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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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19 people were killed and hundreds injured in protests the began just over a week ago an issue lee over a rise in the cost of public transport which was later reversed panetta has since fired his entire cabinet and promised to introduce social reforms. in the united states california's governor has declared an emergency as multiple wildfires but out of control almost 200000 people have been ordered to leave their homes kristensen to me as the latest. wind gusts of around 140 kilometers an hour are fueling the flames in the heart of california's wine country the fire began wednesday and is only 10 percent contained putting people and property at risk dozens of structures have burned to the ground we've got rates of spread that are extremely dangerous at this point with erratic fire behavior and nearly 200000 people have been advised to leave home the largest evacuation the county has ever seen but the california highway patrol closed parts of a main evacuation route sunday morning due to 0 visibility and there's growing
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concern the fire will cross the highway to an area that hasn't seen fires in decades and as a result is covered in dense drive vegetation that area hasn't seen any fire history since the 1940 s. so that the fuels in that area are extremely dense they're extremely old and decadent and they're extremely dry the so-called kinkaid fire along with the tick fire in suburban los angeles are the biggest of several blazes plaguing california during its traditional wildfire season when high winds and low humidity make for hazardous conditions the impact stretches far beyond evacuation zones california's pacific gas and electric the utility company is cutting power to nearly a 1000000 homes and businesses to minimize the risk of power lines sparking additional fires. as many as 3000000 people could be affected the company has already filed for bankruptcy in the face of lawsuits from last year's
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wildfire season while this year's may just be getting started christian salumi al-jazeera. it will consider how long to delay breaks it at a meeting in brussels later today a member states have already accepted a delay in principle but they haven't agreed on how much extra time to give the u.k. which was supposed to leave the block on october 31st also today british prime minister boris johnson while to vote on a snap election which he wants to hold on december the 12th his hopes of brecht's it by the end of this month were dashed off the m.p.'s voted for more time to scrutinize the deal he's negotiated with the rest of the european union. still to come here on al-jazeera squeezing the mainstream even more we'll tell you about the surprise results after a state election in eastern germany. also had suffering in silence the stigma many rocking the refugee men too ashamed to talk about.
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had some very nice a summer like weather across much of the south and the east of europe also case guys again in the last you add to that all through a very different story some pretty thick cloud has some or all the heavy amounts of rain is what is the working its way south was as an improving weekend i'm from monday well actually see this returning to northern sections of mainland europe through much of france on into the low countries on through germany much as the native look at the time which is because they really are coming down got quite a strong role the photos 10 celsius in london 13 degrees in syria on monday with the rain and the cloud on a warm day in athens with a high of $23.00 now that's how much is even across the east beginning to change that will be a $22.00 celsius in athens the you on tuesday and then meanwhile look at this across the central areas we have now got quite a bank of clouds some snow to the mountains plenty of rain and at the time of year
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it coming down to 8 degrees celsius and all the chilly 3 cells. in london paris 11 degrees with a fairly stiff north to northeasterly wind that will still sing some more into northern areas of africa particularly through achiness ia on into algeria tom does not see bad in the mid twenty's and as we head into cheese that rain beginning just to lift away from the coast but we could see a few showers in tripoli with a high of 25. right.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from let's get you up to date with your top stories world leaders a warning the fight against isis isn't over despite the death of its leader. france and britain say they will continue to work with outlines in the middle east to defeat the group entirely. argentina's set to get a new president amid a worsening economic crisis ritsu much tree has conceded defeat to the center left candidate alberto fernandez won more than 47 percent of the vote. and an emergency has been declared in the u.s.
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state of california as multiple wildfires burn out of control almost 200000 people have been ordered to leave their homes the strong winds threaten to spread the far east. colombian so voted in the 1st regional elections since the country's 2016 peace deal with the fog rebels now the vote was largely seen as a referendum on president even 2 k.'s government. reports now from bogota voters in colombia. elected a woman for the 1st time in the city's history was reunited one and we made history. as an openly gay plea to sions running on a centrist and take corruption platform which is one of many surprising results in sunday's local and regional contests in this usually conservative country based on how they were brought back in the sixty's it's the defeat of the extremes both left and right but i think the biggest loser is the center of democratic our party
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elections where a huge blow for the right wing grueling same through the mocha party of career. president and his mentor former president. both fierce critics of the peace deal signed with fart rebels in 2016 their candidates not only came in last but also lost traditional strongholds colombia 2nd city maybe you and the province of. the outcome of local elections usually reflect the power of political families and the major parties but this time a number of independent candidates one where the issue of security used to be key in maintaining traditional parties in power. if. we are thinking differently we are demanding changes in our institutions and we want our leaders to change their ways was elections show that security is not the only issue on the minds of a lot of young that vote by that measure now of defeating corruption and
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traditional political machinery is not of long controlled politics in the country which many here consider. if. these were the 1st local elections since the signing of the peace deal with dark rebels violence still marred to complain 7 candidates were killed and dozens attacked but on sunday voting was among the most peaceful in the country's history unfortunately political violence is common. and it will continue to be common on the us we feel the vacuums of power that were left by the former foreign fights the paramilitaries who are growing fight the drug trafficking organizations that are growing and that really needs a much more reliable attitude on the national government while colombia still has a long way to go to reduce politics of violence and corruption sunday's elections showed many voters are ready for change i listen to them and just.
