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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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these delegations from regional members high level the top level from each nation coming here but the united states only sent the secretary of commerce as the highest member of their delegation that is something that has been seen in years that is being viewed here as a bit of a slight lack of importance the administration is putting on this region so that some also see as an advantage as an opportunity for china the government of india has released a new map depicting the entire kashmir region as part of its territory as they new delhi formally divided indian administered kashmir into 2 new federal territories 3 months after revoking the region's autonomy so these are the internationally recognized boundaries it includes parts that are administered by pakistan and china india's new map take a look shows the whole area as part of 2 new centrally administered territories jammu and kashmir and la duc of pakistan has condemned the move calling it legally untenable and chavo has more from indian administered kashmir. a few days after the
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indian government officially split indian administered kashmir into 2 union territories small of political units directly under new delhi's control the indian government has released a new map of india in this map these union territories of jammu and kashmir and respectively also include areas which are currently under the administration of pakistan like me and now some analysts say that not be made aware this because india's stated position has always been that the region is an integral part of india however others say that india is being assertive now a few days after indian government. special status and stripped off. on all this 5 they did defense minister i was the 1st person to say that the next conversation india will haue will be on pakistan as he put it occupied me and nothing else shortly after the indian foreign ministers are pretty much the same this gives some sort of credence to the fear of. said that india seems to have.
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administration control now china of course has backed its ally pakistan but earlier an. indian prime minister. being then he didn't even raise with the chinese president that when china also is administering a part of kashmir that india. still had on al jazeera roads are blocked in iraq. their anger over governments corruption. trouble in chile police use water cannons and tear gas to break up anti-government protests.
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despite the cloud. not particularly wet anywhere in this part of asia that is a frontal system has brought some rain through japan birds increasingly on monday you'll find that it's more sunny but of a breeze in the north you think a bee colonies and heaved 70 valleys all stop but it's not especially coal really and still 16 in beijing and this is to clear blue sky stuff you can see where winter is looking but it's a long way away yet for most of us. the same is true in china we're not entirely clear the cloud away there is still some in sichuan it's still generating showers but for the most part from shanghai down to one corner round the corner it's looking fairly fine the wind rushing it looks like it's rushing at least the steady northeast of these are the the south china sea and making a circulation off the coast of vietnam yet there is still heavy rain in the area and this is the concentration of it vietnam towards the philippines back towards me and while that's where the main rain belt is there are showers spread all way
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downstream malaysia and into indonesia you might expect it to be raining fairly heavily heavily in java now but it's not quite got there however the monsoon rains in india have almost disappeared concentrating now in kerala and in sri lanka. every week a news cycle brings a series of breaking stories. as we turn the cameras on the media when the intelligence services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they would cool down the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening post on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera shares in saudi aramco will start going on sale in the kingdom stock exchange next month saudi arabia is hoping the long delayed initial public offering will raise hundreds of billions of dollars. supporters of lebanon's president michel all in a rallying outside his official palace north of beirut protests which began last month forced the prime minister saad heidi to resign many demonstrators want the entire political system replaced. and asian leaders at the assy on summit in thailand have delayed making what would have become the world's largest trade deal india has raised concerns over how greater access to china's market would affect its economy. a car bombing has served as
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a reminder of the insecurity along syria's northeastern border where turkish and russian forces are doing joint patrols 13 people were killed and 30 others injured in the attack on a crowded markets in. the border town is controlled by turkish backed opposition fighters it's seen some of the heaviest battle since turkey launched a military offensive against kurdish forces last month and turkey is threatening to send all i so fighters it's captured back to their home countries the interior minister says europe must do more to repress repatriates its nationals. we are not a hotel for anybody's eisel members it's not possible to accept this we have agreements with all these european countries that need these agreements it says to send them back but this deprivation of citizenship is a new method you are on your room this is not acceptable for us i'm stating clearly that this is also a responsible what am i going to do with your terrorist while international attention is focused on the russia turkey deal and the withdrawal of kurdish forces
