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protesters defy line firing neurons as anger against the government spreads. time sam is a to see a live from coming out the deadline looms for kurdish fighters to leave northern syria face turkish forces. giving up the u.k.'s prime minister or trying to push for an election in december after him he's voted down the most. devastating
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wildfires in california could spread people out warned of stronger winds. iraqi security forces have used live rounds to disperse protesters in the city of karbala a medical source tells al-jazeera at least 20 people have been killed hundreds of demonstrators also defied an overnight curfew in the capital baghdad norberto manley has more. among volleys of tear gas protesters occupied backed out central to her square while others pushed forward attempting to reach the highly secured green zone that's home to government offices and embassies. iraq's military and police an overnight curfew video posted social media show hundreds to fight it no no no no no to the k. few we will remain here the care for you is one of the filthy games and tales on
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hold * here i'm an iraqi mother my sons have university degrees as whole thing they would help me when they graduate but the jobless set up with high unemployment and what they call top level corruption they're calling for the government to resign. by the south in karbala protests to say they were shocked at life and the mission. over the past month scores of people have been killed and thousands injured this is a popular demand asking for greater changes great the reforms in the government and greater services and this curfew is obviously a method by the government to carry out its its plans by. evacuating the main street areas. of the cities from the demonstrators demonstrators. nationwide protests began at the start of the month but posts for 2 weeks as they
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waited for rocks leaders to respond to their demands they returned on friday with renewed anger was i know somebody. today yours are not asking for jobs nor for services the young women want radical a real change from the regime. thousands of university and school students defied orders and skipped class to join the protests on monday. it's a huge challenge for prime minister up to maddy who's only been in power for a year he's promised to reshuffle the cabinet and introduce reforms but it's refused the protesters demand to resign along with his government what the prominent shia cleric had outsider who controls the largest bloc in parliament has called on the government to announce early parliamentary elections. and with nearly
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60 percent of iraq's $40000000.00 people living on less $6.00 a day many say they have nothing to lose and will continue to fight for a better future. manly al-jazeera well ali a nationally is a personal and less than professor of international relations at university he says it's unlikely protests will stop until the government resigns. i think now the demand for the protests to be very wide. yesterday and i think today. even old the decision decided from the iraqi. government i think it's not enough maybe for one years or 6 miles. it's really a very enough but now i think it's not the bowl of a snow it's falling down and i think nothing can stop its. people now with the
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street and you notice that they encountered a near yesterday in the night of baghdad and many protests that they teach beside the knee of for the green zone and shouting. i think it's not noted because you know now in general they're getting it's own it's empty it's not like and i got a lot of days and i think now the government they don't have any choice just to resign and to boyd to the iraqi demands but i think today and tomorrow their demands will be wider and wider. kurdish fighters have just a few hours left to withdraw from areas along turkey's border in northern syria or face renews turkish attacks under a russian brokered deal why puji troops have until $1500.00 g.m.t. on tuesday to leave the so-called safe zone set up under the agreement this will be patrolled by russian and turkish troops binge of
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a joins us live now from somewhere or friend near the turkey syria border so does it look like the y.p. g.'s evacuating the area. also i mean not according to the turkish foreign minister member. who says that. which is the people's backs and you know it's an offshoot of the band ekk a party that turkey sees as a terrorist organization he's been saying that he's not satisfied with the level of pullout that was promised and in the agreement was between the turkish and the russian president that kurdish fighters under the umbrella of russian support will pull out about 30 kilometers deep within syrian territory showed you saying that there's going to be joint patrol could be dirty and russia up to 10 kilometers of syrian territory and you also heard from the turkish president saying that he will remove any remnants of kurdish fighters whether red or without russian help another important aspect of this is the relationship between ankara and washington united
