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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this tragedy forensic specialists are taken that vehicle to tilbury docks where they will carefully and slowly and forensically remove those bodies from the back of that lorry and hope to identify them and then be able to notify the next of kin as well as being able to investigate who exactly was responsible for leading to their deaths we also know a bit more now about the movements of that lorry it was originally told told to us by police that it came in via holyhead in north wales ports and not brought up intriguing possibilities as to why it had taken such a long route from both garia its original desk its original set off point it now appears that just the tractor parts of the lorry came in via holyhead the container with the victims inside was transported via a zebra into purfleet which is just a couple of miles down the road from here arriving in the early hours of wednesday morning so just an hour before the alarm was raised it brings the timescale very
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much tighter and gives the police much more to work on this is going to be a long investigation in the short term this area behind me will be returned to those people that need to have their businesses back but the investigation into the deaths of those 39 is going to take days potentially weeks still ahead on al-jazeera facebook founder mark zuckerberg faces congress again this time to defend the launch of a digital currency. how i once again we've seen some rather heavy write in c. parts of the middle east recently and as is often the case here in this part of the world where the ground is dry we have seen some flooding this is the same in cairo actually on she's day off may we have had some disruption as a result solve the
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a wetter weather pushing through many flights cancelled once but destruction on the road what weather just lingering around cyprus that eastern side of the med as we go on through thursday that cloud actually stretches across northern parts of syria will them in central parts of iraq northern areas of iraq you see some showers longer spells of right over the next couple of days that wetter weather cloudy weather pushing a little further south as we go through friday notice by friday you could see some wet weather just pushing back towards the sinai peninsula for the arabian peninsula it is looking like a fine and dry temperatures here in a pleasant 3334 celsius over the next couple of days little bit of cloud there pushing into northern parts of the gulf could catch a little bit of right on that but otherwise it's largely blue skies or all the way but skies for a good part of southern africa as well but we have got some grey skies some cloud pushing across the southern cape at the moment the possibility of some wet weather coming in on that and that's all making its way from west to will see he sed.
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all i want to stay with my sound stay with my wife the rest internment and mass indoctrination all we got children are now in a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are tearing an australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakness tell the wild on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump says washington will lift sanctions imposed on turkey in response to their offensive in northern syria earlier this month trump warns those think terrorists have been reinstated to thank wrote does not honor its obligations that comes as russian military police begin patrols in northeast syria as part of a new deal with turkey under the agreement by presidents of the one and persian y p g fighters have 150 hours to be draw at least 30 kilometers deep into syria terrified. emergency services in the u.k. have found $30.00 bodies in a container truck in essex in southeast england a 25 year old man from northern ireland has been arrested following that discovery . israel's president has asked the former military chief benny gantz to form a new government now this comes after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed in
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his efforts to form a governing coalition in the wake of an inconclusive election it was the 2nd election this year that ended just. that's a non-pregnant president and 3rd vote will be hilled if no candidate can put the numbers together and for more on this we go to have a force that in west jerusalem very nice to have you with us what's the guarantees though that benny gantz will be able to deliver and form a government. no guarantee at all in fact according to many analysts he has at least as bad if not worse chance of doing so than benjamin netanyahu admitted defeat in his efforts on monday it is though a pretty importance of psychological and political moment for the country the 1st time in more than a decade that anybody other than benjamin netanyahu has been standing here as a potential prospective prime minister being given the mandate as it's called here by the president to try to form a government he said he was he would do so with humility and with
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a sense of responsibility and pride and an a sense of responsibility to the israeli people and he said that he would try to form as he had been saying he was going to all along a national unity government that means a government composed both of his blue and white party the largest party in the israeli parliament the knesset after last month's elections and lee could of benjamin netanyahu but the problem in the way is the same problem that was reflected in a mirror image where netanyahu is trying to make that government netanyahu does not want to step aside from the leadership of the could blue and white says he needs to do so because they won't sit in a government led by someone who as netanyahu is is facing 3 separate corruption charges netanyahu shows no sign of one who goes 2nd in a possible prime ministerial rotational deal because if he did so he'd be in a weakened position to try to fight off those charges if and when they come in the
