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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the money to help treat it as a slave into a kuwait latika on a tear and module a will leave out the philistine one of the genesis of via send off well i think. he did quite well much is about to let the let the who do the. letting not one defend wonderful not. lead to death at the shop and for the slain need a battalion most a salute the i'm going to be over there like a walked on samoa some do. it from the stream going to a ballot and it's none of the money they left for you i'm so both a money motive i don't know i know. that a lot of fun at her job well let the how of that into but i mean the shit that a module infamously me in a desolate for the. jets about the valley. of death or slow down her death an economic don't know for.
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a little while well well the delicate anna at interlochen did either in this but they need to see his. ceaseless looking for this lean in it if i thought that mia will let this little ha well out of. an intimate. with the money no interest and want to do them with a man you know and to kill no jealously will social media. do the job on with all the other a non-issue had not the also my journey and mr libby had told tom. and more
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a year than a bill called the infamous limit or do that to you a little pani a shot but a bit of fun to be a moment here locally infamous linea batali can learn a lot because he hung lucky enough to jump at the ball out clears the media out of the talk of the year award here on a talk radio multiple what i know on account of my darkest him at the art whisper to learn to hear him i said so what can it be a younger german outfits a lot of polo we hope and the cool. man i mean the other german is a lot of sort of what the fellow if. not no less than an afterthought. a susceptible jim in a clinical bite is the media a lot of the infamously new account of the human dr jordan in a. bad idea how the mobile orbital as well hama and was as a locum 192 i mean a minute we had the orbit 30 bob on the suburb and all is ian lee and who draw
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melissa leo will at the helm that it is about a leo are they be a lawyer no not i'm up for no but the. home of nashua there. there were. over the years interpol has been involved in a number of controversies in 200-3100 states treasury designated interpol as a so-called terrorist entity alleging it was using its charitable status to channel funds to hamas a charge that interpol and its trustees vigorously denied interparty continues to operate as a registered charity in the u.k. the charity commission the official. regulator of charities in britain has
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investigated into past several times and has found no reason to alter its charitable status within 2 years of into promptly informed accusations came out it was using the money for illegal purposes and we have challenged peace stations which have reappeared every few years on both of us if i myself of being involved with many many meetings over the years with legal representatives and officials in the british government charity commission you know what if you try and clear all name and make sure that we're still able to operate. 'd at the lity not the middle however there is a lot that we didn't. call the media. to let it to sort of mobile sort out than we had in the know but the mood is slowly he. jean freeman all took to the battell
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had the most is that. modified to have him walk up to a month in the phaeton field. just to let the knot them into how many. men did upon him and in that about rebuilt punya. about how the indian and yet the money figure went to north about moberly had he. got home or go to live in charlotte without equal am bill carroll balik and charlotte on why they . come other than most of it in our lives. hostels and or holiday comes or scene of do a lot. so there was. a merchant i know the good news. i wasn't going to say on into it with.
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the fia. of the month not that was the one that michelin. fully in linux. and. when i was and i mean they're. being measured because i'm still a little man because. it's not the sort of. the. van i had there should be a little he said he had full in mental and emotional pain in who emotionally and mostly me and i've been. home and a man with a lesbian. and but i'm just out of here then i think i'm better than mine and we're here and. i'm alone found the thought of that
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a year. but. well no not at all i just. want to. let the. thought of. what that. show a lot but with a. does it all must if you know it was a selfie in the. 'd 'd interpol has a lower public profile in mainland europe than it has in the u.k.
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while britain is the primary fundraising center for interpol and palestine is the reason receiving de lion's share of age dr uses has also linked up with a number of futile paean projects including the women's vote to gaza and egypt and . i met dr mustafa through the meetings of the international coalition of freedom and we have been working i think seen say. maybe they got us on our project in october. 2015 and here we decided to adopt the women both to gaza as a project of the mission it was suggested by a few members of the coalition. at some point we offered to the rest of the members and some of the members joined and they are
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call operating so one of these campaign sees a model of smiles where a. doctor is some stuff but those are the best thank you rather good would to do a husband who could do through a people you show let go alone won't make it easy even if destocking as it would he shall let you know it would work this is where we have to keep pushing and you see that we're living the law can't make guns he can't he get messy to peace the. message of the spike that is very strong but i have the how and the mashad the nordic know how without good feel them up the maha with it and also to look up all those i'm in a gun yonder you'll know i'm an american. well look at the get out of the look now the one when bob unordered the model in sunny. it up the ball does well but that young man had some adjustment to tell them how the english i guess out than that
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the gun at them the general dislike of the ball that kind of that them and johnny would mostly follow i know you had you been a dick but if. i close in me yet then i thought of the film and one of john up from the last punt on a move that at that he went on. a nude woman in sunny and you'll sit in with the ball those who do walk out of this out of the dominant already done put it on him enough as one put it doesn't that on a. level
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of discomfort at this listen if you know i mean i'm pretty and i mean you have to see how some of the margin it does to be a color to begin and with that. one which has that bit of the felt out of why does it to me to have to pay yeah they do not. want. to use it has developed. a close bond with gaza and its people while this is primarily due to his humanitarian mark there is another quite different connection between gaza and his home in london.
