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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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if your story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story now the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. but on the cabinets approves emergency economic reforms hoping to diffuse anti-government protests but demonstrates is a skeptical. hello i'm adrian for the game this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up justin trudeau's liberal party projected to hold on to power in canada's parliamentary election. protests and confusion in bolivia as the country waits for presidential election results of
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a government is accused of manipulating the outcome. and for drug companies reach a multi-million dollar settlement for their role in fueling a u.s. opioid epidemic. protesters in lebanon are standing their ground despite the government approving sweeping economic reforms prime minister saad hariri announced the measures to diffuse the biggest demonstrations in the years against the nation's leaders but activists say that they won't go home until the entire cabinet steps down i'll just send a ha to reports from beirut all. the people have spoken calls go beyond fighting corruption they want accountability and early elections and they say they aren't leaving the streets until that happens protests are growing by the day the lebanese government however is refusing to step aside instead it is. offering
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a plan that is supposed to fix the economic crisis without hitting the public with more taxes my that's awful written by democrats here the cabinet approved the 2020 budget with a deficit of 0.6 percent with no new taxes the salaries of top officials including legislators and members of parliament will be cut in half as part of the economic reform package the central bank and the banking sector will help in reducing the deficit by of down to 3400000000 are the decisions that we have taken might not fulfill your demands but they fulfill what i have been calling for i will not allow anyone to scare you and it's the government's duty to protect your peaceful demands . too little too late the proposed reforms are not enough to calm the anger people have no faith. they are right they have no faith and no one the government of. prime minister the president and the fundamental people have no faith in the
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even if they tell them that they were going to do the floors positive for the city i would begin to believe that. the way forward according to the protesters involves the government resigning a transitional council made up of judges who don't have political affiliations taking over until elections and those elections will be held under a new law whereby lebanon will become one single constituency and sects will no longer just elect their own sectarian leaders. demands the governing alliance has already rejected the protesters are up against those in power who won't hesitate to use it but there is hope we don't know what's going to become with the transition is going to happen or are we going to pull the plug in 2005 when i don't need to go to a position of the sun as though this is the with the people coming from everywhere and we're all going to be able to do it or the usual i'm not in a position to fight for many here. it's
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a new beginning. those who are taking part in this protest movement say it is a rejection of the political elite class been in power for decades exploiting the sectarian system of government at the expense of building a strong state that the state's resources to maintain support in their communities now some of their supporters have risen up against that it's the 1st and a serious challenge. the path for political change in lebanon has now been drawn but the road ahead won't be easy i think the most important thing is the sense of liberation would be achieved so full of liberty difference and revisit i'm sick of it in the district to feel and believe to be protected and be mobilized to the not and if the lebanese the want to live together i think that's a possibility beyond the. crowds this size protesting for this long young old rich poor muslim christian and without backing from political parties has not happened in lebanon so recent history
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a revolution seems to have already happened but the crisis is far from over said of . beirut. is a professor at george washington university's elliott school of international affairs he says the situation in lebanon is unprecedented and won't be solved by using tried and tested techniques. what we have today is a crisis of governance in lebanon the people who are in the streets in their hundreds of thousands just are unwilling to listen for whatever the the the officials on the platform are going to offer. their sense is that there's been plenty of time for the officials that time and again deliver on past promises and they fail one of the more interesting things that's happening with the unprecedented really in lebanon is that each of the communities are taking on the established political powers in that very community people are very aware that they don't want this to be a sunni versus shia or
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a muslim versus christian so we have revolts within revolts in various communities of people trying to overthrow the political order that they feel has done them wrong. a deadline for kurdish led forces in northern syria to leave areas along the border with turkey expires later on tuesday turkey wants to establish a safe zone that says it will resume its offensive against kurdish fighters if they don't leave u.s. president donald trump has defended his decision to withdraw some troops from northern syria he says he never agreed to protect syrian kurds forever. reports. they fought and died for years alongside united states forces in the effort to defeat eisel but u.s. president donald trump is defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from northeastern syria allowing turkey to attack the kurdish fighters but we hope the kurds and we never gave the kurds
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a commitment that we'd stay for their 400 years of protest that they've been fighting with the turks for 300 years of people. and nobody ever committed gee if you do this we're going to do that we're going to stay with you forever nobody ever said that trump is faced bipartisan criticism in the u.s. congress about the troop pullout and his decision to drop turkey sanctions as part of the cease fire agreement that expires on tuesday. and despite anger at home and abroad trump maintains the ceasefire is holding even as turkey's president wretch of thai air to one is vowing to continue his military campaign the white house has promised to lift sanctions placed on turkey as part of its cease fire deal but trump isn't ruling out more in the future we have a power that nobody thought we had to the extent to call sanctions it's called tariffs altera of the hell of it their product coming here they said tremendous amounts of steel to the state of the trump also maintains his goal is to keep