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next few weeks so re it really we're in a very similar situation we just have someone else holding the ball and seeing if they can make a play with it and harry were sure outlining there or roads may lead to a 3rd election and historic event given there's been 2 that have been inconclusive thus far. that's right and the president riven rivlin set out a pretty admonishing tone in his remarks introducing benny gantz saying that while he was giving the mandate to gantz it was the responsibility of all of the politicians in the knesset to compromise to do all they could to avoid foisting not eventuality on the israeli people the timeline that is now set out is that guns himself has a maximum 28 days from tomorrow to try to form a government if he fails then there's a possibility that rivlin would give the mandate to the knesset itself and that
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somebody else might be tried might be able to try to muster up enough support or potentially that some other deal could happen between dance and netanyahu if the indictments come in that puts greater pressure on netanyahu at that stage so there is the prospect if ganske fails and if he just spins it out as long as he can that the situation might improve for him that more compromises could be available in a 456 weeks time harry thank you have a force that joining us live there from jerusalem one of the pentagon's top policy officials for ukraine is appearing before the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump laura cooper is likely to be questioned about the decision to freeze a 2 ukraine it's a day after the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor testified the trump made it a condition that ukraine investigate his rival joe biden before releasing the i aid or cooper's appearance comes after the defense department told congress it would
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not comply with a subpoena to provide documents related to the case but cooper was responsible for policy for russia and eastern europe including ukraine volunteered to testify she would have of missing u.s. military assistance including the $250000000.00 security package to you cried. test drive has the latest now from washington d.c. . today's testimony from laura cooper which is unfolding as we speak she is expected to be asked about the pentagon's objections to freezing that military aid to ukraine and according to yesterday's explosive testimony given by the acting ambassador to ukraine william taylor we've learned that not only was the pentagon objecting to the white house's order to freeze that aid as well as state officials and taylor himself he detailed himself as leading what appear to be the official u.s. foreign policy toward ukraine which diverged from of
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a shadow foreign policy led by the president's own personal attorney rudy giuliani and another presidential confidant or did someone who was appointed ambassador to the e.u. and taylor said in his opening statements yesterday that sunland implicated trump himself for this decision to withhold u.s. military aid to ukraine conditioned on ukraine opening a public investigation into joe biden trumps a political opponent here in the u.s. and into the democratic party. castro there from washington bolivian president evo morales says he will take measures to defend democracy and he's confident he will be declared the winner of sunday's election that have been demonstrations across the country after the vote count was frozen before the freeze it looked like a 2nd round of voting will be needed but afterwards are all as emerged on the brink of an outright win john heilemann reports. in the past believe via
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a confusing election is being disputed on the streets. and started peacefully opposition leader khaled messaged turning out the head of a march that killed a proud to the captives may now the new. tens of thousands. angry because a supposedly rapid vote count from sunday's election has been repeatedly suspended they fear that's because the government is manipulating the figures in a complete for a mistake the wording here are worse to make a final decision was it is the order he's already know is working properly were obviously there is something that is not knowing where was it wanted to reach the electoral tribunal to voice their discontent but the seemingly irresistible force in the movable object and it began to do some protests is throwing stones curtains
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of tear gas loops by police. they tried to resist ducking down lighting small fires to disperse the gas and i would ask a new gun to say ever since you are the truth is that we've never felt like this before yesterday was bad but today they're really kicking us hard in the fire smoke helps us to feel better the ballot papers proved a popular choice of fuel but it wasn't enough people are running here because 7 there are trying to block off the center there are 3rd sync with tear gas so there is a lot of nerves here was a good reason she was hit by a tear gas canister. a wednesday morning president ever more on his coupe these protests an attempt to cuckoo and said the opposition were full for the delays in the vote count. how does the coup expresses south they detain the counting process burn government buildings and regional littrell tribunals threatening elected candidates and they don't guarantee the safety of the members of the electoral tribunals. to come out and defend democracy that's what the young people also say
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that doing that means more not less complete to had gone home and now does it in the past. facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg is appearing in front of a u.s. congressional committee again this time to defend the upcoming launch of a digital currency members of the house financial services committee concerned the system could disrupt the global financial system threaten users privacy and facilitate money laundering facebook announced its plans in june to launch a crypto currency it calls liberal which could be used to pay for goods online and send money worldwide there are more than a 1000000000 people around the world who don't have access to a bank account but could through mobile phones if the right system existed and that includes more than 14000000 people right here in the u.s. being shut out of the financial system has real consequences for people's lives and it's often the most disadvantaged people who pay the highest price people pay far