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to some breaking news now we're getting reports of an assassination attempt on 2 ministers in yemen the interior minister and the transport minister did manage to escape after a bomb was planted close to where they were staying in the province of shabwah it happened just a few hours after a deal between yemen's internationally recognized government and southern separatist group had been announced on local media more on the story for you just as soon as we can back to europe germany's main far right party has seen its support surge in elections in the eastern states of or injure the a.f.p. more than doubled its vote in the region since the 2040 election but the alternative for germany party still came in 2nd place behind the ruling far left alliance dominic cain reports now from the regional capital effort. first place with the far left and a personal triumph for this man board or hama law has governed this state for the past 5 years now he thinks he's won another 500 to go tag for touring and also to
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work for doing an important day for throwing a great day for thiering in the 38th anniversary of the border opening such an intense election and an option on which the people of the country decide for themselves other future of the country will be shaped his main challenges have been from the far right a.f.d. whose leader here is beyond her care a man who believes the national holocaust memorial shames his country and who strongly opposed to immigration and multi-culturalism and those messages helped him more than double his party's vote share this sun is rising above the east and soon we will let the sun shine above all of germany we have made the east blue and in just a few years we will be a people's party for the whole of germany. collectively the vote for the 2 political extremes is more than 50 percent at a time when many in the old communist east germany feel disillusioned with what 30 years in reunited germany has brought them for the christian democrats this is
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a blow whose effect was clearly acknowledged by its lead candidate here. for flooring in the democratic center this is a bitter result we fought for this democratic senator in this democratic center did not get a majority all of which means finding a stable majority to govern this state for the next 5 years could be difficult one analyst believes the far left may try to govern alone but maybe there's a lucian should be a minority government and then more minority government could follow as an exit run this impasse created by the all against the a if the split in germany but so far at least all of the other parties maintained they are against the air. although sunday's vote was for this state parliament its message will resonate at the national level many east germans are unhappy with the political process and they're turning to the parties of the extremes to show it
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dominic al-jazeera and the 3 in parliament. the driver of a truck that contained the bodies of $39.00 people the search for pier in a u.k. court later on monday morris robb's robinson is facing charges of manslaughter people trafficking and money laundering the 25 year old was arrested shortly after the container truck was discovered last week some of the victims that were found came from vietnam britain has now sent documents to vietnam's government for checks on 4 of the 39 victims. summering the men and boys who escaped from me and say they were sexually abused by the security forces their coxes bizarre in bangladesh is home to more than 700000 ranger refugees turn be a child read reports from there. in this world's largest refugee camp there are many who suffers in silence on able to share their trauma because of extreme shame and stigma we met up with
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a 41 year old rohingya man who says he was tortured and sexually assaulted by me and my soldiers he didn't want to be identified. and why they took me into an open space in a valley nearby and beat me up badly then i was raped just a replay woman kept me there to put in the morning the very thought of this brutal experience makes me going to see her depression i feel so traumatised i go through much mental anguish and pain most of the time it's unbearable. research by the u.s. base woman refugee commission in myanmar found systematic targeted premeditated sexual violence committed against men and boys you don't hear much about sexual violence against running a man and buys rights group and there are a significant number of male rape victims but they're very ashamed to come forward and talk about their ordeal and that they're largely overlooked and neglected by humanitarian agencies another 45 year old man says he was sexually assaulted by me
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on my trips in 2006 he suffers from chronic depression. they stripped me naked in 1st bird treated with a stick then one of the border policeman raped me later they sent me to jail even if there is justice my trouble never and only my death will relieve me from this pain just a few days ago a friend of mine with a similar experience in a recent international organization for migration study 14.2 percent of the male growing our respondents say they are victims of sexual violence this year we've we started to train staff caseworkers dealing specifically with sexual violence survivors and the services are in their infancy right now but it's something we've definitely identified. in the world's largest refugee camp the humanitarian response and services from male sexual violence survivors and next to
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nothing living most of the victims without any counseling or help. cox is bizarre. a 25 year old sanctuary for chimpanzees is a conservation success story in sierra leone it's enjoyed civil war and the a polar outbreak but as a committed risk reports now from tampa gama its future is now under threat it's. another often chimpanzee is brought to the track will come a century. every month there is a new arrival here. comes a vision is say for every baby chip rescued 8 to 10 adults or youngsters may have been killed. but even more warning is that our people loss of their habit or the destruction that is going on is not sustainable and is unsustainable. because this is the law enforcement arm of the government so we need