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a 2016 campaign promise to bring troops back to the united states as defense secretary who is in the region traveling to sad. arabia late monday says some troops may remain in syria to secure oil fields well others continue fighting against isis in iraq the purpose of those forces a purpose of those forces working with the s.d.f. is to deny access to those oil fields by isis and others may benefit from their revenues it could be earned given the tenuous nature of the cease fire agreement with turkey democratic leaders in the us congress are promising to introduce their own bipartisan sanctions against turkey to reverse what they say is a humanitarian disaster unleashed in syria by president trump kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state has indicated in an interview that washington is prepared to
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take military action in the region if required where we see american interest at stake or fundamental norms around the world that need to be enforced will use all the powers that we have you suggest that the economic powers that we've used will certainly use them will use our diplomatic powers as well those are our preference weeper for peace to war but in the event that kinetic action or military action is needed you should know the present trump is fully prepared to undertake that action techies president says the military offensive in syria is not a land grab for a chip type but i want to criticize his allies for not supporting what he calls a fight against terrorists who want to use meet the russian president's place on tuesday. we have post our offensive in northern parts of syria for 120 hours that's why this is in a crucial time those 120 hours or nearly over tomorrow i will travel to associate to meet russian president vladimir putin for talks and after that we will take the
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necessary steps. canada's prime minister justin trudeau as ponting is projected to hold onto government for a 2nd term the liberal party is expected to win the most seats after monday's general election though it's unlikely to hold on to its majority korean action opinion polls show the liberals in the conservative opposition posse neck and neck let's go live to toronto office in a stunning alack is that for us daniel so one of the early projections right now well the major television networks and media houses in canada are saying what you just said that we're probably going to have a liberal minority government that there isn't really a path to that position for the conservative opposition parties so it's a bit of a long way from the neck and neck projection of the opinion polls but when you take the 1st past the post voting system here the fact that people vote locally in a westminster system for constituency members of parliament and not directly for a prime minister or a party then you can see how this happens it's been
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a volatile campaign not very positive a lot of issues came up including justin trudeau accused of wearing blackface as a young man some 30 odd years ago he seems to a put that behind him and held on to the support of the voters perhaps some of them holding their noses to support him in fear of his conservative opponent who was promising tax cuts changes to immigration law and abolishing the carbon tax to fight climate change so right now we're waiting to see just what the final numbers will be but it looks like a fairly healthy plurality for justin trudeau in his liberals and they may be able to govern for the next 4 years probably on a case by case basis perhaps as part of a minority government supported by other more left wing parties given the scandals you touched upon the was this something that it was perhaps expected how's trudeau done this. i think probably the scandals hurt him but there were also scandals around his main opponent the conservative leader the rookie leader of
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the conservative party andrew shear he was found to be funding a campaign against a more right wing party his party was using fake news in the social media trolling that didn't go down very well with the electorate which has seen a lot of this all over the world in recent years and doesn't like it and also the fact that andrew's share was found to be a dual us canadian citizen which isn't against the law in canada but he himself as a politician had criticised liberal politicians in the past for being citizens of other countries as well as canadian so all in all the black face scandal these scandals i think the canadian electorate had a rather negative experience during this campaign and probably opted to go with what they know for another 4 years rather than take a chance on anyone new and untested i was interested in a lack reporting live from toronto daniel many thanks we're going to weather update next he announces here and then cheat as president ford has another overnight curfew as violent protests show no sign of letting up. i will tell you why tens of
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thousands of people in sudan back out on the streets. how does the cold air that's coming down from the higher ground and the walls over texas is what produced this line of tornadoes some of the damage which i'm sure you have seen while the line is still pretty active if i take you overnight to get to daylight on tuesday it runs all the way eastward through the ohio valley eventually we end up with this position doesn't look quite as tornadic habit still the rain is there from delaware out through washington and wrapping around this eastern side of count and i behind it the air is still cold not severely so there's been a snow returning to washington oregon for example however plain states and down through texas it's quiet and the temperatures excessive douses come down to
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a more reasonable 24 the same sort of pattern exists on wednesday druggy bit colder air into the northwest particular oversee the higher ground is warming up and he gently in dallas in the rain has stopped in washington now we have these are very active weather rain wise in panama and costa rica that he's going to continue of the next day or so as will the cloud bringing frequent the light showers to the lesser antilles and that is haiti dominican republic and cuba a dry picture mexica what he clued in yucatan peninsula looking a wet couple of days. insane to really know someone he must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they fall into their way in the was. found his iraq shares these personal journeys.
