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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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al-jazeera world follows 5 palestinians making a difference. the new women. on al-jazeera. ringback vigils are held in hong kong as police deny any responsibility for the death of a student porton protests. hello and welcome to life on my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth cohen and also ahead the high cost of porn for change security forces in iraq kill at least 11 protesters helpless and terrified why families of miners who were attacked and the fear more violence and unfortunately we are in uncharted territory. dozens of
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bush fires burn a cross trainer prompting a record number of emergency warnings. protesters in hong kong are mourning the death of a student who fell from a building during a demonstration on monday 22 year old child she died of his injuries on friday where people have gathered for a vigil at the carpark where he fell students have been at the forefront of months of protest in hong kong there are fears child's death could spark more unrest so a clock has the latest from hong kong. the hospital confirms the student's death on friday morning chachi luck suffered a brain injury after falling from a car park during a protest on monday but after 2 operations he died of a cardiac arrest was of course. the family wants to tell the media and the people of hong kong thank you very much for showing your support and encouragement to
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queen elizabeth hospital in the past few days they are very thankful. child was a computer science undergraduate at the hong kong university of science and technology fried i was the graduation ceremony for many of these students that event became a memorial as his colleagues paid tribute to the 22 year old i think is a very grave day and we all have we all have i think a lot of homegrown people not just the u.s. team members have a man talk operation for this but still when it comes to fact it hurts a lot this could be the 1st death as a direct result of the confrontations between police and protesters in hong kong the anti-government movement blames the police for a chance injury which occurred when tear gas was fired on students during a dispersal operation she was trying to employ. from the police fired tear gas. ah for them from ca and so today we want to call our house
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and also locked in my call to government the police to launch a free press because the government has expressed its regret and sorrow of the death of the 22 year old student standing in sympathies to the family but this incident is lucky to further anger the anti-government movement with more protests is expected to join demonstrations this weekend. high profile pro-democracy activists joshua wall and agnes chow have called on protesters to join the rallies which are now in their 5th month they were charged with organizing a legal assembly enjoy. before friday's court appearance they demanded an independent police inquiry into what they describe as excessive force being used on protesters it's now is the time for the government to step up in the band as investigation on the clash we need to know for truth and justice. the police have
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denied any wrongdoing and will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of the student's death sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. to other news now iran says its forces have shot down a foreign drawn that reportedly happened over the city of marsh out of the cell of the provincial governor has parts of the wreckage have been recovered u.s. central command has tweeted that alleged reports of a u.s. drone being shot down are incorrect all u.s. equipment has been accounted for in june ted are shot down a u.s. drone saying that it had violated its airspace and earthquake in north western iran has killed at least 6 people and injured hundreds more the magnitude 5.9 quake struck in the east azerbaijan province and they have been dozens of aftershocks since. to iraq now where the top shia cleric is urging the military and police to avoid using excessive force against protesters grand ayatollah ali al
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sistani says the government must respond as quickly as possible to demonstrators demands overnight security forces shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern city after reports crowds were trying to break into government buildings troops also broke up a section of the entrance of the port that is iraq's main port for oil and food and at least 6 protesters dead in the capital baghdad today. using live ammunition demonstrators are angry at the lack of public services and want a political natasha good name has. her square. this very day. is really. one man told me the government is trying to isolate. the us the u.n. released a report saying that there are human rights violations being committed against
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protesters tear gas canisters the. protesters. the suppression of the media. and before that we saw. the government. or showing 2 killing. the minds of young people the government did acknowledge the. international court. to appoint say. security forces fired military grade. intended. the government says they investigated and it turns out the police was using this. to. cannister they say that it was you know just to say. that i minister. to go with these human rights violations the government.
