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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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over the sound of what we're seeing a pattern of people breaking with the white house and going in and testifying i don't know if we can call it a pattern what i think we can say and what we've said throughout donald trump's presidency is that. while this is an unconventional president a president who came to shake up washington there are these institutions that remain steadfast that many people have strong views on but that are nonpartisan some would not see it that way so what we're seeing here are a parade of career professionals saying look we did not like this july telephone call between the u.s. president and the ukrainian president what we heard was unusual it made us uncomfortable what we're seeing is a pattern of a stablish career officials whether it's in the national security council people inside the white house who are stepping out and saying this is not how things are
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normally done but as highly alluded to earlier the president still holds very strong to that base of support that doesn't want him to do things the way washington has always done things and that's why they're not particularly bothered that he has broken protocol even as democrats allege this hits the foundations of american democracy could have really go to any american election security. all right thanks so much kimberly how to let's just well for a moment on the numbers that we're seeing here on the screen now clearly we've got more yeas the nays that's not a huge surprise 215 saying yes to this motion versus $179.00 according to how what's displayed on the screen now pretty much all the republican votes have said no to this and all but one democratic voice so far has said yes
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to this measure so that is very much a partisan vote i think that most people will agree but it does look like if you look at the numbers are still going up as we talk with why we need to wait a minute but now we're at 221 this way more votes in favor of this versus 182 who are against it let's bring in michael isikoff he's the chief investigative correspondent yahoo news and the co-author of russian roulette joins us live from washington d.c. so looking at the numbers so far i know that they're still kind of having their last seconds or minutes of shaping our but it does look like the a's have it right . oh yeah and i think we knew that from from the beget go here the what i was looking for is to see whether any republicans would vote for it as we sit here right now it doesn't look like any did it one independent justin
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amash from michigan who was a republican but then some months ago left the republican party announced he supported the impeachment of the president he did vote for this resolution only one democrat is now recorded as voting against it's not clear to me who that is at the moment but there were a couple interim friendly districts who people were looking at it did look like a nother democrat had also voted no initially and then switched so it looks like there may have been some arm twisting last minute harm twisting going on but the bottom line is this is passed the impeachment resolution is going forward we whole process will move forward into public hearings very shortly in the next few weeks and it does look right now like it's breaking down along partisan lines michael to i'm glad you spotted bax is going to ask you about they did seem like
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a moment ago and i thought maybe i was missing it that we had 2 democrats voting no and then it looked like briefly we had a republican saying yeah and the numbers you know they keep changing so we should but how does that happen what kind of. twist is it that this could happen in 2 different ways and sometimes members do make mistakes when they're voting and. vote the wrong way and then realize it and then switch it could have been that although given the stakes of this one and the significance it's hard to imagine somebody wanted to. get us one. yeah you it you would think you would although you know it does happen members do. push the wrong one and then correct it or it could be that leaders surrounded or people surrounded whoever the renegade was on the democrat side and the republican side and implored them to switch and
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and they may have we don't know at this point. how what exactly went down here but the bottom line is there is as we're sitting here right now only one democrat opposed the resolution and no republicans supported it all right so it seems like this is going to get through as expected what difference will it make frank tickly to how this process stands. in people's eyes and how it proceeds going forward. well look it this does underscore the fact that as we sit here this remains almost purely partisan divide on the issue now the question is will that change as the democrats make their case to the american people in the public hearings that's the whole point of
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making the public hearings that's why this is taking some time because the democrats want to make an airtight case and they want to persuade the public the independents out there who may not have made their made up their minds about whether this justifies an actual impeachment vote by the full house and that's why the next few weeks are going to be so important look this afternoon there's going to be an argument in a federal court about whether charles cupper men who is the who was the deputy national security adviser 'd. can testify the white house has invoked executive privilege mr kopper men's lawyer says without direction of a court. his client doesn't know whether to part to testify or not that same lawyer charles cooper also represents john bolton who was the national
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security adviser to president trump until just a few weeks ago now bolton's testimony is if anything would be the crowning moment in this whole process if he testifies along the lines of what some of the other witnesses have said behind closed doors that he raised objections to the suspension of military and he raised objections to the idea that it was being tied to a demand from the president that the president's alinsky investigate. the bidens and the 2016 interference if he testifies to that that would be a political earthquake in this process to have the national security adviser to the president turn against him and give the most damning testimony possible against the president of the united states it's almost out of house of cards you couldn't get