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too high a cost to have to wait far too long to send money home to their families abroad the current system is failing them the financial industry is stagnant and there is no digital financial and architecture to support the innovation that we need i believe that this problem can be solved and leiber can help. she had her tansey now has more from washington d.c. . the top question he seems to be facing is well what's in it for you really outre isn't you just want to help the world's poor that hasn't been the record of facebook so far what you are doing is hoovering up everyone's information and making a huge amount of money out of it but you're saying that this is entirely separate that seems to be one of the main areas of contention this isn't going to be well for mugs are going to get us we said about this a lot of it there's always a grandstanding but there's a lot of pent up anger with facebook not just because of the potential for labor but just because of its effect on information the discourse of political discourse
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democrats still angry about alleged russian interference of the election and so on so that's the main problem you have the skepticism so suddenly you really care about the poor one congressman just said so what the world's richest man is coming here and hiding behind the world's poorest people and this is all kind of stinging stuff zuckerberg says that it was i want to do is make make the world a better place and level that financial playing field make it as easy to send money between people as sending a text message or a 1000000000 people around the world don't have access to financial services we will give it here's another message too if we don't do it china will try to appeal to that nationalistic kind of thing this is about american leadership even a liberal would be based in geneva it has to be said. she had her chance or they were secret security agencies in pakistan are preparing for days of nationwide anti-government protests they fear could trigger widespread violence the so-called independence protest is led by conservative party that's being supported by some
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opposition groups and they're calling for prime minister imran khan to resign and for new elections come on haida has more from islam about. if you're traveling from duck. province on the grand trunk road you'll be coming down day 3 crossing the end and then crossing into. the opposition party they're going to be marching from all the provinces and converging on some of the provincial governments and up on job and. are also led by the. that is the party and. of course elaborated means are being made to block. the chief ministers of the province that have been. dropped the protests that all costs. heading for another round of political instability.
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of the. last in the last election that go to elections were rigged and now he has mustered the support of major political opposition parties like the pakistan people's party led by. now why should. leaders of course are in jail right now their party will be trying. to bring it to a word georgia state of lockdown the government on the other hand is making a last minute preparations digging trenches and blocking access roads writ large. the trains are on they will just lift. and roll all eyes of course be on the opposition parties read that there is a bridge too much that kind of support their expect. their demands of course that
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the prime minister conjured resign they've already accused the government of being involved in rigging of the elections were brought them and. it is going to be a major test for the op. addition. to the part of the people really mean that their political future is going to be uncertain but if it goes they're going to be a huge challenge for emraan khan's government bridge ignored yet completed to a year and then power. up protesting their doctor dry and people are like complaining that dead nor daybreak to quote bridge writing information. very broad may bring people out of poverty but. the situation and. of course the government granted that because of previous governments who have been voting heavily but ward the people are warned in relief and nothing short of.
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this is al jazeera here are the top stories u.s. president donald trump says washington will lift sanctions imposed on turkey in response to their offensive in northern syria earlier this month he said he's temporary cease fire is now permanent but he warned the sanctions can be reinstated if anchorage is not on a its obligations early this morning the government of turkey informed my administration that they would be stopping combat and their offensive in syria and making the cease fire permanent and it will indeed be permanent however you would also define the word permanent in that part of the world as somewhat questionable we all understand that but i do believe it will be permanent i've therefore instructed the secretary of the treasury to lift all sanctions imposed on october 14th in response to turkey's original offensive moves against the kurds
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in syria's northeast border region. well that comes as russian military police now begin patrols in northeast syria as part of that new deal with turkey under the agreement by president sir. why p.g. fighters have 150 hours to withdraw at least 30 kilometers deeper into syrian territory. israel's president has asked former military chief benny gantz to form a new government now this comes after the prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed in his efforts to form a governing coalition in the wake of an inconclusive election it was the 2nd election this year that ended in a style and on preset into the 3rd vote will be held if no candidate puts together the numbers emergency services in the u.k. found $39.00 bodies in a container truck in essex in southeast england a 25 year old man from northern ireland has been arrested following that discovery
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and government protests in chile is being described as the worst to hit the country in nearly 30 years at least 18 people have been killed in the past 2 weeks. one of the pentagon's top policy officials for ukraine is appearing before the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump laura cooper is likely to be questioned about the decision to freeze i. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story. russia and turkey agreed to push kurdish forces out of the north east syria after