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a facility in the rescue anyone could come in the government could implement the laws and then we need to keep looking at the broader picture. how can we stop the killing. our head because. that seems a near impossible task considering the pressure from porters and land grabbers. and the laws aren't a deterrent understood leone's $972.00 wildlife act the fine for killing a chimpanzee is less than a dollar an amount to porches and hunters can afford if they're caught $96.00 of the estimated 5 and a half powers in western companies is in sierra leone leaving this sanctuary the rest in the wild at the mercy of porters promise loggers as well as other human activities such as gold and diamond mining a few months ago the government of saudi leone declared this and then dipped subspecies of chimpanzee as a national animal in an effort to protect it and boost tourism but because of asian
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groups say unless they give the money to protect these primates they won't be around for much longer. the mounting cost of peta. the chimp's is a concern for century that's barely staying afloat. one and a half $1000.00 is needed a yes just to beat a chimpanzee. to combat and also. at the moment. the sanctioning this is something we've been appealing for. i think yes it's a little bit more resources we can do a lot more and that is probably the major escalation. so operators of the center have opened its doors to chorused will bring in a little money to help run it. the rangers who patrol the sanctuary are few and on armed this time no charge against a heavily armed poachers who are active i don't need to perimeter.
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along. that belongs to the community very whips. and has been steadily on for more than 40 years he's talked of the century 25 years ago and kept it running even through the country's brutal civil war. as a success story despite the lack of support it wants to expand care and protection to the other 5400 chimpanzees and thousands of other animals and birds instead of leon's other looters. but it's not clear at. all for how long you can afford to continue to work. with chimpanzees sanctuary instead of the own.
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welcome if you're just joining us great to have you with us my name's peter w. watching al-jazeera these are your headlines so far today well leaders warning that the fight against eisel isn't yet over despite the death of its leader of a backer baghdadi france and britain say they will continue to work with allies in the middle east to defeat the group entirely back that he blew himself up during a u.s. raid in the northwest of syria. at least 70 protesters have been injured in the iraqi city of karbala as they tried to storm a government compound on sunday security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas in an attempt to stop the demonstrators from setting fire to the provincial council building iraq's high commission for human rights says 74 protesters have been killed during 3 days of anti-government demonstrations protesters say they won't give up until there is political change. argentina's to get a new president amid a worsening economic crisis president. conceded defeat to the center left
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candidates of the numbers who won more than 47 percent of the vote as his deputy will be cristina kirchner a former president who is facing allegations of corruption her husband was also president and fernandez served as his chief of staff. a state of emergency has been lifted in chile after days of mass protests the president sebastian pinera made the announcement as thousands took part in peaceful demonstrations in the capital santiago at least 19 people were killed and hundreds were injured in protests began just over a week ago initially over a hike in the cost of public transport which was later reversed. has since fired his entire cabinet and promised to introduce social reform. an emergency has been declared in the u.s. state of california as multiple wildfires burn out of control almost 200000 people have been ordered to leave their homes a strong winds threaten to spread the blaze so those are your headlines up next it's inside story after that i'm back with 30 minutes of al-jazeera will i will see
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you very soon. in the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen. we meet with global news makers stories the. 0. the end. one of the world's biggest manhunts donald trump says the leader of iceland blew himself up during a raid by u.s. special forces what does apple back in baghdad these death mean for the internationally designated terrorist group and is his dream of a self declared caliphate finally over this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program has them seek him he was one of the world's most wanted men a price target for years the u.s. president says will back in baghdad the leader of one of the most feared on groups eisel has been hunted down in northwest syria donald trump says he killed himself with explosives during a raid by u.s. special forces about that he once ruled an area in syria and iraq the size of the united kingdom under his watch the islamist state of iraq and the event became one of the most brutal armed groups in modern history carrying out mass killings beheadings and write campaigns here's what u.s. president told tom had to say last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice abu a car al baghdadi is dead he was the founder and leader of isis the most ruthless and violent target is ation anywhere in the world the united states has been searching for baghdadi for many years capturing or
