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greens. not consuming. all knowledge is it was. deep anger against police in hong kong as a student injured during demonstrations die in hospital. you know this is al jazeera live from doha fully backed or also ahead the high cost of calling for change security forces in iraq killed at least 11 protesters. another no show the former u.s. national security advisor hughes is to testify in the beach many inquiry into donald trump. and getting into the mind of a genius
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a new leonardo da vinci exhibition opens in london. crowds in hong kong are calling for a citywide vigil after the death of a fellow protester students are gathering at a memorial for a child who fell from a building during a demonstration on monday he died in hospital on friday millions of people have been protesting in hong kong since june demanding more democratic freedom has more from hong kong. queen elizabeth hospital confirmed the death of the 22 year old student on friday only this morning now this particular student he had a cardiac arrest at home and undergone 2 operations earlier this week and had a brain injury but this morning on friday he has since died and now the circumstances with which he fell was from a 3rd full cup walk to the 2nd floor and this was during the protest on sunday night which on early monday morning is when that particular full occurred and this
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is when the accident happened the protests is a blaming police because it happened during this particular protest and during the dispersal operation with police use tear gas now the protesters and certainly his colleagues and students believe that the police filed to adhere to those guidelines now today on friday there's been the graduation of a number of students university of hong kong science and technology campus but this particular graduation a number of the students have joined a memorial to pay tribute to the 22 year old who died on friday and that the university has issued a statement they've asked for students and these protesters to show restraint and to show peace and to avoid conflict but at the moment other prop the protesters have actually marched up to now vandalizing and graffiti some of the operations on this campus that are affiliated with the mine and mine and chinese companies another government has issued a statement saying that they show deep regret and sorrow for the death of this student so certainly there's been a lot of mourning here in hong kong and
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a memorial but there's also anger from the friends and colleagues of this 22 year old student. meanwhile 2 pro-democracy activists have been in court in hong kong joshua wang and agnes child are charged over an unauthorized protest outside the police headquarters in june 1 has called for everyone in the city to wear black t. shirts to show their solidarity with the pro-democracy movement. but the way the how do you prosecute this would work for you i will fight you in such a pure about. politics possibly. with you we hate you we have to. show you how sorry you are you. know it's a fine putting to set up an independent investigation on the fly we need to see the truth and justice. in other world news in iraq continued anger has led to a night of violence security forces shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern
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city of basra that came after reports that protesters tried to break into government buildings earlier security forces broke up a sit in at the entrance of own costs a court that's the country's main port for oil and for. in iraqi capital baghdad meanwhile at least 6 more protesters were shot dead on thursday scam mischa's broke out on show hard abrade square security forces used live ammunition against demonstrators who are angry at the lack of public services and want a political overhaul let's get the latest from the tasha go name in baghdad for is not more protests expected this fight it tell us about the mood in iraqi capital right now. holy today's protest caps quite a tense week in baghdad major roads were closed the schools were closed many government offices were closed as well as the courts and now we're in a 3rd day of an internet blackout that is really angry people i'm here with mohamed
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you my he's an attorney who has been on strike since last week are you on i don't know you feeling as we head into the day we expect a very big crowd and yet there's still a gap between what protesters want and what the government is offering you have as a gab that their government is not understanding us i don't know i don't know why but i'm not saying us what demands this all these why their. demise is legal but they don't understand that till now they there's a very gap between us we don't trust them anymore they need to know that what do you think it would take for the government to hear you to understand the protesters demands about $300.00 people have already been killed in this country since the protests began on october 1st that tells india is. there is checking their eyes is there they don't want to understand what we want that we really have the students from 25 until now they don't understand what they want to king that they certainly are closing their eyes from our demands our demise all these things they don't want
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to hear us we don't trust them anymore they need to know that we tend and we take them we need going back and they would give us a 154 people who don't know jobs says it's a joke they think they think about is a joke up that's no joke we had then as a buffer zone killed in these 3 days it's not a joke. writer standing is that protesters have reshaped that's a quote from one of the people i spoke to the demands a little bit to reflect reality can you explain yes now our demands all of you think yes fast of all the government must to resign immediately 2nd that president over the public will assign identity personality from always side. the political parties to lead the government for a short time then that but a man will do only 2 things fair election law and then you call me and you are action commission form judges and then we go to the audition yes it. sounds simple
