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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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0. entry. deepening anger against police in hong kong as a student danger during demonstrations dies in hospital. play watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back people also ahead the high cost of calling for change security forces in iraq killed at least 11 protesters. chile's president announces new measures to crack down on violent protests and another no
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show the former u.s. national security advisor refuses to testify in the basement inquiry into donald trump. crowds in hong kong are calling for a citywide vigil over the death of a fellow protester students are gathering at a memorial for the naacp who fell from a building during a demonstration on monday he died in hospital on friday millions of people have been processed in hong kong since june demanding more democratic freedom has more from hong kong. the queen elizabeth hospital confirmed the death of a 22 year old student on friday early this morning now this particular student he had a cardiac arrest at home and i'm going to operations early this week and had a brain injury but this morning on friday he has since died and now the circumstances with which he fell was from a full cup walk to the 2nd floor. and this was during the protest on sunday night
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which on early monday morning is when that particular fool occurred and this is when the accident happened now the protests is a blaming police because it happened during this particular protest and during the dispersal operation with police use tear gas now the protesters and certainly his colleagues and students believe that the police filed to adhere to those 2 guest guidelines now today on friday there's been the graduation of a number of students at the university of hong kong science and technology campus but this particular graduation a number of the students have joined a memorial to pay tribute to the 22 year old who died on friday and that the university has issued a statement they've asked for students and these protesters to show restraint and show peace and to avoid conflict but at the moment other pick up the protesters have actually marched up to now vandalizing and graffiti some of the operations on this campus that are affiliated with the mine and mine and chinese companies and the government has issued a statement saying the show deep regret and sorrow for the death of this student so
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certainly there's been a lot of a morning here in hong kong and a memorial but there's also anger from the friends and colleagues of this 22 year old student meanwhile 2 pro-democracy activists have been in court in hong kong joshua wargame agnus charge charge over and then authorized protests outside the police headquarters in june wang has called for everyone in the city to wear black t. shirts to show their solidarity with the pro-democracy movement. but the way the holiday prosecuted activists will continue the fight in such a pure battle. colleagues possibly this morning. together we. will have to. show you how it was so if you think you did she know this at 540 to set up an independent investigation on the fly we need to know the secret truth and just to. to iraq now where continued anger has led to
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a night of violence security forces shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern city of basra that came after reports that protesters tried to break into government buildings early as security forces broke up a sit in at the entrance of cost of course that's the country's main port for oil and food and in the iraqi capital baghdad at least $6.00 more protesters were shot dead on ferries say scam issues broke out on show hide a bridge where security forces used live ammunition against demonstrators and protesters are angry over a lack of public services and want a political overhaul let's go live to natasha good name in baghdad for is some big protests expected again this friday natasha tell us about the mood in the iraqi capital. foley were another 3rd day of an internet blackout and from what i can surmise it is only spurred to more protesters to come here to talk we're square one of them is a body are you. following ok thank you for joining us one of the things
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protesters have been thing to me is that this government with the blackout is isolating us and quote killing us they're not the government doesn't want our message to get out to the world what is the message that you want people to be hearing from you as we are on our 3rd day or 3rd friday rather of this 2nd wave of protests people here inside. the wall and some simple demands from the 3030 inside iraq to be fulfilled for them just to give them a living. just to provide them with basic things basic services for them who are the protesters that you're coming into contact with your identity is to know blogger i met a shoeshine man the other day to tell us a little bit about the types of people coming here the people inside the kurds who quote from different you can recall. all of those from different social of those from different proficient all of those inside the tire sequence i mean it's many
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many of our friends many many of people that i know from outside their city where i work my governmental job inside those other city and the 5 primary healthcare sector. more eyes are you know different levels and different. like a different species inside. and what do you think that message sends to the government about the coalition of people that are part of these anti-government protests and they're mostly use is to. put abandoned the done the prime minister or the aga maybe it's a symbol it's a good month for the people for a symbolic because they think. oh i did i did made a crime against the peaceful and innocent protesters inside. and they'll just want
