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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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a key witness changes his testimony in the impeachment inquiry heaping more pressure on president donald trump. on how much good in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. yemen's internationally recognized governments which is a power sharing deal with separatists to end the conflict in the south. the u.s. accuses iran of nuclear its store sinister iran takes more steps to reduce its commitment to the 2015 year deal. xico as president is under pressure to
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step up the war on drug cartels after gunmen kill 9 americans in an ambush. a top ally of donald trump has altered his testimony in the impeachment inquiry gordon song wins now admits the u.s. president offered a quid pro quo with ukraine to investigate a political rival in newly released transcripts the u.s. envoy to the european union acknowledges that american military aid to ukraine was contingents own investigating joe biden trump is accused of pressing ukrainian president zelinsky in july to launch a probe in surprise an ant to son hunter over corruption allegations transcripts of kurt volker the former special envoy to ukraine. have also been made public
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investigators have summoned trump's chief of staff movie but he's unlikely to attend since the white house has told us officials not to comply i did you castro has more now from washington d.c. the transcripts reveal that a key witness has reversed his testimony regarding the question that is at the center of this impeachment inquiry and that is whether trump used u.s. security aid to bribe the ukrainian government to help him with his reelection campaign the witness in question here is ordered some of the u.s. ambassador to the u. and initially he had testified that there was no quid pro quo but upon reviewing the transcripts of other witnesses who had implicated him directly he now says his memory has been jarred and in fact explicitly remembers telling ukrainian officials that this security money was contingent on ukraine issuing
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a public statement saying it would investigate the son of trump's political rival joe biden now what is the significance of this reversal in testimony well some land was widely considered to be one of trump's closest allies he was a donor long before he was named ambassador and the fact that his 1st instinct they had been to protect the president and now he's moving away from trouble is indicative of the growing strength of this case to impeach the president the white house has responded to the release of these testimonies by ignoring most of the information contained in these pages that seem to implicate trump. well it's a good course a look at how we got see this points on april 21st some were trumped cold ukraine's newly elected president's flawed zimmer's linsky to congratulate him on his victory in the polls or ends the week of july 18th trump ordered u.s. military aid for ukraine to be withheld then just
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a week later trump kohl the ukrainian president a 2nd time on aug 12th an anonymous whistleblower filed a complaint over that cole with the inspector general of the intelligence community on september 11th the us government released the ukrainian aides it had been withholding 2 weeks later the white house released of off transcripts of trump's july 25th phone call with selenski which appeared to suggest that the us presidents had put pressure on ukraine to investigate his democratic rival joe biden in exchange for military aid to kiev where the law professor philip baum but says the allegations against president trump are serious i think the president if it can be shown that he directed his subordinates to withhold congressionally funded military assistance until the state of ukraine was prepared to issue a public announcement of they were investigating joe biden and the firm connected
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to his side but that's right down the middle line of abuse of power and you also find directing people not to testify is instruction of just whether or not the ukrainians felt they were under pressure the transcript released by the prison shows that he solicitor the help of the foreign government by asking him in his own words to do him a favor and that favor was to initiate public investigations by the private investigation but public investigations against his political opponents. i don't see this really but your way around or whether or not you want to call it a quid pro quo whether it's a smoking gun or i think sort of off the stage the issue well jury selection is underway for the criminal trial of u.s. president donald trump's longtime adviser roger stone he's facing charges of arising from former special counsel robert miller's investigation into russian interference during the 2016 election so one has pleaded not guilty to obstruction
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of justice witness tampering and lying to the house of representatives intelligence committee. yemen's internationally recognized government assigned to paris sharing agreements with separatists in the south but it was brokered by saudi arabia and aims to end months of violence between government forces and fighters the standoff was complicated by the fact that the u.a.e. and saudi were fighting with the governments against iranian backed rebels in other parts of yemen but diplomatic editor james bass has more. a deal is signed that it's hoped may bring peace to one part of the violent war in yemen presiding at a ceremony saudi crown prince mohammed bin so man those signing the government of yemen president had he a key saudi ally was among those present and the southern transitional council
