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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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besta gates the outsourcing of health care in american jails is impacting the lives and deaths of those behind bars sick inside. the high cost of calling for change security forces in iraq killed at least 11 protesters. from a headquarters and. also ahead the un's top court rules that has jurisdiction to hear case russia of supporting rebels in eastern ukraine. deepening anger against hong kong who deny responsibility for the death of a student during protests. the acting white house chief of staff becomes the latest
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donald trump to defy a subpoena for the impeachment inquiry. excuse me iraq's top cleric is urging the military and police to avoid using excessive force against protesters. the government must respond as quickly as possible to demonstrators demands overnight security forces shot dead at least 5 protesters in the southern city of basra after reports crowds were trying to break into government buildings troops also broke up a sit in at the entrance of the ports that's iraq's main port for oil and food. on the trees 6 protesters were also shot dead in the capital baghdad on thursday skirmishes broke out on the show how to bridge where security forces used live ammunition demonstrators are angry at the lack of public services and the once a political overhaul how much has the latest from the capital. in the thousands of
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demonstrators demonstrators of all ages minn women and children across the social divide they came out to tahrir square in the area surrounding to hear your square but they were expressing a real resolve these protesters committed to continue coming out day after day demonstrators determined to effect some kind of change they said that through their demonstrations they wanted to make sure they could help ensure build a better future for it up and when we arrived at to have your square earlier in the day we didn't really know what we would find there had been reports of deaths in basra protesters being killed in basra and protesters overnight be killed in baghdad when we arrived into here's where earlier in the day we found a real jubilant crowd a real festive atmosphere not just people discussing their political concerns really people going out of their way to express their creativity we saw plays being
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acted in the streets we saw musicians performing the national anthem and singing for others there trying to boost the morale of those who continued to come out a real sense of resolve from the people that we saw throughout the day many of them told us that when they hear government officials talk in the past few weeks it's almost as if those government officials are in a completely different planet and yet they say they're going to going to continue to raise their voices until their voices are heard until more is done to ensure changes going forward. the international court of justice says it will hear a case filed by ukraine against russia it concerns moscow's alleged support of pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine this decision comes as ukraine's army and the separatists are set to withdraw more troops from the front line on saturday the pond exit as part of a series of measures aimed at ending a conflict that's killed more than 13000 people in the last 5 years stuff and has
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more from moscow. a convincing win for ukraine in the international court of justice against russia a majority of the judges decided that the court can hear the case against what they say the russian backed separatists in the east of ukraine and also the downing of a made 17 and the into racial discrimination towards the ukrainians and tartarus live in an extra media which was annexed by russia in 2014 it's a win for ukraine because russia was objecting very heavily against this this case because it's out it has no jurisdiction and we can actually solve this case still between ukraine and russia itself but now this will be a very strong international instrument that ukraine has against russia although the case will take a while to develop and probably will be finished only in a few years from now if russia loses the case it's also possible that it has to pay
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compensation to the victims in the east of ukraine or even in the crimea but also this is also raising questions about how this is going to affect the peace process that it's been under way now the new president's alinsky is in power since a few months he has basically of pushed this peace for process forward the will be another. the troops withdrawal 3 on saturday between the 2 forces one ukrainian forces on one side and the russian backed rebels on the other side there has been some protest in ukraine against this peace process that this is a capitalization to russia but there is some optimism that it's fighting which has been going on for 5 years and which has cost $13000.00 lives could be ending any time soon but with this ruling there's a big question of course how moscow will respond and how willing it will be to participate in the peace negotiations that are expected in the next couple of weeks
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. hong kong protesters are mourning the death of a students who fell from a building during a demonstration on monday 22 year old child she locked died of his injuries on friday people have gathered for a vigil at the carpark where he fell students have been at the forefront of months of protests in hong kong and there are fears child's death could spark more unrest sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. the hospital confirms the student's death on friday morning charging luck suffered a brain injury after falling from a car park during a protest on monday but after 2 operations he died of a cardiac arrest doesn't force. the family wants to tell the media and the people of hong kong thank you very much for showing your support and encouragement to queen elizabeth hospital in the past few days they are very thankful. child was a computer science undergraduate at the hong kong university of science and
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technology fried i was the graduation ceremony for many of these students that event became a memorial as his colleagues paid tribute to the 22 year old i think is a very grave day and we all have we all have i think a lot of home people not just the u.s. team members have a man talk operation for this but still when it comes to fact it hurts a lot this could be the 1st death as a direct result of the confrontations between police and protesters in hong kong the anti-government movement blames the police for china's injury which occurred when tear gas was fired on students during a dispersal operation she was trying to avoid eye contact from the police fired tear gas was caught for them from a cop car and so today we want. our house and also obviously my government the police to launch a free press because the government has expressed its regret and sorrow of the