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the civically need to be held accountable. that isn't white house chief of staff mike mulvaney has been asked to testify as part of the impeachment inquiry into president trump the house intelligence committee has subpoenaed him to appear this hour he's not expected to the white house has instructed its officials not to comply with the investigation inquiries looking into whether president trump was held aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating his political rival joe biden and a state department official has accused person annoy rudy giuliani of helping to conduct what he called a campaign of lies against the then u.s. ambassador to ukraine george kent made the comments during his testimony at the inquiry the transcripts were released on thursday ken said senior colleagues told him to keep his head down on ukraine even though it was part of his portfolio to australia now where firefighters in the state of new south wales say they're in
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unchartered territory with more than a dozen bushfires posing a severe risk and there are reports of people being trapped in their homes victoria gate and he has the latest. every summer parts of australia go up in flames in hot windy conditions wild bushfires the common but this season an extended drought has caused the fires to spread more rapidly than usual it was a sort of came over our house house yesterday afternoon and then died down overnight and we. lunchtimes picked up again so i think it's all sort of computer out of hand at the moment bit out of control yeah. the bushfires in new south wales and queensland cover a 1000 kilometer stretch of countryside police have ordered 4 and a half 1000 people to leave their homes along queen's. in sunshine coast local radio stations have stopped no more programming instead they're broadcasting advice about how to survive a house fire and local officials say they're struggling to get the bushfires under
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control because of the drawings of the fuel and the flammability of the fuel even the smallest of embers are landing and taking hold and developing as you far's very quickly so you wind up getting this exponential rapid spread of the mine far from moving across the landscape and unfortunately we can expect more of that to die for those whose homes are in danger difficult decisions will have to be made. when you're going to. be out here in 10 minutes somebody had to be up there and you know . strong winds and high temperatures are expected to ease this weekend but low humidity levels continue to make it challenging for firefighters and worrying for residents whose homes and lives are at risk the turia gates and be al-jazeera. and u.n. officials working on syria's political future say the opening round of talks in geneva have ended better than expected government opposition and civil society
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representatives are trying to find ways to reconcile after nearly 9 wars of war the u.n. special envoy to syria get paid a cent said the talks will reconvene the slump these are sometimes very painful discussions and it takes courage to sit and listen to the other side presenting its use on these issues but i think they have begun to address. both difficult and painful issues and i think it's fair to say that the discussions have been very professional. and we hope that these talks will be successful and we hope as we said in the past that will be prepared for the political process in general in the constitutional process in particular we're trying to bring hope to the syrians and this is our hope. now turkish and russian troops have been holding the 3rd round of joint military patrols and syria as part of an agreement between uncle and moscow to remove kurdish fighters from an area turkey wants to establish
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a safe zone turkey says it plans to resettle as many as too many and syrian refugees in the area. to chile now the president has announced new measures to clamp down on violence as demonstrations continue for the 3rd week latin america editor lucien human reports from santiago. it's been 21 days of mass disturbances and demonstrations in chile and amid mounting criticism for not controlling the violence that often accompanies peaceful protests president of us to address the nation with a series of measures. we want to announce a public agenda to strengthen public order and better safeguard our citizens security we've lived days of tremendous violence vandalism and delinquency provoked in most cases by groups of organized crime. the temple and plan includes outlawing barricades and the use of masks and other methods to disguise one's face including and used in the role of intelligence services and the use of helicopters dream
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protests among others. wednesday the uptown headquarters of the conservative party which is part of being it is governing coalition were attacked and ransacked. we are facing coordinated and organized groups who are acting in a directed way we need to investigate this so that we can find the leaders of these violent groups who are causing destruction and i intelligence system wasn't prepared for this type of urban violence. the. threat of higher penalties hasn't dissuaded protesters perhaps not surprisingly the president's new announcements of security measures coincide with the mass demonstrations moving uptown to an area that had been considered off limits that kind of always has a piece in the middle of 3 weeks of demonstrations but as you can see this area which is the epicenter if you like the headquarters of the biggest businesses in the country are now being closed and surrounded by protesters. while most protest
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is insist they don't support violence some argue the current upheaval is a necessary evil. if it doesn't it pacifica piniella says he listens to peaceful protests but what about those who have been demonstrating for more than 4 years but better pensions if those who started those protests had written a letter to the president instead of brushing the metro with the president listened no. while painted a called for a rare emergency meeting of chile's national security council opposition members and demonstrators accused the president of trying to criminalize the protests while others lamented that he had not been so energetic about increasing penalties to curtail police brutality the you see in human al-jazeera santiago. still ahead on the bulletin we'll look at what lessons can be now on the form of the ban on board.
