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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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here on the news i include ing they have to agree to a general election on december 12th. britain's prime minister's office parliament more time to scrutinize his breaks it deal with one big condition. hundreds of people flee a while try rolling through california's wine country in the western u.s. and in sport we'll hear from the man in charge of world football after china unaimed host of the new club world cup. protests continue in chile despite conciliation efforts by the president these pictures were captured in the past few hours on the streets of santiago least 18 people have been killed since anti-government protests began a week ago now they began over a planned public transport price hike but have broadened to calls for economic and
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social reforms but. today i want to see a good news with my countryman today we signed into congress a bill that stabilizes the price of electricity now tricity rose an average of 9.2 percent a few days ago we want to cancel this price rise which affected almost $7000000.00 children households. backfires with his vice president of the council of the americas which works to promote free trade and democracy joins me now from mcclane in the u.s. state of virginia good to have you with us i mean a raft of economic reforms we're actually suggested by president pinera but we continue to see these riots we continue to see civil disturbances. when do you think this will ease what will it take for the president to try and kate the public at large. you know it's really tough to say the president's already tried to placate them he's even apologized and asked for their forgiveness saying that he and his government fundamentally misunderstood some of their feelings and where
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they're coming from he did announce a raft of reform social security reforms tax reforms rescind the planned hike in the transit c. and redistribution of some income etc but those reforms are going to take a while to work through the economy they haven't even been implemented yet there is simply a statement of intent and i think you know one of the genie is out of the bottle of protesters are saying well there's a lot more here than just the price of a ticket for a bus so i think they're making their voices heard when they'll go back is anybody's guess i know the president and his government are very actively trying to find a solution to the protests and get that get the folks off the streets so let's look at the potential options that are left to put it if these riots and disturbances continue are we looking at a potential full general elections in any shape will full either at the local level or at the national level. well i wouldn't say that at this point i mean chile is
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a strong democracy it has regular elections and the president whoever he or she is is not able to succeed themselves president piñera listens to the 2nd time he's been president but not you know immediately so you know chile has a strong tradition and the parties rotate in power so you're probably not going to see you know moving up elections or anything like that but having said that chile also has a very strong history of protest movements and it's a country that has a very active student movement and it's a country that has a very active left which is important in this context because the president in europe is from the center right and so there's a lot of politics here as well that i would put not just some of the economic grievances but of course chile's history is also imbedded in a very strong deep military connection and also military intervention what are the likelihoods of that if the civilian death toll the injury count
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becomes you might say too much to bear. you know this is a really important point i mean we shouldn't make the mistake that president in your had anything to do with you know the military dictatorship of the seventy's and eighty's a totally different chile but having said that there is there you know people have long memories and when they see the military in the streets when they hear of citizens dying in protests it does bring up some very bad and very painful memories and i think the government has to be absolutely mindful of that i know that they are but it does limit some of the options in terms of their response you can try to reinstall the law and order in the streets but if the perception is that it's too heavy handed too aggressive and people rights are being unfairly compromised that does bring out some of the ghosts of the past and telling chile has to be very very mindful of that very careful about that indeed for the moment eric volz with thanks very much feel time with your insights good to have you on the program again thank you thank you thanks for having me the thoughts of also broken out in bolivia
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between supporters of president evo morales and his rivals who backed his electoral opponent colace messa. has claimed victory in the disputed poll accusing the opposition of trying to orchestrate a coup critics say the vote was rigged and should be a moment where honest though insists that he has a big enough lead to avoid a runoff election. well. when you pay 98.5 percent of the official tally from the supreme electoral tribunal community that you would have done a party with 36.7 percent and the m.e.'s party with 46.83 percent we won the 1st round we would defend democracy we would defend the results there are still $120000.00 votes pending if we go down and not win with 10 percent margin we will respect the results. the president has systematically violated the constitution the one who violates the rule of law and who violates democracy through his