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anything more dramatic than that and that's what i think a lot of people are going to be looking for as this process goes forward all right good to get your analysis on that thanks so much michael isikoff. let's take another look at the numbers shall we how it stacking up so far we've got 230 voices saying yes and 196 saying no to that motion just to recap everyone what we're seeing obviously is not an actual vote anywhere near on impeaching the president but this is a vote in the house of representatives that's the law house of the u.s. congress voting on a measure that basically would turn what has so far been closed door hearings in a committee of the house of representatives into an official inquiry that is open to the public now the idea is that would then go some
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way of the minds at least of some people in meeting those concerns especially expressed by republicans that this is being too close to secretive and not really fully and properly adopted by the congress so there we have it so far it's fallen largely along party lines there we go now we've got again those 2 democratic votes that say no to the measure but the rest of all said yes and as things stand now not a single republican has said yes to this measure 194 saying no. all right plenty more still to come though on the news hour including i'm not going to stay in this country any longer if the air i breathe of the water i drink got polluted. protesters in lebanon promising to continue their demonstrations until the entire government is removed that says schools and banks remain closed until a forced to cancel 2 major international summits after weeks of anti-government
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protests show no sign of these. and find out why liverpool my refuse to take part in the league cup quarter finals that's coming up with a hole in the sport. now iraqi president barham saleh has addressed the nation in a televised speech he promised he will approve early elections in response to the week's long protests and he said the prime minister is ready to resign if a replacement is agreed the announcement comes as thousands of protesters a bank on the streets of baghdad renewing demands for reform. the prime minister has announced he's prepared to render his resignation and sought an agreement from other political parties where we avoid any constitutional vacuum i want to include civil groups in order to have the aspired reforms within the
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legal framework and in a manner that preserves public interest peace and security the current situation cannot go on we are truly in need of reform and massive changes. and tasha her name joins us now from baghdad so natasha let's start with this quote here to ask you about start with there's a lot of promises coming from but there will be early elections the prime minister will stand down a date for any of this though it sounds rather open ended. sami i think what protesters heard this evening from president barham saleh was a kind of yes but yes prime minister ayad. mehdi will resign but only after a replacement is agreed upon and no timeframe has been given for when that replacement that successor will be named instead there was a mention that they are reluctant. to step down immediately because there are fears
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of a quote constitutional vacuum another thing that saleh said there will be elections but not until a new election law can be drafted and a new election committee formulated. said that a draft of a new election law will be presented to the parliament next week again no timeframe has been given as to how long that would take meanwhile mehdi is saying that he is asking political parties or in the parliament to help find a successor to him it's important to note that mehdi came to power a year ago he's only been in office for a year and a week as prime minister and at that time sami he was considered a consensus candidate or consensus prime minister because there was a lot of wrangling in the parliament as to who should become the next prime minister meanwhile reaction from protesters we're hearing things such as it's
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a joke what barham saleh said a disappointment other protesters are saying he came on television to try to say things that might calm us instead we're going to continue protesting so it doesn't sound like there's any reason to believe that the protesters are going to weaken in their resolve we're going to start to see some of those streets clearing up right. i think what we're seeing is that there remains a significant gap between what the protesters are asking for and what the current government is willing to offer it's really quite simple the protesters have said repeatedly what they want is for mehdi to resign now and then elections to be called in 60 days supervised by the u.n. to ensure that they will be free and fair and protesters have not heard that they've heard a series of reforms since the protests began on october 1st here in iraq
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there were reforms offered early in october it was hoped by the government that it would quell the anger instead we now have more than $250.00 people who have died in these protests protests and a lot of anger all right natasha what i mean there thanks so much. a gas stove exploded on a train in pakistan sparking a huge 5 that killed at least 70 people survive is recorded what happened is the flames tore through several carriages the train was on its way from cut on to total one pindi which is just outside islamabad some a big as this update. gruesome details of this tragedy have been emerging witnesses have been describing accounts of how people jumped from the burning train many people lost their lives as they jumped others lost consciousness as the fire and the smoke quickly spread into 3 bodies the railways minister says that the fire was