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to abridge who shot the 2 bombs the forces shot the 2 bombs against the people inside the innocent people inside that are square and many many people thousands of people wounded hundreds of people killed says beginning of this protests make you so much for joining us be safe i do want to mention he mentioned that death toll the most recent death toll from the u.n. is a total of about $300.00 people have been killed foley since these protests began on october 1st at ashoka name in baghdad thank you. chile's president has announced new measures to clamp down on violence as demonstrations continue for the 3rd week sebastian pinera has proposed laws would toughen penalties for noting and writing a lot america at its end to see in human reports from santiago. it's been 21 days of mass disturbances and demonstrations in chile and amid mounting criticism for
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not controlling the violence that often accompanies peaceful protests president of us jumping into address the nation with a series of measures. we want to announce a public agenda to strengthen public order and better safeguard our citizens' security we've lived days of tremendous violence vandalism and delinquency provoked in most cases by groups of organized crime. the temple and plan includes outlawing barricades and the use of masks and other methods to disguise one's face including and used in the role of intelligence services and the use of helicopters during protests among others. wednesday the uptown headquarters of the conservative party which is part of being it is governing coalition were attacked and ransacked. we are facing coordinated and organized groups who are acting in a directed way when he told us to get this so that we can find the leaders of these violent groups who are causing destruction in our intelligence system wasn't prepared for this type of violence and the threat of higher penalties hasn't
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dissuaded protesters perhaps not surprisingly the president's new and security measures coincide with the mass demonstrations of moving uptown to an area that had been considered off limits a kind of always peace in the middle of 3 weeks of demonstrations because you can see this area which is the epicenter if you like the headquarters of the biggest businesses in the country are now being closed and surrounded by protesters. while most protest is insist they don't support violence some argue the current upheaval . is a necessary evil. if it's a sort of pacifica piniella says he listens to peaceful protests but what about those who have been demonstrating for more than 4 years to better pensions if those who started those protests had written a letter to the president is sort of brushing the metro with the president listened no. while called for a rare emergency meeting of chile's national security council opposition members
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and demonstrators accuse the president of trying to criminalize the protests while others lamented that he had not been so energetic about increasing penalties to curtail police brutality the you see in human al-jazeera santiago. in the u.s. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has been subpoenaed to testify the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump the house intelligence committee wants him to appear on friday but it's possible the white house will exercise executive privilege and block the order the inquiry is looking into whether trump abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden the president's former national security adviser didn't show up at the inquiry john bolton who fired in september says he will only appear if he is ordered by a federal court and gallagher has more from washington. well not much surprise to
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the democrats i think that john bolton was a no show they did expect that to a certain extent and the democrats are really now focused on the next phase of these in pietschmann proceedings and that will be public open hearings which begin next week they have 3 key witnesses including the former ambassador to ukraine and that really gives the democratic party a chance to show the american public what really happened here we've heard what these people have said in depositions now we will see it on live television across the nation and it's an important opportunity for the democrats to show there in preachment proceedings do have some weight meanwhile president trump is in trouble for something else entirely different the trump foundation was found guilty today and fined $2000000.00 because essentially a judge said that the president was using his charitable foundation to further his own political career for instance using money from the foundation to settle legal claims using it to have
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a portrait painted that $2000000.00 fine wall go to an array of different charities and i think that story would be far bigger if not for these inpatient proceedings which of course will start next week and everybody will be watching very closely indeed. and a state department official has accused personal lawyer rudy giuliani of healthy to conduct what he called a campaign of lies against the then u.s. ambassador to ukraine george can't made the comments or in his testimony at the inquiry the transcripts were released on thursday ken said senior colleagues told him to keep his head down on ukraine even though it was part of his portfolio still ahead on al-jazeera helpless and terrified why the families of victims of an attack on minus in birkenau faso fear more violence and how the issue of catalonia is set to divide spaniards in a 2nd general election this year stay with us. thanks.