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killing baghdad he has been the top national security priority of my administration u.s. special operations forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern syria and accomplished their mission in grand style. the u.s. personnel were incredible i got to watch much of it he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way the compound had been cleared by this time with people either surrendering or being shot and killed 11 young children were moved out of the house and are uninjured he reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down
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he ignited his vest killing himself and the 3 children his body was mutilated by the blast the tunnel had caved in on it in addition but test results gave certain immediate and totally positive identification it was him then a honda has more now on how bad that he became isolated. it was july 2014 when the world got a glimpse of the man best known as abu bakar a bucket that he and iraqi whose real name is abraham a wide ibrahim. he walked out of the shadows to declare in islam it stayed in iraq and the levant from the great mosque in the iraqi city of mosul he led friday prayers after naming himself caliph or religious leader it was a show of power by an armed group which took over much of iraq's sunni heartland
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after the iraqi army all but collapsed 5 years later it was back daddy's state that collapsed eisel once controlled $88000.00 square kilometers of territory stretching from western syria to eastern iraq it lost its last stronghold in syria in march this year weeks after back that he made his 1st appearance in 5 years putting to rest many unconfirmed reports of his death in a video the ice a leader wanted to show he was still in charge and along with his group survived the territorial defeat back that he was behind the group's creation an expansion eisel originated in al qaida in iraq back then he became its leader in 2010 he then capitalized on the unrest in neighboring syria exploiting the security vacuum it started to capture territory and changed its name to islamic state in iraq and the levant before falling out with their leader ayman al-zawahiri i see now the
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challenge is al qaida not only in syria and iraq but for the leadership of what it calls the global jihad this struggle but that he was once a prisoner in a u.s. run jail in iraq he is believed to have been born near the iraqi city of samarra in 1971 and said to have a ph d. and islamic studies from an iraqi university giving him religious credentials it isn't known what role baghdadi played in recruiting arab and foreign fighters or. orchestrating attacks abroad there have been questions about his grip on power and reports of dissent within the group's leadership but the man who declared himself caliph the would be successor of the prophet managed to elude death and capture for years and even though i still state in syria iraq crumbled under his rule the group's goals are not defined by borders or one man its appeal comes from harnessing the grievances of suddenly muslims in iraq syria and across the world
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sen. all right well let's introduce our pound out of talk more about this here in doha we have andrea's cregan assistant professor at the defense studies department king's college london joining us from a deal in the couldst on region of iraq is here what's mine who is an iraqi political analyst and via skype from lose in the u.s. state of delaware lawrence korb a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense welcome all of you so let me let me start with you then how significant is this in terms of the fight the larger fight against isis i think it is mostly of symbolic importance here for specially for the organization and i've said for years that this organization has become somewhat of a virtual caliphate it's become a franchise that other groups can buy into and then basically sell around the world and it was not a color it was a callous of a cyber caliphate if you will without
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a caliph and i think killing these so-called self-proclaimed caliph today doesn't really make any difference in that because the different groups that have existed and continue to exist after the collapse of the physical caliphate will continue and are continuing to fight anyway in the underground in syria in iraq but also in afghanistan in the in sub-saharan africa and elsewhere so this this ties of being isis is up for grabs and it's a virtual community that is very much leaderless and has been leaderless. who are smart what's your view on this does does the killing of one leader one man matter in the 3rd the larger scheme of things. well look at their track record the track record of these radical groups these terrorist groups the winds of power we for example was killed the group was very quick to appoint another person to be in charge when osama bin laden was killed the group there was also very quick to
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appoint someone else in charge in his place i think we will hear the same thing from from isis that they will appoint somebody else it deals a major blow to their organization i think but it will not affect the status of it is of the cyber caliphate as. as the guest in doha described i think he's accurate it is become a franchise people subscribe to it and they they carry conduct attacks and they carry out activities in the name of that terror group specially now in iraq and in syria mostly with the. with the presence of turkish troops inside northeast syria the area that was controlled by the as the f. staunch enemy of isis we saw how the turkish troops came in with their city and proxies who were very much similar to to the isis to members of feiss so
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the ecosystem i think is now there after the end of the guy and so-called victory in this area is i think too far for isis to reemerge again or for another leader or for isis to continue whatever it was trying to do in the past i think the killing of a baghdadi is killing of one man defeating isis doesn't happen by killing the leader only it happens by by changing the ecosystem for for that kind of terror group and with the presence of the turkish army in this area as we saw it when he was very close to the takers borders from. what we are hearing american officials and next to the pres that they did not even tell turkey so the defeats of of the as the f. or taking out the initiative from the hands of the as the f. in the war against isis will create a much better circumstances for that's group to to be
