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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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they're just going to. make sure. the human condition is universal. this is al-jazeera. everyone i'm came out santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera russia and turkey have reached a deal to allow kurdish backed fighters to withdraw from northeastern syria will begin joint military patrols also in the news another delay for break that boris johnson's bid to fast track his loss and leave the e.u. has been rejected by the british parliament the top u.s.
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diplomat to ukraine testifies in an impeachment inquiry and explains how the president tried to pressure kiev to discredit his political rival and the protesters in lebanon keep up the pressure on the government despite new reforms to help ease the economic crisis. hello everyone turkey and russia have reached a deal to clear out kurdish backed fighters from northern syria ankara launched its offensive in the area last week but suspended the operation following a u.s. brokered cease fire a report from step past the now in such. with only our us left off a u.s. brokered cease fire in syria russia stepped in president putin offered help to remove and this goodish vitus at the turkish syrian border together with syrian border troops was delayed we share turkey's concern about the growing threats of
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terrorism and the growth of ethnic tensions in the region these tensions and the separatist mood in recent times where in our opinion artificially created by outsiders. goodish fighters have until next tuesday evening local time to clear turkey's 30 kilometer so-called safe zone russian military police will then start joint patrols with turkish forces along almost the entire north eastern syrian border. is on the barren moving threats posed by either terrorist organization this operation in syria guarantees syria's territorial integrity and political unity we never had eyes on the country's territory and sovereignty as turkey all steps are taken in the field we have taken with sensitivity. both leaders agreed that the syrian constitutional committee should start its work on october 30 despite the current actions on the ground within insists the courts should be part of the
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political solution for syria after a long discussion with president putin not only managed to become the main power broker in syria he also gained territory for his allies syrian president assad who now gets back control over cultural border areas but we can only call this a russian success if they manage to remove and this arm goodish fighters from this 30 kilometers zone. only down will the turkish military operation and according to the russian foreign minister who spoke after the meeting put and also made it clear that for any future solution in syria the turkish and syrian government have to reach their own deal russia wants to revive the 998 agreement between syria and turkey in which syria committed to stop supporting could if fighters russia was quick to fill the vacuum left by the u.s. withdrawal from north eastern syria but by moscow's own admission achieving any
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kind of lasting solution will be a long and complicated process steps last an al-jazeera sochi. just to put it on the map for you for a bit of context this is the safe zone that anchor. it wants to create and we go along the turkey syria border 30 kilometers inside syria and those joint patrols we talked about would be 10 kilometers deep on both sides of the area running between and again the thoughts not steven fisher we spoke to the a professor at the university of california berkeley he specializes in russian affairs and says moscow has benefited from donald trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria the story is really all about russia in the united states this is a great moment for putin he has sought a foothold in the middle east and to restore at least soviet levels of russian influence in the middle east for many years this is a great moment for him because he's actually getting the united states to withdraw from positions in the middle east and then occupying those positions united states
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is withdrawing from putin also cares a lot about prestige in international relations and humiliating the united states the way he's managed to do is a big accomplishment for him and he's really rubbing it in his defense minister announced that the united states has one hour and 31 minutes to get out of syria president took the letter the crazy letter the president trump sent him and ostentatiously threw it in the garbage the united states is being humiliated by its own president who would have thought that the united states would suddenly pull up stakes and abandon its long term ally that has done the heavy lifting in the battle against isis in syria and simply leave them to be destroyed perhaps even ethnically cleansed by hostile turkish turkish forces who would think that the united states would withdraw also hastily from its bases the russian media would be in there recording pictures of you know empty soda cans left on desks and you know trucks fleeing out of town as local kurdish forces attacked them this is a total humiliation for the united states this is exactly what putin wanted of
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course. on to other news and britain's parliament has rejected prime minister barak's johnson's plan to fast track his brags that deal with the european union it means there is now little chance of the u.k. leaving the block by the date of october 31st story chalons with this report from westminster. it is as m.p.'s point out unprecedented for parliament to pass such a large and important bill so quickly yet the governments wanted its withdrawal agreement bill through the commons before the end of the week mr speaker i was incredibly concerned when i was reminded by my wife earlier today that we spent my wife and i spent longer choosing a school for then we have city bay this incredibly cool to hear on tuesday the legislation for leaving the european union was facing 2 hurdles would m.p.'s vote to give it more consideration and would they agree to the government's
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breakneck timetable the prime minister hopes he could focus minds with this warning if parliament refuses to allow the brics to happen and instead gets its way in decides to delay everything until january possibly longer is a great regret i would say that the book the bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward much as a writer may not like it we'll have to go forward to a general election 1st up would m.p.'s give his withdrawal agreement build their approval in principle so the guys have it the ayes have it m.p.'s gave it the north through to a 2nd reading a crucial victory for the prime minister the 1st time in this tortured saga that parliament has given any breaks a deal any kind of approval but glory was short lived next up was the vote on the timetable for the guys to the right 308 it's no use to the last 322 so the notorious having their nose have it once again