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a u.s. brokered cease fire expired but as washington post back is bashar becoming the region's new power broker and what are the implications for the wind middle east this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. russia and turkey are on opposite sides of the war in syria moscow backs the syrian president while support opposition rebels who want to remove the shuttle whether to science have been working more closely in recent months by some is to police have started patrols in northeast syria as part of a new deal with turkey on tuesday president vladimir putin and was a little and gave kurdish fighters 6 days to put back from the syrian turkish
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border they have breached the agreement just before the end of the u.s. brokered cease fire that's whole to turkey's military offensive in the region unclear consider the kurdish fighters to be terrorists and wants them out so it can create the so-called safe zone for syrian refugees to return. i examined by removing threats posed by the terrorist organization this operation in syria guaranteed syria's territorial integrity and political unity we never had eyes on the country's territory and sovereignty as turkey all steps we are taking in the field we have taken with sensitivity that is delay in this book we still today we share turkey's concern about the growing threats of terrorism and the growth of ethnic tensions in the region the stench use and the separatist mood in recent times where in our opinion artificially created by outsiders so let's look at how moscow has been expanding its influence in syria and the middle east in 2015
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it's central to syria in support of president bashar assad 2 years later russia began talks aimed at resolving the conflict sidelining the us moscow sale of its ass 400 missile defense system to turkey has also angered washington and driven a wedge between the 2 nato allies and there's russia's recent alliance with saudi arabia earlier this month president vladimir putin made his 1st official visit to the kingdom in over a decade. let's introduce our panel on skype in. turkey near the syrian border use of. a retired colonel of the turkish armed forces in moscow pavel felgenhauer a defense and military analyst and also on skype from oxford in the u.k. somewhere romani a researcher at oxford university a member of the discussion club
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a moscow based think tank and discussion forum welcome to you or. yourself how do you see the new agreement between. don and vladimir putin is it a continuation of what they have achieved in the past over syria particularly in the northern part of the country. person 13 and turkey is also a continued nation if the agreement or deal has been signed between united states and turkey that means that united states and russia board are very there but the concern sort of turkey about it is security concerns and the refugee concern sock it has been proved by the united states and they talk to the white b.g. forces to was out because turkey has legit the met concerns about the security and yesterday it has also been approved by the mosque or that turkey has legit the mint
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concerns or security saw them i p g forces should move to the south and never pass that through out to the turkish border security a golden opportunity puff of the should be for the russians they have been expanding their influence except for the northeastern part over syria and suddenly when the america's ports are this they saw the opening and they saw their porch in it and decided to take action. well yes this is a great opportunity and a lot has been already achieved russia's trying to be allied or have very good relations at the same time with turkey and with the white b.g. . the americans tried to do that and but they failed miserably and now they have bad relations with the y p g and better way sions with turkey at the same time so it's a kind of 0 sum game american rules this russia gains and that's
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a very important thing because it changes actually the balance though arch extent in the region with washington and what prompted talking about withdrawing that only from syria but most likely from other places and russia is trying to fill in the boots some well is this a win win situation for both took it and russia do you think the other watches and making most of the gains from this agreement. i think that compared to the u.s. he's fire him and that was last week i think that turkey is in a weaker position now with the russian navy and why because they're confined now to in terms of territorial expansion they only have 120 kilometer why thief's down grade 440 kilometers they can add before and diligence they can be she and some other areas are no longer part of the turkish your influence so i think that russia basically knowledge that the y.p. you were security threat to turkey which is not something outside of their previous
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policy because it supported the operation olive branch offensive against the french in january 2018 a change for turkey recognizing the presence of syrian government forces patrolling their border effectively turkey is partially recognizing a sad rigidity in that area so i think that overall if last territorial reach last prospects for expansion and they now have to work with the side which isn't something that's very good for him to answer is not. use of do you see this agreement as the only last chance given for turkey because initially somewhere was basically saying they were saying they would further expand their more military operation now they are confined to a particular area they're not going to go to kill bonny they're not going to be able to go to members and what kind of impact will it have on national security for turkey in the future. suppression has started this impactor
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$3030.00 has 2 goals cultic a goals none of the military operations are conducted to be taught set think a political goal the class the turkey's particular goal to keep might be cheap or source 30 kilometers south of its border sort this particular goal vill be completed bill be achieved with the agreement which has been done with the russia so i don't agree with my counterpart who says that turkey is controlling less area or less territory than it is compared to beat it is a grim and united states but let's remember that turkey has not intention to conquer your uncontrolled lanced turkey has an intention to clear 30 kilometers off the security zone from all kind of by p. g. forces so if you take a look at it from this perspective that turkey is particle goal has already been established has already been achieved if by p.g. forces read through all it is forced to 30 kilometers to the sub so i have only 8
