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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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because this time iraqis are saying enough is enough and if you treat we'll never you know commandant and we'll keep working on changing or at least you know off you know in forcing the government to resign and in order to make new changes to the and report to be political system absolutely i am very optimistic about it and the people are having real you know demand to achieve that in the new year or who are in the mid to long or longer care or the target is said that a former brigadier general and iraqi army joining us from asses in virginia sarah sank you for sharing if he is with us thank you thank you. now chile's president has called for a major cabinet reshuffle in a bid to quell a week of mass protests against the government friday saw the largest demonstration in decades as 1000000 people rallied in the capital. pineda says he's heard that
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the lands of protest he says a state of emergency that's in place across much of the country will be lifted by sunday at least 1000 people have been killed in the rest which began over a hike in metro fares but has since evolved into wider frustration over social inequality. but i want to announce to all my compatriots that if circumstances allow i intend to live to the states of emergency stuff to get midnight on sunday i asked all ministers to resign in order to form a new government and to be able to respond to these new demands and to take charge of these new times on what happened and joins us live now from the capital santiago with the latest on this story i'm on a friday it was obviously a significant day we saw more than a 1000000 people march now president peña announcing a cabinet reshuffle he's doing it to try to calm the unrest has it worked so far.
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that's why barbro is a historic day here in the chilean capital you fishel estimates i believe place that final number it's somewhere around 1000000 200000 making it the largest march in the country's history people were comparing it to 988 when 1000000 people marched on the streets of the chilean capital so you know in the beginning of the end of the dictatorship of pinochet so it was a significant moment there wasn't the same violence that we saw take place over the course of the last few days today saturday was a much more festive mood here in capital people were celebrating the fact that the as you mentioned the military force curfew had been lifted the president's announcement that the state of emergency would be lifted on sunday and of course the announcement that he had. signaled to his cabinet members to his ministers to hand in a voluntary resignation this is something that demonstrators have been calling for since these protests began evolving not only in chile but in other in other cities
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and not only in such aggregate other cities across chile which again today you mentioned has this been enough to sort of calm the hearts and minds of demonstrators protesters here in the country to piers not despite that festive atmosphere that we've seen in the demonstrations today there are still clashes happening with police especially in the city of concepcion which is just south of santiago we know that there are pockets of tension pockets of violence that are breaking out something that's unfortunate that most people have been hoping would be avoided given that there's already been 20 people that have died in the context of these demonstrations which by the way is one of the biggest sources of anger here as the unrest continues in. the heavy handed response the crackdown by police and armed forces against peaceful protesters the united nations has already announced that they're sending a delegation on monday to investigate these alleged cases of human rights violations so we will be standing by for that barbara bilateral with the laces there from santiago for the moment thank you. but more still ahead on the news hour
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including protests in barcelona at the same day into violence as catalans call on the spanish government to allow an independence referendum a 25 year old is charged with manslaughter in the u.k. after 39 people were found dead in the back of a container truck and in sports misery from i say it is during the polish fires and on this mexico grand prix the state that's coming up with trouble. but 1st turkey's president has threatened to allow millions of refugees to enter europe if the e.u. doesn't support his so-called safe zone in northern syria critics fighters have until tuesday to retreat from the source you can launch a border zone if they don't rush of type at once as will relaunch its offensive to clear them out osama bin jawad reports now from calais on the turkey syria border.
