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meet the women in donna who are going places when it comes to education women make change on al-jazeera. bowing to pressure lebanon's prime minister saad hariri resigns after days of anti-government protests but demonstrators aren't satisfied. and how am i getting this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up. tens of thousands of kurdish led forces withdrawal from the border in northeast syria paving the way for turkey's joint patrols with russia. the u.k. is on track to hold early elections which the prime minister hopes will break the deadlock on. those pilots never have
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a chance. these loved ones never had a chance they were in flying coffins we are sorry deeply and truly sorry in the hot seat spoiling c.e.o. admits that his company made mistakes as he testifies about 2 fatal plane crash in . lebanon's prime minister has submitted his resignation to the country's president after days of antigovernment protests such hariri says he has reached a dead end in trying to resolve the political crisis saying to her reports from beirut's. unrest in the streets of beirut running battles in the heart of the lebanese capital. police moved in after hundreds of men allied with political parties in power. attack that out tag government demonstrators who have
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been in the streets for almost 2 weeks demanding the ruling elite leaves office the prime minister saddle how d.d. has now handed his resignation letter to the president. for 13 days the lebanese people have waited for a decision for a political solution that would stop the deterioration and i have tried during this period to find a way out to listen to the people's voice and to protect the country from economic security and social changes today i will not hide from you i have reached a dead end it is time for us to have a big shock to face the crisis. the crisis is threatening civil peace the protest movement doesn't enjoy the support of the entire country has been law is among a number of groups backing the government i owe they chant the name of their leader hassan nasrallah the iranian backed movement believes there is a campaign to topple the governing coalition to change the balance of power in favor of the pro western alliance protesters deny those accusations so definitely
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some people try to take advantage of this entire revolution movement whereby they will try to ride this wave and it's normal but the majority of the people on the streets are not that that is a very political party there are celebrations in the streets how did his resignation is seen as a welcome 1st step but what protesters are asking for is radical change early elections and an end to political sectarianism easier said than the question is will this trigger now a process by which hezbollah which is the critical player in the background as well as the president michel aoun and has already had ms. brown to seal will those people agree to a technocratic government that would mean giving up power so far the governing alliance says it will be toppled only through constitutional means how do you.
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maybe hoping his decision to resign will pressure his coalition partners to make concessions a hezbollah led government needs political cover from someone like heidi who enjoys the support of the international community what began as a spontaneous protest movement is now a political crisis that spilled onto the streets lebanon's fault lines are deep and it's unclear what happens next a political vacuum a precarious situation a divided street an economy grinding to a halt lebanon has been here before and like in the past it is the security of the country which is facing the biggest risk benefit their beirut. is a professor at george washington university he specializes in lebanese politics he says it's unclear what's next for lebanon's government. hezbollah is the real dominant stakeholder of power in the country it has the capacity to rename heavy together with some of its allies in parliament chief among them of course christian
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president michel aoun and his powerful son in law the foreign minister and how do you they could then be tasked with forming a technocratic government which he leads. but hezbollah also has the option of going without having the forgoing prime minister had e.d. and essentially trying to govern on its own together with this christian primarily christian allies that would be a very difficult thing for hezbollah systemd but they might attempt it anyway there is no doubt that the lebanese structure the very nature of the system that it really is based on a division of spoils among its various communities the christians the sunni the shia the druze there's no doubt that there is a problem at the heart of that but we we've also seen a governing coalition primarily since 2006 when prime minister had a duty and his party decided to partner up with hezbollah and president me shallow
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and said that governing coalition has been proven is specially incapable of delivering on good governance and that's a problem that we've seen not only in beirut but we're seeing also on the streets of baghdad this is 1st and foremost about governance about socioeconomics and not about geopolitics. turkey's president says tens of thousands of kurdish led forces have withdrawn from the border zone in northeast syria the polite was completed ahead of a deadline set for tuesday it paves the way for russian and turkish forces to begin joint patrols in the region reports from. kurdish fighters retreating from the so-called safe zone but turkey says its patrols will determine if the withdrawal is in line with the deal is signed with russia last week the safe zone is a 440 kilometer long and 32 kilometer deep area that's watches from zealous northwest to belak here on the border with iraq east turkey has insisted on
