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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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well you know. some of it i like. the guns to fall silent in southern yemen after a power sharing deal is agreed between the saudi backed government and southern separatists. hello i'm barbara starr this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the acting white house chief of staff summoned to testify in the donald trump impeachment inquiry as democrats released testimony from key witnesses the standoff over the year round nuclear deal tehran says it will restart uranium enrichment at the 4 don't nuclear plant and california's housing crisis more on apple's
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$1000000000.00 pledge to help and hopelessness. first let's begin in the u.s. where president donald trump's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney has been summoned to testify in the impeachment inquiry and the testimonies of 2 key figures in the probe have also just been made public they are excerpts of interviews with the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine kurt volker and gordon song the current u.s. ambassador to the e.u. witnesses have said the vulcan song played a key role in trump's unofficial channel to ukrainian government officials trump is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine unless the country investigated his democratic rival joe biden. well shiver clancy joins us live now from washington d.c. with the latest on this 1st of all she had but what does the testimony this latest
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testimony reveal. you know it's a funny thing barbara you wait all day for 2 transcripts and 3 suddenly turned up because actually it's slightly superseding the 2 transcripts from the depositions in october suddenly the new york times has come out with a report about gordon sundin having given extra testimony earlier earlier this week i believe it was where he sort of changed just you know but we knew earlier on in his to in his deposition he'd said oh he had no idea there was a quid pro quo all of any sort of allegation of a quid pro quo regarding. get on the ukrainians doing some sort of investigation into corruption or on to biden joe biden's son but not just he's given mutassim before new pages of sworn testimony just released today released today rather confirming that he did that he did know about a quid pro quo or at least as far as he's picturing it he did used to there was some sort of quid pro quo for the arms the arms age and some sort investigation
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into joe biden's corruption and so on so that's a bit new as well so that sort of changes things a little bit but i do it let's go to the depositions we're waiting for and they do give us warm but we're expecting a mobile if i can to gossipy detail granular detail whenever volcker the only boy the special envoy to ukraine or golden soul and the e.u. ambassador would say to donald trump can we talk about ukraine and stuff like that trump would always say talk to rudy talk to rudy rudy giuliani being trump's personal personal lawyer up one good soul and the e.u. ambassador said to mike compare the secretary of state you know about this is a bit weird compare apparently rolled his eyes and said yeah well that's something we just have to live with. for a sudden describes is that what happened giuliani's dimona for what was required in order for the new ukrainian president to have
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a visit to the white house kept getting deeper and deeper and deeper 1st of all it . unconditional come over whenever you want then sub that was actually let's have some sort of state but that you will investigate corruption and that it moved on to and also can you investigate the recent the energy company that hunter biden joe biden's son was mysteriously a member of the board of governors for and allegations that it was the ukrainians who were interfering in the us election and actually that is a picture we get from this testimony don't have to be out of most for ukraine because that loan been broken and various allegations and stories about ukraine have been quite a row in the 26 the election on the side of the democrats some of it ukrainians themselves have confirmed it's quite open you can read it in the f.t. or the politico other allegations haven't yet been proven to trump has always had a problem with the ukrainians it seems and this is what perhaps is driving the animists some don't however it was never clear about why the this is what this was
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the original testimony someone said he was never clear about why the military aid was being was being withheld although he said rather contradicted it now with this new testament that just came out and suddenly a light bulb went off and something was odd this is all about the bidens i was you know who knew that the problem with this kind of account is that other people have said wait a 2nd solon was part of this he was actually quite central and willing as part of what rudy giuliani may have been up to whether it was right or wrong so that something and volcker cut volcker there just very quickly the special envoy did say something interesting he says it was the ukrainians who was to go directly to rudy giuliani as opposed to the normal ambassador or the other state department officials because they themselves wanted a direct conduit to donald trump so that seems to be the kind of interesting things from this testimony i guess we'll take it as it reads we don't really know necessarily the veracity of an it it's what he said she said write down. everything the latest on that from washington she had thank you.