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here. in washington you know one of the use of for one of the book. movies always the woman of the from the left in a coffin the mirror on the cinema either that you know that is a pic of me because i love you but you got a way that people are for yeah but you know. this is a and i'm. going to have. i don't even know what i'm up for that. is that you know. that they don't know about their own. number that washing something with the handle of them having just joshing rented out of iraq. and leaving them in the. look you know that i was that has a for. because of the film and all of them been paying money to be with us in the.
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prima donna. on the. the have already. ready ready ready suffered. from but it you have done a lot of fun. and the other need only. well i got a jeep there you said where. back there year national center. how about this if it came in by him or not filmed on camera yeah i mean i wasn't saddam hussein who. can be the father of the family. and how happy for their. own that is dead but really i mean to safely until we were really you know we should be no i'm going to go off didn't you think of that knock on wood. well into
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cardiac henin quit the coon came about in the car than 401 and look at the folks remote from what i can see here you know joe would. rather do it when it got to be a machine that could work. well and reckon the whole of the public yes if i let you start of kind of where did the middle john. or dennis have an organ come to have to have notice or do you reckon voting for that in heaven if you have them to sell a book or. talk about what is a kind of agenda a hormone war and then i'm going to tell you that i didn't say i'm not at the end of shouting. if i do you have the you'll be difficult so you. know. and for this lenient love you claim how do you know if i be. one for this they need
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to feed how than most of us old enough to have you thought the couple. had one us about that either we're not going nuts about and he always. will but that he had been has been and. shouted at them up with a lot of we have the muscle of the. if we have been legit i know not. but. i do it will be upset more hostile than i haven't put off the old that's the beautiful idea of it that he would not that i was. one of his daddy and all of a you know what is that. we'll see about that not so with that enough and how you feel we know it all we would do it enough you had the bit at the know what i look at the clip with and. yeah i knew the real mom about. him of it what this mother must live with us an opportunist and you're. the one that my own well.
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well i haven't but i will. it will give. me an age campaigner. in part 2 we need dr shad. who as a child in syria look to the skies with curiosity and wonder today just one of their roads leading us trying to mess. better you and us of the way. to be messy and. in the. midst of. rewind to tens with a new series. running updates on a vast amount to serious documentary the sad thing. was.
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the wind continues with fools gold millions of dollars in people's money jewish being taken in for their whole lives for the money and payment down a drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera. november on al-jazeera. 30 years after the fall of the palin wall we'll be looking back at them to find that moment in history whose truth is it anyway follows journalists from around the world who are taking on those determined to modify the truth. spain will hold its own the election in 4 years after april's inconclusive vote join us for coverage a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time and turkish president added on will meet with u.s. president trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest. november on.
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a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill the person when they're suffering the father didn't have the power to do it who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and the cure is to do all. you know hope of finally laying the pos to rest and giving peace to the victims' families doesn't it if i could just find a think about i could bury his bone hunta on al-jazeera. bang. i know how he did in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president has announced that the world's most wanted man has died in a raid in syria donald trump says isolator abu bakar al baghdadi blew himself up
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during a u.s. military operation in a village in italy a province al-jazeera correspondent allied in yousef was one of the 1st journalists to reach the scene of the raid. that i get this is the house targeted by u.s. helicopters they approached the site at midnight in superior off before they stormed it one person was taken away others were killed in a car passing through was destroyed and u.s. forces also handed over 3 children to one of the neighbors and requested they take them far away come back after the operation was completed 7 dead bodies have been recovered so far this home was them bombed by u.s. helicopters accompanied by a recon plane in a war plane. argentina's president's maurizio mccrae has conceded defeat in the country's presidential election he was facing a center left candidates alberto fernandez around 85 percent of the votes being counted so far campaigning was dominated by the country's economic crisis has led
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argentina since 2015 bolivian president evo morales says his political rivals are planning a curfew in response to his reelection the opposition accuses morales of fraud after 2 vote counts were frozen the u.s. has backed calls for a review or a 2nd round election tens of thousands of people in lebanon have formed a human chain that's across the length of the country demonstrators say they want to present a unified front in their call for the government to resign it's the 11th day of anti-government protests in the country. a statewide emergency has been declared in california. control almost 200. helps spread the. say they will work with their vietnamese counterparts to investigate a 39 people dead. several people in vietnam have reported
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missing in. the trailer police are examining fingerprints d.n.a. evidence. specks have been released on bail up to date. after.
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north america has long been a phase of nations from the middle east world renowned astronomer dr shad you have 'd now works in the pacific islanders why. isn't kilometer from her birthplace in syria lived to be to much. of a speech. by then. can i really and let the scene know . her and the world he is that a woman hum chinese because i would like to not be being fashionably london.