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m.p.'s have slammed the brakes on brakes it tonight's the house has refused to be bounced into debating a hugely significant piece of legislation in just 2 days with barely any notice and an analysis of the. impact of this bill the prime minister is the also of his own misfortune jeremy called when offered to work together to find a mutually agreeable timetable for us johnson responded by saying he was putting the bill on hold for now his do or die dreams of leaving the e.u. on october 31st look to have been dealt a mortal blow so what i was next depends on the e.u. it's been considering that letter boris johnson was obliged by parliament to write last saturday requesting a break sit extension if it grants a long 1 january or further then as we just heard from the prime minister he is
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going to try pushing for a general election if we get something shorter all more flexible then that suggests that the e.u. like boris johnson just wants to get the brakes it done. al-jazeera london the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine has wrapped up 10 hours of testimony as part of the impeachment inquiry against president obama trump democrats leading the deposition say william taylor's provided the clearest account that trump pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid and support from alan fischer. william taylor is the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine a career diplomat who served democrats and republican administrations the white house ordered him to ignore the impeachment inquiry he defied that instruction his closed door testimony may be highly damaging to president trump he was what he the white house meeting with ukraine's new president vladimir selenski was being held up until he delivered ukrainian help in investigating donald trump's political
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rival joe biden in his opening statement he said he spoke with ambassador gordon saundra and the u.s. envoy to the european union during that phone call ambassador sunderland told me that president trump had told him that he wants president selenski to state publicly that ukraine will investigate burst and alleged ukrainian interference in the 2016 election taylor said in the statement joe biden's son hunter had been a board member of a ukrainian gas company killer continued ambassador sunderland also told me that he no recognized he made a mistake by eliot telling the ukrainian officials to whom he spoke that a white house meeting with president selenski was the pendant on a public announcement of investigations in fact ambassador saw and said everything was dependent on such an announcement including security assistance while the president wasn't calling this a quid pro quo taylor suggests that's exactly what it was soliciting foreign help in u.s. elections is illegal in my 10 short months in congress it's not even noon right
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and this is my most disturbing day in congress so far a growing number of americans believe donald trump should be impeached and removed from office for the 1st time that number is more than 50 percent the president has tried to discredit the investigation tweeting all republicans must remember what they are witnessing here a lynching the president should not compare it constitutionally mandated impeachment inquiry to such. dangerous and dark chapter of american history other democrats called the lynching reference disgusting but one of the president's biggest supporters wasn't ready to be done in every since this is a mob taking over the rule of law this is fundamentally un-american and until that changes i will fight back as hard as i can in the house investigation continues largely behind closed doors there are plans for open hearing soon on impeachment
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could come before the end of the year alan fischer washington stay friends with us now from washington the editor at large at the hill and also the host of al-jazeera is new weekly politics show the bottom line nice to see a stave the sheer weight of evidence that we have now it must start to tell it must start to make a difference particularly with what we hear now today from. the ukrainian received well i think it's making a difference inside washington but that has not yet trickled down to other parts of the country we saw it really last week when members of the national security council staff fiona hill who was the president's adviser on the national council for you can't crane in russia leaked out some of the details about rudy giuliani running a shadow foreign policy and some of the concerns that john bolton had about giuliani what made this so important at that moment and it's only gotten bigger since is
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this is the 1st time republicans have criticized the president who are inside his can't not because of policy difference but policy differences but because of perceived improprieties that's what's begun to change and you're beginning to feel this heat up is this enough if you are talking about the republicans in the senate to ultimately will be the ones who decide if the president is impeached whether he leaves office or not is it's now starting to look like enough of them to turn what they might be not their position. i won't say come all that it's enough yet we see people out like senator mitt romney who is very much out there and presenting himself potentially as an alternative to president trump i think but he's been very critical i think people like susan collins the senator from maine and also cory gardner the senator from colorado are all looking as if they have serious concerns with what's going on but you just played a tape with senator lindsey graham who is sticking you know he's sort of sticking
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strong with the president but at the same time he's been very upset about the betrayal of the kurds in syria and said if there is anything beyond the ukraine phone call that is a crime he would support an impeachment inquiry so it's wobbly in other places so it's too much too early to say this is enough but certainly it's more than a week ago and on the flip side of things if we think about president trump and the white house. is he effectively digging himself a deeper hole at the moment because his attitude is to say well yeah i mean i'm going you know i want biden investigated go off to him the rest of the country sort of saying what are you saying you're incriminating. but his way to do it it's to go on the attack every time. well this president is highly unusual past presidents of the united states have gotten into trouble with what we call the coverup it wasn't the crime it was the cover up this president doesn't cover up to much that we know of he basically blurts it out on twitter says it out loud and kind of normalizes it