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yemen's internationally recognized government has signed a power sharing agreement with southern separatists the deal was brokered by saudi arabia and aims to end months of violence between government forces and the u.a.e. backed fighters saudi crown prince mohammed bin salon's says it's a step towards a broader solution to the war in yemen or a bird and rally has more after months of negotiations finally a deal it's aimed at sharing power between president months of government and the separatists and transitional council. the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some mom says this is step towards a political solution to end the war in yemen under the plan yemen's government will return to aden to put state institutions back in place and members of the sudden
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transitional council get cabinet positions all forces would join together under the coalition to restore stability and security. the u.n. special envoy martin group has welcomed the deal stating the signing of this agreement is an important step for our collective efforts to advance a peaceful settlement to the conflict in yemen listening to southern stakeholders is important to the political efforts to achieve peace in the country 6. the u.a.e. backed separatist movement just wanted self rule in south yemen and in august it sees the presidential palace and government military camps an age in the since he was the interim capital of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government i'm listening to their aim was to win back the independence the south north from the 2 you haven't seen knighted in 1990 and i think a blueprint and a cornerstone for bringing peace to yemen all together and i think this is
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definitely a very useful and i offer is some degree of a consensus maybe not with everybody or not all the actors involved in this in this war in yemen but here's some of them and i think you will allow for i think reason to return and it demonstrates to all actors that peace can be brokered the battles in august but the complicated a war that started more than 4 years ago. that's when the saudi a marotta coalition began its military offensive supporting the yemeni government against the rebels. just over a year ago warring parties came together to signs dot com agreement with the hope that it would end the conflict. but since their human rights groups say violence between hutu rebels and the saudi and rati coalition that backs the government has escalated what is needed is that these highly armed well trained former sora goods
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are still surrogates of the u.a.e. the s.t.c. can actually do mobilize and somewhat embed into the chain of command that leads to the president adi and follow his commands and i. i'm quite skeptical about this an agreement to writing the question now is can peace be achieved on the ground. 0. iran is taking another step away from the 2015 nuclear pact announcing it will start injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at its fargo plant that will allow for the production of enriched uranium which is needed to develop a nuclear bomb if tehran chose to build one at the moment to iran is enriching or purifying uranium up to 4.5 percent to help generate nuclear power that's above the 3.6 percent allowed under the nuclear deal although well below the weapons grade level that's 90 percent but tehran is threatening to push enrichment back up to 20
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percent and once this level is reached it would dramatically reduce the time needed to get to the crucial 90 percent well the iranian leaders have always maintained the country's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and president hassan rouhani says the latest measures are reversible if all parties of the are to the 2015 nuclear deal or suggest he has more now from tehran. president hassan rouhani arrived at this factory in teheran for an inauguration ceremony but he used to turn on iran's 4th and most significant step in scaling back its commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal more as 5 a door on iran's 4th step will be launched at the ford nuclear facility and i will advise the atomic energy organization to start as of tomorrow by feeding gas into the centrifuges i will also inform the p. 4 plus one of the step this new action will also be under the supervision of the international atomic energy agency for don't you clear facility is the only place
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where iran can and has produced 20 percent enriched uranium. that's considered an important stage towards developing uranium with the potential for a nuclear weapon it has always been a controversial facility its existence was revealed to the world by iran in 2009 that was after the united states intelligence agencies alleged that there was a secret nuclear facility in iran and the president acknowledged that there are sensitivities surrounding the plant. this may increase concerns we know people are sensitive about a quarter when it centrifuges but whatever they uphold their commitments we will reverse our steps. under the nuclear deal of 2015 for doe had become solely a research facility it was one of the most contentious points of the joint comprehensive plan of action or way agreed with world powers to limit iran's nuclear program since the united states withdrew from the deal in may of 2013 and