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analysts disagree ation a cording to do not military goals and targets but the political goals are goods as you know mr advani address at the united nations also address that that he said that 35 kilometers or 30 kilometers should be free from all kind of terrorist groups so that you take a look at from this perspective turkey achieve it is goal puddle but don't just say this new agreement or something that could pose enormous challenges for russia in the near future because they will have to deal with the turks with the. with their ally but a set in and of assisting political landscape. yes that will require a lot of skill in performing inside syria bank we the russian leadership the russian military there believe that they can manage it there's as
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a great opportunity to push the americans out to get control of important areas and what has not yet been decided and apparently was not decided in such here at least we don't know it was not maybe but it's not in the published memorandum is where there's go the control of the syrian oil fields the very important strategically important syrian oil fields that were under american kurdish control in the north of the euphrates and which russia very much wanted to take control of not for itself not that we need more oil but for the syrian government per se because that would give them a source of income that they don't have and that would also help iran that was mostly financing the assad government because now they're also very short on currency free currency because of the american sanctions so right now it's not
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clear who's going to control the oil fields and barrels or and in the other parts of the former kurdish rajab. some well i mean from a took his perspective the c.f.l. the wanted out of existence a threat to the national security a myth that perspective do you have any concerns that the potential for a confrontation in that area to rick and it's time soon is that. i think it depends obviously on how the evacuation takes place i think that certainly after the operation restraint there after the trump card you know there were some syrian kurdish leaders who were talking openly about northern syria as our homeland we had control money order syria we have had the right to autonomy here and we have seen our time i mean our susan g. taken away from us by the international community by russia the united states and especially by turkey's military and so as long as those kurdish nationalist
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autonomy girls still persist i did see the kurds bring up some resistance but it appears that for now the syrian kurds have complied with the regulations that were sleeping at it if withdraw their on the process of withdrawing from that you're trying to sell i think that an immediate confrontation is not likely but in the long term as long as there's national there and there's distrust of the americans russians or turks are regime time. in northern syria it's certainly possible in the months to come use of force the endgame for turkey here is it just to establish this safe corridor or to prevent stiff fighters from being closer to the border or do you think it's the beginning of a new phase where the turks will. create the more 'd more than 4000000 syrian refugees back into the villages or into the north is a part of the of syria ok as i said before that 30 has to call to goals 'd one of them is to secure their area the other one is that is dealing with more than $3600000.00 refugees inside its country giving them how schools all kind of
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facilities and spent billions of dollars from on the it's on budget for this isn't turkey wants them to return back to the a secure song on free veal if turkey can achieve not all of them but maybe in the 1st phase 1000000000 in the 2nd phase is the 2000000 for this reason the game now is starting you know very different. striation that turkey will try to resettle almost 2000000 refugees to these secure area because that bank you take a look at to the international community no one cares about what is going on inside to care in terms of refugee crisis for this reason the turkey has to pol tical goals and the 2nd phase probably be a start not sooner than in 6 months because turkey will 1st prepare those territory in order to enable for eg good life like in the case of us as
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jobless and in the other parts of our feed in the other parts of the parts of the african area for example schools are operating hospitals are caring giving people have to care for this reason that should be lots to done the other issue that if the p.k. k. and by p. g. forces go to the south of these area probably it will also got on to the territorial integrity of the syria because by p.g. was the biggest threat together of the united states to the territorial integrity off to syria ok. reporting syrian refugees don't you see this as a more of a political issue that will have to involve both the russians and the syrian government of the end of the day. creating such as own that's going to be a housing quite a big number of syrian refugees that ran from the war but many of them ran from
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syria because they don't like i said and there's going to be of course the free syrian army that was the spearhead of the turkish invasion forces moving into northern syria and will stay in control the same area so that's kind of creating an ante asaad zone of of a lot there's going to be a big population and. apparently there's going to be armed forces on the ass of the acid won't like it of course damascus won't like it for russia maybe it's a bit of a different issue because russian perspective is much more wide there it's the entire region the standoff with the united states globally we're in this standoff maybe turkey is more important than not that if turkey can be pulled further away from nato and from america of course there's also a role for the y.p.