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inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path. weakness documentaries on. again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour the testers in lebanon say that economic reforms approved by the government are not enough many want the entire cabinet to step down from minister saad hariri announced the measures on monday in an attempt to diffuse the country's biggest demonstrations in years. president donald trump has defended his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from northern syria that's where turkey has been fighting against kurdish
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backed fighters ankara has given the syrian democratic forces until tuesday to leave the area and canada's prime minister justin trudeau as liberal party is projected to hold onto government for a 2nd it's expected to win the most seats following monday's general election but it's unlikely to hold on to its majority. after a lengthy delay bolivia's electoral board has finally updated its provisional vote count the polls in results spot protests with 95 percent of votes now counted president ever won alice appears to have a 10 percent lead over his main rival carlos myself that would be enough to avoid a runoff accused but allas. of manipulating the results let's go live now to the pas house of us john homeowners that john is a lot going on around you what's happening. there is a lot going around the state's been sort of running street protests and police or
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are you. sure. they show no they would have pulled moralise out they put these fights in the streets a trying to disperse to take us it's being shot towards him by the police and you can see down here that they've also put some of stickers just been sick trying to stop the police from getting them off the streets now. which is saying as well to put it before fill up or if you are sorry but on the i think it was this person this man is sending us there he was here i had to take us through the star said there are some entity here in the city for the possibility now let me just quickly tell you why it is that these people have been taking to the streets taking to the streets because the the there was an election on sunday and in the preliminary count it showed that it was going to a 2nd round the challenger carlos mencia was going to a 2nd round with incumbent president havel moralities then that vote was frozen
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that focus frozen for almost 24 hours when it come but came back online it showed the president ever more or less was almost going to win outright there was going to be no 2nd round for have people are just outraged by this they thought things were going to a 2nd round and now they feel that has been taken away from them they say by fraud so i'm white why does so many people there in bolivia have such a lack of trust in the electoral board. well it's not just this time around it's things of looser happened in the past they don't started really in 2016 when ever moralise at. needed to change the constitution to be able to run again as president through to a referendum far more people decided he could do that they said no i think he went ahead and did it anyway we are so ready since then there's been a lack of trust or a lot of. these people around the such that mostly young people that we've been
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seeing in the process today and all of this we've been talking to some people are saying a father to i want to have a more honest he's been in charge now for nearly 40 years is the only president they know and they want to see something different to what it was in iraq saying the ball i see has been slipping of bolivia and they want to see more of a pressing. there are serious john holeman reporting live there from la paz john many thanks. china's government is enforcing a curfew for a 3rd consecutive night after another day of violence and santiago police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters in the capital at least 11 people have been killed in the demonstrations which started 2 weeks ago over an increase in train ticket prices have increased since been scrapped well earlier on monday police in santiago people rather spent hours queuing for food and fuel most schools and businesses remain closed grocery john walmart says that more than 100
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of its stores were looted at the weekend and in some cases satellites of 0 smile ruppel reports now from santiago. it's now past curfew in the chilean capital and what you hear around me that banging noise this is what's known as he said allow still these are people that have come out of their of their windows out of their balconies from their apartments and they're banging on pots and plant and pans this is a way for them to show their protest to continue to demonstrate without having to go outside and risk arrest there was another day of unrest as this curfew now persists into the 3rd night in a row as the state of emergency remains in effect in chile earlier on monday there were. thousands of people were protesting in an area known as the to keep this it's plus a value this is an area that's historically been the center of a political movement here in chile protesters once again met by tear gas water cannons as well as smoke bombs from from police want to read a few statistics from the national human rights institute since the unrest began
