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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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ramping up the pressure of the impeachment inquiry against the u.s. president moves towards a new phase of public hearing. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up spying for the saudis to form a twitter employees are charged in the u.s. for accessing accounts kingdoms critics. police break up another camp in paris a day after france's prime minister announces tough new migration measures.
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those people destroying lives war crimes victims in the d.l.c. speak out ahead of the sentencing of a rebel leader. the impeachment inquiry into donald trump is stepping up a gear televised hearings starting next week america's top diplomat in ukraine william taylor will be one of the 1st to appear well taylor said in an earlier testimony it was is clear understanding the president had said he'd withhold military aid to ukraine unless kiev investigates his political rival joe biden and his son that testimony matches what others have said i think you will see throughout the course of the testimony not only their testimony but many others the . most important facts are largely not contested we are getting an increasing
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appreciation for just what took place during the course of the last year and the degree to which the president and listed the whole departments of government in the illicit aim of trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent as well as further conspiracy theory about the 2016 election that he believed would be beneficial to his re-election campaign heidi jocasta has more from washington. bill taylor is the acting ambassador to ukraine and for impeachment investigators he served as a guide giving the road map with conversations dates and people connecting the dots to make this case to investigators that trump use the power of his office to try to get ukraine to help him with his political campaign for reelection now taylor testified behind closed doors 2 weeks ago but according to the transcript
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that was just released he said he had a clear understanding that there was a quid pro quo and he said the idea for this came from trump's private attorney who was empowered by the president to circumvent regular diplomatic channels in order to carry out this foreign policy in ukraine that prioritize trumps political interests above that of national security now moving forward investigators have announced that public hearings will begin taking place next week which is at the key of what democrats who are trying to impeach president trump want to accomplish they want more members of the american public to hear the case for impeaching the president from these witnesses themselves up until this point all of the hearings have happened behind closed doors so the information to americans have has come filter through hundreds of journalists but even up to this point there's
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a growing number of americans who according to polls do support impeaching and even removing trump from office that number is hovering right around 50 percent democrats are hoping that if they can get a clear majority of the public to support them to impeach the president then perhaps they can make a convincing argument to their republican colleagues in the senate who ultimately will be deciding the president's guilt or innocence and perhaps remove him from office. well john marshall is an assistant professor at northwestern university and author of watergate's legacy in the press the investigative impulse he says the public inquiry is mark a significant new phase in the investigation what i think we're going to see happen is the inquiry turned from an investigation stage primarily to more of a performance stage now that we have some of the transcripts coming out people are so seeing it with with their eyes the words that the witnesses have been saying and
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then what next week when the live hearings start which will be televised and i'm sure streamed all over social media people are going to see for themselves the witnesses and hear for themselves the words and whether the chairman shift and chairman navl or i can run hearings that are persuasive to the public and perform in a way that makes the impeachment inquiry seem like it's a fair and thorough process that could really sway public opinion in contrast if the house republicans are able to perform in a way to try to make the impeachment process seem like it's chaotic and unfair and i'm sure they're going to call it a circus then that is going to probably stop public opinion shifting enough to persuade enough republicans to vote in favor of impeachment. 2 former twitter
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employees have been charged in the u.s. with spying for saudi arabia the pair's alleged to have accessed personal account information of more than $6000.00 twitter users they include prominent critics of the saudi royal family prosecutors say an american and the saudi national were rewarded with tens of thousands of dollars and a designer watch they've been charged with acting as agents of riyadh without registering with the u.s. government a 3rd man a saudis also been charged rob reynolds has the details. the justice department announced in san francisco that it had arrested 2 former engineers for twitter they were charged with spying for the saudi arabian government and passing on information about dissidents and people who made true critical remarks on twitter about the saudi regime a 3rd person who was a saudi national was also arrested he is believed or alleged to have been the go
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between between the passing on the information those engineers gathered and the sending it to the saudi officials the defacto ruler of the kingdom of saudi arabia crown prince mohammed bin samana is actually mentioned in this criminal complaint although he is only referred to as royal family member number one it is believed that one of the twitter engineers flew to washington d.c. in 2015 right around the time that crown prince mohammed bin solomon was rapidly rising to his powerful status that he enjoys today and met with a member of the royal family and shortly after that the spying commenced the spies gather all sorts of information about people making critical comments about the saudi government including their email addresses their ip addresses their
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dates of birth and so forth among the thousands of accounts that were breached was one belonging to a prominent saudi dissident omar abdel aziz he was close to the washington post journalist jamal khashoggi who of course as we know was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul a little over a year ago by saudi state agents according to multiple intelligence agencies. iran has resumed in rich in you raney i'm at an underground facility the process of injecting uranium gas into centrifuges that it's for the plant was observed by inspectors from the international atomic energy agency to iran has been scaling back on its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal after the us pulled out and re imposed sanctions several people have been killed in a missile and drone attack on the ports in western yemen.