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more fighting in northeast syria between kurds in turkish backed syrian rebels in videos uploaded by kurdish fighters they say they're defending their positions outside the so-called safe south of the towns of the lobby and rough terrain fighters who formed a coalition called the syrian national army or any deny they are making any territorial gains for the residents there he says 5 soldiers were wounded in attacks record as fighters were reportedly being backed by syrian government forces although no one has claimed responsibility turkish military sources accuse the kurds of carrying out 4 bombings in the last 4 days within the safe zone the fighting is happening despite an agreement for a 6 day pause forces loyal to syria's president bashar al assad have moved into towns and villages outside of the 30 kilometer boundary agreed by russia and turkey and russian military police as well as soldiers from chechnya are patrolling areas and the kurdish controlled. they're implementing the agreement under which the kurds will leave their positions inside the safe zone turkey is
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a nato member and its dealings with russia in syria have not been welcomed by many of its western allies for arriving in ankara germany's foreign minister called turkey's offensive against the kurds and invasion as did discuss. we were told the proposal on creating an international safe zone is not a realistic suggestion that's why we use the time to deal with those issues which are important for the people in syria right now the issue of what happens with the ceasefire after 150 hours and the issue of how humanitarian aid continues with those who are fleeing in syria the invision comment outreach to these leaders they say european allies don't share the burden of refugees and refused to support turkey's operation against fighters who are designated a terrorist group by the european union. apart from bilateral issues we found this a good opportunity to talk about the syrian issue as a whole i also focused on the fact that the u.s. and russia have recognized the developments in the field without peace spring
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operation there are so many imes of that operation one of them is to return the syrian refugees we need to clean the syria from the terrorist organizations. he says it safe zone is meant to create a space for refugees to return but more people have been displaced since turkey began its military operation and with syria almost 3 weeks ago the world food program says 176000 people have so far fled the fighting and if we left did nothing . to escape to save ourselves and children they provided. blankets and food but. no we dismissed. the 150. turkey and russia expires on tuesday the us president says he expects a permanent ceasefire and has warned of reinforcing economic sanctions on turkey if ceasefire violations take place but turkish president is adamant that he wants to establish the 30 kilometer deep so on inside syria to repatriate more than 3000000
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syrian refugees with or without the support of his allies solomon. a truculent on the turkey syria border. protesters in lebanon are continuing to call for the government to step down thousands of gathered across the country as part of a civil disobedience campaign widespread protests began 10 days ago amid anger over corruption and the country's spiraling economic crisis earlier security forces work to reopen major roads after demonstrators blocked highways across the capital beirut stephanie decker has the latest now from beirut. these roadblocks are one of the way the protesters are using to keep the pressure on the government now for the most part the interactions by the security forces and the protesters have been one of negotiation and been peaceful there has been an incident in the north near tripoli an area called the dowie but that had to do with one protest inside army the army trying to arrest and from what we understand from sources on the ground
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protesters opening fire but it does highlight just how tense the situation can be and how things can escalate this is a country where pretty much everyone has weapons at home these are parties the parties that are being challenge right now do have men who they can send to the streets these are concerns of the protesters but for the most part certainly things have been peaceful there's been negotiations at the moment the people refuse to leave they do however move for any kind of emergency vehicle but not for civilian vehicles and of course there are demands are the same they say it comes down to very basic principles of improving living conditions accusing this government of creating that the terrible conditions in this country. british police have charged the 25 year old truck driver with manslaughter after $39.00 people were found dead in the back of this container near london a little earlier this week it comes after a priest from rural vietnam said that he believes most of the dead were from the
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country that he reports. as the search for answers continues police say they're working day and night on the case several people are now being held one man from northern ireland has been charged with 39 counts of manslaughter conspiracy to traffic people conspiracy to assist a lawful immigration and money laundering the process of formally identifying the bodies won't start until they've been examined to determine what caused the death of the $31.00 men and 8 women the whole process is forensic the recovery process was forensic and the fact actually we have to gain so much information as we go through to make sure that we don't miss anything all of that takes time and it will continue unfortunately to take time initially local police said the victims were all chinese nationals now it's thought at least some were from vietnam the u.k. based community group b. at home says it's received photos of nearly 20 people reported missing from vietnam
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since the lorry was discovered east of london early on wednesday. this priest in vietnam says he's gazing with family members of suspected victims he get them in the night. when i learned the news of the people who died on the way to the u.k. in search of a new life not only the district again 10 but perhaps the whole country is in sorrow this is a tragedy for the whole country has to bear. british police are urging people who are in the u.k. illegally and might have useful information about the tragedy to get in touch they're promising not to prosecute them. over in belgium police are trying to find out who delivered the refrigerated container to the port of from where it set off for england g.p.s. data shows it had previously crossed back and forth between the u.k. and mainland europe instead of admitted such containers rarely get x. rayed and a never checked by heat sensors which would indicate stowaways 19 years ago 58