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heather the still a very unsettled weather pattern across much of europe plenty of travel some heavy amounts of rain some snow to these higher elevations and also some flooding because of this recent rain particules northern sections of the u.k. this is actually in south yorkshire this is sheffield a sheffield rover and there's been a tremendous amount of water but not just that the river dawn has actually broken its banks and that's why we've had flooding but some of the major highways about being cut off because there are so many stranded vehicles as more rain in the forecast bit of a break on friday you can see that we got more rain pushing into northern i was a stay in the west of france and again the central med and this is what will see the snow to those higher elevations again some snow and some rain across into scandinavia and then as we head into south and eastern europe still mostly fine and clear tom it is not too bad still and then look at this central regions really from
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southern scandinavia right the way down towards greece we're going to see some heavy amounts of rain we could have some localized flooding the central med again very much under this system and then more rain pushing in across western regions of the u.k. so that really will just exacerbate of those flooded areas meanwhile into northern sections of north africa we've got those systems in the central med they will be impacting coastal areas certainly about gerry on into tunisia and it tends to stay unsettled as we head off into saturday as well. sponsored. every week news cycle brings a series of breaking stories. for listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when the entire new service is control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they would pool on the stories that matter the most giving an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening
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post on al-jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera crowds in hong kong are demanding justice after the death of a fellow protester a student fell off a parking garage during demonstrations on monday police were firing tear gas in the area but the cause of his fall is in clear iraqi security forces have shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern city of basra 6 others were killed in the capital baghdad on thursday demonstrators are angry over a lack of public services and want a pop political overhaul and chile's president has announced new measures to clamp
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down on violence and demonstrations been taking you for a 3rd week president sebastian pinera proposed laws that would toughen penalties for looting and rioting. and the 3rd round of joint military patrols between turkey and russia is getting underway on the turkey syria border the patrols are part of an agreement between ankara and moscow to remove kurdish fighters from a so-called safe still in turkey has said it plans to resettle as many as 2 men. refugees in the area. so their 3rd joint patrol 'd what can we expect in this phase then what are they hoping to achieve. this particular phase the joint patrols will drive through the area best watches from. all the way to a belly keel the border with iraq they won't be able to get into the city of obviously
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because it is not part of the deal signed between russia and turkey in sochi about a few weeks ago and the city center is where syrian government troops have a military base so that the patrols will be mislead and in that area where turkey wants to establish a safe zone of about 30 kilometer deep into that territory now they say that both countries would like to ensure that there's no presence of but have to fight this particular from the white b.g. and that the 2 countries will work together to ensure there is no presence of weapons no terrorist activities and i said is not given any chance to search back in those areas but it's not as simple as that because there are still differences on the ground there is syrian government which has baggage over the last few weeks to take over new positions from the white b.g. and it insists that it's just a matter of time before it takes over all the territory it lost in the past
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including territory lost to the s. and a which is backed by turkey after that phase they would have to move west towards me and that's when we were also they were they might face some problems because from a turkish perspective they are not 100 percent sure that all the why did you fight to have left those areas and particularly kabbani and ben because they won't be able to go into the cities but however they would like to get reassurances. the the white b.g. is no war there but when it comes to the future this is going to take the the joint patrols and we're going to see some sort of. all going trust between russia and turkey when it comes to the joint patrols that remains to be seen we're seeing some some tension there with the turkish president as the saying over the last few days that the white b.g. is still in the safe zone of that turkey will do whatever it takes to ensure the
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victory of those areas. thank you very much for that hashem had baron live for is in gaziantep on the tekkie syria border and earthquake in northwestern iran has killed at least 5 people and injured hundreds more the magnitude 5.9 quake struck the town of hushed road in east azerbaijan province in the song would by dozens of aftershocks official say rescuers have been deployed to the region. the un is calling for urgent restraint in bolivia after the 3rd protester was killed demonstrators have been on the streets in cities putin election last month opposition activists say it was rigged and are calling for president evo morales to resign reports. in the state of cochabamba on thursday she was taken from her office and dragged through the streets. to cut my hair left me like this my one mistake has been to work for my