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qualification as an illegal candidate and promoter of fraud is president morales. well john hall is our correspondent in la paz that's bolivia's capital and john you know we just heard there from the president saying that you know he's won the election but he's happy to compete in a potential runoff a stunt victory is less than 10 percent as per the constitution it's taken time to get to that particular statement over the last few days how's it being received on the streets. let me show you a little bit about how we are being received 1 we lift up the camera because there are we can see through tears this is against the president over on the. it's going right the way down the street and there's actually not a. cause of the plaza that's the other way if we pan the camera around to see the line i believe. people are getting into the main plaza this was quite comfortably
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the biggest march that we've seen. since the elections definitely tens of thousands of people turning out and i think that people were reacting mall to the statement president raul is basically came into the press conference face conference and said good news everyone we've won the thing about the 2nd round if they have if that turned out not to be the road to surround came a bit late and that was the top line for him. saying that and now the electoral process that the vote to count is coming to an ad was it like it's going to give him the lead he needs to not take this into a 2nd round really has mobilized people there's another thing as well the opposition parties we're told that it's quite unusual for them all to come together here and they have done to support the challenger to president were released who is carlos messer of course continue discontent among the public in opposition and politicians way you are in the capital but can you sort of paint the picture for us
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across the country is what we're seeing in the capital reflected beyond its local borders. what we're hearing of there there disturbances a very it's a strike like in the santa cruz which is quite an opposition harmonising so the industrial part of the country there's a strike there there's also been protests there's been. public buildings burned in some in some different places well we're told that in 8 of the 9 different departments of bolivia there's a variation of one of those activities taking place of this isn't just here in opposing things are happening across the country of course there's parts of the country that support president morales as well this is a candidate who was the front runner coming into this election but the problem with the results and the reason that the opposition people many people here are worried about results is a directive was coming out on sunday night which was going to determine quite
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quickly the results that count was in frozen for almost 24 hours before the count was frozen it seemed like we were going to a 2nd round after that 24 hours when the count suddenly went up again it seemed like we were heading towards a straight out victory for president morale is that something that all that the opposition but also recognize a sham american states he said it is. he did and will continue to monitor events with you from a lot pass in bolivia for the moment john thank you for. the vigil has taken place in london for all the 39 people who were found dead in the back of a truck on wednesday people gathered outside the u.k. home wealth is the government department responsible for immigration police have confirmed that the dead were chinese citizens officers have been given more time to question the driver of the truck lawrence lee has the latest. the belgian and the british authorities say they've noticed
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a spike in attempts at people trafficking from belgium since the french authorities closed down the camps in cali and dunkirk and so it seems the criminal gangs are looking at belgium instead as a route to the u.k. and apparently favoring refrigerated containers to put these people in is absolutely hideous as all that sounds politicians over here are expressing their horror and same keep saying much more must be done against these criminal gangs while completely ignoring the facts as human rights organizations keep saying these criminal gangs only make a living out of this because the asylum policies across the european union absolutely terrible and the e.u. keeps trying to put up fences and stop people coming in the 1st place and that's the reason why it's so lucrative for criminal gangs to exploit people in this way just today that they often this happened east of london the european parliament in strasbourg was asked to pass a resolution to make better search and rescue facilities in the mediterranean where
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over a 1000 people have drowned this year and that resolution was defeated by 2 votes because the center right in the european parliament allowed itself to the far right to block it and so the european union says it's into human rights while maintaining a policy of trying to stop people coming in and that ultimately is the reason why the criminal gangs are doing so well and people keep dying in this way. u.s. vice president mike pence has shop to criticize china's requital trade and human rights a day ahead of another round of trade talks between the walls 2 largest economies the pencil so says that a good constructive relationship is still possible. no longer will america and its leaders hope that economic engagement alone will transform communist china's authoritarian state into a free and open society that respects private property the rule of law and international rules of commerce instead as the president's 2017 national security
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strategy articulated the united states now recognizes china as a strategic and economic rival. and i can attest firsthand a strong majority of the american people in the city and on the farm are behind president trumps clear eyed vision of the u.s. china relationship. well but pence didn't criticize china in his speech he also had strolled words for u.s. businesses and far too many american multinational corporations have kowtow to the lure of china's money and markets by muzzling not only criticism of the chinese communist party but even affirmative expressions of american values. nike promotes itself as a so-called social justice champion. when it comes to hong kong. it prefers