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g to play with which russia has a very warm established relationship with the java has an embassy actually in moscow de facto for some years so this is going to be a very complicated put a there in not only involving the northern part of syria the former a job ok so all of syria i see a point where russia will be minding its own business primarily some well as the americas are putting do you see now that and the russians most likely the to keep by as who are going to shape the future of syria with or without a political agreement i think that yes version turkey now ensconced in iraq tears and he will be in control or are going to another part of the very base of course iran actually more broadly has influence in some. in syria but he ran it cleverly them to detach itself from the core conflict over here so it criticise turkey and
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act it's not really necessary getting involved the mess it has been silent on it led largely so now the other area where this will be regarded as interlinked to the us and a suspect over the course of a 6 hour meeting it was likely discussed well. if the russians are knowledge might be easy gerty threat they will expect turkey to make similar compromises on each. and that has a couple of problems 1st of all let's ricky basically want to see that city to us not and secondly yesterday had been planned or e.c.s. now the rebel groups of russia at least hats i think the answer to both those questions are unclear and turkish influence over the rebel groups certainly as in less than advertiser in the past year you know the locust and moved from northern syria it led the anger agreement in secret in your own research into areas are the key areas and russia and europe your central in both of those areas use of it's really interesting what's happening in turkey for decades is spit on what's than acquiring weapons may live from the us nothing seems to be quite changing they're
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doing business with russia's charting a new tattoo of the russians acquiring a 400 from the russians are trying to redefine the. basic orientations of the turkish state. actually to tell the truth the rest is redefining it is border to speak to turkey to relations with the turkey because turkey has also or or for tonight states that he wants to buy an air defense missile system from the united states but united states congress for years didn't provide all got turkey is a nato ally and also you know that if you talk july that happens that crew at camp inside turkey and that main suspect all these crew especially is living inside the united states for this reason you know it states especially of course turkey to buy air defense months from the russia the 2nd issue is that although in the september
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11th attacks turkey was the 1st country to accept that united states all for the global war on terror and san carson stopped this troops and lost its soldiers inside afghanistan together with united states after the cold war b. s. turkey to tell the truth are mostly didn't see any collaboration and coordination with the united states just on the contrary to that united states and 100 soft targets of trucks full of ammunition full of that one systems and complicated weapons systems now the turkish you know the force was not used struggling inside the residence or soft rustle line and columbia in order to. explain that them and weapon systems came from united states to the turkish border we know it very well for this year isn't to say that ad is trying to reshape the turkey's foreign policy in line with russia does not reflect the real picture of the situation i
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said mast asked mr avlon to reshape your relation in between russia some. puddle we've seen the russians at the same time further testing new territories saudi arabia the u.a.e. were putting made a visit recently is he trying to build new parts of the ship with countries that were for many many decades traditional allies of the us. world the just the russian follett they oppose political game in the middle east is that pressure has a great advantage that it can speak and has a working or a way sion ships with everyone we speak and have good relations with iran and israel at the same time with turkey and. saudi arabia and egypt at the same time with turkey and their way p.g. at the same time so russia at that puts russian a very unique situation they were a position to be
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a broker that can speak to everyone and also that has assets on the ground and capabilities on the ground that make it just not also a broker but also a power broker there and that gives russia more weight than its overall no actually in the konami keep ability should actually there rife so that's a yes that and that's working out that's a very smart policy strategy that russia is running in the middle east while the united states doesn't seem to have any kind of strategy we're talking about it all somewhat it could be the whole lot of capabilities i see your point some well as hobble said this is a smart move from the russians bus. given the fact that russia does not have the financial might that the west and the americas in particular have done just see this as a gamble there could backfire in the future i think that russia is not to replace
2:43 am
the united states and the imprint of our in the middle east or in the security guarantee or orders even economic responsible reasoners their investments in development of china's human and yet russia is in direct competition with the u.s. and china after disgusting u.s. attorney but i think it's completely baseless i think what we're moving towards is the tribal interest with varying degrees of responsibility us being the primary security and her china being the primary economic can't development can guarantee an investor and russia being a diplomat that can navigate the conflicting interests of anthrax i think if russia sticks to that's where it can be very successful of course we can didn't want to marry that. with higher power and likely after lie on external capitals organizer in reconstruction after the china and some others back in diplomatic rock talking are not it has the potential to be uniquely successful and you serve if the russians decide in the future to step in trying to mend fences between turkey
2:44 am
address syria turkey saudi arabia turkey and the u.a.e. is that fine from a turkish perspective i think i can say that turkey is in the region has for more than 1000 years and he is neighboring facing forward to divest for more than again 1000 years so i don't say that turkey veal turning to face to russia turn its face to turkey is toward the space and building policy in the relationship with the best but the same time in the relation with russia but at the same time we thought not up in relation with all kind of asian countries and middle east thank you that does not mean that there is turning its face completely due to the russia but after the cold war you know that there are many different. emergency or on a limit as this question to puzzle no we're with the russians. into the opec plus the 2016 with saudi arabia where they have become very crucial
2:45 am
in. controlling the output of oil the russian using and as you to replace the americas in the middle east. well russia does see itself as a kind deaf successor to the soviet union and that does see itself when a kind of standoff with the united states not only in the middle east but then many other parts of the world around its border other parts of its borders yes russia does not have the keep a bill at these of course of going into a kind of a greek court our agreement with the with opec and primarily the saudi arabia is important that's a practical move because russia wants to maintain a stable price of whoa the saudis need it the russians need that without that the russian state would cannot function if there were force again and price very
2:46 am
magically but they're making him using energy to find if take over the entire region that's not in russia's reach i don't think anyone here in moscow has such ambition thank you it's good to talk to you public affairs we have to leave it there thank you see n.t.'s of alibaba and to somewhere ronny and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com pfoa slash a.j. it's a story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is a chain side story from the national one on the entire team here in doha i don't know.