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which was strongly backed by the united arab emirates even though all the while they've remained part of the saudi led coalition in yemen the real warn yemen is obviously between the hard government saudi that coalition and the who are these so this is just a sideshow and this is kind of a small breakthrough in the sideshow that only occurred very recently at the u.n. in new york the deal was welcomed by the u.k. ambassador the current president of the u.n. security council and this is a good step forward an agreement that brings the satin transitional council into the government and we hope that the agreement will last and will be the 1st step if you like on to increase momentum at to get across yemen political process yemen's conflict is complex and multi-dimensional southerners of long had grievances the south was a separate country for much of the cold war but it's worth noting that the last time a yemen peace deal was signed in stockholm almost
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a year ago the south was relatively quiet. the most recent clashes there only broke out this summer and in part this was linked to the u.a.e. which had the main international force in the south pulling most of its troops from the saudi led coalition the latest developments are important but they don't mean an end to the wider war and in particular the conflict between saudi arabia and the who thieves who still control a large portion of the country including the capital sanaa james pays out 0 of the united nations. the u.s. says iran's expansion off your aenima. richmond's is a big step in the wrong direction and amounts to nuclear extortion saucing weapon say iran plans to begin injection uranium gas into centrifuges it's an underground facility near the city of qum but that activity is banned under the 2015 nuclear agreement dorsetshire pari reports. president hassan rouhani arrived at this
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factory in teheran for an inauguration ceremony but he used the turnarounds iran's 4th and most significant step in scaling back its commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal more as fire door on iran's 4th step will be launched at the photo nuclear facility and i will advise the atomic energy organization to start as of tomorrow by feeding gas into the centrifuges i will also inform the p. 4 plus one of the step this new action will also be under the supervision of the international atomic energy agency the 4 don't you clear facility is the only place where iran can and has produced 20 percent enriched uranium that's considered an important stage towards developing uranium with the potential for a nuclear weapon it has always been a controversial facility its existence was revealed to the world by iran in 2009 that was after the united states intelligence agencies alleged that there was
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a secret nuclear facility in iran and the president acknowledged that there are sensitivities surrounding the plant. this step may increase concerns we know people are sensitive about photo and it's centrifuges but whatever they uphold their commitments we will reverse our steps. under the nuclear deal of 2015 for doe had become solely a research facility it was one of the most contentious points of the joint comprehensive plan of action or way agreed with world powers to limit iran's nuclear program. since the united states withdrew from the deal in may of 2013 and imposed the series of new sanctions on iran officials here decided to gradually reduce their compliance been saying that if they are not able to sell their oil or to get the benefit of the transaction with the global financial system there is no benefit for data to remain a party often cardio. to president rouhani declaring in may that every 60 days iran
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will announce another step until the remaining european signatories uphold their end of the. this latest announcement will have serious consequences for iran and officials here are very aware of that but president rouhani has stressed that all these measures are reversible as soon as the european signatories of the deal for compliance until then iran will continue to take these steps while the international community continues its condemnations. to iran. chile's president sebastian pinera is refusing to resign after 3 weeks of violent protest police fired water cannon and tear gas on hundreds of people who once again came right on to the streets of the capital santiago demands and better social services and then ends to economic inequality in an interview has said that he would not step down and he wasn't the only one responsible for chile's problems at
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least 20 people have died during the demonstrations. so to come on al-jazeera expressing anger and hope through art will happen later on iraq's ongoing protests . the community in sierra leone is taking legal action against a diamond mining company find out why. hello there must exist guys across a coastal areas of china the south and the east account is on its way there 5 to the east over the next couple of days but really the bulk of the weather with this is farther to the south and watching a system just sitting in the south china sea producing very heavy amounts of rain across into much of the philippines and that is a side by thursday that is more plants eastwards toward shanghai really by thursday
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900 cells is too much a little bit lower maybe just a stray shot and still slightly woman to hong kong not as humid with a high of 29 so further to the south that rain across much of the philippines extending south across much of borneo as well a dry day generally wednesday across into pseudo se and there's rain showers extending further to the west there's a march of the mill a peninsula and scott at the site is we head off into thursday 33 in kuala lumpur with those scattered thunderous and then across and india now is mainly dry across much of the continent we're watching this disturbance here in the bang goal is likely to actually. impact mammal that is the coast of india and also this the remnants by this time really of what has been my hot it's expected to push on towards go drought as we head wednesday on into thursday it should have lost a lot of its strength by them but it will produce some rain showers you could see some of those across into mumbai with a high of 31. the weather sponsored by qatar is.