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caused by a storm inside one of the bodies as passengers tried to make breakfast but that account has been contradicted by some witnesses who accuse the railways ministry of mishandling and mismanagement and the fire was actually caused by a short circuit and investigation has been launched by the prime minister and the bodies of the people the bodies of the victims rather have been flown to inflate various places some of the bodies the be told are burned beyond recognition and d.n.a. tests have been ordered as well it's worth noting that this is not the 1st incident of its kind and pakistan railways have a checkered history when it comes to safety and taking care of the passengers who are on board. plans to reopen schools and universities in lebanon have been cancelled with more protests and sit ins and outs of the capsule demonstrators have been blocking roads in and around beirut calling for political leaders to go prime minister saad hariri quote on tuesday will this be asked by the president to stay on as temp we can take until a new government is formed. for many of us down here. it's
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a do or die situation i'm not going to stay in this country any longer if the air i breathe of the water i drink are polluted if the politicians are robbing my government if 40 percent of our annual budget goes to paying of loan interest 40 percent of the entire money the country makes in the year goes to paying off loan interest i cannot live in a country like this so for us it's we're ready to face the fear we're ready to face the responsibility that comes with facing a sectarian ruling class that has been entrenched for 30 years because we want a better country. than a holder has more from beirut. what happened yesterday was that the daily life really wasn't returning to normal schools universities were supposed to open today protesters left the streets after the prime minister sato heidi announced his resignation what the protest movement was hoping that his resignation will be followed by a decision to create a new government
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a new government made up of technocrats people who are not affiliated with any political party in order to carry out much needed reforms and instead the ruling coalition remains stubborn they continue to cling on to power so that is one of the reasons why they returned to the streets but as you can see behind us a security presence across the country there they're getting close or simply opening roads not allowing the protesters to continue to paralyze this country or to cripple of the movement they don't want the public life to be disrupted even the lebanese army in a statement was very very clear we are going to continue to allow you to peacefully protest that is your right but you have to protest in the end could confine yourselves let's say in the public square so the army security forces out in force opening roads but protesters remain just as determined to topple what they say is a ruling class which has been in power for decades
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a ruling class which has been corrupt and mismanaging the country. still ahead of al jazeera waiting for closure find out why did these government does not release the bodies of protesters through 2 weeks ago. and how business a destroyer can still close with his place for the child to just stay loyal to her . and though they were quite a few shots across areas of the middle east. the last few days and there are a fair few more to come look at all this cloud although it's carrying mostly across areas of iran is further to the north it's where you turkey and across this whole region through georgia that's what we'll see the rain and the snows those hot innovations through friday and saturday was the system plays away from turkey feeling pretty cool and i encourage just an 11 celsius meanwhile out of beirut with
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a high of 24 damages have been coming down across the arabian peninsula they'll continue to stay at these lower levels so feeling quite a lot better humidity has also begun to ease but not really of course across this coastal area of plenty of rain showers here still some fairly rough seas on friday but this storm system is losing a lot of its power so in fact not really even a tropical slike as we head through saturday but it will continue producing along these coastal areas as new studly way towards the horn of africa meanwhile you might just like to say on the edge of the screen we have a nother tropical cyclone suddenly working its way across the arabian sea so it is keeping an eye on that and we got some rain showers into southern africa and not just south africa but also across into and in india a bowl swapna and also down into most central areas so friday and stuff they want to show as a little bit cooler as well in johannesburg at 23. hours
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a day you take your time on the scale of modern slavery in the u.k. is enormous we've just seen the tip of the i spent the year to something called the modern slavery act i've just been surrounded with the don't come rescue fund so miss stone i haven't companies need to start to understand that the city's exploitation if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and there are some very very nasty people out there al-jazeera investigate britain's modern slave trade. the 1st hand glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists is the donald trump we are fighting the fake fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your legs down the press is not after truck after the we're not the enemy of the people we are the people usa the current battle ground truth is it anyway.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now the u.s. house of representatives has voted on the crucial next steps for the trump and pietschmann to inquiries in an earlier procedural vote politicians voted along party lines. trumps former top advisor for russian and european affairs is on capitol hill testifying in the impeachment inquiry morrison resigned from his post day before the closed door testimony. let's bring in heidi jocasta as a heidi bring us up to speed where the situation wrong where we've had the votes
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today the procedural one and the goal of the real one which basically leaves us at a situation where the house has approved this measure correct. that's right the measure passed which is what everyone had been expecting and the final vote does fall largely along party lines however it's notable that there were 2 democrats who sided with the unanimous republican caucus in voting no to this resolution of course that wasn't enough to defeat it all together but it shows that there may be some cracks among the democrats that up until this point seemed very united behind house speaker nancy pelosi even in the minutes and seconds leading up to this vote of course this vote is far from as you've mentioned before so it's far from actually impeaching president donald trump this is over all of vote based on process it but it is notable that this is the 1st time that