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away with whatever behavior is unprecedented and some would argue illegal but his normalize some of these alleged illegal acts or unconstitutional acts with his base who have not yet abandoned him so it is as someone said on my show today the bottom line he's doing it all out in the open not with the cover up and this is what is unusual about the times that we're in just briefly state as far as the impeachment inquiry goes with what the democrats are doing is there a sort of a vague timeline of what happens or is it just up to the democrats to keep calling witnesses keep building the case and then eventually at some point they move they're trying to get it done before christmas but i think that originally the democrats had an unrealistic timeline they thought they had enough evidence to move on things like the the phone call issue in the call to the president of ukraine in
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trying to withhold essentially you know hold hostage security aid unless they open an investigation into hunter biden in the biden activities in ukraine but my sense is that in all of these cases one of the things that the reality about american politics everything takes much longer than one think so i think we don't know the exact timeline what we do know is that unrealistic timeline wasn't met and that this is going to go into christmas and my bet is it goes beyond christmas steve clemons is the host of the bottom line a new discussion show next showing at 1430 g.m.t. today steve thank you i'm all thank you. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour chiller its president sends a message to the nation as the worst unrest in 3 decades threatens to spiral out of control human rights groups raise concerns about the way guinea is dealing with anti-government protesters and sport a night of drama in the champions league a full round up coming up with.
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a look at lebanon now where protesters remain on the streets despite the emergency reforms announced by the prime minister demonstrations began last week over the government's plan to impose new taxes stephanie decades reporting now from tripoli in northern lebanon. day 6 and many roadblocks remain in place banks and schools are closed across lebanon many bank machines don't have cash the prime minister's proposals for forms haven't changed the situation on the ground that are the shit people are going into the streets for their future and the future of their children in reality the political class that we have has less than nothing before this uprising if we can call it that the government tried to pick the pocket of every poor person until they were left with nothing but prime minister sad how to be has met ambassadors of various countries including the u.s. and russia as well as the arab league they welcomed the reforms but also urged him
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to address the demands of the people but what these people who remain on the streets really want is for the government to go and adviser to the prime minister had this to say the chance or the possibility for a cabinet reshuffle or something like this going this will be determined in the coming few days and it is one of the options being put on the table we drove up from beirut to the northern city of tripoli roadblocks here too on the main highway when we got to tripoli the square was starting to fill up many of those graduates everyone is on in florida but people who have read this area they're living in very horrible of institutions to see how we're living their houses. to understand. all of this will have an election system that is highly sectarian this is all the people who have been in charge for 30 years keep surviving so for me the
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most important thing right now i mean i know people are saying yes to the exam which was a bit translates to you know the big almost like the dictatorship it's because it's more about the. electoral law that needs to change and even the most important thing right now or else the same people we thought it was coming. as the sunset more and more people came. it is the night that this is where our movie comes alive not on 2nd city has traditionally been a supporter base prime minister saad had a tripoli has been neglected the majority of its people are poor there has been a huge turnout here over the last 6 days it seems the jews have had enough here the message is the same as in beirut in other cities across this country they don't want the same people who got them into this dire situation to be the ones who try to fix it stephanie decker al-jazeera tripoli north lebanon. i'm not sure where
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president sebastian pinera has announced social reforms in the hope of ending protests there that have left 15 people dead he's apologized for not anticipating the unrest and promised to increase pensions and reduce electricity and medical costs reports from santiago. another day of protests of paralyzed much of downtown something i would choose. tensions in the city remain high as thousands of demonstrators continue to flood the streets. is a professional driver he hasn't participated in the protests but he shares the prescriptions of demonstrators. i have my own vehicle and i work with dignity and abide by the law but what has that meant for me it's meant throwing my money away in tax and if i don't pay my share i can lose my house but not that big businessman they don't pay and then they get bailed out what about me to her since the weekend
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protests have continued to intensify every day it seems more sectors of society are joining in the demonstrations never that on tuesday evening chilean president. announced a national plan to improve social programs in an effort to calm the unrest. that will solve this situation often equity abuse has led to a general and since he had movement on behalf of millions and millions of chileans i reckon. and demand forgiveness for the lack of vision. social analysts like mine will get it don't believe the unrest is part of a growing movement of young people who he says are rejecting the very notion of political system. there is a commonality among that the mystery theme of calling for equality and denouncing abuse but also the possibility of a better future the perspective people have to do things are bad now but the future will be even worse for those children. apart from anger over growing inequality
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protesters have also denounced it heavy handed crackdown by police and armed forces against peaceful protesters a state of emergency and a military enforced curfew remains in effect here in the chilean capital for the 4th day in a row that means thousands of the city's residents are forced to return to their homes every day before sunset or run the risk of being arrested for curfew violations. more than 5400 people have been arrested nationwide since the start of the crisis with thousands of protesters continuing to defy curfew and declaring a national strike for the coming days that number should arise when lit up a little. so those protests in chile on the ones we saw in lebanon as well are just the latest in a series of demonstrations all over the world against unpopular economic policies think about haiti 6 weeks of violent demonstrations over economic conditions and corruption there people are calling for the president to step down there is president lenin moreno was forced to cancel proposed austerity measures after