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a mess and to flourish once again according to what the what we've been hearing from their websites and from their literature so let's get a view from the united states then and lawrence korb it was president trump who announced this from the white house and comparisons will inevitably be drawn with the announcement of the killing of osama bin laden by his predecessor president obama or a few years ago and this will be seen at least in the short term as as kind of a a win for president trump given the deed the challenges that he's facing domestically but beyond that what's what effect does it have well i think it is as you point out a big win for president trump because not only did he get the leader of isis which will be one some of the criticisms he's gotten warmer are withdrawing from syria and not supporting the syrian democratic forces the other is that he worked with
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the turks the syrian democratic forces the russians and the iraqis on this so this helps his image of somebody who you know we're working on together. i agree with the. asst place got may have some problems but in the long term unless you undermine the idiology of these groups and what they're trying to accomplish you're not going to do eliminate the threat we had already destroyed the caliphate they basically had gone underground and i think they will still try and plot attacks wherever that they feel that they can whether it's in the middle east or in europe or even in the united states and as we saw after we got that a lot and there was a temporary lull but it came back and look at all of the taliban leaders we've killed in afghanistan but you know we still haven't eliminated the well what about the security implications of this law is called in terms of a hit of the loss of
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a bet that he is a leader. what tactically does it do for i so in terms of his his connections his net was and and so on will have much effect in that respect. well in the short term it will be because i think a lot of people who might be attracted to them are going to say will do they have intelligence i'm asked will they be able to call you know after us because even though the united states is taking its ground troops out of syria are still going to have its air troops and you know we've been bombing several of the facilities are in that part of the art northwestern northeast of syria where we thought that they may have headquarters of these various groups so i think it will get them to go underground for a while until they can see what the situation it is it in in in syria and the other
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thing i think it is important keep in mind the iraqis played a big role in the midst and they're still grateful for the fact that we came in and helped them after they lost mosul they were the ones who provided the intelligence that they got he was actually hiding in an area that was are controlled by our last rule which had been an enemy of our vices and he's let me let me turn back to you on this what do you what were the what was a so difficult to to to catch him for so long because there had been reports in the past that he had died in various attacks and those turned out not to be true why why had he eluded. u.s. forces and others for so long well when he's actually this assess 5th death death actually if you look at all the proclamation that have been made over the years but you know the thing with him is he has not been sedentary for the entire time of the caliphate so even early on in 2014 when they had a physical space that they that they governed but daddy wasn't someone who lived in
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a particular house and stay there because he knew how very dangerous it would be a considering that obviously isis didn't really have an air force and the air power supply your team was with the entire world alliance against him so you know it was constantly moving any has been constantly moving so that he was no. found it lip after all doesn't really say it was in it for a longer period of time middle of his widely and ungoverned space neither the turks nor the regime nor the assad or the h.g.'s nobody really controls that area and he was freely able to freely move around most people thought he would still be in iraq but obviously despite the fact that the border was somewhere between iraq and syria was somewhat rebuild you know people are moving it's a transnational space where people move from east to west and he was constantly moving around so it was very difficult to pin him down because he had a very low profile i think trumps announcement to say that they captured quite a lot of interesting material relevant material is probably falls because i don't think he had quite a lot of stuff with amy he must've travelled very lightly and very flexibly here
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are smart let me turn back to you. this i mean a lot of people have made mention of the fact. that the conditions that led to the rise of i saw haven't been addressed and that's something that really. needs needs further attention what's your view on that. yes indeed i meant since the when when isis came or controlled all these large areas there was a sectarian situation in iraq he in iraq as a whole the areas that were predominantly sunni we're controlled by the probe by a sectarian shiite army longing to them prime minister and proxies of iran at the time and still now after the liberation of these areas they are controlled by elements of hush the shabby or the popular mobilization force that are known to be proxies of iran operating inside iraq and
