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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 168  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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people are short short of cash a.t.m. machine no longer you can no longer withdraw money from a.t.m. machines. certain areas across the country are lacking fuel because it's very difficult to move from one area to another so the army. freedom of movement for the people. has justin trudeau has secured a 2nd term as prime minister but his liberal party hasn't won the parliamentary majority. that will now have to rely on the support of the new democratic party. and violent protests taking place in bolivia where the president is being accused of trying to manipulate sunday's election result so that he can avoid a runoff in december. appears to have a 10 percent lead over his main rival but is refusing to accept the result all right those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street states with that sort. took notice there of we.
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believe the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was that pakistan would never start a. war we meet with global news makers and tweet about the stories that matter just 0. hi i'm femi oke a and you're in the street and i'm really could be today can legal marijuana put an end to mexico's drug cartels join our conversation you can tweet us at 8 a stream of your comments and i live each a chat and you may well be in the story. mexico is set to fully legalize marijuana that some proponents of cannabis believe will help the rampant violence but critics say drug cartels would start trafficking of
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the drugs or move on to known drug related crimes like human smuggling and fuel fact we godless mexico supreme court has ruled the prohibition of marijuana violated the constitution and ordered lawmakers to come up with and let you slip the framework and the deadline to do so is this week so joining us from mexico to discuss this and can current one i asked her as landau is a lawyer and secretary-general from mexico united against crime in mexico city deborah up another low she's a journalist and founder of mexico reporter also in mexico city you know i'm grillo he's a journalist and author of al narco inside mexico's criminal insurgency welcome everyone to this story now we've got so much feedback on this because emotions are high people have opinions about this but i want to start our conversation with someone who is involved in this intimately this is ali hans romans razzo he's a professor in mexico and he also advised the ministry of interior. on the revision process for this bill have
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a listen to what he told the string mexican congress is about to regulate marijuana forced under a court order to change the law in order to move away from prohibition after 5 years almost congress is finally moving along towards regulation this is a huge huge huge move it's very important for mexico mexico has been measured in the sort of drug war for the last 13 years which has taken homicide rates beyond any historical limit that we've we had had ever since the revolution so it is very very important that we do regulate drugs in order to move away from that buried by a bit of pace so while he causes a huge huge move is that how you're feeling as well what are your thoughts. well i'm a little biased because i'm very close to oleksandr so we're part of the same gang if you will that has been advocating for a change in policy in mexico we were among the 1st ones to actually advocate for
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the supreme court ruling that eventually also isis to get personal permits for very want to consumption and we are convinced that the quicker we move away from troy vision the better off we will be the reality is that violence in mexico all of these a. result of many factors but one of the most important one is the presence a large and i think that it was very evident has been there evident for a while and of course that is week's events we had 3 very significant events and may try counting given all any cell or group precisely what type of ending that we have in front of us how well organized they are and how financially. important their resources may be so on as we change that logic we will see those events repeated themselves over and over again and i think people are fed up with violence and we deserve something better than being witnesses to an increased level of. you know challenging the state's challenge to go in big government or in some cases
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replacing state such that we're living in mexico it's a real value to one for people who are outside of moscow and not feeling or have to tell them if they can use that happening those 3 events i quickly want to well want . we've had basically 2 events were policemen were killed every truck got and then subsequently got bit off and the 3rd one might have a lot more coverage where they know now part of mexico was a failed attempt to initially capture of the chapel stone that will be the one day and go see how the organized crime reacted they actually were able to seize a cd there were actually 2 cs you know i'm 46 families etc and by effectively extorting pressure they obtain their release of the son and they can be defeated you know the effort to impose a you know order of justice so we just saw how rule of law there's a period you know
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a few hours because of the slice of the opponent that for the minute you know you need that one was going to put you in a conversation you had questions you had a meeting of questions what was i go out i mean i am i'm a big i don't think found of legalization and then and eggs to the preservation era i think my and my curiosity is 1st of all what he thinks that there will be the end of october that was set a deadline that was getting ahead but also i have concerns as you have back to you guys marijuana there is a. in stopping violence just to stay with a fast one festival because i think that's that's really important that because we have you have a deadline of on there is a deadline. yes i'm very hopeful that you know i share i share the sort of a question but i also share the fact that we have in front of a golden opportunity to finally deliver on what the government has never marry in