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indigenous groups launched large scale protests thing about inflation plagues zimbabwe mass demonstrations their. fuel price hikes earlier this year and iraq demonstrations against unemployment and poor public services this month which killed upwards of $150.00 people so we've got stan boy go with us now. didn't sculler with the american enterprise institute to talk about those talking joining us on the skype from washington there's a theme here quite clearly people get upset at changes and in some cases they are successful in their projects you know look at lebanon they have actually had reforms and changes chile it seems to be happening as well but i guess the key is really that not getting to this place not getting to this position in the 1st place our governments just getting something wrong here. well there are certainly a number of governments i think worldwide that govern terribly that are exploited and done libertarian but i don't think that's necessarily were drives these these
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protests i think under one hand we're dealing with the continuing fallout from the global financial crisis as we've seen people struggle economically put it past decade or so we've seen the rise of new technologies that may make it a little easier to coordinate protests. and we you know we also need this space to be able to protest and so i don't think it's a coincidence that many of these protests are taking place in countries that have you know at these some level of democratic openness read it's not a coincidence that we see protests in on congo and that in mainland china it is not a coincidence that we see protests in iraq and that in saudi arabia. i don't think it's the very worst. situation is that really triggered these protests i think you know people need to be at these hopeful to some extent but their protests will be
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just the thing though at some point in any place in the world taxes do have to go up train fares will go up in some cases quite normal i would say things now how the government's going to be able to do the sort of thing if every time they were here the fact that they could be riots on the street. well so i do think you should think of the specific issues more as a trigger and that there are underlying levels of discontent you know driven in part by this sort of long slow recovery from the global financial crisis or other longstanding injustices so i don't think you should see this as no government can can date any unpopular measure ever again another thing that's important to remember that and that many of these issues there are people there are people voters and sometimes even protest movements on both sides i mean we've seen in western europe large protests in france in the netherlands against aggressive
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environmentalists public policies while at the same time seeing mass protests and in london for example in favor of basically the same kind of policies or you have to remember that these kind of protests are also just an important feature of how democratic decision making is done by the it's not all surely through representative legislatures ok so i take i take your point that these issues can be seen as triggers for bigger underlying problems that say that if there are underlying problems in chile and in lebanon and in haiti and all of these other countries is this pointing to something maybe not another global financial crisis but bigger problems down the road. well i don't know i think i think it does signal this can then we've seen that in in many elections all across the world that
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people seem to be disappointed in their sort of interest that wouldn't stop when politicians establishment institutions and i do continue to think that. so the relatively slow growth we've seen over the past decade is and is an underlying driver of that and you know i don't think it's that different to say vote for someone like oregon or modi or trump than it is to show your frustration in public and so i wouldn't really fit in with that broader underlying discontent. with this that within this it could. stand going to really interesting to talk to you about this putting it into some global perspective thanks for your time. still ahead for you on this news from the ballot to the streets thousands demanding answers from believe you election commission also the dam project that continues to divide ethiopia's prime minister pushes egypt to return to dialogue sport england and new zealand at the center of
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a spying round the head of their rugby world cup semifinal. hello there we've had some nice sunshine interval southern and eastern sections of china let me roll cloudy and see here on the satellite streaming further eastward some afraid going to the sunny skies initiative high but it's a fairly temporary blip but we have got more rain farther to the south and it will work its way towards the coast as we go from wednesday on into thursday so quite cloudy in hong kong by day clear skies in shanghai and once again the rain back in for calls into northern sections of there so a wet day and how i with a high of 25 degrees plenty of rain further to the south across much of indonesia particularly heavy again across into these northern western areas of borneo but
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it's not making a great deal of headway southwards over the next couple rain the next couple days these rain we've got more rain across them in a peninsula but it tends to stick across these northern sections of the sumatra now where we have got plenty of rain is across into india particularly across these western areas and further to the south very active you can see here in satellite in the last few hours the has been some flooding not surprising these rains have been in the forecast for the last few days this is culchie downing carol and you can see it will see what it's done here people trying to work their way towards the trains there is more rain in the forecast through wednesday any fact no real change by thursday i mean watching disturbance here just off the west coast that pumping that rain across the west. as a sponsor. tolerance. rewind returns with a new series. of brand new updates on the best about disease documentaries think. that needs. to. rewind
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continues with police gold millions of dollars in people's money cherish being taken in for their whole lives for money and an agent down a drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera. examining the facts of today's headlines there are protests like this one that are trying to discern and we forested areas that have been already devastated the setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the streets where they've been telling you international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform unspot. on al-jazeera.