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states has pulled out its troops but the u.s. president has reiterated that he wants the ceasefire of the agreement to stop fighting between the turkish forces and the kurds to be permanent and has warned of the import of the economic sanctions there has been more of coordination between the defense ministers of turkey and the united states and the turd say that they have asked the u.s. to remove all the weapons that these kurdish fighters have thousands and thousands of trucks and create top guns and there's also been on the ground fighting in the northern parts of the southern parts rather on. this piece on in the towns outside of the town of russell and not just turkish backed syrian fighters at present it's also the fighters as well as reinforced positions of the city and god. all right thanks so much for salvage of a there the u.n. special envoy for syria both sides to maintain the city's fire ahead of
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a meeting on wednesday aimed at discussing syria's constitution good person is hosting government and opposition leaders in geneva later on tuesday hold talks with the foreign ministers of iran turkey and russia the 2 parties have agreed to expeditiously and continuously. it's impossible to say how long it will take for them to conclude its work but as long as it is stone you know with serious intentions and we see progress and as you know i will be reporting to the security council i'm optimistic that we will get in a not too distant future that if you ever see tangible progress in the discussions . after all. and this is important to remember as i said already this is actually the 1st time that the 2 parties have an ownership to the process the emir of kuwait has called for an end to the g.c.c. crisis in june 2 10173 gulf nations impose the blockade on gaza
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cutting off in ceilings and withdrawing diplomats will sense then quite severe is being trying to mediate to bring an end to the crisis. and. it is imperative to draw your attention to the un restoring around the region which poses grave threats repercussions not only to our stability and security but also our future generations it is no longer acceptable to have an ongoing dispute amongst our brotherly gulf cooperation council states such disputes we conduct capabilities and undermined outgoings this demands us all to immediately rise above the differences mend fences and restore our friendly relations. hong kong activists joshua one has been barred from running in the upcoming local council elections the electoral commission says his nomination is invalid because he advocated for hong kong self-determination wong has condemned the decision using a government of conducting political screening and censorship he's the only
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contender disqualified from the november 24th election beijing has deprived me of the right to an institution no participation permanently but no matter what they locked me up in prison since or be out from the bailiffs my commitment for the democracy movement in hong kong never eroded by beijing president. britain's prime minister will make another attempt to push for a general election in december monday m.p.'s rejected his proposal for a poll on december the 12th but tuesday's attempt will focus on amending current laws so that only a simple majority is required for an election to be approved by parliament journal reports from london. because the majority required has not been reached the news have it for a 3rd time in recent months boris johnson's attempt to secure a snap general election was rebuffed by parliament with the opposition labor party
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abstaining the prime minister wasted no time it in and seeing his plan b. we will not allow this promises to continue one way or another we must proceed straight to an election this house cannot any longer keep this country hostage millions of families and businesses cannot plan for the future labor leader jeremy corbin arrived in the chamber after the vote to respond i understand the bill will be tabled tomorrow we will obviously look can scrutinize that bill and we look forward to a clear definitive decision that no deal is absolutely off the table and there is no danger of this prime minister not sticking to his word the proposed legislation expected to be tabled on tuesday is a so-called one line bill amending the fixed term parliaments act it would stipulate that an election will take place on
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a certain date the 12th of december since the prime minister and it requires just a simple majority of one vote to pass rather than the 2 thirds majority needed under the current law which would appear to offer a better chance of success after all the liberal democrats and the scottish national party have earlier announced a very similar plan they want an election on the 9th of december we are just focusing on getting a general election we'd have to do that with a bill to change the fixed term parliament which could happen this week triggering the election perhaps at the end of this week and then the election day taking place on the 9th of december little difference between the 9th and the 12th of december you might think but the earlier date coattails the. it's ability to push through its brakes it deals and allow students to vote before the end of the winter semester a crucial difference possibly then for opposition support. all that is certain now
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is the bricks it will not happen as johnson promised on october the 31st the prime minister has formally accepted the e.u.'s offer of a 3 month extension with the possibility to come out sooner if parliament ratifies a deal this parliament or a new parliament will depend on whether and when boris johnson gets the election he craves jonah whole al-jazeera london. well small step ahead an al-jazeera. claims of police brutality and chill a as n.c. government protests grow despite a state of emergency. running out of money and medicine palestinian cancer patients suffer the severe cuts by israel and the united states.