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but clearly it's not take you very much i want to mention fully that the government says that it is working on the draft of a new election law it was supposed to be presented to the parliament this week it also says that a new election commission will be formulated it will prioritize credential is as opposed to political parties and finally a constitutional committee is meeting to look at making some amendments to the constitution one of protesters biggest demands is that the government address what it feels is widespread corruption on thursday and integrity commission announced that it would file charges against the former governors in babylon and basra as well as members of parliament thank you very much for that matter good name my forests in baghdad and earth quake in northwestern iran has killed at least 6 people and injured hundreds more the magnitude 5.9 quake struck the country's east
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as a by john province it was followed by dozens of aftershocks so officials say rescuers have been deployed to the region. chile's president has announced new measures to clamp down on violence as demonstrations continue for the 3rd week sebastian pinera proposed laws would toughen penalties for looting and rioting a latin america and its embassy in human reports from santiago. it's been $21.00 days of mass disturbances and demonstrations in chile and amid mounting criticism for not controlling the violence that often accompanies peaceful protests presidents have us jumping it addressed the nation with a series of measures. we want to announce a public agenda to strengthen public order and better safeguard our citizens security we've lived days of tremendous violence vandalism and delinquency provoked in most cases by groups of organized crime. the temple and plan includes outlawing
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barricades and the use of masks and other methods to disguise one's face including and used in the role of intelligence services and the use of helicopters dream protests among others. wednesday the uptown headquarters of the conservative party which is part of being it is governing coalition were attacked and ransacked. we are facing coordinated and organized groups who are acting in a directed way we need to investigate this so that we can find the leaders of these violent groups who are causing destruction and are intelligent system wasn't prepared for this type of urban violence. the threat of higher penalties hasn't dissuaded protesters perhaps not surprisingly the president's new and security measures coincide with the mass demonstrations moving uptown to an area that had been considered off limits to kind of always peace in the middle of 3 weeks of demonstrations but as you can see this area which is the epicenter if you like the headquarters of the biggest businesses in the country are now being closed and
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surrounded by protesters. while most protest is insist they don't support violence some argue the current upheaval is a new. evil. piniella says he listens to peaceful protests but what about those who have been demonstrating for more than 4 years to better pensions if those who started those protests had written a letter to the president is sort of brushing the metro with the president listened no. while pineda called for a rare emergency meeting of chile's national security council opposition members and demonstrators accuse the president of trying to criminalize the protests while others lamented that he had not been so energetic about increasing penalties to curtail police brutality the. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has been subpoenaed to testify the
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impeachment inquiry into president donald trump the house intelligence committee wants him to appear on friday it's possible the white house will exercise executive privilege and block the order inquiry is looking into whether trump abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rival joel biden and the president's former national security adviser didn't show up at the inquiry john bolton who tried fired in september says he will only appear if he's ordered by a federal court and a gallagher has more from washington. well not much surprise to the democrats i think that john bolton was a no show they did expect that to a certain extent and the democrats are really now focused on the next phase of these in pietschmann proceedings and that will be public open hearings which begin next week they have 3 key witnesses including the former ambassador to ukraine and that really gives the democratic party a chance to show the american public what really happened here we've heard what these people have said in depositions now we will see it on live television across
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the nation and it's an important opportunity for the democrats to show there in preachment proceedings do have some weight meanwhile president trump is in trouble for something else entirely different the trump foundation was found guilty today and fined $2000000.00 because essentially a judge said that the president was using his charitable foundation to further his own political career for instance using money from the foundation to settle legal claims using it to have a portrait painted that $2000000.00 fine wall go to an array of different charities and i think that story would be far bigger if not for these in pietschmann proceedings which of course will start next week and everybody will be watching very closely indeed. and a state department official has accused personal neuer rudy giuliani of helping to come back to what he called a campaign of lies against event u.s. ambassador to ukraine george kent made the comments during his testimony at the