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checking its social conscience at the door and some of the n.b.a.'s biggest players and owners who routinely exercise their freedom to criticize this country. lose their voices when it comes to the freedom and rights of the people of china. well robert scott is the senior international economist at the economic policy institute joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program sir a lot to get through really because on one hand the america 1st policy seems to browbeat global economies that don't quite meet us needs to sort of fall into line with china it's a different ball game for the trumpet ministration how do you sort of read pence's comments in that sphere in terms of applying pressure on beijing i think really what's going on here is the. parents and the president trump are are really sending a message to their base that they're getting tough with china but in reality we
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know that they don't have much respect for free speech or human rights through all of the actions taken in this country in fact years ago the president said rice president to pens to a football game in indiana and told him to walk out if the players protested in favor of the black lives matter movement which has been protesting police killings of african-american citizens here in the u.s. just last week we had another one killed woman killed in fort worth so they really don't practice what they preach indeed of course that the main the u.s. is very specific about the areas that it is concerned about so the only international front to meet in this particular case with china is sort of trade deficits intellectual property theft and force technology transfers in the talks that are about to resume on friday i mean what can both sides do to reach an amicable agreement regardless of the other problems they face whether it be whole
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coal or free speech or whether even be. black lives matters. football players kneeling or on one knee. i think i think that the they're very focused on the commercial gains they're going to work through the benefit of both of their bases because chinese would like to get some relief from the pressure that u.s. has put on for example on companies such as war way where we've banned sales to or . the giant a telecommunications company obviously trump would like to get more sales of agricultural products and an aircraft and. they have an agreement that's going to given that it's going to give them some more access for financial services company this is going to generate profits for u.s. multinationals it's not going to do much about the trade deficit it's not going to cure. the job loss in the united states we've had growing trade deficit under trump
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perhaps because of his trade wars they have not gotten better the tactics that he's been using have not worked so far indeed of course the chinese any of us dug their heels in thinking that the 2020 election might give them a different option but indeed the chinese certainly haven't rolled over so what's the solution in the short term to keep both sides happy to a certain extent find an agreement to keep face with their own domestic audiences. well of course trump has has has threatened to raise tariffs. he's he's got tariffs already on $250000000000.00 in goods that are already being hit with a 25 percent tariff they were supposed to be at with a another 5 percent going up to 30 percent he suspended that in october when they reached the preliminary negotiation is also threaten to raise tariffs on the last $250000000000.00 for goods that we import from china those those those threaten
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tariffs are now being held off so that's an incentive for china to cooperate to cut the short term deal which is what it appears we're going to have coming out of the apec summit next month and sheila osha see what does happen for the moment robert scott thanks very much for your insight well still ahead here on the news divided over a dictator spain attempts to bury its past by moving the remains. of. the next tiger woods. hello another blast of winter is coming down through colorado you just about see it
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on the picture here it's in hans the sunder storms which are pretty vicious running up from texas through kansas and it's also picked up on the santa islands created more santa ana winds for the clear skies and dry weather and fire risk of southern california however that cold as for snow down almost the texas panhandle in the forecast and then it tends to bring cooler weather to pick up the showers the strength of the showers the intensity of them along the southern states leaving the rest draw i am not especially cold i have to say denver's back up to 17 degrees having seen snow couple of days before so i was up and really quite magnificent magnificently the rain no spreads the weather i suppose but so was great lakes was the eastern states isn't it further west nothing changes except the next thought of a bit of winter snow coming in through washington and oregon. throughout to the caribbean we've seen quite
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a few weeks of frequent light showers sometimes heavier ones that coming back towards jamaica and cuba the heavier rain is like to be still panama or costa rica but also look at mexico a good part of central mexico soaking very wet. in a world of alternative facts and truths unfiltered social media spreads misinformation unfavorable reports become fake muses fake phony the enemy of the people and press freedom is under attack. in a brand new documentary series we explore the media landscape of the future how are journalists the world over coming to terms with this new reality and finding ways to challenge mainstream misconceptions whose truth is it anyway coming soon on a. i one time glamorous picture house for the rich and famous of hollywood now shelters the poor unforgotten of downtown south alabama. carving out