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establishing a buffer zone on the border with syria saying it's crucial to prevent the peoples protection unit the white b.g. from expanding its influence turkish authorities consider the white b.g. a terrorist group rather than. for the us the y.p. g. the main kurdish faction in the syrian democratic forces. was a crucial ally in defeating eisel. the retreat of the kurdish fighters would be a crucial moment for president as a player. who has been warning against a full blown mystery confrontation if syrian kurdish fighters remain in the safe zone. although must be the killer part in the russia as all know has given the information to all relevant authorities that terrorists organizations have completely ripped drawl. it was a tense day
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a mortar landed near a russian military personnel in the. on the border with turkey russia and turkey carry out joint patrols in those areas now. clashes erupted between the turkish back syrian national army the opposition group and the s.d.f. of the oscars of i and he said. in the meantime as the s.d.f. biters pull out syrian government troops are redeploying taken over more territory . and about our redeployment will continue until we reach the iraqi border god willing we will rescue people from the turkish invasion and terrorist groups. but on the ground it's russia and turkey that have the upper hand they support rival groups in syria but managed over the last few years to set aside their
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differences and broker a deal to end the syrian conflict turkey wants to establish observation post in the safe zone warning that any push by the syrian government or the last year to move to the area will be met by force. all turkey's border with syria. the turkish government has strongly condemned the u.s. house of representatives softer it passed a bill threatening sanctions on turkey over its military operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria a 2nd votes recognized the mass killing of armenians at the end of world war one as genocide a term rejected by the turkish government calls the vote a meaningless political step alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . a very difficult couple of hours for the turkish government in the house of representatives here in washington the turks have spent millions of dollars over the years to beat back any motions that would bring sanctions against the economy
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or senior figures in the government and also to try and define what happened to more than a 1000000 armenians at the end of the ottoman empire at the end of the farce world war and the on sanctions passed with bipartisan support and overwhelmingly essentially what the house of representatives is saying to donald trump is that he must impose sanctions against senior figures in the government against those who planned and carried out the military incursion into northeast syria particularly those that targeted the kurds and also calls on donald trump to develop a long term plan to defeat eisel and all this coming just a short time after the house of representatives passed a resolution which said that the u.s. should no longer associate itself with the denial of the armenian genocide essentially talking about what happened to those 1000000 plus armenians at the end
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of the 1st world war turkey has always denied that there was a genocide a similar motion passed through the house of representatives back in $1804.00 but it didn't really go anywhere and there are no plans to raise a similar resolution in the senate is so really this decision by the house of representatives is not legally binding that we nothing for donald trump to sign the american position therefore remains the same that what happened at the end of the farce world war was an atrocity and it certainly wasn't a genocide as for the turks their reaction 1st of all to the sanctions they say that this is not worthy of a nato ally and certainly goes against the whole idea of the agreement with the united states that brought a temporary end to the fighting in northeast syria and the action again. the cards and as far as the genocide resolution they say it is a shameful decision which is null and void.
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british m.p.'s have given the green lights for a general election on december the 12th to end the impasse over break sets prime minister boris johnson leads a minority government scientists hoping to secure a majority and parliaments they parker reports from london. for the 4th time of asking parliament finally approved boris johnson's call for a general election the our eyes to the right $400.00 to $38.00 the notice to the left 20 so the eyes have it the ayes have it on the an overwhelming majority of m.p.'s packing a vote on december the 12th it will be the 1st december election in almost a century the country isn't jew in election until 2022 but 3 and a half years after the brics referendum parliament to stuck in the country no nearer to leaving the e.u. we are left with no choice but to go to the country to break free from this time
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past and to allow us to submit as we must in all humility to the judgment of the electorate and to last to make our case and above all to allow a new and revitalized parliament with a new mandate to deliver on the will of the people and get bricks it done boris johnson leads a minority conservative party government although he's been able to get support from the e.u. for his latest withdrawal agreement he doesn't have the same support for that agreement in the british parliament he's hoping that by holding a general election by putting it back to the people he'll be able to reconfigure the balance of power and politics in his favor. by securing changes to the law johnson was able to get approval for. election through a simple majority of m.p.'s rather than a 2 thirds majority as previously required labor had blocked a possible election until a new deal breaks it was off the table with the e.u.