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death of the 22 year old student standing in sympathies to the family but this incident is lucky to further anger the anti-government movement with more protests is expected to join demonstrations this weekend. high profile pro-democracy activists joshua wall and agnes chow have called on protesters to join the rallies which are now in their 5th month they were charged with organizing a legalist same. in june before friday's court appearance they demanded an independent police inquiry into what i described as excessive force being used on protests now is the time but it got a man to set up the independent investigation on the clash we need to know for truth and justice. the police have denied any wrongdoing and will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of the students do if sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong.
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to the u.s. impeachment inquiry in the acting white house chief of staff has defied a subpoena ordering him to testify at the hearing the committees investigating donald trump wanted mick mulvaney to explain why the office of management and budget blocked millions of dollars in aid to ukraine in august the inquiry suspects president withheld aid to pressure kiev to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son hunter biden i'm not concerned about anything the testimony is all been fine for the most part i've never even heard of these people i have no idea who they are there are some very fine people you have some never droppers. that nobody has any firsthand knowledge there is no 1st then. all that that is one thing good friends trip and the french trip is perfect let's bring in our white house correspondent kelly halakhah joining us from just outside the white house so
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now that mick mulvaney has skipped that hearing hasn't testified really what happens next. well this is assisting in the democrats' case that this is obstruction of justice and drafting a sort of lengthy articles of impeachment isn't helping the president because what we have now is a string of witnesses that have refused to testify at the direction of the president or the trumpet ministration white house so this is certainly maybe in the short term helpful to the president but in the long term not so much because it does build this case now why was there such an interest in mcclellan veiny well if you recall just last month he held a press conference where he sexually confirmed what the president has long denied that there was a direction by president trying to withhold aid to ukraine in till there was a securing of a promise to investigate his political rival joe biden the former vice president
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and you heard there the president talking as he left the white house denying this saying that his telephone call was perfect in fact he calls this investigation by democrats and these public hearings a hoax well we'll have the opportunity to see whether or not this is a hoax for ourselves because up until now well this is been a closed door process this opens up to public hearings beginning on wednesday and can really how much anticipation is there over. into the public phase of these hearings. there's a lot of anticipation because up until now it has been secret of this is allowed both sides democrats and republicans to craft arguments that may or may not be true we have no way of verifying it other than what the politicians say were other than sort of leaked transcripts that have been at times though the white house would say selectively release so this will open things up considerably but i think what also
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will open things up considerably is whether or not the president releases a 2nd transcript of a telephone call he had with the ukrainian president back in april now when he was leaving the white house he discussed this he 1st when asked about this other transcript said that he would release it then he said he probably would release it and then he said he's considering releasing it well once again the democrats are saying they need to look at all the information in order to build this case that the president has abused his presidential powers and should be impeached writes committee how to thank you iran says its forces have shot on a former drone reportedly happened over the city of mazar in the south the provincial governor signs parts of the records have been recovered the u.s. central command has tweeted that allegedly reports if u.s. drone are being shot down are incorrect and all u.s. equipment has been accounted for in june to iran shut down a u.s. drone saying that it had violated its airspace. and an earthquake in northwestern
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as but the 6 people hundreds more were injured the magnitude 5.9 quake struck in the east bay john province there were dozens of aftershocks. still ahead on al-jazeera coming up in a moment a court ruling in brazil maine pave the way for former president lula da silva is released from prison. we'll look at how rival political parties in the u.k. are targeting voters online ahead of next month's election. hello there most of his guys through much of eastern china this is a little bit of cloud is working its way through the interior but you can see here coastal areas staying fine and dry to the south where we have goals but i have amounts of rain is this here this latest a tropical cyclone it's staying to the south pushing west towards vietnam but
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certainly to go on into sunday that cloud beginning to push for the tools and also high none certainly seeing a fairly cloudy day and there is the chance of a shot of fine and hong kong 27 celsius and a little bit warmer in shanghai with a high of 22 then let's have a look at india now we're watching very much this system this is a tropical cyclone might most this is going to be producing some very heavy amounts of rain as it works its way closer to the coast and it's really going to be impacting odisha west bengal in particular and bangladesh some very heavy amounts of rain will be accumulating over the next couple days between about 2 and 300 millimeters of rain but the system itself winds in excess of 120 kilometers an hour so we're also expecting some song and some very rough seas with waves of about 7 and a half meters elsewhere in india is fine and dry temperatures not too bad in new delhi at 26 and rain showers further into the south.