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this is al jazeera. this is the news from dogs coming up in the next 60 minutes let someone else fight over this long blood state and sand donald trump hails the agreement between moscow and ankara on syria and lifts u.s. sanctions on turkey. israel's president benny gantz reforming the next government after rival benjamin netanyahu abandoned his being. a low i'm maryanne demasi in london with the top stories from europe including a grim discovery and southeast england 39 people found dead in a container truck and the driver has been arrested. while protesters in chile back
2:50 am
on the streets despite president been year is use social measures to reduce inequality. and i'm we harden with sports the latest from wednesday's champions league games coming up plus. the n.b.a. season has started but chinese fans are not watching a state broadcaster refuses to show games in an ongoing dispute over the hong kong protests. u.s. president donald trump says washington will lift sanctions imposed on turkey but warns ankara must on a result legations trump made the announcement at the white house this comes after russia struck a deal with turkey to have joint patrols in areas along the syrian border turkey's offensive began after washington withdrew u.s. troops from northern syria where they were assisting the kurdish led year in the
2:51 am
fight against isis. early this morning the government of turkey informed my administration that they would be stopping combat and their offensive in syria and making the ceasefire permanent and it will indeed be permanent however you would also define the word permanent in that part of the world as somewhat questionable we all understand it but i do believe it will be permanent i've therefore instructed the secretary of the treasury to lift all sanctions imposed on october 14th in response to turkey's original offensive moves against the kurds in syria's northeast border region the official twitter account of the s.d. if it's tweeted on behalf of its commander in chief general muslim he says president trump promised to maintain partnership with this de if and long top term support at various spheres with
2:52 am
a sum of binge of aid is standing by in san the if on the turkish syrian border 1st they will go to complete help get the white house in kimberley given what we've seen thus far in the criticism of president trump the critic that he's taking today how is this likely to be received well there's no question that president trump's critics in the u.s. congress are still pressing forward with legislation to try and halt their lives withdrawal of u.s. troops we should point out while the u.s. president has been packaging this as a withdrawal it's really more of a repositioning of u.s. troops is eager to keep a campaign promise as he looks toward reelection but there is no question that president by his own admission is leaving some 300 troops to guard oil fields 700 more roughly going to iraq where we know that they are not particularly wanted even on to saudi arabia but the u.s. president fighting back against his critics arguing that america's work has been
2:53 am
done and it's time for others to pick up the fight particularly when it comes to combating eisel. turkey syria and all forms of the kurds have been fighting for centuries we have done them a great service and we've done a great job for all of them and now we're getting out a long time we were supposed to be there for 30 days that was almost 10 years ago so we're there for 30 days and now we're leaving supposed to be a very quick hit and let's get out and it was a quick hit except they stayed for almost 10 years let someone else fight over this long blood state and sand the u.s. president is pressing european allies in particular to not only continue to assist or press to in essence essentially take over the effort where the u.s.