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mind that the current government controls congress so the only thing that is really required is political will they don't need to negotiate they don't need to talk to anybody else they don't need to act and deliver on their promises and this particular problem is included in the national development plan so it's basically part of their agenda that we big question here is whether the president will ultimately controls everything today is sympathetic and actually calling site without agenda so that we will know you know matter of a few days and if he doesn't deliver then you know that we don't have you know symmetry between what is being said and what is being done. so you know i want to bring you into the conversation here because when we asked the question to her online community will legalizing marijuana help reduce violence in mexico we got back several answers this one stuck out to us this is all of our shuffle says maybe 20 years ago it might happen what do you think of the why now when the fact that this is a little too late. i was the more he said about 20 years ago the mexican
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drug cartels were not as powerful were not was violent as they are today 20 more years i mean they could be making. say $30000000000.00 every year drugs to americans plus the stuff they do in mexico so over 20 years that's like you know $600000000000.00 resources going to that they're buying drugs from the states that frightening and that's why the heavy weaponry we see the violet coyotes the topic that mexico but i still completely supportive of. a flaw in this endeavor i do not think it will likely reduce violence in the short the problem is the drug cartels already practically all the heroin they can already they are trafficking all the crystal meth they have already on with all the cocaine in both human smuggling and if you go to the united states right now are documented you have to
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pay money to the mexican cartels to do that. mexico has to deal with this problem of drug cartels who are taking chunks of the country and what we saw on sunday that was mentioned was a 100 drug cartel hit man rising up and taking a major city a 100 guys with guns which classic olds were spiffed the caliph. if you really would reduce the power from them then you need to start to think about legalizing some drugs however president lopez obrador i think is confusing this argument about ending the war on drugs the idea of ending the war on drugs is to take money away from these groups not to surrender to these groups and allow this kind of action the house of 7 this is when you look i fancy you know 2nd so hanif out saying. just legalizing marijuana will help mexico with its drunk on tell and drug go ahead you have. i mean there are there is some basic economics in this and
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now argument which which my 2 colleagues will already know marijuana has long stopped being the cash cow that it was the cartels 20 years ago you know as we've seen state level legalization happen in the united states a black market continues to exist and mexico used to be the biggest supplier of illegal marijuana to americans but as you can now buy your illegal weed of all strengths and sizes and flavors in the u.s. the demand for matt meagher up for mexico has gone down i took a brief look at the customs and border patrol see just before we came online in 2013 i was teasing or going to 1000000 pounds of marijuana at the u.s. borders per year and that's dropped to a quarter of a 1000000 this year so you know as you mention these are wholly drug trafficking organizations and increasingly we're also seeing
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a drop in the in the demand for heroin paste and there's been a sperry very important switch to synthetics both in terms of what the drug trafficking organizations are producing and what people are consuming not talking about spencer now which is killing more americans in the united states than any other drug i'm talking about methamphetamine which is a huge hillary ited states and increasingly a problem in mexico and this is where a lot of the organizations are start focus their energies on in terms of drugs as well as obviously cocaine but but marijuana has long believed in. and probably the least important part their portfolio so i feel like ok let's take those revenues away from them and that's grey and like like you know and i absolutely support the end of prohibition of read any of your ass tax there and you can regulate it but but just marijuana i think it's not even going to make a dent i'm sorry but a pessimistic or exams or virals i becomes
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a buoy bigger than those i mean. this is a 1st step towards regularizing over regulating all drugs i think what we shouldn't just do this is that we need to open to discussion and not one is a 1st step but by definition i mean anything that we leave in the context of prohibition is something that they organized crime will be very happy to organize and to keep for themselves so the discussion here doesn't end with what you want it starts with what he wants and he should go onto every single substance the state should have never relinquished control of this substances as it does for example regulate tobacco or alcohol or medicine it needs to regulate everything because anything that the state does not regulate it is regulated but it's a real it regulated by you're going to strike which then fuels their all their activities by monopolizing the economy of the market so there you see those funds to diversify into other very significant activities you know i was referring to so they they don't need to leverage their rights are quite they have already been
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diverted what we need to stop is their economic power that allows them to have so much dominance you know all of those other activities and body one i get is a 1st step towards a long term process we take and vacates to get to where we are today if you don't take a few years to improve things but and then we start working in that direction we'll just see more dramatic events like those in the last week i'm glad you raised that in the 1st place because so many people are in line or i think in the same thing this is james who's watching live and you tube he seems has laughed out loud it's the it's the cocaine that is worth the money and the end that it means another person writing and watching life and as the big problem is really not associated with marijuana it's more like methamphetamines and cocaine so several people on the same wavelength but i thought here your answer to that one so keeping that in mind i want to play a video comment from someone else this is a lot of smoke or make she's a chair in mexico us for lesions at a university here in the u.s. syracuse and you know i don't give this to you here's her thought. the