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hello that most guys very much of eastern china this is a little bit of cloud is working its way through the interior but you can see here coastal areas staying fine and dry to the south where we have goals by having miles of rain is this here this is the latest a tropical cyclone it's staying to the south pushing west towards vietnam but suddenly they go on into sunday. that cloud beginning to push for the tools and also high none certainly seeing a fairly cloudy day and there is the charms of a fine and dry in hong kong 27 celsius and a little bit warmer in shanghai with a high of 22 then let's have a look at india now we're watching very much this ystem this is on tropical cyclone matt most this is going to be producing some very heavy amounts of rain as it works its way closer to the coast and it's really going to be impacting odisha west bengal in particular and bangladesh some very heavy amounts of rain will be
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accumulating over the next couple days between about 2 and $300.00 millimeters of rain but the system itself winds in excess of 120 kilometers an hour so we're also expecting some so insurgents some very rough seas with waves of about 7 and a half meters elsewhere and india is fine and dry temperatures not too bad in new delhi at 26 and rain showers further into the south. deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you disappear i disagree with that a lot this is going to be leaving the public become a treat for the. these people are well trained. very worthy to. join me in the hot sun as i put the questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talk the political debate.
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on the problem and hard these are the top stories this hour protesters in hong kong are mourning the death of a student who fell from a building during a demonstration on monday 22 year old child she died of his injuries early on friday the police are denying any wrongdoing but say they will investigate iraq's top share cleric has urged the police and military to avoid using excessive force at least 11 protesters were killed on thursday the u.n. says at least $300.00 people have died since the protests began and. and firefighters in the australian state of new south wales say they're in uncharted
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territory with more than a dozen bushfires close in a severe risk there are reports of people being trapped in their homes. now hundreds of palestinians have gathered along the gaza israel border fence for the weekly friday protests the so-called great much of a return rallies began last march that's going to our correspondent rob matheson he's joining us live from gaza what's happening there rob. as you can probably see behind me crowds are beginning to make their way away from these protests they've been here for about an hour and we understand that according to the ministry of health these 10 people have been injured at 5 protest sites along the separation wall we don't yet know the nature of those injuries here we have seen several ambulances with their lights and alarms going backwards and forwards we've also seen a certain amount of. smoke being fired in tear gas being fired but this is not nearly as intense as previous protests have been now that's a little bit of
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a surprise because only a week ago gaza and israel were firing rockets at each other across this separation fence just to the south of where i am in a 27 year old palestinian man died in that we would have expected the crowds here to be much bigger but it's important to note that a few hours after that incident israel released a statement saying that it blamed the leader of a single islamic jihad group in gaza for those gaza rockets not hamas and not any other political faction so it was very specific about where he felt the blame laid few days later for spill onto a weapons state delegation went from hamas went to cairo egypt is one of the key negotiators of this very fragile cease fire that exists between gaza and israel and the understanding is that the delegation was anxious to impress on the egyptians that they stood by and were committed to this cease fire if you take those both
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those incidents together essentially you get a sense that both sides are trying to tamp down on any possible rise in tension and one of the reasons for that could be political of course israel is in the process of trying to form a government at the moment and palestinians are about to take part in the elections for the 1st time since 2006 on the understanding here in gaza is that hamas the controlling grew. here in gaza wants to be seen to be in charge of security in this area particularly in the run up to those elections so as i say it's interesting that the crowds here today have been significantly smaller than there have been in the past rob thank you for that for now that is rob matheson live in gaza thank you it's now ukraine's army and russia back separatists are said to withdraw more troops from the front line in eastern ukraine on saturday the planned exit as part of a series of measures aimed at ending a conflict that's killed more than 13000 people in the last 5 years meanwhile the
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international court of justice a search of all the case filed by ukraine against moscow let's go to our correspondent step vasant she's joining us live from moscow and as we wait for that i.c.j. ruling step what would it mean for both ukraine and russia. yes the international court of justice is in session right now reading this important ruling in a case was filed 2 years ago by ukraine basically it wants to take russia to discourse for a weapon giving weapons and no support to the separatist movement in the east of ukraine but also for racial discrimination in the crimea the area that was annexed by russia in 2014 and also for the downing of age 17 so basically this is a very crucial ruling if if the court decides that it wants to accept this case
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that it has the jurisdiction of course then ukraine will have a very strong international measure in its hand to put more pressure on russia but if the court rules there is no jurisdiction in this case of course this would be a win for russia and then ukraine doesn't have any other legal means at the moment to pursue reduce cases of what they say is an invasion of russia in ukrainian territory 5 years ago may last step the troop withdrawal plans in eastern ukraine that i hope should lead to negotiations between the countries to solve the conflict are they on track. exactly and that's interesting because of course this is a very different tragic that's been taken in ukraine on the ground itself while this is legal case in the hague the political developments are very different troops have been drawing from the front line in the last month already and we are