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in northeastern syria fighting has intensified elsewhere in northwestern province has so had better has more from shanley or from the turkey syria border. government troops are constantly pounding rebel territory in clusters national mostafa and and spread of this area south of says taken over say when a few months ago the government seems to be determined this time to pound rebel held territory to push everyone civilians and the opposition all the way to words the city center of it live where more than 3 and a half 1000000 civilians live for him that could be the only way to contain the growing influence of the opposition in that part of northern italy this comes against the backdrop of a counter offensive by the opposition in in the mountains surrounding the taqiyya all the opposition groups have been trying to coordinate their efforts because they
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do understand this time that if bashar assad decide to take over the rebel will have nowhere to go. to iraq where protesters have started fires and block the roads anti-government demonstrations continue the fires lead to traffic jams in the capital baghdad on sunday morning and there was more violence on saturday when security forces killed one protester and more than $200.00 others as they tried to clear them from to how you square curfews have failed to quell the protesters demand jobs and an end to corruption. demonstrators swamp baghdad's iraq's prime minister has been meeting his security chiefs. called on police to ensure the safety of protesters he has conditionally agreed to protesters demands that he step down from office his promise to leave for replacement can be found that's a name has more from baghdad. this is anything but
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a typical start to the work week in iraq teachers aren't strike here in baghdad and other parts of the country schools are closed students are expected to come here to talk to me or to join the protests and it rose in the eastern portion of baghdad are an absolute mess very congested it was protesters are blocking major intersections they're burning tires and other debris and chanting that's making it difficult for people to get to work as a result of various government offices and businesses are closed in basra protesters continue to block the entrance of the port there it's now going on a week that operations have been halted the governor is in for a protesters not to damage the court he is saying that this is your revenue he's also saying that if you damage the port this will undermine peaceful protesters demands the trade minister is also saying that if the courts are closed this could
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halt the distribution of food and goods especially to the poor. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have rallied again in pakistan's capital demanding the resignation of prime minister imran khan. so-called freedom march led by a conservative opposition party arrived in islamabad on thursday commo highs are hostile latests. that day of the protest and the leader of the protests more lawn follow them on has given a deadline which expired at midnight local time here the country's prime minister to resign and for the government or a new round of elections the situation headed very tense your targeted on the other hand breaking forward turned into an ugly situation but so far the protected. they are already on a major highway in islamabad and they are also showing signs that there are no hard
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to leave. bundy to duplicate imran khan came through rigged elections which we engineered but despite that he hasn't delivered in the past year the economy is at a standstill and people are suffering who much of that agreement with the government to stop the water supply electricity and even the restraints on as we're asked not to serve us with food the little be very clear to iran that doesn't give us can't break our commitment to our cause and we will stay till his resignation. so the pressure is still on the government but the government on the other hand rejecting that them on all of the protests and that of course can bring the resignation of the prime minister to be a border in turkey what happens within the next 24. of the protests well i don't follow them on an already that he may. go or nearer to parliament square or he may move farther down the road which of course would complicate
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matters because it will bring them ready closer to the red zone and that of course is the red line. and u.s. judge has temporarily blocked a trumpet ministration order that would have overhauled entry rules for immigrants proclamation would have blocked newcomers from entering the country without proof they can purchase health insurance a judge said the practice would shut down all or most immigration the order would have come into effect on sunday but has been put off for $28.00 days in brazil illegal loggers has shot and killed an indigenous activist in the amazon rain forest the man was hunting with a group formed to defend the forests when they were ambushed in northern brazil illegal loggers and miners have stepped up their activities in the region since right when president joe you're both an arrow took office at the start of this year boston area has vowed to open up the amazon to developments police in chile have used water cannon and tear gas to break up anti-government protests in santiago
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it's the latest in weeks of often violent demonstrations against the government and the president's protesters are demanding an end to low incomes poor health care and worsening poverty is a latin america editor of the sea and women with more. put this 13th day in a row demonstrators gathered at some. but this time security forces used massive quantities of tear gas water cannon and pepper spray to prevent them protesting. that the several has had come to express their anger that she's growing income inequality equipped with a none too flattering sign of the presidency of us champion but she doesn't just blame him the. government's leafed in the right wing have stolen from us we've lost down right to decent salaries and health care and the privatized all the utility companies. the protesters were chased away over and over only