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hello again a welcome back to international weather forecast what we do see a big temperature contrast here across parts of northern europe down toward southern europe and the reason being is we have a frontal boundary that's really across much of the continent right now to the north winds are coming out of the north and that's bringing that polar air from scandinavia all the way down here across parts of central europe temptress today only going to be into the single digits for many locations we're going to be seeing warsaw it at 8 degrees kiev at 9 over here towards moscow you could be seeing some snow in the area particularly the overnight hours about 5 degrees there and also some rainy conditions across parts of northern italy and into the alps as well as we go from tuesday to wednesday the rain continues to move down towards the south but we're going to sing plenty of clear skies here towards north tempters are going to continue to drop over towards kiev we do expect to see about 4 degrees for bucharest though over the next few days your temperatures are going to be plummeting that front's going to be coming through so 16 degrees today but by the
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time we get towards thursday we do expect to see a high of about 6 degrees normal high this time of year is about 14 degrees for you across parts of northern africa we're going to see some clouds and some rain across parts of tunisia as well as libya but things do improve as we go towards an excellent days for tuna's $23.00 and for tripoli 25 degrees. sponsored by. rewind to 10 days when you see you eat. raw meat maxed out to see this documentary. being blind continues with police gold millions of dollars in people's money being taken in for their whole lives for money and he just down the drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching out to see the time to recap our headlines now iraqi security forces have used live rounds to disperse protesters in the city of karbala at least 45 people were killed that's according to a source one hospital anger about unemployment and corruption see nationwide protests. kurdish fighters have until 1500 g.m.t. on tuesday to withdrawal from areas near turkey's border in northern syria where they could face renewed attacks from turkish forces under a russian brokered deal or why p.g. troops have to leave the so-called safe so under the agreement with its prime minister boss johnson will try once again on tuesday to push for
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a general election in december he didn't get the 2 thirds of support needed to do so on monday but he's hoping to amend current laws so that only a simple majority is required for a poll to be approved by m.p.'s. parts of the u.s. state of california are bracing for the strong winds on tuesday which are expected to. further flare up the wildfire thinks smoke plumes could easily be seen from space state of emergency has been declared as firefighters battle to get the fires under control at least 8 houses have been destroyed and 200000 people have been told to leave their homes more than 2000000 people are without power and gallacher reports. fueled by strong winds and dry conditions wildfires continue to rage across california in sonoma county north of san francisco winds of hurricane strength help the kinkaid fire creep closer to its population help santa rosa the blaze forced 200000 people to evacuate as daylight revealed burned homes and
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structures while fire now covers more than a quarter of a 1000000 square kilometers officials say it's 5 percent contained i'm cautious when i say this but near stork wind event but a scale and scope the likes of which we haven't seen in some time that precipitated today with a new statewide emergency declaration because 43 counties now are impacted by red flag warnings and by these severe weather conditions to the west of los angeles that gets the brush fire threatens hillside communities with a number of homes already damaged the city's mayor has warned some residents they may only have 15 minutes to leave the szell say 500 firefighters and now battling blazes that weather conditions are expected to worsen as we have firefighters from the ground and air they had a very quick response to this they've been able to try to anchor that fire working on flanking it but it just moving in such a quick area to prevent fires starting in other areas electric companies have cut
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power to more than 2000000 homes and businesses it's thought the kinkaid fire may have been started by a downed cable according to the california department of fire and forestry this state's experienced its deadliest and most destructive fires in the past 2 years by season's a starting earlier and ending later officials say climate change is to blame and a gallica al-jazeera. the top white house expert on ukraine is due to testify at the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump on tuesday some politicians believe alexander vin could provide details about why and how u.s. military aid to ukraine was delayed it comes as the u.s. house of representatives prepares to vote this week on whether to formalize the impeachment investigation in the movies in response to complaints from trump that process is illegitimate kristen salome has more from washington d.c.