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inquiry the transcripts were released on thursday can say senior colleagues told him to keep his head down on ukraine even though it was part of his portfolio. still ahead on the program helpless and terrified by the families of victims of an attack on miners in booking a fastolf year vides class we look at what lessons can be learned from the fall of the berlin wall 30 years song. hello there some rain pushing south was across into borneo bit the area really watching is this this is. pulling the west away from the philippines they're producing heavy amounts of rain in the meantime and eventually of course those very heavy rains pushing on towards vietnam particularly coastal areas will suffer a very widespread rains across the board you know on south of
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a cloudy conditions out across the march of the rain pushing in there as we head through sunday and that is when the tropical cyclone is looking to really begin to make landfall so again some very heavy amounts of rain that could well lead to some localized flooding there is such a problem cause across into australia is that remains dry and also very warm across say into much of the new south wales got very very dry conditions over 80 bush burning right now we've got over 40 butting up into queensland it remains warm and dry some showers into hobart and look at this time much of 40 celsius and on saturday by sunday it does become considerably cooler to 28 there's a from the slides by so the ad just freshens up behind it meanwhile across into new zealand we've got plenty of rain in your forecast for christ church is not about they suffered a in or clint a high the a $22.00 celsius it's warming cries shows with that rain and also france lies straight it cools off a little bit but it's a very wet end to the weekend across both islands.
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in 2020 tokyo will close in the paralympics. but the nation has a troubled history the people with disabilities want to want to. japan's disability. 0. 3 the plane in the state of. michigan is to deliver british only 31st of october and making this country the greatest place all of britain's departure is delayed but home full of need good drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha
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a reminder of our top stories this hour crowds in hong kong are demanding justice after the death of a fellow protester the student fell off a parking garage during demonstrations on monday police were firing tear gas in the area but the cause of his fall is entirely iraqi security forces have shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern city of basra 6 others were killed in the capital baghdad on thursday demonstrators are angry over a lack of public services and want a political overhaul and chile's president has announced new measures to clamp down on violence as demonstrations continue for a 3rd week sebastian pinera proposed laws would toughen penalties for noting and right. now the 3rd round of joint military the trolls between turkey and russia is getting underway on the take the syria border that patrols are part of an agreement between ankara and moscow to remove kurdish fighters from a so-called safe zone turkey has said it. plans to resettle as many as 2000000 syrian refugees in the area. has more from gaziantep near the techie syria border
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so this is what is happening now the joint patrols will be traveling through the area of us questions from obviously all the way to maliki on the border with iraq they won't be able to get into the city of commission because it is not part of the sochi agreement and because the syrian government troops maintains a military presence inside the city after. maliki the 2nd phase would be to. conduct those patrols in kabbani around could barely tell refired and been busy and this is where you have some problems because russia says that all the y.p. 2 fighters have pulled out from those areas something which is contested by turkey turkey still believes of those fighters are still operating of those areas along with their weapons and this is why they would like to ensure through their joint patrols that everyone has left at a later stage turkey is intending to. set up observation post
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a longer safe zone a very of us questions from a barely clear all the way to words. to ensure that the as their fighters are not staging any come back to the areas all the border with turkey. brooke enough vassals president says a national response is needed to improve security after 47 employees of a canadian mining company were killed during an ambush 60 people were wounded and dozens more are missing the attack near bungle was the worst in 5 years shallot belize has a detailed 6. it's been 2 days since these people's relatives employees of a canadian mining company were killed in a remote ambush in bikini a government ministers tried to appease them as they waited to identify the date and understand what happened. i haven't seen my husband for 2 days i came here today to see his body take it and leave what the minister is a saying here that doesn't work for me it won't bring back the dead. they gathered
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in the capital while the dooku hundreds of kilometers from the site of the attack in the eastern corner of the king a fast so in the border of benign and ms year it happened on a public road 40 kilometers from the boom googled mine the victims were employees and contractors of sim a for mining company to get to work they travelled in a military convoy this time there were 5 buses the convoy struck an explosive device on the road then was ambushed by unidentified gunman in a remote area without cell phone reception there were no photos or videos of the attack the 3rd on a sim of a convoy in 15 months. we must remain dignified and courageous that's why i willing gauge the defense and security forces to track these terrorists and i call all of our people to mobilize against the terrorists. no group has claimed responsibility for the ambush but i sill and al qaeda have