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a lot of the areas that are still that are freed from isis are not being controlled they still haven't seen development they still haven't seen reconstruction many areas that were destroyed that they haven't been rebuilt yet they the people are largely an employed the large sunni population that's in these areas is still very much on the margins so even in terms of political representation there are so many issues which we are seeing now the uprising of the people in the center in the south of iraq. the sunni people of iraq are not surprising for now because they have been accused in the past of belonging to isis or the by 3 g. or whatever or the baath party or other reasons by the by the government but now i think with the protests and the. the protests in baghdad and the south of iraq eventually the trouble could reach these areas and. they they
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could it could be pave the ground for reimagines of isis or isis $2.00 or 2 or $3.00 now on the syrian side of things there is to the that isis was very much in control of where being. for they were being fought in these areas by the as the f. now with the american withdrawal from these areas with empowering the guy who is largely seen both in iraq and in syria as the patron of isis. isis was largely seen as the military wing of the a.k.p. the guys party in turkey $40000.00 fighters according to brett mccurry who was in charge of the war against isis in iraq and in syria said that they had come to isis areas to syria from turkey now with turkey in charge of the borders again with the s.d.f. being away from their borders we could see
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a similar scenario of isis of the grounds are there for isis or isis to point or whatever else for for them to reemerge in the areas that they were. cleared of in the past with the coalition and there's the f so this issue is that the conditions are now i think back to to where we started in that case law school what's your view on that what are the implications far i saw of turkey moving into these areas in northern syria now. well as has just been pointed out i think this is a good war i still because the turks all they're concerned about is the kurds they think that anybody who's a kurd regardless of whether they're part of the p.k. or not is a sworn enemy which is why they're trying to you know create the. zone on the border with syria the turks also want to send back all of the not just the syrians
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who emigrated there many of them could end up joining the joining on isis because of their on happiness with what happened in turkey and what was happening in in syria so i think in the long term the turkish role there is going to be quite helpful love to isis and less air to wind completely changes his view or we have a new election in turkey so i think that we need to keep that in mind and not think that just because we got that got a we can leave the area and we don't have to worry about isis anymore. and there is a lot of a lot of details about this raid that we don't know about at this time but i want to ask you because for 4 days the u.s. u.s. officials on the ground in fear that i saw would try to to capitalize on the up people in syria and the announcement of the withdrawal of u.s.
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forces and but in that respect they saw a potential opportunity in which isolators would sort of come out. from there from their secretive routines and their and their tunnels and so on to communicate with each other and that that may have created the opportunity for u.s. forces to locate and baghdadi and launch this attack you think there's some truth to that yes i mean we we saw a lot more activity going on even before the announcement of that rate last night i mean we saw that people were communicating there was a lot on twitter about new activities of people in their own obviously they have their own bubbles and echo chambers where they speak which as of which are mostly not public obviously and you know it was and out of it was something that they wanted to exploit and i do think that despite all this i think isis will exploit this very event as well particular narrative now is that he was blowing himself up
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with a kind of a vein in capture and then and died as a martyr i think that will kind of reinforce the martyrdom narrative that isis has been so this could be a recruiting tool they would probably try to make it a recruiting tool and i think it's very important all trump in his speech was making a big daddy look quite weak almost like a wimp who was crying rather than someone who died a martyr's hero's death and i think it's very important i think the ice is out that's what obviously presented the other way around that he died a hero's death so i think it's very important that this doesn't become a narrative campaign because also for the trying to straighten this is a narrative campaign because trump is going run for reelection and i think that might be just his most important foreign policy achievement if you will in the region and he will capitalize on that and the 35 percent or so who are die hard trump fans will probably cheer for it and say look what he done he actually he actually single handedly brought us to an end. speaking speaking of narrative a lot of governments in the west will be will be glad to hear this news of the isis
4:43 pm
leader has has been killed but it's important to point out isn't it that it's people in the region arabs and muslims have been who've been bearing the brunt of what i saw has wrought for years now. well certainly people in the region especially the victims of faces and there are many of them in the end in syria and in iraq especially they will be very glad to receive the news because this man is responsible for all the misery for all the suffering that he created for for the people but again at the same time people especially in syria and in iraq are very worried that from might yet again change again change his mind with a tweet and change his policy and abandon the area totally and allow for another isis to to emerge and then they will they will be back with vengeance the iraqi state has proven now to be extremely weak they are unable to do to get through to
4:44 pm