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. this is been a main talking point for republicans that the impeachment is a sham because house lawmakers have yet to take a formal vote authorizing the hearings in fact last week a group of republican lawmakers stormed a hearing room where a witness was giving evidence saying that it was being done in secret even though republicans were taking part in the process because the hearing wasn't out in the open they were in open to the public they were critical of that last week a federal judge actually refuted this claim and sided with democrats saying that they were well within their rights to hold these hearings that this had been done before prior to a formal vote on an impeachment but the administration is appealing that decision and nancy pelosi says that while it is a baseless excuse she's attempting to take that excuse away from the republicans and not give them reason to justify withholding documents and preventing witnesses
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from cooperating now the white house may still try to claim that witnesses have immunity and don't have to testify democrats have been dealing with that by taking them to court and trying to get it resolved there but that's a process that's likely to take months to resolve so by changing their tactics democrats are saying that they are just going to use this as evidence of the administration trying to obstruct justice and bolster their case for impeachment rather than trying to fight to get the witnesses in front of them. the biggest protests in a generation show no sign of letting up in chile that's even after president sebastian pinera replaced a 3rd of his cabinet from response to days of demonstrations security forces clashed again with protesters as tens of thousands marched through the capital on monday how latin america and newman reports from santiago. they're the
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biggest demonstrations in chile since the end of its military dictatorship 3 decades ago and like then the country is under the watch of human rights organizations oh they're arriving in chile to investigate charges of police brutality. in front of chile supreme court many protesters were black as a sign of mourning for those allegedly killed or seriously injured by soldiers and riot police during ongoing demonstrations were looking for someone to be responsible. and there's the next station to the president and to the. minister of interior who has their hands when i was here with the university of chile's human rights institute has received more than 600 complaints of abuse of force leading in some cases to blindness of pacific command we're talking specifically about attacks against totally peaceful demonstrators who had been shot with rubber and metal pellets directly to the face and who have been
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gravely injured young people who are now permanently disabled. the list of demands on the street is expanding not just with calls for justice but also for the president to be held personally responsible for the alleged abuses of human rights this as president said r.c.m.p. as struggles to find new ways to diffuse the ongoing political upheaval here. just hours after lifting the state of emergency announced the biggest cabinet reshuffle of his presidency would play. 8 ministers including his cousin the interior minister who last week called protesters criminals. chile is not the same country it was 2 weeks ago chile has changed and the government also has to change to confront the new challenges of the new york times if they feel that. but the large number of protesters still on the streets suggest chile hasn't changed
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president says that of authorities have committed abuses they'll be investigated and punished. but neither the cabinet overhaul nor the lifting of the state of emergency is likely to return calm to chile where protesters are already organizing new mass demonstrations for the entire week to see in human santiago. former catalan leader charles push tomorrow is appearing before a belgian court over a new spanish arrest warrant he's currently living in self exile in belgium to avoid prosecution for his role in catalonia is felled independence referendum spain considers that bid illegal 12 of his former colleagues were sentenced in spain earlier this month for their part in a 2017 vote the belgian court is expected to rule on whether to accept the spanish ones. south africa is experiencing what many farmers say is the driest
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season they can remember the hot weather and lack of water have prompted the government to impose emergency measures and it's warning that climate change could lead to the so-called day 0 with many reservoirs running totally empty for me the miller reports from the northern cape where some areas have seen no rain for 6 years. the northern cape province is known for its wide open spaces mining cattle and sheep farming shadrack whole footed doctor has been raising cattle and bump last for close to 40 years and says the dry conditions and low rainfall in the past 5 is the worst he's ever seen he's spending a $1000.00 a week on feed for his cattle because they have no way to graze on the parched land . by other but. it's very very difficult we've had very little rain since 2017 this year we've had nothing at all i'm selling my cows because of the drought and i've saved nothing. he sells his cattle at
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a local auction which are more frequent these days as farmers get rid of livestock that are a drain on their finances but the market is flooded and livestock prices are low another farmer says trying to survive the drought is almost impossible. if the rains don't come in puts pressure on us because we can't farm and can't provide. jobs the knock on effect is that people don't have money to spend in town businesses are suffering because no one is buying anything. the farming lobby group agree is say says at least $60000.00 agricultural workers in 3 provinces have lost their jobs and the industries lost millions of dollars the government is providing some relief to farmers battling the drought it's spending $2000000.00 to buy and distribute fodder to farmers to feed their animals but this is a short term plan and many say it's not enough water restrictions are being enforced in cities across south africa for the 1st time in years the water level in