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designer less obvious until. some self i'm seen. in this fairly free for. my will look at milan on suit a lot of b. but. by then. my dad is a friend so we're an adult so prince i waddled be false and i kind of. looked a little as old timey but spiderman the machine. let us see addicted to that. coffee. in the. can the taliban who are assessing can now how do you see in the theater out there that are right on the gulf and where i may end and in this very. focused she can read that a man could go back to me. and not my men i mean a man is
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a female now cos they can mend them and. then you can do on our own. with a clue. as your own allies shame shame had we don't succeed in can can only last us and their worth at it. madame curie the excess with the radioactivity asserted she'll be all set and no hard to sell we may be higher but 2nd the lahman should back up for to normal day and nor has. she into here are some of the she bad women oh so come on can and the stars it feeds. on it and that nicht enough so you. saw a lot because. more. underage as i could see it always had a fuse yeah but
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a subtle hardly at all bad then. fierce i felt that i can topple. so in the bottle and know and sure there have the star. but hello. earth in the past and the. 2 a half a kind of pain we hired. in the total. rejected a carrier in madison looks for different avenues of study she moved to neighboring lebanon. 'd and their community. to study for him to 6. root a word she can. use hard and in my contact funny has she been smart and to love to get up at the needs of so future. bad only bad to us but
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not for what and i are now i love to live in the us i mean really cannot be. marred again in my cap emotionally. as i see little together it's been held me who are in no. and i can. debate it and not. leave it must but must and so yes and it will fit my feeling of that a wheel that was started. so it will have built his own i definitely know enough of dr robert john allen that kill and look and on top of them is dr laura but. the new soap embellish it how are this be better to. the whole. future can be better otaku or. cincinatti be ohio or baton. what our county cable telegraph and the adult all of you only have to cincinatti
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and. know. what i can for was so she who i cannot be still in ma be very far who are thought i knew got a flea and a come out of one cut all day for a dozen eyelids i'm at cincinatti nothing amanda had funny to mom and when most of the cincinnati were blue enough. cincinnati ohio beckoned and shadier moved to the united states along with her husband and daughter she had won a coveted place on a scientific doctorate program at the university of cincinnati as the only woman in an all male department she quickly moved herself in her new surroundings. the mankind that most of. us and. syria struggle book to get an all for you have done. for you here in this one motion. and don't know
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coming to. me. come on there's a have to be tough for harley 130 star city and so with mt gox there are a democrat mark has a past colorado who were early what. i know what is that the salad bowl started up because he had. to lick. me and the mike and said unticketed i had to go to nash have this and here they are to the can was have most of it in the. lobby eat on it for we have. seen a camel a b. b. bold of headlines as a. star what can be bolder. than to stray they have. some see i bought on riyadh him an electron not
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a proton not ileum to trick. to trick us some of us but us said. joe will mala. of the title of the talk is the change in temperature of the corona and the question is will this figured out he said this or astronomers is going to. become an expert in solar wind and her interest in the sun continue to grow before long the scientists came on the radar of the national iran objects and space administration nasa. and that's just a lot of extra money who are about an altar lalla a wal-mart. markup. and been sort of a seamus the 2nd mr miller to such a show to have a kind of world mark up about. us or can it. be that mn her.
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them and will be a. group with a slot b. net that is the 2 women buy them and send us a lot of them we learn. them and. then come and buy you. know what let the sane caffie mature manasseh know bad too much a couple bought the one show and he can. muck up with the new back to annoy ad lib to list them that way but i should've. thought about the mission on fake and it's so bad here and no beef with back it was not good because you had that as a machinist and a lot of them in the seamus monk and doc will be as is a critter. still call it the how will do i can name in the huddle. i'll
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double s s e n been really count on me by then not so long that the misrule and knows how to shuffle one on sabathia so i didn't hike when the clear. to play. not nice and then come. back and i play at my goofy kind of. be able to. tell. that lesson with dudley inhalers. will hellish in ca he. can well tell you not to leave the name of the am but not actual tool to be had the bonded well had they are solidly helped with little. but can it say a one. has really been the haiti and. that's how it is will be done via the island
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and some this is not equal to what an hour listening. to consent from home so to say was sent. a bad effort. judd's. shattuck me can find this. on the anaconda to mine and latinos o.b.o. who it can and do and i'm i know much data feed me as he said. can it be diatom and i'm. stuck so we put together a system and took it to india and we were successful in gaining data from that 1st eclipse and we have gone to something like 14 eclipses there after i have continued to help her over this period of time she decides what she wants to study what. her science is and together we you know
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a collaborative effort put together and the instruments that we take to the eclipse . syrian physicists shot you have to become a truly respected dust on the mark with a global reputation. had kerry had not heard of the this is just how wise institute for us trying to meet. there she continued her research into the sciences i was son. to how does one know that i got that mystic sufi. mozart i've had listen see it's not because stupid and in the past. and she's a attitude to secular says he has some c.m.s. i don't feel. had the need to feel boxes and no feet call me on it i think he
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fuckin what headmen had.


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