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now offering a break sit extension until the 31st of january that condition has been met we're going to go out there with a very strong message of how we transform our society to end inequality and injustice and deal with the devastating poverty that so many people face we always said we wanted an election we do on collection but we wanted no deal to be taken off the table we now have confirmation from all 28 e.u. member states that no deal is off the table so we're going to go out there with the biggest campaign this party has ever mounted a similar message to from crow e.u. parties the liberal democrats and scottish national party hoping to capture the remains vote. and the election will be risky for johnson he promised a do or die breaks it on october 31st and hasn't delivered some prob voters may decide to punish johnson in the polls by voting for the newly formed
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breaks it party and its leader nigel for. the party did very well in recent european parliament elections but it's a risk johnson and rival politicians are now prepared to take and the hope of either delivering or defeating bricks it needs back out to sea or westminster. still to come on al-jazeera. demonstrators in chile's capital as the government's efforts to quell unrest fall on deaf ears. great feelings at london's grand felt terror foreign caria new reports lines what should have been done to save more lives. i know there was a mix of cloud and some rain showers across much of china but eastern sections have
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seen some kara conditions for a few days and there's more of that as you can see now a lot of cloud to the south this is a potential new storm system that is developing even if it doesn't develop those strong winds it is going to produce a huge amounts of rain but not quite making it up to the south coast of china so you know wednesday but by thursday a lot of that moisture spilling to the north with the clouds and some very heavy rain then pushing across into more central areas of the vietnam but more rain pushing cross into the philippines as well over the next few days the system is really sitting to the west of the philippines there's more showers in the wake of that meanwhile across much of indonesia got more rain showers as well not as many say that's running to get pulled northwards as that system works its way into those areas of vietnam meanwhile across into india this is what we're watching very closely this is a tropical cycle and it's moving away from n.d.s. so taking that rain with it however is now the potential for a new storm system developing again just off the south coast so this again will pump a lot of moisture across the region particularly heavy as we go through wednesday
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and thursday across into sri lanka and again the system will keep an eye on but sunday by thursday very heavy rains could lead to flooding across into carola. the weather sponsored by qatar is. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill the person when they're suffering but it didn't have the power to do it he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and the furious to do all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families. i can just kind of think about i could bury him bone hunter on al jazeera.
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this is al jazeera and of the top stories for you this hour lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has submitted his resignation to the country's president harry reid says he has reached a dead end after weeks of protests that catalyzed the country. turkey has condemned the u.s. house of representatives for passing a bill officially recognizing the mass killing of armenians as genocide the house also possible threatening sanctions over turkey's military operation in northern syria. the u.k. is heading to the polls on december 12th to try and break the brakes at deadlock and paula meant the prime minister boris johnson finally won support from other parties for an early votes. one of donald trump's top aides has given a 1st hand accounts about the controversial phone call between the u.s.