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a story 1400 years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph that was sold one. jersey. this is al jazeera or mind of the top stories this hour a top ally of donald trump has altered his testimony in the impeachment inquiry
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u.s. envoy to the e.u. gordon song burns now admits the us president offered a quid pro quo with ukraine he says military aid to ukraine was contingent on kiev investigating joe biden yemen's government has signed a power sharing agreements with separatists in the site the deal was brokered by saudi arabia southern separatists were backed by the u.a.e. which has been fighting with the government. battles in the rest of yemen. and the u.s. says iran's plan to expand ukrainian in richmond amounts to nuclear extortion a move by iran is another step away from the faltering 2050 nuclear deal that deal sets limits on your radium enrichments which can be used to create nuclear weapons . u.s. president daughter has offered to help mexico wipeout drug cartels who are being blamed for an attack which. killed 9 americans 3 women and 6 children dies in
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northern mexico after members of a cartel opened fire on the car as security officials believe the gunman may have mistaken them for wife or gang john homan has more from mexico city. this burnt up car a mute witness to a tragedy this is for the record i need and for my grandchildren are burr. shot up. right on the road out of the motor. 3 women and 6 children from the liberal family mormons originally from the us who settled in mexico decades ago was shot dead on the motorway in nor the mits co this was one of the relatives said trevor aged 11. also dead twins 6 months old the survivors a baby found by the side of his dead mother and children who fled into the mountains alex labor on a relative told us. what
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. was the labor owns a well known emits code for the anti violence activism of some of their members because they u.s. citizens that meant president donald trump got involved he tweeted that it was time to wage war on the cartels president lopez obrador as well he welcomes us corporation rejected that all. the worst that could happen is war those who have read about it all suffered it know that. past experience says the president opens up a door he's probably right more than a decade ago but it's kerry started an all out confrontation with the cartels and all that happened with this but he's in a tight spot now about 3 weeks ago his security minister said that his government
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was getting on top of the violence but since then it's been hit by crisis after crisis 1st of all 14 policemen ambushed and killed in the western state of michoacan then and the alleged cartel leader who met going coolly while the city. and now this and this case is attracted more published the it's not a lawyer yeah this unfortunately part off sort of the mutation of criminal warfare and off mexican organized crime scene over the past few years is that family members children women innocent bystanders and general regular civilians are not off limits anymore for this kind of file its needs of the police no president will preside goodall's new national guard seemed to have been enough to set those boundaries and there's a continuing cost john home and how does it a minute scarcity. iraq's government says lifting an overnight curfew in baghdad
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but there's been no improvements in security to protest as were killed earlier in the day in basra and another 2 were killed in nasiriyah 6 the total number killed since the beginning of october to more than $260.00 inspector general antonio the terrorist says he's shocked by the violence the u.n. report says security forces are continuing to commit severe human rights violations the latest report indicates a demonstration related violence from the 25th of october november 4th caused at least $97.00 further deaths and thousands of injuries or the iraqi security officials can displayed more restraint than in previous protests earlier in october particularly in baghdad the unlawful use of lethal and less lethal weapons by security forces and armed people requires urgent attention. and us process intensify natasha good name once and went and met artists to see how they're expressing their anger. these students are skipping school to give the government
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a master class in protest art we want to live in peace ok so. we're trying to save freedom of art so people can understand our it's a language that everyone can understand this once gritty tunnel underneath tahrir square has become perhaps the country's longest mural if you told a young people painting his say is a sacred place said they want to make it a symbol of the revolution there are ranges from simple messages such as free iraq to elaborate symbols of liberation and fortitude it wasn't as though the issues i'm painting a lion of mesopotamia that represents the hero protesters i have found a lot of heroes demanding their rights this is an art installation featuring tear gas and stun grenades canisters that protesters have collected as well as photos of the people who have died in the city international is accusing security forces in
