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tv   For Sardar The Afghan Journalist  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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immediate right comes not from beijing soldiers storming out these bitches is going to cause open briefly in the media i know nothing of the night. there was a member of parliament and some security committee he warns some news outlets with links to china this week push a defeatist mais each that the unification is inevitable. i worry about it very much especially in the last 2 or 3 years that i can see those media who got billions of dollars from china they tried to brainwash taiwanese people and tried to. make images on china they tried to avoid to people to know what happened in tibet and. in the course of last year we have seen the chinese is also engaged in this information campaign against various government
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institutions to create distrust in the government and to create at this trust in the democratic institutions is working. what we wore because being deeply entrenched. there is no doubt that is why gene and intense hopson minds can find here where according to the taiwanese weapons a fight and lots of mine land cash especially in the context i want to call is a former canadian intelligence officer who stepped out of the shadows are now at a high priced security and it's a huge intellectual challenge to go to try to connect the dots and make sense of what's going on. this information is certainly an area where the chinese are been very you know constant farms are called the mills that employ individual. also
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generate this information and then that and this information gets recycled by traditional media and by ones that are seen to be pro beijing and that and there is a bloodstream in darwin he's made the environment and can favor certain politicians in elections for example or. create confusion about the current leadership in taiwan the state of the economy a workability of democracy notions of inevitability when it comes to unification futility of resisting beijing and of a mass media outlet if the popular media not so yes there's a there is one major group that controls television print magazines. whose owner has been making a fortune in china i know it has been revealed that the chinese government has been funding one of the related companies order of hundreds of millions of american dollars over the past decade or so i want to name them because they have threatened to sue people who said that their beijing multis was. but a recent u.k.
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financial times investigation has 9 them the want want proof iron is of the influential china times and the c.g.i. t.v. channel. journalists working at the probably beijing outlets reportedly told the financial times it is tight old as directly from the chinese government the want one group denies the allegations. not everyone is so firing about china's influence these local communists actively welcome and. it's a big day out for as long been a fringe element of taiwanese policy. all. during decades of national law such over the despise of support for the people's republic would have ended in gyal old worse. now they're emboldened by by genes
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increasingly masculine nationalism. like. taiwan. i want to. go sentimental i wonder on. what. i. know today taiwan is a boisterous democracy and communist leader why you mean rain sees no contradiction in exercising his freedom of speech to support a regime with such freedoms and not tolerate it. was a local yokel. younger more. so you try to do your job you don't see the woman in the jungle running east until at the train you can tell you. that i
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was. blaming ram declares he be the 1st to support any communist troops that lantier. year how. many year how or going to all men. or men young hong kong or going down down. down. i. ridicule symbolism you see every way you know i. am not sure still ties homage to its founding father chiang kai shek who fought the communists for decades ok. but the days of his hard line are in taiwan a long gone. now by aging has to contend with the unpredictability of taiwanese democracy. and the freedom to protest like this tribute to the unknown tank man
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from 999 the bloody tiana main square crackdown in beijing rushed from china's official history it's a mark the milan tourists tell me. they think you are not. worth going there if you were not muslims are you the judge is how they're going to let. you go so you only go by him exists in the last leg and they go to in the end the day got saddam and one time he. says does the will go to the old. al day we all don't know yet this. you will whoa whoa what is simplify that it always does then it shows that you had a fun. by georgia so you found home. military tensions are escalating but there's a big campaign being waged on the economic front. so i know that so much of.
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our. china taiwan tried was a staggering $150000000000.00 us $1.01 taiwanese company employs more than a 1000000 workers in mine land factories making mobile phones put simply it would cost both sides a lot by jing ever went down the conflict route military drills and a right sirens can bring cities heat to a halt but for most people the threat of war with china just doesn't seem like a priority it's the hip pocket issues people talk about the economy but there is another part of taiwan where people can literally see the power of china rising in front of them and so they map the consequences of a conflict would be very real and immediate.
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this is the view from the taiwanese islands of kinman. rising up on the mainland the chinese see the. it's here that the nationalist of chiang kai shek halted the match of mouse communists repelling an invasion in 1949. but the communist threat loomed large the decades the people and soldiers here quite literally die again. drifting out from propaganda speak is pointed at the mine land the soundtrack of. the soothing melodies of taiwan's most beloved pop star intended to seduce and annoy the mind lenders. these days the volumes dial down.