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decriminalization of marijuana in mexico won't actually do much to alleviate the current security crisis south of the border the majority of drugs are actually consumed by those outside of mexico and tellingly the united states and on top of that the decriminalization of marijuana doesn't address issues of corruption impunity and we saw those on display this past week in mexico with a series of massacres in places such as and truck on and get randall and most telling in the capture and subsequent release of the son of the chopper guzman in the streets of qui a kind in scene alone on thursday so all of this goes to show that the stew criminalization is basically a band-aid and it doesn't address the root causes of what's driving mexico to be so violent today you know and what do you make of that and how to then address the root causes of this so i differ with somebody who's ideas are we have to remember that marijuana even if the amount of marijuana going to the united states has been
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reduced we still have. reduced by drug cartels go to the united states as we speak so there is still people who are buying cannabis by we in texas you pay $20.00 for that $20.00 go to a drug cartel that body is going to mexico that is used to buy guns that is used to pay off fast the ins look carried out horrific murder and i mean we've all heard the numbers but the humanitarian catastrophe is when you have mass graves with 250 bodies where you have many red parents crying that quantified that this appeared to good because the capacity needs to be addressed now to study that which is a band that i didn't agree with it's not going to solve all the problems this is a major difficult long. crisis to deal with but you have to start somewhere so if you do that i am i don't know if.
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ok look if you talk about corruption you have to deal with corruption would you do with corruption by taking away the drug money if the drug cartels are getting let's say $35000000000.00 a year from selling drugs americans you know we don't really notice that estimate them that huge amount of money to bribe police officers to bribe politicians so again you fight corruption by the same policy which one to reduce the black market drugs and the same time with you know rehab programs for americans who are taking heroin for taking crystal meth who are spending to get that feeling ever into the conversation he had about us i had that mike i had. i mean i agree with you and aunt to a certain extent but you know what i would argue is that the drug cartels in mexico are aggressive book aggressive capitalist organizations and one thing that i actually been impressed by last 2 years is how they recognized the market opportunity that the synthetic fuel expansion has off them so what you see yes
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marijuana is still a revenue stream for them but it's small and they have proved themselves absolutely capable of adapting to changes in demand drugs so i think they will quite easily replace any in any readily seems a marijuana secondly i would argue and again i'm i'm i'm citing things that was that was that. this has to be a bilateral that when you look at the violence that's playing out in mexico yes it's domestic market to recreational drugs this growing but legalizing drugs on this side of the border is only going to be you know it's only part of what has to be a huge bilateral effort if the united states doesn't start moving towards legalizing tokay methamphetamine heroin then those products will remain in there you know the high levels of demand that they are today so i would say it's a band-aid but i know that interest is this is a small step of a very hard process but i'm very certain small step is better than nothing at what
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you've said. true in a sense the u.s. has not really is already working in that direction so why should you expect that not to spread with us 30 states have some way of regulating marijuana in some cases going to work where we have no hard data supports the fact that about is a good look a lot of the oregon washington very good information as to why it is now being dealt with as what it should have been all over time which is i think related problem not a safety problem which returned or converted those into by prohibiting drugs which . you know to someone who doesn't have the time to explain or understand this this is very similar to alcohol prohibition and i know there are some critics that say you know it's different but the very basics are very similar and nobody would dispute with me that the u.s. global group vision was a good decision it was actually a devastating one and very bad work well this is very similar proven growth any
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benefit for anyone except we're going to spend so the minute we have the u.n. we were better be able to do a different direction and i think i think mexico also needs to move towards a change in culture and something because mexico is a very concerted society and to have this sort of criminalize ation and marginalize ation drugs and i think preservation is a very very important step towards that deborah as that culture changes there is a question about what to do with those who are left behind namely farmers i want to share a video comment we got from someone who wrote this piece her name is zahra and the headline of this piece you can see where she stands mexico's historic opportunity to get cannabis right and she sent us this video comment have a listen hi my name is our snap from instinct in mexico this week the mexican senate is debating how to regulate cannabis and this will include 3 access routes cultivation for personal use which has been recognized by the supreme court.