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imposed the series of new sanctions on iran officials here decided to gradually reduce their compliance and they have been saying that if they are not able to sell their oil or to get the benefit of the transaction with the global financial system there is no benefit for data to remain a party of the new cardio that to president rouhani declaring in may that every 60 days iran will announce another step until the remaining european signatories uphold their end of the. this latest announcement will have serious consequences for iran and officials here are very aware of that but president rouhani has stressed that all these measures are reversible as soon as the european signatories of the deal so for compliance until then iran will continue to take these steps while the international community continues its condemnations. there are terror on. iraq's human rights commission says 2 people have been killed and dozens
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injured after security forces opened fire on protesters in basra they had been staging a sit in at the port where a lot when live a nation was used to disperse the crowds and the government demonstrations at the port had halted its operations for almost a week earlier 2 protesters were killed in the city of nasiriyah as thousands took part in one of the largest protests seen there so far. well the u.n. says iraqi security forces are continuing to commit human rights violations against protesters the latest report indicates a demonstration related violence from the 25th of october november 4th cause at least $97.00 further deaths and thousands of injuries or the iraqi security officials could displayed more restraint that in previous protests earlier in october particularly in baghdad the unlawful use of lethal and less lethal weapons by security forces and armed people requires urgent attention well as protesters
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keep up their pressure on the government some young iraqis are using art to demonstrate their desire for change that has more. these students are skipping school to give the government a master class in protest art we want to live in peace ok so. we're trying to create an art so people can understand our it's a language that everyone can understand this once gritty tunnel underneath tahrir square has become perhaps the country's longest mural i think all the young people painting his say is a sacred place said they want to make it a symbol of the revolution there are ranges from simple messages such as free iraq to elaborate symbols of liberation and fortitude it wasn't as though the issues i'm painting a lion of mesopotamia that represents the hero protesters i have found
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a lot of heroes demanding their rights this is an art installation featuring tear gas and stun grenades canisters that protesters have collected as well as photos of the people who have died in the city international is accusing security forces in baghdad of using quote military grade tear gas grenades intended to kill not disperse protesters the government says it's investigating across to her ear square teachers set up a tent and are distributing flyers outlining their demands schools in the courts have been closed in baghdad since last week members of the teachers and lawyers unions are on strike their government has to do is nobody trust the government more the parliament is that is nobody trust them anymore that's it simple like that just resign and do an addiction or the people here much anyway that at this evolving
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wall of protest students come each day to paint and oppose they hope one day soon they'll return to school with a lesson learned that protests can make. difference natasha going to al-jazeera baghdad. still to come the world's 2nd largest polluter pulls out of the paris climate agreement calling it an unfair comic burden. i know there are a very unsettled picture across much of europe some heavy rain some strong winds and a huge amount of cloud as you can see the central mediterranean is where the next strong winds will be along with the rain and this example of those strong winds actually just south of corsica the french island of course and as you can see here some pretty strong ways because all those very strong winds some warnings in place
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for wednesday across the central areas in very heavy amounts of rain again those gusting winds and then elsewhere a very unsettling cloudy picture temperatures of course quite a bit lower. just 9 celsius and london and fairly heavy rain for the tools east notice the mild air pushing up into most cases 11 celsius and still this particular portion of europe remains warm and dry as well and how much is above the average that rain across the central med works its way eastwards as we head on through thursday and as i say it's a system off a system set by the new system taking the place of the old one across much of the north and the west of europe against strong winds and some pretty persistent areas of rain now image that's how much is in book rest of this for the next 3 days wednesday 24 celsius kiss sunny skies just as one celsius below the actual record temperature in november and even going up thursday and friday it's still stateswoman this time which is still above the average.
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discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on network of channel. boys and 2 good men of the citizenship fresh perspectives and new insights to challenge and change the way we look at the world. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s.