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baghdad of using quote military grade tear gas grenades intended to kill not disperse protesters the government says it's investigating across to her ear square teachers set up a tent and are distributing flyers outlining their demands schools in the courts have been closed in baghdad since last week members of the teachers and lawyers unions are on strike their government has 2 giant nobody trust the government more the parliament is now you know but trust them anymore that's it simple like that just resign and do an addiction or that people here much anyway that at this evolving wall of protest students come each day to paint and oppose. they hope one day soon they'll return to school with a lesson learned that protests can make a difference to toss your name i'll just sirrah back to. protest as in hong kong
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have marched to defy a controversial ban on facemasks one month since it came into effect hundreds of people wearing white smile and masks chanted slogans against hong kong police a number of demonstrators also put up barricades to block roads and vandalized shops. the u.s. secretary of state says condemns china's government for its treatment of weaker muslims might compare says is deeply troubled by multiple reports that china has harassed jailed or detained family members of weaker activists u.n. experts say at least $1000000.00 weekers have been detained in camps in scindia china tains the camps are rare to cation centers to reduce extremism well louisa grief is a director of external affairs at the we are human rights project she described the scale of china's detention program against the minority group there's a single minded focus for many departments in the u.s.
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state department there are just extremely alarmed to see that you can have an industrial scale. detention and torture of millions of people and i'm saying that literally the minimum estimate 1500000 people taken away from their homes this is happening under a shroud of secrecy the chinese government does not allow journalists to go and report but it's very significant the u.s. government continues to speak based on the evidence that it does have we now know that program to simply detain people on mass even using quotas in some villages to simply take away people weavers from their homes and lock them up in camps sometimes converting schools and then rapidly building gigantic prisons which can be seen from satellite photos that began in march 2017 and there were reports trickling out i would have to give a shout out to radio free asia which has a weaker service which was reporting on this earlier but it's been known since the
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fall of 2017 it just takes a long time for people to partly because they just can't believe it it's too it sounds too awful that it could be happening in the 21st century. christians main opposition leader has lead to it's how he plans to resolve the brics a crisis if his labor party wins december's election jeremy corbyn says he negotiates a new withdrawal deal with the e.u. which would keep britain more closely aligned with the bloc europe has previously said reopening the deal is not an option coburn says the new agreements would be put to voices in a 2nd referendum but the 2nd choice would be cancelling prick's it altogether. israel supreme court has upheld a government decision to expel a senior human rights watch official ownership here he was a us citizen was accused of supporting a boycott campaign of israel and israeli law from 2017 bars entry to those who publicly supports of boycotts secure since his deportation is an attempt to silence
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criticism of israel. firefighters in nigeria are still trying to put out a blaze that one of the country's largest textile markets for their own cheese day people race to save their belongings in lagos as commercial center some people tried to fight the blaze created market stalls prevented firefighters from reaching the building for more than an hour. a community in sierra leone has taken a diamonds mining company to courts people in koidu say the government failed to protect them when they handed their land over well some families have moved elsewhere 100 say they'll find their affection for digits reports from koidu. for decades but is an old time when miners lived off the land in several years color district. until the arrival of multi-national mining companies. in the shadows of one of the biggest mining firms in sara leone these workers lay
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by in the pits where the hope of getting a store or 2 but they feel their homes and the pits will be off limits. the government has handed their property to the octu mining company to expand its operations. janet bio is among the hundreds of residents who've been affected well we don't know. why. they did not even allow us to pack our bags they sent down rocks and water should destroy our house our clothes money everything was covered in debris. trouble began at the end of the country's civil war when most people started returning home from refugee camps when most of them who came back the. place is now safe is that they rebuild their homes with proper documents the company challenge them that they have put enough illegal homes protest followed in subsequent years killing and injuring
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a number of people. and more more who are strapped and killed during a demonstration in 2017 is buried right here in the middle of the street as a sign of resistance to the mining companies and government are suddenly on the stand of i.q. is ations of abuse and displacement between the community the mining companies and the government has now escalated to west africa as regional court members of the community also claim their farms and water sources have been polluted by mining activity is. here has built new homes for those who have been evicted jenna timely was given a 4 bedroom house instead of the 5 they were living in. she complains it's small and that it leaks whenever it rains. produce boy was housed in farm have also been marked to be taken over but he vows to fight on all because he says the terms are unfair document by recounting by all of the iowa people they are everything to do