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this muslim undertakers working here is just 7 days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black. stone to do the funeral and see london and we saw it stop being part of indonesia and became business partners the stories we told often here by the people . who level. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera.
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again the top stories on al-jazeera iraq's top shiite cleric has urged the police and military to avoid using excessive force at least 11 protesters were killed on thursday the u.n. says at least 300 people have died in weeks of rallies against the government. the international court of justice says it will hear a case failed by ukraine against russia over its support of pro russian separatists the. army and the separatists are set to withdraw more troops from the front line on saturday. the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has defied a subpoena ordering him to testify at the impeachment inquiry the committee wanted more of a need to explain why millions of dollars of aid to ukraine was blocked in august. so brazil's top court has overturned a law requiring convicted criminals to go to jail after losing their 1st appeal the court decided that a person can only be jailed after all of their appeals have been exhausted the
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ruling means. former president louise and the silver and thousands of prisoners could be released lower since a prison in april last year is part of a corruption investigation his attorney is demanding his immediate release there is a boat has more from one of neighboring origins you know. just a while ago his lawyers entered the prison in order to talk to him and see what he wants and what they're saying is that they will request he immediately we know that he's also requesting the whole case against him to be to be canceled and that's one has been a very very strong request because he's been maintaining of these he's being politically persecuted and that the whole case against him has been halted created by the opposition and all of this is happening after the supreme court over overturned a ruling that says that a convicted criminal can needs to remain in prison one. appeal while
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the situation from now on is that that person could remain free and till he has exhausted all options in order to defend his cave in. investigating and this of course affects not only former president but also thousands of other people in the country among them politician businessmen and one others that have been part of what is known at the carwash operation because the large just corruption investigation in brazil history anything led by judges that are your model your model is currently the minister of justice of record indicted. and you can method and get impartiality and have the interview any question especially after some audio recordings where review revealed that he was working along prosecutors in order to in jail. the world bank is urging lebanon to form a new cabinet soon it's called the risk to the country stability deeply concerning
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protests are continuing for the 23rd day as demonstrators call for major changes to the political system as in a hope that explains the crisis is not only worsening the economy but also threatening the imports of fuel and medicines. the crisis in lebanon is deepening there soon could be fuel shortages importers say banks are not giving them the dollars they need to buy supplies the lack of foreign currency was a problem even before protests against the ruling elite began 3 weeks ago at the time the central bank promised to facilitate access to dollars and guarantee fixed exchange rates for importers. the government resigned and banks have reversed the decision banks want 85 percent of the payment of lebanese liras and 15 percent in dollars plus they have imposed fees importers can no longer afford the additional costs lebanon's largest protest movement of years was triggered by the economic crisis people are demanding a government independent of political parties to prepare for early elections there
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is a political standoff and it is hurting the economy and hospitals are now warning of what they call a health catastrophe now i know is that i will be patients may start dying because of the lack of filters for example our stocks won't last more than a month the government must pay its juice to the hospitals right away and banks should ease transactions so we can pay importers banks are placing restrictions on the withdrawal of hard currency and financial transactions outside the country remain blocked apart from some exceptions there's so much that. there's no dollars . it can only. limited quantities there has been no progress on forming a new government caretaker prime minister stadol had 80 is pushing for a politically neutral government to steer the country out of the crisis that is reportedly how did his condition to return as prime minister and he knows he has