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members of the house go on record went on record in whether or not they want to continue this impeachment inquiry which has already been going on in practice for more than 2 weeks we've seen a steady stream of witnesses from within the white house and from the state department u.s. diplomats who have been up until this point testifying behind closed doors telling impeachment investigators about their concerns that trump was using the power of his office mate namely withholding u.s. military aid to ukraine while his surrogates were trying to get ukraine to open investigations into trump's domestic political rivals that open the president up to . criticism that he's abusing the power of his office for personal gain so that work has already been ongoing for weeks the result of what just took place now with
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this vote been approved means that those closed door hearings are now shifting toward a more public phase in which some of those same witnesses may be returning to capitol hill or new ones will be asked to testify in public and before television screens too namely to help democrats in their strategy of opening this case up to the public and convincing more members of the u.s. public to support them in this effort m.p.h. the president all right thanks so much hi joe castro there let's just remind everybody that we are expecting to hear from members of congress they will be making addresses after that important vote today in the house of representatives as soon as we we get that we will take you there live now human rights watch report says cia backed afghan forces have committed abuses
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against civilians which amount to war crimes the group is accusing the troops of committing grave abuses without accountability the report goes on to say the soldiers of unlawfully killed civilians during night raids forcibly disappeared detainees and attacked health care facilities for treating fighters john sifton is a spokesman for human rights watch he says these abuses have been going on for quite some time. these militias which are mostly in south and southeastern afghanistan are essentially autonomous they are outside the normal chain of command they work with the cia they are supported by the cia they're outfitted by the cia they have very sophisticated equipment night vision goggles and they and they conduct these night raids all the time they even have twitter handles where they post the results of their raids where they show even dead bodies pictures of dead bodies of people who they've shot in these night raids so this is well known that
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this is going on people have been complaining about it for a long time and it's not just a problematic thing from a human rights perspective from a counterinsurgency perspective it's hard to see how any of these abuses are getting that getting the counterinsurgency anywhere the taliban is stronger than it's been in years and continues to gain strength. washington says the 1st phase of its trade deal with china will still be signed next month the ceremony was originally slated to take place on the sidelines of the asia pacific summit in chile but several weeks around the government protests for santiago to cancel that vent along with a separate meeting on climate change by the. thousands of people demonstrate on the streets of the chilean capital for the 12th day in a row while protesters marched chile's president. made an unexpected announcement to major international summits that were scheduled to be held in chile in the
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coming weeks would be canceled. but the. primary concern and priority as a government is to reestablish order guarantee safety for our society. by pulling out of the asia pacific economic conference or apec will no longer host the highly anticipated meeting between u.s. president donald trump and china's xi jinping. we're expected to sign phase one of a new trade deal between the u.s. and china. the chilean president has also canceled the cop 25 climate change conference a united nations sponsored summit that was scheduled to be held in cheerless capital in december the indications we have so far at this present moment is that they would continue to serve as the presidency of the 25th session of the conference of parties so the sort of leadership that they've been providing in the past months will continue. for many demonstrators filled santiago's iconic class
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a canceling of the international summits seemed of little concern protesters said presidents. should instead be focused on addressing the demands of demonstrators elected. by the people watching us the receive the media our media lying to us and. you know when there may have been a case. like. peaceful protests just like this taking place every day for almost 2 weeks ensuring 2 the demands of demonstrators have evolved over time what we're hearing from people on the streets now are calls for the resignation of the country's president. a military enforced curfew and state of emergency in chile was recently lifted but the demonstrations that have swept through several cities across chile haven't ended. apart from a distrust of the country's political leaders demonstrators remain angry at today's police forces who are using aggressive tactics like water cannons and tear gas to
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disperse the protests. santiago chile. or let's bring you in some lines that have just dropped in the last few minutes chile's president announcing that the cop $25.00 climate summit will be held in madrid chile remains as the organizer even though the government canceled the december summit next month apec summit because of the continuing rest that. so it will take place in madrid now the israeli army has arrested a prominent palestinian politician during a raid on their home in the occupied west bank city of ramallah. is a former member of the palestinian legislative council she's also a leading figure in the popular front for the liberation of palestine a party that has been banned by israel to iran's daughter posted on social media saying more than 7000 soldiers and at least 12 holes were involved in the raid. just as her previous detentions by the israeli for says