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president and his ukrainian counterparts alexander vinda has testified that he raised concerns twice about the president's efforts to pressure ukraine so investigates political rival joe biden the phone call is at the center of the impeachment hearing into truong heidi jocasta reports from washington d.c. alexander venom and is a u.s. army colonel iraq veteran and the 1st impeachment witness with 1st hand knowledge of the july phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president volodymyr zelinsky then man was among the white house staff listening when trump said to the ukrainian leader i would like you to do west a favor publicly investigate trumps political rival joe biden and a company called charisma that employed by tin son i was concerned by the call binman said in his written testimony i did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a us citizen i was worried about the implications for the us government support of
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ukraine i realized that if ukraine pursued an investigation into the bidens and it would likely be interpreted as a partisan play which would undoubtedly result in ukraine losing the bipartisan support it has thus far maintained this would all undermine u.s. national security the newly elected selenski was hoping to schedule a visit to the white house and ukraine was waiting for u.s. military aid needed to fend off russia but trump temporarily withheld the aid as his advisors continued to push ukraine to investigate the democrats and biden. this is about the united states constitution this is about the rule of law this is about national security this is about abuse of power this is about the fact that the president betrayed. his oath of office and the american people trump has denied wrongdoing and attack the credibility of witnesses who operate it with the inquiry
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that earned a rare rebuke from a fellow republican i think that we need to show that we are better than that as a nation their patriotism their love of country we're talking about decorated veterans who have served this nation who put their lives on the line and it is shameful to question their patriotism their love of this nation house democrats plan to vote on thursday to formally authorize this impeachment inquiry even though it has been underway for several weeks so why do the vote now democrats say it's to deflate the republican argument that this inquiry lacks legitimacy because it was never voted upon and are to potentially open these closed door impeachment proceedings to the public castro al-jazeera washington. boeing c.e.o. has admitted that mistakes were made for that 737 max jets which led to 2 deadly crashes then a small emberg was appearing before a u.s.
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congressional hearing when he acknowledged there were errors in the jet software that the company failed to give pilots enough information on the stall prevention system he apologized to the victims' families john hendren has more from outside boeing's in social headquarters in chicago. in a 2 and a half hour grilling on capitol hill senators question dennis miller the chief executive officer of the boeing company this was on the one year anniversary of the crash of a lion airplane in which one $189.00 people were killed in indonesia that was one of 2 crashes a total of $346.00 people died on those planes after that regulators around the world stopped the boeing $737.00 max from flying family members of the victims held up the pictures of those who died in the hearing room on capitol hill and senators were often harsh senator richard blumenthal called the planes flying coffins
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senator ted cruz read text messages from the pilot one of them saying that the plane had some agree just problems and in another he said that he had essentially lied to regulators for his part dennis miller good c.e.o. apologized to the families of those who died and said the company had made mistakes this is what he had to say. we are sorry deeply and truly sorry as a husband and father myself i'm i'm heartbroken by your loss i think about you and your loved ones every day and i know our entire boeing team does as well i know that probably doesn't offer much comfort and healing at this point but i want you to know that we carry those memories with us every day. and every day that drives us to improve the safety of our airplanes and our
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industry and that will never stop beyond that did not agree to major changes and regulation and he stuck to his talking points one of the issues there is that the plane is often self certified various aspects of it are certified by boeing and not by regulators that plane was considered an upgrade of a previous 737 model from the 19 $160.00 s. and therefore didn't undergo the same rigorous certification process the new plane would have undergone all of this leaves boeing with some significant problems the company has had to set aside 4900000000 dollars to compensate airlines it is not producing that plane and losing market share to airbus industry and dennis miller himself has been demoted he was chairman and c.e.o. of the company the company has now made him just c.e.o. so that he could concentrate on getting this plane back in the air but it's entirely possible that once all of this is over the company might be looking for
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a fresh face. at least 30 people have died in a landslide in cameron rescue teams to searching for dozens still missing. in the country's western highlands collapse at around 10 pm local time when most people are at home. protests in chile show little sign of let up thousands concedes the protests in the capsule despite a government reshuffle aimed at curbing the rest demonstrators threw rocks at police vehicles the process began several weeks ago and he's the hike in metro fares but have since turned into bodies or unrest over inequality in the country you see in yemen has more from santiago. this latest demonstration has ended here in santiago it was called to demand the overall impression that private pension system one of the most common in the country and it is considered to be an up or burst pension system of this that's what the chilean scholars but thousands of