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this is the news from al-jazeera these are the top stories russia and turkey have reached a deal that allows kurdish fighters in northern syria to withdraw further away from that turkish border under the agreement russian and turkish forces will also conduct joint patrols. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine's wrapped up 10 hours of testimony at an impeachment inquiry into don't trump democrats leading the deposition say william taylor's provided the clearest account that the u.s. president pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid. and britain's parliament has rejected prime minister boris johnson's planted fast track as the brakes deal with the european union that means there is little chance now the u.k. will leave the block by october 31st. let's go back to our top story the turkish offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria stratford has
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a look now it's exactly how we got to this point. pentagon officials democrats republicans and european leaders said the withdrawal of u.s. troops gave turkey a green light to act militarily against the kurdish and in syria. the kurdish and still have called it a stab in the back. turkish president received type has long described kurdish fighters in northern syria as terrorists but pose an existential threat to turkey. with the 8 turkish artillery and strikes began targeting kurdish positions across the border. erdogan says operation peace spring is a campaign against terrorism not the kurdish people and he's rounded on international critics him. with 3600000 syrian refugees in our country whiting to go back to their homes the european union look at yourself i repeat at the moment you cannot call or define the operation as an invasion is easy
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we could just open the doors and 2600000 refugees will seen them back to you turkish forces and their syrian rebel allies made quick gains on the battlefield declaring control of the border town of. the 14th. un an aid organizations warned of a new humanitarian catastrophe tens of thousands of civilians fled the turkish forces of bonds as the fighting intensified international pressure on turkey continue to mount european countries including germany france and the netherlands counseled weapons sales to turkey on the 14th of october the us treasury announced targeted sanctions on turkey's defense energy and interior ministers and to their respective ministries fears grew about the military operation weakening the battle against eisele when it was claimed up to 800 eisel prisoners and family members had
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escaped an s.d.f. controlled jail shelled by turkish forces. with their former us allies moving out of the turkish military and turkey back syrian rebels advancing kurdish s.d.f. items were forced to go to the syrian regime and that is the russians for help. it is a deeply easy alliance the outside government which had days before described the syrian kurds as traitors and separatists was quick to act the syrian army deployed to various positions around 35 kilometers from the turkish border russian military vehicles patrolled some of the areas in between to prevent a potential confrontation to turkish back syrian rebels and the syrian army in a letter dated october 9th trump had warned order while not to launch an operation against syrian kurdish fighters though to be a tough guy it said thought so but the 17th a u.s. delegation led by vice president mike pence flew to ankara for emergency talks and
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his traded insults and threats with world leaders criticizing his military operation no one expected a pause in the fighting to be announced today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation peace spring. in order to allow for the withdrawal of y p g forces from the safe zone. for 120 hours. president or valid that if kurdish forces haven't completely withdrawn from within the proposed safety zone by tuesday night then full military operations would continue the kurdish s.d.f. said they would only withdraw from a contact line stretching around 120 kilometers between the towns of russell and be out. over the 21st the day before the ceasefire was due to end kurdish residents of the town of spat u.s.
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military vehicles with fruit as american soldiers headed to the iraqi border leaving their one time allies behind the ceasefire is still holding the deadline tonight as per the u.s. brokered agreement for all kurdish fighters to pull out of turkey's proposed safe zone is tonight at this stage it seems doubtful whether they have withdrawn enough to prevent turkey from restarting its military campaign in northern syria charles strafford al-jazeera close to the turkish syrian border. protests in bolivia are broken out across the country often the main presidential candidate rejected sunday's presidential provisional result there was a delay in the vote counting cause confusion leading to accusations that incumbent president evo morales was manipulating the results are as appears to have 89 percent for his main rival colace massa more from john homa now in the pot.