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iranian backed rebels have been blamed for the strike on. fighting the saudi a morality led coalition backing yemen's internationally recognized government it's the region's 1st major attacks in saudi arabian oil facilities were hit in september a people have been injured in a knife attack in the jordanian city of jail ash 3 mexicans and a swiss national or among those stabbed in the popular tourism spot bernard smith reports from the man. as one tourist lies face down apparently bleeding heavily another tries to stop the blood flow. of woman screams in spanish he's got a dagger. witnesses say a man jumped over a fence at the room and city in and randomly slashed people around. you
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was heading towards the care for tear and i was standing by the door behind me were all the tourists a little min to the cafeteria passed in front of me in a link towards them slipped in instead me then backed away moving towards the policeman he gave the policeman a slight try to attack him from behind and i pushed him to the ground afterwards all the policemen came and took. 3 mexicans a swiss and 4 jordanians were injured 2 described as in a serious condition although everyone is now stable according to jordan's health ministry the. people who are admitted to the operation room of the doctors at the public hospital in georgia still working on the bleeding has stopped the situation is under control and both people are stable them 2 cases were transferred by helicopter to king has seen medical city one was a mexican tourist and the other one was a jordanian guide we pray for them to recover the roman city it is one of jordan's most important tourism attractions more than 300000 people visited last year
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attacks on tourists. it's one of the most stable countries in the region and that helped boost tourism which generated revenues of around 5000000000 dollars last year that's essential income for a country facing an economic crisis and with youth unemployment at around 40 percent bernard smith al-jazeera. jordanian authorities say the suspect is a young man from a palestinian refugee camp his father says the family is in shock. we were about to faint may god not bless him because the one who commits this act is a psycho what fault as a tourist have i told to many times the tourist has no fault they are peaceful they are coming here to enjoy their time. there are you want to do it my message is that anyone who commits such an act should be hanged kill him and get rid of him we do not need him i now have 3 sons not 4. french police have now started this
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mantling migrant camps as part of a new crackdown they started in northeast paris up to 3000 people have been living there for years without having sanitation critics say the move is political and then attempt to wherever voters from the far right many men always know unfortunately these large scale operations have taken place before every time we're told it won't happen again but we need proper processing procedures when people arrive in france in order for them to have their rights respected in camps like these about 20 percent of people refugees who are here legally but have not been offered any kind of housing there are also homeless families. has more from paris. after french capital meeting in paris france's prime minister edouard felipe announced a raft of new measures aimed at tightening the country's immigration policy. we must take by control of immigration taking back control means making clear choices
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about asylum and integration granting the right stay years actively based on our principles and goals rather than passively carried out as long as the case. the government wants to introduce immigration quotas for workers and attempt to address the country's skilled labor shortage in industries such as construction there also plans to tighten rules for asylum seekers access to health care would be limited and benefits more rigorously controlled the number of asylum applications has increased in france in recent years and the government says it must crack down on those who abuse the system rights campaigners say that asylum seekers already face very difficult conditions in france many of them end up sleeping rough in makeshift camps like this one in paris and the thing is that the government's new measures will only make the situation worse. the prime minister says france most regain its sovereignty well before contra wants to be more southern which will
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start by getting rid of this undignified camps in our cities then we can talk about sovereignty and humanity. halfway through his presidential term emanuel macro is taking a tougher line on immigration but it's a gamble he may succeed in wooing voters away from his main political opponents the far right and stem the rise of what he calls dangerous populism but he also risks alienating some supporters who say that he's failing to uphold france's humanitarian values the sasha butler al-jazeera paris. still ahead on al-jazeera police in chile a are charged with using heavy handed tactics against protesters as demonstrations over inequality into their 3rd week. and it also made him from bolivia as opposition as anger against the president spreads to rural areas.