2:54 am
has been in containing eisel particularly what comes to detaining fighters bringing them back to europe for repatriation even incarceration a trial but again this is not sitting well with many u.s. members of congress who believe this is allowed russia and iran to seep into the power vacuum to underscore that they are rising in prominence and that is a concern that many believe here in the united states will affect u.s. national security that's why again they are putting in place are pressing for legislation to not only hope this withdrawal but also of potentially halt the invitation by the white house for president air to want to visit november 13th can be how could live from washington d.c. a solid binge of a joins us now live on the turkish syrian border what's critical and now is the next $150.00 days isn't that that's the extension of the cease fire with the kurdish forces are expected to pull back what does the situation look like on the
2:55 am
ground of some. well stand 150 our deadline has begun from noon to day and the president of united states welcoming that move the area that he's called long bloodstained sand essentially is the 800 kilometer long border between syria and turkey the fighting that's been going on in syria has claimed more than half a 1000000 lives essentially he this is the 1st time during hearing a world leader admit that there needs to be a movement on this and he is essentially taking steps involving all sides and what we've seen is the places that the united states has vacated russian forces has physically moved into those parts specially the city of kabbani where there were some russian military police patrols that were carried out today what we're seeing from the turkish side is that this is this agreement that happened in the last 24 hours with the russians is a welcome move according to president of the one and his team who see this as
2:56 am
a sign that they're allowing the kurds these kurdish fighters who again were allies of the united states in the fight against i salute but also seen as terrorists by turkey the united states and the euro do europeans and turkey wants them to leave it will be carrying out joint patrols in are after the $150.00 i was with the russians. to about 10 kilometers deep into syrian territory this is going to be interesting because this all of this is supposed to pave the way for the return of refugees again it is worth noting that people we've been speaking to are very skeptical about these deals they don't think that it is going to be safe for people who can return to these areas hand in hand with the russians as well as the syrian regime which has been responsible for much of the bombardment which is displace them in the 1st place and the other aspect is the kurds and the kurds who wanted to create carry carry out and create their own self administered street called the jobber have now retreated 30 kilometers back into syrian territory they're having
2:57 am
to leave all of this center. and the russians have warned the kurds that if you do not use these 150 i was just over 6 days to treat the turks are going to move in and take these areas by force and hand again a very important message coming from the s.d.f. today saying that. he has assured them that there is going to be partnership among them which is going to be. continue. and that that is the crux of this very complicated situation where the kurds are seen as being somebody who had been betrayed as well as allies in another part of the same country a summer thank you for that joining us from the turkey syria border now to israel where the president there is asked the former military chief benny gantz to form a new government this comes after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed in his efforts to form a governing coalition in the wake of an inconclusive election it was the 2nd
2:58 am
election this year that ended in a stalemate and on president a 3rd vote will be held if no candidate puts together the numbers well here in force that has the latest now from west to resume. well this is a fairly major moment in israeli politics a pretty big psychological moment for the israeli electorate looking at someone for the 1st time in 10 years who wasn't benjamin netanyahu standing next to the israeli president and being given the opportunity to form a government benny gantz the former army chief said that he would do so with a mixture of trepidation humility and pride but the trepidation is pretty well placed because the the challenges facing him in trying to form a national unity government a liberal national unity government which is what he said again this evening that he wanted to do are just as big if not bigger than those facing benjamin netanyahu whose own efforts ended in failure on monday the problem is that blue and white led by benny gantz wants to form that government with netanyahu so the could without
2:59 am
letting yahoo at its head they say they won't sit in the government led by someone who is facing 3 possible corruption indictments there is the possibility some talk of a rotational deal between dance and netanyahu but with netanyahu unwilling to go 2nd in any such deal because the prospects of trying to fight off those corruption charges are better for him in office than they would be out of office that looks very difficult as well the president riven rivlin set out in a fairly admonishing tone what he expected both of dance and every other israeli politician he said in trying to find a compromise to ensure that a government was made and that israel would avert what he doesn't want to see what many people don't want to see a 3rd election in less than a year gantz now has $28.00 days to try to form a government if that doesn't work out and there's a possibility of the knesset being given the israeli parliament a further $21.00 days to try to form some kind of a deal some kind of
3:00 am
a compromise and there might be more on the table at that stage because that is also the timeline which it's likely to see that his decision the attorney general's decision on whether to indict netanyahu or not so that could put further pressure on the israeli prime minister in those very important final few weeks. sorry force that they're from plenty more ahead on the news hour including the pentagon official in charge of overseeing defense policy on ukraine testifies before the donald trump impeachment inquiry. a disputed election triggers calls for a strike in bolivia president is accusing the opposition of staging a crew to block his victory. and a new deal it is announced for bus alone as match against madrid leader will have that and the wrist of the sports news.
3:01 am
investigation is underway in the united kingdom after the bodies of $39.00 people were found in a container truck.


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