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the ball dam which supplies johannesburg and the capital pretoria has fallen to just under half full that's especially critical because south africans use 320 liters of water every day the global average is about 170 liters the situation is very serious however. it is not one that calls for. panic it is under control. there are levels of supply of water at an acceptable for the quantity and quality is essential for the future development of south africa the government is expected to announce new water conservation plans and how it's going to improve supply infrastructure but the concern to ensure taps don't run dry is clear with the government calling restrictions on water use the new normal for me to malaya northern cape province south africa. cancer hospital in occupied
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east jerusalem is running out of funds and medication the palestinian government is urgently trying to save the facility but the administration is facing a severe financial crisis after deep cuts from israel and the u.s. they've brought home reports from the occupied west bank. as hard as it is fighting cancer it's more difficult to say doing nothing and not getting treatment 5 year old is among hundreds of patients who are receiving treatment in this hospital and of east jerusalem but his fate is in jeopardy the house on the bottom of there has been some progress in the past 3 months but we hope that he wouldn't have to interrupt treatment it would be a disaster if the medication remains unavailable the oldest of victoria hospital offers specialized cancer here including radiation therapy which is not available in other hospitals in the occupied west bank and gaza. managers say they can no
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longer afford to buy cancer drugs because the palestinian government isn't paying its bills. to. cover. its break. oh price and she was doing ok this is the god. as we do it. by. the palestinian government has been reducing its dependency on his radio hospitals instead sending more patients to palestinian hospitals it is jerusalem. the government wasn't able to pay the patients bills and the u.s. had stopped $25000000.00 in aid for hospitals in east jerusalem protestors anomalous a cancer patient cannot wait this time around the financial crisis is affecting hospitals but the decreasing international aid threatens to seep into other sectors of the palestinian government says it will be part of the hospital debt and also
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those millions in unpaid electricity bills and to other suppliers. we want to compensate these hospitals either by allocating emergent budgets to them or by resorting to arab states to finance the hospitals so we can compensate for the u.s. cut. financial battles aside some patients here are battling for their lives as they have no other place to go. the occupied west bank. let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now iraqi security forces have used live rounds to disperse protesters in the city of karbala at least 45 people were killed that's according to a source in one hospital demonstrators also defied an overnight curfew in the capital baghdad anger over our names. oil and corruption see nationwide protests.
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kurdish fighters have until 1500 g.m.t. on tuesday to withdraw from areas near turkey's border in northern syria are all they could face renewed attacks from turkish forces under a russian brokered deal or why b.g. troops have to leave the so-called safe set up under the agreement hong kong activist joshua one has been barred from running in the upcoming local council elections the electoral commission says his nomination is invalid because he's advocated for hong kong self-determination one was condemned has condemned rather than the decision accusing the government of conducting political screening and censorship he's the only contender disqualified from the november 24th election. britain's prime minister boris johnson will try once again on tuesday to push for a general election in december he didn't get the 2 thirds of support needed to do so on monday but he's hoping to amend the current law so that only
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a simple majority is required for a poll to be approved by him he's parts of the us state of california are bracing for strong winds on tuesday which are expected to further flare up the wildfires thick smoke plumes could easily be seen from space a state of emergency has been declared as firefighters battle to get the fires under control. the top white house expert on ukraine alexander a very man is due to testify really teach him to inquiry into resident donald trump on tuesday it comes as the u.s. house of representatives prepares to vote this week on whether to formalize the impeachment investigation those are the headlines this is the stream now. yes there are we don't believe in the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was that pakistan would never
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start a war i'm anti-war we meet with global news makers and tweak about the stories that matter just 0. for me ok in this way i really could be one of the real dangers of a ping today we ask a team of experts about the safety of cigarettes and other beeping devices and you can be part of our conversation you can tweet your questions at a.j. stream or leave a comment in our live chat and industry. according to the centers for disease control and prevention there have been nearly $1600.00 lung injury cases in united states including $34.00 deaths linked to vapor so far none of the cases happening to a specific grand substance all put out but for many.


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