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the 1st one being on april 25th teen where she was held for 15 months and the 2nd one odd july july 2nd 2017 where she was held for 18 months and this time as well my mom was detained under. the so-called administrator's detention which allows israel to hold palestinians without any evidence based on something that they call security reasons and based on secret evidence so my mother has never been charged with any crimes we have never been informed for the reason of her own harassed and she's never been given the right to a proper trial the only 5 months of protests have pushed hong kong's economy into recession the city is now recorded negative growth in 2 consecutive quarters it's
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the 1st time hong kong has slid into recession since the 2008 global financial crisis the us china trade war is also a slow deal sarah clarke has more from hong kong. watches i defied his moustache was a question was how come the using questions to get around 6 told me little to take part in his private study in victoria i'm not trying to censor to an area known as line by phone which you can look at location for the annual salary question that happens have set up checkpoints to monitor this and you will assemble that they describe is an emotional assembly around 3000 police have been deployed the protesters are using this particular pride to demand that the anti mosque or be done we want to tell the government that we have the right to wear masks. and i don't think they should just and not just the law and then just pass all the acts they want it's not against the basic law i think this is the 5th month of protests in montreal and it's type of its toll on the economy the economy is fully into this
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recession in 10 years retail sales and tourism plummeted but neither side is showing any signs of compromise with most of my tests planned this weekend funerals for 11 people killed in protests in guinea earlier this month have been delayed because the government hasn't yet released the bodies to families tens of thousands have been demonstrating against a possible change to the constitution they could allow for as an alpha condé to seek a 3rd term in power rhetorical. frustrated relatives wait outside a hospital in guinea's capital conakry desperate for news of when the bodies of their loved ones will be released or. did it we came today to collect the bodies but the ministry of health says they're not ready to be released the families be mourning for 14 days we want them to give us the bodies for burial of the 11 protesters were killed on here this month during one of a number of demonstrations against president alpha condé. 'd thousands of people
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have been marching through the city week after week angry about a possible constitutional change that they say would push into a dictatorship they accuse president condé of wanting to hold on to power for a 3rd time for them 10 years of condé the government is enough. 81 year old condé 1st came to power in 2010 it with gagne's 1st democratic election after more than 50 years of mostly military rule since its independence from france in 1958 fulminate is all worried about the future of guinea under condé scenario by your move i don't have the words to express myself this deception what are we seeing on the ground it could kill politics and give it a funeral the sacred in our tradition our younger brothers were killed and how can the family come here 14 days later with no chance to have the funeral. the ministry of health says the delay in releasing the bodies is because it's pathologists have
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finished performing autopsies which it says will help uncover the real causes and circumstances of their loved ones death these relatives have no faith in that process and they insist the government is making in the ready difficult situation even once victoria gayton be al jazeera. britain's vocal and colorful speaker for the house of commons will step down on thursday. 10 years as parliament's taskmaster most notably trying to keep briggs that proceedings under control or as the looks of those legacy is britain prepares for another election and breaking the ranks it that long. term. every circus needs a ringmaster and throughout the entire city of bricks it's john bercow has been
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there to crack. his extraordinary internation the way in which he says the word order. to shut up when they're all shouting at each other the way in which much of the u.k. has become transfixed by a parliament that usually ignores all of it combined to make bercow something of an international celebrity. given the role of speaker is to set the terms of debate and act as referee inside the chamber trying to keep on top of politicians during practice it would have proved virtually impossible for anybody. we've seen both the opposition but also the government trying to use parliamentary procedure to their advantage which has meant that situation the speaker in a situation has has been put in a tricky position and has had to make quite controversial decisions. he may have been a conservative m.p. but bercow gathered many enemies on the progress of benches of parliament they accused him of being biased against them because he ruled that the government couldn't keep trying to pass legislation after losing votes on it my ruling is
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therefore that the motion will not be debated today as it would be repetitive and disorderly but in reality he was only a space just that it has become so disorderly itself that any decisions he took a bound to be divisive he was the person who facilitated this referendum process from the outset by allowing some of the euro skeptics to table an amendment which was unusual to allow it to be voted on so i think he's represented both camps his role is not to stand up for the government his role is to stand up the backbenchers and will continue to do that. it was never afraid of making enemies and speaking his mind most famously argument president trumps should be barred from speaking to parliament from during his state visit earlier this year after the imposition of the migrant ban by president even more strongly if. you
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ever dress by president from here in westminster hall. because success will be announced in a few days they'll be forgiven for hoping they might live through slightly less interesting times barnsley al-jazeera london. still ahead in. injury was a new. model.