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thousands of people have taken to the streets of uprising in the capital for libya i think they want to say hi i'm their protesting against what they see as very suspicious prices in the electoral process in bolivia basically the rocky count has been frozen a couple of times so we still don't have just the right the count of results from the believe the election that was on sunday and the suspicion for those in the over in the opposition movement is that that is hiding some sort of manipulation of numbers behind the scenes we do know as well now that one of the vice presidents of the electoral tribe you know has resigned because he says that he wasn't agree he didn't agree with that suspension of the vote with our freezing of the vote count there now the government for its part has said that they will not allow the oas that they want the oas sue to guy sation of american states so it's the binding count they're still like to go this isn't the right because this is for
5:38 am
a vote count that's on the way at the moment so it's also trying to make some sort of gestures to show that the process isn't. being manipulated but you have what a lot of people out here and we've seen that the police here are not allowing them to get any closer to where the supreme electoral tribunals and where the 1st page is actually taking place we've seen tear gas we're seeing stones for i was for days so now see how the protests develop. into. when it has been inaugurated the new cabinet of president will be daughter integrated veiled the team that is made up of more than a dozen people among them his election rival. widodo was sworn in for a 2nd term earlier this week after easily winning a 2nd 5 year term back in april. now after an election that's all prime minister justin trudeau as liberal as return to office without minority government canadian
5:39 am
politicians are offering starkly different views of the results trudeau lost support in the country's west but held onto parliamentary seats in the east and the center and have to govern with the support of smaller parties to the left of his liberal party that you lack as a latina. meeting the voters taking selfies in the day after his government was reduced to a minority justin trudeau must be both relieved and disappointed his liberal party lost parliamentary seats but not power he put a brave face on things and he spoke to the country early tuesday morning you are sending our liberal team to work to ottawa with a clear mandate we will make life more affordable we will continue to fight climate change we will get guns all of our streets and we will keep her here. when was welcomed in other countries us president trump tweeted it was
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a hard fought and wonderful victory tweets from spain's pedro sanchez and british prime minister boris johnson so they look forward to working with the new government in canada opposition conservative leader andrew scheer took a different view he said large swathes of the country had rejected policies he needed to change course so it cannot continue to attack our energy sector to kill big projects that get our natural resources around the world and that we will do everything we can to get our energy sector back on its feet and make sure that all canadians understand that when western canada succeeds all canadians succeed that may be true but in both parts of the country there are differing views the west thinks the east is stifling its petroleum based economy a lot of eastern voters favor aggressive action against climate change even if that hurts western oil production a trudeau minority government will have to seek support from smaller parties to its politike. the left making deals to get legislation through that might not be well
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received in the west it's a challenge for the opposition as well where the smaller parties it's a challenge to sort of know how much they can they can push for because i think trudeau does know that he does he can hold this sort of hammer over their heads of an election and i don't think that those smaller parties want an election candidates had minority governments before and they've been relatively stable few though have lasted a full 4 or 5 year term on average folding in parliament much sooner canadians may be going to the polls sooner than they'd hoped when they cast ballots on monday with geography and often conflicting regional interests canada's always been a tough country to govern and with a minority in parliament is justin trudeau is about to find out it's even tougher than usual daniel 0 toronto. egypt says the united states has offered to help break a deadlock with ethiopia over a multi $1000000000.00 dam project on the river nile construction is 70 percent
5:42 am
complete when it's finished it will provide electricity for ethiopia but egypt's worried the project will shrink its share of the river ethiopia's prime minister. negotiations could resolve the issue but it's also what is countries ready to go to war if necessary here's robyn kriel with more from. well just a week ago prime minister was being hailed for his peacemaking and state. and now these comments a strong warning to egypt over this is music. project that he says it is willing to go to war he said in parliament she's day that we could get millions ready but that's not in the best interests of all that. you asked about egypt saying that they will take action to kindly want you to understand is that the culture of 80. population is poor and young so if we are to go to war with other africans we can have many millions on the front line but was do not have many
5:43 am