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how the weather is pretty messy pretty much across europe at the moment lots of cloud in the right part of its central part of the mediterranean or storms coming in here for at least often italy pushing across the iraqi into the balkans and yet more wet windy weather pushing into the northwest as well thursday that's like a pretty miserable day for the front stand into the low countries even into northern parts of spain opposed to looking rather disturbed temperatures struggling to get to around 10 or 11 degrees celsius that way some snow over the alps a piece of more wet weather there down into the balkans pushing across greece actually ahead of that nazi bad there's a little ray of sunshine that's down into the southeast and colder athens at $24.00 celsius trying 5 for a time anchor at around $21.00 so just notice the temperatures cooling off
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a touch the fullbrook rest over the next couple days 90 or 20 celsius here that's where the best of the weather will remain while wet weather coming back into italy heavy rain possibility of some flooding in some snow significant snowfall coming in across the alps a dry day up towards the northwest of here a cool $19.00 or 10 celsius for london and for paris that's what's the weather that we do have into central parts of the mediterranean it will set his way in full as northern parts of algeria and she does yes we go through the next couple of days and turning cooler. every weekend. a news cycle brings a series of breaking stories during the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when we introduce services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they would put on the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening
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pounced on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines the impeachment inquiry into president trump will begin televised hearings from next week the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine is due to appear william taylor says withholding aid to was tied to an investigation into trump's political rivals. the u.s. justice department has charged 2 former twitter employees with spying for saudi arabia they're accused of accessing the accounts of thousands of users including
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prominent critics of the saudi government french police have started dismantling migrant camps as part of a new crackdown the government says it wants to limit the number of undocumented immigrants critics say the move is an attempt to win over voters in the far right. in the coming hours judges at the international criminal court of juda sentence a former rebel leader in the democratic republic of congo nicknamed the terminator bosco and the grand been convicted of 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for atrocities committed by rebel fighters he led 2 decades ago. prosecutors in the hague of call for a 30 year prison term katherine sawyer ports from. in east india are say remove both contact gunda has been nicknamed by the people of eastern democratic republic of congo as the terminator he's a former rebel leader queues of human rights abuses in several parts of the region
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judges at the international criminal court found him guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes including murder child soldiers and sexual slavery which. the crimes are committed to the province between 200220035 the patchy arctic force for the liberation of congo rebel group. led the military wing thomas who bangle was the head of the group and they serving 14 years in jail at the i.c.c. this man says his 2 brothers were killed by the fighters. we lost many family members sisters brothers uncles we also lost a lot of property. it turi might be the focus of this case but you know of a town more than 800 kilometers south victims of a moscow a 150 people were killed in one day in 2006 have been falling court
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proceedings kinley they sent a gun to was one of the leaders of rebel fighters who attacked their villages he says to have been passing the in charge of the q one to killings almost everyone here in q one the last one of those we talked to said. and the fighters he led them off protecting a rival rebel they also say they want justice one like you and. shows us has cause she says her husband and one year old son were killed. what is happening with them tug on the should be a deterrent to all those who want to come and terrorize us in the villages those people destroyed all lives this part of the country has been embroiled in armed conflict for decades thousands of rebel groups control remote villages and towns as one the government and regional bodies to deal with human rights abuses. we need
