most politically successful groups in the country have been sikhs from india the outgoing government had 14 sikh m.p.'s and 4 cabinet ministers from the india based faith al-jazeera is daniel lect looks at why the group's prospering in canadian politics. the face of historic achievement in canadian politics the 1st nonwhite federal political party leader judgement saying of the leftist n.d.p. the new democrats a canadian whose parents came from india he's a sikh who wears his uncut here bound up in a turban because of his faith nearly half a 1000006 live in canada and they belong been politically active just meet singh is
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a role model for a new generation he was one of the people the inspired me to get into politics he's always been a community organizer you know when i was 20 and i was looking for somewhere to be he taught me the importance of politics in this toronto suburb nearly every candidate is a sikh justin trudeau liberals won all 5 seats in the 2015 election now with opinion polls showing him less popular than 4 years ago there's a chance for another party to make gains old fashioned retail politics putting in lawn signs and knocking on doors that's what it takes to get attention in a constituency like this one very diverse and where the voters need to see and hear from their candidates sick temple's known as gurdwaras prepare meals for all who come no matter their religion it's an article of faith this is the largest gurdwara in north america with tens of thousands of worshippers these days most 2nd and 3rd generation canadians all political opinions can be found i think sometimes some
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steak is made that somehow. thinks alike are always walks lockstep with one another you know there's diversity within the diversity folks that have a lot of different opinions during a trip to india last year justin trudeau faced intense criticism for putting sikh community interests ahead of canada's with one of its most important trading partners supporters of the prime minister denied wrongdoing and said he or any other canadian leader has to listen to voters you want every vote doesn't matter what the background is that the photo and you reach out with respect to the trip to india that did not improve trudeau's it came across as appalling with food and you . sort of lampoon not just to the country but i think internationally and i think he was very poorly served by the foreign policy aside elections are won here and across the country on the basic bread and butter issues proving the economy creating jobs and keeping the country safe and prosperous daniel acknowledges here a brampton ontario. the u.k.
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has gone to the european union for a 3 month extension to the brics it deadline prime minister boris johnson was forced to send a letter requesting the delay after losing a crucial vote in the parliament he didn't sign it and included another document saying an extension would be a mistake under simmons now from london. the u.k. is deep into brick city uncertainty again with the prime minister once again being accused of breaking the law and his government readying itself for a 2nd attempt to get parliamentary approval for a withdrawal deal agreed with the e.u. last week government ministers believe they have enough support to win a meaningful vote on the new deal as early as monday we're going to leave october the 31st we have the means and the ability to do so i think actually the mood in the country is clear and the prime ministers determination is absolute really the prime minister's plans would be railed by one m.p. who proposed an amendment commons that him he says he's backing the government i
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thought in august that he wasn't being serious about getting a deal that's was one of the reasons why we put in place part of it was just to make sure that if we got to 31st all day we go to deal we would be safe and not crush up a part of it was to give him an incentive to get a deal that i think worked i think he is now got his deal and now for those of us for whom that was the motivation we need to back that deal boris johnson isn't budging over his refusal to accept a brics it deadline extension his letter requesting one was julie sent to e.u. council president donald tusk but unsigned and he effectively disowned it with a signed follow up letter setting out why there shouldn't be an extension is also the main opposition party says he's breaking the law you may well be in contempt of parliament or the courts themselves because he's clearly trying to undermine the 1st letter and not signing the letter is behaving a bit like a spoilt brat made a decision he should abide by it and this idea that you send another letter
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contradict in the 1st i think flies in the face of what parliament and the courts of the side of mr mcdonald had been one of the politicians attending the british final say march on saturday when police estimated around 1000000 people crowded into the capital calling for a 2nd referendum on bret's it mr mcdonnell has confirmed that labor would back a parliamentary backbench amendment calling for a people's vote. but while there may be calls for a back seat decision to be brought back to the people the government is intent on making every effort to prevent that from happening and so on monday boris johnson's minority government will try to press the reset button on getting allaman to say yes to the new deal like every twist of the brics a crisis it's an unpredictable situation andrew simmons al-jazeera london. spain central government has dismissed