benefits it will not benefit egypt will not benefit sudan and it will not benefit us some may have the capability of firing missiles and some may say i would bomb cairo if it is for my country and my flag but peace cannot be brought by bombing and by fighting talks over the construction of a dam project collapsed earlier this month it is prime minister is due to talk to egypt's president on the sidelines of a conference in the russia later this week european maintains it desperately needs the power generated by the sound project for its population of more than 100000000 people. a court in guinea has sentenced 5 people to up to a year in prison for demonstrating against president of the condé the convictions follow a rally last week against efforts to allow the president to seek a 3rd term security forces killed at least 10 people 2nd term expires next year and
5:44 am
he is refusing to rule out running again her separatist leaders in spain's catalonia region of repeated calls for talks with the national government and some rest began last week when 9 separatist leaders were jailed for their role in the failed independence bit of 2017. has spoken to the wife of one of them. when susanna's husband said he wanted to lead a peaceful protest they never imagined the price he might pay for seeking independence for catalonia jordi sanchez head of the catalan national assembly was sentenced to 9 years physician imprisoned 50 kilometers away susanna tells me she can only visit him twice a month but if e.o.f. . the personal price is high because my family is suffering and we will be for a long time but my husband didn't commit any crime so there's nothing for us to be ashamed of he didn't deserve prison he continues to believe in the idea of independence and the way to do it is through dialogue and referendum with the agreement of the spanish government. this was the reaction to their sentencing half
5:45 am
a 1000000 catalans converging on barcelona calling for the release of what they call political prisoners hopeful they would be heard but those protests led to street violence the worst in spain for decades more than a 100 protesters were arrested and for many that hope until the. mirror is a student they make up the majority of protesters and say they believe this is about more than just independence. or simple yes of course we are nervous we are taking unprecedented action in our city we can't just stay at home and hope other people will protest for us we are the youth this is our time to fight it's not just about independence anymore it's about justice and democracy. but another 48 percent of catalonians believe passionately in the unity of spain and support the sentencing while the politicians continue to trade angry words they've offered no
5:46 am
practical proposals about how to diffuse the standoff but gotten on site is now fully. divided probably into groups although i think there are many grays in the middle but like those supporting to stay in spain just can't vote for state level parties. but those voting for catalonia prime dependents parties also would sanction very there's if they went to negotiate i'm since like this is taking place every day now in barcelona while it is very peaceful it is disruptive this is normally one of the city's busiest streets but these demonstrators say they are going to go anywhere until their leaders sit down. with the general election just 3 weeks away the government is now focused on campaigning and engaging in a dialogue charlie and others there barcelona. bangladesh has announced plans to start relocating ranger refugees over the next 2 months the 1st $350.00 families living in cox's bazaar which is the world's largest refugee settlement will be
5:47 am
moved to the island of bus one char a further 100000 people will be moved in phases but the u.n. and human rights groups say the island is prone to flooding more than $700000.00 range and live in bangladesh after the violent crackdown in me and ma in august 27th team. autonomy bosnia's cut off water to an overcrowded refugee camp local officials say it's an attempt to pressure the government into relocating thousands of people aid agencies that are calling it in humane the support from the mohamad. is the 2nd day without clean water for around 2000 migrants and refugees living in camp near the north west bosnian city of b. hunch local authorities cut the supply on monday they want to the central government to relocate these people but some local residents are taking matters into their own hands trying to help the migrants how can you not provide the water to these people and you have to get huling that the voter has been cut off from the
5:48 am
can and no one is sending it from they come looking for of water so i have to give it to them the 1st water tank arrived at noon some rushed to quench their thirst and others to bathe but poor hygiene and the campus posing a risk to many getting infectious diseases. through a month ago we had medical assistance here at the camp every day except on weekends a doctor would come every day but now no one comes here i got these wounds on my legs after i returned from the croatian border and other people have the same problem. many of the people in this camp lack basic necessities they traveled from asia africa and the middle east looking for a better life in europe from. we've had no water for 2 days in 24 hours they give you only 2 pieces of bread and a small serving of food that is not enough for 24 hours the red cross is calling on the international community for more support. and we are not only helping the migrants but also local people and we provide these people with food and water
5:49 am
they're no longer hungry and it's better security for the local community where reducing the risk of a humanitarian crisis this area has seen an influx of migrants over the past 2 years and that's raising security concerns because the site is the minefields laid in the. in the 1990 s. local authorities want to move to sentence. but say the central government has been too slow to respond. well based on our experience so far we don't expect a response from them or any assistance unless the e.u. and the european commission exert pressure the issue will not be adequately resolved with while cool to find better living conditions for these refugees the police continue to round up hundreds of new arrivals. al-jazeera. coming up here on the news are on the short list for football's prestigious awards and.