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a proper court here with proper investigators and justice system people want to have their day in court and looked at perpetrators and the i.c.c. is too far away and disconnected from victims in the villages. and that is the 4th pass on to be convicted by the i.c.c. . turi sais he deserves to be in jail for life. rebecca new link is still waiting for justice catherine sigh al-jazeera q one job is done democratic republic of congo well at least $47.00 people have been killed in an attack on mining employees in bikini a fast so a convoy carrying staff from a canadian owned mine was targeted in the east they were being scored by the military no one has claimed responsibility but groups linked to isolate and the stage dozens of attacks in the last few years on monday france announced it would deploy more troops. called sort of port in the iraqi city of basra has reopened
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after a weeklong closure jutes a protest as it's faced regular internet blackouts in recent days. or faltering baghdad's protest says i haven't given up the fight. each day since the protests began hider raw it has been working this stretch near tahrir square selling iraqi flags for less than a dollar each the teenager dropped out of school when he was 8 to help support his family he says typically he would stand on a main street in the capital all day selling water but with iraqis he tree out it fervor flags have become big business is right and we want a new country better than this one rwanda. he killed young men every time young people come to buy flags and go back they start shooting live ammunition suffa else serai is one of the nearly 280 protesters killed in iraq since october 1st protesters say they're fed up with corruption and
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a lack of jobs and they're demanding the government's resignation a surprise friends say a tear gas canister he's had last week while he was trying to protect other protesters under attack on a nearby bridge and at that idea. it has affected us greatly he was an irreplaceable person because he was educated and had a strong impact on the street especially among young people the protesters have started a radio station and are publishing at this newspaper it's on top after the automated rickshaws that are transporting the wounded medics and supplies in and out of top gear square with the internet blackout the last few days they've been forced offline and are now printing these old fashioned newspapers it's a way for iraq ease to create a document of their experiences. blocking the internet is a catastrophe. it's equal to oppressing shooting and killing your thirties have
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totally isolated us from the world and started killing us a spokesman with the iraqi military says social media sites are showing killing and hatred that are poisoning the minds of youth almost daily men entire career stop to tell us if they died during these protests at least they would have achieved something greater than the dead end existence they'd been living at al-jazeera baghdad. chile's chief prosecutor has charged 14 police officers with torturing protesters that's as protests against the government and to the week is one of latin america's richest nations many people were angry over wealth inequality how latin america and it's a new one from santiago. the charges against 14. accused of torture are seen as
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a positive sign but the institute of human rights hearing to me says that there are another 120 who are being investigated they hope authorities will follow through in those investigations in the meantime president. is approving or trying to fast track proposals reforms to try to appease the protest the latest bill sent to quote raising the minimum wage by 16.7 percent that would be subsidized by the state by the taxpayers not by. employers rather but that has certainly not satisfied most of the protesters who came out in force yet again including to this neighborhood this is the upper class neighborhood if you like the affluent part of the protests continued in this area and some of them asked people who have been causing violence and becoming more bold some of them attacked the headquarters of the would be party that's one of the most conservative parties that belongs to the ruling government
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coalition while another group attacked a police station and at least 3 officers were seriously injured and taken to hospital. bolivians angry at an election they see is fraudulent have been protesting since the vote last month they want president evo morales to step down as people wait for the results of an international audit divisions in the country. ports. in sendai. the heart of livia's agricultural industry a move is underway to disregard the presidency is the most. we are symbolically taking over public institutions because it meetings nationally we have decided up living's are not in agreement with the frog this fraud that is being seen internationally we want the vote to be respected by all citizens from bolivia last month it will more or less won the presidency with a 10 point difference he's opponent catalog denounce fraud when the vote count was
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halted for at least 24 hours when the vote showed a shift that favored abel morales and that's why people are demanding a new election. he should resign that is what the people are demanding and he owes that to the people that is why we are radicalizing our methods and we are in permanent peaceful protests to recover our democracy and our freedom. on wednesday violent clashes broke out between protesters and those who support him an example of the deep divisions in the sand in nation. first indigenous precedent continues to enjoy support mostly in rural areas he's followers say more dallas opponents are racists and they vowed to defend their president. calling for justice prison for someone needs to pay for their crimes. he's the