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pi's qualifies as catch up with the game his role family thank you very much the
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washington nationals are by spalls new world series champions a win in game 7 i with the astros and houston sealed that deb you crowley harding reports. was our tix aside washington d.c. is united for the 1st time in franchise history the washington nationals have claimed their title as the best in the world series. used to win the game started well for the houston astros in a winner take all final. the team were at home and put up the 1st 2 runs through to . they ended up being their only. 176 against the nationals answered back how we can jerk an anthony ran down both hit a home run in the 7th any i then it all came down to this point 2 i was the washington nationals beating the houston astros 62 years for the 1st time
12:40 am
i don't think she's 20. 5 i say. over 40 i guess that's that like the 1st team wins and it is amazing. the nationals are the 1st team in the world series to win all 4 of their away games disappointing this houston crowd this year. i can honestly say nothing but a surprise to me i mean for more we started. traveling booze i mean you name it we've been through a lot but like i said before these guys we stuck together if you want to live this thing up the nationals had a rough start to their season only winning 60 percent of their games but they pulled it together for the ones that counted. 'd
12:41 am
this team have done what no political party could unite their fan base in the u.s. capitol. the 7. odds we'll harding al-jazeera. west rendition of that song ever well have you heard mention the washington nationals victory is the 1st ever win for the franchise which was started back in 1969 in fact it's the 1st world series win by any washington seen since 1924 since the washington senators were crowned champions the 2019 success caps a remarkable turnaround by the washington nationals who lost get this 31 of their 1st 50 games this season while small washington all started the 1st see when the history of not only the m.o.b.o. but also basketball's n.b.a. and our stockings and i channel party seasons to record for on the road or away
12:42 am
wins or any n.b.a. the warriors injury wise continue golden state for playing the phoenix suns on wednesday losing 121-2110 they were the only ones to go down to talk m.v.p. steph curry fell heartbreaking is left handed and going off looks like he'll be out for a while the war is an hour without covering the ranch it doll and thompson through the. end of 9 or uncharted starting line up to fight south africa in the rugby world cup final on saturday in our own sara leading try to score a jonny may have been passed fits after taking knocks during a semi final win over new zealand with a target of 731 caps is certainly an experience england side and current eddie jones says are no nutz. we have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion so that's why the flies can be relaxed that's why our can be relaxed because we now have done the work but we're not relaxed about knowing what's in front of us
12:43 am
realize several is going to come. yeah they've got a history of bring the most physically intimidating team in the world so we're going to take that away from the south africans had carried. 9 his squad to facing the bodies of my just one cherry being chosen colby will return to the start having missed their semifinal victory i have a wild with an ankle injury i know god has different plans for different people and busy old man leases mature that on the radio. wasn't for the semifinal but now for the final so my point is is that really strong and i just believe everything up into god's hands. livable. threaten to pull this team out of the english league cup if the tournament organizers fail to find a proper date for their quarterfinal liverpool reached the last 8 after beating also on penalties following a fall a 5 draw at anfield they have been drawn to play aston villa in the areas quarterfinals are going to show you up for the week commencing on the 16th of
12:44 am
december however in fact week level for being cats are playing in a fee for club world cup. i'm not concerned somebody else has to be concerned because we didn't make the fixes we didn't make this could still be said already outside in the t.v. in the real to fever told us we will build the team world cup will be there you have to come there so we do we do the premier league tells us you have to play to probably will be do it for city and and the kind of work of. what we did tonight and if they don't find a place for us and an appropriate place not 3 o'clock at christmas they are some in the morning and morning. at christmas day than then we don't played when we were inspiring rabbited swept aside bottom club like an e.f. 5 nil to keep up the pressure on the legal leaders barcelona are currently a point behind them in the title meanwhile in italy events are back top of syria a point ahead of into stoppage time penalty from some fellow cultish on a mound out save them from a draw with genoa to one the final school that. australian cricket around the glen
12:45 am
maxwell is set to take some time out of the going to deal with mental health issues the decision was made after the 31 year old metz with cricket australia officials on wednesday the team psychologist says he's hopeful max will only spend a short time away from the game he will miss the rest of the currency for the series its role lanka as well as upcoming matches against pakistan. what about now lewis hamilton set to win it 6 drive this target at the united states grand prix in austin this weekend max 1st. to head about life in texas that you are visiting showing off their skills along the streets of hollywood in the found least the ones out of that handful hamilton winning the world market is the sightings team. but the family will have to overturn the deficit 70 fold points without the 78 point it available if seen. from the 1st time i got to drive a go kart i was 5 years old and yeah i fell in love with the sport immediately and