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chinese migrants died from asphyxiation in a refrigerated truck in southern england that had come from. experts say people in poverty will carry on taking huge risks and fueling the lucrative people trafficking trade as long as they can travel legally not certainly not something that's unique to the. all over the world there are immigration restrictions that limit betty for people to take a legal option and then they fall prey to. traffic. campaigners say hundreds of vietnamese people are trafficked to the u.k. each year often they're forced to work in slavery in nail salons or cannabis farms nadeem barber al jazeera is going to barcelona now where there is a standoff between police and protesters following a major rally in support of jailed separatist leaders the release of hundreds of thousands marched through the catalan capital repeating their demand for autonomy
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but organizers were hoping to avoid a repeat of last week's demonstrations which the send it into violence spanish prime minister peres sanchez has called the recent unrest an attack on catalan society so the gay guy has the latest from barcelona. earlier this evening at least 350000 people had gathered in the center of barcelona to demand the release of the 9 catalan politicians and activists who've been sentenced will sedition nearly 2 weeks ago after that as we have seen all week they broke off into a smaller group but still quite a huge number of them and made their way over here to the outside of the national spanish police headquarters now this is a site which has seen trouble breaking out for days now and always has been one of the points of where violent actions and activities and clashes between the police and the protesters have been taking place but of course also the tensions from that
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sentencing are still very much heightened that amman's also being made alongside more dialogue between the central government in madrid and the capital and government but in an election season where both sides of this argument are not backing down it's looking very unlikely that a dialogue in this kind of environment is going to take place. the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump has resumed after a judge dismissed republican claims that the process was illegitimate senior state department official philip recur is testifying behind closed doors at the u.s. capitol the career diplomats current portfolio includes ukraine the country of course which is central to the investigation he's expected to be asked about trump's abrupt the swiss all of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine in may. saying in the u.s. more than 1000 firefighters are battling a major wildfires in both northern and southern california tens of thousands of
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people have been forced to evacuate across the state power companies are planning precautionary blackouts with strong winds forecast for the weekend the torn again to be reports. fire is ripping through kind of fornia at opposite ends of the state in the sonoma valley wine region 130 kilometers north of san francisco a series of wildfires all out of control some started a wednesday night the flash point is still not confirmed but the state's largest power supply a pacific gas and electric say a high voltage cable malfunctioned minutes before the fire started intense wind gusts rapidly spread the flames 3 bone dry brush to homes and businesses let up most strong winds a forecast this weekend that were potentially going to see a historical wind event and it has it's highly concerned that the vulnerable areas of california could see some explosive fire so that's why we are reiterating this
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kind of vigilance that were preaching to everybody at least 2000 people have moved to safety. the way i am. but not everyone is willing to leave. well there pretty sure of walked around the corner of yesterday and told me it was mandatory right back you were. he was wrong i don't have to do anything but sit right here i want to in southern california a major fire in santa clarita north of los angeles has forced 50000 people from their homes within like 10 minutes we started to see the fire in the smoke getting darker by our house and we started packing everything because our neighbors doing it as well and then that's when our brother started shouting out to me to get in the car and we got the dogs in the car and the fire was literally on our backyard
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and it promises to be a tough weekend for hundreds of firefighters the rough terrain high winds and low humidity all hampering their efforts to stop the flames spreading victoria gate and be al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera life from london still to come medical professionals join hong kong's protest movement accusing police of brutality and excessive force now says curiosity rover snaps a stunning selfie as its scope subsoil samples and its search for signs of life on the red planet and a look at how a divided city has united behind its baseball team for the world series that's coming up in sports. and there's still plenty of sunny skies across much of the south and the east of europe but no also to the north and to the west huge amount of tide has been
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streaming into velocity as i'm bringing with it some very heavy amounts of rain the rewinds but the warnings across central regions of the u.k. that's a fairly falls moving line of rain so as we go through sunday the rain will sweep down through into northern central areas of france through the low countries and you can see generally a very cloudy picture through much of germany and to the baltics. well more rain and some snow in the fore coast into scandinavia touches all certainly coming down over the next couple of days ago some cold air coming in from the north of this but just 11 celsius a look cooler than it has been over the last few days 10 celsius in london with a fairly stiff nobody breeze plenty of cloud on monday across the central areas and some of that rain of course again could be quite heavy across the mountains now the system though still really plaguing some sections of the central med that will continue on sunday to bring some more rain. on into tunisia and there's not a great deal of movement so we could even see live of flooding in some of these