5:50 am
there are some high profile a mission. time
5:51 am
for a look at your spoke with rahul thank you one place the start of the champions league and a huge results around the great they began to istanbul to record their 1st win of this campaign just one goal in it and it was scored by a german midfielder tourney kronos in his 100th champions league parent some know the moment was in it in the dance man as they held on to that laid up the 2nd in group a now with 13 minutes to guerin cheering eventis was staring down the barrel of a home to seek to lokomotiv moscow but 2 goals in 2 minutes from now not renowned
5:52 am
are about that. rescue the nazi you've idea time in champions winning 21. the other results already through to the last 16 of the thrashing british tanks are killing him back by hattrick things rather tough with a bar in munich but they did get past n.p.r. course and big wins for the 2 english clubs tottenham and man city now the 30 man shortlist for the ballon d'or is out but most people are talking about he's not on the list p.s.g. and brazil's naima final to make the grade for the 1st time since 2010 where the shortlist is put together by france football magazine and they described the brazilian as having a black year hence his admission i started his injury and disciplinary problems plus his aborted moved back to barcelona which i united him for many p.s.g. fans were last year's winner luke a moderate also file to make that. these are some of the players that have been nominated 5 time winner and current holder of the fee for best award lino messi of
5:53 am
boss learn a short listed as if his old rival eventis forward cristiana rinaldo another 5 time winner of the ballon d'or and the july diet where he's going for his 1st award the dutch offender one of 7 liverpool players to be nominated. i don't understand really don't know too much about these kind of things we want i was in on what it means to the players and stuff like this i think when you win it it's big and i don't mean it hopefully it doesn't hurt too much but it's a very good sign but after last season what we played it's normal that a lot of players. have to be nominated north korea's been stripped of next week's i asked the cult farnell because asia's football federation want fans to be able to watch it by simply last week's bizarre world cup qualifier between north and south korea in pyongyang where there was no live broadcast and no fans all media were allowed into the stadium next week has been moved to shanghai in china instead which means north korean april 25th sports club lose home advantage against
5:54 am
lebanon's ahead. in the rugby coach eddie jones and spice things up ahead of his team's well cup semifinal against new zealand he claims someone with spying on their training session david starts as. england's players are preparing for the biggest game of the lloyds this part of training was open to the media but coach eddie jones says that was an unwelcome spectator during the closed session with the safely someone in the palm filming but motivating the japanese shane jones at mit's he used to use spice but not since 2001 because times have changed you just time they do it any moment because you see everything you hear you can watch it runs training on you chave all or whatever there is is everything yeah there's not a there's not a value in doing that sort of thing and absolutely 0 is taking on peyton so far at the world cup and were impressive in dispatching australia in the quarter finals but you zealand the world number one sided 3 time champions present
5:55 am
a far greater obstacle england have won just one of the last 16 encounters with the all blacks put up the end of the. they get now and now on things we can win there's not a pressure on us when. going to have a great lake enjoy it relax try and. enjoy this great opportunity we've got going to be thinking of the world is the looking for this world cup so that does bring some british no sign of any spies that you seen in training but plenty of rain coach steve hansen speaking before jones is spying allegations agreed with his counterpart that there's pressure but not just for his team. prying into syria. we're really. going to be pressure on burns former new zealand star israel dayak says all the pressure talk is just classic psychological warfare for jones. every talon and he's already maybe had talking them up and giving them praise and. little
5:56 am
mind games at the coaches players in the world cup when lawrence dallaglio agrees with jack and says jones is just doing everything he can to keep his players the edge on saturday this is his moment as a coach and he knows he's got to say that a capable of going you know all the way to the fall. and winning it to go all the way england have to overcome perhaps the most formidable side in world sport history the all blacks juggernaut has not lost the world cup matches 2007 and it's going to take some stopping david stokes al-jazeera in the wilds take on south africa in the other semi aiming for their 1st ever world cup final of the welsh have lost twice in the last fall most recently in 2011 to france last week there on a great run of form against the springbok star having won their last 4 encounters counts warren gatland says this is that best chance to go all the way and climb the trucks. you get these opportunities once a month and once the last time potentially. you've got to you've got to grab them
5:57 am
with both hands and make the most of it and. i think it's important we prepare well this weekend. and let the occasion take care of itself cricket indian captain of our colleagues celebrating a 12 consecutive home test series win they world number one ranked test saying completed in any winner of a south african side 3 days in the test that gives india 3 nil series whitewash and maintains their lead in the world test championship side will become a multi-dimensional team now and you know it's not one thing that you need to come to when you play against us. if the top order doesn't get runs the middle order will have a tall order scored as well we only will get a big score and the lord only wants to contribute we're taking catches dinners are brilliant fast bowlers are brilliant. the only thing we need to keep a check on is workloads and make sure that we have enough been strained to keep this culture and standard of an intricate going for us. that is always full for now
5:58 am
. and that's my lot as well thank you for the company to stop the attack with you in just a few moments with more of the day's news here on al-jazeera. strangers from across new york with a claim in common abuse at the hands of a prominent priest and i shot a road back to dance and grab hopefully handles the to stop and just so does then it's fold lines gains exclusive access to the accusers and questions the accused how long do you think the cardinal dolan will contain and protect you as more men come out in the latest chapter in a scandal that shaken the catholic church to its foundations in bad faith on a. notice
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there we really don't believe the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was the park just on would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that go to 0.
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0. every your. russia and turkey reach a deal to allow kurdish back to fight is to withdraw from ne and syria. and i missed out the attack and the physiologist their ally from tire also coming up another delay for breakfast after boris johnson's bid to fast track his law to leave the e.u. is rejected by britain's parliament. the top u.s. diplomat to ukraine testified in an impeachment inquiry and explains how the
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president tried to pressure kiev to.


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