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here and she has there been 1333 people that have been arrested 88 injured by firearms and at least 11 people who have died within the context of this unrest which is one of the biggest angers that people say that they have here not only are they upset about generalized bill inequality in the country pension reform below minimum wage they're upset because of this heavy handed response that is that continues to play out on the streets of the chile capital 4 major u.s. drug companies have reached a settlement to avoid a federal trial for their role in opioid price in the classes they've agreed to pay $260000000.00 to $2.00 counties in the state of ohio that sets a precedent for more than 2000 similar cases across the country john hendren reports. the leaders of 2 ohio counties walk out of a courthouse and into a landmark settlement in the united states' opioid epidemic we are counting has
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seen thousands of people die and the last several months and the last several years scuse me and and it's a tragedy in summit county was no different this settlement with 4 companies is worth $260000000.00 critics call that pennies on the dollar but ohio's summit in cuyahoga county has called it money they need to cope with the crisis now people are dying now we have to deal with these issues now so the fact that we were able to get the money in a short time frame is very helpful and that's one of the motivations for settling this the deal settles claims against distributors amerisource bergen cardinal health and mckesson and the israeli opioid manufacture. in a statement the distributor said while the company strongly dispute the allegations made by the 2 counties they believe settling the bell-wether trial is an important stepping stone to achieving a global resolution and delivering meaningful relief to have a declined to comment the pharmacy company walgreens boots alliance did not reach
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a settlement saying in a statement that the company never manufactured the drugs nor sold them to so-called pill mills the partial settlement by 2 ohio counties came at 1 am cleveland time hours before the start of the 1st federal trial of drug makers and distributors that trial combined thousands of cases brought by local communities across the u.s. against companies blamed for the opioid crisis that has led 240-0000 overdose deaths over 2 decades the settlement with the ohio counties could serve as a benchmark for a larger $48000000000.00 settlement with the drug companies that would end the federal prosecution entirely the question local communities are asking is is that enough money is there enough money to fix this problem and this is going to take a society effort the companies do. it wrongdoing but communities in the suit say they overprescribed and deceptively advertised the drugs and failed to flag unusually high numbers of prescriptions settlement money will be used for treatment
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and alternatives to prosecution for those addicted to opioids at the cleveland courthouse the federal case moves forward as drug makers and distributors negotiate to come to a settlement that is expected to be the biggest opioid settlement ever john hendren al-jazeera the british prime minister's push for a straight yes or no votes on his brakes at deal in parliament has been blocked the speaker of the house of commons said the vote was too similar to one held on saturday and wouldn't go ahead the next chance to vote will be late on tuesday the decision is a blow to boris johnson who is adamant that the u.k. will leave the e.u. in 10 days time he's already been forced to last for for a further delay or a challenge reports now from london. this has many twists and turns as we see over the days and weeks and months and years since this started and but this is going to be a very very crucial and perhaps decisive week for brakes it because this
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withdrawal agreement bill is basically the nuts and bolts of how britain comes out of the european union and what opposition parties want to do is to perhaps try and amend that withdrawal agreement bill as it goes through the house of commons perhaps attaching an amendment that means that the u.k. stays inside the customs union perhaps attaching an amendment that says that it has to be put back to the people in a 2nd referendum or perhaps voting it down entirely now of course the government is going to be fighting that the government wants this thing to pass through as quickly as possible it wants to get this through parliament by the end of the week now most m.p.'s many m.p.'s are going to be saying whoa whoa that's way too fast this is an incredibly important bit of constitutional legislation one of the most important constitutional changes to the u.k. in living memory and it needs more time to get that nailed down but of course the
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government is still thinking that it can get out of the e.u. by the 31st of october and it is going to try everything it can can do to make that happen abortion has officially been decriminalized and same sex marriage is to be legalized in northern ireland the legislation took effect a midnight local time protesters from both sides of the debate gathered at the northern irish parliament hours before the legalisation was due to come into effect the laws were passed by m.p.'s in london as the local parliament in belfast hasn't been sitting for almost 18 months now after a power sharing government that collapsed. i think that like we're happy that is happens but maybe not so happy that it doesn't come from our government. but i think it's a victory not only july the 24th it was actually the previous government so when these 2 government before stand legislation it wasn't