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the support of the international community and among a number of political blocs which quotes him in a strong position in negotiations it will be hard to find a replacement. and if he steps aside the crisis could go on even longer but the governing alliance continues to insist its parties remain represented in any future cabinet. the world bank is warning that the stalemate could lead to an even sharper economic downturn lebanon is facing difficult days ahead. beirut hundreds of palestinians have gathered along the gaza israel border fence for the weekly friday protests the so-called great march return rallies began last march matheson has more from the border. gaza's ministry of health says at least 10 people have been injured in protests that 5 different points up and down the separation friends which splits gaza from israel in the protests that are being
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held today the latest protests as part of the great march of return but the crowds here much smaller than we've seen in the past and perhaps not surprising because just a week ago gaza and israel were firing rockets at each other to the south of where i'm standing now a 27 year old palestinian man was killed in that exchange of fire but it's interesting to note that very shortly after the 2 rocket attack the israeli government put out a statement saying that it held the leader of a single islamic jihad group in gaza responsible for that attack it didn't blame anybody else it just specified this particular leader spool on a few days and on wednesday a delegation from hamas went to cairo egypt is a key negotiator in this fragile cease fire that exists between gaza and israel and the belief here in gaza is that hamas was keen to show the gyptian that they were still committed to the peace process to the cease fire that has been continuing on
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between gaza and israel you know if you take both of those events together you get a sense that both sides are trying very hard to keep control of the situation and run keep the risk of violence very low the reason for this could be political israel is in the process of trying to pull together a government and the palestinians for the 1st time since 2006 are going to be voting in elections as well no date for those elections has been organized and has been negotiation about the format of what is going to happen but there is a belief here in gaza that hamas is trying to impress on people that it's being the controlling party in gaza has control of security here as well and that's very important of course in the run up to these elections. u.n. officials working on syria's political future say the opening round of talks in geneva have ended better than expected government opposition and civil society representatives are trying to find ways to reconcile after nearly 9 years of war
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the u.n. special envoy to syria gary pedersen said the talks will reconvene later this month these are sometimes very painful discussions and it takes courage to sit and listen to the other side presenting its use on these issues but i think they began to address both difficult and painful issues and i think it's fair to say that the discussions have been very professional. and in jest we hope that these talks will be successful and we hope as we said in the past that we'll be prepared for the political process in general and the constitutional process in particular we're trying to bring hope to the syrians and this is our hope. un human rights experts say poor conditions in egyptian prisons may have directly led to the death of former president mohamed morsi a panel says it has evidence morsi was denied life saving and ongoing care for
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diabetes and high blood pressure the lack of treatment led to a loss of vision and several diabetic coma as the group warns the health and lives of thousands of other prisoners are at severe risk. firefighters in the australian state of new south wales say they're in unchartered territory with more than a dozen bushfires posing a severe risk there are reports of people being trapped in their homes the tree again be the latest thanks ever so much parts of australia go up in flames in hot windy conditions while bush buys a common but this season an extended drought has caused the fires to spread more rapidly than usual it was a sort of came over our house house yesterday afternoon and then died down i have no idea and then with their weans at lunchtimes picked up again so i think it's all sort of complete out of hand at the moment bit out of control yeah. the bushfires in new south wales and queensland cover a 1000 kilometer stretch of countryside police have alluded 4 and
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a half 1000 people to leave their homes along queensland's sunshine coast local radio stations have stopped normal programming instead they're broadcasting advice about how to survive a house fire and local officials say they're struggling to get the bushfires under control because of the drawings of the fuel and the flammability of the fuel even the smallest of embers landing and taking hold and developing as you far's very quickly so you wind up getting this exponential rapid spread of the mine far from moving across the landscape and unfortunately we can expect more of that to die for those whose homes are in danger difficult decisions will have to be made. when you go. near in. strong winds and high temperatures are expected to ease this weekend but low humidity levels continue to make it challenging for firefighters and worrying for