12:46 am
let me say to everyone ben i'm going from one driver one day and champions the dream is the life that is always full for a while like to. hold and say from a for this news out i'm back and i want more of the day's news though so do stay with us. i don't deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you decide to i disagree with that thought this sounds like you blaming the public the country for the absentee ballot they're naming any 5 of these people well trained phones much of
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public office of the islamic state machine and ask them all who have been very and the inspiration of the populace those are teachers join me many awesome as i put it up for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. the multi the magnet for tourists from around the globe but behind the peace risk
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landscape young men leaving to find me on groups in syria when i went east investigates on al-jazeera. every. u.s. house approves resolution detailing the rules governing the impeachment inquiry against president trump. i'm sad to say that this is al jazeera live also coming up iraq's prime minister
12:49 am
promises to resign but only if a suitable replacement can be found thousands of protesters returned to the streets of baghdad. india and i administered kashmir is formally divided into 2 regions directly controlled by new delhi. another wild fire breaks out in the us state of california destroying homes and forcing more evacuations. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution setting rules for the trump impeachment inquiry the 1st formal vote on the issue in a divided house the resolution is adopt it without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. members voted mostly along party lines for weeks testimonies have been conducted behind closed doors these new measures will now make them public witnesses have been questioned about allegations
12:50 am
the president pressured ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden well earlier the house speaker nancy pelosi said the future of american democracy was at stake this constitution is the blueprint for our republic and not a minor but when we have a president who says article 2 says i can do whatever i want that is in defiance of the separation of powers that's not what our constitution says so what is its stake is our democracy what are we fighting for defending our democracy for the people and here's what the top republican leader in the u.s. house kevin mccarthy had to say today is more than the fairness of an impeachment process it is about the integrity of our electoral process democrats are trying to
12:51 am
impeach the president because they are scared they cannot defeat him at the ballot box. in a moment will speak to our white house correspondent kimberly how could the 1st let's go to heidi joe castro on capitol hill in washington d.c. so no surprises here as expected the house of representatives the lower house of the u.s. congress has approved this measure right joe heidi. that's right and the approval was largely along party lines which is what had been expected of course you know democrats control the house of representatives but what was surprising is that there were 2 democratic representatives who defected from their caucus and voted with the unanimous republicans in not approving this fasher obviously that fell short and finally this measure was adopted what it doesn't practice is it sanctions the continuation of this impeachment inquiry that has
12:52 am
already in practice been happening over the last couple of weeks but all of the witnesses that have come through thus far have had closed door hearings with only scant information leaking out and now with this measure having been passed the house will continue with the inquiry in the eye of the public by hosting hope of hearings democrats have faced accusations and criticism from republicans saying that these proceedings have been too behind closed doors that they're not transparent that this is all part of a deep state conspiracy against donald trump and now having adopted this measure that will open the proceedings to the public democrats are in essence deflating or attempting to deflate that argument from republicans by bringing these proceedings into the open and what we've heard from witnesses thus far according to their leaked opening statements has been a pretty troubling narrative as described by democrats of what trump has done to
12:53 am
using the power of this office in their words to compel ukraine to open investigations. into trump's political rivals at home and today on capitol hill was yet another white house insider speaking before impeachment investigators that was tim morrison who is the russia expert on the national security council and named by previous witnesses as a key figure in the inner thinking of the white house at the time of the security a being withheld from ukraine morrison telling another trump aide that he had quote a scene came feeling when he learned that trump wanted the president of ukraine to go to the microphone and announce these investigations into joe biden so a lot of alarming testimony sammy that democrats are hoping now will be brought
12:54 am