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everything which is point because they are one and you are they are using our own lookout or it is against us because they have not. the community has taken its case before west africa's regional court because they say the people have little faith in the justice system here. an official of the mining company who had 1st denied knowledge of the court case later said he can't comment on the matter that's before the court's. orders depart the lawyer representing the government of sierra leone acknowledged receiving the court papers but says the government was yet to study them. with a lot at stake many people here expect a trial to be long and hard. i am a decrease al-jazeera could do sorry leon. hundreds of inmates have been released from prison is across the u.s. state of oklahoma it's the largest single day reduction of sentences in american history in mates have convictions for low level drug and property crimes the
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release is part of the measure by new republican governor kevin states to lower the number of prisoners and save the state $11900000.00. and south africa's all conquering bugbee team have returned home after the world cup triumph in japan the squad are set to go on a 5 day victory tour around the country see a khaleesi became the 1st black captain to lift the trophy after the win over england on saturday and south africa 1st won the title in 1995 there was just one black player in the lineup can see says the squad can truly be described as a national team. it may be can be overcome with opportunity i think i think my drive when i was younger i was just going through training each and every single day i was preparing myself not knowing always because i was young i was only 9 years old i could do training each and every single day and. i was always heaping
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most of on the trinity just in case it came and when it did come you know i was really able to get with both. the most important thing is that you never listen to someone who tells you can make it you're not going to make it it's it's up to you and you alone and all the people that we have around you that starts the most important thing and i just want to tell the kids it was just keep dreaming and keep on believing in people pushing. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the u.s. envoy to the e.u. has had his eye has altered his testimony in the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump card and so on and i recalls that trump was withholding military aid to ukraine's president until it pursued an investigation into joe biden and his son i did your castro has more from washington d.c. now what is the significance of this reversal will someone that was
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a loyal trump ally he was a donor before being appointed as his ambassadorship and though his 1st instinct may have been to protect the president by claiming that he couldn't remember key details now the fact that he is moving away from tromping revealing more of his conversations is really telling about the strength of this impeachment case is growing as investigators hear from more and more witnesses. yemen's government has signed a power sharing agreements with separatists in the south that it was brokered by saudi arabia the southern separatists were backed by the u.a.e. you push for what has been fighting with the government on the side is against suits you babbles in the rest of yemen the u.s. says iran's plans to expand uranium enrichment amounts to nuclear extortion made by iran is another step away from the faltering 2050 nuclear deal that deal sets limits on uranium enrichment switch to. be used to create nuclear weapons chile's
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president sebastian pinera is refusing to resign after 3 weeks of violent protests police water cannon and tear gas on hundreds of people once again came on to the streets of santiago demands and better social services and demand economic inequality at least 20 people have died during the protests u.s. president donald trump has offered to help mexico wipeouts the drug cartels blamed for an attack which killed 9 americans 3 women and 6 children were killed near the town of space after members of the cartel allegedly opened fire on their car as security officials believe the gunmen may have mistaken them provide for gang well those are the headlines u.s. continue is here now to syria after inside story stay with us.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question is there a way to protect free speech online while fighting misinformation and disinformation let's get to the bottom line. a light can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on it shoes the saying might be a few centuries old but it certainly rings true today anyone anywhere can publish anything and if it catches on there's no stopping what it can do either for good or for evil so how can people be protected from the nefarious manipulation of information and they disrupt the promotion of false hoods by governments and organizations or should fake news be allowed to compete in an open market with real news fortunately we have 3 people in the room who have the answers to these questions melissa ryan a digital strategist.


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