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areas particularly on monday that rain is really quite heavy and very persistent through much of tunisia and on into areas of libya as well. rewind returns with a new series. premiere updates on the banks down to 0 documentary thinking. oh please please please please. read wind continues with police gold millions of dollars in people's money jewish being taken in for a whole lot of them are going to be just down the drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera . a young fellow in before most of the wendy says and. going behind the. sky is the limit so the young girls go through
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secondary school with to be able to see and play that's one thing able to change have fun. meet the women and go no more going places when it comes to education women make change on al-jazeera. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera 2 more people have been killed during antigovernment protests in iraq taking the best toll just in the last 2 days to 44 demonstrators are angry over corruption and a lack of jobs the shia cleric that has called in the prime minister to resign china's president has called for
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a major cabinet reshuffle and says that he will lift the state of emergency that someplace across much of the country it comes a day after 1000000 people rallied in the capital santiago demanding economic reform and more than 1000 firefighters are battling major wildfires in both wars and. california power companies are planning precautionary blackout. for the weekend. rebels in indian administered kashmir have attacked and injured several indian security officials tensions in the region continue after new delhi decision to revoke the region's status in august. in fact. since this entire area cordoned off by indian security officials you can see the presence of security. many of them run inside. the
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heart of the. leading hospitals in this city. during this operation. since the. indian administration. medical workers in hong kong have joined the protest movement over what they say is an excessive use of force by police riot police have often used tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators during 4 months of pro-democracy protests. have also been fired protesters have also attacked police with petrol bombs and rocks and often. in their eyes. among these crowds are doctors nurses paramedics and other medical professionals they say they have several concerns so one of them is
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that they're not being honest to disclose to the police which of their patients were involved in the protest movement the other main concern is what they're calling the excessive use of force by the police against protesters radiographer in the hall park or hospital so. we have created a lot of citizen to house being arrested by the police after the solomons kinds of . protests. and we saw that a loss of patience has been assaulted by the poll of the hong kong protesters have 5 key demands one of them was met earlier this week when the hong kong government formally withdrew a proposed extradition law that law could have seen hong kong criminal suspects being sent to mainland china to face in the judicial system there that other main demands is an independent inquiry into what seen as excessive force used by the
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police but hong kong's chief executive has rejected this saying that one of her concerns is the reaction upon khan's 30000 strong police force they say they themselves are victims of violence they queues protesters among other things of throwing rocks and petrol bombs at police stations and not the police showed up at a high thank you thank god the holy see those are the people of course could of course. police have used what you can in tear gas rubber bullets and even live rounds against protesters not long ago hunk on screen east were finally regarded them highly respected they were seen as one of the most professional institutions in the city but over the past 5 months or protests their reputation has to tear a to dramatically. germany's oldest political party the social devil. has been voting to choose a new leader finance minister or their only one the most votes but he fell short of
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the majority needed to avoid a 2nd ballot in november the s.t.p. is currently in coalition with chancellor angela merkel's christian democrat party but many members are unhappy with the arrangement saying the party is at the compromise too much of. voters in the eastern german state of 3 meanwhile will go to the polls on sunday to elect a new parliament the vote comes just weeks after a shooting at a synagogue and it's being seen as an indicator of the future of german politics the socialist left party face a tight race with angela merkel's conservative christian democrats and the far right if the alternative for germany party but as the mccain reports now from air force if the face accusations of fuelling violence against political opponents and minorities. 1st son learn herc is the face of the air as the far rights lead candidate here he believes his hard line on immigration chimes with the people of this state and that by railing against the rights of the few he can
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win the votes of many. they allow millions of illegal immigrants to invade our social security system they hand over the work of generations to be loued it isn't millions of their own people straight into old age poverty this is a scandalous way to conduct politics and it has to be stopped 2 years ago perko called the holocaust memorial in berlin a memorial of shame and while he and his party do not condone violence against minority groups just across the state border is the city of halabja where 2 people were shot dead outside a synagogue earlier this month police arrested a 27 year old suspect who admitted wanting to kill jews and other minority groups the f.t.c. condemned the attack but other mainstream politicians believe the party's rhetoric fuels extremism the christian democrats lead candidate here says he's received death threats is very timid right wing extremists demanded i stop my election