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has replaced hostility and these obsolete fortifications have been soaring tourism from the night. it's a little bit high easy to die but that's china just 5 kilometers away the city of salmon millions of people china's influence he is growing really just build a pipeline to pump fresh water from the mainland to kingman now the government in beijing is offering to build a bridge linking the town taiwan's government not surprisingly has said. as relations thought in 2001 a local special status deal was struck allowing citizens from both sides to cross here easily to the land day trippers come over to stock up on duty free booze and
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cosmetics although now moving to cotyledon a result of an economic squeeze by the government. the mindless. is there is chase way are you to wander the streets of an old traditional china it's fast disappearing back home. it's the slower pace that's kept the shop by no one in cayman he's a local been to sure and he's not just from china but from its capital. what shall the sun home so well. she isn't humans or the fancy 1000 a fancy and so it's our wish others to help was on the ball itself because a war. on the simple young. days
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sure do what i will which is farm boys all of these and some wearing old cousin star some. day so he will wish i could see. the kailangan. on the mine land the idea that taiwan is an inseparable part of china is taught and reinforced from a young age walking lane says politics hasn't got in the way you been married so the. teacher is again she gotta see. she's illegitimacy you way. she can go there clank. can leave here but he's forbidding you taking time with citizenship never once to return home again. under more than. 10100 may or.
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may. go to a boy or from. well young male. there is marilyn there was a comment as trainer shows continue and i want to come up. in 1950 i'd china attempted to level the splice firing nearly half a 1000000 artillery shells in one month. can run out and live on a constant dollar no real let up in the situation and yet in this time. filing to dislodge the taiwanese the communists then shelled kinman every 2nd for 20 years. with taiwan returning fire on alternate days.
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no one seriously believes women could hold out against the might of the people's republic of china's economic might and the islands proximity to the mine land means housing one since already provided here. long lean and many other young locals now feel the hop logic of real politic that they're on home is ultimately expendable a political bargaining chip the taiwan might one day tried in return for pace with china. but don't change employer share those egos into it or. what you say. about that and they will have out there that in some form has always been that's a go see handler when she just says you. know what shows and on
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balance at the end. i've watched hong kong and sing broken promises for democracy. and you were. ha. jumbo jets and. i. but freddy lim and his fans anyway. and each year chinese pressure grubbers bringing the dilemma. to compromise with. conflicts by asserting taiwan's independence. the people are weak we have no choice we can't give up because. we don't have any
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way to escape we just have to try to protect our way of life. the bolder the magnet the tourists from around. the behind the picturesque young men. with groups in syria. investigates on al-jazeera.
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the prime minister the s. mission is to deliver british on the 31st about jodan and making this country the greatest places on a tiny departure moved in a full who've a drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. bob. he died like a dog he died like a coward. the world is now a much safer place donald trump confirms the leader. was killed in a u.s. led military raid. will analyze what al baghdadi his death means for the future of the middle east and around the world.
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hello and welcome i'm peter told me you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up people are voting in argentina to elect a new leader with president crease fate hanging in the balance. and the head of the catholic church considers overturning centuries old rules to allow priests to marry we'll tell you why. the u.s. president donald trump today announcing the founder and leader of ice or baghdadi died during an overnight raid led by u.s. military forces in syria the raid took place in the province of it live where mr trump says back that he was cornered in a tunnel where he blew himself up and died quotes like a dog barked at his body was properly identified minutes after he was killed 8 helicopters were used in the mission and there were no injuries among the u.s.
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troops involved these exclusive pictures show the aftermath of that strike where the mission took place mr trump thanked kurdish forces russia syria turkey and iraq for intelligence that proved helpful to the raid is called the killing of baghdad a great night for the u.s. and the world more now on that and here's what mr trump had to say last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice abu a car al baghdadi is dead. he was the founder and leader of isis the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world the united states has been searching for baghdadi for many years capturing or killing baghdadi has been the top national security priority of my administration
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u.s. special operations forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern syria and accomplished their mission in grand style the u.s. personnel were incredible i got to watch much of it no personnel were lost in the operation while a large number of baghdad these fighters and companions were killed with him he died after running into a dead end tunnel and he had dragged 3 of his young children with him they were led to certain death he reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down he ignited his vest killing himself and the 3 children. well during the court long news conference from
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the u.s. president told trump it became clear that of course the russians and the turks knew nancy pelosi the speaker of the house did not know she has now subsequently put out a statement saying this the house must be briefed on the raid which the russians but not top congressional leadership were notified of in advance and on the administration's overall strategy in the region a military and allies does a strong smart and strategic leadership from washington in just a few moments to some a binge of aid will join us live from on the turkey syria border 1st to washington and patty cohen so patty it looks like mr trump might have some questions to answer . well yes he again breaking norms that are basically held up through generations the president always tells the congressional leadership before a big national security thing like this happens also usually the gang of 8 as they're