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claimed dozens of attacks in the region in recent years the kenya fast so the groups have killed nearly 700 people since 2015 and forced half a 1000000 from their homes the. attacks multiplied after april this year when the recently deceased isolator. baghdadi welcomes new affiliates from the king of neighboring mali. a joint so held security force french and u.s. . forces have been unable to contain the violence so less u.t.s. show continued. if the situation continues it will really be very hard for us we are all worried we don't feel comfortable we really live in fear this is really a disaster for us similar forces it's mine is secure but operations are on hold out of respect for the victims their relatives now looking for not just respects but
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arts and security challenge fellas al-jazeera. protesters have blocked an entrance to lebanon's main port in their latest efforts to disrupt the state they're calling for an end to what they describe as tax evasion at land and sea crossings for weeks now protesters have been demanding major changes to the political system 11 on but the speaker say is the speaker of parliament says he will nominate saad hariri to be prime minister again harry you resigned just over a week ago in a bid to calm the demonstrations. and the u.s. has says it's concerned about the arrests meant an intimidation of people who speak out against the government the leader of a band opposition party was brought from boarding a flight home on ferries say sam rainsy was due to lead protests in cambodia on saturday against prime minister hun sen byrd man he has more. from his home in paris sam rainsy says he's determined to return to cambodia he's been in
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exile for much of the past decade raese says he wants to gather other opposition politicians from the band cambodian national rescue party to lead protests against prime minister. was talking to us he says it's to restore democracy to the country but as he arrived at an airport in paris in an effort to return home this happened not enough for me to. i'm not allowed to vote lead by international. right and so i visited. research and received from very high up in the structure not allowed to. his deputy musak it's one of several opposition leaders who fled from cambodia fearing arrest she to try to return to cambodia but was detained after landing in malaysia and since being released. a day before her news conference in jakarta was
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interrupted by the company an ambassador to indonesia so you're here. when we come to the region. we have chosen to go back home to cambodia by land. we have high hopes that high land that is a chair. would be on the side of cambodian democrat. party's acting leaders sam rainsy has been part of cambodia's political fold for decades he was the finance minister under a unity government in the early 1990 s. . before hans senseis power in a coup in 1970 reigns he says his own opposition party but left cambodia many times
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to avoid government charges against him cambodia trying to bully all its neighbors keep c.n.r. the exiles out or arrest them and send them back we don't think that anybody actually. dirty work to arrest people and actually deliver them. argue c.n.r. visuals like all cambodians have the right to return to their country. some raincy says he's ready to return home and bring an end to prime minister whose sons government and restore democracy in cambodia even if it means prison or worse laura has a manly al-jazeera. firefighters in the australian state of new south wales say they're in uncharted territory with more than a dozen wildfires posing a severe risk to safety authorities say they've received reports of people being trapped in their homes 16 of the fires are not considered to be at imagine sea
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level. now on saturday germans will mock 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall for generations it was the most obvious symbol of the ideological divide that spanned europe diplomatic editor james space has been speaking to germany's ambassador to the united nations about what lessons can be learnt. one of the few places around the world where you could still find a section of the berlin wall is here on the other side of the atlantic in the u.n. garden here it is and here to discuss it with me is germany's ambassador to the united nations christophe. can i 1st on bus drive member where i was 30 years ago a young radio reporter in a london newsroom told to get to burn as fast as possible but where were you what are your memories of that day of course this is one of the days you're never forget in life the 9th of november i was working in the foreign ministry in bonn you remember there was a german capital i was working in the foreign ministry and then i came home early
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in the evening and my wife told me to watch television something was happening so and then for hours i was glued to the television set we saw the press conference there was given east berlin where all of a sudden became clear that the regime in east berlin was ready to open the wall so then you saw then how the people who were actually walking through the wall were standing on the wall and it's the same time in bonn the session of the in the stock was interrupted and the members of the bundestag got up and very spontaneously sang the german national anthem so it's a it's a day you don't forget 30 years on germany's now on the u.n. security council what did that moment mean for germany and what lessons are there for the world using 1st of all again the reunification was a very special very happy occasion for germany but when you look back it was only