overcome the difficulties that any. that they have been facing since 2003 be arena rejean is now helping the iraqi government to crush the protests in the south so it's a we have a very weak state in iraq and at the same and the weak government and we have a very fragile situation in syria with with really very and quite unknown variables in the under situations especially in the areas that i so was i was controlling as it's as as part of its caliphate now with turkey's role being there on the ground as the guest in d.c. said turkey really cares about more about the kurds than eisel so they are the they consider the kurds as their enemy not not isis and with the kurds today not being
4:45 pm
able to fight isis as before should the reimagined i think the prospects does doesn't look very very well for for the people of the ground. one final question then 2 to lois corbin briefly at the president has talked about what he calls endless wars in the middle east. will he look at this as as job done now. very definitely just like in 2012. the president obama campaigned on bin ladin the. no doubt about it and in the short term this is a big win for him because most americans don't want to be involved they're very upset going back to the iraq the iraq war so no this is going that's why he spent so much time on a sunday morning very rare that a president speaks you know on a sunday morning to the nation and questions after 2 all right we're going to have
4:46 pm
to leave it there thank you to all 3 of you. on an ad be a lawrence korb in lewes delaware and andrea scree joining me here in doha thanks so much for being with us and thank you as always for watching you can see the program again any time just go to a website edges either dot com and for more discussion you can go to our facebook page on facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle there is at a.j. insights to me as if they can the whole team can't buy from. overthrown
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and exiled they appoint and got to say i sure will all miss me she knew i mean to much film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that true
4:48 pm
a strange spot and we've. nothing to go for it is that all the long winter changed against the return of a president on al-jazeera. i . a stunning victory for argentina sense a left presidential candidate with the backing of the country's tainted form of these are. the unwelcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up warnings that the fight against
4:49 pm
isis isn't over despite the death of its leader abu bakr al baghdadi. a state of emergency in california as wildfires forced mass evacuations in the millions without power. they survive civil war and ebola by chimpanzees in sierra leone still face a diet future. argentina's elected a new leader president but it's korea has conceded defeat to alberto fernandez his deputy is former president cristina kirchner who is facing a corruption trial both face the challenge of solving argentina's latest financial crisis and potential bankruptcy to resupply reports now from buenos aires i think the party went to sightings to celebrate the victory of 5 at the farm and this and the defeat of precedent by the way was for the same duty on says she's proud of the
4:50 pm
results you can tell it out here but i think they said. all my life i've been fighting for social justice and the past 4 years have been torture for me seeing. how the economic situation deteriorated because of mccrery now i can be proud of being argentinian again. people here are celebrating the comeback of their parents who they say that people are already who they hope will help argentina cope with what coming next to that difficult economic situation with a 55 percent inflation rate and the possibility of the folks in the foreign debt. a lot of the fundamentalists was chief of staff to former president. he's running mate to time pressing cristina fernandez the kershner a lot of our man this went from being a staunch critic of christina kirshner to joining forces with her in order to unite the peronist party to defeat marketing. until december 10th the president
4:51 pm
is mockery and of course we will collaborate on everything we can because the only thing we care about is that argentinians stop suffering. when elected in 2015. promised to fall of argentina's endemic economic problems but his plan did not work out well as his government was forced to request an emergency loan from the i.m.f. and inflation and poverty increased while in office. i want to congratulate president elect our berto fernandez i just talked to him for the great choice the people have made i'm voicing him tomorrow to breakfast because he has to start a transition period please this is for argentina the orderly transition that brings tranquility to all arjan times because here the only important thing is the future and wellbeing of argentines the big question in argentina is what's coming next the
4:52 pm
question then becomes of the what next are we going to see an economic plan are we going to see a cabinet and who will be in charge of that crucial renegotiation with argentine creditors. the new president takes office in december but argentina needs an urgent plan to stabilize the economy these people want to believe the best is yet to come. there's been an attempted assassination and 2 ministers in yemen the interior minister and transport minister did manage to escape after a bomb was planted close to where they were staying in the province of shaba it happened just a few hours after a deal between yemen's internationally recognized government and separatist group was announced. elites draft of the saudi brokered deal would see yemen southern separatists included and you cabinet of the internationally recognized government the separatist would be given half of the ministerial roles provided they aren't
4:53 pm
involved in any fighting in agreed areas the deal would also unite all forces from the southern transitional council and the government under the ministry of defense within 60 days. well leaders saying that the threat from eisel won't die out completely even though its leader. has been eliminated france and britain say his death in the northwest of syria is an important moment but they will continue to work with allies across the middle east to defeat the group entirely white house correspondent kimberly helped get reports on the u.s. raid that ended in the death of the world's most wanted man had moved her car al baghdadi is dead in a rare sunday morning news conference president donald trump announced to the world the leader of i still had been hunted down and killed by u.s. forces he died like a dog he died like a coward trump says the u.s. confirmed the identity of abu bakr al baghdadi at the syrian compound minutes after