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called those the top intelligence people in the congress they're told and the president made a point of saying i didn't tell it to close because congress leaks too much and there's some truth to the fact that congress does leak in general quite a bit but we're talking about the gang of 8 and the leadership these are people who have been briefed they've gone through the top security clearances we don't really see those people leak but the president said he did want to take any chances and obviously the speaker not too happy about that but she is saying what a lot of democrats are saying which is this is great that he was a threat but then they're going on to point out that i soul is not defeated or she's said didn't kill eisel it's basically what the speaker of the house was saying and that we need a broader strategy and that the world needs to know what the u.s. plan to defeat eisel the president to say it's defeated it isn't. but she says you know the proof of the fact that there is no strategy is the fact that the president broadly on twitter pulled troops out of northern syria launching that conflict
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between turkey and the kurds and that is really upset members of congress they want to see a strategy they'd like to see some sort of readout some sort of strategy from the president but he had his moment he's probably not going to take the bait on that this was something that he was clearly relishing in doing this this morning and how is this being broken down patsey on the sunday morning news channel shows. well a lot of people are saying that the the president was wrong when he said big daddy with big daddy is bigger than bin ladin because obviously pretty much every single american knew bin laden's name after 911 if not before i don't think baghdadi is quite as common a name that people your average person in the street would know the president though he wants to claim this as a win so he's trying to build him up i think one of the things that you see on the sunday shows the concern is just how much the president talked usually presidents
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come out they make a statement that's been vetted through the teligent community that's all they say they go back sometimes we hear leaks not all that often when it's special forces that were used in these sorts of raids but i mean the president we talked about they knew what day he showed up they knew what his compound looked like they knew what the tunnels looked like the flight took an hour and 10 minutes pretty much guess where those special operators are now so a lot of question about just all of the detail the president gave the other concern is the language he used and again this is a president breaking all the norms you don't see presidents do this sort of victory lap where he used language like coward and dog and he said that he died crying and he wished he could share that video then went on to say that in the forces took parts of his body with them as they left so there is concern on the shows that this is only going to serve to really fire up his supporters and again as the president likes to say eisel is dead it isn't the pentagon itself says there's probably
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$18000.00 fighters just in that region so there is concern about when they hear the sort of glee that the president took in the words that is that it could just fire them up even more to strike back patty thanks very much. al jazeera correspondent. was one of the 1st journalists to reach the scene of the raid at the moment and i was initiated this is the house targeted by u.s. helicopters and they approached the site at midnight in superior off before they stormed it one person was taken away others. killed in a car passing through was destroyed and u.s. forces also handed over 3 children to one of the neighbors and requested they take them far away and then come back after the operation was completed 7 dead bodies have been recovered so far this home was then bombed by u.s. helicopters accompanied by a recon plane in a war plane this house is it to have belonged to abu mohammed al hopi we were told by an eyewitness he bought the house 2 years ago the owner of this house was not the target the target was abu bakr i'll bug daddy as you can see the house is
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totally destroyed leveled to the ground the operation lasted for hours. let's talk to a binge of aids he's joining us live from harley on the turkey syria border so osama to listen to mr trump this was obviously a multi agency multi country operation it comes to awareness with the u.s. forces on the leading edge of what happened. but we've heard in granular detail of how the operation unfolded inside the compound but the president also thanked his partners in this operation saying that he had received help and he was thankful to russia syria iraq turkey and kurdish fighters he did say that he had received some information which was helpful from the kurds but said it was mainly a u.s. led u.s. intel operation they did not declare give out any details to anyone but it is quite interesting in the order with which he he thanked his head thanked his part as we
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heard from the kurdish general general myers doom saying that the u.s. intelligence officials were in in close contact with the kurds for about 5 months in the lead up to this operation that something that the president shrugged off and said it was a mainly u.s. intel led operation he also thanked turkey and the turkish defense ministry has come out with a statement saying that it was a an information that was given to them prior to this information you've heard from president are the one in the last few minutes as well who who said that he welcomes this development and this is going to help towards building peace in syria we've also heard from the other 2 part the parties concerned in syria russians have come out the russian defense ministry says that it does not have any specific details of what president trump said when he thanked the russians saying that they allowed him and his forces to use the area to fly over the area which they control syria also has an important partner on the ground in the shape of iran and we've also from
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heard from the iranian information minister with some harsh criticism saying that this is a creature that they have killed which was a creation of their own so it is a complex situation on the ground in syria and there russians have been saying that another death alluding to the fact that i would like a little god he has reportedly been killed before is not going to change the situation of security on the ground osama thanks very much. let's talk again to. him as associate professor of conflict resolution the doha institute for graduate studies he joins us from a studio here in abraham for i mean this seems to be a logical unpacking of this news from donald trump premise i'm wrong here is this you can kill the man you can kill the idea you can kill the ideology. that's and there's the finitely right and i think what donald trump has deferred to in his long speech commenting on this operation has been talking about the pearson talking
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about the organization he mentioned nothing about the ideology about the idea that actually which is the most dangerous part of it which is the idea that i don't agree that hasn't produced weather but that the or other there was the groups and in the region talking about the idea talking about by the images which is that they came from the root causes and the conditions of this region with its 5th of ships under development external invasions interventions and all sort of underlying causes these ideas are still there but that is gone there will be someone appointed after him as the organization did in the past when has appeared the czar was changed and then he came to power it definitely weakened the organization c.d.'s.


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