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president donald trump's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney has been summoned to testify in the impeachment inquiry this comes as the testimonies of 2 key figures of the probe have been made public yemen's internationally recognized government has signed a power sharing agreement with southern separatists the deal was brokered by saudi arabia and aims to end of battle for control of the city of aden and the iranian president hassan rouhani says his country will begin injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at an underground enrichment facility from wednesday it's the latest step away from the 2015 iranian nuclear agreement. the us has begun the formal process of withdrawing from the paris climate accord the pact between $185.00 countries was set up in 2015 to fight climate change under the agreement each nation sets its own goals to curb emissions of. heat trapping gases including carbon dioxide and methane the according to limit the global temperature
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rise this entry to 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels all this of course costs money and the trumpet ministration call that the quote unfair economic burden to the u.s. economy the u.s. is the only party to the paris accord to formally seek an exit it's also the top greenhouse gas emissions historically and a leading oil and gas producer rob matheson reports. june 27th and president donald trump announces that the u.s. will no longer support a global agreement to limit greenhouse gases the united states will withdraw from the paris. climate of court the u.s. is estimated to be the 2nd worst polluter in the world trump says the deal puts an unfair burden on u.s. workers on monday the u.s. began the legal process of pulling out the world's worst polluter is said to be
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china its economy is heavily dependent on coal but it's staying in the paris agreement where you have it you'll be a 100 we believe that climate change is a common challenge faced by all of humankind all members of the international community should join hands to cooperate. among china's allies another signatory french president emmanuel mark wrong you know for the heartland you must confirm next year new commitments 420302050 the cooperation between china and the e.u. in this respect is decisive some believe climate change is happening naturally are those say the driven by industrialization and human consumption environmentalists say the number of extreme weather related incidents is increasing there are 22 of the 50 states in the us who got climate action plans as 550 cities or who are doing so so in this sense trump does not represent the entirety of the us
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he represents the federal aspect of it which is which is really a helpful leaving the powers agreement was a trump campaign promise but the us cannot officially withdraw until november 4th 2021 day after the next to us presidential election not matheson al-jazeera. or record high levels of air pollution in india's capital has led to protests as people demand more action from the government on monday air quality index levels in new delhi have reached 10 times the recommended safe limit by the world health organization a public health emergency has been declared with free face masks handed out and restrictions placed on the city's private cars the demonstrators say that that's not enough to curb the toxic smoke. israel's supreme court has upheld the government decision to expel
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a senior human rights watch official omar sheikh here who is a u.s. citizen was accused of supporting a boycott campaign against israel the court rejected his appeal saying the interior minister hadn't made a mistake in not renewing his work visa chick here says is that protégé sion is politically motivated and part of an attempt to deal a gentle mys critics of israel's treatment of palestinians the israelis government is essentially saying that mainstream advocacy for palestinian rights is not part of free expression in the country that it deserves a separate standard for review and if israel the government gets its way today with human rights watch who will look throughout next the precedent of this decision threatens to affect the work of many other advocacy organizations it's a chilling decision that essentially puts the court's veneer of legitimacy and legality on the netanyahu government's policy to muzzle human rights criticism
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and dissent. at large. protesters in hong kong have used the guy fawkes celebrations to defy a controversial ban on masks during their latest march through the city hundreds of protesters wearing the white smiling masks chanted slogans against hong kong police a number of demonstrators also constructed makeshift barricades and vandalized nearby shops. version's main opposition leader jeremy corbyn has laid out how he plans to resolve the brakes a crisis if his labor party wins the same brazil lection corben said that he'd negotiate a new withdrawal deal with the e.u. which would keep britain more closely aligned with the bloc he would then put that deal to voters in a 2nd referendum where the other choice would be canceling breaks it altogether the ruling conservative party is the swiss labor's plan as fairytale politics.