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a very few responded was rocks and the candidates have been coming back and forth on trying to protect themselves here this was supposed to be a march to call for the resignation of president of the step to get all these people who are part of. the drive having. protesters who are angry that they could not express their constitutional right to demonstrate they were a couple of additional ago before i came here today with my daughters to protest peacefully for all of our rights because enough is enough the rich take everything in every day we're worse off and worse all. others say president needs to be punished yeah he's or like all the other presidents and he needs to be impeached. that is highly unlikely to happen since at least part of the opposition says it won't support a congressional impeachment bid. to get us says he's listening to chileans demands and while he may be the obvious target of these protests his wrath must concede
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that changing the president is far less important than winning deep structural changes. you see in human i'll just see santiago. the mountains of central asia are home to some of the largest variety of wild animals including snow leopards conservationists say their numbers are increasing after kurdistan's government imposed a strict ban on hunting without the how many reports are you so cool in northeast kurdistan. every other day they set up a dorm to scour the surrounding mountains volunteer rangers from nearby villages and the hunt for poachers record them used to be a lot of purchase that's why did number of animals was decreasing well most didn't see any in the mountains and well it were not and it was scary so we started to work so now we're protecting 42000 acres the mountains of kyrgyzstan our home to some of the riches the right. the of wildlife in the world including bores deer and
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ibex and the much elusive snow leopard which lives on the peaks the cure gets call it the spirit of the mountains and then the most sought after for its fur meat and bones used in traditional medicine. was saved as a cult the mother's paul was caught in a trap she was voted in abu century one of the largest for these wild cats in the world and remains here since more than half of the territory of kyrgyzstan is potential home to snow leopards they live and protect the mountains of central asia the tension here the permian and they're all interconnected and those mountains provide water for nearly half of the world's population. under stand more of these animals conservationists are using modern technology about 40 heaton movement triggered cameras are placed on top of the mountains for 6 months at
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a time they cover an area of 900000 square kilometers the thousands of pictures taken revealed a lot about these animals daily habits this one with the tail up is marking the rock it's hard to use by no cliffs and find them you'll find maybe they're pockmarks on the snowy. but there is out technologies you can't work out what's this naps and videos also help estimate the number of snow leopards living in an area each cat has a unique pattern on its fur similar to fingerprints for humans there are police $350.00 living on the peaks there are probably more which is a significant improvement since in 1990 s. when pushing was rife that's why newry do you know yet once a poacher himself says this important to keep on patrolling the mountain it's limited model we are going to be tough but now we see days and other wild animals again villages joke with us and tell us to stop it because the wild animals are
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eating their crops or the pictures tell us you used to be one of us why did you change sides but it's good now tourists can come here and see the animals. it's a fragile ecosystem this survival of one animal the pen's under survival of others and in this impoverished country while left protection has also become a source of income but at the honey al-jazeera kyrgyzstan. air b.n. b. says it will do more to prevent unauthorized parties in rental properties lease through its online platform that's after 4 people were killed in a shooting at a house in san francisco on halloween some people rented the property for a small group and neighbors say the party quickly got out of control. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera shares in saudi aramco will start going on sale in the kingdom stock exchange next month it's hoped the long delayed initial
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public offering will raise hundreds of billions of dollars. this is these truly historic we are happy to announce our intention to this the saudi aramco company at the saudi stock exchange market the strategic aim of the company is to ensure that there is earnings for the government and the country according to our board of directors we are going to increase shares to 75000000000 dollars this year the government will as the need arises start distributing beneficial to the shareholders. lebanon's president has promised to restore the people's trust and government in the face of widespread protests addressing supporters a rally in bob michel pledged to tackle concerns over the economy and corruption mass protests began last month which have already forced prime minister saad heidi to resign many demonstrators want the entire political system replaced asian leaders at the summit in thailand have delayed making what would have become the world's largest trade deal india is concerned over how greater access to china's