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expecting loss of 3rd troop withdrawal on saturday between the ukrainian troops on one side and the russian backed up for days on the other side and this withdrawal the way for a very important peace negotiation in the so-called normandy format which would bring ukraine russia and germany and france together to talk about this whole peace process so we can say that the president selenski has. committed to what he said in in his in his election campaign that he would want to bring peace to eastern ukraine he has made this kind of progress but moscow is still kind of skeptical it's still waiting and seeing how much power the lansky actually has had to face protests some quite serious protests in ukraine in the last couple of weeks and there is a lot of concern in ukraine that this deal with me will would mean that it's basically a capitalization to russia so zelinsky has a lot to deal with internally but yes there could be some white smoke again on
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saturday in the east of ukraine step thank you for that step martin with the latest live in moscow thank you. looking at fathers' president says a national response is needed to improve security after 47 employees of a canadian mining company were killed in an ambush 60 people were wounded and dozens more are missing the attack me a bomb was the worst in 5 years shell of badasses more. it's been 2 days since these people's relatives employees of a canadian mining company were killed in a remote ambush in bikini the government ministers tried to appease them as they waited to identify the date and understand what happened. i haven't seen my husband for 2 days i came here today to see his body take it and leave what the minister is a saying here that doesn't work for me it won't bring back the dead. they gathered
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in the capital while the dooku hundreds of kilometers from the site of the attack in the eastern corner of the king a fast so in the border of benign and his year it happened on a public road 40 kilometers from the boom googled mine the victims were employees and contractors of sim a for mining company to get to work they travelled in a military convoy this time there were 5 buses the convoy struck an explosive device on the road then was ambushed by unidentified gunman in a remote area without cell phone reception there were no photos or videos of the attack the 3rd on a sim of a convoy in 15 months. we must remain dignified and courageous that's why i willing gauge the defense and security forces to track these terrorists and i call all of our people to mobilize against the terrorists. no group has claimed responsibility for the ambush but i sill and al qaeda have claimed dozens of attacks in the region in recent years the kenya fast so the
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groups have killed nearly 700 people since 2015 and forced half a 1000000 from their homes the. attacks multiplied after april this year when the recently deceased isolator. baghdadi welcomes new affiliates from the king of neighboring mali. a joint so held security force french and u.s. . forces have been unable to contain the violence. the less you just show continued . if the situation continues it will really be very hard for us we are all worried we don't feel comfortable we really live in fear this is really a disaster for us similar says it's mine is secure but operations are on hold out of respect for the victims their relatives now looking for not just respect but answers and security challenge ballasts al-jazeera. and other large protests has
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taken place and gainey against the president's plans to change the constitution at least 13 protesters have been killed in the past week as widespread anger at president alpha condé is plan to push through changes so he can run for a 3rd term in next year's election. on saturday germans will mark 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall for generations of people it was the most obvious someone of the ideological divide that spanned europe donna cane has been hearing the stories of some who attempted the perilous journey to freedom and those who stayed behind the iron curtain on a sunny day dagmar zimm dawn likes to walk her dog on bare now or it's a simple pleasure she was denied for much of her adult life because this was where the berlin wall want stood guarded by soldiers with orders to shoot to kill tomorrow tuchman's or fermanagh in everyday life the wall played a role in that it was just there is dance before you if you're standing in front of
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it you just had to accept it. august 961 the height of the cold war when communist control of the east drove many thousands to flee west using the open border in berlin causing a brain drain the east felt could not continue. so they built the wall separating families and friends overnight and when the 1st bricks were laid here rows of houses were blocked off meaning those who wanted to get out had to jump from the upper windows onto the street in the west. but as the wall became more solid soon that avenue of escape was blocked off and what became known as the death strip divided the city and so people had to think much more creatively about how they could free communism. people like who better holbein as a young man he swam across a guarded waterway to reach the west and then decided he wanted others to be free
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to do so he helped build a tunnel under the center of the city in all $57.00 people crawled through this space to freedom including his own mother it was a tremendous feeling taking part in possibly helping your relatives and friends come over but at the same time it was a strain because i had only just survived the border crossing myself and thought man if something happens to me here then it's twice as bad. something did happen to fuck your heintz as a student he volunteered to help people flee the east bringing out dozens of refugees over several months using a car with diplomatic plates and adapted to allow people to hide from view but then one day he was caught they had already left saying he had the diplomat there at which they confronted me to. their healthy escapees who didn't make it.