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at least 9 u.s. citizens have been killed in northern mexico after members of a drug cartel opened fire on their cars 3 women and 6 children were ambushed by several vehicles nearby he spit in the state of sonora all of them were members of a mormon community that settled in northern mexico several decades ago security officials believe the gunman may have mistaken the group for a rival gang john home and his war now from mexico city. julian braun who is one of the leaders really of this family a group of movements who have lived in the state of chihuahua for quite some time they've got 2 mexican and u.s. citizenship came out to speak about what had happened and he really related some horrific images he talked about a dead mother with her baby just lying by his side he spoke about children who were forced to flee and fled into the sierra to try and escape these hit men who not only murdered their relatives 9 people dead here 3 women and 6 children but also
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a car apparently presumably to try and cover up what had happened so this is a situation here which has been given more publicized say because they are to mix can and u.s. citizens president trump has got involved he said that it's time to wage war he put that in capital letters on that in a tweet on the cartels and wipe them off the face the president of his obrador responded to that in his morning press conference saying that anyone who's experienced or read about war knows that that's something that we don't really want here california's governor has welcomed a pledge by u.s. tech giant apple to help combat the state's housing crisis the company is committing 2 and a half $1000000000.00 to provide affordable homes tech companies have been blamed for contributing to the crisis because they said it set a business in parts of california and push house prices beyond the reach of many
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residents rob reynolds reports now from los angeles. california has more homeless people than anywhere else in the u.s. last year there were approximately 130000 people in the state without housing a 30 percent increase over 2017 according to the most recent homeless count 59000 people in los angeles were living on the streets or in tent camps rehab centers or shelters in san francisco the figure is close 210000 apple which is valued at 961000000000 dollars announced a 5 point plan that devotes $1000000000.00 for an affordable housing fund another $1000000000.00 in assistance for 1st time homebuyers and opening up $300000000.00 worth of property apple own for low income housing development so we've been working on issues to prevent reduce and almost in the community for the past decade
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another $200000000.00 will be focused on a san francisco housing fund and support for that city's poorest and most vulnerable i think we're actually have the dollars truly addressed in this action there for the house and but we now need neighborhoods and local politicians to welcome. new housing into their neighborhoods as technology companies expand their highly paid workers drive up the price of housing making rents an affordable for middle and low income households california has a chronic housing shortage in part due to restrictive rules on new development in many cities and towns the san francisco bay area where apple is headquartered ranks as the most expensive place to live in the u.s. apple c.e.o. tim cook said in a press release that quote we know the course we are on is unsustainable and apple is committed to being part of the solution california governor gavin newsome called
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on other companies to follow apple's example. last month facebook pledged $1000000000.00 package of housing loans and grants in california and in june google announced a similar $1000000000.00 effort to create affordable housing economists say however that by themselves the billions promised by tech companies will not solve the housing crisis extensive new government housing policies and massive financial investment or also needed. robert oulds al jazeera los angeles south africa's rugby world cup champions have returned home to a hero's welcome c.-a could receive the 1st black springbok captain to lift the webb ellis cup arrived in johannesburg with his team mates 3 days after beating england 3212 in the final in japan the players will soon embark on a 5 day national victory tour south africa last won the title in 1995 and was just
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one black player in the line of police he says he hopes this squad can truly be described as a national team. much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering here on al-jazeera on our website there it is and the address of course al jazeera dot com. and now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney has been summoned to testify in the impeachment inquiry and the testimonies of 2 key figures in the probe have also just been made public they are excerpts of interviews with the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine kurt volker and gordon saw the current us ambassador to the e.u. witnesses have said the vulcan song played a key role in trump's other fishel channel to ukrainian government officials here she had with more. they do give us warm but we are expected to move on to gossipy
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detail granular detail whenever kurt volker the only boy the special on board ukraine all learned the e.u. ambassador would say to donald trump can we talk about ukraine and stuff like that from what always i talk to rudy talk to rudy rudy giuliani being trump's personal personal lawyer one good soul and the e.u. ambassador might compare the secretary of state you know about this is a bit weird might compare apparently rolled his eyes and said you know we'll have someone we just have to live with yemen's internationally recognized government has signed a power sharing agreement with southern separatists the deal was brokered by saudi arabia and they miss the end months of violence between government forces and the u.a.e. backed fighters the conflict that also fractured a saudi u.a.e. led coalition battling who the rebels saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon says it's a step towards
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a broader solution to the war in yemen iranian president hassan rouhani says his country will begin injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at an underground enrichment facility from wednesday it's the force measure taken by iran's since july in response to u.s. sanctions reinstated by president trump washington withdrew from the landmark accord last year iraq's human rights commission says 2 people have been killed and dozens injured after security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters in bastra they had been staging a sit in at the port when live ammunition was used to disperse the crowds going to have more on those and all the other stories that we've been covering here on al-jazeera in about half an hour from now stay with us though the street is coming up next thanks for watching.
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i mean. we're in the stream today of mass protests and unrest in chile what are the roots of economic inequality in one of latin america's wealthiest nations well look at the protests over wealth inequality and we want to hear what you think should be done to address it share your thoughts via twitter or and our live you tube chat. ringback many responses about. the countries are richer than you are in the streets . to protest as all keeping up their calls for political and economic over a hole in the country and a 3rd.


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