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market would affect its economy 13 people have been killed and 30 others injured in a car bombing in the north syrian town of the ads areas controlled by turkish backed opposition fighters and is seen heavy clashes since turkey began its operation to create a safe zone last month. protestors in iraq have started fires and block the roads as anti-government demonstrations continue the fires lead to traffic jams in the capital baghdad on sunday morning and there was more violence on saturday when security forces killed one protester and wounded more than 200 others as they tried to clear them from to have square police in chile have fired tear gas and water cannon on demonstrators 20 have died in weeks of unrest sparked by protests over poverty people are angry about low income poor public health care and the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the country those are the latest headlines on
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al-jazeera inside story is coming up next. there's the democrat party has gone completely insane donald trump on the offensive as the beach ment inquiry against him goes public but the white house is refusing to cooperate so what happens next and what will be the impact on next year's elections this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back to bowl in only the 4th time in u.s. history the house of representatives has formalized impeachment proceedings against a sitting president public hearings will begin later this month after weeks of testimonies behind closed doors at the center of the investigation is whether president donald trump abuse his power and jeopardize national security by withholding u.s. military aid from ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden has repeatedly denied doing anything wrong and has described the investigation as a witch hunt the white house is refusing to cooperate and has warned members of tribes in a circle against testifying loss to discuss what i guess but for asis reports from loss in jordan in washington to the it's one thing to attack your political opponents on twitter the democrat party has gone completely in saying.
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it's another to do what all your political base is cheering you wall on that's how us president donald trump spent his friday night. 1st they engineered the russia hoax that was a total hopes the single greatest law was ever forster's upon the american people then the motor which it never ended and now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi. and shifty adam shift shifting. and the media are continuing with the during. impeachment which as this is one i never thought to be involved in the word impeachment to me it's a dirty word the rally was trump's 1st since the house of representatives formally endorsed the impeachment inquiry against him on thursday trump told the crowd he
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never pressured ukrainian president belong to me or selenski to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter and that he did not withhold nearly $400000000.00 in military aid to 4 selenski to comply. at the same time several democratic candidates campaigned for votes in iowa and joe biden used the event to fire back a truck vladimir putin don't want me to be president. and number 2. donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. spend a lot of money to make sure i'm not i'm flattered on capitol hill next week democrats once again will question trumpet ministration officials behind closed doors while some officials have already appeared others are refusing to show
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up the latest energy secretary rick perry who says there was nothing wrong with trump's call to zelinsky yeah i want to present my own course i thought it was important. it if you brace which i do 'd everything to do with this back to the point that the united states has the ability to give ukraine a alternative to russian gas legislators could issue a subpoena forcing perry to appear or risk being arrested and we will make america great again thank you mr. raising the ante and the pressure on a president who says he will fight what he calls an illegal effort to undermine his rule rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. or let's say could look at how we got here it began in july with a phone call between president trump and ukrainian president voted me as selenski
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a whistleblower said trump used the call to pressure the craning government to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son a month later the whistleblower 5 a secret complaint to the office of the inspector general of the intelligence community for 6 weeks a trumpet ministration tried to block congress from obtaining that complaint in september the house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry into tromp accusing him of a betrayal of his oath of office after weeks of testimonies behind closed doors the house approved a resolution on thursday to set the rules for public hearings. with . our let's bring in our panel now in new jersey on skype richard good scene a political consultant for the democratic party and former advisor to president bill clinton in washington d.c. is jack kingston a republican party member and a former senior adviser to donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign and in
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birmingham in the u.k. scott lucas a professor of political science and international studies at the university of birmingham welcome to you all gentlemen thank you for being on inside story richard goodstein let me start with you donald trump very combative he says his a victim part is in break chant what is motivating democrats house members to move forward with this process is it politics or is it duty. imagine if president barack obama had told the saudis we will give you a lot of aid if you in the aid of hillary clinton's presidential campaign find dirt on donald trump and publicize it and we will not have a meeting saudis in the white house unless you get dirt on hillary clinton the republicans in congress would have gone ballistic they would have started impeachment proceedings the 1st time they heard about that but we're