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leader of the. group that has consistently challenge to us since he won the presidency in 2006. i this would be moralists 4th term in office his critics say he has ignored a referendum in which we live in voted to restrict precedence to 2 terms i the organization of american states is auditing the boat and it is expected to be completed before the middle of the month but until then tension is unlikely to end anytime soon that is how will. several more of boeing 737 aircraft have been grounded after cracks were found around their wings earlier this year the newer version of the plane the 737 max was stopped from flying after 2 crashes charlie angela has more. boeing want the pride of the skies is facing further turbulent. irish budget carrier ryanair is the latest airline to
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ground some of the boeing 737 n.-g. planes in its fleet after finding cracks between the wings and the fuselage on 3 of their aircraft in the last month 50 boeing 737 n.-g. planes from various airlines around the world have been grounded for the same fault . the small cracks appeared in what's called the pickle forks structures that help secure the wings to the body of the plane components that should last the plane's lifetime there are 7000 boeing 737 and flying worldwide currently 1000 have been checked 50 have been found to have these cracks this is something boeing is addressing of course optics wise it's not a good look at the 737 max still grounded world wide and now more problems with the current and existing 737 the recalled claimed earlier versions of boeing 737 max aircraft a model involved in 2 crashes within 5 months that killed 346 people that
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entire fleet remained grounded investigations continue. in 2014 al-jazeera exposed quality concerns at boeing south carolina factory in an exclusive investigation using undercover filming it looked at issues concerning another of boeing the aircraft the 787 dreamliner now in a separate development a former quality control engineer alleges that some of the oxygen systems fitted on the dreamliner could be phonte boeing admit there was a problem with some oxygen bottles in 2017 but say that was addressed but travel sites are already offering the option to exclude certain aircraft from their searches boeing will have to reconvince the flying public with their safety.
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let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now the inquiry into president trump will begin televised hearings from next week the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine is due to appear he was previously the president made military aid to dependent on vesta geisha into his political rivals. i think you will see throughout the course of the test when not only their testimony but many others the . most important facts are largely not contested we are getting an increasing appreciation for just what took place during the course of the last year and the degree to which the president and listed the whole departments of government in the illicit aim of trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent as well as further conspiracy theory about the 2016 election that he believed would be beneficial to his reelection campaign. 2 former twitter
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employees have been charged in the u.s. with spying for saudi arabia they're accused of accessing the accounts of thousands of users including prominent critics of the saudi government saudi arabia hasn't commented french police have started dismantling migrant camps as part of a new crackdown the government says it wants to limit the number of undocumented immigrants critics say the move is in the attempt to win over voters from the far right. warlord bosco and the gander is due to be sentenced for war crimes at the international criminal court in the hague in july he was convicted of leading rebel forces that committed atrocities against civilians in 2002 it's inside story now stay with us. from the london broadcast center 2 special guests and conversation they only want to protect life for 9 months i want to make
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it for you or your old unprompted uninterrupted black people for as long as we've been fighting back has been labeled as terrorist intimately reflecting on the issues of our telling people like to think that they're not in a sense is not as ugly as someone else's national studio be unscripted coming soon on now does iraq. ah planets is facing a climate emergency that's the dial warning from thousands of scientists who say we're not taking time to change seriously their report says unless we change the way we live humanity faces untold suffering so what would it take to save planet earth and world governments and world leaders listen to these latest warnings this is inside school.


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