into the public eye by sanctioning public areas going forward. all right thanks so much heidi joe castro. of president trying to eat at his reaction immediately after the vote saying simply the greatest witch hunt in american history a white house correspondent kimberly how is live for us in washington d.c. and as that tweet might indicate he's not entirely happy at all with this entire process of impeachment however mighty take some comfort kimberly in the fact that we didn't have i think any republicans voting for a public impeachment process. i think the president is going to take some comfort in that look this white house knew the vote was going to be a foregone conclusion terms of democrats will unanimously or overwhelmingly vote for this to be a formalized process they've made that clear from the beginning so the white house was prepared for it they have sent out
12:55 am
a statement the press secretary calling this already we're seeing how they're going to characterize this that they see this is illegitimate the president has done nothing wrong and democrats know that according to white house press secretary stephanie grisham you talked about how this was bipartisan and it reminds me of the last time there were a piece for seedings in washington i was here for that back in 1998 it was a democratic president in the white house and when there was a vote it was very notable there were 31 democrats that voted with the republicans so we saw that there was some bipartisan effort to prosecute president clinton we haven't seen that so far but that was not the vote to impeach donald trump that was about to formalize things now we're going to have these hearings coming out in the open out of the shadows if you will right now the u.s. president has enormous base of support this seems to be affected by the headlines
12:56 am
so far when these testimonies start to become public we could see that change we could then see some republicans going with the democrats hard to predict how this is going to fall out but for now you can suffice to say the white house well not surprised what happened from the president's tweet there the greatest witch hunt in american history clearly not happy about how things are going so far thanks so much kimberly how combat. or michael isikoff is the chief investigative correspondent yahoo news and co-author of russian roulette he joins us now live from washington d.c. good to have you with us so will the vote today go it rewards anywhere towards perhaps addressing some of those republican complaints that so far the impeachment process has been and of it has not been officially adopted and has been to secretive. well now it has and this is a momentous day that the house has now formally voted to authorize this impeachment
12:57 am
inquiry it makes it all 'd but inevitable that president trump will be impeached by the full house there is a roadmap ahead for the. hearings going forward the public hearings in which the democrats will be making their case to the public for why they need to do this but i think there is something significant legally significant about what happened today which is that it does strengthen the democrats' hand in 2 very crucial court hearings coming up as early as this afternoon charles cupper men has gone to court after getting a request to testify saying given that the white house is invoking executive privilege is he legally permitted to go ahead and testify and one of the arguments that's going to be argued in court this afternoon separately
12:58 am
there's another court argument about don again who was the white house counsel during the moeller proceedings who's also the democrats want his testimony as well . having the house formally vote gives the democrats more. ammunition to argue that couple of minutes testimony is needed in the impeachment inquiry he was the deputy national security advisor and if the judge in that case judge alito news here in this argument this afternoon approves that it almost certainly would give a green light to john bolton the national security adviser to testify as well if the democrats get bolton's testimony that could be political dynamite. it could be political dynamite this photo does give the democrats some more power though in deciding or at least blocking. some of the white house's ability to call
12:59 am
witnesses right. well under the resolution if you read it carefully chairman shifu will be conducting the proceedings he's the chairman of the house intelligence committee does have the discretion to the republicans can request witnesses but shift has the discretion to turn them down the resolution says the republicans have to submit a written case for why they think somebody is testimony is essential to this impeachment inquiry so you know we'll see how much latitude shift gives the republicans to call their own witnesses i suspect the democrats don't want this to turn into a political circus in which the republicans try to call joe biden for instance or hunter biden to try to make the proceedings about them rather than the president's own conduct so you know it's going to be very interesting to see how the dynamic
1:00 am
between the republican request for witnesses and how much latitude shift gives them where obviously still a bit away from a final vote on impeachment but is there anything to be read into this in trying to predict the final vote. well you know the fact that it was almost entirely on partisan lines is it is noteworthy you had 2 democrats bolton voted against no republicans not a single one voted for this inquiry and if that stays the same after the public hearings after the full transcripts are released after all the testimony is in if it remains a republican inquiry ettes going to make it harder for republican senators who are ultimately going to be deciding the.


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