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people came out also calling for better education better systems and so on even calling for the resignation of president zuma scampering it up these ongoing protests are not going to end in fact the trade union confederation has called for another one for wednesday this was a peaceful protest there were however skirmishes with riot police further down the road here some acts of arson and looting very very much less than on monday but they have these demonstrations have been in company at the beginning or at the end very often by a violent carried out by people that no one really knows who they are most of the protesters say that they are not part of their group in any case the president is trying to do what he can to get people to sit down and come to some kind of agreement to end the protests but there's no sign so far that that's going to happen particularly because these are not organized by a particular political party or by a person but rather on the social networks bringing together all sorts of people with all kinds of different demands. ukrainian troops on russian backed separatists
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of started to withdrawal from a key front line area in eastern ukraine both sides have confirmed that a military. away in the town of c. in the lohan screeching and will be followed by another in the city of petrofsky the withdrawal is seen as the final step before leaders of ukraine russia france and germany meet to discuss a peace plan to end the 5 year conflict. a public inquiry has found the grave failings by london's far brigade's in response to. its response rather to see a blaze at the grenfell terre parton block in 2017 reporters saying that fewer people would have died if the densely populated building had been evacuated faster join a whole has more. it's almost 2 and a half years since firefighters battled through the night to control the flames
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that engulfed grunfeld tower in west london $72.00 residents including 19 children died that night many of them told to remain inside their apartments. phase one of an independent public inquiry has called into question that so-called stay put order and found that the london fire brigade readiness for a high rise blaze like grunfeld was gravely inadequate fewer people would have died but for that said retired judge so martin moore pick who led the inquiry local community representatives say the inquiry doesn't tell the full story for this community we are very well aware of the history and the context in which that fire occurred you know the the context of the now prime minister has been mayor making cuts to fire services where they lost 10000 firefighters 10 stations were close the cuts in resourcing within the fire service the ground felt our disaster
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was a blight on the premiership of to resume a she was accused of lacking empathy when she came here and failed to meet directly with residents and survivors it's now landed and comfortably in the lap of her successor boris johnson wants in overall charge as mayor of the london fire brigade and soon to be fighting an election and there are deeper concerns that the lessons of grunfeld have not been learned. you know kensington and chelsea council itself has not faced any real punishment all of these buildings around every single one of them but they are there is not one of them that doesn't have serious fire safety defects still in that at the moment and nothing's been done about them the main tool. is the number of buildings we have with a single staircase so you've got to tell it look one case if there is used free media evacuation people will go in the cases anyway because it's over
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a trail that phase 2 of the inquiry next year will look at the wider causes of the fire the decisions taken about the buildings renovation fire safety measures the combustible external cladding all contributed to making the fire so deadly the fire brigades say residents may well have failed in its preparedness and response but the real culprits they feel have yet to be named jonah how al-jazeera london. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has submitted his resignation to the country's president hariri says he has reached a dead end after weeks of protests that paralyzed the country turkey has condemned the u.s. house of representatives for passing
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a bill officially recognising the mass killing of armenians as genocide the house also passed a bill threatening sanctions over turkey's military operation in northern syria. british m.p.'s have given the green lights for general election on december the 12th in a bid to end the impasse over brett sits prime minister barak's johnson leads a minority governments and is hoping to secure a majority in parliament bowing c.e.o. has admitted that mistakes were made with that 737 max jets which led to 2 deadly crashes dennis miller and burke appeared before a u.s. congressional hearing when he acknowledged there were errors in the jet software and that the company failed to give pilots enough information on the stall prevention system we are sorry deeply and truly sorry as a husband and father myself i'm a i'm heart broken by your loss i think about you and your loved ones
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every day and i know our entire boeing team does as well i know that probably doesn't offer much comfort in healing at this point but i want you to know that we carry those memories with us every day and every day that drives us to improve the safety of our airplanes and our industry and that will never stop at least 30 people have died on a landslide and cameron research teams are still searching for dozens still missing in a breathless in the country's west and highlands they'll collapse when most people were at home but those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the bottom line stay with us.
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hi i'm steve clements and i have a question is america an ally that can be trusted let's get to the bottom line. ever since the united states adopted its america 1st stance nato has been lambasted crimea's annexation looks permanent south korea was told they should pay for the us bases in their country and there's a renewed attempt to get out of the so-called forever wars in the middle east so can anyone blame america's allies if they're confused does anyone believe that the us will stand by them in their time of need as america 1st really mean america alone or in america on the sidelines of the big global challenges well we're very fortunate today because we have 3 people in the room that have all the answers to these questions kelly playhouses the executive editor of the american conservative magazine jane.


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