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a life in the ruins of the abandoned building residents reinvent the movies and themselves escaping their reality and reliving the former glory of cinema. a witness documentary on how dizzy are. welcome back i'm still rob a reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. says it's sending additional military assets to syria 2 weeks after president trump called for all troops to be withdrawn the defense department says that helped
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protect syrian oil fields from falling into the hands of isolate fighters. and lebanon's president has offered to meet protestors to help save the country from collapse after more than a week of anti-government protests michel aoun also suggested a reshuffle was possible but added that the government should not be toppled from the streets. and concessions offered by the chilean president done little to appease demonstrators calling for reforms sebastian pinera says he'll overturn a recent hike in electricity prices and that he's heard protesters demands loud and clear. let's head to the united kingdom where the prime minister boris johnson has offered to give parliament more time to look over his breakfast agreement if they agree to an election on december the 12th is johnson's 3rd attempt to try to force this not though to break the impasse over britain's delayed departure from the e.u. opposition parties have rejected the offer earlier this week parliament voted in
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favor of johnson's boats that deal but then refused to meet his timetable of leaving the e.u. by october 31st the way to get bracks it done is i think to be reasonable with parliament and say if they genuinely want more time to study this excellent deal they can have it but they have to agree to a general election on december the 12th and that's the way forward because this policy been going on for a long time without a majority it's refusing to deliver bracks it it's impossible to deliver the dislocation it's time frankly that the opposition summoned up the nerve to submit themselves to the judgment of of our collective boss which is the people of the u.k. we've barker has more from the british capital. boris johnson is looking for a general election very much because the government feels boxed in it was forced by
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m.p.'s to seek an extension to the whole process after m.p.'s back to the moment last month were expecting the e.u. to come back with exactly how long that extension should be in their eyes you know the germans of the irish are saying that it should be as long as the 31st of january and there's some fear from the government that if it is that long there'd be so many amendments forced upon the government for instance the idea of possibly including a 2nd referendum or changes to customs arrangements the boisterousness do you would seem to be the deal that he agreed with the e.u. ceased to be the deal that appears just given a vote recently earlier this week appears to be getting more traction amongst opposition m.p.'s as well but also also knows that the arithmetic in parliament is all off that he's 45 m.p.'s short of a majority and that by putting it to the people in the form of a general election an election that he clearly feels that he can win that he will be able to rebalance the arithmetic in favor of his conservative party to get any
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deal passed comfortably in the british parliament. so to africa now where tens of thousands of people in guinea have once again were tested against the president's bed to change the lorne stay in power campaigners say they should give way to a new leader he wants to change the west african nations constitution to allow him to run for a 3rd term but people have been killed during 10 days of protests some opposition leaders have been sentenced to jail time for organizing recent protests. demanding . our 1st aim is to demand alpha condé renounce his plan for a 3rd mandate the 2nd is to demand the release of our comrade abdurahman santo and his colleagues as well as those others who were arrested and sentenced during a protest on the 14th 15th and 16th of october let's head to south asia now where indian administered kashmir has held its 1st vote since new delhi revoked at semi autonomous status nor ghost but the local body elections have been described as illegitimate and most political parties refused to take part because
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indian security forces leaving nothing to chance is voters arrive to cast their ballots at this polling station in srinagar in indian administered kashmir it's the 1st election since prime minister in iran remade the abolish the region's autonomy and imposed a security knock down 3 months ago. voting for kashmir and for my political party because it's my right to vote i'm also voting to strengthen my party they just are electing 300 council leaders but most political parties including india's main opposition congress are boycotting separatist leaders had described the election as an illegitimate exercise under military occupation the candidate such as that refused to be intimidated wrote that tact is the end but the dollar amount is bigger than the threat because when you're developing nation power zones are fly was our 2nd president of the nation so i'm one i'm among the doors. i think for me
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development is the. turnout is expected to be low in at least $25.00 councils candidates representing maids hindu nationalist b j p have run unopposed many kashmiri see the election as a cynical attempt to create a political elite loyal to the major government this election don't mean anything for the people of kashmir because people of kashmir at the moment are in a state of shock they have lost their state towards their lost it was the jewish and they have lost their flag and i would say they have in fact lost their identity for the people who are without an agent to be are being subjected to a kind of a sham exercise the indian government says council leaders will represent local communities better than corrupt state officials victoria gate and be al jazeera and 16 people have been sentenced to death for the murder of a young woman in bangladesh looser john ross he was tied up doused in kerosene and