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possible because of international cooperation we would have not have had this peaceful revolution succeed if it hadn't been for the allies for for the european union for the friends of germany who had so much trust in germany that they said ok. we will support this german reunification so this was this was very very special and the lesson for this is today yes there is a possibility that when you work together you can resolve issues this is why the united nations are so important that you do get together you overcome your problems and you can resolve problems and difficulties with peaceful means this is the lesson of the fall of the berlin wall and the end of the cold war and. germany thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera currently on the un security council one of the more important figures in german diplomacy his previous job
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chief foreign policy adviser to chancellor merkel. my new exhibit showcasing one of leonardo da vinci's most important works has opened in london sonja gago went to take a look. the mind that crossed boundaries and a poll about who most of the worlds are both art and science know not to dive in she may have been accused of being a heretic yet he produced some of the most iconic religious paintings masterpieces as mysterious as they are a noun intricate with a pond layer of secrets and symbolism. here the virgin of the rocks wild yet immaculate dark and illuminating with discoveries to be found among the light and shade. the latest way of exploring this work of art experiencing the science and the techniques that created this i call it what
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inspired it how it was painted and not least how to preserve it a journey that gradually reveals itself in all its glory the paintings are really important one for leonardo the commission occupied him for 25 years this is intended to give people so much rich wonderful material that their experience of looking and engaging with the real leonardo is deeper and more memorable and more meaningful. here is also a chance to play with darkness and light how the master would have seen the subject bright among the somber rocks. given to describe water as the driving force of nature it is the architect of the grotto depicted in the virgin off the rocks painting is also a testament to the all felt by the artist the natural world and the desire he had
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to understand it. the version seen here is one of 2 that exist the other is in the louvre in paris both almost identical but created for different commissions yet what captivates is the mind behind the work and the genius that continues to unveil itself to those who gaze upon it sonia agel al-jazeera london. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera crowds in hong kong are demanding justice after the death of a fellow protester a student fell off a parking garage during demonstrations on monday police were firing tear gas in the area because what the cause of his fall isn't clear hong kong swirlies have denied responsibility but say a full investigation will be conducted there are accusations that police officers
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chased after the man before his fall we must clarify so we must clarify that it is certainly thoughts. lastly we are aware that some that the sins call on others to stage protests tonight and over the weekend. there are also the cork almost make online the appeal to members of the public to stay calm and rational. meanwhile 2 pro-democracy activists have been in court in hong kong joshua wang in agnes child are charged over an unauthorized protests outside police headquarters in june 1 has called for everyone in the city to wear black t. shirts to show their solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in iraq security forces have shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern city of basra 6 others were killed in the capital baghdad on thursday demonstrators are angry over a lack of public services and want a political overhaul our earth quake in northwestern iran has killed at least 6
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people and injured hundreds more the magnitude 5.9 quake struck the country's east by john province it was followed by dozens of aftershocks chile's president has announced new measures to clamp down on violence as demonstrations continue for a 3rd week sebastian pinera proposed laws would toughen penalties for looting and rioting firefighters in the australian state of new south wales say they are in uncharted territory with more than a dozen wildfires pausing a severe risk to safety authorities say they've received reports of people being trapped in their homes 16 of the fires are now considered to be at emergency level and those are the headlines coming up next it's one of the nice to do stay with this. kind of does that provide and is anyone willing to pick up the calls we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world
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we live in so is it possible we're trying to actually commit to a piece on the counting the cost on al-jazeera. when tokyo hosts the 2020 paralympics japan's most talented disabled athletes will get their shocks. and glory. but outside the stadiums is a society that still struggles to accept people who are disabled in the past and the japanese citizens were forcibly sterilized for having intellectual disability. now big ships are demanding compensation. on this episode of one a one a we make the people fighting to overcome it.


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