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campaign if i didn't comply they would stab me i'm saying let's leave no room for hate violent aggression and death threats the man polls suggest has the best chance of beating the far right here believes his own far left views other way ahead border or hama law has governed the ring year for the past 5 years he wants another 5. remains the party that understands east germany's needs best the issue is constantly being challenged by those who say the f.d.a. is now the east's representative but all i can see is that all the f.t. has an offer is outreach yet there's no doubt many people in the former communist east germany feel mainstream parties have broken their promises to them so there is a general feeling that the political class is not on the proper way and this is. why so many people either hope that a left position or a right position might improve the course of german policy making if the parties of the 2 political extremes do prosper in sunday's election it will be the latest sign
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of quite how disaffected many east germans are with the situation in their country now almost 30 years since the fall of the. dominant came out 0 afterwards. 26 people have been detained following anti-government protests in kazakhstan demonstrations. were organized by a band opposition group that is critical of the government and of chinese expansion in the oil rich country a protest was also held in the new capital nor sultan the city is named after a 79 year old former president nor sultan. who stepped down in march but protesters say that the nuns are by of regime still controls key ministries and the point once they also accuse the government of corruptly selling state assets to china as part of beijing's belt and road initiative. colombians will
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head to the polls on sunday for local elections largely seen as a referendum on the government of even one year into his presidency but they're also testing colombia's political environment after the signing of a peace deal with far credible story years ago new civil society movements are gaining traction in regions once at the center of the conflict. reports there from whatever into that on the colombian pacific coast. whenever into a civil society candidate for mayor victor cheerfully greets supporters despite the need for soldiers to escort him at this makeshift dark like many of his movement the dolls' life has been tricked in by criminals consumed by us and take corruption drug traffickers platform. the risk is clear to us because i haven't heard of many interests or we defend the interests of the community and our territory we oppose big capital illegal actors and interests of international and national
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developers at times even agents of the state. would have been to the biggest sport on the pacific but it's also a largely afro colombian city ravaged by crime poverty and corruption fueled by the cocaine trade the dolls' movement grew in response to that in 2007 organized an unprecedented civic strike getting the national government to promise better health care education and basic sanitation something says the peace deal the government signed a year earlier with 5 gravels made possible. previously when you tried to start a civic movement the government would say the guerrilla took people out on the streets behind them or the rebels obviously that would end the movement and put their leaders at risk. the last 2 elections were the most peaceful in decades but now violence has returned as armed groups in powerful political interests pushed back against change one of the dolls partners was killed another seriously injured
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was assigned an armored car and bodyguards but other police haven't been so lucky 7 candidates have been killed across colombia in 69 have suffered attacks independent candidates and community leaders have been the worst affected by the return of the violence and the since the beginning of the campaign in earnest back in july threats and intimidation step spiraled nationwide affecting candidates from across the political spectrum the almost. it shows that there's a risk for independent candidates regardless of feeling left or right but worse on the left if you openly confront invested interest. but it didn't rate columbia from the rose of political violence. despite the risks be dull scum pain is running high in the polls against better funded traditional candidates for many colombia's fledgling peace agreement is an opportunity for change that can't be missed even
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when it means putting their life on the line. scientists at nasa have waited 7 years for this breast taking image from mars here it is it's a space selfie taken by its curiosity robot now the image is actually made up of $57.00 individual pictures stitched together to celebrate a big moment for the space agency it's only the 2nd time since the robot landed in 2012 that conditions were good enough for the collection of oil some of soil samples scientists know of also. been closely studying satellite imagery of imagery of a landslide on the red planet formed 400000000 years ago they had originally thought the structure could have been formed by ice further evidence of water on mars but it appears that that is not the case well francisco diego is a senior teaching fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at university
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college london which is the university that did that research and joins us in studio thank you for being here actually so this landslide that had been thought might be caused by factory a layer of light of ice underneath that's not the case tell us what we've got we cannot discount the possibility. possibly the case it could be the ice it could be frozen carbon dioxide which is that ice it could have been lose croaks and remember we are inside the valleys marinetti which is a husband a steeper slope so with these very steep slopes he's likely to have big lines i mean this is a huge lines that we're talking about 50 kilometer this i mean this is recently really massive so but we don't discount the possibility of kind of slippery on the ground surface that produces this because we do know that there is water on mars is that correct so what what significance would have you know elaine.


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