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people those who attacked her i will poland's of bolivia's president evo morales who have been taking to the streets to denounce fraud. last month it will more or less won the presidency with a 10 point difference he's opponent. denounce fraud when the vote count was halted for at least 24 hours when the vote showed a shift that favored. in some the. the heart of bolivia's agricultural industry a move is underway to disregard presidency. we are symbolically taking over public institutions because it meetings nationally we have decided that the libyans are not in agreement with the frog this fraud that has been seen internationally we want the vote to be respected by all citizens from bolivia. violent clashes have broken out between anti moralist protesters and those who support him an example of the deep divisions in this andean nation. first
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indigenous president continues to enjoy support mostly in rural areas his followers say more than this opponents are racists and they vow to defend their president. we're calling for justice prison for someone needs to pay for their crimes. is the leader of the. committee a group that has consistently challengeable more or less since he won the presidency in 2006. he arrived in the capital a pass to take a resignation letter to a woman alice the runner up in october's election catalogue mr said he supported come i just move pursued the more we believe that we must do so through a new election but we deeply respect a decision that he has taken to present this proposal a resignation letter our position is that the president has to lead democratically through the popular vote and we have proposed a new election. i this would be moralists 4th term in office his
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critics say he has ignored a referendum in which we live in is voted to restrict precedence to 2 terms. the organization of american states is auditing the vote and it is expected to be completed before the middle of the month but until then tension is unlikely to end anytime soon that is how will. work enough fossils president says a national response is needed to improve security after 47 employees of a canadian mining company were killed during an ambush 60 people were wounded and dozens more are missing the attack near bengal was the worst in 5 years charlotte ballasts has more. it's been 2 days since these people's relatives employees of a canadian mining company were killed in a remote ambush in bikini a government ministers tried to appease them as they waited to identify the date
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and understand what happened. i haven't seen my husband for 2 days i came here today to see his body take it and leave what the minister is a saying here that doesn't work for me it won't bring back the dead. they gathered in the capital ouagadougou hundreds of kilometers from the site of the attack in the eastern corner of the cane a fast so in the border of benign in is year it happened on a public road 40 kilometers from the boom googled mine the victims were employees and contractors of sim a for mining company to get to work they travelled in a military convoy this time there were 5 buses the convoy struck an explosive device on the road then was ambushed by unidentified gunman in a remote area without cell phone reception there were no photos or videos of the attack the 3rd on a sim of a convoy in 15 months. we must remain dignified
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and courageous that's why i willing gauge the defense and security forces to track these terrorists and i call all of our people to mobilize against the terrorists. no group has claimed responsibility for the ambush but i sill and al qaeda have claimed dozens of attacks in the region in recent years the kenya fast so the groups have killed nearly 700 people since 2015 and forced half a 1000000 from their homes the. attacks multiplied after april this year when the recently deceased isolator. baghdadi welcomes new affiliates from the king of neighboring mali. a joints a health security force french and u.s. . forces have been unable to contain the violence so illustrate your show continue . if the situation continues it will really be very hard for us we are all worried we don't feel comfortable we really live in fear this is really
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a disaster for us similar says it's been good mine is secure but operations are on hold out of respect for the victims their relatives now looking for not just respects but arts and security challenge ballasts al-jazeera. freelance journalist henri welkin says people are skeptical about the international response to the latest attacks a lot of that it's happening in kenya fast. have not been a true attributed to. groups of groups that are operating in the country. the government has a very difficult time working out who is responsible for them but we do know. that 'd this groups are operating in the country including islamic states in the greater . role islam but also some of these facts hoping for them to. go. through. the floor in particular ignores least of
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the country on monday the french defense minister visited became faster than an answer they were going to carry out the 1st nations appointment of french troops to get here fast. in terms of the reaction to that from the not people there's a lot of mistrust of french troops arriving in decatur fast so a lot of people say it's very back to the colonial era in terms of whether it will actually do anything to stop the violence i think it's being sudden by analysts seen as a band-aid. rather than. addressing the causes of the violence so. perhaps we will see a reduction but. it's anybody's guess more than a dozen bushfires there raging across the australian state of new south wales authorities say they've received reports of people being trapped in their homes 14