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cultivation in association and a regulated market which must put at the center the communities that have cultivated illegally and that must now have the opportunity to translate to a regulated legal market using social justice and reparations to change the conditions of our country so how best to center those communities that she talked about. i think that's been one of the fundamental tension in this in writing this bill too is trying to bring in structures and institutions that are going to bring in the impoverished farmers and the and the humble farmers in the mountains to few years have survived on marijuana and cultivation that to me is is a key part of making this work offering them alternatives to be part of this new legal industry. which will it's yet to be seen whether that's been written into the bill that would be one of my concerns last time i was in the mountains in the latter which midgley was and beggary farmers were telling me that they they could
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bear this out of marijuana that they were growing. i would i would i would bring out another concept we were talking about a cultural barriers and the like and i would dispute the fact that reality what we have been having for many years is a lack of information the reality that the government has systematically. wanted to support their drug prohibition as they got it all this you know to tell us you know life is like because of your children it's because so many think the reality is that it's never worked so the minute we have hard facts and information about what's really happening i can tell you the culture goes away the reality is we need to understand the size of the problem we don't understand the size of the solution i would i would find it very difficult for anybody to say that what happened in quebec unless there is a lot of very culture and something we're going to change i would say. that we need to have partners that's why do we want to show something to you because you
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mentioned could a con i visited deborah's instagram site and then i also i 1st had you on. twitter account and they showed very similar pictures you were talking about part of the wealthy intimately so this is not going to be a shock to you but audience when we show you. from just recently this is fun deborah this instagram feed this is for our benefit of our audience. ok and that moment was the one to look at the exact thing you think and the comments i think like the one it was like i'm losing this is this is this is real life and then let me just switch across to here this is from you on twitter and he reshad this and again could catch please have a 54 rifle mexico 50 caliber of rough life excuse me again. this is extraordinary so when you we're talking about political will only need is political will but this isn't about
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a place where the drug cartels are so powerful how spectacle will house i know. but i think political will we can change we can change the laws we can change the principle not enable the guys to buy those type of the reality is that they're not buying them because they're very patient or because they're very competitive or because they're real interpreters the only reason they can buy those weapons because they have a monopoly and prudish it gives them the right to actually be the only ones and started to cultivate and distribute and sell goods if that was regulated just as we do again with tobacco alcohol and others the matter would be different i one important thing is that we regulate things differently we don't regulate everything the same because we lit a fire and the consequences of using some type of duct is very different so sometimes you know one type of drug may be used for recreational purposes like. when there are different but you need you need to make sure that you regulate think
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differently and one of the culture has been this silly idea that we are criminalizing our trending on that we want the want to criminalize them because they have access going to the reality is they have access but we don't know what they're selling them we just know they're selling them pills of all colors we need to change that and change us for the sake of our children and do so as quickly as possible time to watch you and just like as i write into the show make a fight like i had. stowed just a toy that was a 50 caliber rifle that is accomplished about drugs about drug trafficking those 50 caliber rifles a common form of united states. evidence that people have to follow those interest gun shops with the same laws the people applying. to change you have to feed this conversation and hopefully we do see the money drug cartels off. to buy such weapons i want to close from our community with this video comment we got from want to lose a credit card data her thoughts on this moving forward. on the legalization of
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marijuana as a way to fight organized crime and violence in mexico does not going to be an effective strategy because we need to remember we're not talking about drugs or drug policy we're talking about criminal station that have diversified directv does that have access to high caliber weapons and we need to write their strategies they can adapt very fast to the needs of the market that provide for the market the drop the debt that the markets need also we need to understand this is a nice additional problem while we need to fight this problem fighting corruption and building institutions needed for this effort the perspective of one person of course many more comments online as well thank you to i guess thank you while on and depor are you hot and talking about the idea about taken eyes a mile wide and the impact it may or may not have this conversation continues or as a lot of us a monica and myself ate ice cream the next time take everybody sees it. to
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. to.
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with. brand new updates on a vast amount is a nice documentaries if i would compare the 2 onion we have in the onion the with the spots it's so hot on the scene with them from all this of the old city continues with my town to great town here in the soil learning about health by eating good as my wife i can't imagine doing something else. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when the intelligence services control much of egyptian media it becomes an
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extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already had the information they're listening post on al-jazeera. kurdish fighters are still pulling out of northeastern syria as turkish president heads to russia for talks for the at the same spot. but i'm down in jordan as out of there alive also coming up i am. back and challenges await justin trudeau in forming a new government and tell them. i. am going in bolivia
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confusion over the election.


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