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satellite in march after she refused to withdraw a sexual harassment complaint against the head teacher at her school police say the principal who has denied any involvement ordered her murder from prison. 300 more from the capital dhaka. one of the most sensational murder case with a verdict of 16 people today one of the fastest in the country's history what is unusual about this particular case is that a 19 year old school student. was set on fire by a classmate along with other people for filing sexual harassment complaint against a madrassa school principal now what's more unusual about the fact is that she made this statement after she got burned 80 percent of our body to our brother our brother's mobile phone which went viral in social media as well in local media and the local community leader along with local politician and police try to hype this fact and tried to prove this case this caused outrage across the nation there was
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protest rallies people wanted justice even the prime minister got involved he wanted justice to prevail and so he did today the defendant's lawyer said they will appeal this particular case in the higher court not family has been given security protection because they had been coming under increased threat from some unknown people now in bangladesh in this particular area at least 2000 cases of sexual harassment against women and girls have been fine on an average of 11 part dead this is quite a large sum this particular case one of the fosters might be a deterrent this is an issue socially has to be resolved and the code has to be much more faster and efficient in giving vibing. special extrajudicial executions the un and saudi arabia. to look killing of janice jamal khashoggi. be responsible for the murder inside the istanbul consular office in october. she
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presented a report to the human rights. saudi arabia's deputy ambassador to the united nations has defended the kingdom's actions of a man's always says accusation is not based on evidence and accused of being biased
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but there were more lima well you can buy a handmade one it is an unfortunate and a painful crime that should not be overlooked and whose perpetrators should not be dealt with lightly the kingdom is taking the necessary measures to bring those responsible to justice the public prosecutor has referred 11 people to court and his charge them now include 5 people against whom the prosecutors asked for the severest punishment trials have started several months ago a palestinian cause says part of the law used to ban some websites in recent weeks may be unconstitutional it's referred the case to a higher court prosecutors proposed to block 50 websites saying they threaten national security but opponents say it's an attack on freedom of expression the reports from. the future of nearly 50 banned palestinian websites remains unclear the public prosecution is standing by its original request to keep them blocked
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accusing them of violating a cyber crimes law it also says some of the content on the site threatens national security but journalists here say they're banned threatens the freedom of the press we asked the prosecutor's office for a response but they don't want to comment as the case is still in court but based on this current version of the cyber crimes law we might face more violations against media freedoms we fear future decisions that could affect journalists themselves and see them being prosecuted because of their writing some of the websites are news outlets that are critical of the palestinian authority and others are barely known facebook pages. palestinian prime minister in how much the year has called on the judicial system to reconsider the ban these protesters including many journalists are demanding the things they say they need stronger legal protections that will allow more access to information not less. of the perception
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that banning such websites would guarantee more security is a very old way of thinking the world is open now and it's impossible to ban people from accessing information they want to look for. the palestinian center for media freedoms documented 27 violations in the occupied west bank in the 1st half of 2019 with arrest and detentions topping the list now that this is on whether to lift the ban on these websites is in the hands of the constitutional court but some accuse the court itself of not being independent from the palestinian authority in. the occupied west bank now the latest round of antigovernment protests are underway in the iraqi capital baghdad the demonstrations started earlier this month with tens of thousands of people accusing the government of failing to deliver on its promises of more jobs and training the iraqi prime minister is vowing to reshuffle cabinet and introduce sweeping reforms more than 100 people were killed and 6000 injured during the protests. in the u.s.
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hundreds of people are fleeing a fast moving wildfire in a historic town north of san francisco it's grown to more than 39 square kilometers bringing back memories of the devastating fires that killed 44 people in the area 2 years ago and has more. the wildfire began on wednesday evening by thursday the blaze fanned by strong offshore winds and dry conditions grew to 40 square kilometers the national weather service say conditions are ripe for large and dangerous fire growth thousands of residents of being told to leave their homes as the flames spread there's a lot of work that's been done to not only outreach to our population care homes but also make sure that our fire stations our water stations our sewer lift stations are all going to be functioning to the duration of this outage rolling blackouts designed to help stop the blaze spreading or in place from the sierra foothills to poor.


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