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talking about here that's exactly the situation that we have here president trump democrats talk about the a.b.c.'s of impeachment is the abuse of the office that's not something a president should do or is entitled to do under the law be as a betrayal of in this case an ally of the ukraine by basically holding a gun to their head rhetorically and telling them there would not be aid there would not be a meeting in the oval office until they did what trump asked for and she is corruption this is blatantly a corrupt out so this is not politics if in fact the democrats didn't do this what would stop donald trump from saying to the chinese we will have a trade deal and in fact we'll make it beneficial to you but only as trump did say on the back lawn of the white house several weeks ago if you come up with dirt on joe biden or every other day you know that donald trump entered into would be
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predicated on the foreign government digging up dirt on his political rivals message loud and problem stand to respond jack your response republicans say the inquiry is on sat it's unconstitutional it's un-american what is wrong with this process and in your view well of course richard has not read the transcript by somewhat i just heard nothing that that was all very interesting but just like adam shift who in a official congressional hearing. made up a parody and said it was the transcript and only back then once he was caught in the lie richard has done the same thing none of that was in the transcript and i would say to your viewers just read the transcript all you have to do is google ukranian transcript and if any of that sin there maybe there is something to it but listen 3 prior impeachment hearings all have been bipartisan this one was not bipartisan except 2 democrats saw that it was so horrible that they voted with
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republicans on it one of them was a senior democrat by the way the democrat deep staters cannot stand the fact that they lost the election in 201619 minutes into the trump president say the washington post said impeachment process will begin immediately and that's all they've done they struck out on jack let me just ask you. right here i hear you on this but let me just ask you briefly before i move on to notice what is wrong with this specific process that the republicans are complaining about they've been complaining that the hearings had been in private in secret so why didn't they vote yes on thursday in congress because some of the rules could now in fact help them under these rules president trumps would be able to bring witnesses to defend his case wouldn't. well actually the rules were drawn up by 9 democrats and 4 republicans so even that process was an even but there is not equal access to transcript release there's not equal crosses examination of witnesses there's not
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the equal of billets a subpoena witnesses if you want to do it fairly and richard knows because he was a clinton guy we as a republican party gave president clinton 30 hours of testimony of ability to cross-examine and see is accusers we haven't even been able to taught to this c m a c america the. suppose of whistleblower why don't we have access to him if it was a fair trial i think the same would be dismissed in one way but the democrats have done it for $37.00 days 'd in the capitol basement because they're ashamed of them sorry they leak out information selectively to make the president look bad jack thank you for that allow you to respond richard in just a moment but i want to get to scott because it's using in burning him scott now because only the 4th time in u.s. history that the house has formalize impeachment proceedings against a sitting president how does the case against can pat to that of nixon and clinton
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in terms of severity and also in terms of strength. well i need to think 1st off i don't deal in misinformation like we just heard i deal in facts and the facts as they have been brought out by more than a dozen current and former u.s. officials as well as by the transcript of the trump selenski phone call and other documents is that from last november donald trump and his personal attorney rudy giuliani kerry campaign of pressure on ukrainian officials to open an investigation into presidential candidate joe biden the democratic party and an investigation to cover up russia's interference in 2016 those are the facts of the testimony that have been heard so far now if those facts are confirmed not only in the public hearings to come but in the trial they could constitute at the least of uses of power by donald trump in effect saying i don't care about u.s. foreign policy i want ukraine to do this for my personal gain in my reelection and
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it could constitute a crime which is inviting a foreign government to come in and interfere in the u.s. election but scott nancy pelosi had been reluctant on each meant and it wasn't long ago that the democrats were questioning the politics and also how useful a vote either one we saw on thursday would be given the launch probability of the senate republicans would acquit trump if the house voted to impeach john so what's changed i mean well nancy pelosi said it and then and she's right that what changed was the revelation not only of the trump selenski phone call but of the extent of this campaign over the past year to put pressure on ukraine to investigate biden and the democrats when that came out in september palosi begin to shift and of course we began to have the closed door hearings now let me correct another piece of misinformation from mr kingston these are not secret hearings these were hearings in which republicans as well as democrats question.


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