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of the fires are now considered to be at emergency level many people have received text messages warning them to leave their homes around 370000 hectares have burned they have been no reports of deaths or injuries so far. now voters in spain go to the polls for the 2nd time this year on sunday the election was called in september after the socialist party failed to gain enough parliamentary support to form a government one of the main issues is catalonia push for independence which has divided the nation for years when a whole report. when spain supreme court found 9 catalan separatist leaders guilty of sedition in the pursuit of independence shock quickly turned to anger on the streets of barcelona with satellite in a series of late night confrontations with police and the question of capital and independence came to dominate yet another election campaign spain's 4th in 4 years . it's a very difficult moment on india and i can only speak for myself not for others
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because people have reacted in different ways. rumors of dell's husband work he was catalonia interior minister when the region held its illegal referendum on independence in 2017 he was given a 9 year jail sentence. if we need the money and i think this sends any hope of reconciliation and also any confidence that people had to find a political solution there was a time for that but i think it's over now. the climate for independence that divides the country also divides cattle lands a greater proportion of whom according to the polls don't support the cause like business owner one river do societies in order to to grow to develop they need stability stability is the main ground for confidence when this confidence and the companies invest consumers spend money everything it's
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a whole everything it's at this moment stable so at this moment we're out we can say that we are society on whole it looks as if one so again a divided catalonia will not find comfort in the ballot box it's true that the session is to question is the big issue in this election but that's mainly because the big parties are competing against one another over who takes the hardest line against catalan independence got the land and israel has kept all this adventure another then another level because it falls like. silence to the status quo on the stability of the of the state and it's a challenge that nobody seems to have any answer for you know not so far i would say so. my impression is that this is going to be enough sort of like us they made a situation for a few years the polls predict no majority with a socialist leader pedro sanchez is expected to score highest and will likely try
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again to form a coalition but no scenario offers hope to the separatist cause in catalonia so the scenes that followed the sentencing of its leaders in october may turn out to be among the last desperate throws of a movement with nowhere left to turn jonah al-jazeera barcelona. hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera crowds in hong kong a demanding justice after the death of a fellow protester a student fell off a parking garage during demonstrations on monday and he were firing tear gas in the area but the cause of this war isn't clear sarah clarke has more from harm. he fell from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor in a cop in this was during a particular protest and during the dispersal operation by police now the anger here from these students and from the protest movement is that they're accusing the
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police of failing to hear to these tear gas guidelines during this dispersal operation there's been a lot of a morning here in hong kong and a memorial but there's also anger from the friends and colleagues of this 22 year old student meanwhile 2 pro-democracy activists in hong kong are in court store show wang in agnes' char charged over an unauthorized protests outside the police headquarters in june 1 has called for everyone in the city to wear black t. shirts to show their solidarity with the pro-democracy movements in iraq security forces have shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern city of basra 6 others were killed in the capital baghdad on thursday demonstrators are angry over a lack of public services and want a political overhaul chile's president has announced new measures to clamp down on violence as demonstrations continue for the 3rd week sebastian pinera as proposed laws would toughen penalties for looting and rioting in the u.s.
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acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has been subpoenaed to testify the impeachment inquiry against president donald trump it's possible the white house will exercise executive privilege and brock the order inquiry is looking into whether to abuse his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rival chilled biden. the 3rd round of joint military patrols between turkey and russia is getting underway on the turkey syria border patrols are part of an agreement between ankara and moscow to remove kurdish fighters from a so-called safe zone and an earthquake in northwestern iran has killed at least 5 people and injured hundreds more the magnitude 5.9 quake struck the town of hosh tried in east by john province it was followed by dozens of aftershocks those are the headlines on al-jazeera the street is next another current efforts to contain the spread of nuclear weapons doing enough to keep the world safe the watch crucial
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political challenge is how to stop nuclear explosions from happening in this blog to get the executive secretary of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization as soon as there are books to al-jazeera. and i welcome to the stream that india's government now has direct control over kashmir but what does the end of the territories semi autonomy mean for people living that if any ok i really could be a god send us your thoughts on what's happening in kashmir through twitter and you tube. is now 3 months since india's government sent thousands of extra troops to jammu and kashmir and ended 7 decades a special status now the region has been divided board under federal control the government says the new union territories of general.


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