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a call for talks with catalan separatists despite a week of mass protests people in barcelona angry after separatist leaders were handling fee jail sentences for their role in a banned independence referendum back in 27. more news whenever you want it on our website is always there for you the address out to sea org dot com and see that the very latest on our top story what's going on with those protests up and let them all. there we are here we go let's update the top stories for you so far today mass protests spreading in lebanon demanding deeper political change big crowds are out on the streets for a 4th day raising their voices against rising taxation and alleged government corruption stephanie teka is at the protests in the lebanese capital beirut. with your peters there. majority of people there even economic reforms are not going to
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be enough because they simply lost jobs in the other just you know. the more pressure because it's a general strike still there are. some circles musicals to travel because the roads still not out and also needs to be given there's been a hotline proceeds of course politicians and other trying to figure out what to do not understand. logic or are done. insulting actually the foreign minister. was jailed but such and that's become an anthem of protest the u.s. defense secretary on a surprise trip to afghanistan today mark esper told reporters on the plane there that the u.s. is trying to kick start stalled peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban. in bolivia more than 7000000 people are heading to the polls to decide to
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run the country for the next 5 years the incumbent of alice has been in power since 2006 but is facing a stiff challenge from the former president carlos messer mr morales is facing accusations of ignoring term limits in order to stand again the police in hong kong have been firing tear gas and water cannon the protesters throwing petrol bombs as thousands of pro-democracy activists rallied against a ban on face masks the demonstrations began 5 months ago spotted by an extradition bill which was later shelved however protesters of the protests of white and calling for more democratic rights. in the chilean capital soldiers are patrolling the streets to enforce a curfew and a state of emergency following more violent protests at least 3 people were killed in santiago and a supermarket was set on fire metro train stations have also been ransacked because it plans to increase ticket prices up next it's 101 east we're back immediately after that see that.
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when the korean war split the country into than lisa what's one of the hottest separated by a border with a bit into cross. now some a finely being raised united with long lost relatives. one on one east follows a mother's emotional reunion with the some she lost more than 60 years ago. when war broke out between the 2 koreas in 1950 mrs lee fled south with her husband
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the 4 year old son and hope that you daughter. in the storm of refugees the young mother stopped to nurse her baby. she was separated for a few minutes from her husband and son a separation that would last forever. 68 years later mrs lee who had built a new life in seoul received a lesson with news of her lost family. 2 2 and. you know.
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they are on. the bridge across this letter to mrs lee. the letters states that the son she lost 68 years ago is still alive and lives in north korea. in 2 weeks she can see him again. just one month and my. guests could have good people on. 6 hunger make the old butter to go to the finger to go i don't know how children that are to be do you who does have other you know or do you get to touch it you sort of hot about it so do you always know to do to keep going that you know right now you're going to hold this when you log out so. i won't go if you're going to get
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can go a lot of money will i did not join and you know you do know what has happened if you know the area in my memory because i was not allowed our money. and you don't know if you want to look around a lot of. 900 pound going to motivate him to make water and give the most of us and . move him or come on come on come on up or come and go you don't know to get me to do not i'm reading the new issue.
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or designer on hunger number 0 of someone's hand them a whoa whoa whoa is i have got a number she knew to go to guy death or. could or would have thought he had a good time and then a good senior had gotten to know her thought the over the man and the guy like i am now her i would your mind their boys and their. good as a god could i see their god that i could and now i'm going. to go and i'm cured dumpling. because our job our goal now that a good kid is
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a thought of my legs our head and then no mining a boy here good night ahead you want to go and wouldn't i am going to kmart. today mrs levy is 91 years old. together with a north korean who lost his wife during the flies mrs lee built a new life in south korea. they swore to stay together into a career was reunified and they could find their families. mrs lee is now a widow her 2 daughters and now helping her prepare for being reunited with her son . the oldest daughter was a baby cheering the flyers we had a tough. time can. continue and i.
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