4:54 pm
he died using d.n.a. u.s. forces reportedly spent 2 hours at the site obtaining intelligence including eisel future plans while 3 children died in the raid 11 more were captured along with the small group of adults describing the raid in great detail from say u.s. special forces were met with gunfire as they descended from helicopters onto the northwest syrian compound where al baghdadi was hiding he was cornered in a tunnel where he detonated a suicide vest to avoid capture he died after running into a dead internal whimpering and crying and screaming all the way and he had dragged 3 of his young children with him. they were led to certain death our big daddy had been under u.s. surveillance for weeks trump thank russia turkey syria and iraq for cooperation with the mission but he minimized the contribution of kurdish intelligence even as
4:55 pm
its kurdish fighters that for years help the u.s. destroyer baghdad is caliphate trump says russia and turkey were even consulted in advance of the mission but not democratic leaders in the u.s. congress we were going to notify him last night but we decided not to do that because washington leaks like i've never seen before and i told my people we will not notify them until the great people are out not just in but out the u.s. defense secretary says the death of al baghdadi will be a devastating blow to eisele but countering the ideology will be more difficult for the president's supporters in congress believe this is a turning point in the killing of the baghdadi. is a game changer in the war on terror like a scene reminiscent of the raid ordered by us president barack obama an al qaeda leader osama bin laden in 2011 truck watched the mission from the situation room of the white house he was surrounded by the u.s.
4:56 pm
vice president defense secretary national security adviser and the u.s. military's joint chiefs of staff president trunk claims the death of isolator al big daddy is even more significant than president obama's killing of al qaeda leader osama bin laden it's a headline trunks likely to play up as he campaigns for reelection 2020 kimberly helped at al jazeera the white house. joins us live from on the turkey syria border do they have a successor yet. well that is the big question that faces this elusive organization which has now become i guess a girl a movement from an organization which used to carry its own caliph and. death has also come as more leaders of eisen have been killed in the last few months and days we've also heard reports from the kurdish fighters saying that
4:57 pm
there was another incident where a spokesman with an allegedly killed near the turkish border as well so it is an unfolding situation so far we haven't heard from. analysts believe that it is going to be a situation where a successor will be announced but it will not be somebody who is as well known as others have been because most of most of the ship has been taken out it is going to be interesting because i still again has just has franchise into many of the areas outside of iraq and syria and you heard from a book about that in his message last month when he called for attacks from these sleeper cells so to speak across the globe so i think there is heightened security after death in capitals across the globe and the world awaits if eisen has a succession plan also worth noting is the developments that we've heard from last night turkey has asked for an investigation into the movements of the inside syrian
4:58 pm
territory turkish president welcoming the move that this is going to be a great achievement in counter-terror upper asians between turkey and its allies but again calling for an investigation because it wants to figure out how it was. able to go from place to place enter syria and then end up close to the turkish border some of thanks very much well baghdadi came from iraq and he declared his so-called caliphate in mosul al jazeera is not actually going to him is there a stash reaction where you are. we're in the old city of mosul peter and if you look around there is devastation that is still readily apparent the suffering people are feeling is still quite acute behind me is the grand mosque of most folks you can see it was destroyed in 2017 the iraqi government is accusing eisel of being the ones behind its destruction but you might
4:59 pm
say that this mosque is a very strong symbol of where i used tools to reign of terror began and this is where in 2014 baghdadi proclaimed that he was the leader of i still the following month i still began to fight. for my caliphate it took control of the city and began its march across iraq and we are speaking to people here in mosul one man said we jumped for joy when we heard him we heard that he was dead but of course there's not much joy here in mosul i still may have been defeated baghdad he may be dead that people here are living with the legacy the psychological trauma of what happened here under ice so we were just speaking to these men right here they were standing in front of a bird shop one man told us that in 2017 his house was bombed he lost his 8 year old daughter he says i have 2 sons born since 2017 when the city sells
5:00 pm
back into the hands of the iraqi government and i can't find a job my son has cancer i can't get them healthcare another man said that everyone he knows in this city has suffered in some way as a hands of eisel he was reminding us how when ice will nationally came to mosul they were using tactics gentle tactics to slowly lure people into the fold promising jobs reeling against the government offering a better way of life and then he said slowly this 5 things became more oppressive women were told they had to wear the hijab smoking was banned people had to wear certain types of clothing and then of course the rest is history we know how i sold terrorize the people.


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