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a storming government and who we elected and our own m.p. support for westminster opposed any change in the know so this is on democratic and it's wrong so it's important that we're here today to be a voice for the most vulnerable unborn children in our society a huge bushfire is threatening homes in a coastal town in southern california the blaze in pacific palisades just west of los angeles raced up a steep hillside close to several homes hundreds of people were forced to move to safety. thousands of people have attended rallies in several cities across the 55th anniversary of the country's 1st post independence revolution demonstrators many of whom took part in uprising last year with fresh to months as. reports. chants similar to the one chanted on the streets of sudan during anti-government protests which started last december that's how people commemorate the anniversary
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of the country's 1st revolution in 1984 and even though the most recent revolution overthrew the country's longtime president to. protest his regime isn't really gone . we want them completely gone they're still in power still hold position. they can work like any other sudanese but they can't be in the government holding positions of power after the sacrifice to bring change the country. were called by neighborhood resistance committees bodies that protestors over the past 10 months they targeted their allies in the forces of freedom and change that the coalition that represented protesters in talks with the military council that ousted the transitional government was formed in august but protest it has not done enough to dismantle the old regime. or meet their demands.
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or to tell the world that evolution is not. we demand justice for. killed in the protests for all those killed by the. we want justice for the girls who are right for those whose lives were destroyed 10 months after. people here are still demanding justice prime minister. did a fact finding committee to look into the killings of protesters. must also be investigated. as prime minister in august he says the government is still new and that reforms need to be a joint effort between it and the government. the foot of the. shuttle news for malia since the civilian government formed a month and a half ago some steps have been taken to cement civilian rule and achieve the goals of your revolution what we need to do together is change that into complete accomplishment and that can be done by working together to reap what we see on with
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its went tears and blood your government the revolutions government research that change is an ongoing process and needs a huge effort to be completed by. protesters who came out and gave the support they can to the transitional government which will continue to remind them what they came out for when they started belated revolution and want to stop until that is achieved morgan al-jazeera sort of to. have you with us hello adrian said again here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera protesters in lebanon say that economic reforms approved by the government are not enough many want the entire cabinet to step down prime minister saad hariri announced the measures on monday in the attempts to defuse the country's biggest demonstrations in years. president donald trump has defended his decision to
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withdraw u.s. troops from northern syria that's where ankara has been fighting against kurdish backed fighters turkey has given the syrian democratic forces until tuesday to leave the area meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state has indicated in an interview that washington is prepared to take military action in the region if required. where we see american interest at stake or fundamental norms around the world that need to be enforced will use all the powers that we have you suggest that the economic powers that we've used will certainly use them or use our diplomatic powers as well those are our preference weeper for peace to war but in the event that kinetic action or military action is needed you should know the present trump is fully prepared to undertake that action canadian prime minister justin trudeau as liberal party is projected to hold on to government for a 2nd term it's expected to win the most seats after monday's general election that it's unlikely to hold on to its majority after a lengthy delay bolivia's electoral board has finally updated its provisional vote
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count the poor in results sparked protests with 95 percent of votes counted president obama has appears to have a 10 percent lead over his main rival carlos mesa that would be enough to avoid a runoff races accused morales of manipulating the results. government is in forcing a curfew for a 3rd consecutive nights after another day of violence in santiago at least 11 people have been killed in the demonstrations which began 2 weeks ago after over an increase in train ticket prices for major u.s. drug companies have reached a settlement to avoid a federal trial for their role in the opioid crisis they've agreed to pay $260000000.00 to $2.00 counties in the state of ohio it sets a precedent for more than 2000 similar cases across the country are those the headlines the news continues here as era after witness next. told tom told us there are. very you don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the
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2 state solution we listen to what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories the motto of the soldiers their own. i thank. god i am where i think that the for him i'm clicking here.


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