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they had a car i mean what else is there to learn learned in the end to the 2 german governments agreed a prisoner swaps of spent less than a year in custody as time wore on most people grew used to the ugly gray barrier that divided the city but then in november 1989 came the moment many thought might never happen a wave of peaceful protests swept through the city and because the soviet government would not help the armed guard stood powerless as people partied on the wall and then finally tore it down. very little of what the east german government called the anti fascist protection barriers still remains many berliners are too young to know 1st hand what it was like to live in a divided city for those like dagmar who do saturday will be a poignant day dominic kane al-jazeera at the berlin wall memorial. now facebook has revealed more details on how it plans to protect next year's u.s.
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election from foreign interference and misinformation measures include securing the accounts of elected officials and making the ownership of political pages more obvious the company has been criticized for not doing enough to remove misleading political posts that story and much more on our website our dizzier dot com. hello again alan is of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera protesters in hong kong are mourning the death of a student who fell from a building during a demonstration on monday 22 year old child she look died of his injuries early on friday police are denying any wrongdoing but say they'll investigate. iran says its forces have shot down a foreign drone it reportedly happened over the city of marsh out in the south the provincial governor says parts of the wreckage have been recovered u.s.
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central command has tweeted that alleged reports of a u.s. drone being shot down and correct and all u.s. equipment has been accounted for and june 3rd shot down a u.s. drone saying that it had violated its airspace an earthquake in northwestern iran has killed at least 6 people and injured hundreds more the magnitude 5.9 quake struck in the east azerbaijan province and they have been dozens of aftershocks since. iraq's top shia cleric has urged the police and military to avoid using excessive force at least 11 protesters were killed on thursday the united nations says at least 300 people have died since protests began in october. chile's president has announced new measures to clamp down on violence as demonstrations continue for the 3rd week to bust the internet as proposed laws with top of penalties for looting and rioting. turkish and russian troops have been holding the 3rd round of joint military patrols in syria as part of the agreement between ankara and moscow to remove kurdish fighters from an area turkey wants to establish
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a safe zone turkey says it plans to resettle as many as 2000000 syrian refugees in the area acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has been asked to testify as part of the impeachment inquiry into president trump the house intelligence committee has subpoenaed him to appear this hour but he isn't expected to the white house instructed lives officials not to comply with the investigation more than a dozen wildfires opposing a severe risk to safety in the astray and state of new south wales authorities say they received reports of people being trapped in their homes around 370000 hectors have already burned well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us as the stream is coming up next thank you very much for watching. other current efforts to contain the spread of nuclear weapons doing enough to keep the world safe the more crucial political challenge is how to stop
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a nuclear explosion from happening again because the kids are secretary of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization as soon as they're both books challenges iran. and i welcome to the stream the indian government now has direct control over kashmir but what does the end of the territories semi autonomy mean for people living that. i really could be a god send us your thoughts on what's happening and kashmir through twitter and you tube. it is now 3 miles governments and thousands of extra troops to jammu and kashmir and its 7 decades a special status now the region has been divided under federal control the government says the new union territories of general.


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