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residents whose homes and lives are at risk the. political parties are increasingly targeting voters online ahead of the upcoming british election while the traditional media is tightly regulated some commentators say rules on social media content are not fit for purpose that looks at the digital dangerous to democracy and i think a straightforward question to labour's brix it spokesperson and a prompt reply why would the e.u. give you a good deal if they know that you're going to actively campaign against it well most of you're going to be doing what piers i have been talking to the e.u. but now look at what the conservative party of prime minister boris johnson made of it in a twitter post. that misleading it it provokes anger and ridicule from some but the conservatives stood by that video this is actually right now what we are concerned about it's not the
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deep it's what we would call it cheap fake so something that has been edited with a little bit of a video editing software doesn't have to be complicated but it's still changing the entire message after video and it is something that is performing very well on the line and has a tendency to go viral. the labor party's now taken a well known image from boris johnson's 2016 campaign with a misleading claim about health spending on the side of a bus and twisted it to attack his new bricks it plan labor's opponents of attack very for making outlandish claims but they're not backing down either in the u.k. political advertising on t.v. and radio is restricted to a very few tightly regulated slots for each party making the online arena story important twitter's decision to scrap political advertising can prevent misleading or downright fake content being shared meanwhile facebook has chosen not to block a misleading political posts insisting it can't act as
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a censor since the 2016 bricks at referendum social media companies say they've got better at dealing with fake accounts and fake news but it took facebook 2 years to show the world misleading referendum advertising like this different groups got different versions of each child's we don't know who got what or why i'm not kind of micro-targeting is going to be a big feature of this election campaign when you get a leaflet through your door by a political party it says on it it has to have by law a name in an address on it to say who's responsible for that there's no such rule online and so when you see an online advert it's a lot harder for you to know who sent it to you and who's paying for it and those are really really important questions for transparency it's always the golden question how this actually swings election really unknown how any form of support doesn't actually affects people's decisions to get out and vote day but the worry
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here is that because it's very hard to scrutinise it could be having an impact that we are absolutely on the way so when britain elects a new parliament in a few weeks time one crucial factor could be the growing mountain of fake political content to. al-jazeera. color again the headlines on al-jazeera iraq's top shiite cleric has urged the police and military to avoid using excessive force the iraqi commission for human rights says that 23 people were killed in protests since sunday. the international court of justice says it will hear a case filed by ukraine against russia over its support of pro russian separatists this decision comes as ukraine's army and the separatists are set to withdraw more troops from the frontline on saturday great victories the preliminary objections
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bracy by the russian federation that the call to lacks jurisdiction on the basis of plastic or 22 of the international convention on the elimination of all 4 missing off racial discrimination. hong kong protesters are mourning the death of a student who fell from a building during a demonstration on monday 22 year old child she lost died of his injuries on friday the police are denying any wrongdoing but say they'll investigate acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has defied a subpoena ordering him to testify be impeachment inquiry the committee wanted move a need to explain why millions of dollars of aid to ukraine was blocked in august. shared about anything that testimony is all been fine by me for the most part i never even heard of these people i have no idea who they are there are some very fine people you have some never droppers. that nobody has any firsthand knowledge
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there is no 1st then. add all that baggage is one thing good friends trip and the transcript is perfect. iran says its forces have shot down a foreign drone it reportedly happened over the city of mash on the south u.s. central command has tweeted that allegedly reports of u.s. drone being shot down are incorrect and all u.s. equipment has been accounted for and shot down a u.s. drone saying it had violated its airspace un human rights experts say poor conditions it. may have directly led to the death of the former president mohamed morsy the panel says it has evidence morsi was denied life saving and ongoing care for his diabetes and high blood pressure those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera more news coming up right after this is europe that's next.
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what about the gentleman who died. this week. when we didn't. see you. we bury him to morrow. we're going to.


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